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Episode 35: The Truth About Dogs

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Rafe, Connor, Lobo, Eli, Brooke, Bane, Cecil, Giselle, Luther, Ulrick, Odessa, Damian
Word Count: 4,506
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Damian makes plans to keep Kaya from interfering with his plans. Giselle looks to turn the tables on Luther and seek him out before he has the chance to ruin more of her plans. Cecil takes the band to his salon and get them prepared for their upcoming kickoff concert. Meanwhile Eli is having issues dealing with his strained relationship and seeks closure with Brooke and Rafe's dreams meet reality as his Caleb persona pushes its way to the surface in search of its mate.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, nudity, adult situations

Odessa moaned deeper as her husband continuously pushed himself between her legs. Her knuckles gripped the back of the sofa tightly and the room filled with her sighs of satisfaction. He was a man on a mission and she loved taking advantage of him when his mind was goal oriented; he always did his best with everything when focused. “Mmm that’s it baby,” she panted and felt his hand tighten on her hip. He leaned forward thrusting one last time within her and kissed her shoulder as he released in a satisfied grunt.

Pulling off of his wife, Damian started for the bar to prepare himself a drink. He wasn’t amused by her constant distractions but he did enjoy listening to her sounds of pleasure and he could never deny her a smile. “Where is the witch now?” Odessa asked taking a sit on the arm of the lounger.

“She’s ‘getting reacquainted with nature’ or so she says.”

“And you’re ok with letting her roam like this?”

He leaned forward and stared at the uncertain expression on Odessa’s face and shrugged. “It’s been a century since we last spoke but I’m sure she knows the reason I’ve called for her. She made a request and I am going to do what is necessary to acquiesce to her needs and keep her happy; she has something I need. The real question is have you taken care of Aleister and Lorena?”

Odessa slumped into the cushions of the sofa and listened to the clinking of glass behind the bar as Damian pulled out his favorite scotch and poured himself a glass. “I did what you asked of me but I wouldn’t expect them to jump aboard when they realize what you’re really up to. Aleister has always been by the books and Lorena is almost as bad.”

“I understand your concerns Oddie but soon we’ll have everything our hearts desired and they will be easily dealt with if they want war. When the witch tells me what I want to know we will be assured success.”

“And in the meantime you’re going out of your way to destroy Greymane on your own? Armand is older than you. If he gets wind of what you’re truly after he will try and kill you especially where his whelp is concerned.”

“Don’t worry about Armand or Greymane I have them right where I want them.”

“Does that include Kaya then?” Odessa smirked to herself remembering the way the younger lycan shot off at her husband. “She seems like she’ll be trouble.”

“Yeah…Kaya. I’ll figure something out for her. She has a public face with that band, it should be fun destroying her image and getting what I want in the process,” he grinned and took a sip from the glass in his hand. The slow burn of alcohol warmed him from the inside out and he instantly felt a sense of calm. “Yeah, I think I’ll enjoy this very much.”

Giselle smirked watching the Alpha exit his back door and rush off towards the woods. She moved cautiously off of the branch she perched herself onto and waited until he was out of sight before darting after him. This time the hunter was becoming the prey and she intended to make him feel the full effect of her wolf. After being on the receiving end of his relentless pursuit she was determined to get the upper hand. He’d ruined her last meeting with Drew and it was becoming painfully obvious he was out to make sure she had no options that didn’t end with siding with him.

Her brother was nearing time for his ceremony to take over as Alpha and she’d be damned if she let Luther ruin her chances to take her revenge. Nearing the waterfalls she stopped in her tracks and sniffed around. Cussing under her breath she realized his scent had become fainter. She dashed towards a row of apple trees and ducked into a winding hedge maze. Crossing over a few fallen logs before entering the center of the Labyrinth, Giselle paused a moment and again tried finding the scent of the man whose unwavering goal was to make her life a living hell. She growled and pulled up from the ground taking human form once more; he’d given her the slip somehow and was probably off laughing his ass off about it.

She dropped to the fountain and peered down into her reflection and watched her angry eyes staring back. Heatedly she slapped her hand across the still surface of the water causing ripples to form and bounce across the entire area. “Dammit!” Peering down she noticed her watery face was no longer dancing solo over the crystal blue waters of the well.

But before she had the chance to turn around and speak, Luther had gripped her against his chest and tossed her against a nearby tree firmly holding her in place within his palms. “Looking for me?” he growled feeling her tense up and push at him trying to free herself.

His steely, menacing gaze darted over the features of her face noting the arrogance and fury nestled within her brow. She tried everything she could to twist away from him but undauntedly he held her still. “Get your paws off of me!”

“Or what? You haven’t learned by now you can’t outsmart me? You’re not stronger than me though you think yourself untouchable. You’re not faster and yet you tried to chase after me. And you’re obviously not as scary as you’d like to think and you’re doing your best not to piss yourself at this very moment. So I’ll ask before I decide what I want to do with you, what is it that you wanted Giselle?”

“We’ve been over this before! I want what’s owed to me but at this moment I want you to get your hands OFF!” She growled and kicked at him successfully unhinging the hold he had on her wrists and pulled herself away from the tree. Rubbing the tender flesh of her arms she didn’t let her gaze drop from his as she moved cautiously towards the well again.

“You’re not as clever a hunter as you believe Giselle. You were tracking me from my back porch but the second I stepped outside my door I could smell you. I knew where you were every second you followed after me. I was hoping you would somehow surprise me but…imagine my disappointment when I was able to quickly lose you by the falls.”

“Fuck you! This is your territory! It’s not as though I have some sort of honed Alpha tracker embedded in my nasal passages. I do however have a stink reflector; must be why your scent quickly dissipated from my senses,” she smirked at the annoyed expression she caused to form on his face and impetuously dropped her eyes away.

“It’s never a good idea to piss me off Giselle. Depending on my mood, I could kill you or I could kiss you,” Luther’s eyes flashed and he lunged forward pinning Giselle against another tree. She turned her head as his hot breath fanned across her face making the tiny hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. The look in his eye was pure rage and his mouth curled up in a sinister grin. “So tell me Giselle, which do you think it is today?”

“Ok C.C., make me pretty!”

“Girl! If I could bottle it do you really think I’d still be working for a living? Um does hell go with no? I’d be laid up on a tropical island somewhere with three pool boys in nothing but fig leaves feeding me Rainier Cherries while I work on my tan. And HONEY let me tell you, it’s been WAY too long since Cecil’s been spanked!”

She laughed and leaned back in the chair as Cecil turned on the water to wash her tresses. “There’s no reason for ya to even be in that chair, Sheila. Ya look great ‘ow ya are,” Bane winked in Kaya’s direction and she smiled in return.

“He’s right you know? You’re positively glowing. Is it the peach rinse I gave you?”

“Well it helps I’m sure.”

“Mmhmm I bet I know why you’re so shiny.” He glanced up and caught Connor trying to keep himself entertained with a newspaper he pretended to read as he watched the other women around the parlor working. “So where’s my Blonde bomber?” Cecil asked noting Rafe’s absence. “I caught your little public show outside the studios on Chasing Stars and I gotta say I’m a little envious Honeybee. That man looks like he tastes like chocolate dipped strawberries topped in whipped cream!”

“He’s a bit preoccupied too. Dealing with a few personal issues he doesn’t want to talk about.”

“Uh huh and why didn’t you tell me you and he had a thang? If I’d had known the last time I saw you I would have asked for more details about his you know what.”

“Well we weren’t together then actually. It sorta just happened one night after we went for a walk in the garden.” She sighed fabricating the last part so as not to reveal too much to the designer.

“Ok well if that’s what happens after a walk in a garden call me Martha Stewart and pass me some starter seeds! I’d like to grow me about five of him! One for each…limb.”

“C.C.! You’re so crazy.”

“And serious too! Who wouldn’t want that? Talk about satisfaction! And you said Blondie is working with the long stroke too oooh! I think I just felt my heart skip a beat. Too much, too much! Tell me you see stars when you two do the deed and I am going over the moon!”

“I see that and then some! You know that tingling you get when you’re just so excited you feel about ready to explode? Every little touch is like that. But it’s been a little bit since we’ve had alone time. He’s been so busy lately I barely see him outside of band stuff.”

“Well shoot; it’s always the hotties with the most head trauma isn’t it? That’s why I always tell my dates not to talk, spoils everything!”

“But you date only models…I can’t see too many of them having much to say anyway.”

“Oh no Babycakes that’s why I’m usually the one doing all the talking; ‘harder, harder, faster, faster’! They get instructions and I get pleasured;works out for the both of us! Honestly right now though I’m just looking for a little hit and quit; anonymous sex means never having to say you’re sorry. But anyway Honey, hopefully your man figures himself out so I can get more show and tell soon. I miss gawking at his jeans bulge and pretending he’s hiding my camera there for me to find.” Kaya stared up at her designer and he smiled pursing his glossy lips in her direction before pulling her out of the chair and towards the next station. “And what’s wrong with that one?” he nodded in Eli’s direction as she went under the water once more.

“He’s having a bit of problems with his girlfriend right now. I’m hoping everything works out for them though. It’s heartbreaking seeing him go through this.”

“Well if not let him know C.C. is always available for some midnight loving although he’s gotta be out by 2am because I don’t want to have to explain to my building’s doorman again why there’s a strange boy chained against my bedroom wall. Talk about awkward moments. With my luck I’d probably be expected to pay extra for pet maintenance!”

Eli drew from his seat beside Connor starting for the door. “Where are you rushing off to?” the Redhead asked watching the haste in Eli’s step.

“I have to talk to her.”

“I thought she wasn’t giving you the time of day.”

“And what that means I should stop trying?”

“It means she needs time to process everything that happened to her. Anything else is likely to make her run off.”

He chewed his bottom lip and kicked an invisible object at his foot before glancing up at Connor’s emerald gaze once more. “I have to at least try. It hurts too much not to.” 

He hurriedly jumped behind the wheel of his jeep and drove quickly to the other side of town. Pacing a moment in front of her door, Eli moved to Brooke’s stoop and took a deep breath before knocking. Slowly the door opened to reveal the girl who had become the focus of his fear and anxiety the last three days. He smiled at her but she didn’t return the expression. In fact the look she gave him appeared to be one of anger and annoyance and the first words she spoke to him confirmed her mood. “What do you want?”

“I was…I just…I wanted to talk.”

“Talk? Seriously? What do you want to talk about Eli? About how you nearly killed me? Lied to me about what happened or this stupid story about being some make believe creature just so you didn’t have to be honest about what you really felt?”

“Brooke I never lied to you! And what happened was an accident! Please, I would never try to hurt you intentionally. You’re the only girl I’ve ever felt anything even close to what I do. I’m sorry about what happened in Cali you’ve gotta believe me and please just let me try to better explain.”  

Hesitantly she stepped back from her door and allowed him to enter her living room. Dropping onto the cushions she’d previously occupied Eli paced around in front of her trying to figure out where to begin. Kaya had already tried explaining what happened that day about the salt water parasites infecting her cut and he could tell she didn’t believe her so Eli tried it his way. But when the words ‘I’m a werewolf’ crossed his lips, Brooke slammed her door in his face. He couldn’t blame her and didn’t. He knew how ridiculous the idea sounded and knew that she’d have a tough time believing him even if he’s never lied to her before and had no motive for doing it now. 

But there were just some things you could never say to someone and expect them to keep a serious face. And claiming to be a supernatural creature was definitely high on that list. “So are you going to burn a hole in my floor E or get to the reason you’re here?”

“I am I was just trying to figure out how I should tell you.”

“Just say it Eli! You have commitment issues and that’s the reason you’ve never had a full time girlfriend. I suspected it from the start but never really bothered to concern myself with it because you seemed genuinely interested in me!”

“I am genuinely interested in you Brooke you have it all wrong. Ok I know what I said to you about being a wolf was kind of farfetched and crazy but it’s the truth, why would I make something like that up?”

“The same reason you poisoned me? You have a sociopathic personality and it’s in your nature to lie and kill.”

“You know what? You’re not going to believe me unless…unless I show you; let you see for yourself.”

“What are you going to do? Hop into a fur coat and growl at me?” she pulled up from the sofa and started towards her door. “I think it’s best you leave now. I have plans later on and I don’t want my neighbors thinking I have some sort of Zoo in my living room.”

“Brooke did we break up? I mean is this like it for us?”

“I don’t know Eli but I have no intentions of being with someone who can’t be honest with me. I’m sorry. I really liked you but I can’t be with you.”

Eli took a step towards her and she reached out to open the door for him. Pulling her away he pushed her into a crook beside the bookcase and sighed. “Ok since I guess at this point it doesn’t matter one way or the other I’m gonna show you. Just promise me you won’t scream.” He quickly removed his clothing and stepped back in front of her. 

Watching her eyes he ensured she was looking at him before he dropped to the ground on all fours and emerged in his wolf form. “HOLY SHIT!” Brooke screamed and jumped from her spot and into the dining room. “What the fuck are you!?

He took a step closer and she took a giant leap backwards, “Stay back!” she ordered, fear engulfing her body. He could sense her discomfort and immediately took his human form once more to try and get her to calm down. “Oh my God! You really are a monster!”

“No Brooke, not a monster; I’m a wolf. But more importantly I’m in love with you and I can’t lose you over this.” He reached his hand towards her and smiled tenderly hoping against hope that she would accept it. When he felt her tiny fingers curl into his palm he quickly closed his hand around them and pulled her hard into his chest. With a smile he tilted her face looking down into her gorgeous hazel eyes and immediately consumed her lips with his own. 

“One day you’ll meet someone so utterly consuming and strong. They’ll be your oxygen and beating heart though you know it may be wrong. It’s a drug you need, a fix you crave and for it you just won’t fail. You’ll wake one morn with a smile on your face and follow them straight to Hell.”

“What? Are you singing to me?”

“Lyrics from the Night Shift song Hell, yeah. I never really got them until now.” He smiled again and pulled her once more against him kissing her with a zealous need.

“Wait Eli,” Brooke moaned breaking the kiss once more. “That night we met and Kaya and Connor had a dog with them named Rafe…” He gave her a look mimicking a deer caught in headlights and she gasped at the shocked expression. “OH MY GOD! Are they all??”

“You can’t tell anyone Brooke, you understand that right? There are people out there that can hurt us; kill us. It’s why we don’t normally reveal ourselves. You have to keep this a secret ok?”

“Mmhmm of course. It’s just really…interesting.” She wrapped herself around him and he felt the timing in her pulse. Something was off but he was too happy having her in his arms again he didn’t stop to give reason to what it was.

“Alright think we can get a practice in now before the concert tomorrow?” Ulrick asked impatiently tapping his foot as Cecil continued yammering and polishing Kaya’s nails.

“Oh come on Sexy Eyes! My babies are representing me! I can’t have them going out on that stage looking like Chantal’s trash! I have a standard to uphold and you’re just going to have to learn to deal Sugarplum.”

Kaya laughed as Ulrick gave the designer a hardened look and motioned for the band to hit the exit. “Rafe’s on the way and should hopefully get here soon. The stage has been set but I’m not sure about the main floor’s acoustics it’s one reason I want to hear your sound before the live show tomorrow. Connor your pyrotechnics are…”

“Shit I forgot my guitar,” Kaya stopped suddenly and started for the green room. “Go on ahead I’ll be just a minute!” she called to Ulrick and rushed back behind stage. Her heels clicked against the concrete ground quickly as she moved through the dimly lit tunnel towards her dressing room.

“A minute? I don’t think you are giving me enough time,” his voice growled from behind her echoing against the stray equipment sitting in the hall.

“Rafe? What are you doing back here?” Kaya inhaled sharply taking in his scent. It was hard to avoid and was the main reason he was staying at his place and keeping away from her unless it was something dealing with the band.

Every time the two came close to one another she felt an overwhelming sense of urgency and had to be with him. She knew it was her wolf begging to bond her mate but it was something she couldn’t allow…not yet. Not until she got to the bottom of her memories and Rafe’s recent change in behavior. Slowly she stepped backwards to avoid another uncontrollable urge to be with him and watched as he continued to approach. “I thought we agreed we’d never meet alone like this.”

“Alone? Kaya you’re my Mate; why shouldn’t we be alone together?”

“You know why! And stop coming closer like that please!”

Smiling sinisterly he met each of her steps with one of his own until she was nearing the wall behind her. “I don’t remember agreeing to anything of the sort. I did however get your message. You said you wanted to talk, so let’s talk.”

“I wanted to talk about what you remember if anything but not like this! Please.” Beads of sweat had already begun forming on her brow as she continued to dodge his advance. Being near him was like a constant heat cycle that was too much to handle and he knew it. It was as if he was somehow controlling their lust for one another as crazy as it sounded but he seemed more in control of his desire than she did when he was near.

“You’re not still angry with me over that public kiss are you? We need to bond Mate, you feel it just as much as I do. And if we don’t, how long do you think you can hold up with this act? You can try as hard as you want to and pretend as though you’re not affected but I know the truth,” he sighed and inched closer as she turned her back to him shutting out his words and her emotions. “We’re mated Kaya which means you’re mine and I’m yours and I need you so very bad.”

“Rafe what is that on your neck?” she asked seeing a small glimpse of ink peeking from beneath his collar hoping to change the subject. “You get a new tattoo?”

“That’s nothing to worry about right now. Just know that I’m restless. I can still taste your kiss on my lips,” he smirked and leaned closer pinning her against the wall. “I can still hear your voice screaming my name with every breath I thrust from your lungs the night I made you mine.” His hand rubbed along her stomach tickling the fine hairs covering her belly as he moved up her shirt. He felt a reaction that coaxed him closer until she had nowhere left to run. “I can still smell your scent on my skin; feel your fingers through my hair, your tongue against mine and my wolf only craves for more.” His lips were just inches from hers and he licked them watching her chest heave with every heavy breath she took in. “Tell me you don’t feel it; don’t want it and I’ll go away, Mate.”

Kaya exhaled a ragged breath as he kissed the back of her hand and licked towards her finger tip before sucking it into his lips and swirling his tongue over it. “Rafe…” that name made his head jerk towards her and a wicked smile crossed his lips as he slowly lowered her hand.

He massaged his palm into her hip, tucked her into his chest and whispered, “I’m gonna make you scream my name until your throat is raw, Mate.” Rafe’s finger moved over her lips, tracing the shape of them. Keeping his piercing, steel gray eyes open he slowly closed the distance between them allowing his tongue to slip out and glide across the path his finger moved moments before. Showing care to each individual lip, he folded his tongue back into his mouth watching her closely. 

Kaya opened her mouth, begging to let her taste his tongue. Her body tingled with anticipation and he smiled feeling her shudder beneath his grasp. Her tongue licked over her lips tasting trace of his and he moaned knowing how much she was enjoying it. Kaya moved slightly and Rafe jerked away before her lips made contact with his. A low rumble shot from her throat and he laughed lightly and waved a finger at her showing his disapproval. 

Slowly he moved forward again and pulled her bottom lip between his. His teeth raked over the soft tissue and he bit down harder, growling low as he rubbed his growing arousal against her. His eyes moved from hers to her lips and back again as he thought over his next move. “Kiss me,” he demanded. She sighed and hungrily leaned forward and sucked his lips into hers as he possessed her body. His mouth crushed hers and without thinking about the number of people that could catch them at any moment, he had her shirt off over her head and crumpled on the floor near her feet. 

His tongue licked down the column of her neck towards her chest. “Oh God Rafe,” Kaya moaned as he teased her collarbone with the thick muscle from between his lips. Her hands rubbed up his back encouraging him to give her more. Her fingers slid through the long strands of his silky blonde mane as Rafe lowered her bra just below her nipples and sucked one into his mouth as his hand teased the other.

Hearing her moans become breathier he pulled back on his assault and looked at her. Their tongues collided with each other once more and he pushed deeply into her mouth forcing her tongue to move with his. “Bond with me Kaya,” he growled in her ear and pulled her head back to deepen his kiss.

“I…can’t,” she replied breathlessly enjoying the sinful tingles dancing down her spine. “Not now.”

“When?” They battled, both wanting to feast on the other as their lustful urges fought forward against better judgment in the dim lights of the hallway. She clung to him and her head twisted from right to left adjusting to his movements and deepening their kiss. She moaned and felt his cock jerk against her leg. Ravenously she swayed against him producing a jagged growl from him as he felt her against his aching hard-on. 

Rafe pulled away and glanced down towards her. Her eyes were barely opened, heavy from lust and he teased his lips over hers lightly rubbing their mouths together. “I should go.”

“You…you what?” Kaya asked in surprise as he pulled away.

“When you have an answer for me, you know where to find me.”

**Author's note: Credit to GenoandKiddo for her Stage and Yangthecat for Brooke's home. Thank you Ladies :)**

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  1. WHAT A TEASE! How could he do that to her?! Ok wait let me go back to the beginning...

    CC is too damn funny! I'm with him though, I would press Kaya for details and even ask her to watch! Rafe...mmm Rafe

    I felt so bad for Eli but shocked as hell that he not only told her but showed her. I like Brooke really so I'm glad she understands now but wow! That is a big secret to keep.

    Now, back to what I was saying, Rafe is going to break her down. I see it happening. I would have been a puddle on the floor! I'm loving this more dominant Rafe!

    1. LOL! :)

      CC was serious too! He love his little "Blonde Bomber" and would love all the details. Rafe...I wonder how this new attitude Rafe would respond to the super flirty designer? Hmmm...

      Eli made a VERY bold move and one that not only affects him but ALL wolves! Kaya spun Brooke a story that was somewhat believable because they weren't about to tell her what they really are but Eli's rushing in as a fool in love and this might be bad for them all!

      HAHA she was a puddle! And it quickly put her ass on ice too telling her to let her know when she has an answer! Yeah he is really on that game right now and making her beg for their bond! It'll be interesting to see who wins out!

  2. Oh and Damien, I hope he fails!

    1. He's messing with the pack now...he don't know what he's getting himself into!

  3. Ok so yeah. Damian needs to die!! He is so power hungry that he can't see straight. I hope whatever his plan is it blows up in his face big time.

    I always love the C.C time. :)

    Yay!!! Brooke is alive and whole. She knows the truth about Eli and the band but with the pulse thing I wonder if her saying all was ok was a lie. I somehow don't think she is going to really be able to deal with it all. I just hope she doesn't do or say something that will harm the band. :( Poor Eli I'm still worried for him.

    What's up with Rafe. This new dominant side of him is a little scary. I get he may be the supreme alpha but he keeps calling Ky Mate instead of her name. Like he no longer sees her as a person just an extension of himself. He has to hide the tattoo. Wonder how she will react when she sees it. He can't keep it hidden forever especially with a tour coming up. I see hot shirtless men in the near future. :)

    1. Damian does only care about his future and being the one in control...Alphas are all egotistical creatures aren't they? He doesn't even see that his Mate is not completely into this with him but unfortunately as one goes so does the other.

      HAHA It's great when Kaya can get her some "girl time"!

      Yes :) I thought that would make you happy! Eli didn't give pause to the rise in her pulse when he really should have. Brooke holds a VERY powerful secret about the members of Night Shift that could lead to some major undoing!

      With Rafe we're seeing more and more of that Caleb side push through in his personality. He is regaining not only his memories but his behavior and persona. It's an adjustment phase and pretty scary for Kaya as well. The "Mate" thing is very telling of where his mind is right now. He wants his bond and he wants his mate and he sees nothing but those two things right now. The way he refers to her is exactly as you say!

      Kaya would flip out since that was one of the most memorable parts of the night her mother was killed. He is doing a great job hiding the tat for now but with CC as their designer and his "Blonde Bomber" I'm sure HE sees a lot of shirtless men in the near future as well :P

  4. adfkjalkfdjzslkdjfakjdflkajdflkjdf WHAT!? Don't end it there! AHHHH. >_<

    *Takes a few deep breaths*

    Alright, I'm alright. Not really, how can I be with that ending!? Everything is changing. Rafe's becoming an ass, and not a hot one. I have a bad feeling about Brooke, and her reaction that Eli noticed. I just hope she doesn't decide to side with the hunters.

    Luthie is just become more and more badass though. I just love him. So much.

    *Leaves page while grumbling about leaving us, and Kaya, hanging.*

    1. HAHA Blame Rafe? :( Was SOOO his doing, not mine!


      Rafe is becoming more and more that careless, nonchalant wolf we met in Caleb and it's pretty offsetting and strange for everyone. They don't quite get the change in his behavior as he's hot one minute and cold the next but soon everyone will know.

      Eli really cares for Brooke and may have said something he will regret later. We can only hope she remains true to him and keeps his secret otherwise she won't like where the line ends.

      HAHA Luther isn't one to be trifled with even with a naked wolf stalking after him. Had he wanted to see her he would have gone looking but she comes after him and then insults him? Yeah she had to be put in her place. If these two mated though it would be pretty scary!

      Aww I'm sure Kaya wants her happy ending too!

    2. Yey for hugs! *Returns hug*

      I just reread my comment. xD It's all over the place. Haha, oh well.

      I'll write a better comment. Damian is extremely power hungry. He should slow down and take another look at what he's doing and how it'll effect not only himself but his mate and others. But he's being a major buttface so I doubt he'll take the time to do that before he gets his ass kicked.

      With Brooke I'm feeling very, very wary. I really don't trust her reaction and I fear what she might do, not just to Eli but to the Band and other wolves. It would break Eli's heart even more if they had to punish her for doing something rash. But I'm also glad to see that she made it.

      Rafe really needs to get a hold of himself. While of bit of dominance is very sexy he's just going a bit overboard. I know it isn't his fault but...still. When I first saw him in the corner I actually got shivers.

      Luther really isn't one to be trifled with, I agree. He can get very scary at times, but damn can he pull it off. Oh shit, I just realized how crazy Luther fangirl I sound. Heh, heh.

      Anyway this new and improved comment turned out much longer than I expected but I've been slacking with my replies lately so I had a lot to say.

      Also I really enjoy reading your replies to the comments, it's so fun to get an insight into the story. :)

    3. :D

      Lol it's ok initial reactional emotions are fun haha you should see some of mine!

      You're right he is way too far gone to really care about anyone or anything at this point. Odessa is going with the flow but it's sad that his actions are affecting her in a way that's gone unnoticed! He'll maybe regret his stance when/if he takes his last breath...maybe.

      Yeah Brooke's reaction was very curious! The fact that she found it "interesting" at all was. Eli really should have looked just a little closer in her reaction than he had. He would be crushed if it turned out that she was not the person he thought she was and did something to devastate his kindred. Brooke seems to really care about Eli proven by how quickly she forgave him (especially for something so scary!) Perhaps she won't betray him.

      HAHA Kaya did also...he was lurking and it was pretty creepy. Then she smelled his scent and her wolf started taking over. He is trying to understand what's happening and hopefully he can get a grip on least for Kaya's sake.

      LOL! I think Giselle is actually a fangirl too but hasn't admitted it to herself yet. Why else would someone PURPOSELY stalk a scary ass wolf like that? Maybe he scared her enough with that kill/kiss line but I doubt it...she's spunky!

      It's ok :) I enjoy reading your comments and I appreciate you taking the time to do so!

      Even if the crazy writer responds like she has no clue what the characters are up to? And did I just talk about myself in the 3rd person? I try to remain candid with replies so I like to hear the characters but I can't help but show bias at times. Too often writers get in the habit of wanting only "good" comments and I try to avoid that and encourage all points of view. Plus I kinda like that some of my characters are hated...just makes me like them more!

  5. Damian is one of those 'political' people who you hate, you know is wrong and does not care for a soul but himself and there's nothing anyone can do about it. I hope he is caught, definitely. I wonder if Odessa's thoughts on Kaya are from jealousy or because Kaya had the nerve to speak back at Damian. Maybe Odessa will eventually be Damian's downfall, not that I think he cares for her, but that she will get the upper hand and take advantage of it.

    Luther is explosive and Giselle really better get her overboard self confidence reeled back in. I sort of rather hope that Luther puts her in her place. I don't like either, but I think she is much more twisted and possibly more dangerous than Luther because of her nature.

    I know why Eli told Brooke everything, and I really hope he doesn't come to regret it.

    Cecil is always charming ^_^ (I love Connor!)

    Rafe seems to be definitely changing, a lot. It is very evident and maybe Kaya could pick up on that if she wasn't so overflowing with her need to mate. I hope that the others do see the change and voice this so she hears it while she is out of sight and scent of Rafe. It will be very interesting to see which personality emerges when his transformation (so to say) is complete.

    1. I do like Luther, but don't. heh. He is a real bad guy, while Giselle is, to my view, just a nasty you-know-what.

    2. Yes! Damian has agendas in a position of power and those two things NEVER go well together! While everyone may believe he has their best interests at heart, he is secretly only investing time and effort into activities that benefits himself. Very interesting perspective on Kaya. Odessa shows a bit of discomfort over Damian's plans but goes along because she's his mate. Seeing Kaya, one of few who have ever spoken back to Damian, jump at her husband proved interesting for her. Ha! Now that would be cosmic justice :D he does all the work and she reaps the benefits and takes him down a peg or two in the process!

      Luther has no problem telling people that he hates them or stop himself when he wants them dead. Giselle believing she had anything on him and then going after him was a foolish mistake, one she sees well enough for herself. Luther isn't about to let ANYONE even a potential mate control his actions or speak to him the way they want...he may smile and accept it but that smile is pure evil as we've seen!

      Yes :( his first love well first everything he feels deeply for her and would hate to lose her over something he could control. He should recognize the signs before they get any deeper but hopefully it works out for the both of them...for everyone's sake.

      Lol! Cecil is always good for a laugh and Connor the best big brother ever.

      Rafe's more dominant Caleb persona is scarily reemerging and like you said Kaya's wolf is too blinded by their impending bond for her to notice it. She really needs to try and better focus in his presence but she noted that for some reason he seems to be controlling her lust. He seemed fine and was even able to stop himself but she on the other hand was a steam engine at full tilt. If the others have noticed it, it would be in their best interest to let her know because as we've seen, his other side is dangerous and sometimes uncontrollable but by Kaya.

    3. Lol! Luther the consummate bad boy he is but can't help but enjoy his screen time. But Giselle is every bit as a nasty "you-know-what" that you say. She is plotting to murder her own family for her "justice" and chasing after an Alpha that has proven to enjoy other's pain just as much.

  6. Aw, you put Brooke in my house, I;m so touched. =D
    And I'm so happy to see Eli back with her, they were so cute together. But I'm worried about what Eli sensed was off.
    Luther and Giselle...yeah, they're hot.
    Cecil is hilarious as always.
    And Rafe...he's becoming more Caleb now, isn't he? I don't know Kaya resists him, lol.

    1. Hell yeah! I told you it was the perfect beach bum's home! Wait until Eli gets his bow chicka bow wow on in that bed! :P I had to add some surfing decor but other than that it was just right! Thanks again!

      Eli is over the moon right now having his Brooke home in his arms again. He was freaking out over losing the one person he felt made everything great for him. Had she died he'd have probably lost it! He deserves some happiness but their happiness comes with a price. :D

      HAHA those two are looney toons! Scary, dangerous and in love!

      Rafe is becoming more of his former self which may or may not be a good thing...all depends on his focus. Kaya has nerves of steel to be able to refuse her bond. Like Qui said, I'd have been a puddle too lol

  7. Finally someone I hate worse than know, Luther is a likable asshole, Armand is a forgivable asshole....Damien is just an asshole and I hope he gets caught red handed before he can do much damage to Ky or the greymane pack.

    Hmmmm....Eli bared all, his soul his wolf,everything to Brooke. What made me stop in my tracks was that even though Eli felt that something was wrong with her he was just too happy to pay mind with it, so whats her deal? If she turns out to be an asshole that would be *counting*..too many to count right now=b.

    /sigh doesn't look like Rafe or Ky is getting much of a break right now, I hope the get their ps and qs sorted out soon.

    And I had to laugh at Giselle, although she is a very good match for Luther I think she learned her first real big can only fuck with Luther if he allows it, if not....youd better come ready for a fight.....edenz~

    1. Woot! You hear that Lobo? Shay puts you a little lower on the list than Damian. He'll win you over yet Shay! You just wait my dear :) LOL @ likable asshole! He's just so good at being bad I guess! The idea he wants to tarnish her public image or hurt her publicly shows how much he's lost a grip on reality. He's always maintained that it's best to keep things under wraps but now he wants to humiliate Kaya for the world to see...yeah the other Council Members are going to need to nip that in the bud ASAP!

      HAHAHA Well let's hope Brooke doesn't become an extra asshole to count on because it would not only break Eli's heart but I think everyone who was rooting for her to pull through this as well. People have come to like her and hopes she is a good person because she and Eli are great together. So if she burns him well things are gonna get ugly. MAYBE she flustered because of what she saw and not what he said about the band. She could very well be reacting late to the fact that her boyfriend is some sort of supernatural creature because her first reaction wasn't too shocked.

      These two are seriously jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire constantly. Now with Rafe wanting to bond, he is on a one track mission that will have Kaya's mind even more muddled than it was before! Not good. Hopefully she can maintain her distance but with this upcoming tour, that's not proving likely!

      HAHAHA! That is dead on truth right there! He told her he wasn't the one to play with. He might like her as a play mate or dinner date whatever you want to call their second meeting but that is still not enough to make him stop being himself! He won't ever change and now she knows he will NEVER back down from a challenge! But does this mean she has to one up him?

  8. My computer is overheating and me too, OMG Rafe is nastily hot even if he's cold, a little bit like Luther...I'm sorry Ky but i really appreciate his Caleb side and i think you too if you accept to finish the mating matter.

    Ok, i'm going to stoptalking Ky, i'm gonna now comment the episode !

    Finally, i change my mind about Eli and Brooke. Eli didn't tell her the truth, i have no more trust in Brooke. I think she's gonna reveal the secret and that will be a big benefit for Damian. Brooke doesn't deserve the Eli's love. Poor Eli...:(

    CC, i like him. He's like a fresh breathe. And he is a good advisor and clear-sighted.

    I think Ky have this song in her head :
    "Tease me, tease me, tease me
    Tease me baby, till I lose control
    Tease me with your love until I lose control
    Take all my body and soul, oh guy"


    Great Chapter

    1. Haha Rafe est étant assez méchant dans ses méthodes à coup sûr! Il essaie de la séduire pour faire exactement ce que vous avez dit et terminer leur accouplement. Il a ce tirage au sort à partir de personnalité de Caleb et pense que si elle devait voir le tatouage avant qu'ils ont été accouplés et pris conscience de ce qui lui arrive, elle ne voudra pas le faire. Il n'est pas fair-play et vraiment bien quitté son vouloir!

      Eli est complètement Head Over Heels et a fait quelque chose de stupide à cause de cela. Si Brooke ne aller derrière son dos et révéler au monde ce qu'ils sont dans le monde entier loup va avoir un moment difficile. Mais avoir la haute main sur l'homme, il faut espérer qu'elle considère comme le principal impact de ce genre de chose aurait sur toutes les personnes impliquées en premier!

      Très vrai! Cecil essaie d'être un confident et l'écoute quand Kaya a besoin et il n'est généralement mettre les choses en perspective pour elle à sa façon, la plupart du temps faire son rire :)

      Ha! J'adore ça! C'est tellement juste! Je vous remercie!


      Haha Rafe is being quite wicked in his methods for sure! He's trying to entice her to do just what you said and finish their mating. He has this draw from Caleb's persona and feels that if she were to see the tattoo before they were mated and come to realize what is happening to him she won't want to do it. He is not playing fair though and really left her wanting!

      Eli is completely head over heels and did something foolish because of it. If Brooke does go behind his back and reveal to the world what they are the entire wolf world is going to have a hard time. But having the upper hand on humans, let's hope she considers the major impact that sort of thing would have on everyone involved first!

      Very true! Cecil tries to be a confidant and listening ear when Kaya needs and he does usually put things into perspective for her in his own way, mostly making her laugh :)

      Ha! I love that! It's so fitting! Thank you!

    2. Rafe is implementing a good strategy, he's not so blondie that i thought (sorry for the real blonde, it's a joke, LOL. The end justifies the means.

      Eli is really in love and whith this state, the other Greymane Wolves should have thought Eli'll do something stupid. He is under their responsabilities.

    3. Yes he is! :) He knows what it will take to get her on his side and he needs her to be his completely before his "Caleb" side completely resurfaces.

      Very true! They should have thought about him going off on his own and speaking with Brooke. Kaya tried to take care of it before hand and tell Brooke her version of what happened but Eli was too afraid of losing her to let it stand. Hopefully this won't turn out so bad for them and Greymane can keep their walls from tumbling down!

  9. Wow, Rafe's really changing. Idk he just seems like he's weirdly turning back into Caleb. He was all evilly lurking in the shadows backstage. O_O He's not just changing in appearance but in attitude as well.
    Okay I think Eli made a big mistake, a real BIG mistake telling the truth about them.
    C.C was a joy as always. :D
    I think Giselle is going to be Luther's undoing. That would be ironic.
    Sorry haven't been keeping up on reading these... Just too much going on. Anyways great chapter!

    1. Rafe is really going through a time right now. While his dreams are invading his waking moments and taking over he has obligations to the band and Kaya to also worry about. He is trying to keep a handle on everything but that isn't really going so well for him.

      Eli may have done the wolf world a major disservice revealing himself and the band to Brooke. We just have to wait and see what she does with this information and hope she doesn't use it against them!

      It's ok, you shouldn't worry about that! Life is for the living! :) I'm happy to hear you're keeping busy!

      Thank you!