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Episode 05: Visions

Genre: Horror
Characters: Luther, Lobo, Damien, Odessa, Aleister, Lorena, Jason, Patrick, Lexi
Word Count: 3,400
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Luther and Lobo make it to the summit and are informed that the seer had come to understand that a Supreme Alpha wolf rests among them. The Alphas of all the packs in attendance: Patrick, Jason, Luther and Lobo leave with the idea that they are the wolf in the vision. Luther determined to become the only Alpha respected and housed in Willow Reed makes a move on Lobo, attacking him with two other wolves. Lobo's seer Lexi stops them before they are able to complete their task and tells Lobo he has to stop Luther before he gets what he's after.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, adult content, adult situations, nudity, strong sexual content

Luther made it to the summit in record time, stomping through his old hunting grounds as he waited for the other members of the council to show. He stayed in form, stalking behind one of the locals, snarling and growling low as the shadows lurched further behind him.

He’d picked his prey and waited patiently for the right time to pounce. “I’ll call you later!” she yelled behind her and hurried off towards her car.

A dimly lit parking lot, no witnesses and near the back of the building? Luther laughed to himself. She was begging to be attacked and he’d spent centuries practicing and would love to be of service to her. She pulled the key from her purse and sat it on top of the roof of the car as she moved forward to unlock the door. “Shit,” she hissed as she dropped her keys to the ground. She bent over to retrieve them not hearing the sounds of the trees behind her.

Instantly he moved from behind the bushes and was on her in a flash. He growled as he hovered over her; his breath warm against her face as a line of saliva dripped from his lower jaw to the ground beside her head. She wanted to scream; call for help and get someone to get this stray dog from near her but was sure any sudden movements would provoke him or be seen as a sign of aggression. It was obvious he was vicious and looking to hurt her.

“There, there,” she cooed soothingly as she slid slowly from beneath him. Luther shifted his weight so that she couldn’t move and snarled at her escape attempt. He quickly thought against it and lifted a paw, he likes when his meal runs, makes the game more interesting.

She rose from the ground and backed away slowly all the while Luther’s snarling form moved behind her. When she thought she was far enough away, she turned and ran as fast as she could through the trees and screamed. “Help!”

“Yes,” Luther sneered, “Scream for help that always works in my favor.” He chased forward, catching the scent of her fear as her feet kicked up a swirl of air around them.

He caught her quickly and tackled her again to the ground. He clamped his mouth tight over her throat and gave it a firm shake crushing her trachea and preventing any further attempts of contacting help. He ripped her clothes from her and worked his way back towards her face, toying with her as he watched the fear in her eyes deepen with every movement he made.

She whimpered and tears fell softly from her eyes as he took his time stripping the flesh from her bones and enjoying the warm feel of her blood slipping down his throat; the younger the prey the more tender the meal. His blue and brown eyes were the last thing she saw as she slipped into darkness.

“Glad you could join us, Luther,” Lobo sneered smelling the blood of his victim waver over him. “I hope you hid the body well.”

Luther laughed and it came out as a rumbling snarl. “I couldn’t resist a personal appearance, Old Friend. And I’ve been doing this for a few centuries; I think I have an understanding of how to clean up. Why? Are you concerned about me Brother?”

“I couldn’t care less what happens to you. I’d just prefer the rest of us not suffer from your stupidity.”

He smirked, leaned over and whispered, “How’s the whelp? Still awaiting my touch I’m sure,” he sucked on his canines ensuring the lingering odor met his nose once more.

A low growl emitted from Lobo’s throat and his lip curled menacingly as he turned towards Luther. “You’re ready to die then? Because if you go anywhere near my daughter no one, not even your witch will be able to stop me from ripping your throat out.”

“I’ve always found it such a pity,” he continued, ignoring the warning growl that was steadily increasing and reaching a thunderous decibel inside of Lobo’s chest, “she’s gone unmated for so long. Is she under a mystical lock and key like me? Wouldn’t that be so perfect? Almost like it’s meant to be; she’s a firm, ripe peach just waiting to be plucked and I’m a seasoned farmer. A nice, supple thing like her; imagine the pups she and I could breed.”

Aleister looked over at the men and motioned for security to be ready. Lobo hopped from his seat and reached for Luther. “Gentlemen,” Lorena said placing a calming hand on Lobo’s shoulder and pushing him back into his seat before he could tighten a hand around Luther’s throat. “I think it’s best to leave your personal disputes outside of this building. This council was created to prevent such behavior!”

Lobo turned in his seat; his sharp blue eyes locked piercingly on Luther as silent threats were issued from both men.

 “Can we get started please?” Damian Bloodworth howled as he watched the last of the council members take their seats. The room was half full with one representative each from the more prominent packs. Lobo, Luther, Jason and Patrick as well as four council affiliates were in attendance, Damian, Odessa, Aleister and Lorena.

“As you all may know, we’ve worked on maintaining the balance of power between each pack and ensuring that any turf war was fought on common grounds or that amicable terms could be met. Well we have recently learned of something that will change all of this and the old ways of the council will become null and void.”

Lobo and Luther looked around the room gauging the reactions of the other pack leaders before returning their attention to the speaker.

“What are you talking about?” Jason asked leaning forward and becoming antsy at the same time.

“We have received word from the seers that the chosen one is among you,” Odessa started. Damian cleared his throat and continued to address his audience.

“One of you has been born and bred to lead the packs into the next century. One of you and ONLY one of you has the ability to harness the energy and become the Supreme Alpha and unite the packs once and for all. But greatness of course does come with a price. If not used wisely, that power can destroy us all!”

Lobo and Luther sneered in one another’s direction as Damian’s words were delivered to the crowd. Both men believing himself to be the true Alpha and both knowing the lengths each would go through to prove it.

“So what does this mean for us?” Patrick asked taking interest as he noticed Jason’s eyes on him. “How do we know who this ‘Supreme’ one is?”

“You will begin to exhibit powers you’ve never had before. You will become stronger, faster, smarter; an overall better predator. But there are drawbacks as well. You will exhibit a greater sensitivity to the sun, more vulnerability while transitioning and the pain of your change will be increased immensely. There are also increased emissions and any wolf would be able to sense you which means that if they want to challenge you, finding you won’t be hard.

“Every time?”

“Every time.”

The room fell silent as the men took in the information. What this meant for them had endless possibilities. Leading all of the clans and being declared the Supreme Alpha meant power beyond their imaginings and a huge army to command. They could become the ruler of every territory and have a vast number of wolves beneath them.

“We have our seers working around the clock to figure out which of you is the one. Until such time you are ALL,” he paused looking in Luther and Lobo’s directions, “still under Council rulings and any dispute should be handled as such. For now, this meeting is adjourned. Are there any questions?”

The pack leaders stood and hurried towards the exits anxious to get back to their packs with what they’d learned and even more so to figure out if they would be the one destined to lead.

Lorena and Aleister left promptly as well leaving Damian to finish the cleanup. “So why didn’t you tell them everything?” Odessa asked still sitting in her seat near the wall. She watched as he pulled the podium back on the stage a little more and shuffled the stack of papers sitting on top of it before turning to meet her eyes.

“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean.” He started for his office and she stood to pursue him waiting for him to acknowledge the truth behind her question. He pulled her inside and quickly shut the door. “What is it Oddie?” he slumped onto the edge of his desk and waited.

“You told them one of them would be ruler but you left out the rest of what the seer said. We already know which one it is, why didn’t you tell them?”

“Oddie, I’ve led this council for a number of centuries now. I’ve made decisions that have kept our race happy, healthy and alive. Because of me wolf on wolf crime is the lowest it has ever been and each pack, whether big or small, have their own territory in which to lead. Knowing that and the number of contributions I continue to make,” his voice lowered and mimicked a growl as his eyes narrowed at her, “why are you questioning me now?”

She drew in a breath and released it slowly. She’d seen his rage when he’d tried controlling the beast within him. She’d even felt the heat from his back hand against her cheek a time or two as she worked on helping him come down. She wasn’t in the mood to provoke that anger or watch him lose control now; she only wanted answers.

When she didn’t answer him, Damian pulled up from his desk and moved towards her. He pulled a few strands of her flame red hair over her shoulder and watched it slowly cascade from his hand before inching closer into her. “I asked you a question,” he whispered in her ear. The warmth from his breath rolled over her skin and made the tiny hairs on her neck stand on end. A shiver danced down her spine and she licked her lips and sighed hoping his calm demeanor continued.

“I was just wondering what it is you have planned. We know which one is the alpha but you didn’t say anything so there will be civil unrest between the packs until they figure out to whom the seer referred. It just seems to me that we’re starting a war where none is necessary.”

He placed a gentle kiss on her neck and rolled his lips against her cheek kissing her again before moving back to his desk. “I’m aware of what this means for the packs, Oddie. I’ve thought about it long and hard.”

He slumped into his chair and leaned back as he watched her. Her face was as beautiful as it was the day he met her and she still had the figure he’d admired every day since. He groaned feeling his pants tighten as she crossed her arms against her chest in frustration. Her nose wrinkled and he smiled as the light heightened the appearance of her skin making it glisten with each motion she made. Her anger always excited him and he loved the game she forced him to play when she knew he wanted her. He leaned forward and sucked on his bottom lip as she adjusted to his stares. He laughed and met her eyes again.

“If they are to be led by one, the council won’t be needed any longer which means I won’t be needed any longer and I have not worked this hard for this long for someone else to swoop in and take the credit. I need to convince this ‘Supreme One’ that he needs me in his corner. And while he believes to be ruling the packs, I’ll actually be his puppeteer. I just need time in order to get everything in place.” 

“So you’re content with them starting a war just so you can get what you want?”

“Letting them stress over which of them it is will keep them distracted long enough for me to take what I need. I’ve instructed the seers to remain silent and not expose which so as long as I am in charge, I’ll get what I want. Two birds, one stone,” he smiled standing. 

“Now, enough babble, your mouth has better things it can be doing right now.” He unzipped his pants, unbuttoned his shirt anxiously and watched as she slowly crawled towards him on her hands and knees. She smiled up at him as she finished inching his trousers down and slipped her hand along his hard arousal. She licked once at the precum that had formed along the head and he growled his frustrations at her teasing.

He took a firm grip of her hair and pushed her mouth onto his stiffened cock. She opened as wide as she could as he forced himself down her throat. His head fell back and he howled in pleasure as she began sucking him with her expert mouth, cupping his sack as her tongue flicked slowly across the purple head of his swollen erection.

She pulled back and rolled her tongue up and down his shaft, showing equal attention to his balls as she slowly sucked on each while sliding his cock in her hand. She sucked him back into her mouth, her head bobbing in rhythm with his hips as he thrust himself forward and deeper into her wet lips. “Oh yeah Baby,” he moaned as she jerked him off and rested her mouth just on the tip. “I love it when you do that. Mmm suck it. Faster.”

She did as he instructed, resting her weight more on her knees as she sucked him faster into her mouth. She worked him from shaft to head licking up the sweet taste of his precum as it dripped from his dick. The slapping sounds of his balls on her chin and the slurping of her mouth on his head aroused him more and he clutched her head tighter as he pumped himself forward. 

“Yeah, like that, like that,” he reached down and held her shoulders, ramming himself deeper down her throat. She gagged once but he didn’t let up. His body stiffened and his muscles tightened as he felt his cock jerk. He released; his juices shot into her mouth and she sucked faster to take it all in swallowing as fast as she could.

His shaft throbbed as the last spurt hit her tongue and she could feel him as he grew limp against her cheek and slowly pull himself free of her lips. He placed his hand under her chin, pulling her face up to meet his eyes. 

He stroked a loving thumb along her cheek and watched as her eyes twinkled up at him. “I love you Oddie and I’ll always take care of you.”

She stood and slid the strap of her dress off her shoulders and stepped out of it once it hit the ground.

She took his cock into her hand stroking him and felt him become hard as steel as his eyes wandered her nude body in front of him. Her deep breathing caused her chest to heave towards him; her breasts floating up and down near his face and a smile curved her lips as he looked up at her. “Then come and take care of me.” She pulled him forward, using his dick like a leash, and led him towards the couch.

“Leaving so soon Old Friend?” that voice grinded on Lobo’s nerve. He stopped in his tracks and tensed his shoulders as he turned to face him.

“We’re still on Council grounds Luther. Maybe you should back away before the treaty is broken right here.”

“Perhaps that’s exactly what I want,” he smiled and stepped from the bushes. He let out a sharp whistle and three wolves came out from the shadows and surrounded Lobo. Disappearing in a bright flash of light Luther as well emerged in form sneering in Lobo’s direction as he slowly moved towards him.

Without hesitation he dropped to his knees and transformed into an equally sized black wolf and leaned on his forearms. His tail was pert and standing horizontal of his frame in attack position. His ears were alert and his eyes became slits in his skull as he watched the pack form around him preparing their attack. “If this is what you want, so be it.”

Luther was the first to charge in, snarling and panting at Lobo as he neared his jowls. But before the first blow was struck there was a flash of lightening that charged and sent Luther flying back into the bushes he skulked from.

Lexi appeared from the swirling blue and purple lights and glared in his direction as she watched him pull himself from the shrubs and make a hasty retreat with the pack he’d brought with him. Lexi kneeled before Lobo and rubbed the ruffled fur of his head. “Perge secures,” she whispered in his ear and he immediately became relaxed.

She wrapped her arms around him and teleported him to her place. Closing him in the bedroom, she left a robe on the bed for him to redress himself and waited for him to transform back.

“Prior knowledge would have been nice, Lexi,” he bellowed stepping from the room with a less than pleasant scowl on his face.

“And had I informed you of Luther’s intentions to break the pact Faith would have been obligated to warn him and his plans would have changed. I did what I felt was best in this situation and you’re welcome!” She dropped onto the couch in front of the fireplace and waited for him to join her. 

“This is the second time you’ve made a decision on my behalf. If you intend to keep your position with Greymane you’ll want to make it your last. You are MY seer Lexi, you work FOR me. It was bad enough you went behind my back to my daughter about that pup! I don’t need you fighting my battles too!”

Lexi smiled and leaned back into the soft upholstered cushions of the sofa and waited for him to finish venting. It was always the same with him. Though she’s saved his ass on numerous occasions he could never say thank you. She chalked it up to his male ego being bruised getting rescued by a girl and never took to heart the things he said.

They were friends regardless of the threats he made she knew he would never be able to go through with them. Not after keeping his secrets and not after the number of things they’d handled under the Council’s noses. “Are you done?”

He sighed and joined her on the couch. “So what was the plan? End the treaty and try to ensure his place as this ‘Supreme Alpha’?”

“Something like that though from what I can tell he had plans to attack you before learning about the vision. Being incapable of creating his own pack and extending his bloodline has caused him to try and gain as many new wolves as he can find. Greymane beat him to the pup and he wants him; he wants them all.”

“And he should know that as hard as he tries I’ll guard him just as much.”

“Which is why I knew you would be perfect to take him. Had he become a member of Gideon, there’s no telling what would happen. Luther doesn’t concern himself with the health or care of the wolves beneath him. He only wants to destroy anyone that opposes him. And he’ll continue on this destructive path until you are finally able to end his reign.”

“Ending his reign means ending the pact.”

Lexi leaned forward and rested her hand on his shoulder. He looked at his hands then back at her. The look in her eyes was somber and full of pain. “Then it’s what you must do.”

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  1. So awesome. I thought Lobo was scary but Luther is ruthless. He is going to go non stop trying to take down Lobo since he feels he's is biggest threat.

    Taunting a man like him about his daughter was a bold move on Luther's part.

    I don't like sneaky Damien. But mean are always out for power for some reason. If this new supreme one is going to be such a strong Alpha how does he think he will be able to control him?

    Awesome update.

  2. that should be men...also if the sneers work for the pack leaders how can then not tell them who it is?

    1. No worries :D I like that Blogger has made it to where you can reply under the comments now I wish they'll update it so you can edit them too!

  3. Jaz:

    Lobo is much more calm about things and that "kill them kindness" can be frustrating in its own right. But test him; threaten his daughter or his pack and he can be just as cold and calculating as Luther.

    Luther has years of frustrations building up and is tired of being controlled by the council and the seers. He wants to break free of those binds and have all the power he can muster. He won't stop until he takes Greymane down and he knows what gets to Lobo.

    Damien...very underhanded for someone in his position but yes he is only after power and control as men usually are :P He feels that because of his age and his position and the fact that he has been ruling the council for centuries the Supreme one will need/want him in his corner. From there he will get what he wants.

    The Seers are tools provided by the council to each pack so technically they work for them. Damien though has underestimated the bond between pack leaders and seers since they have been working close for centuries. That mistake may very well come back to bite him!

    Thank you for reading!

  4. Oohh,
    Supreme alpha huh! Rafe has some big PAWS to fill for a pup! Who'd have thunk?

    Conspiracy much...Council leader should be careful, not that I want him to be, I think I'd enjoy Rafe ripping his throat out. (I'm ruthless, whatever)
    Let him come! Greymane will take care of him, although I think Bane would hand him over GLADLY! LOL

    I like Lexi! She's cute And the fact that she's a seer makes her very cool!

    Great, info filled, chapter D!
    Just keep 'em coming! ;)

  5. JM:

    Lol wishful thinking? If it's true he'll have that and much more to look out for. Anyone taking that position is in for a fight!

    Damien hopes that he is crafty enough to keep his thoughts and what he hopes to accomplish hidden. It's one reason he advised the seers to remain silent. Bane would certainly be a willing participant in Rafe's demise. He is far from through where he's concerned!

    Thank you! Other than Kaya she's the only one that can keep Lobo calm. He looks to her for advice sometimes and their "friendship" is tight.

    Your comment had me cracking up LOL! Thank you for reading!

  6. Luther is ruthless!!He wanted her to run and scream! I'm with Mica, Lobo scares the hell out of me but next to Luther he is a teddy bear! that a smart choice? Now Luther is going to try to kill of all his possibles to make sure he is the Supreme Alpha/ I feel for the world if he is successful.

    I think I'm sick. Luther puts so much fear in me but damn if I wouldn't consider letting him bite the cookie!

  7. Qui:

    HA! A teddy bear? LOL Don't tell him that! What can I say? He likes them scared. Luther is very evil and his menacing quality keeps his pack in line for the most part. They are all too afraid to cross him.

    Damien is trying to prevent any pack leader from having that much power...over him. He is really working the magical angle for himself and ensuring he has the "Supreme Alpha" under his nail. If it were Luther, he'd be SO over his head!

    HAHA! You and the bad ones Qui :D

    Thank you for reading!

  8. Luther is an animal even in human form! I can't imagine what things will be like if he becomes the alpha! He was such a coward, attacking Lobo with his pack!

    It was good to see Lexi for the first time. Even though she saved Lobo, I'm not sure that she is really on his side!

    There's so much going on behind the scenes! This is so exciting, DJ!

  9. El:

    Right! HAHA Luther wants to be the Supreme one but can't fight his own battles! It's his mission to gather as many wolves as possible for a war he hopes to start soon because he knows taking out Greymane is a task in itself.

    Lexi is a very close friend of Lobo's, closer than they should be. She's always there for him. You're suspicious of Lexi? :P Is it because she encouraged him to go after Luther? Or the fact that she is doing as Damien said and keeping quiet about the Alpha? Interesting :)

    Thank you El :D

  10. WOW, how in the world did you pull off that bj scene?? I have never seen anything like that, I didn't even think it was possible. GOOD LORD!! But I have to admit, that was HOT. YES, I'm a perv. But once again, you managed to mess with my breathing, Daija!! Geeez, you keep sneaking up on me with these hot sex scenes! XD So raw, yet so hot. I truly applaud you for your ability to make it so realistic. *cough*thisisbetterthanporn*cough. What? I didn't say anything. ;-)

    The council meeting was well done, and the set that you created was flawless. It makes everything so real, their positions and level of power. I thought Lobo was scary, bu geez Luther is even more disturbing! I'm worried for Lobo and his pack, I really hope nothing happens to his family. I have a feeling that shit's going to go down soon and it ain't gonna be pretty.

    I also love the special effects you added to the mauled woman and Lobo's escape from Luther's pack. Very creative! I'm going to stop for now since I need to go to bed. But I'll be back soon! Great job with the story, and I really commend your writing and creativity.

  11. Tommie:

    HAHA it was hard. I tried making my own at one point because her mouth wouldn't do what I wanted. I was beginning to think poor Damien was gonna have blue balls. I love pervs! Pervs are the best readers ever :D You can thank Jay for the realism. He makes sure everything is right LOL (yes in that sense too).

    Thank you :D I told you I love creating the sets LOL. I'm lazy otherwise and the pictures would never be edited! Luther is very vicious and when you get to 7 you'll see that for sure! He and Lobo have been back and forth for centuries and they know what makes each other tick. He's ready to end his line at this point though and have his name at the top of every pack in the territory.

    Gore is my chore! The bloodier the better :D yes that's sick...but thank you! That's the fog emitter another fun trick to use.

    Thank you for those compliments! Have great dreams :D

  12. Oooh, so much intrigue. I love the politicking going on, with everyone trying to be Alpha and Damian wanting to be the puppeteer.

    Luther is hella creepy. I really loved how he got right into Lobo's face, trying to provoke him.

    1. Thank you :) Damian has no idea what he's in for and shows no concern over anyone else except his and Odessa's future.

      Luther is a never say die kind of guy and really hates Lobo. He never shies from an opportunity to lay one on him and we'll learn why that is soon.

  13. first of all, I loved the picture behind that council dude's desk! lol!

    Ugh, the pressures of leading. I hope Lobo can figure out what to do.

    I wonder who this supreme alpha is. I have a guess, but I'll keep quiet about it.

    1. Haha! Yes! I thought it was greatly ironic :P I didn't think anyone noticed it lol.

      Yes they definitely have a lot to deal with! And with the politics of the Council things only get worse! Lobo has a real issue on his hands though. If he goes through with this he breaks the treaty and endangers his pack something he hates most of all!

      I'm sure you do :D but how things develop will be a real pain for Damian!