Friday, May 4, 2012

Episode 20: Hairy Palms

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Rafe, Connor, Ulrick, Bane, Eli, Dahlia, Cecil, Brooke, Chelsea Chase, Jax
Word Count: 10,095
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: The band gets ready for a meet and greet and autograph session as Rafe evaluates what he feels for Kaya. A blast from Rafe's past brings back an old friend whom he'd thought he'd left behind and causes an interesting change to occur in public. Cecil strips the band down and goes back to basics in another photo shoot.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, adult content, adult situations, nudity

“Hey!” Kaya beamed as she stepped into Rafe’s room without knocking. She threw herself on the bed and watched as he hurriedly stashed something in the top drawer of his dresser beneath his folded tees.

“Hey!” Rafe moved towards Spike’s bowl and sprinkled a generous amount of pellets for him ignoring the inquisitive gaze she was directing towards him. “What’s up?”

“What was that?”

“What was what?”

“That slip of paper that said ‘Property of Cassani Inc.’? Rafe? Were you perving on my glam shot?” He swallowed hard and she rolled onto her back as she laughed at him. “Rafe!”

“What? It’s a really gorgeous picture of…you. I mean you look great and the whole…uh…set design thing was…” he rubbed the back of his neck trying to hide his embarrassment and figure out a suitable way to redirect the conversation. Certain that his face was red and an indication of his anxiety he turned from her only to realize she could sense his rise in temperature.

“I thought you said I looked better with clothes on!”

“No I would never say that! I said you look great in anything but having a bit of clothes adds a nice mystery to what I know is beneath the whole uh…,” he made a gesture with his hand tracing her body as his face became redder thinking about her naked. “C-c-can we please talk about something else?”

“Aww Cecil was right! You are cute when you’re acting all shy and blushing,” she giggled and he threw a pillow at her. “It’s ok Rafe I saved one of you too.”

“You did? Which one? Or could I guess?” he asked dropping beside her and brushing the hair from her face. “Am I leaning against an amplifier wearing nothing but a smile?”

“No, you have your shirt ON in mine. I just thought the way you were posed with your guitar was great. You looked like a real part of the band and it reminded me of what you said about your Juliet.” Her heart pounded quicker and she slid away from his touch. “Anyway, you’ll get to see C.C. again tomorrow Rick scheduled the shoot for his fashion line. But first we’re taking a trip to the Bay County Pier for a little interaction with our fans. It’s a small meet and greet you know, sign a few autographs give away some merchandise for one of the music stores that just opened up down there. The owner is a friend of Rick’s.”

“Rick has a lot of friends doesn’t he?” She shrugged and slid off the bed heading for the door. “Sounds fun. I can’t wait to meet the fans.”

“And I’m sure they are anticipating your arrival too! I’ll leave you to your picture now. When you’re done come join us in the music room ok?” she winked and exited to the hallway.

“It’s not like th…” the door closed cutting off the end of his sentence and he rubbed his hand across his forehead. “Yeah,” Rafe blew under his breath. “They’ll get a real kick out of me.”

“I think that riff is great but it doesn’t have that same Kaya oomph the other ones do. You ever try maybe adding a g or one octave lower?” Eli enthused as he stood listening to Kaya and Connor work on music to a new song. He’d been buzzing around the manor all morning amped up about the signing session down at the pier. He’d maybe even mentioned about thirty times there was a surf shop called Splash a few doors down. He was desperately trying to convince Connor and Ulrick how great for his “preservation” a surf board and gear would be. Kaya laughed remembering him using that same line on her and Rafe about a skateboard but she didn’t say anything and waited for one of them to be the answer to his prayers.

Kaya put his advice to work and moved the chord one octave lower and produced a sound that made Eli flip. “THAT’S IT!” He dropped beside her and wrapped his arm around her neck. “You’re really good at this you know?”

“Thanks Eli, you’re helping a lot too. We’ll have to throw your name in the ‘Special Thanks’ section of the next CD for sure.”

“AWESOME! It’s like a fucking dream come true being here! I can’t tell you how great everything’s been!”

“Well it’s nice to see you so happy that’s for sure.” She kissed his cheek and watched his face grow brighter. He rubbed his hand across the place her lips met his and smiled at her. 

“What’s going on?” Rafe asked dropping onto the desk behind them and watching Eli’s arm hang carelessly around Kaya’s neck. He’d caught the tail end of the kiss and admittedly felt a bit jealous. He had to wrestle everything in him not to charge over and move the latest addition to the household himself from Kaya’s body as Eli tucked her deeper in his grip.

“We’re just working on some new stuff. Figured since we’re out today might as well make it a full day’s work and get some tracks planned up for album number six,” Connor replied turning a fresh page as Bane’s scowling face entered through the door.

“The lad’s got an ear for the music. Yet if ‘e plans to keep that arm, e’d best find anothah use for it.” He slowly moved towards Eli taunting him with his gaze until he slid away from Kaya.

“How nice of you to join us Bane, late and chipper as always. You can be a dick all you want but you threaten Eli again and see what that nets you,” Connor growled glaring in his direction with a look that pinned him in place. 

“I think I can manage eh?” He smirked and dropped into his set. He winked in Kaya’s direction and she nodded at him plastering a stiff smile on her face. They hadn’t had a real conversation since the night she attacked him though she’d apologized for her behavior. The guilt was eating her up; as his elder and as Beta she should have remained more composed than she had.

Bane could have easily brought the matter to the Alpha had he been a fan of tradition. Unwarranted attacks or actions on part of the Beta would have been properly punished by Lobo. But he said nothing, accepted the apology and tried moving on to happier days. He was certainly more embarrassed than anything and was keeping a low profile ever since. She grabbed the revised music sheet from the floor beside her and carried it over to show him the changes. “You know making friends was never your forte Bane but you could at least try smiling every now and again.”

“I smile, when I ‘ave a reason to, like now. You look nice Love.” He rubbed his hand up her arm and leaned into her neck. “You smell great too. What’d ya say we ditch practice and find a nice quiet cornah to uh…”

“Bane, if you want to be able to close your legs later tonight without pain you should let go of my arm now.”

“Mmm promises, promises,” he smirked and settled back into his set. Kaya placed the new music on his lectern and sighed. “I thought we ‘ad a music gig or somethin’ today?”

“Nope! It’s an autograph session today. How many cases you consume this morning?”

He laughed and crossed his arms into his chest. “I think ya’d be proud to know Sheila I ‘aven’t a drop all day!” She raised her brow curiously and he emphatically raised his hands professing his honesty. “Now call me a good boy and rub my ‘ead.”

“Keep it in your pants Bane it’s not getting rubbed.”

“Yeah, not until latah eh?”

“Kaya’s not doing…” Rafe stopped himself when he felt that familiar bubble of rage form in the bowels of his stomach. He had to get away, get away from the source of his anger before that bubble burst. He stormed out of the studio’s glass doors and towards the pool to escape.

Pacing in front of the cool, clear liquid and rubbing a path in the yard he bit down his wolf; coaxing the angry beast back into its cage. Kaya was his friend; at least that’s what she kept telling him. Why was he getting so worked up over such a small thing? Because it’s Bane! He growled low at first and let it build into a powerful crescendo before releasing in a howl.

“Wow. With pitch like that you might put me out of business,” Kaya smiled approaching him slowly hearing the rumbling return. “Hey, it’s just me.” Soothingly her hand rubbed across his shoulders. She pulled herself closer towards his neck inhaling his scent in deeply taking solace within it.

He reached his hand up and slid it along the back of hers before pulling her into his chest. Returning the gesture his nose rolled up her neck to her ear stopping just beneath the curve of her right lobe. “I know Kaya; I can always smell when you’re near.” His voice was low and comforting and a slight chill vibrated along her spine as he held her.

Feeling his lips tickle across the nape of her neck she pulled away and straightened herself. “I’m sorry. We should head out now though. Rick is gonna meet us at Sound Waves at two and until that time we get a free day at the pier. Should be fun I hear they’ve got some new Skee-Ball machines.”

“Skee-Ball?” he asked smirking at her with a raised eyebrow and tucking his hands into his pits. “I HOPE you’re not challenging me because I will kick your ass at Skee-Ball!”

“Oh yeah? Bring it Blondie!”

They got to the pier and walked the length a few times taking in the shops and events lined along the scenic waterfront. The place was a flurry of activity with shoppers of all shapes and sizes milling about rushing from one store to the next. It didn’t take long for Eli to promote his agenda wrapping his hand around Kaya’s he tugged her gently with him to Splash pro surf shop.

His eyes became the size of basketballs as he took in the new surf boards and gear decorating the small store. Immediately he dashed for a corner labeled Channel Islands and nearly jumped out of his skin. “This one! This is the ultimate!”

“The Pod,” Kaya read from the label nearby. “A global favorite for punting since 200t the Pod is built to fly. Deep concaves with a foiled nose and a swallow tail keeps the Pod lively and maintains its high performance.”

Rafe whistled low and smiled reading through the others nearby. “Dude I know it’s like $900 bucks but how can you put a price on survival?”

“Oh yeah it’s for your preservation right? Like the skateboard?” Connor laughed at Eli’s energetically nodding head. “Well in that case grab seven of them.”


“What? Wolf preservation! We don’t want him passing out on us do we? I’m just looking out for him that’s all.”

“Awesome! I appreciate that Dude, right here!”

Kaya laughed watching the two high five, rolled her eyes and headed for the door. “We’ll grab it on the way home ok? I don’t want it sitting in the Hummer without supervision. If that board is as ‘awesome’ as you say I’m sure someone would love to snag a new one for free.”

“Have I told you guys lately how much I totally dig you?” He hopped onto his skateboard and followed Kaya out and onto the next store. Loud laughter resounded near the bar on the dock’s edge and drew his attention. Placing his hand over his eyes to shield out the sun a little he watched the group of skateboarders popping tricks with ease. “Awesome!”

He continued staring scanning the group until his eyes fell on a girl with cotton candy colored hair. “Whoa uh…later!” Eli skated off towards the end of the pier and Connor and Rafe laughed looking in the direction he was headed. The skater girl was dressed in a floral, pleated skirt and fishnet top with a ragged pink camo underneath and was showing off with a bunch of other boarders. She smiled in Eli’s direction as he rushed forward in a flashy Casper which placed his board upside down with the wheels still rotating. He kick flipped out and landed in front of her and quickly brushed the hair that had fanned into his eyes out of his face.

“I guess he found something appealing. Maybe hanging around you is starting to rub off on him Coco.”

“Yeah looks like it. That’s good though. He needs to get out and enjoy the finer things in life. She’s a cutie though she looks like she might chew him up and spit him out.”

“Well let’s hope not. I didn’t wear my ‘kick-a-bitch’s-ass’ shoes today.”

Rafe glanced at her feet and slowly worked his eyes back up her legs before finding her gaze and grinning. “After the dozen or so we bought you last time I’m sure you have a pair of those too.”

“Oh yeah I do. They’re an 8-inch Christian Louboutin custom design with spiked heels. No one fucks with me in those!” 

“Uh…hi. I’m…uh…” he faltered and forgot his own name. She smiled at him and it only heightened the nervous feeling wrenching his gut. He swallowed hard as she extended her hand and waited to hear him speak his name. Rubbing a hand through his hair he closed his eyes a second but was still drawing a blank.

“Eli,” Kaya filled in the blanks as she listened to him introduce himself.

“Eli.” He turned and nodded at her and she went back to her conversation.

“So Eli might be occupied for a while. How about I let you buy me an ice cream?”

“Rafe, Eli is my responsibility and like you he’s not aligned with a pack. I’m not thrilled about the idea of letting him out of my sights especially after what we got him out of.”

“No worries Peaches, I got him. Go buy my boy an ice cream and get me one while you’re at it.”

“Are you ordering me around Red? You know the pack has rules against that sort of stuff.”

“Yeah well I’ll let you strip me later ice cream now.” She shook her head and smiled at him retracting her claws knowingly against his arm.

“Fine but don’t think I won’t! Come on Rafe we should try and enjoy the day before Ulrick gets here and puts us to work.”

Ordering a triple scoop Oreo brownie sundae for her and a pistachio, mint chocolate chip with a scoop of strawberry swirl for himself, he joined her at the table near the back wall and watched her take her first bite. “Ky is there something wrong with you?”

“Wrong with me?” She licked the remaining cream and sugar of her last bite from the spoon and smiled sweetly towards him. “What does that mean? Do I look sick or something?”

“No that’s not what I meant. Uh…lately well the last three days you’ve seemed…different.”

“Rafe you’re going to have to give me a little more than that to go on. Different how? Like I’m pinning my hair up more? I’m singing to myself in the shower? I’ve stopped writing gloomy and depressing songs for something less cynical?”

“Well uh your scent. Every time I’m away from you I can…smell you. A-a-and it’s not a bad thing I just really notice it,” he nervously licked at his lips finding confidence when she smiled at him again.

“Oh is that all? Yeah it’s nothing really to worry about. It happens.” Sensing it wasn’t something she wished to discuss he let the subject drop. Grinning towards her he dipped his spoon into the mint chocolate chip and offered her the bite. “Mmm I’m not a mint ice cream kind of girl though I wouldn’t say no to your pistachio.”

“You don’t believe all ice cream is created equal?”

“Absolutely not! There are some that hold the power of orgasms within its frosty, sugary layers and others that make you see the face of God. But then there are the ones that make you go ‘what the hell were they thinking’? Now don’t get me wrong if me and Mr. Mint Chocolate Chip were alone on a deserted island I’d gladly show him what the inside of my stomach looked like. But when Baskin Robbins offers over 1000 flavors it’s kind of hard to deny them my love and settle.”

“So what about bacon ice cream?”

“Ew what?”

“You’ve never heard of bacon ice cream? I think you’d like it.”

“No and it doesn’t sound good.”

“But would you be willing to try it?”

“For you? Yeah.”

Rafe laughed unable to argue with her logic. Eating the mint for himself he grabbed a large spoonful and fed her a scoop of the pistachio nodding towards the pier. “So I was thinking while we’re here maybe we can take advantage of the photo booth.”

“The photo booth? We have a shoot tomorrow with Cecil if you’re that anxious to get in front of a camera. I’m sure he’s dying to see you again ‘Blondie’. He seemed to really enjoy spending time with you.”

“Yeah well I’m a lovable guy what can I say? But I was thinking more about the tight space with just you and me and a curtain to hide behind.”

“Rafe! I will not give you more material to jerk off to. Try using your imagination every now and again; trust me it’s a lot of fun.”

“Oh yeah? Tell me about it…really.”

She rolled her eyes and giggled as she finished another scoop of her ice cream. Despite the increased anxiety she felt about their closeness she’d ignored it because of an overwhelming urgency she had to just be around him. His smile, his voice, his scent comforted her in every sense of the word and she craved more if only to let that euphoric state and sense of security last a second longer. “We should get back to the others. I wouldn’t want them to start worrying.”

“Excuse me a second p-please,” Eli stammered and searched the dock for the pack. Spotting Connor near the balloon stand he rushed towards him.

“So what time do you get off? Work I mean,” Connor smirked as the girl’s face filled with blood. “I’d like to buy what you’re selling but I need a guarantee they come in pairs. How much for the ones behind your shirt?”

“Dude! I need your help I’m fucking dying here.”

Connor motioned to the girl that he’d be a minute and he and Eli moved towards a small picnic area. “What’s the matter?”

“She asked if I wanted to uh…she uh…,” he whispered in his ear the vulgar question Brooke had offered and watched Connor’s eyes double in size.

“Well alright!” Connor beamed seeing his pupil learning quickly from what he’d taught him. “You’ve already skipped 1st and 2nd base and are ready to hit a homer out of the park.”

“Yeah but that’s the problem you see!” Eli jumped eagerly as he watched Brooke pace the southern end of the dock.

“No, I don’t see a problem with that at all.”

“Well I’ve never…”

“You’re a virgin?” Connor whispered surprised and Eli nodded. “How old are you again?”

“Dude! I’m 23 but I was like being held prisoner, remember? I mean I almost got to with Nikki Brandt in 11th grade but she said she was doing her girl thing and it grossed her out. But I mean come on! What do I do here? She seems like a really cool chick and I don’t want to scare her away if she knows you know that I’ve never…girls like guys with experience right?”

“Yeah I see your point. Ok take a breath and calm yourself. Your nerves are all over the place and though I can smell it I’m sure she can see it. You’re sweating, breathing heavy and most likely stuttering your words with her.”


“Yeah…she thinks you’re cute Eli. Just try and be yourself, remain calm and work on getting to know her before taking her up on that offer. Though if I were in your shoes I’d have jumped on that the second she said the word go. But you like her and sex this early in the game could ruin something really special for you. Ask her to go out with you some time and see how it goes. If by the end of the date the both of you are comfortable enough to ride that wave do it. Otherwise there are seven days in a week.”

“Thanks Man.”

“No problem. Now get back over there before some other guy takes your spot. She’s waited long enough.”

Eli jumped on his board and slid up the crooked and beaten wooden slats of the dock and towards Brooke. She smiled as he did a laser heel flip off the ramp and landed in front of her. “Woo! Very impressive,” she laughed and clapped emphatically.

“Thanks! I like to keep things exciting. Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“It’s ok, Eli I have nothing but time for you.” 

“You ever go to live shows and stuff? Like there are a few that were held a few years back called ‘Tips from the Pros’ it had a star studded cast with like Greg Lutzka, Daniel Vieira, Dayne Brummet and a few others up in Venice Beach Cali. It’s kinda cool to watch them compete against each other and shit.”

“No I haven’t ever been to anything like that. But if that’s where you picked up a few of your tricks it sounds like it’s worth checking out.” She readjusted on the railing and he hopped up on his board to show her a few more of his “pro moves” each getting rave reviews from Brooke.

“I’d like to take you to one sometime if you’re ever up for a road trip or whatever.”

“Of course! That sounds like a blast Eli!” She scruffled his hair and he took the opportunity to plant a kiss on her cheek. His face must have been red as he pulled away considering the sideway smile she gave him. He could feel his cheeks burning and rubbed a nervous hand through his hair. “That was quick, I didn’t see that coming.”

“Yeah I…”

“I liked it. You’re sweet and I dig that shy guy.”

“Cool! I’m shy all day.” He kicked himself for the cheesy line but smiled seeing her laugh and began loosening up more.

“So who’s your friend over by the balloons and why does he look so familiar?” she asked straining her eyes to see towards the other end of the boardwalk.

“Oh that’s uh Connor Morvant from…”

“NIGHT SHIFT?!” she gasped and stepped closer to confirm her thought. “Oh my God you know Connor Morvant? Like know him know him or were you getting an autograph?”

“Ah yeah Con and I go way back,” he lied behind a toothy grin causing her to shriek even louder. “In fact I’m friends with the entire band.”

“You have GOT to introduce me! He is like THE hottest keyboardist I’ve ever known!”

“Well I…”

“Please!! Come on I’m begging you. It would be too killer to see their place!” she smiled and jerked his hand as she started pulling him forward.

“Alright but just this once.” 

Connor heard the exchange and couldn’t hide his smile when Eli came closer with his friend. She was dancing around giddily and her excitement was beyond hysterical to him. “Hey Con I’d like you to meet a friend of mine Brooke uh…”

“Williams and O.M.G it’s really you! Like you’re really you!”

Connor’s grin widened as he extended his hand towards the girl she shook it frantically and nearly fainted from the contact. “It’s nice to meet you Brooke.”

“Here ya go Playboy.” Kaya handed Connor his three scoop sherbet and turned to their new company with a smile. “Sorry Eli had I known I’d have grabbed one for you and…?”

“Brooke,” she replied for herself moving ever closer to the band. “May I just say your voice is BEYOND amazing Kaya and I cannot believe I am standing here in front of you guys right now!”

“Thank you Brooke, it’s always nice meeting a fan of our music.”

“Oh man where’s Bane is he here? Did he come?”

“Ah so YOU’RE Bane’s fan,” Rafe surmised behind a smile. “Yeah I’m sure he’s lurking somewhere.” He finished his cone and grabbed the stick from Kaya that she’d started chewing on.


“It’ll ruin your smile.”

Brooke snickered at Kaya’s pout and watched Rafe toss away the trash. “There he is,” he nodded in Bane’s direction noticing him girl watching from the side of the antiques shop.

“Eli?” she looked towards him with pleading eyes.

“Bane’s not exactly…”

“It’s fine, Eli,” Kaya assured him and looked in Bane’s direction ensuring he understood.

“EEK! Yes!” She rushed forward towards the band’s bad boy leaving Eli in her wake.

“Dudes, Dudette, uh I kinda, maybe, sorta told Brooke that I knew where you lived and she might have mentioned how she’d kill for a chance to see the manor and well um…you think you could do me a solid?”

“I don’t see why not I mean it’s your place too. She might get a kick out of seeing your room,” Connor winked.

“Awesome! Thanks man!”

“Yeah no problem.”

“Hey Ky, you know that guy over there?” Eli asked pointing in the direction of a man dressed in a form fitting suit coat and jeans. He was leaning against a red Ferrari California looking towards them. His eyes were covered behind a pair of mirrored sunglasses and he appeared to be casually taking in the events on the pier. Once he noticed them watching him he nodded towards them and offered a smile.

Kaya shook her head after returning his smile and tossed a small wave in his direction. “No Eli, why?”

“Dude’s been perving hardcore on you all day. Was curious,” he shrugged.

Rafe growled and turned again to study the man a bit more carefully this time. He had long, black hair pulled back in a ponytail that bunched around the small of his back and hung loosely over his shoulders, stubble that could pass as a goatee if one looked hard enough and a cold, thin line that served as his mouth. He appeared to be watching Kaya’s every move and the fact that he was wearing sunglasses only served to enhance his mysterious appearance. Rafe moved forward and Connor tapped his shoulder hoping to keep him balanced. The last thing the band needed was another unstable member starting fights with random people on the street; that’s what Bane was for. 

“Relax man; he’s probably just a fan of our lead singer. She has a ton of those. In fact I think we’re up to stalker number seven now.”

“Eight actually,” Kaya corrected with a smile. “Mr. Irises sent me another bouquet last week. Daddy of course had them burned and sent Claire and James after him.” She looked at Rafe’s confused look and laughed before offering an explanation. “My stalkers never last long. Daddy’s afraid that if they looked deep enough they could possibly uncover something around the manor they shouldn’t know about.” 

“Lobo sends a few scouts out every now and again to retrieve and dispose of such packages for the band and then orders some patrols to the senders’ homes to make sure they know to stay away,” Connor continued.

“How does he make sure they never make another attempt?” Rafe asked curiously.

“Uh…the runners are very convincing. In fact Claire and James are the best we have. They have methods that would have anyone rethinking even the simplest of actions…or they just eat them.”

Kaya laughed and gently rubbed Rafe’s hand. “What Connor means to say is that kind of conversation is best discussed in the privacy of the manor.” She winked and tossed a smile towards Rafe to cure his soured expression. In return she was graced with his familiar devilish smirk as he nodded towards the photo booth. “We’ll be back in a little bit. Rafe wants to take some glamour shots in the booth.”

“Sounds like fun! Mind if I tag along?” Eli requested darting after them.

“Maybe you could ask Brooke?” Connor suggested noticing the disappointed frown on Rafe’s face. “She might want a souvenir from today.”

“Yeah totally! Great idea!” Rafe pulled the curtain back to let Kaya enter first and nodded towards Connor thanking him.

“Take a look at this,” Rafe smiled holding out the photo sheet for Connor to see. “Someone was being a bit of a camera hog but…”

“You pushed me into that thing! Twice!”

“Yeah well I didn’t know it was motion activated!”

“Wow Baby K, who knew you could open your mouth that wide?”

“What?!” she pulled the sheet away and frowned as the two snickered at her expense. “Ha-ha very funny! Where the hell is Rick? He should have been here over an hour ago!” Kaya sighed readjusting beside her best friend as Rafe scanned through the pictures they’d taken.

“There,” Connor pointed as the familiar blonde strolled up casually towards them.

Hey! Sorry I’m late I had a personal matter to take care of.”

“But you’re never late! You’re the one always docking us for making it late ANYWHERE! And it was something personal? Hmm interesting Rick do tell!” Kaya smiled and leaned forward.

Instead of the answer she was looking for he sighed and nodded up towards Sound Waves. “Are we ready?”

“Oh come on Boss Man! You never talk about your ‘personal’ with us,” Connor goaded. “What are you hiding? Three wives and a church van full of kids?”

Ulrick smiled, gave him a light chuckle and started off towards the shop. It didn’t take long for the lines to grow outside the small music store. 

It was only a few hours into the session and it didn’t seem as though things were easing up any time soon. Rafe shook his hand to relieve the cramp that was beginning to form and Kaya laughed in his direction. “Not what you expected?”

“Not one bit but it’s fun just the same,” he smirked. “And I don’t think I’ve ever seen Bane smile before.”

“Yeah you might be surprised to learn this but he’s pretty accommodating to his fans. I think it’s his sense of knowing what side his bread is buttered on.” He winked at Kaya hearing her speak his name before posing for a picture with an adoring fan. 

“Yeah that’s pretty shocking. What about you though? You like this part of the job?”

“I love it! I think it’s fun meeting the people that think your music is worthwhile. It’s hard to try and remain modest when hundreds of thousands of people want to meet you, talk to you and buy your stuff. It’s like validation that your time isn’t wasted and the funny thing is you’re just doing what you love! I feel completely grateful for anyone that gives my work a chance and I try and give back any way I can.”

Rafe’s attention fell on a screeching woman standing beside Ulrick who shrugged at him. She stepped closer nearly tossing a CD of him and his old band towards him. “Can you make this one out to ‘Anna Phelps, my #1 fan’?”

The smile never faded from his lips as he replied which only seemed to increase the girl’s excitement. “Of course Anna and I wanna thank you for listening.”

“Are you kidding? I love all of your stuff! I was a major fan of the underground work you did solo a few years back and the time you spent with Phase 2! I’m so glad to see you’re still making music! I cannot wait for the kick-off concert! It’s going to rock. After your last band fizzled I wasn’t sure when I’d ever hear your work again but you’re back! It’s just a shame what happened to them though.”

“Yeah…such a shame,” a low baritone cracked from behind her. “It would have been great to see what his last band could have done.” The man moved forward to the front of the line pushing by aggravated and annoyed fans who’d been waiting for over an hour.

“Hey man! Get to the back of the line! No cuts!” one of them roared grabbing the mystery man by the arm. He turned towards him grabbing his wrist and twisted until a snap was heard. The young man screamed in pain and clutched at his injured hand. 

Moving even closer he leaned forward over the table until he could be clearly seen by the entire band. “Rafe Hemming. Damn! I didn’t believe it when Josh said he saw you on Chasing Stars joining Night Shift as bassist but to hell if I don’t see it with my own two eyes.” Rafe looked up into the recognizable amber eyes of an old friend and a thunderous growl bellowed from his chest. 

“Jax Shedwick? What are you doing here? I thought…”

“That I’d still be locked up? Guess again. Yeah the justice system is a funny thing. Grease the right palms or snitch on enough assholes and you can really cut your time down dramatically! A few thousand dollars and eyewitness testimonies later and here I am!”

“What do you want?”

“Nothing Brother…I just came to say hello to an old friend. Catch ya ‘round.” 

Rafe was seething and Kaya could tell. She sensed a change in his body the moment he heard the man’s voice. Leaning over and calmly cooing under her breath she tried to settle his nerves and bring him back to the moment but he was too gone to hear her. He clenched his eyes tight, inhaled and held the breath for as long as he could without passing out. 

When they reopened, Kaya clearly made out the bright yellow irises and prayed no one else saw before he jumped up from the table and started towards the back of the shop with Kaya quickly on his heels. Ulrick immediately moved to damage control when the crowd grumbled in unison at the bassist’s hasty retreat. “The band is taking a quick five minute breather and they’ll be back before you know it.”

Turning towards the employees’ only area he hurriedly followed behind the two to get to the bottom of things. “What the hell was that?” Looking around the small stock room he saw no one but Kaya standing amongst the sea of CDs and vintage LPs and crates that cluttered the space. “Where is…?”

Before he could complete his sentence he heard a rumbling coming from behind a large shelf near the back wall and his focus changed from what was happening with the band to the wild wolf that had shifted forms in the middle of a crowded store. “Oh come on what the hell is this about?”

“I don’t know Rick, I came back here and he was already turned. I haven’t moved from this spot because everything I’m sensing about him right now is saying ‘keep the fuck back’ and I don’t want to agitate him and endanger the people out there.”

“Ky…” the growling got louder and Ulrick poked his head through the door to ensure no one was coming. “You have to get him to change back!”

“No I can’t do that. He didn’t strip so unless you want to explain why the lead singer was alone with the naked bassist and manager in the back room of a music store he has to remain like that and we have to come up with a plan to get him out of here.”

“FUCK!” he yelled and paced a little in the area as he thought up the best way to approach the situation. “There are tons of people waiting out there! Some have been here over an hour for a face-to-face with you! How exactly do you think I should handle that?”

“Ulrick, you’ve been our manager since creation and with all the shit you’ve talked the media down about Bane, I’m sure you can handle a disappearing bassist…again. Just tell them Rafe felt ill and had to be escorted from the back to the awaiting car or something. And try and keep everyone from back here until I can get him outside.”

“He won’t even let you move a step towards him, how exactly are you going to manage moving him?”

“Like you old silver tongue, I have my charms. Get Connor and let him know to bring the truck around so we can move as fast as possible.”

With a nod and a sigh, Ulrick exited back towards the front and made the announcement. Digging into his pockets he pulled out vouchers and passes for Night Shift events and began mollifying the crowd. It seemed to work as everyone was eager for an “invitation only” party with the band at the kick-off concert. Giving Connor the message, the redhead pulled away from the crowd after another photo opportunity with a fan and drove his Humvee to the back exit.

Connor moved to the other side of him to help Kaya keep a lid on his rage. He was beginning to pant louder only building more of that anxiety and they feared what was coming next. “Relax Rafe! We’ll be home soon.”

“Rafe?” a familiar voice resounded behind them. Chelsea Chase and her camera man stepped out of the shadow of the parking lot beside their news van. 

She was waiting for the moment to pounce on the band away from the crowd for some sort of exclusive she could possibly hound them for. “You named your dog after the newest member of the band? And where is he by the way? He seemed to disappear rather quickly.”

Connor opened the back of the humvee and Eli tossed his new board inside and helped Brooke into the back seat. “Actually he’s not MY dog, he’s Rafe’s,” Kaya thought quickly looking down and ensuring she had him on the same page. “He’s a bit of a jokester; he thought it would be funny to have us call for him and get his hound instead. Hence the reason I’m walking beside him now.” 

“Rafe, come here boy,” Connor called and he turned and growled viciously when Connor reached down to pet his head causing him to jump back quickly and growl in return.

“Rafe!” Kaya kneeled in front of him and scruffed his fur gently. “Come on you wanna be a good boy for Kaya huh? Who’s Kaya’s good boy?” Rafe’s snarl turned upward and his tongue flopped from his mouth. Before she had a chance to pull away Rafe tackled her to the ground and pelted her with kisses. 

“Ok that’s enough!” she laughed and Connor couldn’t fight his smile as he watched the wolf’s tail wagging merrily as his onslaught persisted. “Connor help me! Get him off!” Kaya continued laughing and pushing at his head feeling his wet tongue slid up and down her face. “CONNOR!”

“Ok, ok, Rafe, that’s enough of that,” he picked him up and Eli scooped him into the back seat beside him.

“He looks like a wolf! I’ve never seen a dog like that before. What breed is it?” Chelsea asked watching Kaya pull herself from the pavement.

“It’s um…uh…something like a husky I think? It’s pretty wild from what I know I’ll have to ask Rafe when I see him again. Anyway what brings you out here so late Chels?” Connor asked closing the back before the cameraman could get a shot of Rafe.

“Well I was sort of hoping to get the scoop on Rafe’s disappearance. He looked pretty upset during the autograph session, what happened?” she nudged her cameraman and he immediately hit the record button and turned the lens towards Kaya as the other continued snapping shots. “Any comment about Rafe’s sudden mood swing?”

“Excuse me?”

“Oh we got it all on tape. You may not have been able to hear clearly what the man said, whom we’ve identified as Jax Shedwick, former lead singer for Phase 2.” Rafe growled hearing that name and Eli clutched at his neck trying to soothe him. “But it was pretty obvious there’s some bad blood between the two. Do you care to shed some light on this?”

“Actually we have no comment on that Chels but thanks for asking. Now we have a big day ahead of the band tomorrow so we’d better get going. You have a wonderful evening,” Kaya planted a smile on her face that quickly vanished the moment her back was turned to the nosy news hound. That was all she needed someone filming Rafe in one of his tantrums.

“We have to get that tape before she takes it back to the studio and scrutinizes it,” she whispered to Connor as she slid into the passenger seat.

He glanced back at Rafe, sighed and nodded his head. “I think I know what to do.”

“Atta boy,” Kaya giggled and rubbed his arm. “Take one for the team but try not to get too close. I don’t want you catching something or making headlines.”

“I know how to get what I want Peaches. I have a smile that warms hearts and melts panties,” he smirked.

“Geez, I think I created a monster!” He laughed and started off towards the manor to drop everyone else off.

“Hey,” Rafe smiled anxiously as Kaya stepped into his room. “Are you ok?” He pulled up from the bed and eyed her getup. Her hair was still pulled up in the girlish ponytail from earlier but her skin glistened from the beads of water that reflected in the soft glow of the overhead lights. The white cotton towel she wore pressed tight against her bosom enough to carve out perfectly the shape of her chest and hips. He groaned and sighed not again, he thought feeling those familiar tingles bounce through his nerves. Breathe Rafe, breathe. His eyes darted quickly around the room looking for anything to take the focus off his stiffening groin; he needed a distraction and fast.

“Me? Oh yeah Rafe I’m great! As you can see I just got out of the shower to wash away the wolf slobber someone drooled all over me,” she replied sarcastically with an annoyed scowl on her face. “I smelled like mint chocolate chip and you know what? It was just as sticky!”

He laughed and sauntered leisurely towards her placing his hands in his back pockets as he stopped and took in her body once more. Being closer to her was threatening to push his wolf out and ravage her where she stood; he was becoming weaker to that other side the longer he looked at her. Damn! How he longed to touch her. “You liked it admit it!”

“Liked having wolf spit all over my skin? You mean kind of like you enjoyed having piss on yours?” He snorted and rubbed a hand through his hair nodding gently and smiling. “Whatever,” she rolled her eyes and turned to exit the room. Catching her by the wrist before she could make her grand escape he leaned her into the wall and slowly slid his hand down her arm over her damp, warm skin. He moved along her side hooking it behind her back and pulled her closer towards his chest.

“Come on no other wolf you know can use their tongue as good as I can! You’re just dying to know what other part of your body I can lick just as well,” he smirked at the surprised look she gave him. Rolling his nose against her cheek and inhaling he let instinct take over hoping she wouldn’t run from him the first chance she got. 

Instead her hand caressed his arm and came to a rest on his shoulder. “You feel very confident about that don’t you?” That intoxicating aroma was taking him over again. He still had no idea what it was about her that suddenly changed but whatever it was called to his wolf and demanded he be near her, on her, in her.

“Mmm well judging by the way your heart skipped a beat the moment I leaned against you, hell yeah I do.” He smiled and lowered his head until she could feel his breath against her skin. “Don’t be mad, I was just showing ‘my Kaya’ that her Rafe could be a good boy. Let me make it up to you.” Slowly his tongue worked up her neck and towards her chin. A faint moan blew from her lips and she instinctively reached up and circled her arms around his back as he continued licking towards her lips. Kaya turned her head to accept his tongue against hers before he completely engulfed her mouth into his. She moaned again and he dipped his head deeper licking down her neck once more to her chest and circling back around to her other ear. “There,” he sighed heavy. “Is that better?” he whispered against her ear breathing steadily and nibbling the lobe gently.

“Tease!” She pushed him away brusquely and he dropped back onto his bed with a satisfied grin. “Anyway the reason I came up here is because I want to take you to see my horses.”

“Horses? Now?”

“No not now but I remember you asked me once what I did for fun and I mentioned the stables. Well I want to take you riding.” He looked at her dubiously and she smirked. “It’s fun and relaxing and you need some of that right now.”

“Uh animals and me don’t really get along.”

“What about Spike?”

“I hung a picture of a fisherman over his bowl! What does that tell you?”

“That you have a sick sense of humor. Doesn’t matter anyway, I wasn’t asking you to come with me, I was telling you we were going end of discussion.”

He smiled and his gaze fell upon the candy apple red guitar sitting near the door and he sighed. Kaya followed his gaze and joined him on the bed. “What happened earlier, at the store; what did that guy want from you? And why did it upset you so much that you shifted in public?” He turned away from her inquisitive look and refused to offer an explanation for his earlier actions. “Did you want to talk about it?”

“Not really.” He looked towards her with a smile. “Maybe later?” Rubbing her hand gently he pulled it from his shoulder and kissed it. “I would like to ask you something though.” She smiled warmly and waited for him to continue. “Does your heart skip every time I touch you? It happens to me.”

“What? No Rafe.” Pulling her hand back as quickly as she could she tried standing to further distance herself from him before her body revealed the lie she was trying desperately to conceal. But Rafe’s arm reached around her waist and pushed her into the bed. Immediately he was on top of her pushing her towards the head of his bed. “What are you doing?”

“Testing a theory.”

“I already told you this has no effect. You shouldn’t keep trying either it’s only going to end badly for you.”

“Really? So this,” he rubbed his hand along her thigh and listened at the breathy moan escape her throat, “has no effect?” Tilting her head back his mouth found the column of her neck and slid tenderly along her skin causing goosebumps to appear. 

Taking in her scent again he could feel his body become completely at ease against her. Her warm touch ignited a fire within him that only burned hotter the more he thought about having her; being with her. The wolf half of him felt at home; the contact with her was right for so many reasons he couldn’t describe. “You like that I can smell it,” he growled in her ear. “This is what I was asking you about at the ice cream parlor. What is this? It’s driving me crazy.” His lips closed around the skin on the crook of her neck and he sucked it into his mouth until a tiny red circle appeared.

“It’s nothing I told you before.” Her hands drew into his hair and pulled his head back away from her neck causing him to hiss in pain. He gazed at her hungrily desiring more contact with her body. “Please, we can’t,” she smiled wearily; her eyelids heavy with desire. Pulling away from the bed she lightly pecked his lips once more sucking on his bottom lip and running her tongue across it sensuously before making an exit that left Rafe hard and smiling. “Goodnight.”

“AH! My models are here! Lovely, lovely I cannot wait to get this started! Where’s my Sexy Eyes?” Cecil asked air kissing Kaya. “I’m so disappointed I can’t stare into those luscious orbs today!”

“He had a bit of a personal matter to take care of but we’re here as promised and ready to work.”

“Personal? Well I hope he’s not chaffing from the underwear I sent him. I wasn’t sure of his size so I got him one size larger. I fear it might have been too small just the same. But anyway, how is my Blonde bombshell? Looking sprite and peachy as before.” He winked and pulled Rafe off towards the dressing rooms. “Follow me boys! Dolly dear prepare my queen please.”

After instructing the guys where to dress Cecil moved towards his shelf and began placing film in his camera. Dahlia led Kaya towards her work station to get her made up and ready for shooting. Her eyes fell on the last issue of Vibrant magazine and she smiled seeing C.C. as a featured artist interview. “Look at my stylist and photographer!” she beamed at her makeup artist. “This is great Cecil! I bet you gave your interviewer some words to grow.”

Pulling the book open to the main page of his interview she began reading as Dahlia pulled her hair back and began straightening it with her hot comb. “‘Cecil Cassani does not prejudice against body shapes! I love all of my models and women with real curves. In my opinion if it doesn’t have hips it’s a boy and Cecil Cassani is mostly women’s fashion!’” Kaya quoted.

“My interviewer was a man and child he had me wondering how a fashion magazine could consider what he was wearing as stylish. He looked like death and yes it was Versace. I told him I never knew they made clothes for burial! I offered my services but I think he believed I was flirting with him.”

“And were you?”

“If asking if he preferred top or bottom is flirting then someone rewrote the book without telling me.”

He led them to the first set made up as his very own Garden of Eden and positioned them near various animals and props. “Mmm looking good Blondie if I do say so myself. I must admit that leaf has me curious enough to want autumn to hurry up! We need that thing to fade and fall if you catch my drift because I am ready to go leaf diving Honey!” Rafe kept his cool but it only made Cecil smile. “Look Honey you seem like you can hold your own which is good for me. I’ll have you in bed by twelve and home by three,” he rolled his tongue and dropped an apple into Rafe’s hands. “It’s not phallic but I bet you know where I’m going with this. Now smile you’re ready for your closeup!”

“Honey if I had a body like yours I’d be passed around more than a note in study hall. I need to get you into barely there clothing more often.” Rafe grinned and Cecil laughed and pointed towards him. “I think you have a fan in here too girl. Blondie baby she’s not the only one that needs less than there skimps. Now move that sweet ass to the left a little more I think I see something peeking and I want to be sure.”

“Alright children show me your wild side!” He stepped on top of a ladder and instructed them continuously as he shot roll after roll of pictures. The band was enjoying their last event before touring began but it was obvious Bane did not want to be there. The longer the shot ran the more agitated he appeared to become. Kaya growled low catching his attention and he sighed.

Though she’d hated having to assert her authority as Beta at any time with her underlings it was a necessary evil in order to make things flow as they should. Bane had been one of the few people that drew that side out of her more often than not. It started becoming a game to him; piss her off enough before trying to bed her just to say he tamed the alpha female in her. It wasn’t long before she caught on to his game and took back her power.

“Oh I’m out of film kiddies. Hold that pose for me while I grab some more. And Rafe don’t you dare fluff that package until I get back.” Stepping down from his perch he hurried towards the adjacent room to restock his cameras and finish his shots.

“‘Ow much longah are we gonna ‘ave to sit ‘ere? I’ve got othah plans for my evenin’.”

“Oh yeah like what? Getting shitfaced on a couple cases of beer and scaring away the neighborhood strays?” Rafe asked tossing him a frown. 

“Ya nevah learned to keep that mouth of yours shut eh Mate? No wondah ya can’t get laid even from someone as easy as Sonja. Ya dick is probably the size of ya pinky toe at this point. ‘Ow’s the sayin’ go? Use it or lose it? Fuckin’ puftah; ya wouldn’t know ‘ow to treat a sheila ‘ad ya the chance no way.”

Rafe growled and jumped to his feet pushing at Bane until they were both standing toe-to-toe. “Come on you piece of shit. You seem to have nothing but words for me because as I recall you got your ass handed to you last time.”

Bane threw himself into Rafe’s chest and Kaya hopped to her feet stepping between the two. “Cool it off! What the hell is wrong with you can’t you see where we are? This is not the time and definitely not the place for your pissing contest.”

“I wouldn’t call it a contest when one of us ‘as ‘ad the prize. The othah’s only ‘oldin’ on to ‘is fantasies and own wank!” 

“FUCK YOU!” Rafe started after him again only to be stopped by Connor. “Back off! I don’t need this shit!” Rafe stormed off breezing past a confused Cecil as he reentered with new cameras.

“Bane what the hell is wrong with you? What is so hard for you to understand? Stop with this shit already NOTHING will EVER happen between us you get that?”

“Ya know what Love? ‘e’s not a new fuckin’ toy at this point. So why the ‘ell do you still care?’

“I care because he’s…” she noticed Cecil stepping closer enthralled by the band’s argument. Though he didn’t speak a word she knew what he was thinking same as Dahlia standing in the corner. Fuck, had the studio been more occupied this probably would have made front page news. Backing away from Bane she hurriedly rushed after Rafe. Wherever he was he had to be simmering to a point and that was never good.

“FUCKING ASSHOLE!” Rafe’s screams lit up the hallway as Kaya turned the corner. Loud bangs and crashes were hitting the wall of the room he was holed up in and she meekly pulled open the sliding door to step inside.

“Well ok I can understand you fucking Bane’s shit up but seriously? It’s nice to see you spared Juliet at least.”

He turned towards her hearing her voice; smelling her close in on him. His eyes had completely dilated and his anger was reaching its pinnacle. Kaya rushed to the door and locked it ensuring no one else could follow in behind them. Rafe was losing it and at any moment things could go from bad to worse...again. “Why did you follow me? Get the hell out now!”

“Whoa Rafe calm down ok. Try and work on your breathing; control yourself!”


“NO! There are innocent people in this building and I’m not walking away from you and letting you run loose on them! Bane was out of line and he shouldn’t have…”

“Yeah there’s a lot of that lately Kaya. You need to go NOW before you get hurt.”

“Better me than any of them out there. I can’t let you change there’s no way in hell we could explain that and shifting right now will only lead to more danger. Please Rafe, just focus on me.”

“Focus? All I can see is red Kaya. I want to rip his fucking head from his shoulders for ever laying a hand on you! Do you have any idea what it’s like wanting…LEAVE! NOW!” he growled and shook the panels along the walls.


“Kaya!!” He growled and inched closer, his yellow eyes narrow slits burning into her soul making her tense for a brief moment. His tantrums were both unpredictable and uncontrollable. Lobo was right; he was a danger to everyone if he were ever left unmonitored. Briefly she flashed back to the poor woman in the woods. Thoughts of what he must have been thinking or even going through at the time crossed her mind but she shook them free in order to concentrate on the wild wolf threatening to change and expose them all once again in front of her.

Taking one step backwards she bumped into the cool surface of the wall waiting for his wolf to push through, take over his actions and maul everyone in sight. “I don’t want to hurt you Kaya but I cannot control this. If you don’t leave…” his hand brushed gently across her face and almost instantly his wolf stop fighting for dominance out of anger. Instead his eyes returned to gray with a much different expression and need.

Almost at once his mouth fell on hers with rapturous desire drowning himself in her scent and tasting the cherry flavored gloss Dahlia had painted on those crimson lips just hours earlier. His tongue darted across her bottom lip and he sucked on it briefly flicking hungrily along it before slipping his mouth over hers again. Feeling the soft pads of her fingers press into his shoulder, his hand reached around pulling her deeper into his chest.

Her wolf was beginning to howl in the pit of her belly. She sighed with pleasure squeezing him tighter as he held on to her pulling at the strings of her faux tiger skin bikini. He could sense how badly she needed to be touched; satisfied. And it brought him great pleasure knowing even more she wanted it to be him to do it. Kaya felt guilty disobeying her Alpha’s orders but she couldn’t deny the intense gratification she felt being in his arms and tasting his tongue with hers.

Rafe’s hand slid up her thigh, gripping her ass; she flinched and he leaned back to look into her eyes. “Mmm, we gotta stop meeting like this,” he whispered against her lips as his heart slowed to a steady pace. “A guy could start to get used to this kind of attention.”

“Rafe,” she slid away from the wall and moved quietly towards the door. “I’m glad you’ve calmed down. But please, no more of that. I’m begging you as your friend; keep your hands off of me.”

**Author's Note: Visit the photoshoot page to see more shots of this session with Cecil!**

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      :O Bane has a lot of enemies and still making one of the only person in the pack that can stomach (sometimes) having him around. He's never afraid to speak his mind and that's what gets him into so much trouble. He's jabbing an enraged beast with a stick and soon he's going to awaken that monster in Rafe until he gets an ass whooping he won't believe!

      Haha Cecil and his frilly pink shirt. He looks good in white though :P

      You're threatening the poor girl like Kaya! HAHA she doesn't want just to get near the band she does like Eli and we'll see how things work out for the two. If it goes well, this will be his first real relationship and of course potential for sex! It would be great to see things go far for them though. She's into the same things he is so they are already getting off to a nice start :)

      You're reading it during the day! LOL good :D The shoot was fun like before and I had to cut myself off because I took a ton of shots again lol Thank you for reading :)

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    Another stalker..hehe, she's used to it, he had a nice car though!

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    I do feel bad for Rafe though, Kys' throwin' up blocks at every advance he makes and some of it's not his fault, her smell is kickin' his ass. The last thing she said was pretty clear, 'as your friend'. I think she feels the same way about Rafe as he does for her but she knows inside it's something that can't happen and i can't imagine that kind of turmoil=/.....edenz~

    1. Yeah :P Connor thinks of Eli as his kid brother and tries to help him whenever he can. He took on the responsibility of caring for him which is great they have similar personalities and get along well.

      Kaya definitely has nerves of steel to constantly have such a hottie near her and kissing her knowing she wants him just as bad and holding firm! She's determined to stand true to her position and it's killing her! Rafe is really trying her patience and I think he knows it. If he keeps wearing on her she'll eventually come around, he's certain of that!

      Ha! He does have a nice ride and yep they've all gotten pretty used to people finding out where they live and hounding them, paparazzi included. Lobo makes sure the pack stays hidden though.

      Lol I wouldn't worry about banning. With all the language I use and the porn in the pages of this story, I haven't been kicked out of here yet :D Bane is a prick and loves pushing Rafe's buttons though. He's not about to lose Kaya to a puppy even though he hasn't realized she was never his in the first place.

      With Kaya's cycle coming, her scent is about to bring lots of available male wolves into her life that want to mate her. Rafe smells it and he definitely wants it too! Her scent is very distracting for him especially since he hasn't figured out what it is that's causing him to react that way. You're right thought Kaya has strong feelings for our boy and she's afraid of acting on them because of her seer and father. It's a painful place to be for sure!

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    Eli is so cute. I hope that girl doesn't use him just to be around the band and I REALLY hope she doesn't end up accidentally becoming his dinner!
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    It looks like Rafe and Kaya are getting closer and closer meaning hooking up is not far away.
    Yay, Cecil! He didn't say much this time but what he did say was hilarious. It's a shame is photoshoot got interrupted.
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    1. Thank you so much for that :D It does take quite a bit to get everything right in the shots and I appreciate that you've taken the time and noticed them! I love that there are wonderful CC and pose creators that can help bring all of these ideas to life! It would be hard without them for sure!

      HA! Accidental dinner :P that might be a real concern for sure! Brooke seems genuinely interested in him though. I'm sure though she loves the idea of getting to know the band, she likes Eli for him. They share the same interests so they have a bit to connect on :)

      Very interesting point :) He was watching Kaya very closely and seemed interested in just her. He does have money though Kaya doesn't need it being in Night Shift she has some of her own.

      You're very right about that. He is losing it more and more and it's putting everyone at risk. He loves that Kaya is there when he needs but like you said she can't watch over him always. He has to learn what he is and what he is capable of in order to stop himself if anything should happen when she's not around.

      They have been getting closer and that's bad for Kaya since she is doing everything she can to keep from falling for him. Though that might be too late she doesn't want to hurt anyone because of her feelings for Rafe.

      Yes, I was getting very close to writing more for him but the chapter was already so huge :P I was trying to keep from soul sucking HAHA! But we'll get more of Cecil for Girls' Night with Kaya soon :)

      Bane is really out of his mind. He's created this relationship with Kaya in his head simply because they shared a bed every once in a while. He wants her for one specific purpose like the others men that are constantly around and too bad for him she's falling for someone else and wants nothing more to do with him. She may not be able to have the one she wants but she's not going to settle for anything less either!

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    1. I understood lol :D I love the "at the moment" lol that's true. I'm sure that will change once they decide what to do with him about Mike...if they find his body that is.

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    1. Very true! Eli would be devastated if that happened since he seems really into her. She was very happy to get to meet her favorite musicians and we can only hope that she isn't using Eli for face time with them.

      Rafe and Kaya are playing with fire and with her cycle looming around the corner, things will get worse before they get better. Unfortunately for Rafe, Lobo and Lexi are throwing a wrench in the works to keep him at bay.

      Aww :) yes Connor is the well rounded friend that seems ready and willing to help at a moment's notice. He's great to have around for times like these but he isn't capable of registering the same serenity in Rafe as Kaya though that won't stop him from trying.

      The only thing we've really learned about Bane so far is that he hates taking orders but hates being alone. He went through several packs before Greymane took him in so hopefully with that fact once he realizes Kaya will never be his, he can find a state of calm and relax a little. Right now he is a powder keg to Rafe's ticking time bomb.

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    ELI IS SO CUTE! I swear I could just eat him up!

    Bane is still a dick I see. Imagine my eyes rolling.

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    If I make a comment about my Red it will be associated with his HUGE PEN...IS it really?

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    1. Ha! That's Rafe's thinking also and why he is not backing down. He can sense how she feels when they touch and he loves the way his heart jumps when she smiles at him. He's hoping to change her mind about the "just friends" thing real soon!

      Aww :) He has a really positive outlook even after everything he's been through and it's one thing that is helping him heal. The band and especially Connor are hard pressed to deny him anything because of that and also because he needs to find some happiness in his life.

      HAHA I see it :D he can't help but show his true colors. If he can't have Kaya no one can!

      That's exactly right. This is the first time she wasn't where she should be and already he is feeling weaker because of it and a lot less like his normal self. He is showing up late, seemingly Mr. Cool is not so calm AND he's cussing! :O He needs his mate and he is worried sick about where she could be!

      It is! He has a large hammer and knows how to swing it :D "If I had a hammer, I'd hammer in the morning, I'd hammer in the evening..." I think he does :P

      Exactly! they need to remain together at least for Kaya to keep his wolf under control. There are so many possible bad things that would happen if Rafe was not able to calm himself when he really lost it! This is just a small taste of what that wild wolf could do.

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    1. Thank you :D she has the right attitude for Eli and it's great they're into the same things! The surfboards I got from Alex_Stanton on TSR, the link is in the credits section of my blog but I'll shoot you a PM with the direct link :D

      Yep and it's one that has haunted him for a while.