Saturday, September 15, 2012

Episode 35: The Truth About Dogs

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Rafe, Connor, Lobo, Eli, Brooke, Bane, Cecil, Giselle, Luther, Ulrick, Odessa, Damian
Word Count: 4,506
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Damian makes plans to keep Kaya from interfering with his plans. Giselle looks to turn the tables on Luther and seek him out before he has the chance to ruin more of her plans. Cecil takes the band to his salon and get them prepared for their upcoming kickoff concert. Meanwhile Eli is having issues dealing with his strained relationship and seeks closure with Brooke and Rafe's dreams meet reality as his Caleb persona pushes its way to the surface in search of its mate.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, nudity, adult situations

Odessa moaned deeper as her husband continuously pushed himself between her legs. Her knuckles gripped the back of the sofa tightly and the room filled with her sighs of satisfaction. He was a man on a mission and she loved taking advantage of him when his mind was goal oriented; he always did his best with everything when focused. “Mmm that’s it baby,” she panted and felt his hand tighten on her hip. He leaned forward thrusting one last time within her and kissed her shoulder as he released in a satisfied grunt.
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