Monday, September 26, 2011

Prologue: The Hunt

They prowl in the night taking what they need
nothing can stop them and their desire to feed
the moon at night won’t keep the creatures at bay
and with the bright sun, they’re changed for the day

In the boundless depths of darkness, they chill the midnight air
ripping flesh from bones, feasting; spilling blood everywhere
They walk among us, existing only for the kill
your cries of mercy are what fuels their thrill

Bright eyes lurk nearby causing fear, stirring fright
ready to release the animal and disappear from sight
Be sure to watch your back and stay in the light
because it’s just not safe to go out After Midnight…

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  1. Oh wow, I love your poem. It's an amazing start to your story. Your story has been on my reading list for awhile. I'm so happy that I can finally get started on it ^^

    1. Thank you! There is a LOT to read, and I really hope you enjoy the story. :)