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Episode 77: Hungry Like the...

Genre: Supernatural/Drama
Characters: Kaya, Connor, Eli, Karri, Amanda, Joey, Finn, Emmett, Eoghan, Xander
Word Count: 4,253
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: The Macgraths contemplate Xander's future. Amanda speaks to Eli about his loss. Connor and Karri finally settle the tension between them. And Kaya gets an unexpected surprise.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, adult situations, nudity, tons of clipping (stop staring at it.) Oh and something weird happens with the text and spacing...it’s pretty bothersome.

“Well what’s the word?” Finn asked as his brother turned back towards them.

“That was James back home,” Emmett sighed, placing his phone into his pocket. “He says he’ll get a couple guys and keep an eye out for Xander’s friend. He’ll call if anythin’ happens. In the meantime, are we really keepin’ this bleedin’ tick alive? It’s clearly a ploy tae save his sorry arse!”

“Aye. But it be well we know for sure,” Eoghan replied. He moved forward, lifting Xander’s head until his eyes fell on him and sighed. “Ye hear that, boyo? Ye got yeself a reprieve for now. But don’t ye worry, lad. It won’t be long before those beautiful bagpipes are singing and the sounds of Londonderry fills the air.”

“What do we do until then?” Finn asked, seeing the wounds they’d inflicted on him already start to heal.

“I guess, until then, you two can have more fun. I, on the other hand, need tae be gettin’ home. I have other matters tae attend.” Eoghan grabbed his coat and started for the door.

With a nod towards his brother, Emmett cracked his knuckles and grinned at the beaten Xander as he took a step forward. “Now then. Let’s see just how loud we can make you scream.”

“Hey, Eli,” Mandy smiled nervously, finding him sitting alone on the pier. He tensed at the sound of his name but didn’t turn around. Mandy stepped closer behind him, bouncing up on her heels as she moved.

“Hi,” he replied solemnly, looking up briefly before returning his eyes to the water in front of him.

“Who’s winning?” She asked in amusement, watching him in the midst of a staring contest.

“What? Oh. Funny,” he laughed lightly. 

“How are you?”

“I’d be better if people would just stop asking me that fucking question,” he snapped.

“Right. I…just wanted to say that I heard about you and Brooke. I’m sorry things didn’t work out. I just kinda wanted to offer you a shoulder to lean on, you know?”

“Thanks, but I’ll be fine.”

“You sure? People tell me I’m a really great listener,” she tried again, smiling and dipping her head to gain his attention.

“It’s cool, Amanda. I just want to be alone right now.”

“Oh. Ok,” she sighed dismally. “If you do, you know, wanna talk or just hang out or anything I’ll be upstairs.” He nodded and she started for the backdoor, turning for a moment towards him again. “For what it’s worth, you’re better off with your own kind. Someone who can understand what you’re going through.”

“So I’ve heard countless times today.” Mandy bit the inside of her cheek. She should have considered others having advised the young wolf about the fleeting aspects of first love. She wanted to be more than another voice in the crowd but, helplessly she always found herself on the outside looking in wherever Eli was involved.

“Sorry again…” she bowed her head, kicking herself for the silliness of her previous statement. “I’ll let you alone.”

“I know what people are saying about me,” Eli said, stopping her in her tracks. “Calling me a lovesick idiot; sitting around here moping when I should be grateful I’m alive and that at least Brooke made it out too. Even though I knew we weren’t meant to be I just…I liked being with her, you know?”

“It’s first love; they always hit you the hardest and hurt the most,” she nearly whispered and frowned as if recalling a particularly sad memory.

“Oh yeah? What do you know about it?” Eli’s statement had a bit of snark on it and Mandy found herself on the offensive.

“Plenty,” she answered, hands on her hips as she stood glaring at his back. “And at least the first person you gave your heart to loved you until the end. Try having them break your heart by sleeping with and then impregnating your best friend.”

“Wow,” he turned to look at her, a rueful look on his face as he slowly stood. “I’m sorry, Mandy, I didn’t know.”

“Well it’s not something I go around advertising. Besides it was a while ago and eventually I got over it. I can’t say the same for Michael.”

“What happened? He skip town with the best friend?”

“More like he’s pushing up daisies…or sleeping with the fishes as it were,” she said, motioning towards the water behind him that had earlier captured his attention.

“You serious?” he asked, glancing over his shoulder and back to her.

“Mom’s a little old school. Sure she hums while she bakes and mends boo-boos with a loving kiss but when someone messes with her babies she can get a little, for lack of a better term, savage,” she shrugged.

“Duly noted,” he sighed and dropped back to the bench, this time motioning for her to sit with him. She quickly took up the offer. “I’m sorry about the crabbiness. I just didn’t expect to hurt this much. And that whole misery loves company thing…”

“It’s ok, Eli. Like I said, I understand,” she smiled. “Just remember to watch that attitude. You never know when Mom might be lurking,” she added with a playful jab to his arm. It made him smile. And for the first time since Kaya called Roman to have him pick Brooke up and help with setting up a new identity, he felt at ease.

“Thanks,” he nodded, rubbing his open palms on the legs of his jeans. “Hey, Amanda, can I tell you something?”


“I don’t think I’m really sad,” Eli admitted, turning to look at her. “I mean I loved Brooke, I still love her, but, I don’t know. And I guess part of me is sad that things happened the way that they did but the other part—overall I feel just fine.”

“It’s your wolf.”

“Yeah. It’s like I’m going through the motions even though I knew eventually we wouldn’t end up together and I’m not broken up about her leaving. Does that make me a bad person?”

“No. Not at all. You were pretty much expecting this outcome at some point so you’d already prepared yourself. It doesn’t make you heartless, just realistic. And in my opinion, it’s better this way. It makes it easier to move on,” she smiled.

“Yeah it does,” he said, a good-natured smirk tugging at the corners of his mouth. “It really does.”

“Karri?” Connor said, watching her step into his room. “Sorry, if you knocked I…”

“I didn’t. I—I wanted to talk to you. Are you busy?”

“No. Not at all. What did you want to talk about?” he asked, leaning his guitar against the sidetable as he reached over to turn down the music.

Karri sighed. This scene had played out much differently in her head. He wasn’t supposed to talk; he was only supposed to act. Her nerves settled in the pit of her stomach, lumping in her throat as her mouth suddenly became dry. Where the hell did her confidence go? He hadn’t had this reaction on her before. It was one of the things he said he found attractive about her. Fuck! She was turning into a slobbering groupie. Now all she could do was hope her uneasiness hadn’t become painfully visible on her face as well. But the longer she stood in front of him, the more those piercing green eyes weakened her resolve. “I’m sorry, this was stupid.” She turned to leave, but Connor was against her, pushing the door closed before she could take a step. 

Karri was trapped between him and the wall. She stood beneath the vent above his door, welcoming the cool wind as it rolled over her body. God, she was hot. And bothered. And confused. What was he doing? He stopped inches from her back and was so close that she felt the heat from his body. So close that his fresh, earthy scent filled the air around her. The guy had been out in the sun all day. She’d watched him play a hard game of football with Caleb, Charlie and the guys. He had no business smelling as good as he did. But that clean scent reminded her of a light ocean breeze. Warm and inviting. Happiness. He smelled of pure happiness.

She’s a ten, hellbent, I’m in heaven tonight
Six speed sex scene playin’ out in my mind

And even though it was silly and immature, the first thought to enter her mind was that it wasn’t fair. Suddenly irritated, Karri exhaled a deep breath and turned around. Don’t look into his eyes. But of course that was the first thing she did. And almost instantly, those damn butterflies returned. Mouth dry and a bit woozy, she held on. Luckily, she’d had years of practice hiding behind a mask of indifference. It saved her in this moment and she crossed her arms over her chest, arched an eyebrow and was able to manage a sentence without sounding like an idiot. “What are you doing?” 

“Connor,” he said, eyes smoldering, without skipping a beat.


“My name, Karri. I want to hear you say it.”

Surprised, Karri took a moment. “That’s it? You want to hear me say your name?”

He nodded and leaned closer. It took everything in her not to tremble. To remain still as his warm breath slid over her already heated skin. Goosebumps followed in his wake and she couldn’t hide the shudder that rolled through her. “Are you going to make me beg?” His mouth hovered near her ear and she felt the mark of his lips even though he hadn’t touched her. “Cause I don’t mind begging. I don’t mind doing a lot of things.”

“I—I,” she stuttered, trembling as her hands slid against his chest in a mock gesture to push him away.

“Connor,” he said, his voice a little rougher. A little sexier. She swallowed the lump in her throat, her eyes daring to travel up to his again. Bad choice.

One look, I'm hooked, motor runnin’

“What are you doing?” she repeated, locked helplessly in the glimmer of those intense emerald gems.

“Exactly what you want me to.” Karri felt the beating of his heart beneath her palm and closed her hand around the collar of his shirt as the weight of his words hit her.

“Connor, I…”

“Good,” he interrupted with a smirk. “Now try and remember that because you’ll be screaming it in a minute.”

“Bite me, Connor,” she replied softly, hiding a smile as she chewed on her lower lip.

He gently gripped her around the hips, pulling her in closer as he inhaled the delicate peach scent of her silky skin. His warm breath tickled across the nape of her neck as he leaned towards her ear again and whispered, “Just say where.” Connor’s lips kissed along her cheek, trailing down to her collarbone and beyond. Karri moaned, leaning back as her fingers tightly closed within his hair and she gave a tug the lower his mouth went. His tongue blazed a warm, wet path down her chest and she felt him tug lightly at the waistline of her jeans.

They were both running off of pure desire and had long since passed the point of no return. Karri’s hands worked furiously through his hair. He met each stroke of her small fingers against his scalp with pleasurable growls. He’d made short work of her pants and was gradually moving her towards his bed. Sliding his hand along her thigh, Connor hooked it in the crook behind her knee, lifted her leg and placed it around his waist. He fell on top of her and she could feel the full extent of his arousal pressing against the crotch of her panties. But instead of pulling away and forcing him to think logically, she began grinding her hips into him and tugged at the back of his shirt.

Revved up, my heart started pumpin’

Giving in to her demand he yanked it over his head returning his tongue to the spot he’d been preparing for his mark. The last time he’d come this close, he’d put on the brakes and had regretted the chance to claim her ever since. She wasn’t ready, he told himself. But in reality, he was avoiding the pain of rejection. Now she was here. Tearing at his clothes and grinding herself against him; she was willing. The way she pulled at the collar of his shirt and bared her neck to him was indication of it.

Wanting to have her skin to skin as he took the first steps to making her his, he gripped the collar of her shirt ripping it straight down the middle. He couldn’t wait anymore. Wouldn’t wait anymore. Karri gasped out of shock but still the lust remained in every one of her features. Sucking the tender flesh at the junction of her neck, his canines elongated and were beginning to penetrate her skin when her voice froze him in place. “Wait!” Karri nearly shouted and fell back into the pillows.

Connor growled. His eyes shut tight as he loomed above her. He waited. Waited to hear those two little words that had been the bane of his existence since the day they met. We can’t. But instead, Karri slid her fingers along his cheek until his eyes opened to peer at her. “Save the best for last.” She smiled, causing a similar reaction from him. He swallowed hard, feeling a tingling sensation between his legs as he became excited. The need to have her not only returned, it magnified. 

Connor wanted to take her with slow measure instead of the unrestrained abandon he exhibited before. Karri opened her mouth to further explain her meaning but before she could utter a single word, Connor moved in for a kiss, dragging his tongue along her bottom lip as he pulled away. Slowly she pried her eyes open and bit her lip still feeling the warmth of his tongue. Without a second thought, she leaned forward pressing her lips against his mimicking the very action with her tongue causing him to groan.

He slipped his index finger between the thin strap of her thong and swiftly tugged it down her thighs, letting it fall freely to the floor. He pushed her back to the bed as he snaked his hands between her legs gently parting them. Releasing her lips he kissed a path from them down between her breast, stopping to tenderly suck them both, then inched to her navel, and then her inner thigh. He nibbled on them causing her to sigh with anticipation. The thought of causing her so much pleasure without really touching her was driving him crazy. He took a deep breath to expel the thought of shoving himself inside of her right then and there. He wanted her to enjoy this and give her something to remember and if he could get himself under control, he’d do just that. 

He started off slow, licking circles along her inner thigh, his right hand holding her hips in place while his left hand massaged her breasts. He saw her head fall back with satisfaction and seized the moment to move on to her pleasure spot. He inhaled deeply then pressed his lips against her lower lips, spreading them apart with his tongue. He moved as she did, following her each time her body rose off of the bed and pulled back away from him. He slipped in one finger, then another, driving her to the edge of her arousal until he felt her muscles clench his fingers.  “Connor…” she moaned as she was about to release. He smiled drove his tongue quicker against her clit while his fingers worked her off until he got what he was after. “CONNOR!” Karri wailed and jerked and he crawled after her, pinning her leg beneath his arm as she tried to escape and continued his ministrations. 

He pulled away before she came down from her high and pushed her legs open further. Connor disrobed, kicking his jeans over the side of the bed as he knelt over her. The dark look in his eyes made Karri shiver and she gasped when he gripped her by the ankles and tugged her roughly down the bed impaling her on the end of his hard cock. She whimpered. Another scream caught in her throat as he forcefully thrust himself deeper. The grip on her thighs tightened and she felt the vibrations of another explosive climax rip through her.

Karri clawed at him, his name stuttering from her tongue and he laughed then slowly pulled out before aggressively hammering in again. He repeated  the action, this time adding another two inches before pulling away. He moved forward once again with extra force causing her moan to echo in the room. He rocked his hips into hers at such a fast pace that she could barely catch her breath before he thrust again. His moans mixed in with hers as she lifted her hips and began throwing them against him with urgency. 

Connor leaned over, peering into those dazzling blue eyes of hers and panting wildly as his breathing escalated. Something in his eyes held her. It was  almost as if her soul was being stared into and a chill ran through her. He pulled Karri up from the bed, wrapped her into his arms and planted a passionate kiss on her lips. The touch of his lips told her he never wanted to let go and the desire to have him as her own became the sole possession of her wolf.

Got a taste, can’t be saved, I’m a junkie for life
She fuels my fire and adrenaline high

Connor hovered above her, closing his eyes as he moved with steady, languid strokes inside her silken core. So wet and tight, each stroke felt like a strangled embrace and she squealed as he pushed into her with unbidden lust. Since leaving Willow Reed cold showers had become his best friends. And now, the satisfaction of an orgasm was a small comfort but the fulfillment of finally having Karri encompassed the entirety of his being. 

To finally have a deep, profound connection was fast becoming an intoxicating experience and Connor found himself growing drunk from the pleasure. The soothing heat of her body beneath his enveloped him and made him groan audibly and her name left his lips in a keen cry of exhilaration. Every nerve in her body had come alive and it made her tremble with emotion. Connor leaned back, grabbing her by the hips, he propelled himself forward. One deep, hard thrust after the next left Karri gasping for breath. He let out a forceful, ferocious howl that seemed to penetrate her very soul.
Karri dug her fingernails into his shoulders as his thrusts became more powerful. She felt her mind slowly spin and a fiery pressure build inside her womb. Her need grew urgent and she grabbed his hips and instinctively met his every steady plunge. “Oh fuck, Connor, oh fuck, yes, yes, harder!” Breathless and desperate at long last she shattered around him, shaking from the magnitude as her orgasm filled her with white heat, surging through her senses at a searing speed. Her entire body felt warm.
And still Connor thrust inside her. His eyes remained tightly shut, his mouth gaping open, growling and roaring like a vicious animal.  The act of being with her had become more than just a means of ravenous yearning or selfish gratification. It was the culmination of a long awaited encounter between two people who’d found themselves in a tireless game of cat and mouse.

Hard and rough, his tongue pushed against hers, forcing her to submit to his whims. Never changing his methodical rhythm he pumped into her at a constant speed. In and out, his veiny cock rubbed her tightening walls, stretching them more and each thrust made Karri moan louder as she felt him fill her completely.
“Connor!” Karri screamed, on the verge of another back-arching explosion. She wrapped her quivering legs around his waist, her arms embracing his body close to hers and willingly let herself go with the force of his relentless assault. “Oh god, oh, god,” she cried, her voice growing weaker with each plea of mercy.
With long, deep, hard strokes that increased in intensity, he thrust inside her. With slow but fierce desperation he thrust inside her. The fire began to build again. The familiar pressure twisted in her belly where his rigid cock stroked her deep and the burning need to release reached levels of tremendous ache.
My need for speed’s got me gunnin’
One touch, she screams “keep it comin’”

Curling her toes with the tingling sensation that overtook her, Karri opened her mouth wide, screaming his name again and again, squeezing her eyes closed she nearly ripped the flesh from his back. “Fucking, goddamn! CONNOR!” Hoarsely she cried out as trembles shook her inside and out. Her body pulsated around him and coated him with more of her slick moisture and still he thrust inside her.
“Connor…please…” she begged in breathless urgency after another eternity of his ruthless drilling. Karri pressed her palms against his face to gain his attention and slowly, he opened his eyes. The expression in them was dazed and unfocused as he looked down at her as if in a trance. The haze seemed to lift from his sparkling, dark green gaze as he sharpened in on her flushed face.
“Karri,” he whispered, his voice trembling, deep and coated with lust. “I love you.” His arms cradled beneath her shoulders and he gripped her head, crushing his mouth to hers. She whimpered as he increased his pace, pounding into her with a new urgency that made her breathless. Slowly he withdrew and pumped into her harder. The heat from her dripping sex inflamed his cock and her silken channel was soon to make his own loins explode.
Are you ready for the best damn ride of your life?
Both lost in ecstasy their slick bodies wet with sweat tangled and humped together rhythmically matching each other’s relentless drives. With every jerking motion his balls slapped against the sensitive skin between her legs, her core dripped from their pleasure as he gradually picked up speed, ramming faster.

Connor’s large hands groped her breasts and squeezed firmly while he continued fucking her, pounding her harder into the bed beneath him. When he sucked hard on her nipple, Karri screamed and clenched her muscles tighter and he couldn’t control it anymore. He felt his orgasm rising fast and hard like a runaway train barreling down the tracks and there was no way to stop it.
As he pumped deeper on the last few strokes, Karri was close to another climax of her own. With an ear-splitting roar he spilled his hot seed into her, piercing the skin on her neck as he came. She screamed and arched violently, clutching at his back, her fingernails dug into his skin as he erupted inside her. Karri leaned into him and Connor held her close, feeling her heaving chest slowly start to fade as her fangs broke through his shoulder. He breathed erratically in her ear, trying to find his footing in reality, wincing as she closed her mouth tighter against him.

They fell into the covers, exhausted, winded and sweaty. Her world was spinning and all she could see was Connor’s smiling face as he rested on the pillows beside her. Leisurely he leaned over to kiss her lips and she tossed her arm across his chest. “And you never thought this day would come,” he laughed breathlessly, softly kissing her again.

“What can I say?” she smiled. “I have a thing for musicians.” Closing his eyes he felt a sense of calm envelop him and the two drifted soundly asleep.
Gimme a “hell.”
Gimme a “yeah.”

He was in a long hallway. Crudely plastered concrete walls were constructed on both sides, keeping him contained within their cold, impervious bricks. Miles of darkness stretched out in front of him and he was trapped it would seem. The murkiness of the corridor overwhelming and endless and the sense of hopelessness already seeping in.

You shouldn’t be here. It’s time to go.

And then there it was. The droning of low voices—two of them—humming somewhere in the distance; too far to make out what was being said but still distinguishable as male. Searching with outstretched arms, he made his way forward, one foot in front of the other. A hunter by nature, through the years he’d learned to be silent with every movement he made. And yet, somehow now, he wasn’t able to suppress the sound of his boisterous, exaggerated footfalls no matter how softy he stepped.

The voices grew louder the further he moved. Pounding, thunderous, hammering his eardrums repeatedly with their monotonous reverberations.

“Who’s there?” he called out. The voices stopped and in the distance a door opened with a reply to his question. A shot rang out. He felt the burning of the metal before the warmth of his blood on his hands. Ducking into one of the rooms, he waited for an uncertain fate as the footsteps of his unknown attackers approached.

Save them. Go now. You can’t die here. Wake up. Wake up. WAKE UP!


*Authors note: Song lyrics from “Hell Yeah” by Rev Theory.*


  1. Damn, when will Xander die???? I hope it's soon and I hope it's a slow, painful, agonizing death! But only after he sees Karri again and knows she's mated!!! Woot!!!

    Aww poor Eli. :( I feel bad for him. Brooke was his first everything so I can understand why it's hard. I she fucked up writing that shit down and then just leaving it out for anyone to see. :( So Ky called in Roman to whisk her away? They still have to deal with that reporter person sadly. They aren't completely out of the woods yet. :(

    Mandy, she's had her eye on Eli from day one. I know she has more than one reason for wanting to help cheer him up, but hopefully she'll take it slow. She doesn't want to be the rebound girl. :( Damn that did suck about her 'best friend'. I can't imagine how much it hurt to be betrayed by her and that Michael guy. At least one of them were dealt with. LOL

    Connor and Karri sitting in a tree...doing a whole hell of a lot more than kissing. hahaha Wow they both have been waiting for this moment and it was better than either of them could have imagined. Red even said the L word! Wow!!! He has a mate :) How cute. I'm happy for both of them.

    Yay, Joey is awake. Kaya will be so relieved that he's gotten better. She's kept a vigil at his bedside.

    1. Hahah sweet justice eh? That would be adding salt to the wounds. And what do you mean slow and agonizing? He's being tortured in a basement right now. Isn't that more rewarding than death? No? Fine :(

      Eli is sad but he's also in a place of revelation. He knew what he and Brooke had wasn't destined to last but the way it ended was heartbreaking; under the threat of death. Roman, still coming through for Kaya in her time of her need :D This is the second time he's helped fix a mess where Brooke was involved. Maybe after the third, she'll get a free ice cream? You're right. There is still more left to fix.

      Mandy knows Eli needs time. Like you said she doesn't want to be the rebound girl but she wants Eli to at least be aware of her presence before he finds someone else to tend to his affections. She's not likely to press her advantage until he's taken the time he needs but she wants him to keep the option open :D

      LOL Rosette can be downright scary when she's pushed. And she seems like such a sweetheart!

      Hahaha...wait that didn't even rhyme! :P They have and Connor wasn't prepared to let her keep walking away from him. He was a now or never moment for them both. Who'd have thunk Connor would have ever settled down? I guess it just took the right one.

      She will! She missed it as she was out cold herself lol but she will be thrilled he's finally come to!

      Thank you for reading :)

  2. That was simply...bag. So very bag.

    So yeah, I agree with Mica. Karri needs to go in, let Xander smell her, show him the mark on her neck, then leave and let Connor and her brothers handle the rest.

    Eli isn't being nearly as emo as I thought he'd be. He's actually handling the whole thing in a rather pragmatic fashion. And Roman to the rescue! Good man. He must have seen Brooke and been like, "you again?" And kudos to Amanda for her restraint. I mean, I know she wants to jump those bones big time, but she's being low-key and allowing Eli to come to that conclusion on his own. Smart girl. At least he knows not to ever piss Rosette off!

    Sigh...you write very hot sex scenes, but this one was just not only hot, it was emotionally powerful. You could see how significant a situation this was for Connor. It wasn't just about getting his rocks off like it might have been over the years. And Karri let the defenses down and they just gave themselves over to one another. And the L word was spoken. Oh, Red.

    Heh, poor Kaya. She's probably been fantasizing for weeks about how she'd be at Joey's side when his eyelids fluttered open for the first time. It happens, and she's sound asleep. Pregnancy will do that to you. I'm so happy he's awake, though, and I'm sure Kaya will be thrilled even though she missed the actual waking.

    Wonderful update, so many big changes afoot. Thank you!

    1. Hahahaha this comment is bag :P

      A woman scorned. Just rub it all in his face "You lose!" That would probably hurt him more than what Emmett and Finn are doing now.

      Eli lol nope, he's growing up. He had already settled with the idea that Brooke being human and them already seeing what the wolf gene did to her that they wouldn't last. Like Amanda said he's better off with his own kind. Haha Amanda put on her shortest skirt and her tightest cleavage clinging shirt and went looking for the lone wolf to offer "a shoulder to lean on." She knows how to play that game.

      Aww wow, thank you. I thought it felt a bit rushed (at least the scene leading up to the boot knocking.) But Connor was feeling it the whole way through and wanted to make sure Karri knew he'd found the one. The L word, yes. He let that one drop. Karri was taken aback herself and she'll ask him about it in the next update ;) that redheaded one is full of surprises.

      Kaya's main concern was that he wasn't alone when he did finally wake up. No matter what, she wanted someone to be there for him when his eyes opened so he didn't think/feel the pack completely abandoned him. But yep lol she's getting that sleep in now because when those triplets come, she might as well invest in a coffee factory.

      It took a little bit to get there but things are finally about to come to a head :D

      Thank you for reading :)