Saturday, November 5, 2011

Episode 02: It's a Dog's Life

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Rafe, Bane, Ulrick, Connor, Lobo
Word Count: 3,182
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Kaya explains to Rafe who and what he is. Unable to believe or accept that he's a wolf as she explains, he lashes out and tries to drown himself in alcohol and forget the night. In the morning he again speaks with Kaya and she tells him though he isn't a prisoner, it's safer for him to remain with them at the manor until he finishes transitioning. Rafe agrees and meets the Alpha of the Greymane pack: Armand Villalobos.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, adult content, adult situations, nudity

Rafe downed another glass before quickly refilling it from the bar. “A werewolf? You…I’m…,” he paused to suck down the fresh drink before pushing off the bar and turning towards her. “That thing out there, that was you?”

“Yes and in a few more moons, it’ll be you as well.”

“What? How? What happened to me? How is this possible? Werewolves? There are no such things!”

“We’re real Rafe otherwise how do you explain the hunger you have for raw meat, the heightened senses, strength and speed? Where did the bloodlust come from and how were you able to rip a human body to shreds with your bare hands and not skip a beat?”

“Yeah, real fine job ya did ah,” Bane spoke. “She must have really pissed ya on one. Think at it this way Mate, if ya life as a wolf doesn’t work out, ya can always work as a butcha.”

“Bane, not helping,” Connor said trying to refocus him.

“But how? How did you…how do I…?” he ran a nervous and frustrated hand through his hair before plopping down on the couch cushion once more.

“Well to be honest,” she started, joining him on the sofa. “I have no idea how you were turned. I just knew you were out there and that I needed to find you. As far as myself, it was by birthright. My father is a wolf and he passed the gene to me.”

“Gene? What the hell are you talking about? What gene? I’ve never heard of a Werewolf trait! It’s beyond ridiculous!”

“Look, I know it’s a lot to process right now Rafe, trust me; but it’s true, all of it. Perhaps you want to go upstairs and lie…”

“Keep your hands off me!” he yelled standing quickly to avoid her contact. “You are sitting here telling me I’m some savage monster when we only just met a few hours ago, how do you know that? How is it that nowhere in the world has anyone ever said anything about the actual existence of…of…werewolves if this is real?”

“We’ve been around for a few centuries and have learned to adapt to our environments. We know how to hide what we are from the media and from the hunters that were on you. The transition is the hardest part and right now you’re going to need all the help you can get. I know it sounds crazy and it’s not an easy thing to hear but...”

“No you don’t know! You couldn’t have any possible idea! You were ‘born’ a monster! You’ve had time to grow and accept what you are. Someone did this to me maybe you! Now I don’t know what the fuck is going on here but what you’re saying is…just stay the hell away from me,” he exited the room quickly, rushing up the stairs three at a time until he was back in his room.

Kaya turned back towards the bar and joined the others.

“That went well. Ya bore it up ‘em and what does ‘e do? Throws a tissy and storms off.”

“You think maybe your colored commentary wasn’t as helpful as much as it was harmful?” Ulrick asked looking at Bane through hooded eyes. He stood from the couch and stepped in front of Kaya.

“Don’t worry about it, he needs time to understand, let the information settle in. Once he regains the memory before the blackout I’m sure what you told him will make a great deal more sense. In the meantime, Bane, Connor and I will keep an eye out on him and make sure he doesn’t go nuts again at next feeding.”

“You can forget that. I’m not bendin ova backwards because the puftah got ‘is knickas in a knot. ‘e wants to run about doing ‘is lolly like we’re the bad? ‘e can go to buggery!”

“There was a time you needed help too, Bane, remember? Or have the days of the Ripper long since passed you can’t think back at them? Would it really kill you to try and give back just once?”

“It’s not in the nature of his beast, K, you’re talking to a wolf that thinks letting pups out on their own teaches them strength and survival as they're being made into lunch.”

“You’re right, Mate. I’d let ‘em go with all those rival packs out there. ‘e’d last about as long as a fart in a blizzard. What do ya say love? Chalk that up to the win column eh?” Bane cracked.

“You’re such an asshole Bane,” Kaya said standing and pushing by him. 

“Werewolves...,” Rafe scoffed once more at the thought and tossed his body to the sheets. “As if that could ever happen.” He closed his eyes to alleviate the pounding caused by the sudden rush of information and the equal amount of liquor he’d consumed within its short time span. Sleep came quicker than he’d expected and soon his body was stretched among the crumpled blanket as he tossed in them the remainder of the night.

Morning came, but Rafe didn’t move. He was too hung-over and too exhausted to pick his body up from the bed. He heard the others out doing whatever it was wolves do in the mornings and he wasn’t interested in learning what that was. He ran a lazy hand across his face and moved to the edge of the bed. His head was still throbbing, more so than the previous night and he rubbed at his aching temples.

He caught the whiff of something enticing and moved towards the window. He smiled as he recognized the figure immediately; Kaya was sitting on a lounger by the pool. She’d just stretched a towel across the chair and poured herself a drink. He took in the way the sun danced along her curves, bathing her in a warm glow that he felt compelled to watch. He leaned further into the window, examining every feature of her body as if seeing her for the first time. 

Her honey brown skin was heightened by the intense radiance of the sun. Her hair framed her face well and made her baby blue eyes appear to shine. But it was her mouth; her soft, pouty lips that drew him in. The way they parted to take a sip of her drink and the smile that had formed afterwards was all he saw in that moment and he couldn’t take his eyes off of them. He imagined what they’d taste like and the feel of her lip ring against his.

“Where’s the Mutt?” he heard Bane inquire from behind the door. His ears perked up and he tried to listen intently to the conversation, catching pieces here and there of some vision before Ulrick gave him an asinine reason for dropping the discussion.

Rafe used the brief pause in conversation to slink from his bedroom. The oldest of the three men looked at him and smiled as Bane’s glare once again bore into his flesh telling him that he was still very much unapproachable. 

He nervously rubbed the back of his neck and looked away. He hated being the topic of debate and hated even more he had no idea what they were talking about. He knew whatever it was he wouldn’t get the answers from them. He turned for the hall and headed out to the pool.

Glancing around the area, he didn’t see her. He closed his eyes and again caught the scent he’d smelled earlier. Quickly he followed the understated softness of the fragrance until it brought him to a large lake within the back boundaries of the lot.

He began approaching slowly until he saw her and immediately took a step back behind a large hedge. She was standing on the shore nude and preparing to take a dip in the cool waters. He looked around for a moment to check if anyone else was around before finding her again. Wiping the small specks of perspiration from his lip, he took one step forward for a closer view.

The water rippled over her skin in soft circles as she splashed around making laps within the shallow end. She leaned back in the stream and let the waves move over her wetting every inch of her finely toned physique. Rafe watched quietly, enjoying the peacefulness of the surrounding woods and the way she seemed enhanced by its natural beauty.

She seemed very at home in the open space and was obviously not shy about her body. The smell of the magnolia trees was overpowering and Rafe looked around for the source. Not finding them he turned his attention once more to Kaya. What are you doing, Rafe? This is voyeurism, he scolded himself but was still unable to turn away.

Moments passed before she stood from the rivulet and started for the shore. Her wet hair clung to her shapely form just above her chest displaying her breasts perfectly. She turned and wrung the excess liquid from her hair giving him full view of her well-rounded ass. His breath caught in his throat as he took in the vision of beauty before him.

“You gonna stand there all day or do you mind handing me that towel?” Kaya asked turning to meet Rafe’s gaze.

“I…sorry,” he stepped closer and tossed the towel at her. “How did you know I was here?”

She pointed to her nose and smiled. “The same way you found me. It’s only fair I guess I did see you in all of your glory though I don't recall drooling.” Her words induced a smile from him as she wrapped the cotton cover around her body and let the moisture soak into it a little and stepped towards him leaving her footprints in the soft sand of the bank. Rafe watched her with the same intensity he had when he noticed her sunbathing on the veranda. He sucked in his lips and wet them with his tongue before speaking.

“Am I really a wolf?” he asked getting to the point. “I mean this isn’t some fucked up dream or something? I was pretty wasted the last…month, you could be part of some elaborate hallucination.”

“No I’m not. This is all real and you are really a wolf.” she smiled. “I thought pink elephants were the standard hallucination though. Not…wolves.”

“Well, there’s nothing standard about the way I drink so it wouldn’t be beyond my mind to really get in there with something complex. Anyway, whatever’s happened to me, there was no cause for the way I treated you last night. I wanted to come and find you and apologize.” 

“It’s not necessary, Rafe. What I told you was pretty shocking. I would have probably lashed out too,” the towel slipped a little and she pulled at the hem to readjust it. “On the bright side, you seem to be accepting this now.”

“No, no I'm far from it. told me I'm some beast and honestly considering what I saw last night it should be believable but...”

“I understand. Don't worry though. You have a few weeks to adjust to the news, hopefully soon, because the next full moon won't be so patient.”

He let his eyes wander over the glistening skin of her exposed shoulders and sighed. “How big is this place anyway?” he asked trying to divert his attention elsewhere. 

“A few dozen acres. My Dad wanted to create a place for our kind; some place where we could feel safe and protected from those that want to, for lack of a better term, hunt us.”

“The men in the woods?”

She nodded. “They’ve been one of the biggest threats to our species since the dawn of time. As with most wolves, each hunter is born into the life. A trait passed on from generation to generation that gives them almost equal strength, speed and skill. Had they caught you last night, you would have been splayed open, examined and your guts hung from the nearest tower while your head decorated someone’s wall. They think of it as a sport; it’s all a big game to them.”

“That’s disgusting.”

She laughed. “This from a man that showed less concern for his last meal? What do you remember about last night anyway? Has anything come back?”

“Lillie, that was her name. She recognized me from some old gig I’d done years ago and sparked a conversation. After a few drinks she offered me a little trip to her place, naturally I accepted. From there it gets fuzzy. I don’t remember how I got from the bar to the woods nor do I remember becoming a…wolf.”

“That’s because you most likely never shifted. The hunger comes first. Once you feed, full moon or not, you’ve given in to that side of yourself and it opens up a whole new realm of discovery!” her eyes sparkled as she spoke and he was a little put off by the sudden burst of excitement she seemed to find.

“You enjoy this life?”

She shrugged. “It’s the only one I’ve ever known. What? Am I supposed to hate who or what I am? Be some sad and lonely depressed girl because society deems me a monster? Fuck that! Who has time for that? I’m special, we all are and rather than rebel against my race, I embrace it!”

“Well I guess I just can’t share your same passion for murdering people. But then again I have a conscience.”

She smirked at him and reached for her bikini. “A conscience? You think I don’t have a conscience? You really need to stop talking like one of them and get used to who and what you really are.” She turned her back once more and redressed. “And I don’t murder people willy nilly. What you did last night is something that hasn’t happened in quite some time which is why the hunters were on you. We’ve all learned how to feed without being so obvious. That butchering was uncalled for and never should have happened. So step off your high horse and try and remember that that person that woke up covered in some poor woman’s innards last night was you!”

“I’m sorry Kaya, I didn’t mean to offend you. It’s just this place and what you’re telling me…please excuse my behavior.”

“Don’t worry about it.” She tensed for a moment and looked towards the back porch of the manor. “Daddy’s home,” she smiled.

“Wait you live here with your Dad?”

She giggled at his confused expression. “Have you seen how big the manor is? He occupies the East Wing, by the way, never, EVER go to the East Wing. Everyone else stays in the West. He said the noise bothered him so he had to move off enough so he could concentrate on his work.”

“I see.”

“Yeah? Plus he can be a little…moody. Wait until you meet him,” she turned and rushed for the house. She ran to her room, changed and met her father at the door.

“Dollface!” he smiled stretching his arms and waiting for her to greet him. His arms wrapped around her tight and he kissed the top of her head as was his customary greeting for his only child.

She inhaled, taking in the scent of the other wolves that were on him. He'd just come back from a summit meeting and each time he returned she ensured that no other wolf had crossed him by remembering the smell of the others he'd met with. Though she'd never met any of the council members, she'd recognize them by their smell alone.

“How was it?”

“Interesting; I promise you will join me on the next meet.” He sniffed the air in the manor and turned towards the courtyard door. He looked at Kaya, his eyes narrowed as he caught the scent of new blood. “Who’s here?”


“Welcome home, Lobo,” Ulrick said stepping into the foyer redirecting his attention temporarily. Kaya took the opportunity to slip into the backyard hoping to prepare Rafe for a meeting she knew would not end well.

“Rafe?” she whispered searching the porch.

“Psst,” he called seeing her appear from the doorway.

“Why are you hiding?” she giggled stepping towards him near the bushes.

“I don’t know exactly, I just felt…anger?”

“Yeah it’s your heightened senses, they’ll do that. That’s my Dad, he’s not the kindest man when it comes to outsiders but it’s best to get this over with.”

“I thought you said this was a safe haven, a place where he wanted his kind to flourish.”

“That was before the first war. Trust me, the sooner you meet him, the better off we’ll all be.” She grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the house.

Lobo was in the middle of a conversation with Ulrick when she entered. He immediately turned to them; a scowl crossed his face as he inspected the man standing beside his daughter. “WHO IS THIS?!” he yelled, the intensity of the question echoed in the open space of the hall and shook the foundation.

“Daddy I want you to meet Rafe, Rafe this is my father, Armand Villalobos or Lobo for short.”

“It’s nice to…,” Rafe’s words caught in his throat as he noticed the hesitance of Lobo to shake his outstretched hand. He instead crossed his arms in front of his chest and sneered. Rafe watched his eyes play over his face as though he were staring into his soul. He rubbed a nervous hand through his hair but refused to turn from him, afraid of his actions being received as disrespect.

“What are you doing here?”

“He’s new blood Daddy,” Kaya said pushing him closer so that he could further inspect him.

“I know,” he bellowed. “I can smell him! That newborn puppy stench rolls right off of his worthless form as well as the fresh smell of blood. My question was what is he doing here?”

“He needed our help. He was being hunted and…”

“So you bring him here?” he asked looking at his daughter, frustration and anger apparent in his tone and eyes. 

“Lexi said…”

“LEXI?! Where is she? Where is that miserable witch?”

“She sent us for him last night, Lobo,” Ulrick chimed in as Connor and Bane joined them in the main hall. A satisfying smirk stretched across Bane's face hearing Lobo's anger. He was hoping to watch the pup get ripped to shreds but would settle on a tongue lashing at this point.

“What for? Doesn’t she know this place is off limits to strays?”

Everyone fell quiet as Lobo’s fury burned hotter. He had a way of intimidating the bravest of man with just one look. Though he was grayed and older, his power was well known and his menacing form overshadowed any misjudging from his age. No one would ever dare question his authority and because of this, he’d held rule over Greymane for centuries.

“I’ll get to the bottom of this!” he growled and stormed off towards the witch’s den.

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  1. OH MY!!! I would trying to find the smallest corner to hide in to stay away from Lobo! He's very menacing looking.

    Rafe seems to be in a better place for understanding this morning although he still has a lot to figure out. Starting with who turned him and why????

    Great update!

  2. Lobo is a very intimidating man. He can't trust anyone at this point because of what has happened to him in the past. But he knows his daughter's heart and though cannot approve of the way she caters to new wolves will try and help.

    Rafe is trying to be understanding at least to the point of figuring everything out. He's very skeptical and won't really accept what and who he is until he gets a little more information.

    Thank you for reading :)

  3. Lobo being mean was an understatement! I don't blame Rafe for hiding! I would have ran! Hopped a fence and got the hell out of there!

    Accepting who he is will take time for Rafe but at least he is asking questions! That's the first step to understanding.

  4. Lobo is very unpleasant and luckily for the pack, he lives on the complete opposite of the manor.Rafe will come to find that Lobo, though a hardass, is every bit as compassionate and understanding as any good leader should be.

    Rafe is curious about what may have happened to him in the woods. He knows something "strange" took place and seeing Kaya take form is giving him a little more reason to pay attention. He is going to try and learn more to see if there is truth behind his nature.

    Thank you for reading!

  5. ~ Lobo is scary!
    ~ But you need someone like him to be a leader,as long as he is fair in his dealings!He is perfect for his role!
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  6. As long as he rules with a fair hand, you're right. He would be the perfect leader in that respect.

    Rafe is going to encounter a lot of problems as he adjusts to life as a wolf; Bane being one of them.

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    I knew that with her heightened senses she had to know that he was watching her, but she didn't seem to mind.

    I love that Kaya is not ashamed of what she is! Maybe after he adjusts Rafe won't be either.

    Lobo is the perfect name for her father. I would hate to be in Lexi's shoes!

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  8. Thank you! Their names are all wolfy but hers is Native American (couldn't find one I liked wolfy for her).

    She knew he was there but liked that he was brave enough to explore the grounds and didn't want to scare him away so she let him watch. She's very comfortable with who and what she is and that will be very helpful for him.

    HA! It fits :P but he is warm and affectionate towards his daughter. Lexi has some explaining that's for sure!

    Thank you :)

  9. Yeah...
    Hmm, Rafe's enchanted by Kaya or at least her body for now. Who wouldn't she looks good. And I'm a girl, go figure!
    He won't be welcomed with open arms by at least on wolf I know of, Lobo makes 2, if he starts something with her.

    I can understand Lobo's view. Rafe's a stranger and being pack leader, he has to protect the pack, but nope, I'm not warming up to Lobo!

    Great chapter!
    On to the next...

  10. JM:

    LOL I say that about a few sims too so I can understand and thank you! Rafe definitely sees something with her and the tension will only get worse unfortunately.

    Lobo is VERY protective of his little girl so you are on the money. He WON'T stand for anything with his daughter unless it's done the right way. And yes Bane and Rafe won't make friends of the year :P

    HAHA not warming? He is a snuggly...yeah he isn't a nice guy even with his daughter at times. He does what he knows is necessary to protect his pack at all times.

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  12. Hannah:

    Thank you and welcome :D Your comment made me smile. I hope you continue enjoying it and stick with Greymane's ups and downs!

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  14. Lobo hates new wolves; strangers that bring with them a scent he is unfamiliar with means trouble and he will have to find out what Rafe is doing in his home and why Lexi had them bring him there.

    Thank you! Lobo is not one to be trifled with though one other wolf, i.e. Luther, enjoys testing his limit.

    Everyone would be wise to be afraid though Kaya knows he'd yell at her but can never stay upset.

  15. Kaya is stunning, I'll say that.
    I'm really interested in learning about Armando's past, too, that's made him so suspicious and unwelcoming of new wolves.

    1. Thank you! She certainly drives the wolves crazy...worse when she's in heat. Lobo has had some very troubling experiences with new wolves and strays seeking refuge in his home. He's been leery about helping them even though his daughter and pack Beta is always willing to lend a hand! The reasons behind that will be explained (though that's not until Ch. 30 :P). But it does give more insight as to why he is the way he is!

      Thank you for reading! :)

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