Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Episode 19: Dog Years

Genre: Horror
Characters: Lobo, Lexi, Faith
Word Count: 6,412
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: After Damian's recent threats Faith and Lexi conjure up a spell of protection around the coven and search for alternative means to ensure their survival against any imminent danger. Lobo goes to Lexi to discuss Rafe's situation within his pack and she convinces him to get Kaya a mate to keep Rafe from hounding her.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, nudity, adult situations

“‘Summon a lost love’? ‘Summon a Past Object?’ Oh here we go, ‘Lost & Found: Missing Sock?’ Are you serious with these spells Lexi? When in the world did you write a missing sock reveal spell? ”

“Remember that Drip Dry 3-Cycle Dryer you just HAD to have a few years ago? The one that loved my underwear and socks?”


“Keep reading.”

“‘Lost & Found: Missing Thong’,” Faith’s eyebrow raised in the direction of her sister and a choppy laugh shook her body. “Well I hope you found them because we gave that dryer to the Willow Reed community center if I remember correctly!”

“We did but I can’t say I ever saw my red lace thong again.”
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Episode 18: A Bone to Pick

Genre: Horror
Characters: Luther, Phoenix, Julius, Isabella, Byron, Felicia, Giselle, Spring
Word Count: 4,376
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Luther speaks to Isabella concerning his earlier proposition: help her get revenge on those that hurt her most. Julius learns of something that takes him one step closer to the revenge he's sought against the pack that killed his family and the connection he has with Isabella. Luther makes an interesting discovery on the far boundary of his land and possibly learns something about himself in the process.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, adult content, adult situations, nudity

“Large straight! Pay up man!” Phoenix laughed as he pulled the chips from the pot towards him. Julius blew out a breath and angrily tossed his cards to the table. That was the fourth hand in a row he’d lost to the younger wolf and things weren’t looking overly positive for his grand return.
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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Episode 17: The Seven Year Itch

Genre: Horror
Characters: Ulrick, Lobo, Sonja, Luther, Isabella, Robbie, Richard, Donovan, Miguel Morán, Alejandro Vargas, Cristóbal Ramírez, Lucy, Jacobi, Harley, Officer Riley, Darius Mitchum
Word Count: 8,060
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Harley, Lucy and Jacobi find themselves in a bad situation after their full moon hunt turned up an unexpected surprise. The First Wolf War is underway and Armand and Ulrick are in the center of things. Ulrick's past is highlighted and more about what makes him the man he is as he finds his mate and urges to be bonded. Luther has an interesting proposal for Isabella and is not in the mood for a refusal.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, nudity, adult situations

“Do you have a request today?” Ulrick asked as he took his normal position behind the piano. He lifted the cover to the keys and ran his hand over them individually ensuring the instrument was still well tuned. “A little Chopin perhaps?” he turned and smiled in her direction but her expression remained the same.
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