Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Episode 78: Best in Show

Genre: Supernatural/Drama
Characters: Kaya, Caleb, Connor, Eli, Charlie, Amanda, Karri, Vaughn, Joey, Sophie
Word Count: 4,177
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Joey's awake and the pack learns some startling information behind his shooting. It's Grammy night and the band prepares to take the stage by storm.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, adult situations, nudity, picture heavy

“And the last thing I remember was you and Luna standing over me,” Joey recalled the scene for his new audience of Caleb, Kaya, and Charlie.

“What did the voices say?” Charlie asked.

“I—I can’t remember. I’ve tried but every time I do there’s this…gap.”

“I think,” Kaya started with a sigh. “I think I may know a way to find out.”

Joey glanced over as Kaya stood and grinned. “Damn, Luna. You’re huge! How long was I out?”

“Not as long as you will be if you call me that again,” she smirked and moved to his bedside, placing her hand on his. “I’m glad you’re well enough to…” her eyes closed briefly. Kaya inhaled deep and her body began to convulse. All at once a dissonance of thoughts zipped through her mind. Whirling around her head in a bout of lights, sounds and scents and she fought to find her footing in the bustle of activity.

“Kaya?” Caleb called for her with growing concern as he moved to her side.
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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Episode 77: Hungry Like the...

Genre: Supernatural/Drama
Characters: Kaya, Connor, Eli, Karri, Amanda, Joey, Finn, Emmett, Eoghan, Xander
Word Count: 4,253
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: The Macgraths contemplate Xander's future. Amanda speaks to Eli about his loss. Connor and Karri finally settle the tension between them. And Kaya gets an unexpected surprise.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, adult situations, nudity, tons of clipping (stop staring at it.) Oh and something weird happens with the text and spacing...it’s pretty bothersome.

“Well what’s the word?” Finn asked as his brother turned back towards them.

“That was James back home,” Emmett sighed, placing his phone into his pocket. “He says he’ll get a couple guys and keep an eye out for Xander’s friend. He’ll call if anythin’ happens. In the meantime, are we really keepin’ this bleedin’ tick alive? It’s clearly a ploy tae save his sorry arse!”

“Aye. But it be well we know for sure,” Eoghan replied. He moved forward, lifting Xander’s head until his eyes fell on him and sighed. “Ye hear that, boyo? Ye got yeself a reprieve for now. But don’t ye worry, lad. It won’t be long before those beautiful bagpipes are singing and the sounds of Londonderry fills the air.”

“What do we do until then?” Finn asked, seeing the wounds they’d inflicted on him already start to heal.

“I guess, until then, you two can have more fun. I, on the other hand, need tae be gettin’ home. I have other matters tae attend.” Eoghan grabbed his coat and started for the door.

With a nod towards his brother, Emmett cracked his knuckles and grinned at the beaten Xander as he took a step forward. “Now then. Let’s see just how loud we can make you scream.”
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