Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Episode 33: In The Blood

Genre: Horror
Characters: Eli, Brooke
Word Count: 6,214
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Eli and Brooke head out to California for a Pro Surf competition. While there Eli learns more about himself and takes the next step with Brooke in their relationship. Unfortunately things get a little wilder in bed than he'd hoped for and Brooke gets cut. Now he's desperate to get her treatment before his wolf venom gets too deep in her blood and she dies a very painful death!
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, nudity, adult situations

“I got the tickets!” Eli announced merrily as Brooke opened the front door of her apartment. He waved them around like the prize of some long sought treasure and the grin that spread across his lips caused Brooke to return one in kind. “Are you packed?”

“Yep! I have my overnight bag, boards and dental floss.” Eli laughed at her enthusiasm, took her by the hand and led her to the lime green Jeep Commander he’d convinced the band to buy for him. He was truly a spoiled wolf but after everything he’d gone through, everyone found it hard to deny him a small piece of happiness. Besides his demands weren’t unreasonable and it was only money that they could very easily replace with the next CD sale anyway. “Nice ride,” she smiled and slipped into the passenger seat.

“Thanks. I may owe the band a decade’s worth of surfing lessons for free but by the year 2022 this bad boy is all mine!” he smirked and slid her boards onto the top rack ensuring the bungee cords snapped tight against them securing them in place. Gripping the wheel firmly in his hands he smiled at his car trip buddy and bobbed the head on the surfer dashboard bobble. “Off we go!”

They drove for over forty-five minutes after merging into traffic heading towards Huntington Beach. Eli continuously stole glances in Brooke’s direction and watched her bounce happily in her seat. She pointed out major sights along their route discussing various odd facts about them and every now and again she convinced him to pull off to the side of the road so they could take pictures near road signs. Soon the conversation turned to his family and where he came from again and he shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “I like what you did with your hair,” Eli changed the subject. “It looks really nice on you.”

“Yeah I thought I should try and get some of it out of my face but then I went in to the shop and saw this magazine and this girl had these amazing braids and I wanted something similar but added my own flavor to it. I think the color really came out nice too.”

“Yeah you look very ready for Easter!”

“Oh ha-ha! Tell me I don’t look cute I dare you!”

“Oh no I didn’t say that I think you look hot. I-I-I mean I…uh r-r-really love your s-s-style...and…”

“Well thank you Eli!” she pecked his cheek and a huge grin crossed his face. He could hear his heart beating harder in his chest and slowed his breathing to let his body catch up.

He was amazed at how a single touch from this girl could light a fire within him that he never thought possible. He was crushing hardcore but he allowed himself the freedom to fall just hoping Connor’s advice about taking it slow was the right move. Brooke had suggested she wanted “more” on several occasions they were out but he wasn’t quite ready to venture there yet.

It had been a month since meeting her and he enjoyed every moment he got to spend alone with her. The gloss of the band quickly faded which was great for him because he got to know the real Brooke Williams. She was a grade A student from Wichita, Kansas. Grew up on a small ranch near her grandparents and worked a horse breeding facility with her mother and father since she could learn to talk. Her interests were always riding hard and fast but she learned quickly horses could only do so much. On a class trip to Raging Waters in San Dimas, California, she got exposed to the surf and sun and never looked back. “You ever try competitions like the one we’re going to?” she asked as he pulled into the parking lot of the Shorebreak hotel.

“Nah; I always wanted to but there’s no way I’m as good as the guys that win those things. I’d get knocked out on the time trials first session!” She grabbed her bag and board and followed as Eli balanced his under his arm and started for the stairs.

“Wow! This is actually a really nice room!” Dropping her bag beside the bed closest to the bathroom she dove head first into the mountain of pillows at the top and started swimming in the silk and satin.

“That surprises you? You know I can pull out a nice little something, something every now and again.” He grinned to himself as he thought about Connor and his help locating a great room at a reasonable price.  Though this room was a huge upgrade from the one he was looking at. At $504.19 a night for their seven day stay, he was surely in debt for life with Night Shift. He had become very dependent on Greymane taking care of him but he started working little odd jobs for them in order to earn his keep. He felt bad but they never made him feel as though he was ever a burden. He became their roadie and enjoyed helping them set up for gigs and shows around town. He was even more anxious knowing that soon he’d be on tour across the country and had even mapped out some interesting shops to hit along the route.

“Two beds? Are you trying to tell me something Mr. Frazier?”

“Uh…no? I-I-I just thought you’d rather n-n-not have to um…I s-s-sleep wild. I’d hate for you to wake up with my toes up your nose or something.”

“Cute! Was that a surf pun?”

He shrugged and smiled at her. “I uh made sure we got a room with a view.” 

Following his directional to the bay doors, Brooke moved quickly towards the white curtains and unlocked them. Her slender frame peered over the railing down to the secluded terrace overlooking the courtyard that led out towards the beach. Even at this hour there were people scurrying along the waves as they broke on the beach, playing in the water and running through the sand. The wind brushed through the curtains behind her and a slight breeze swept the smell of fresh ocean water through the air. She inhaled enjoying the soothing fragrance of her second home and smiled. “You’re right this is amazing! You gotta come look E!” she yelled over her shoulder and leaned more over the banister to take in the entire terrain.

The polished wood floor creaked as Eli walked over, taking in a deep breath as he absently scratched his hand through his hair. He smiled seeing her sunbathed skin, eyes closed enjoying the last rays of light as they danced along her face enhancing her beauty and making her almost glow. “Yes, it is very amazing.” She looked towards him, her big hazel eyes sparkling like diamonds and grinned. “And there’s something in the room that might interest you.”

Brooke bounded into the room, pausing only a moment before jumping back onto the massive bed.  She turned to gaze at Eli with her huge saucer-like eyes, narrowing them playfully and replacing her glowing smile with a diabolical grin. “So what is it that you wanted to show me?” Her eyes traced down his body stopping very noticeably on his pants and she inched closer to the edge of the bed reaching for him.

“Uh I…it’s uh oh,” he stuttered and moved towards his suitcase. Pulling a box from the side pocket he turned towards her and chewed his bottom lip as her eyes caught a glimpse of the item before he stuck it behind his back. “So um, uh Brooke I don’t really uh know you know if you like um uh jewelry really but I thought that you know i-i-if someone y-y-you kind of maybe liked uh gave you uh…well I saw something and it uh reminded me of s-s-something you said and...it’s um kind of uh I-I wanted to get something that uh that you…we um I…you’re really special to me and I…”

“May I have the box Eli?” Brooke smirked listening to him fight with his words. He was really very cute when he stumbled like that; so sweet and innocent unlike the other guys that only wanted one thing from her. Eli was much different. In fact any time she even mentioned sex he blushed and tried to change the subject. She enjoyed playing that game with him.

“Y-y-yeah of course,” he handed her the navy blue velvet box and paced nervously as she opened it.

“Oh wow E! It’s awesome! Thank you!” Slipping the light blue shamrock around her neck she jumped into his arms and kissed him.

“You really think so?” He fell onto the bed but quickly stood again as he felt himself again react to her touch.

“Of course I do E! It’s perfect!” Brooke giggled and tossed a knowing smile towards his bed. “Mmm, interesting. Would you like some company?” she purred as her hands weaved through a tendril of her soft, colorful locks.

All color drained from Eli’s face as he struggled to protest. As much as he wanted to he didn’t think he was quite ready yet…though his pants had a different belief. “I...I don’t think that’s appropriate.”

“No? Why not?”

He swallowed hard and glanced down at his hands. Brooke’s eyes followed and quickly noticed the bulge he was trying very hard to keep hidden. “Why Eli Frazier!? Are you hiding more presents for me?”

“No, no, no, no, I…uh…I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s ok Eli; we all have urges and I know you want me. You try so hard to pretend as though you don’t but you really don’t have to I am your girlfriend.”

“Yeah but I’m uh…I’ve um…I never…”

“You’re a virgin Eli, I know,” she giggled as his face flushed and his eyes dropped away from hers. With her fingers cradling his chin she moved his gaze back towards her and smiled. “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about Eli. I think it’s great you’ve waited this long before carelessly throwing your goods to every chick that’s come along. More men should have your kind of willpower.”

Yeah, willpower, Eli thought as he fumbled with this fingers hoping she didn’t ask why he’s never been with a girl before. It was already awkward enough for him; he didn’t need the added embarrassment or pressure about how many girlfriends he’s had or why he’s never even touched a fully naked girl before. Brooke took his hands into hers to stop him from unraveling the shirt he was playing with. “If you want I can show you what I like and we can take it from there.”

She moved towards Eli, straddling him as she pushed him into the bed. “Relax ok? Just let your mind go blank and let your body submit to the pleasure.” His hard cock pressed against the denim of his jeans and strained as he felt the warmth between her legs right on top of him. He wanted her so bad he thought he’d burst.

Her tongue moved expertly around his as she sucked his lips into her mouth moaning as he circled his hands around her back kissing her deeply and for the first time he felt the metal object against his tongue. “What’s that?” he asked pulling back briefly to look at her.

“Just my tongue ring. I got it last weekend; I wanted it to be a surprise. So…surprise!” She giggled and devoured his lips once more. Her fingers slipped beneath his shirt and in an instant she had it off over his head. “Tell me what you want me to do.”

Eli was in a state of shock. His mind wasn’t operating as it should and he couldn’t believe he heard what he thought he did. But his fear of asking her to repeat and make himself look like a bigger fool won out over giving an answer to a question he believed was right. “Uh…I um…,” he swallowed hard and smiled nervously when her eyes met his. “Would you s-s-suck me?”

And with that she was on her knees on the floor in front of him. “Stand up,” she ordered so she could remove his pants. He quickly obliged lifting his hips and wriggling out of his jeans and boxers. He bumped against the nightstand knocking over the lamp and watched it fall to the floor beside her leg.

“S-s-sorry,” he grinned sheepishly as she helped him out of his boxers.

His cock sprang freely from the cotton briefs he wore and Brooke’s eyes widened in lust and surprise. “Whoa I was not expecting that!”

“What? Is s-s-something wrong?” his hand instinctively moved over his manhood covering himself and praying for the nightmare to end. He knew he shouldn’t tug so hard while masturbating. What if I stretched it into a weird shape? Should I have shaved? Do girls like shaved guys? Do I have a pimple? I bet she’s had bigger! Were among the many thoughts running through his mind as he waited for her to answer him.

“No nothing it’s just…you’re huge!”

“I…what?” He looked down at her smile and smiled in return. Listening at her heartbeat as she repeated her answer he discovered she was telling the truth and that alone made him relax just a tiny bit more but his body refused to release the tension and the way she looked at him only made it worse. His breath caught in his throat as her warm hand wrapped around his stiff cock. He swallowed frantically to clear the lump that had formed in his throat as he watched her move her mouth slowly towards his pubic bone. “Oooh Jesus,” Eli moaned as Brooke lowered herself onto his awaiting shaft. She took nearly his entire length in her first gulp causing his dick to jerk and convulse as unimagined pleasure ran through it. The ball of her tongue ring slid over his veiny skin and he was amazed at how incredible it felt. The jewel seemed to massage his dick in time with the movements of her tongue increasing the stimulation of his cock and balls.

She smiled wickedly at him and hummed along his cock watching his mouth drop open and his head roll animatedly over his shoulders. His hand reached down and clutched at her head as she bobbed like a pro along his hard-on taking him all the way down her throat, pulling off and letting him pop out of her mouth before repeating the action. “Mmm, fuck my mouth Eli,” she choked between sucks. The sound of her voice and the words she spoke was too much to take. His eyes popped open and he glanced down at her in shock as he tried to warn her about what was going to happen. He had no idea what her preference was for this kind of thing but was pleasantly surprised as she smiled knowingly and moved her mouth faster pumping his dick in one hand and kneading his balls with the other.

His heel kicked the nightstand that held his weight and he couldn’t voice the intense sensation ripping through his loins as he finally came shooting spurt after spurt into her beautiful mouth. Grunts and gasps like a wounded animal strangled out of his throat as he continued unloading his sperm against her tongue. 

Finally after what seemed like hours his balls were drained and his knees became water as he collapsed onto the bed. “Fuck! That was incredible!” The tip of his toes kicked the lamp and he finally saved it from the floor beneath him.

Brooke laughed as she made her way towards the bathroom. He heard her gargling a little as the water ran in the sink. Moments later she reappeared with her shirt, pants and undergarments completely removed. He groaned seeing her move towards him allowing her breasts to swing freely as she swayed gracefully to the bed. “I hope you got your rest because now it’s my turn surfer boy.” 

Nodding his head like a hypnotized fool he watched her crawl towards the head of his bed and spread her legs for him. She motioned him close with a crooked finger and he slid between her thighs awaiting her commands like an obedient hound. Eli took in the sight of her naked body and wiped at his mouth feeling that for certain he must have been drooling, Brooke was a knockout! Her size 36C tits sat proudly on her chest with her hard pink nipples centered perfectly on those gorgeous round globes of flesh. He licked his lips desiring a taste, surely she’d let him suck on them if even for a moment.

His eyes continued their exploration of the delicious meal lying against his pillows and she watched him examine her hungrily. Her whole mound was completely shaved clean of hair displaying the best view of the satin soft folds between her legs and she was wet. He could smell her heavenly scent from where he sat beckoning him forward and he craved to dip his tongue into her. “You have really nice t-t-t…I mean you’re uh…,” he swallowed hard and her smile grew wider.

“You can play with them if you want Eli. There’s no part of my body that is off limits to you.”

“Y-y-yeah? Uh…really? O-o-ok.”

Brooke giggled and leaned forward blocking his view of her pussy and sucked his mouth into hers. “The way you’re using your tongue like that,” she licked across his lips and sighed. “Pretend as though you’re giving me one long, wet kiss on my other lips.” She pecked him between words and heard his breathy response. “Think you can do that?” Eli nodded and she once again rested her back to the wall.

He crawled between her legs and looked up at her as he wrapped his hands around her thighs pulling her hips forward. Hesitating a little unsure of whether or not he’d be any good at it and she again reassured him. She was the one that taught him how to kiss worth a damn and if she likes that then maybe he could learn how to pleasure her elsewhere orally too. Slowly his tongue traced a path around the outer part of her pouting pussy lips. Brooke moaned giving him courage to move closer.

Thinking about what Connor said about a woman’s pleasure spots Eli used his fingers and pulled gently back on the hood exposing her tiny pink clit. He flicked it with his tongue and her moaning got deeper. Inching her just a little closer Eli sucked her clit between his lips and Brooke shrieked in pleasure, “YES! Yes like that Eli!” Victory, he thought and closed his mouth over the nub. He licked and sucked in rhythm with her swaying hips. Her hands tangled into his mane and she nearly pulled his hair out by the roots every time he sucked her clit. He released his little prisoner for a moment and returned to licking around her pussy.

Her heady scent filled his nose making his dick even harder as he thought about how it would feel against his shaft. Making his tongue into a point, Eli pushed inside her clenching hole and rubbed his thumb over her clit as he fucked her with his tongue. “Oh, oh, oh! Yes, yes, yes! That feels good, that feels sooo good E…faster, faster yes.” He moved at top speed feeling her pulse rising, he knew she must be on the verge of cumming and he wanted to be able to give her that pleasure. He moved his mouth back to her clit and sucked harder, running his tongue over it rapidly he felt her convulse beneath him. She screamed a string of obscenities and rubbed her wet body over his face. He lapped up her dripping sex flattening his tongue against her clit as the grip she had on his hair tightened. His dick jerked and he felt his balls tighten and fill. Knowing he had just made her cum with his mouth was a remarkable feeling. She had already shown him so much he could only imagine how the actual act of sex would feel.

“Wow that was…how was that? Was that ok?” He got his answer in the form of another kiss before Brooke sank dreamily into the pillows.

“Mmm that was…wow. How long is your fucking tongue?” she croaked and looked at him. “I’ve never felt any guy use his tongue on me like that before!” Eli looked away and smirked. He may have cheated a little using a wolf trait but it was nothing he could explain to Brooke. She couldn’t know anything about the existence of his kind and he couldn’t betray his pack or his kindred telling her anything about himself that pertained to wolves. Besides; it was pretty off-the-wall bizarre, there’s no way she would believe him anyway.

“S-s-so uh are we gonna uh…” Brooke giggled again and reached for her overnight bag. Pulling a condom from the zipper pocket she tossed it towards him and watched his eyes light up. She came prepared but so had he. Connor gave him several different brands and types of condoms and each of them he said had a different purpose. Some ensured longevity by numbing the tip of his cock. Some ensured Brooke would have numerous orgasms before he got off. Some ensured a kill ratio of his sperm to 99.9%. And some were flavored for blowjob purposes…they wouldn’t need those! He ripped the plastic wrapper open with his teeth and slid the rubber down to the base of his dick. 

Taking a breath he crawled again between those hot, heavenly thighs of hers and lowered his body. He closed his eyes momentarily and gripped his cock between his fingers. Chewing on his bottom lip, desperately he poked at her hip, thigh and anus before stumbling towards the warmth of her pussy. God how embarrassing; his eyes opened to find Brooke watching him. A gentle smile was on her lips as he slid inside of her. A ragged groan rolled from his throat as he sank deep into the folds of her warmth. Virgin no more, he thought and began pumping slowly against her frame.

His body moved awkwardly and Brooke frowned as she tried guiding his hips with her own. “Eli relax, take a breath,” she coached. “You’re poking me like your bones are fused together and have no give. You don’t want to stab at it in a humping motion like some stray dog in heat. It should be more intimate.” 

He leaned back and looked at her in humiliation. He knew he wouldn’t be any good at this and it’s not like he had years of preparation for this moment. Fuck if he could only remember everything Connor said. Don’t be too eager, don’t go too fast, don’t knead her tits like raw dough. He started to say something but she thrust herself forward allowing his dick to push hard into her velvety folds and instead groaned in pleasure.

She smiled at him and wrapped her arms over his back. “Grind your hips; move them in a rocking motion like…like a slow dance. Move with your partner up and down, in and out; roll with me. Mmm, yeah, like that Baby. Oh that feels good.” She locked her leg over his and thrust her hips into him again. “Now if you want to go faster, gradually increase your speed. Take no more than I can give you; be gentle until you know what your partner can handle.” 

He inhaled and exhaled slowly taking every word of her advice to heart. Slowly he built up his speed, pushing himself faster between her thighs. She hissed in a breath of air and her head fell back into the pillows. He moved quicker every time he felt her body heat up. No longer moving like a limp log; Eli barreled full speed into her pussy plunging deeper every time his hips moved out of her. She screamed his name and it made him go harder continuing the same degree of thrusting. He smiled when she lost it; her moans were coming quicker and his were getting deeper. Her nails raked over his back and he winced in pain. Watching her eyes roll into the back of her head he felt her body shudder and a sudden warmth flooded against his thigh; she was cumming again and he was the reason behind it. He kept pushing until her moans got softer and watched her face run a gauntlet of emotions. “Brooke?” he called once she started coming down and waited for her to look at him. “Will you ride me?”

She nodded and removed her legs from around his hips. Rolling Eli to his back she lowered herself down onto his cock until she felt him reach her hilt. “Mmm,” she moaned and swayed her hips against him. Moving at the tempo they’d set for themselves, Brooke began giving Eli the same treatment he’d shown her body just moments earlier.

“Oh man that feels awesome!” Eli groaned as she rocked harder into his lap. His back arched as his entire dick was swallowed up into her tight pussy. It was the most incredible feeling he’d ever had and his eyes fought to remain opened and focused on her.

Giggling a little, she smiled down at him and placed her hands on his chest for balance. Kissing his lips lightly she looked at him; watching him as he lost himself to the pleasures of his body allowing her to guide them both to their finish. “Oh fuck you’re a fast learner!” She moaned and leaned forward to get the maximum length of his dick into her pussy. Eli groaned as the new position and movements made his balls start really pumping, and he knew that he wouldn’t be able to last much longer with her rubbing her pussy so hard on him like that.

He moved his hands completely against her body as she moved on top of him. His tongue rolled over his lips tasting the residue of her sweetness as the smell once again filled his nose. Brooke had successfully taken over every inch of him with her warmth, softness and wetness and he didn’t want it to end. As she increased the pace on his dick, he felt that familiar tingling in his balls and realized he’d cum again very soon. He tried to hold out; he wanted her to cum one last time before he did but every muscle in his body was betraying him.  Regretfully against everything he wanted, he started to cum. “Oohhh Brooke!” His dick jerked and pulsed wildly as he shot his load into the first pussy he’d ever had. The rubber stuck to his skin with every spurt that hit the tip and he groaned frantically and thrust himself up at her until again his sac had drained. Sighing in pleasure he looked up at her apologetically as she slid her body off of his. “I’m s-s-sorry.”

“For what? For giving me the most unbelievable pleasure ever?”


She laughed and swat at his arm. Gripping the condom at the base she slid it off and heard him gasp as his cock felt the cool air of their hotel room. “Be right back.” He heard the toilet flush and the sink water running again before a smiling Brooke rejoined him with a warm washcloth she used to wipe his dick clean. “There.” She dropped the rag to the floor and snuggled her body into his shoulder. Eli wrapped his arm around her and smiled to himself. “Penny for your thought.”

“Hmm I’d much rather have a quarter to bounce off your ass.” She glanced up at him and he laughed. “Sorry. It was nothing though; just this. I’m 23 years old and just lost my virginity.”

“That makes me feel special; being the one to pop your cherry. I mean I remember my first time and it was whack to say the least. I hope yours was better.”

“Mine was more than I could ever have imagined.” His finger rubbed absently over her shoulder as she lifted her leg higher over his body. “What’s that?” Eli asked noticing a fresh, small cut on her thigh. He dabbed at the spot of blood that had dripped from the wound and frowned. “Did I do that?”

“Yeah but it’s ok. You were just a little too eager,” she giggled and buried her head into his shoulder. “It’s all good; that was some great sex. I can’t believe it was your first time.”

“Yeah well…I had a great coach,” he laughed nervously and glanced again at the tiny incision on her leg. Brooke began dozing off and very soon he followed.

The next morning he was up and dressed sitting next to the door as her eyes slowly rolled open. “Good morning,” he smiled and presented her with breakfast in bed. “Eggs, toast, bacon, fruit, orange juice and coffee.”

“Wow Eli what did I do to deserve this?”

“If you have to ask maybe you need a reminder,” he grinned and then blushed as she glanced seductively towards him.

“Don’t tell me I’ve created a monster!”

Nervously he rubbed an open palm across his neck and took a seat on the edge of her bed while she ate. “Uh the uh c-c-competition starts at noon but I figured you know we could head down to the beach and get in some waves before the pros got here.”

“Mmm sounds like a plan,” Brooke sighed as she stuffed another slice of bacon into her cheek, bit into the toast and swallowed them down with a large gulp of orange juice.


“Starving! I feel like I could eat a fucking horse right now E.” Finishing her breakfast Brooke started for the bathroom to get dressed while Eli took care of her tray. He stopped suddenly sniffing a pungent metallic smell and glanced at the bed. 

Noticing a spot of blood where Brooke was just sitting he assumed she was on her monthly and ignored it. He just joined the world of the non-virgins; he wasn’t ready to talk to a woman about what goes on with her body every twenty or so days. He grabbed their boards and her beach bag, “I’ll meet you at the Jeep,” he called and started for the door to avoid her embarrassment at the minor stain she’d left in his bed.

“Alright I’ll see you in a few!”

They got down to the beach and Eli stood on the shore and watched Brooke run down to the water. With board in hand she entered the water and flipped it beneath her feet. The crest of a wave broke beneath her board and she rode it to the very edge of another. Eli clapped enthusiastically for her as she switched directions on the surf and hopped another wave just as it formed. This one she let carry her to the shore and Eli’s awaiting arms. “That was great!” he laughed when she shook her hair off like a wet dog pelting him with beads of water before diving into his chest.

“Now let’s see what you can do!”

“Alright but stand back, this could get messy.” She dropped into the sand as Eli took to the water. Instantly he was on his board as a new wave started at his back. The moment the upsurge swelled beneath his board, he pressed his feet into the nose and tipped to a perfect pose and waved at Brooke. She cheered and watched the undulation of the water beneath her boyfriend’s feet. Eli rode the wave like a pro allowing it to sway him in various directions before ending his ride with a headstand tuck backflip.

Bringing his eyes to Brooke again he noticed a group of guys move towards her and one stop just at her towel. “Hey you were amazing out there.” He heard him say. The tone in his voice was light and flirty and immediately he became defensive. Eli watched as the man knelt closer to her and his eyes ran the entire length of her body. A surge of anger raged from the bowels of his belly and he hopped from his board to the shore and started for them. 

Eli stuck his board into the sand and stopped just at the foot of the towel. Arrogantly the man smiled in his direction before returning his stare back to Brooke. “So are you gonna be busy tonight after the show?”

Brooke stood and wrapped an arm around Eli’s noticing the scowl on his face. She rubbed her hand down to the tips of his fingers and laced hers between his. “I am in fact.” She kissed Eli’s cheek and the man stood and moved closer.

“Please. Are you honestly choosing this boy over me?”

Eli glanced quickly at Brooke then back towards the ballsy swimmer. Unconsciously he was growling; the sound was too low to be heard by the humans standing near but his wolf wasn’t giving up. The man again made a snide remark, something about Brooke and her apparent “easiness” and that was all it took. The rumbling grew to a powerful crescendo and Eli leaped onto the man, tackling him away from Brooke. Eli’s knee hit the man hard in the gut knocking all the wind out of him.

When he leaned back, his fist met the man’s jaw and they both hurdled to the ground with Eli mounting the man rocketing him with one powerful blow after another. Ferociously he pounded his fists into the man’s face and chest beating him bloody until two of his friends were finally able to pull him off. They dragged their near unconscious friend towards the parking lot and Eli sat stunned by his actions and the small amount of blood that had dripped to the sand where the man lay.

“E?” Brooke lowered herself beside him and he immediately buried his face in her neck as her arms wrapped around his shoulders. “I’ve never had a guy stand up for me like that before. To say it was shocking would be an understatement especially since you don’t seem like the jealous type.” She giggled and he pulled back to look at her. A smile had formed on her lips that brought one from his as well and she kissed him and placed her body into his lap. 

“Yeah well you’re my girl and I wasn’t about to let that asshole talk shit about you like that.”

“Mmm I think I like this side of you Eli! It is definitely nice to know you can handle your own if you need to. Plus that was sexy as fuck!”


“Hell yes! You beat the shit out of that guy for me! Do you have any idea how powerful an aphrodisiac that is?” She swayed back and forth on top of him until he got the idea. She got to her feet and pulled him up from the sand. “We have like two hours to kill you know?”

“Gee think that’ll be enough?” He laughed and locked her fingers with his. With one quick jerk he had her body flushed against his chest and her lips in his mouth. “Mmm,” he moaned at the way she fought his tongue with her own. She was definitely a mood enhancer and if she didn’t know how great she was for his personality, he’d gladly spend the rest of the night showing her. He pulled back and stopped abruptly as his hand reached for her cheek. “Hey are you ok? Your nose is bleeding.”

She dabbed at the spot and pulled back two bloody fingers. “I don’t know I…” Brooke wobbled on her legs and started falling backwards. Eli quickly scooped her into his arms as she passed out and slumped into his body. 

“Brooke? Brooke? Brooke wake up!” He inhaled her scent and noticed something off with her immediately. Scanning her body once more his eyes took in the small cut he’d accidentally nicked into her thigh last night. It had swollen and was throbbing. A large scab had formed just at the top and it seemed to have grown in size and shape overnight. “Oh shit!” Worry instantly hit him and he tried thinking back to what he knew about humans that had fallen victim to a wolf’s bite. If they had the gene then they would become kindred but as rare as that was he suspected Brooke fell into the other end of the spectrum.

Her breathing became shallow and beads of perspiration had formed all over her chest and forehead. She was quickly becoming fevered. If a human was attacked by a wolf and did not have the gene, a bite, a scratch or even the tiniest of cuts could mean trouble. If they were not destined for this life and a wolf’s venom was somehow injected into their bloodstream, they were guaranteed a slow and painful death.

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  1. OH SHIT!!! He scratched her and wow so now she is either going to die or shift. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't let her die and don't let her be pissed about being turned. :( Oh this is bad either way. If she dies, Eli will hate himself and if she hates him for not telling her and then accidentally changing her he will hate himself.

    Damn it DJ stop with the cliffhangers!!!!!

    Aww that was sweet how she coached him through his first time. They are so cute together. Now he has to call big brother Connor so he can tell him what happened. :( Maybe Lexi or someone can fix this.

    Oh and I loved how he kicked that man's ass!!! Standing up for his girl, that was very sexy.

    1. This is a pretty bad situation for all involved. The scratch to someone that doesn't have the wolf gene though is death :( she won't turn if she doesn't have the blood. Brooke is in for the shock of her life, that's for sure! Hopefully she won't hate him after all is said and done.

      Cliffhanger? I see no cliffs! Just green pastures and blue skies :D

      Brooke was being extremely kind towards him. She really loves his shy boy personality though so it wasn't a stretch for her at all. Eli is nothing like the men she's dated before and that is the biggest turn on for her. Lexi is currently on the outs with the pack. They don't want her around for obvious reasons I can't see them running to her for help now.

      HAHA! Definitely had Brooke swooning there as well!

  2. Crap. I hope Brooke's okay, this is an amazing blog you have here!

    1. Thank you! I think if I don't look my doors on the next Brooke chapter I'll be murdered as no one wants to see her hurt! Thanks for reading :)

  3. Aw Eli losing his virginity was both incredibly sweet and incredibly sexy. He was definitely a fast learner.

    I just hope that Brooke will be alright and take the change as easily as she can instead of...no I'm not even going to say it. She has to be fine, she has to. She's good for Eli.

    And I agree with Jazen! Cliffhangers kill us all.

    1. Brooke was very happy to find that out as well too! He was really listening to what she wanted and what her body needed and did a great job delivering!

      She's great for Eli for sure! It would kill him as well if he lost her right now. After everything they just had this is crushing him inside!

      Sorry lol! She was yelling at me about the cliffhanger from one of my other stories too :P I don't mean to do it! It just happens! Ok that was a lie :( sorry!

  4. I was drooling thinking about how cute Eli is and how well Brooke handled all that then Boom! She can't die! She just can't! Eli has been through so much already and to lost this girl that has been wonderful to him is going to be a major setback and hurt him deeply!

    I hope by some chance she has the gene!

    Eli fighting was hot! Had to throw that in there as well as, way to go Red! My baby schooled him! :D

    1. LOL! You're crushing on the white head too! But he is being tutored by the red one so it makes sense :P Brooke is in a very perilous situation! She will need all the help she can get to pull through this one. You're right though this would be a major setback for him.

      She's showing signs of not having it and that is why Eli panicked...he's hoping what he knows is not the be-all-end-all.

      LOL! Brooke was ready to jump his bones for that as well haha!

  5. If Brooke dies Eli will have nothing left! He's still new to not being imprisoned and I don't think he wanted his girlfriend (who is very sweet and kind and understood he was a virgin and wasn't a whore about it) to be murdered... His first time and he killed someone/changed them into a wolf? Not something to want to remember. And, now he HAS to tell her about wolfs and HAS to keep her under control! This is just major trouble for Eli!

    Connor, Connor, Connor! Of course he was the one who told Eli how to have sex. When ISN'T Connor having sex? He'll sleep with anything with a pulse that has female body parts; especially breasts. Tsk tsk..

    Eli finally got an episode all to himself.. And it was full of surprises! Nice one, surfer boy! :D

    1. That's sad and very true! He's finally made a connection with someone and to see it coming to this type of conclusion is really heartbreaking for him. She is very good for him and guided him through everything as sweetly as possible and that really helped his esteem!

      Very good point! Now that this has happened she will have to become in the "know" about wolves now and that is a reality that affects ALL of them!

      LOL! Connor is the one to go to for those matters and he was great about what to tell Eli as well. Even though he sleeps around he knows what it takes to make one woman happy and advised his new brother to be careful how he treats her if he really cared!

      Yes! He deserved one too :) We need to see more backgrounds and I kind of got a bit sidetracked but we'll get more background episodes again soon so we'll know more about everyone!

  6. I at first thought that the bleeding was internal since Eli noticed it where Brooke had been sitting. If there is both internal and the scratch, that can't be good. Wolf men should be more cautious about their manicure. If she dies from the scratch, I can't imagine what the guilt will do to poor Eli. Great pictures, liked them very much.

    1. Eli thought it was something to do with her menstrual cycle as well but now he's pretty certain she's experiencing the dilemma because of what he accidentally did to her during sex. Usually they are much more cautious around humans but poor Eli got a little too excited :( He'll really punish himself over what's happening!

      Thank you :D

  7. Aw, Brooke and Eli are so cute. I hope she's okay!

    1. She is very good for him this is really hurting him knowing what he's done to his first love, first girlfriend and well...first :)

  8. I too hope she survives. I really liked this chapter, it reminded me of my first time... LOL, who would have guessed... Thanks for writing!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad it was relatable! Like Brooke my first time was "whack" too! LOL so Eli had a great teacher :)

  9. Nooooooo!! Eli and Brooke are so cute, she can't have something wrong!

    Sheesh, poor Eli, poor Brooke!...edenz~

    1. They are a very sweet couple. Seeing her hurt is really something he probably won't be able to handle...especially after the time they spent together!