Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Episode 34: Sick as a Dog

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Rafe, Connor, Lobo, Eli, Brooke, Jessica, Damian, Ted, Caleb, Charlie
Word Count: 3,290
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Brooke goes to Greymane's private medical facility for treatment and anxiously Eli looks on hoping she gets better soon. Greymane receives a visit from WarCouncil member Damian Bloodworth concerning the recent injury of a human. Rafe's dreams become more and more vivid as he relives events from his past.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, adult content, adult situations, nudity

“What’s happening to her?” Eli yelled watching Brooke convulse as she lay on the table behind the glass wall. Kaya was doing all she could to get him to focus on something, anything other than what was going on with his girlfriend. He’d rushed her back to the manor as quickly as he could after he realized the scratch on her leg had become seriously infected within hours of discovering it.

Greymane moved quickly placing Brooke within a sterile room of their private medical facility she was now in and a team of doctors hurried to her side to go to work on her. They were also graced with the appearance of none other than Damian Bloodworth himself. Hearing that a human had been injured by one of Greymane’s put the Councilman in action and he hurried to Willow Reed to check on the progress. Frantically Eli explained to the pack what had taken place and caused the injury she was suffering from. And after a quick assessment of the situation, Lobo got on the phone with other packs to try and find a solution; one everyone was assured would not come. 

And now Eli sat panicked and confused. It was obvious she hadn’t the wolf gene in any capacity, functional or dormant, and now she was suffering through the first stages of a long and painful expiration. “Please! You’ve gotta help her!” Eli cried and pounded his fist once more against the window. Kaya pulled him away and moved him back towards the seats on the other side of the wall. Placing her arm around his shoulder she rubbed him gently to focus his nerves.

She had sat with him since Brooke went into incubation with their pack doctor Jessica and her assistant Ted. But nothing she said or did helped calm the white haired wolf sitting beside her tapping his foot impatiently. “Eli they are doing all they can to help her. You just have to try and relax; Jessica knows what she is doing. She’s been our trusted physician for over three centuries now.”

“How many times has this happened before?” he asked barely glancing over his shoulder towards her. Kaya chewed on her bottom lip and turned her gaze away. Afraid of worrying him more or making him feel worse than he already did she hesitated to answer. In truth this was the first time since she was a child that she’d ever seen something like this occur.

Wolves had very limited contact with humans to try and avoid this particular problem and no one ever dated outside of their kind. Eli was going against the norm by being with Brooke and everyone had cautioned him on the dangers involved with dating someone that wasn’t in the know about lycans. And now here he was sitting in the exact position everyone was hoping to avoid. Kaya shook her head indicating she wasn’t going to answer him and he sighed. “You just have to focus on her getting better. We can pull her through this with the medicines we have available Eli, it just takes time.”

Like a spaced out drug fiend, Eli started pacing once more. Jessica backed away from Brooke’s side and motioned for Kaya. She stepped out of the small room and into the hallway just on the other side of a set of steel doors.

Eli quickly ran behind her but was stopped by Connor. “It’s official business, you can’t go in there.” 

Eli pushed Connor’s hands away and stormed back towards the benches as he once again dropped his head into his hands. “I just…she can’t die, not like this,” he cried.

“So we’ve administered a heavy dose of Houndstooth but we’re not in a surplus of it and she’s already passed through to what I’d label as Stage 2 at this point. Her body isn’t responding to the drugs right now because it is being heavily invaded by the venom. Her leg is in a very precarious state. Her epidermis and dermis have been completely ravaged by the scratch. There is a surrounding infection leading deep into the subcutaneous layer and it is looking, for now, as though we may have to amputate. How old is the patient?”


“I’ve had Ted pull her previous medical records but we haven’t been able to secure them from the hospitals yet. I’m not sure we were looking at the correct one. Was she born here in Willow Reed?”

“No I don’t think she was but Eli should know for sure.”

“Have her parents been contacted?” 

“No, we haven’t called. She was supposed to be with Eli on a weeklong trip to California but it was cut short for obvious reasons. I don’t know her relationship with her family or how often she calls them but I’ll look into it.”

“Ok well we’re going in for a more invasive type of treatment. The lasers in there are set up to try and sear the venom from her blood but what it will basically do is fry her veins and send her body into shock. Now she’s young so it shouldn’t cause her any long term damage if she survives. But there is the possibility that the surgery will kill her by making the venom regenerate faster and overtake her entire immune system.”

“I understand. I know things look rather grim right now but I urge you to do whatever you have to. And Jess, if there is even the slimmest chance she can keep her leg, do it. I don’t care what it takes. Save her life and her limb.”

“Kaya the only way possible is for us to get more Houndstooth and I honestly can’t be positive even that would improve her current condition. She was scratched three days ago. And I don’t know what they were doing in the meantime instead of getting her help, but those hours where she was resting let that venom seep heavy into her bloodstream. And right now all we can do is pray for a miracle.” Jessica turned back towards the room to rejoin Ted as he placed Brooke beneath a large laser.

Kaya moved back to the waiting lounge and noticed Eli again on his feet watching everything take place in the incubator. “Why don’t you take him to get something to eat, Connor. I have a few phone calls to make.”

“I’m not hungry and I don’t want to leave her side.”

“It’s not up for negotiation,” she growled. He turned towards her hearing the reprimand in her voice and knew instantly she was exerting her Beta authority and as a member of Greymane he could do nothing but agree. He started after Connor, his shoulders low and drooping and a frown on his face but gave one last sorrowful glance towards his sick girlfriend. “Wait before you leave, where was Brooke born?”

“Wichita. Her folks have a horse ranch up there.” Kaya thanked and dismissed him and headed up the stairs towards the lobby side of the hospital. Passing the front desk she noticed her father and a man she’d seen just a few times in brief moments enter the main doors of the lobby.

“How is she?” Lobo asked keeping his voice low as he and his daughter moved to a quieter corner.

“It’s touch and go right now. Jessica has gone through our on hand supply of herbs and Brooke hasn’t responded yet. She thinks she’s entering the second stage of infection and fears that it won’t be long before the venom has overrun her system.”

“So her prognosis is grim?”

“Well Jessica said she may have to remove her leg and even then she’s not sure if she’ll survive.”

“Good, that might be best. We can’t risk her surviving this and going off about what happened to any Tom, Dick or Harry that’ll listen.” Instantly her eyes shot towards the man in her father’s company and she took one threatening step forward. “I wouldn’t if I were you,” he sneered.

Lobo took hold of his daughter’s wrist and backed her away before she was able to open her mouth about what was said. “Let me go!” she growled and twisted out of his grip as he closed the doors behind them. “What the hell was that? Who the fuck is he to say Brooke should die!”

“He’s Damian Bloodworth, Kaya.”


“Damian as in the head of the WarCouncil. He’s here on behalf of our kind. His job is to ensure no one breathes a word to the media about us and deal with the issues if it ever does occur. How do you think we’ve been able to stay hidden outside of the hunters Kaya?”

“So what? Because he thinks he knows what’s best he’s allowed to make a decision that will affect Brooke’s life?” the question was said with enough fire Lobo understood she was talking about more than just their current situation. 

He sighed and backed towards the door checking to see where Damian was within the small lobby before turning to her with frustration. “Kaya we aren’t going through this right now. I am here for Eli and the last thing I want to do is discuss…I made a mistake and I’m sorry but that has nothing to do with Brooke right now. Damian has every right to make the decision on behalf of all Lycans; it’s why he was voted into the position he currently holds.”

“Well he never got my vote! And I won’t watch him place a rubber stamp on that girl’s life if he feels she’s beyond risk Armand!” Damian burst through the doors with a scowl on his face and moved directly towards Kaya.

“I don’t recall ever seeing you at a council meeting and you know why? Because your opinion means NOTHING to anyone involved in these matters, you’re a Beta, NOTHING MORE! If it comes down to all of us versus one measly human you’d better decide quickly whose side you’re on. I will NOT see us all burn for the moronic fondling of some stupid little boy too excited to think about the consequences his human has on the rest of us!” His gaze darted over Lobo as he moved closer stepping protectively towards his child.

A wicked smile drew on his lips and he looked between Kaya and the Alpha with disdain. “Your house is in ruins Villalobos and there’s no wonder why considering you can’t even keep a muzzle on your own bitch whelp! Both parties in question will be dealt with accordingly! This human and her wolf lover are the Council’s responsibilities now.”

With unwavering passion, Kaya stepped again towards the Council’s head dog and looked him straight in the eyes ensuring she held his attention. “Listen to me closely because I won’t repeat myself. Go near Brooke or threaten Eli again and you’ll see just how big a bitch I can be.” She pushed by him slamming the metal doors in her wake and started back towards the downstairs emergency room. 

Pacing a few times in the lobby in front of both Eli and Connor she worked on calming herself before entering inside. She grabbed her phone from her pocket and quickly dialed up Parkridge and waited. “Kaya!” Roman greeted her with a smile in his voice. “How are things?

“Complicated. I’m sorry I didn’t call sooner just for chat but…”

It’s ok Ky, I know things can get busy. I haven’t called you either so I won’t hold it against you.” He laughed and she felt herself become a little less stressed with his voice in her ear.

“Yeah but you’re also not calling with a favor as I am.” She blew a breath slowly over her lips and leaned back against the wall waiting on him to speak again.

What do you need?

“Are you able to get your hands on a decent amount of Houndstooth?”

Of course; our seer has a pretty hefty supply on hand in cases of emergency.” He paused on that word and she could hear the wheels turning in his head. “What’s wrong? Something happen?

“Yeah. One of my subordinates scratched a human he’s dating. It looks really bad and we’ve blown through our supply and…”

Even what your seer holds? How bad is this?

“I actually haven’t asked our seer I’m sort of not on speaking terms with her right now.” She pinched the bridge of her nose hoping she wouldn’t have to explain the reasons behind it but Roman’s silence meant he was not going to let her off that easy. “I learned she with the help of my father used a magic spell of some kind on me and took my memories as a child. I just got them back and learned some things that I haven’t yet been able to process completely.”

Oh wow Ky. I’m sorry to hear that. Did you want to talk about it?” he asked comfortingly hearing the melancholy in her voice.

“Actually I’m just trying to forget about it for now and focus on more important things. So if you can?”

Yes, of course. I’ll have someone here run it to you as quickly as possible. I know this is probably not something you were maybe thinking about but has the Council spoken to you about this? There can be a pretty heavy punishment doled out in these types of situations; death comes to mind.

“Actually they have. Damian is with my father now.”

Damian Bloodworth? They sent their top guns for this? That’s…curious. Normally he lets the others dispense with the dirty work.

“Ah well I think he saved a nice helping of his endearing charm specifically for Armand and his ‘bitch whelp’.”

Ky tell me you did NOT go head-to-head with this guy.

“No, not really. I told him that I won’t let him ‘deal with’ my wolves but I think I was fairly kind about it.”

Roman laughed loudly unable to reply to that. He’d seen her “kindness.” up close and personal. “Kaya my Dear, you may have just made an enemy for life.

“Well I’ll just add that to the stack with the others.”

Rafe tossed and turned in his bed desperately trying to coax his wolf to sleep. He was tired, restless and had been in pain all afternoon. He wasn’t sure when the aspirin stopped working but the fact that the new bottle he’d just bought was now emptied told him he’d better just learn to deal with the migraines and weird dreams he’d been having recently.

Afraid of what they meant but assured it was just a mindfuck from Luther’s torture he kept his mouth shut about them when he was around Kaya or the band. Besides he didn’t think anyone else would care to hear about the crazed tattooed wolf running around his head right now. Whoever the man was he was dead set on ruining any semblance of rest Rafe was after given that every time he closed his eyes, he was there.

Shadowvale – Saturday, August 20, 1785 

“You’re not seriously contemplating going in there now are you?” Charlie asked pacing the small area in Caleb’s study. He peered out of the balcony doors and sighed watching the others prepare for battle.

“Of course I am. How else do you think this pack will become what it was meant to? You’re future Beta of a nonexistent pack! Do you want to keep being the ‘soon-to-be’ or do you want that power now?”

“But you’ve seen those reports Angie has sent back to us! There are over four dozen wolves in that manor alone! Who knows how many more the Alpha could summon before we get what we’re going for.”

“Come on man! Have you lost your nerve? You like the fight just as much as I do. You know how great it’ll feel once we become what our wolves want; have what we crave? It’s like a never ending opium dream and it all starts with her.”

“Well let’s just hope she’s worth it. I think we’re going to lose a great many lives tonight for nothing otherwise.”

“They fight for the thrill of it as any other wild wolf does. I haven’t forced anyone into anything they didn’t want to do.” 

Caleb moved towards the fire with Charlie right behind him. Poking it a few times he watched as the flames burned higher and dropped to the floor in front of it. “They all know the risks and are ready to make it rain blood but they also know we move with a purpose! The idea of it all is just exhilarating!”

“Yeah I sort of picked up on that when you shook me from slumber. I’d first thought the place was on fire or something. I anticipate a lot of resistance with her father. I don’t think he wants you anywhere near his daughter; then again no father of logical thinking would,” Charlie smiled at Caleb’s soured expression.

“I saw her though. And even now I can feel her as if we were linked at birth. Maybe you’ll understand when you meet your mate but there’s this undeniable connection; a yearning to have her. You’ve seen the visions as I have Charlie; she’s my destiny and I won’t live without her.”

Willow Reed - Present

“KAYA!” Rafe awakened with a start, his heart was pounding furiously in his chest and his breathing was ragged. He allowed his eyes to dart back and forth across the darkened room to gain a sense of where he was before pulling his legs to the side of the bed. Sweat poured from his forehead as he sat up analyzing what he had seen. Another dream had pulled him from slumber and he again questioned if this was in fact real.

It was all too vivid to be a dream. He could smell Kaya’s scent on the little girl standing in front of the tattooed man that was plaguing him. Her eyes were that of the woman he has fallen in love with and the smile on her face...it was his mate as a little girl he was sure of it.

Rafe rubbed his hand through his hair and thought over the time he and Kaya explored the depths of Greymane discovering hidden chambers and documents. Have I seen a picture of her as a little girl? How else would I have been able to dream of her otherwise? Maybe the whole thing isn’t imagined as I think. “Maybe I owe Luther an ass kicking.” He pulled himself from the damp, crumpled mess of his sweat soaked sheets and started for his bathroom.

Splashing a handful of cold water on his face he stared at himself in the mirror. Bags had begun to form beneath his eyes from lack of sleep and he looked about ready to pass out. He saw the eyes of his mate once more and blinked hard to get the image of her mother dying at the feet of that wolf out of his head. She was swimming in a pool of her own blood and her death felt as personal as an act he’d committed with his own two hands. “Get a fucking grip man.”

He turned off the faucet and with one last look at himself started back towards the bedroom. Moving away from the mirror his eyes caught on something on his shoulder and he flicked on the light to examine it closer. Tracing his hand over the ink stain that had seemingly appeared out of nowhere, his eyes opened wider as the awareness of what he was looking at became evident. “No.”

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  1. wow ok not cool we still don't know if Brooke will make it or not. :( I feel bad for poor Eli. This is a terrible situation and the guilt is killing him. He has suffered so much and now she may die because of him. That is some heavy stuff to deal with.

    Damian is an ass!!!!! He is out for blood looking for a reason to get Lobo and Greymane out of the way because they have Rafe. Only he has no clue what Rafe/Caleb will do to protect his mate. He is a sneaky slimy politician and I can't wait for him to meet his end.

    Holy crap he as the dragon tat!!! Caleb is coming back and Rafe has no clue what to do or how to handle it. How will he explain that to Ky? No going shirtless around her I guess.

    1. But you did get an update about her illness at least...to a degree :) Eli is really going through it right now. The waiting, the constant worrying about whether or not she'll make it. The fact that he caused her to be in this position is really weighing heavy on him and it will hurt him more to know he killed her.

      Damian has an agenda for sure and he will do whatever he can to push it. As Lobo stated he has to ensure all wolves are taken care of which means this thing with Eli needed his immediate attention. Kaya getting in his face may not have been the right move but I'm sure she got her point across!

      LOL! Yes. As he relived the events of that night he felt as if the tattooed wolf was someone he knew; never had he imagined it was actually him. Though Kaya told him he killed her mother he wasn't sure what that meant and they haven't spoken about that night as both are still trying to process what they are going through individually.

      You're right about that though, he won't want to be shirtless around her...but with the upcoming concert, he may not have a choice with Cecil as their designer >:)

  2. Oh wow! That's just crazy how he dreamed of his former self and the incident that has scarred Kaya then the tatt shows up! Sexy ass tatt but crazy as hell!

    Mr. Bloodworth makes me want to come through the screen! He's so damn careless and I'm proud of Kaya for putting him in his place! Eli has been through too much as it is! He can't be responsible for another death! Poor guy I really feel for him! I hope Brooke is ok and thank all things holy for Roman!

    sexy self...

    1. That tat confirmed for him that everything he saw and felt and thought was real actually was. Now he has no idea what he'll do about it. Now he knows that he is indeed the one that hurt Kaya the way she is now and that won't be a fun place for him.

      Damian's only ever really cared for himself; he's a great actor. He's been placed in the most responsible position of all of the lycan community and no one has ever questioned his motives as he seemingly has everyone's interests at heart. But he is really out for himself!

      Eli is too fragile to go through something like this, he just found his smile again! Now to lose her because of his eagerness and inexperience...he'd probably never recover from that!

      It was incredible sweet of Roman to come to Greymane's rescue. Let's just hope it's not too little too late!

  3. That dream sequence was fantastic... wow, awesome!
    Kaya won't be able to forget things when she sees the marks on Rafe.

    If Damian's motives are his personal agenda, then I certainly hope he is stopped and found out and he suffers the punishment of death. I can understand the fear of being discovered, but if he is doing this just to show someone up, he's rotten to the core.

    1. Thank you :)

      You're right! And Rafe will do all he can in the meantime to keep it concealed until he can figure out what's happening to him. Kaya never mentioned the tattoo to him but he's sure that if she saw the same thing he just witnessed, she knows all too well about the wolf with the dragon tattoo (that made me giggle).

      Damian is playing a very dangerous game and it'll take a lot of work on his part if he hopes to remain beneath the radar for very long. The way he is going about things now, using the seers, it's only a matter of time before something slips up and someone learns what he is up to. Hopefully that all happens before he gets what he's after otherwise...all bets are off.

  4. Wow! I love the way the ink shows up on Rafe after the dream of Caleb. Awesome.
    Poor Eli, I really hope Brooke will pull, through. =(

    1. The idea that he is the man from his dreams really scares him. The fact that the tattoo showed up to prove it frightens him even more!

      Brooke needs to make for Eli's fragile mind. He'd probably lose it if he lost someone else that meant that much to him! :(

  5. poor Brooke, i hope whatever they can give her helps.

    There are more asshole wolves than i'd have thought..Damien seems to be king right now, Ky shoulda kicked him in his nuts and walked over his head with her high heels when she walked over him./nod.

    Oh crap, a new tat...ok , her's my confusion, what made Rafe lose his memory anyways and why is Caleb coming back? Will be interesting to find out~...edenz~

    1. They will definitely do all they can to help her pull through this!

      LOL King Asshole? He should feel privileged in that case lol! He certainly does take the title though! Ready to kill an innocent girl he doesn't even know and a terrific wolf in Greymane just to make himself feel as though his job is done. He definitely is a major asshole! HAHAHA had she done that Damian would have surely made their lives a living hell...then again I think he's gearing up to do that anyway so yeah! She should have gave him a hard knee to the crotch!

      Ah! And that's where the story gets interesting! As we remember the very beginning we came in watching Rafe run through the woods with no memory of where he came from or how we got there :D don't worry about the confusion, it's all been set up like that for a purpose! But Caleb's return is because of two possible reasons:

      1: He finally got his true mate in Kaya and has been released from his cage.

      2: The electroshock he suffered at the hands of Luther awakened his true beast and he's ready to be himself again.

      Either way they are all in for a fun ride...Luther especially :D

  6. I'm not really sure what to say...o-o

    While Eli isn't my favorite of the Greymane wolves it's still hard to see him so torn up about Brooke. I truly hope she pulls through if only for his sake. Although even if she did pull through there would be a lot for her to think about as well as Damien to worry about.

    *grumble grumble* You win this round, Roman. *grumble grumble*

    What? I didn't hear anything. xD

    Rafeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepoo you really need to talk things over with Kaya and explain what you're going through. It might possibly help. Kind of. Maybe. That tattoo appearing was spooktastic. Oh my goodness, will we be seeing him become half Caleb in looks? *drools until the room becomes a lake at the thought* That would be amazing. Or a duel personality? That would also be amazing.

    Also, don't you dare touch my naughty Luther, Daij. >_<

    1. It would mean a lot of trouble if she did survive and wasn't ok with what has happened to her. They would have to worry about whether or not she would reveal to everyone what they are and expose wolves to the world. It's a scary position for everyone!

      Haha Roman gets props :P

      Hahaha Rafe and Caleb are gonna have to share a body but in the end I think Kaya's mate will do what's best for her. The tattoo was a major indicator for Rafe and he too was freaked out by it. But yes, Rafe is getting a makeover Caleb style coming soon :)

      O.o But it's not me! It was Rafe! Rafe said it! He wants revenge on Luther not me! I swear!

  7. I am caught up now so I will just comment here.
    First of all, I just want to put out that in no way shape or form that I approve of what Caleb did and how he was. With that being said, damn he was hot!
    Ahem, with that being said, I can't believe how he killed Kaya's mom like it was nothing. Who does that? What a monster! And I thought Luther was despicable. Now I know why Luther barely gave any fight when they rescued Rafe. This apparently is all going along according to his plan!
    Now the memories are finally coming back to Rafe and he IS turning back into Caleb! Omg. O_O It totally explains how he was acting a couple of chapters ago. He was really acting like a weird, overly possessive ass to Kaya. This is not the Rafe everyone has grown to love. I wonder if he can fight back the "Old" him from completely breaking through. :(

    Poor Eli. Finally got some cookies after 23 long years and he may have killed her. Poor guy. I was wondering since Connor sleeps around so much, is Connor sleeping with humans as well or is there that many she-wolves running around? There was a point when Eli was thinking back to the pointers Conner was giving him. Seeing how experienced Connor is, it seems he might have warned him? Idk, I just hope she pulls through.

    Bane needs to just go away or meet some true silver or something already. He deserved every thing he got! To think I used to think he was hot in a bad ass way. Pfft! He's lookin real crusty right now especially after that beat down Rafe gave him. Rofl.

    1. LOL Caleb distracting you for a moment with his looks? :)

      Caleb does make Luther look sweet. He has no concern for many things or people unless it directly involves his pack or himself or mate. Luther has no idea what he has done awakening the real beast within Rafe. He never knew what really lied beneath he was just hoping to make his wild wolf want to play...well now he'll get what he's asked for!

      Rafe's behavior changing like that was a little strange to Kaya and Connor noticed the weirdness in the way he was looking at him. They both felt something was off and now it is very clear to Rafe himself why he was seeing Caleb every time he closed his eyes.

      Yes, Connor sleeps with a lot of the bands groupies but he does use care when he's with them. Everyone had advised Eli to use caution and he had up until the night he couldn't hold control over himself with Brooke being the one in control that night. Right now he's really hurting and kicking himself for being that careless knowing that he caused her condition.

      LOL Bane is almost nearing a point of no return! The fact that he is using a rival pack's Alpha to hurt someone in his current pack is a treachery that's very unforgiveable. He has no idea what he's in for but he'll learn soon enough when his deeds are brought to light!

  8. First of all i would like to thank you for your stories, specially after midnight, you are so talented !

    I never comment because my english isn't fluent.

    Let's get back to the story.

    I hope Brooke'll survive, like that she could kick the a... to Eli for not telling her he was a wolf.

    I'm sorry for Rafe and i hope Kaya could forgive his Caled side because i don't think Rafe could forgive himself.
    But i'm really looking forward to seeing Caleb personality.

    1. Thank you very much for that! I really appreciate you taking the time to read them!

      Eli has a loyalty to his kindred and they cannot expose their secret to a human without some repercussions though after this, I'm pretty sure it's time for a confession! And like you said, she's not going to like what she hears!

      Kaya and Rafe are in a bad place right now. And though Rafe is trying to come to terms with what's happening he knows if Kaya learned about this things will only get worse. She has a lot of pain to work through in order to forgive Rafe but she's mated to him and will have to try and get past this.

      Caleb should be fun :D

      Thank you for reading!

    2. I understand why Eli didn't tell Brooke who he is but he took the risk and now he has to assume that, including the Brooke fury's.
      I'm in pain for Kaya, she has to fix up so many problems (Rafe, Lobo, Eli).
      Honestly, she should be the Alpha to the Greymane pack.

    3. I'm sorry i'm trying to learn how i use blogspot. That's why my picture is not the same, but i'm clarisse Simmer.

    4. Yep! Brooke has every right to come down on Eli also. Now there's just wonder about what she will do once she learns the truth!

      Kaya does resolve a lot of issues in her Beta position in the pack you're right! Just imagine how much more there would be if she was the Alpha :)

    5. I understand Clarisse :) if you need help with anything just let me know!

  9. I had finished catching up on edenz story, Sinte Esmeralda, was looking for another good story to read and found this one in her links. I'll be honest, I have not gone to the very beginning, I'm fixing to do that now. I started with flashback of Kaya and Bane, and what a flashback it was! As evil as he may be, Luther has got to be my favorite. Maybe it's his bad boy rep, he's shown that he can show kindness , especially if he's in the mood, that along with his rough exterior just makes him yummy.
    I have really felt for Kaya so far, she's been betrayed by her father and her aunt,lied to, set up and kidnapped. And then there is Rafe. I am undecided about him. He looks to have a very bad past that's catching up to him fast.
    Connor is also one of my favorites, he is a sweetie. Heading to the beginning to see what I've missed and can not wait to see what is still to come.

    1. Sinte is one of my favorite stories as well. I appreciate you giving my story a chance. Haha the flashback with Kaya and Bane had quite an interesting and explosive conclusion between those two for sure. He was bold enough to test her and Kaya got suckered into that. But he did help her situation quite a bit :)

      Luther is a very devious man! Yes he does have a small hint of "kindness" within him but he mostly will only show it if it benefits him directly lol. He is ruthless and I think watching his antics is pretty fun. And trust me I know that wicked badboy nature is VERY alluring /romanticsigh.

      Kaya has had quite a bit of ups and downs and the fun has only just begun for her sadly. Rafe's past is cluttered with mystery, danger and intrigue and it'll be interesting to see how he deals with it and how Kaya does as his ghosts come out to play. Connor is a great friend and will be just what she needs as the story unfolds.

      Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoy the other episodes just as much :)