Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Episode 31: Throw Her a Bone

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Luther, Connor, Ulrick, Lobo, Rafe, Kaelani, Caleb, Charlie, Lexi
Word Count: 5,945
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Lobo, Connor and Ulrick rush to Kaya and Rafe's aide to save them from the hands of Luther. After securing Rafe from the torture room, the group heads back to the manor. Rafe warns Kaya he can't be sure of himself around her any longer and needs time to adjust. Lobo informs Kaya that she can get her memories back and takes her to see Lexi. While there Kaya sees visions of her past and the reason Lobo tried to keep her from Rafe.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, nudity, adult situations

He stepped onto a patch of grass near the back of Gideon territory and immediately his fur became singed. Yelping in pain, Lobo jumped back from the property line and glared angrily towards the large, foreboding manor sitting atop the hill some 50 yards away. “Alpha!” Connor moved towards him and checked to make sure he was ok.

I’m fine!” he growled and took a confident step forward.

Let Connor and I go. Armand, you don’t have to do this. The Council will condemn you if you do.”

THEN LET THEM! I will not stand by and watch my daughter fall victim to that son of a bitch again!” Biting down hard enough to saw through his tongue, Lobo hopped with all fours across the boundary lines again and charged forward. Snarling viciously, he barreled full speed ahead until he caught wind of Kaya’s scent. Turning quickly he jetted towards a door just near the south exit and entered inside; Connor and Ulrick were right on his tail.

Still in form, the trio made their way through the underground tunnels of Gideon place taking turn after turn following Kaya’s scent. Lobo stopped suddenly as he saw the tail of his little girl sticking out from behind a corner wall. He emitted a low cry causing her to turn his way. Her eyes lit up as he came towards her and he licked her paternally as he checked for any injuries. “Daddy I’m fine will you stop that?” She snorted and stepped away from him like a child avoiding a mother’s bath. “You on the other hand.” She noticed the singed patches of fur along his back and legs and moved closer again.

Don’t worry about me Kaya, where is Rafe?

I don’t know. I lost his scent when I got down here and I’ve been trailing his emotions. It’s really faint because…” She paused before mentioning the bond she’d yet to complete but Lobo understood and nodded. “Luther stopped the torture shortly after I arrived so I haven’t been able to sense him.

Get behind Connor, Babygirl. We’ll find him don’t worry.” Once Kaya moved towards the back of the pack, Lobo led the three wolves through the series of dimly lit hallways until finally coming to rest near a door marked as disposal. He sniffed and found Rafe’s scent. Kaya gasped and started towards it but her father’s growl stopped her cold.

Again taking charge, Lobo entered the room and waited for his eyes to adjust before motioning the rest to follow. “Stick close to me Kaya and please don’t go running off. There’s no telling what dangers lurk around the corner.

Kaya nodded and glanced quickly at her father. She noticed steam still rising off of his fur and realized he must still be receiving electrical surges from his presence on Luther’s territory. “Daddy…?

Stay focused Kaya.

Rounding another corner, the quartet found themselves face-to-face with a bloodied and beaten body. “RAFE!” Kaya lunged forward and into the cell with him. She shifted back and pulled to her feet as she quickly undid the binds that held him up. He collapsed forward into her arms and Connor hurried closer to help her rest him on the ground. “Rafe, Baby wake up,” she cried as she clutched him against her chest.

“We need to move,” Lobo snarled and motioned for Rick to check the door they entered. Connor scooped Rafe into his arms and they all started for the hall just as all the lights came on around them.

A slow golfclap resounded behind them and they all froze. “Bravo Armand! I didn’t think you had it in you,” Luther smirked and stepped closer towards Rafe’s prone body in Connor’s arms. He jerked him back before the Alpha could reach out and touch him causing a threatening roar to rumble from Luther’s throat.

Lobo jerked forward in front of his pack. Squaring his shoulders he prepared himself for Luther’s attack but to his surprise, he only stepped back and motioned for their exit towards the hall. Lobo checked the path and signaled for them to hurry out as he kept the Alpha in his sights. He didn’t know what exactly the man’s plan was at this point but he was not about to turn his back to him either. Once they reached the surface, Ulrick and Lobo shifted once more as Connor rushed Rafe to the edge with Kaya by his side the entire way.

They got him back to the manor and into the infirmary. Ulrick quickly took to aiding him and mending the wounds covering his upper chest and extremities. Kaya stuck close to his bedside but ensured to not impede on Ulrick’s care as he moved frantically over the unconscious wolf pouring Dogroot copiously over his injuries. “Well hey there sleepyhead!” Kaya smiled as Rafe’s eyes fluttered open once Rick finished bandaging his torso.

“What? Kaya!” he jumped from the table and wrapped her in his arms wincing as he realized he was injured. Slowly he pulled away and she moved back from the table as he adjusted to settle the aches numbing his muscles. “How did I get here?”

“Connor carried you,” she smiled and nodded towards her best friend.

“And you could stand to lose a few pounds there Hemi. I think I pulled something carrying your big ass across the territories.”

He laughed and thanked him before his eyes locked on Lobo’s lurking in the doorway. He hopped down from the table as Luther’s words replayed in his mind and he started thinking about the possibilities of growing angry around Kaya and harming her. “I should get back home.”

“What? No! Why? That’s where they grabbed you in the first place!”

“I need to go Kaya. It’s not safe for me to stick around here, with you,” his hand slowly caressed over her cheek and she instinctively leaned into him as he tipped forward for a kiss.

“Don’t go,” she whispered as he pulled away.

“I have to; I don’t belong here.”

“Are you crazy? You’re part of the pack now. This is just as much your home as it is mine!”

He stepped around her and towards Lobo. Stepping around him they both nodded in silent agreement and he started for the front door. “Rafe wait!”

“Kaya let him go,” Lobo spoke as he held her back from following.

“Daddy are you serious? After everything we talked about? And look at what happened while he was away from the safety of the pack!”

“Kaya what happened to Rafe was unfortunate and I’m sorry but didn’t you see the look in his eyes? He is changing more and more into his wilder side and I fear what that means for anyone stupid enough to get in his way. I won’t let that person be you. Regardless of your mating he can and will still hurt you!”

“He’s right Ky,” Rafe sighed and took another step back. “I can’t be near you it’s what Luther wants. I don’t want to hurt you but I don’t know if I can stop myself if I shifted on you. Please just give us time; I need to find my off switch again.” Without another word he was gone.

Kaya stood in shock and disbelief as she watched him disappear into the night. Tears welled up in her eyes and Lobo tried to comfort her. She pulled away before he could and rushed up to her room, slamming the door behind her. Lobo went after her; hesitant at first he knocked gently on her door and waited for her to allow him entry. “Babygirl?”

“What do you want?” she asked without turning around.

“I just wanted to see where your head was. I know you’ve learned a lot tonight and…”

“What do you want from me? You’ve run my mate off again and now he doesn’t even want me around. Have you come to see what else you could take away? Mister Hops still makes me smile; perhaps you can rip the cotton from his floppy, fluffy belly.”

He heard the tears in her voice and moved tentatively closer. “Believe it or not Kaya I want you to be happy and if that means being with Rafe then…”

“You’ll let us bond?” excitement laced her words but was quickly extinguished as her father shook his head negatively. “Then what?”

“I won’t stand in your way when you want to see him IF and ONLY IF he isn’t on the verge of uh…”

“Hulking out,” Kaya finished his sentence.

“Yeah that. I can’t, as much as you want it, let him bond you. Tomorrow we’ll go and see Lexi and you can see firsthand why that is, deal?” She nodded yes agreeing to what little she could get from her father; her Alpha. He kissed her forehead, wiped a stray tear from her eye and moved towards the door. “I love you Babygirl. Try and get some sleep; I’ll see you in the morning.”

He started for the door and Kaya ran for him before he could get out of the room. Her arms clung tightly to his chest and she spoke muffled against his back. “I’m glad you weren’t seriously hurt tonight,” she sighed. “As angry as I am with you right now you’re still my father and I don’t want to lose you.” He ran his hand over the back of her fist. A smile crept up over his lips but he never turned to face her as she pulled away and moved back towards her bed. “Goodnight,” she tossed over her shoulder and climbed into bed.

“Sweet dreams Angel.” He turned off the light and headed for the East Wing.

Enjoying the warmth of the bright morning sun she made her way down the track following vigorously in the path Lobo blazed ahead of her. The trees swayed gently in the light breeze overhead and she’d periodically lift her muzzle into the wind inhaling the medley of fragrances swirling around her. She remembered moments like these when he wasn’t so brooding; wasn’t so locked up inside of the East Wing and had moments to enjoy being a wolf. It took her back to their escapes to the cove and days spent running over the sandy shores of her favorite place as a child. They were nearing the witches’ den and she could feel their powerful brood magic encasing the area in a shell that prevented outside forces from entering. 

Lobo stopped just before the end of the trail and howled. Lexi wasn’t expecting the company but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t know they were there. He waited for the shield to drop so he could lead Kaya inside. Once they entered the darker end of the forest, the magic shell was immediately summoned back in place. Shifting, Lobo grabbed his change of clothes from the pack he’d carried with him and tossed it towards Kaya to do the same. “Lexi?” he called as he moved into the living room of her home.

When she wasn’t at the coven’s lair, she liked to tend to her gardens here in her private home; it’s where she felt truly at peace with nature. He saw her entering the back end of the fence and smiled. Realizing he hadn’t informed Kaya about how deep his relationship ran with her Aunt, he turned to her quickly in order to explain before Lexi met them. “Uh Kaya there’s something else you should know about Lexi and I.”

“If this has anything to do with the reason her scent is usually all over you when you come home, you can save it. I’ve had my suspicions about that for a while now.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

She shrugged and watched Lexi enter the back porch. “I figured you wanted it to remain private and I wasn’t going to force the issue. Besides you seemed happy every time you came back from a visit I didn’t want to rain on your parade.”

“You never cease to amaze me,” his smile brightened towards his daughter and he started to pull her in for a hug when Lexi announced her presence.

“Well then if it isn’t my two favorite people in the world! Kaya sweetheart it’s been a little while, it’s nice seeing you again! How’s the band?”

She glanced at her father then back towards Lexi who had settled onto the sofa near Lobo. “Can we forget the small talk please? I’m sure you know why we’re here.”

“I do and is that any kind of way to treat your Aunt?”

“Is this any way for you to treat your niece? Wiping my memories and forcing me to live a lie ever since I was born?” 

“Kaya there’s more to everything than you really think you know. And I’m sure Armand has tried to explain everything but are you certain you want to get those memories back?”

“Yes I’m sure! Do you have any idea how precious those memories of Mom are to me?!” Kaya stood stunned as she listened to her Aunt’s heart skipping in rhythm from the lies she was trying to keep covered. “Why? How could you? I thought you were my friend!”

“I am your friend Kaya but I had a duty to my sister and I would not see everything she worked so hard to build for you destroyed because of the animal that took her life!” She pulled up from the couch and began pouring herself a cup of tea as if the conversation was an average, everyday circumstance.

Kaya moved forward, her wolf pushing through as her claws extended and the blue in her eyes burned away. Steady beams of yellow glowered down furiously at the witch in front of her and she took one step back in fear as Kaya forced her against the wall. “Give me what belongs to me,” she growled keeping a tight lid on the anger bubbling within her.

“A-Armand?” she called nervously for help as her niece pressed against her with every intention of harming her had she not received what she wanted.

He shrugged his shoulders and made no efforts to quell his daughter. “I told you this would happen Lex. I’m sorry but I’m with Kaya on this. She deserves to know everything. Give her what she’s asked for.”

“NOW!” Kaya struck the wall behind her and Lexi jumped, nodded her head and slinked towards her magic room with Kaya and Lobo in tow.

She moved behind her spellbook and searched quickly for the right enchantment. After pouring a generous amount of Hawthorne oil, Gingko and Sage into a small pot beside her working area, she motioned for Kaya to step into the center of the pentagram on the floor. “I don’t know what good this will do but since you already know about Rafe and have mated maybe you’ll see something that will help you control him better. Though at this point, I’m not sure that’s no longer an option.”

“What does that mean?”

Lexi’s eyes rolled to the back of her head and she began chanting:

“Moments lost and time unsure
a Witch’s calls for recollection procure
explore the space in her memory banks
restore what’s lost and fill in the blanks.”

Kaya began levitating and swirls of white light circled around her. “Uh…Daddy?”

“It’s ok Sweetheart, this is normal.” The room began filling with dark smoke and shaking. Large jars of herbs and various odds and ends fell from the shelves and crashed to the floor below. “But this isn’t. Lex what’s happening?”

“I’m doing as you said; I’m giving her everything she’s lost. Considering she was a child at the time it’s going to have a bit of a kick!”

Willow Reed – Saturday, August 20, 1785

“Mmm,” Kaelani moaned as Armand moved skillfully on top of her. Her entire body tingled from the passionate love he was making to her and she could swear every time he thrust within her she could see the face of God. “I love you,” she whispered as his face buried in the crook of her neck while he drowned her in kisses.

“You’re only saying that because you don’t want me to stop,” he teased as he slid effortlessly against her. Beads of sweat glistened on his back under the beams of moonlight that scanned through the blinds. Their sounds of desire mixed together and Kaelani wrapped herself around Lobo as he continued slowly and lovingly filling her completely.

“Armand wait,” Kaelani sighed and looked towards the door. “We have eyes on us.”

Turning in the direction she was peering he smiled at the little girl standing at their bedroom door. A light brown bear was tucked into her arms and a confused expression was on her face. “So? She can watch us create her brother or sister. I know she’s always wanted a playmate anyway.” 

“Armand!” Kaelani giggled swatting his arm as he pulled his body off of hers. She reached for the silk wrap on the floor and slid it over her head as Lobo pulled into his shorts. 

“Come here Babygirl.” Lobo motioned to her and a smile appeared on her face as she rushed for her parents’ bed. “Why aren’t you sleeping Little One?” he asked pulling her between him and his wife. “Did you have a nightmare?”

“No Beary Bear did and he won’t go back to sleep!”

“He did?!” Kaelani asked gripping the bear and nursing him with hugs and kisses. “And what did Beary Bear dream?”

“He said there are bad men outside and he saw them hurt Angie!”

“Aww Babygirl, Angie’s fine I’m sure. Beary Bear just has an overactive imagination.” Armand sniffed the air noticing a highly potent scent of copper and looked closer at the gown Kaya was wearing. “Kaya you’re bleeding! Where are you hurt Babygirl?” he pulled her closer so he could get a better look at her clothing. Her feet and the bottom of her gown were soaking in the crimson fluid.

“No Daddy, it was coming out of Angie! The bad men cut her and she wouldn’t wake up again!”

“Oh my God Armand it is Angie’s!” Kaelani gasped taking in the scent of the blood.

“Where is she Kaya? Where’s Angie?”

“She was in my room. She was talking to the bad man and he kissed her then made her fall down.”

Screams pulled his attention from the little girl in his bed and it was then he realized the nightmare was reality Greymane had been breached!  “Kae get the women and children and get out of here!”

“What about you?” she asked watching him get dressed and then quickly followed suit.

“I have to help my men. We’ll hold them off for as long as we can.” He pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply and motioned to Kaya. “Keep her safe Kae…don’t let him take her!”

“DADDY NO! There are lots of monsters out there!” Kaya cried watching her father rush for the door. He moved back towards her and with a hug and kiss assured her he would be alright.

Kaelani pulled off Kaya’s gown and placed another on her to try and hide the scent of the injured and possibly dead wolf before dropping into the trap door with the other ladies and children. They rushed towards the stables and hid a safe distance from the house. The thunder rolled across the sky shaking the horses from their resting states as the sounds of the nearby vicious animals echoed all around them. Hooves trampled dry earth as they all scattered in various directions freeing themselves of their reins to get away from the clatter and screams emanating from the house nearby. “Claire! Take Kaya, I have to get to Armand!”

“Wait Luna, you can’t! Alpha instructed we stay here!”

“I cannot leave him in there to fight this alone. Take care of my Nelly Belly and I’ll be back shortly I promise.”

“Mommy, wait! You didn’t kiss Beary Bear! You always have to kiss Beary Bear before you can go!” Kaya pouted and waited for Kaelani to give her customary farewell to her and her stuffed bear.

“Be a good girl for Claire alright? And no matter what you hear stay away from the house, promise?”

“I promise!” Kaya smiled and waved eagerly at her mother as she ran towards the back of the manor. Still too young she had no idea the fate that awaited her Mom once she entered inside.

“Armand? Armand answer me where are you?” Connecting to her mate telepathically, Kaelani followed his mix of emotions until she was standing face to face with a large black wolf. He howled at her, his mouth salivating for a taste of the Luna’s blood.

The wolf lunged for her! Kaelani fell to the ground and threw her arm over her head waiting for the impact. Realizing the wolf hadn’t tackled her, she turned to find a man standing above her wearing only his pants and a slick smile as he slowly approached. He had stopped the wolf from attacking her but soon his true intentions would be revealed. “Tell the others to keep searching, this one has my Mate’s scent; we’re getting closer!”

He knelt down to peer into Kaelani’s eyes. Pulling her closer he caught a good whiff of Kaya rolling off of her skin and clothing and his smile grew deeper. “So you’re the Alpha’s bitch! Tell me, Luna, where is my Mate?”

“Do what you want to me but I will NEVER tell you!”

“Mmm you know, I didn’t need an open invitation but it never hurts.” He raised a hand overhead and quickly brought it down slicing across her neck. Kaelani backed away; gurgling blood, unable to scream. She crawled towards the stairwell trying to get closer towards her mate so that she could enhance their connection and begin her healing process faster. “Just so you know, I will find her and I will free her of you. Save yourself the trouble and just tell me where she is.”


The man followed her watching her squirm and bleed profusely as she struggled to keep conscious. Just before she reached the doorway leading to the East Wing, the man grabbed her by the ankles and jerked her back where she’d started. “Now now, let’s not run off just yet. The fun is just beginning!”

“Caleb! We found her!” Someone shouted behind him diverting his attention slightly. Looking back towards Kaelani he was taken by surprise when her claws ripped across his face slicing into his cheek. He jerked back but was on her with equal speed.

“I guess we should get on with it then; I seemed to have found what I was looking for anyway, no use keeping you around!” He raised a foot over her and slammed it down into her head repeatedly stomping her under his boot and listened to her garbled cries of mercy. He turned her onto her back once more and prepared himself for the final blow.

“Mommy?” The small voice seemed to appear from out of nowhere behind him. Caleb turned and caught sight of the little girl clutching a stuffed bear in her arms as she slowly approached her injured mother.

“It’s…you?” Caleb asked in surprise and watched Kaya’s eyes dart from her mother to him and back again. “How old are you little girl?”

“What are you doing to my Mommy?”

“Oh we’re just playing a little game sweetheart. Now tell me, how old are you?”

“I’m not s’posed to talk to strangers.”

“Ah, good girl, you’re right. Well my name is Caleb and what’s yours?”

She glanced at Kaelani briefly before answering the question. “K-K-Kaya,” she answered meekly. “Kaya Villalobos.”

“See; now we’re not strangers anymore. Now then tell me, how old are you?” She counted her age on her fingers and showed him with a smile. He grinned at her and brushed a curl from her face as he took in her scent. “Mmm it is you. Tell me sweetheart, do you know what you are?” She bobbed her head enthusiastically which only made Caleb’s grin grow wider. “Do you know how packs work?”

“Yep!” She beamed dragging out the last letter and placing emphasis on the ‘p’ with a popping sound. “There’s a Mommy and a Daddy and they have lots of friends and we live together!”

“Exactly. And did you know you have a pack of your own? You’re the Mommy or future Mommy of one too; mine.”

She cocked her head to the side and stared at him with a serious face that made him smile for some reason. “Does this mean I don’t have to go to school anymore?” Caleb laughed and the sound of it produced one from Kaya as well.

“It means you can do whatever you want when you want!”

“So who’s your little friend?”

“His name is Beary Bear and he loves animal crackers and chocolate milk.”

“Well I have LOTS of animal crackers AND a river of chocolate milk at my house. In fact we’re making it a big castle with moats and towers and a pretty pink princess room just for you!”

“For me for my birthday!? Can I go see it?”

“Of course you can! It will be your home soon!” Becoming distracted by his mate he’d forgotten about her mother just a few feet away until he heard her speak.

“K-Ky…run…” Kaelani’s strained voice rattled through her crushed trachea the only word that would come out hoping to get her child away but it was too late. Caleb called for Charlie, one of his men, to take Kaya and once her back was turned his claw swiped across Kaelani’s neck ripping her throat out.

Kaya screamed and bit the man holding her hard enough for him to release his grip. The second she touched the ground she took off towards the stables once more; running as quickly as her tiny feet could carry.

Hastily she tucked herself as far as she could into one of the small openings in the stable. Whimpering, Kaya noticed Beary Bear was left just outside the entrance to her hiding spot helpless and alone. 

“How hard is it to hold on to a simple child?!” Caleb screamed and rushed after her inhaling her scent as he fled towards the back of the manor. He fixed his face to prevent scaring her and hurried through the gardens until her scent became its strongest. A smile crossed his lips as he noticed the stuffed animal just outside one of the stalls.

Sauntering slowly towards it, he brushed off the small specks of dirt from his fluffy head and back and dropped to eye level with the crack in the stall door. “Does this cute little bear belong to you?” he asked flopping his head in her direction. “You know he looks mighty lonely. Don’t you want to make him feel better?” Kaya shook her head no and he inched a little closer.

Using Beary Bear as his puppet he tried calming the girl to convince her to come out of the space. “Aww Kaya, I’m really sad when you don’t want to play with me,” his voice raised in a high pitched tone as he mimicked the bear talking through him until she came just a little closer. “I’m really scared right now; won’t you come and give me a big hug? Caleb’s not such a bad guy! Why he and I are the best of friends!” Beary Bear kissed Caleb’s cheek and made Kaya giggle.

“Is he my friend too?”

“Of course he is Kaya! Caleb is a nice man and he wants to help you be the best wolf you can!”

“I’m not a doggy yet! Daddy said my tail won’t come until I’m older.”

“Yes Daddy is right but that doesn’t mean you’re not one right now. It only means you can howl like Caleb when you get big and strong. Why don’t you show her Caleb!”

“Are you sure Beary Bear? It can be pretty loud.”

“Of course I’m sure Caleb! I think Kaya would really enjoy it.”

“Well ok!” Kaya covered her ears as Caleb looked towards the night sky and howled fiercely against the wind. He smiled seeing Kaya holding herself to keep the sound of it low. “Aww did he scare you Kaya?”

She shook her head no and frowned. “You scared Mommy.”

“Mommy and Caleb were playing a grown up game. She wasn’t really scared!” He cleared his throat in order to keep up the high pitch and Kaya moved a little closer.

“Did you hurt my Mommy?” she asked watching the plush toy as if he had the answer.

“No of course not. Mommy’s only sleeping. She’ll be awfully happy to see you when she wakes up.”

“Are you going to hurt me?”

Dropping the act, Caleb eyed the young girl searching her face for signs of distress and in all seriousness replied, “You’re very special to me Kaya. I could not and would not in a hundred years or more ever hurt you. Come on,” Caleb smiled, “I’ll take you to your Mommy.” Reaching out his hand he waited until Kaya’s connected and lifted her into his chest.

She tucked Beary Bear into her arms and snuggled against him as he carried her towards the manor. “Is Mommy ok?”

“She will be; everything will be perfect very soon.”

“Your eyes look funny.”

“Funny? Funny how?” Kaya shrugged and Caleb laughed. “They are the same as yours.” He flashed the yellow in his glare and made her smile. “Why are they funny?”

“Because they have a weird color.”

“Well what color are your eyes?”

Again she shrugged but this time she had an answer. “Blue; I have my Daddy’s eyes!”

“And what color are my eyes?”


He couldn’t help but smile at the confusion of his future mate. Pleased that she seemed curious enough to learn about him he encouraged her; answering anything she had to ask. “Close; they are actually gray. I have my Mommy’s eyes,” he winked.

“LET HER GO!” Lobo yelled watching Caleb enter with his daughter tucked into his arms.

“DADDY! I’m gonna be a Princess!” Kaya smiled looking at him. “Caleb said I get to be in charge like you and Mommy and I can stay home from school!”

“Yes and you wouldn’t want to disappoint your daughter now would you, Alpha? Just look at the excitement in her eyes. She’s mine; I’m just making my rightful claim. You should be proud. Soon she’ll have command over the most powerful pack of lycans this world has ever seen.”

She giggled as his fingers danced across her belly and she pushed the wolf’s hand away. “Caleb said we’re going on a vacation to see my castle!”

“Yes and we’ll be leaving very soon. Why don’t you go and hug Daddy goodbye?” Caleb whispered in her ear before pecking her cheek and lowered her to the ground. She rushed towards Lobo with her arms outstretched but the moment she was out of harm’s reach, he charged for the intruding wolf. 

Surprising him, Lobo got him to the ground and began pummeling his fists into the man’s face. Thinking about Kaelani’s body laid out in the foyer and those of the subordinate wolves in his pack, Lobo summoned every ounce of strength he could muster and with his bare hands, wrenched Caleb’s neck until his head disconnected from his body.


He turned to the dazed and scared face of his daughter. The expression was enough to kill him a thousand times and he moved towards her quickly. Scooping her into his arms, he buried her face into his chest to keep her from seeing the bodies of the men and women she’d grown up around and most importantly that of her mother.

Willow Reed – Present Day

Kaya was tucked into the corner shaking and holding herself as the memories all came flooding back like a broken dam with a heavy torrential flow. Lobo moved and pulled her into his arms. She immediately drowned herself in his scent as she rocked back and forth against him. “The nightmares, Daddy, the nightmares.”

“Were too much for you to handle. For the first year after your mother’s death you wouldn’t talk. Day after day passed and never once did you utter a word Ky. You screamed, you panicked and you yelled all while sleeping but in your waking moments you were gone. I’d lost you both because of that night.”

“And you see why the memories had to go Kaya,” Lexi started and stepped closer. “Your mother only intended to hide your mate but it was better to take her too and what really happened that night. Anything you saw that had even the slightest of hinting about it you shutdown and it became too much…it all had to go.”

“And how can I believe what I’m seeing is real? As much as I’ve had taken from me how can I trust any of what either of you say?!”

“There is a way…”

“Lexi no! I will not subject her to that.”

“What?” Kaya asked looking towards her father who was now resting on the floor beside her. “Subject me to what?”

Lexi checked Armand’s expression and with a sigh began to explain. “It’s brood magic. It’s a little high risk because the conduit witch is usually left weakened for days after the cast but, I can summon your mother.”

“Summon her? What does that mean?”

“I can call upon her spirit to speak with you in person if it’s what you want and if you think it’ll get you the answers you want.”

“And how can I believe that? I can’t trust either of you don’t you get that? I’ve lived two centuries thinking one thing only to learn that everything I thought I knew was a complete and total lie. No! No I don’t want anything from either of you. Just leave me alone, both of you!”

Lobo and Kaya got back to the manor and she rushed upstairs without a word. After a short period of pacing and concentration she grabbed her phone and dialed her mate. “Ky? Are you ok is everything…?”

“It was you Rafe. I saw him, you. You looked different but…it’s in your eyes; they never changed.”

What? Baby what are you talking about?”

“You killed my Mother. You started this whole thing.” Rafe listened at her words and a sudden ache tightened his chest. He could feel her pain emanating through the phone. She was in tears; frantic and the only thoughts he had was to keep away from her no matter how much she needed comfort right now.

Ky I don’t remember any of that. Honestly I’m still coming to terms with how I came back to Will…argh!” a loud grunt echoed in Kaya’s ear followed by a heavy thud. She knew instantly he was on the ground and panic immediately set in.

“Rafe? Rafe are you ok? Come on Rafe please answer me!” The silence seemed endless as she chewed her bottom lip hoping to hear his voice soon. “Baby please!”

Hey I’m fine Kaya; I should…I need…I have to go. I’ll call you later.”


Later.” He hung up and she stood staring at the sleek device in her hand wondering what the hell was happening to her mate.

She glanced towards her bed and saw a stuffed rabbit that she’d come to know and love as Mister Hops and shook her head. It wasn’t the same one from her memories; they’d even replaced her stuffed bear.

*Author's note: To see more interactions between Kaya and Caleb when she was younger, head on over to the After Hours blog and check out the "What If?" section that deals scenes on the with cutting room floor.*

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  1. Ok this was full of sadness. Damn Rafe/Caleb her mate killed her mother. How in the hell does one get past that and have a relationship? Poor Ky things are just piling up. Her father and aunt have lied to her for her entire life. Now she learns her mate killed her mom. He can't be around her because he's losing control and when she told him he had ZERO reaction to the words she said to him??? WHAT THE HELL RAFE??? What's going on that you had so little reaction to being told by your mate that you killed her mom?

    What the hell did Luther's torture do you him?

    Ok this may be bad of me, but I so like Caleb more than Rafe. Geez DJ couldn't you make him less sexy???? Seriously he's too hot to be that cold hearted. :(

    I don't see things getting any better for Ky or Rafe anytime soon.

    1. It's bad for her. She had Lobo and now he's gone, she had Lexi and now she can't trust her, she had Rafe and now he's her cause of eternal torment and pain and it leaves her with no place to turn. She has to confide in Connor and hope he can help her come to terms with what's happening but he has a deep allegiance to his Alpha, there's no telling what will happen there.

      Rafe went cold hearing the words but he felt her pain. He knows something is wrong there but he couldn't talk to her about it because the longer he felt her the worse off he was becoming. He asked for time and had to break their connection to get it.

      Luther's torture did exactly what he was hoping to do: awaken the wild beast within. Now he and the other wolves are in for it!

      :( I don't know where Caleb came from. As I was making him I got sad because of Rafe. I started imagining scenes with him and stuff's just bad. I love Rafe but like you said Caleb was! But he is cold hearted, except where it applies to his friends and family and especially his mate!

      Nope. If anything they are in for a VERY bumpy ride. They thought once the mating was over and done things would be better and the draw to be together wouldn't hurt so bad...little did they know it is worse!

  2. For a cold hearted bastard that Caleb sure is tasty! Charlie too! Shouldn't have expected anything less from you considering all your bad guys are breath taking and as guys say, bang-able.

    This was a sad chapter for Kaya! She got Rafe back only for him to have to leave then got the ugly truth of what really happened placed back into her memories. I cannot imaging how hard it must be for her to know that the man she loves killed her mother. It wasn't by the hands that touch her now and the lips that kiss hers but it's the same spirit. I don't know how she could ever let that go but thinking of it that way is a start.

    I love that she went off on Lexi. She's been yanked around and it's about time they realized she is a big girl and deserves to know the real deal.

    1. LOL! Yeah hot baddies are the best. Girls don't really want "good guys" though we tell ourselves that's what we deserve. We always hunt for the ones that will kick someone's ass at the drop of a hat for us.

      I think that's what hurts the most too! The one person she was hoping to turn to in all of this is the cause of her pain in the first place. It's really a bad place for her and unfortunately things are not getting better any time soon as Rafe will continue trying to avoid her. You're right though! It wasn't this body but another that did those things. Though after what Luther just put him through, mind, body and spirit are about to collide in a big way!

      It surprised the hell out of Lexi too! Where were her seer powers then? :P Kaya is sick of all the lies and cover ups! She has Alpha blood in her and was dead set on proving that!

  3. I'm a firm believer that it's better to know the truth and face it, but DAMN that is some hard truth for Kaya to have to face. Having to relive her mother's death by the hands of her mate...
    Caleb was definitely interesting; ruthless, but also gentle with child Kaya.

    I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens with Rafe now that Luther's torture has unhinged him.

    1. I hold that same belief! Kaya wanted to know everything and even went as far as to ask her father's mortal enemy for his version of the truth. She got more than she bargained for I'm sure but she's happier. Now she'll have to try and figure out how to deal with the truth and who she can turn to or trust.

      Rafe will be hard on himself coming to the realization of who and what he is/was. It'll get worse as the draw to bond Kaya gets stronger!

  4. No! D:

    Well, beore I began I must say Rafe looked better as Caleb, but Rafe's personality is better than Caleb's.

    Kae was so beautiful... And if she were still alive Kaya probably wouldn't have to deal with as much b.s. as she has to now. To know that the person you love the most and the person you're stuck with killed your mother must be heart wrenching..

    "Oh we were just playing a grown-up game". Weirdest game I've ever seen. Kae's death was very sad and all the lies Caleb told Kaya as a kid wouldn't help his relationship with his mate as Kaya got older.

    I like how Lobo didn't help Lexi. I've never really liked her; too sneaky. She's always bothered me in a way and to see her get terrified by Kaya was grade-A comedy. I'm glad she told Lexi everything..

    Why can't they just blood-bond already? D:<. Rafe isn't Caleb anymore, he's in Greymane, Rafe is a better option then Luther, Rafe can control himself if he's with Kaya and he knows it, Rafe is powerful and will lead Greymane to victory, Lobo told Kaya she could have whatever she wanted, and Rafe is just an all-around better choice. I mean he won't turn into Caleb ever again so what's the harm! D:<!

    This chapter was intriguing :D

    1. Lol another one in Caleb's corner (at least looks wise). He is a yummy monster. Mmm...and you know I couldn't resist seeing how far down that tat ran...

      It's clear looking at both where Kaya got her looks. Her strong cheekbones and hair color but she has Lobo's eyes for sure. Though I'd say she and Lobo share some pretty strong features also. Kaelani would have done anything to protect her baby from all the turmoil in her life these days. That was her dying request! Being mated to her mother's killer is a harsh reality and hopefully she will get through it unscathed though her outlook on those she trusts has been forever tainted.

      HAHAHA he was trying to keep from scaring his baby mate. He didn't know, as we'll come to learn, that she was a child. That realization shocked him but he did his best to keep from making her afraid of him so she would be easier to handle and get her back home with him. He lied about her mother but he was prepared to do everything else he said in order to make her happy and earn her trust.

      Lobo sat back and waited. He didn't want any of this to begin with and struggled for years with whether or not to tell Kaya the truth (as we saw in Ch. 19). So there was no way he was standing in her way when she went to get answers! It was time for Lexi to come clean!

      It's true he's not Caleb...for now. But soon we'll see the results of Luther's torture and why he is/was the most feared of wolves in his heyday! Rafe is very powerful but hasn't the knowledge to use that power. Caleb was powerless with the ideas of what to do with it. When these two heads collide things are gonna get interesting!

      Thank you :)

  5. That was a very intense update. I am really surprised Luther let them walk away with Rafe. I wonder how much mind manipulation they accomplished while torturing him. Kaya's memories were extreme. I still think allowing her to keep them and working through things would have been better, but, they will never know if that would have worked. All I can say is that she is the person she is today having lived the fake memories her whole life. Poor Rafe. I am a little confused on that part. Is he a reincarnation? If Armand took Caleb's head off, who was Rafe? Neither Caleb or the other man there looked like him.

    1. Thank you :)

      Luther was fine with them leaving considering he's sure he has accomplished what he wanted. Too bad he has no idea what that will be.

      If she was allowed to keep her memories, Lobo feared not being able to bring her out of it. She had night terrors when she slept and never spoke a word to anyone when she was awake and so Lexi cast the spell. Lobo would have been fine though trying to get her to work through it but he didn't have a say in it as Lexi took it upon herself to remove them per Kaelani's orders.

      Caleb and Rafe are the same person. He's not so much a reincarnation as a remake of his former self. He was believed to have died by Lobo's hand but he was saved by the first witch as he and Lexi discovered and she changed his appearance and locked "Caleb" away in Rafe's mind. Now with Luther's torture though "Caleb" is reemerging and the wild part of the wild wolf is coming out to play.

  6. Okay, first of all!

    Gaaaaarrrrrrkkkkk! Roman Who??? (Love lessens when one is kept from view) I'll have a slice of Charlie OMG! and the main dish Caleb OMGOMGOMG! Why DJ, why-y-y-y...*sniffle*... now I LOVE Caleb and actually HATE Rafe and his appearance! Couldn't you have switched them? Sheesh!!

    I hope Charlie's still alive... WHY-Y-Y-Y....Noooooo... my poor heart can't take it anymore!

    Now on a more serious note: (Why-y-y-y, uhum)
    You scarred that little girl watching daddy do the nasty-nasty to mommy! LOL (wait, I said serious note right, right! Let's see)
    That was a pretty gruesome sight and site! Kae died horribly, no one should go like that. Caleb is very similar to Luther if not worse. He totally had no idea Kaya was so young did he? I liked his sweet nature with her, however my mind couldn't let go of the gruesome murder of her mother just moments before.

    Luther doesn't even realize that by torturing Rafe, Caleb (I almost wrote Calum) could also bring his demise. He has no idea what exactly he is releasing. If he thinks it's going to benefit him, he's going to wake up from a very cold stream... Luther may have single-handedly destroyed all civilized wolves (How is it that that includes Luther, weird LOL) and brought in the age of the wild-wolves with a welcome basket!

    I'm scared for the future...

    1. Lol yeah Roman :D he'll be back around soon though. They'll need his help for what's coming. Aww you hate Rafe's look? Yeah I kinda made Caleb a little after Rafe appeared on screen so it was a bit late. If I had it to do over though he would have been the black haired hottie. But no worries the two should get plenty of screen time...ish. :)

      Haha Charlie is still very much alive. He was mentioned once before too (hint it involved a run in with wild wolves).

      Lobo didn't think she was scarred! In fact he was prepared to keep going but Kae stopped him :P ok maybe he wasn't but still he didn't see a problem lol.

      Kaelani was defenseless against the older wolf. Her death was horrible and for it to happen in front of her daughter was worse. Luckily Kaya didn't see either blows her mother received but it was enough to give her nightmares. Nope! Caleb had no idea she was a child when he went looking for her. He changed up quickly though and did his best to keep from scaring her. He was not equipped to handle a tot! And yeah that was pretty scary for Kaya as well. She ran even though she had no idea what was really going on. When comparing the two though, I'd say Caleb is way worse than Luther.

      Nope! He messed with fire believing he had the fuel but he'll come to see he's nothing but ash. What he was hoping to use against Greymane is going to hurt every wolf including Gideon. LOL! That's funny. Luther is pretty civilized though :P he loves pretty things that's for sure.

      They should all fear what's coming!

  7. damn *____* He's a smexy beast, is he not? Though I think that I still think Rafe is sexier in both looks and personality. I am definitely curious as to what he'll turn out like when his memory of being Caleb resurface.

    And as others have also said, poor Kaya! That's a lot for her to be handling in such a short amount of time and though it would have been better for her to learn all these new facts earlier she might not have fallen for the sexy, sexy Rafe if she had. So it all works out.

    Also, three weeks between updates!? You're given me After Midnight withdrawals, woman! I suppose I'll forgive you as perfection does take time. :P

    1. HAHA I think it's the hair :P But Rafe definitely has some of the more endearing qualities as far as being a people person goes. Caleb is cold and uncaring where others are concerned (with the exception of his family). Rafe was feeling some forms of a shift while on the phone with Kaya from just hearing her pain. That's why he had to end the call so abruptly. He can't control the change right now and it's partly because his spirit is coming back in full force to reclaim what was lost.

      Kaya is the daughter of the Alpha and has a strong head for leadership on her shoulders. Lexi should have trusted that she could handle the memories and Lobo shouldn't have gone back to have the spell reset when he saw it giving way. She wasn't speaking for a year after her mother's death but they should know everyone grieves in their own way. She was a child and just lost someone very important to her. They should have let her try and deal with it. I think giving her all that information at once if anything is what can break a person! You're absolutely right.

      If Kaya had her memories from the start you're right, she may not have fallen for Rafe. Although no one knew who he was when he first appeared. Things may have still worked in his favor.

      Ha sorry about that :D I'm actually working on more AM now as I was trying to stall for a little bit BUT the updates should come MUCH quicker now so no more month long waits!

      Thank you for that :) I do want to make sure the storyline still flows and doesn't get confusing and as we head into "why Rafe appeared without memories" (ch.1) and "who Caleb is" it's going to start to really get twisty and I am doing my best to keep from confusing people along the way.

  8. I don't even know where to start, sheesh.
    It almost seems as though Ky and Rafe were never meant to be, even though they are mates. Will Ky ever be able to see him the same after knowing what she knows now? Will Rafe ever be able to forgive himself? He's not Caleb anymore, but his past has caught him, and what's happening with him anyways?
    Sometimes trying to protect someone you fall into lies and deciet and that's whats happened to both Armond and Lexi. Ky has been lied to her whole life, I wouldn't trust either one of them either..this is one hot mess, ugh...edenz~

    1. With all of the issues these two are having I can see where that may be the case. :( they are trying to fight the odds and win one another forever and something else seems to pop up in their way!

      Rafe is going through a lot of changes right now and still plenty more to come as he tries to relearn his shifting. Thanks to Luther he is more dangerous and doesn't know how to settle himself when he feels the rage that triggers his transition.

      Yes Lobo and Lexi tried to protect her but did so in a very shady manner and it has left Kaya in a position where she cannot trust anyone in her life. It's a sad day when she looks into the eyes of her father and sees a liar and someone who has betrayed her in such a way.

  9. I have got to say, that was one bloody chapter. So much revelations. All of them so shocking. But at least all the pieces are falling into place...

    and by the way...Rafe as Caleb was so HAWT!! XD

    1. It was time a few things got cleared up and finally some answers for poor Kaya who has been stumbling in the dark for centuries. But now she has no idea if she can even trust her own father and that's a sad, sad place to be. He was there for her all these years and now she has lost that bond because of this.

      Thank you :) He was a very yummy man! (Though I still love my sexy wolf)