Monday, October 31, 2011

Episode 01: Hunted

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Rafe, Bane, Connor, Ulrick, Jacobi & Harley Crane
Word Count: 3,233
Rating: R
Summary: Rafe awakens next to the mauled body of a woman he'd met at a club and cannot recall anything that took place before that. He is hunted and chased through the woods and searches for a way out. Greymane wolves Kaya, Connor, Bane and Ulrick find him and take him back to the manor for rest where he learns the reason the hunters were after him.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, adult content, adult situations, nudity

Gotta keep moving, gotta get out of here, the only thoughts moving through his head as he raced quickly through the underbrush dodging protruding branches and jumping over fallen logs and rocks. The sound of the barking and growling dogs hot on his tail scared him and he moved to keep from getting caught. The moonlight was peeking between the trees above him casting a pale blue glow and dimly lighting a path for him to follow in the darkened woods. He had no idea where he was or even how he came to be there yet all he could think of was how he got into this mess.

His feet pounded the moist dirt and grass as he moved quicker. The slimy feel of the mud squished between his toes but felt surprisingly cool to his sore soles. His ankles cracked with every step and his calves were on fire. His body was giving out on him but he couldn’t stop now, not with those gunmen behind him.

“This way! I heard something,” one of the men yelled as he continued chasing after the pack of dogs leading his group further into the woods.

“THERE!” A shot was fired; the bullet whizzed through the air hissing as it spiraled towards an unknown target. The explosion from the tree it hit echoed loudly against the dulled silence of the night sky sending a flock of birds from their hiding place and the dogs went into a frenzy.

“You idiot! Keep that thing under control Jacobi, we want him alive!” Harley scolded his brother.

He placed his back against a tall oak, his breath catching in his throat as his lungs began burning from the amount of stress he’d placed them under within the last five minutes. But he was running for his life, no time to stop and smell the fucking roses and definitely no time to be concerned about the pain within his chest from his pounding heart. He was being hunted and he had no idea why. He looked around trying to let his eyes adjust to the darkness. There's gotta be a road somewhere around here, he thought as he leaned forward and rested his hands on his knees.

He looked down at the red stains on his hands, turning them over a few times as he inspected the dried liquid. Where are my clothes? He looked around quickly, panic hitting every nerve in his body as the barking from the impending bloodhounds came closer to his hiding spot. 

Shit, he needed a breather, a moment to catch his breath and figure out what was going on but stopping for too long only gave his pursuers a chance to catch up. He felt dizzied, his head was spinning and his heart felt as though it would pound out of his chest. 

He squinted, looking straight ahead as he tried to decide which direction to take. He darted forward, not stopping to consider the pain he felt with every twig broken underfoot, leaving his soles cut and bloodied. He heard running water; a stream somewhere close by and quickly made his way in that direction.

The smell of gunpowder on the end of the barrel and the kibbles ’n’ bits on the breath of the hounds rushing towards him lingered close to his nose. How can I smell that? He picked up the pace, if he could just make it to the water, he can lose his scent and throw them off his tracks. 

“Over here!” he heard a female’s voice pierce the stillness in the bushes to his left.

“What?” Thinking he was hearing things he kept forward towards the water.

“Hey! Over here, quickly I can get you out of here!”

He moved in the direction of the voice and was instantly hit with a net. “NO! Let me go! Let me out of this thing!”

Three men moved towards him and lifted him into an awaiting Humvee. “Let me go! Please! I didn’t mean to! It was an accident!”

“Oh will someone please shut im up!” a deeper more masculine voice croaked in a heavy Australian accent.

“With pleasure,” the female’s voice sounded again before slamming her right fist into his jaw knocking him out cold.

He awoke in a dimly lit concrete cell. One window was the sole source of light that shone within the pitch black darkness. He sat on the edge of the rocky spring mattress and rubbed at his eyes, frowning as he realized his hands were still covered in blood. He could see her; the face of the poor woman he’d hurt. Her face was twisted in horror and fear and there were dried tears staining her cheeks as she begged him for mercy. 

Her smell lingered on him more than just in the blood. It was her perfume, her shampoo; even the pungent stench of her guts as they spilled out on the ground beneath him. God what did I do? He looked down at his hands again and rubbed them together as he struggled to remember. A light turned on in the hall and he squinted to allow his eyes to adjust.

“Hello?” he called towards the cell door. “Is anyone out there? Let me out of here!”

He heard whispering on the other side of the door and the shadows of about three figures moving around in front of it. He pulled himself from the bed and moved slowly forward. He could make out the men from the woods that had grabbed him.  What the hell have I gotten myself into?

“Hey! Open the door! Please? I didn’t mean to kill anyone! I don’t even remember how it happened! Please, let me out of here!”

“Shut it unless ya want anothah fist to the face!” the Aussie yelled at him.  “What the ell was Kaya thinkin this time? This fuckin arse is covered in blood and obviously new. e doesn't  ave enough brains to give imself an eadache and its gonna bring the entire community down on us! e can’t stay ere! Lobo will nevah allow it!”

“Lobo isn’t here right now and that leaves me in charge! If we let him back out there what do you think will happen? You want that blood on your hands? Now I say he stays and until we know his hunger is under control, he’ll remain our guest!” said an older more distinguished man.

“Guest? Come on Ulrick, is it customary to lock up a guest in a prison cell?” the familiar woman announced as she joined the others in the hall.

“It is when you have no idea who they are or what damage they might cause. What do you want, Kaya? I thought I told you to get the room ready.”

“Right Ulrick, you told me. Since when have I ever taken orders from anyone?” she pulled her body up above the door and peeked into the tiny window looking down at their visitor. “Hello there,” she smiled. “Don’t be afraid, we’re not going to hurt you. Are you hungry? Or could I get you something to drink?”

“Hungry? He shouldn’t be! He nearly picked that poor woman clean! I’m sure he’s well fed.

She rolled her eyes at Connor’s words and continued pressing herself against the cell. The man stepped towards the door and reached up, his finger tips brushed lightly across her hand and she immediately pulled back. “Please let me out of here, I won’t cause you any trouble, I just want to go home.”

“Well, until we know you’re safe to be out in the ‘wild’, this is your home.” She backed away from the door and removed the key from the wall. 

“Kaya! Don’t!”

“Relax Ulrick, he won’t bite, will you?” she asked redirecting her gaze at the stark naked man shivering in front of her. His eyes widened and he took one step forward. “You have no idea do you? Has that ever happened Rick? Complete memory loss?”

“Not to my knowledge but he’ll get it back.”

“Good, I trust you boys can handle the cleanup?” She smiled and moved towards the door at the other end of the hall. “He’s about your size Connor, why don’t you loan him a few threads?”

“This is fuckin insane! Ya really goin along with this Mate?” His question was met with a blank stare and it enraged him more. “FINE! But if e steps out of line once I’m rippin im a new one!” Bane turned and headed towards the living room. 

“What’s your name?”

“Rafe. Rafe Hemming.”

“Well Rafe, I’m Ulrick and this is Connor. I know you have questions, and they’ll all be answered in time. For now why don’t I show you to where you’ll be staying?”

“Staying? I’m not staying here; I can’t, I have to get home!”

“No, I’m afraid that’s not how it works you see, you’re in the middle of what we call transitioning and as such you’re too dangerous to be out in the open as it were. It’s best for everyone if you just stay with us. Or would you really rather prefer we throw you to the pack of hunters that were hot on your ass earlier?” His question was met with a look of confusion and a resolute sigh. “Just as I thought, this way please.”

Ulrick escorted Rafe to a small room in the West wing of the large manor. “The doors are all locked and reinforced steel, the security fence is wired for electric jolts; there will be no escape attempts so please don’t even think about it.” He handed him a few change of clothes. “The manor is your home for now; please, get comfortable you may be here a while. Also word of advice, stay clear of the East wing; its for your own good.”

“What’s in the East wing?

“Something you don’t want to run into. Just trust me,” Ulrick smiled. “If you need anything just call. For now get yourself cleaned up and rest a moment.”

“Hey playboy!” Kaya said diving into Connor’s lap. “Whatcha watching?”

“Some survival reality show, boring as shit. Like I really give a fuck about some bitch getting voted off this island. Why the hell do people watch this? I was about to take my ass to the club or something. You up for a little dancing Peaches?”

“Naw, I want to be here for when our company gets settled in. He might need something.”

“Yeah, like an explanation. He seemed pretty damned confused up in the woods. I remember those days; black outs and blind rage.”

“You say that like you don’t still have them,” she laughed.

“Well I’d like to think it’s a little more controlled than it used to be.” He adjusted and brushed a hand through her hair. “You are one messed up chick you know that?”

“Aww, Con, thanks Babe! If I didn’t know how much you loved me I might take offense to that.”

“Well if you can’t hear the truth from your best friend who can you trust? Besides, it’s true; you’re always taking on new projects without concern for what it might mean. One of these days you’re gonna get bit!”

“Kinky! I’ll try and keep that in mind.”

“In speaking of kinky, how’s the boy toy?”

She pulled up and he turned to face her, a wicked smile stretching across his lips. “It’s official; you and I will never have a conversation without talking about him will we? He’s not my boy toy, first of all and second, I don’t know how he is because I don’t care.”

He shrugged and smiled. “I just think it’s weird I mean you let him…”

“Weren’t you leaving? I thought you wanted to go clubbing or something.”

He laughed. “Fine, I’ll drop it. But when I get back we’re talking!”

“When you get back you’ll probably have three girls with you so I won’t hold my breath.”

Rafe showered and sat on the edge of the king sized bed thinking back over his night and the woman, or what was left of her, he awoke next to. He tried to remember her name but the lack of details about where he’d met her or what happened to them escaped him.

And the blood, there was so much blood, he thought looking at his freshly cleaned hands before dropping his head in them. His shoulders drooped more and he let out a heavy sigh, I’m sorry

He stood from the bed, changed and started for the door, walking the halls of the manor and checking out the numerous portraits hanging on the wall. He stopped on one in particular. The man in the picture seemed to really be staring at him. The hardened glare in his eyes gave him the feeling the man was not easy to get along with; his greying hair only made him appear broodier and his scowl completed his angry appearance.

“This must be your place,” he said aloud.

“It is indeed, Armand Villalobos.” He turned towards the voice and straightened up, looked down at his clothes and ran a hand through his hair. “Find everything ok?” Kaya asked stepping behind him.

“What? Yeah, sure.” 

“How’s your room?”

“It’s…blue. Really blue; but it’s a well decorated prison, best I’ve ever seen as a matter of fact.”

She laughed to humor him. “This isn’t a prison. And if you need anything, just ask,” she started off towards the living room.

“Wait, it’s Kaya right? I heard Ulrick call you by that.”

“Right. And you are?”

“Rafe,” he smiled for the first time since his ordeal began. “You hit me and didn’t know my name? Do you usually punch people you just meet or did I remind you of someone you hate?” he waited and received the smile he was fishing for. “You have a pretty strong arm for a…”


He glanced down at his feet at a loss for words before meeting her gaze once more. “Right so uh…do you think you could tell me what’s going on here? And when I’ll be going home.” 

“Sure, why don’t you head into the den, I was about to grab a drink and I’ll join you shortly. Can I get you anything?”

He shook his head no; nodded in the direction she pointed and watched as she headed off towards the kitchen before shuffling off towards the living room.

He was met with a sigh and a look of disgust as he took a seat on the couch. “I’m not trying to cause any trouble. If you don’t like my being here, fine; try and convince your friends to let me go.”

“Bollocks, don’t speak unless spoken to Mutt. I’m not interested in becomin ya friend and I don’t give a flyin fuck what appens to ya. It’s best to just keep ya mouth shut and stay out of my way!”

“That’s Bane,” Kaya said taking a seat on the arm of the couch. “Don’t take what he says personally, he hates everybody.”

“Except you,” he smiled over his shoulder momentarily catching a glimpse of her before redirecting his gaze back to the shelf in front of him. He began reorganizing the album display and available songs on the jukebox, a task he only bothers with when he’s trying to calm his nerves. He sighed heavy and counted, placing them in chronological order. He knew the shit would hit the fan when Lobo returned and he was not in the mood to hear it.

“You play?” she asked slinking onto the cushion beside him as she watched his fingers tentatively scan the strings of the guitar on the floor near him. Mindlessly he was making a rhythm and it intrigued her as she continued listening.

“I used to; I don’t anymore, lost the taste for it.”

“Too bad, I would have loved to hear it. So what did you want to know?” she asked placing her glass on the table and pulling her legs into her chest.

“I don’t know, start from the beginning. Why am I here? And do you know what happened to me in the woods?

“Yeah, you fed.”

“No, e ripped some woman to shreds and feasted!” Bane corrected her.

“Ulrick said I was transitioning, transitioning into what?”

“Fuckin Mutt,” Bane mumbled as he tossed another CD onto the shelf. 

Kaya sighed and looked in Bane’s direction. His shoulders tensed as he felt her eyes on him. He pretended not to notice and continued arranging the albums.

“I don’t think you’d believe me if I told you.”

“Probably not. To be honest I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the reasons you haven’t called the police on me yet. It’s the only reason Im sticking around instead of trying to get away. I figured if I was nice enough, you’d, you know…let me go without a hassle. I’m trying to win you over with my charm,” he smiled again.

“Fuck that!” Bane belted.

She sighed heavy and growled. “You wanna go somewhere?” she asked giving Bane a sidelong glare. “Come on, I’d like to show you something.” 

She led him to the courtyard out back. The moon was high in the sky and cast a pale glow on the gardens that decorated the large lot. The garden was filled with flowers of all kinds. The smell of hydrangeas, roses and night blooming jasmine floated towards them with a small gust of wind and Kaya inhaled the wonderful melody of fragrances. The hedges were all neatly trimmed and just behind it, Rafe could make out the high security fence Ulrick warned him of that ran the entire length of the property.

“What is this place?”

“This is Greymane Manor; it’s a safe haven Rafe though you may not think that right now. We’re only trying to help you.” She glanced over at him and watched as he took in his surroundings. “Don’t worry, we’re not calling the police on you. We’ve already cleaned up the scene in the woods.

“Help me? Help me with what?”

She giggled and darted for a row of trees near a fountain to the right. He followed her with his eyes until she was out of sight and quickly ran to catch up. “Kaya?”

He searched through each row of bushes and trees trying to locate her. He could hear the bustling of the leaves behind him but each time he turned; he was met with the same emptiness as before. “Kaya? Come on! You said you wanted to show me something right? Where are you?”

He kept forward until he heard a low rumble and faint growl emanating from the darkness behind him. Slowly he turned to face the sound; a large black wolf stood in attack mode ready to pounce on him with any sudden movements. Its large blue eyes glared at him, watching his every move and prepared its claws to maul him.

“Kaya…,” he called barely above a whisper hoping she would hear him and come to his aide. “Kaya, we need to get out of here,” he tried once more. The wolf slowly started towards him. With each step the animal took forward, Rafe retreated until he felt the firm wooden bark of a large oak just behind him.

“Fuck,” he muttered under his breath as he watched the beast gaining ground. He swallowed hard and prepared for the worst shutting his eyes tight as he felt the hot breath of the beast on the cuff of his right pant leg. Without warning the creature retreated scurrying into the direction from which it came. Rafe released a breath and moved quickly back towards the door.

“Hey!” Kaya called behind him as he stepped onto the porch. He turned with a look of terror in his eyes as she neared him. “Are you ok?”

“No I’m not ok where did you go?”

“I was in the gardens with you,” she grinned.

“Then you saw it? There’s a fucking monster out here, a huge black wolf and it almost ate me!”

“Well I wasn’t going to eat you. I just thought it would be fun to scare you a little,” she laughed.

He stared into her eyes briefly noticing they were the same as the wolf he’d encountered.

“What? That was you? What the hell are you?” he asked taking a step backwards and putting his hands up in defense.

“I’m a werewolf Rafe, just like you.”


  1. Hooked already! Another great story, Daijah!

    Conner is super hot with those green eyes. I can't wait to get to know the characters!

    I loved the way Kaya demonstrated what they were!

  2. El:

    Thank you!

    This obviously was before the Pets EP and my photo editor (Quiana -- thank you) placed the wolf for me BUT lucky for her I don't have to work her to death now.

    Connor is awesome, a playboy and a jokester, he'll be much fun to work with!

    Kaya was cruel but it needed to be done :D Now we'll have to see just how Rafe adjusts to life as a lycan!

    Thank you for reading!

  3. What a start!!!! So many questions, how did he get turned, who did he eat and how did the hunters find him to chase him?

    Rafe is a hottie. Kaya seems to have a soft spot for him at least right now.

    OMG DJ this is going to be a great story.

  4. Jaz:

    Thank you! A few of those are actually answered in Episode 2 but very excellent questions :) Rafe is curious about what all this means and has no idea what could possibly be wrong with him.

    He knows whatever Kaya is isn't something he wants any part of. And Kaya is a bit of a softy when it comes to her wolves. As Connor said, she's a sucker for a lost cause!

    Thank you again! I'm gonna really work to make it so! :D

  5. I usually just lurk, but I had to say this looks to be another fascinating story. Can't wait to read more about Rafe.

  6. Kira:

    Thank you! I'm happy to hear the hottie pulled you out of hiding :P I do hope the story delivers as I see it and that you will enjoy it.

    Thank you for reading :)

  7. ~ Fantastic start,intrigue right from the start!
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    Currently redoing a few other chapters but the 2nd will post soon!

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  9. I don't know how I lost track of this but I LOVE IT!! It's so lush and rich and complicated and strange! So Rafe STILL doesn't buy the werewolf reality even though he's obviously got some unusually sharp senses. That last sequence where he sees Kaya as a wolf, and she's teasing him, and he rolls his eyes, that's just perfection!

  10. This was very interesting! Bane likes no one but Kaya and her being nice to Rafe seems like it's already getting under his skin.

    Connor is a cutie! I love their relationship!

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  11. SB:

    Rafe thinks that he was just wired from the amount of drinking he was doing. It's easier for him to believe that he was seeing things than what really happened.

    HAHA thank you! She was cruel but thought a shot of reality was what he needed. It may work or it might just makes things worse; either way he sees that she wasn't kidding about what's out there.

    Thank you for reading :)

  12. Qui:

    True! Bane hates new people; he's as territorial as they come and really won't like Rafe being around and sniffing what he deems "his". Kaya just happens to fall into that category.

    Connor is her best friend and partner in crime. While she tries to keep him on the straight often times he's her rock instead. They have been friends for a very long time and that bond only deepens.

    Truly a scary thing to see but it had to be done and thank you for your editing skills :D

  13. Interesting!
    I'm not one for werewolves, but I just might enjoy this! Kaya is a lively one, I like her! The manor also looks gorgeous! If you can actually take your eyes off Rafe for a minute and take in the surroundings...

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  14. JM:

    Kaya does pack a punch and isn't one to mess with. She will definitely keep the wolves in check.

    Ha! Rafe is a hottie and I think that will cause a few problems for the pack and some of the males in particular.

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    Thank you for that and thank you for reading :)

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  16. I enjoy starting stories that way now. I really wanted to show his desperation at the start and give some sort of urgency, I'm happy that happened and it sucked you in!

    Thank you! The sets I build are painstaking but I must because I DETEST editing pictures. Rafe was not sure of what he was doing and waking up covered in blood with a bloodhound pack and two armed men chasing after him was not the ideal way to take care of a hangover; the nudity didn't help much either.

    Rafe's may have been the first but it won't be the last. There will be plenty of "package" shots :)

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    1. Thank you! I like that part most of anything. I think the picture taking though is tedious and long. I'm always looking to hire someone to do it for me :P I pay in chocolate!

      I think the opening to a story is the most important and I've learned since (eek) Desired that I like starting with an action scene. That's how We Are Stardust is as well! Stina's outburst immediately pulls you in!

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