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Episode 03: Dog Eat Dog

Genre: Horror
Characters: Dexter, Luther, Armand, Ulrick, Connor, Bane, Rafe, Kaya
Word Count: 4,719
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Luther Crowley, Alpha for the Gideon pack, threatens his Beta Dexter unless he can get the new pup Rafe out from under Greymane's roof. Rafe discovers that the wolves in the manor are actually members of a famous rock band and his past as a musician comes into question. Dexter along with Phoenix make a move and attack Greymane to retrieve the pup and Lobo vows to protect him.
Warnings:  Language, suggestive material, violence, adult content, adult situations, nudity, strong sexual content

“You called for me?” Dexter asked entering the dimmed office located in the back of the Gideon manor. Luther swiveled his chair around to meet his beta. His large brooding eyes told the man he was not in the mood for bad news and he took a quick step back.

“The seer gave you a specific task to accomplish. Why is it that the pup she discovered is now under the protection of Greymane and not in one of the cells downstairs?” he leaned back in the chair, the scowl still very much present letting Dexter know he’d better have a good explanation for his failure, or else.

“We didn’t expect Greymane to go after him, not after Lobo’s ruling. We moved slower than we should have and by the time we got to the location they’d already taken off with him.” Dexter kept his head down as he spoke, afraid of looking into Luther’s eyes and provoking his rage.

“I don’t have to tell you how this news upsets me,” he jumped from his seat quickly and moved towards Dexter in one fluid motion. Dexter immediately bowed before him, dropping his head again in respect. “I cannot allow Lobo to strengthen his pack. Take Phoenix AND GET THAT PUP!”

 “Yes Luther,” Dexter said standing.

“Fail me again Dexter and I’ll rip out your throat.” He nodded and quickly exited the door.

“We need to practice,” Kaya said staring at Bane. “Get off your ass please?”

He huffed and looked up at her. “Practice for what? We are 1 membah down remembah? What’s the purpose of a band practice without a full band?”

“It keeps you sharp and on top of the music. Why are you always making this so difficult? Come on, please?”

He sighed and took another sip from the drink in his hand and sat it on the table. “Alright but aftah I finish this drink, Love.”

“Fine, just get in gear already. We’ve put off practice for a week now and I’d just like to get back into it. I assume you still remember where the music room is right? Down the hall? You too Rick!” she said turning on her heels and waiting on them to follow.

“Alright get set up so we can start. I’ve been waiting on your slow asses for the last 40 minutes,” Connor growled watching Ulrick and Bane set up their equipment. “It’s hard enough thinking up new material without having to worry whether or not you are going to show up for practice.”

“Easy Mate,” Bane said stepping behind his set. “Like I told Ky, I don’t see the point in practicin’ without a full band. But I’m ‘ere right? Don’t get ya knickahs in a knot.”

Kaya smiled and continued tuning her guitar as Ulrick prepared the recorder. “I want to start with ‘Affliction’ and work to ‘Dark Deeds’ from there. Connor said he has something in store for us and I can’t wait to see what that is.”

“Count us down,” she turned towards Bane as he slid behind his drums and whipped the sticks into the air.

Rafe was lurking in the doorway watching them setup, a small smile crept up on his face as the guitars began and Kaya started singing. Her eyes closed momentarily as she let the smooth electric sounds drift through her and guide her hands across the strings of her Gibson. Bane's vicious turn at the drums cued her and her voice began soft at first and louder as the rhythms intertwined and filled the room in perfect harmony.

“A pretty face made you fall, you were blinded
a sweet kiss touched your lips and your worlds collided
happy ever after’s are fantasies and myth
you tainted everything you came into contact with.”

“Your poisonous words swallowed me whole and my life became undone
shattered memories and vague resemblance of a time shadowed by the sun
Black roses and cobwebs are all that’s left of you
and your bones will spread like ash when I am through.”

Rafe stood in front of the stage across from her and listened as she continued. Her voice was like a siren’s call, entrancing him and he watched her every move. The way her fingers slid along the frets of her guitar, the way her hips swayed with the beat and the way her face conveyed the lyrics perfectly.

Bane noticed Rafe's gaze and his drumming became louder, less rhythmic and he started losing his timing. Connor glanced over his shoulder at him and sighed. Bane shot him a quick look and continued on with the track not apologizing for his slip. 

“Affliction – I could never get enough of it
Affliction – face down in the shadow pit
Affliction – broken bed of reverie
Affliction – finally who I was meant to be.”

“So what if I lied? Honesty is a game and I’m not playing
the vicious truth of me and you has caused enough pain
when in the light this life is done…”

“Wait, wait,” Bane said stopping in the middle of the second verse. Ulrick flipped the recorder off and waited. He sighed knowing it was just another bullshit reason from him for not wanting to practice and looked at Connor as he threw his hands up in frustration.

“What’s the problem now?” Connor asked turning around on his stool and glaring at him. “It’s always you; why can’t we just get through one practice without you stopping in the middle of the fucking song Bane?”

“Fuck you Connor. I’m not about to sit ‘ere and smell that youngblood all fuckin’ night. It’s distractin’ and I want ‘em gone.”

“Tough it out Bane,” Ulrick said trying to quiet the storm. “He isn’t going anywhere so you might as well get used to it.”

Kaya straightened the mic stand and waited on Bane to start her off again but he stood with his arms folded in his chest ignoring Ulrick’s and Connor’s requests to begin.

“You know what? We don’t need him!” Connor yelled. “We can always find a half decent, drunk and dumb drummer. He’d be ten times the musician Bane could ever fucking be anyway!”

Bane moved quickly and charged Connor. He was inches from his face drawing him into a staring contest as each waited for the other to make a move. Bane tauntingly jerked his head forward; clenching his fist tight he barked loudly and gave Connor a quick shove back, dropping him to his bench.

“Guys!” Kaya yelled. “Guys cool it alright? Knock it off! And Bane, Ulrick is right, you heard what Lexi said. Stop being so fucking petty and let’s get through this shit!”

He looked over at her, his expression unchanged. He shook his head and stomped from the stage. “Fuck this band, ya can all bugger off!” he said exiting the room.

Kaya and Connor broke down the set and Ulrick powered down the recording equipment as they exited the room. Kaya stood staring at Rafe curious at the smirk on his face as he slid from the table and started towards her.

“You’re in a band?”

“Just a little,” she laughed as she placed the guitar on its stand. “Does that surprise you? We do tend to lead normal lives. We’re only forced to be wolves once a month, have to find some way to fill the rest of the time.”

“Yeah but, the courtyard…how…?”

She smiled and stepped off the stage towards him. “I’m a full grown wolf which means that I have unlocked the ability to change whenever I want. But still, just as new wolves, I’m most powerful only on nights of a full moon.”

“Wait, Kaya Villalobos? You’re THAT Kaya?”

She laughed again and moved closer. “It took you a while didn’t it?”

“Yeah but in my defense I’ve had quite the shock to my system these last few days. Plus I’ve avoided all things music,” he said rubbing the back of his head. “You’re great! Your voice is amazing!”

“Well, I don’t sign autographs so don’t ask,” she paused and giggled at his curious glance. “I’m only kidding and thank you! I love my fans. I wouldn’t be where I am without them.”

She followed his gaze towards the custom Gibson guitar sitting on the stand at the front of the stage and smiled. “Why don’t you give it a go?”

He looked at her hesitantly and shook his head.

“From the little I heard you’re pretty talented! Come on, don’t make me beg Rafe.”

He smiled at the thought and stepped closer. “What if that’s exactly what it’ll take?” he watched her for a moment, gazing at her lips again and the tender way she sucked on the lower, licking her tongue slowly across her lip ring before she began to speak. “Fine, I’ll play under one condition, you have dinner with me and tell me more about this place and what we are.”

“‘We’? Does that mean you’re finally coming to grips with what you’ve been told? Last night you were freaking out so bad I thought you’d need to be tranquilized and trust me I was ready to shoot.”

He laughed. “Yes ‘we’; I’m still a little wary but there are things happening to me that I can’t explain and watching myself do what I did the night you found me...everything just seems to fit into place. So how about it? Dinner and information and I’ll play you a tune?”

She nodded and he stepped up on the stage and carefully removed the guitar from its base. His fingers strummed the strings slowly at first as he familiarized himself with the notes again. His hands slid along the smooth surface of the headstock and down the body, stopping just on the frets. He positioned his hand over the fingerboard and using his index finger pushed the string down against the neck.

He closed his eyes as the first note, a sharp G, pierced the music room and reverberated within the tiny space. Instantly he took up more notes, letting his fingers dance around the recognizable instrument as his harmonies enticed Kaya to sway.

The amplifier did the rift justice, exposing his love of the music as well as the original piece he played. He winked at her as he moved around the stage, his past shining through his motions and his body moved in time with the sound. He stepped to the edge of the stage, pointed at Kaya and ended with a scale.

“Woo!” she cheered as he sat the Gibson back on the stand and hopped down. “That was great!”

“Thank you, thank you very much,” he laughed and bowed.

“So why don’t you play anymore? You obviously love it!”

“Like I said I just lost the taste.”

“You know, I don’t know what that means but I wish it weren’t so. We just so happen to be looking for a replacement bass guitarist.” She took a seat on one of the amps, crossing her legs and smiling as he turned to face her.


“And you would fit perfectly!” she concluded.

“Right, I’d fit perfectly into a band of werewolves that hate my guts? No thanks; I swim with sharks but only when I’m locked in a safety net. I don’t intend on endangering myself any more than I have to being around this place. Which by the way, when am I being released from this gilded cage?” he asked, the harshness in his tone playing through deeper than he had intended but he made no apologies.

He was frustrated and nerve wracked and only wanted for the seclusion behind the electric fence to end so that he could get back to his life. “You know what? Don’t answer that, I’m sure it’s just another lame ass excuse as to why I can’t go outside these walls. I have yet to get a straight answer for anything! Like why did you come looking for me? How did I become what you are? Why does your Dad stay locked up in the East Wing ‘for my safety’. You and your fucking friends aren’t doing anything but holding me hostage!”

Kaya bit her lip and shook her head at his sudden burst of anger. It wasn’t uncommon for young wolves to have blind rage but it still got under her skin. “You’re free to leave whenever you want Rafe. You’re not our prisoner despite what Ulrick may have you believe, you never were. That electric fence is not on now and was never intended to keep things in, but out,” she hopped up instantly and started for the door. “But do me a favor, when the hunters pick up your scent again and track you down to whatever rat hole you happen to find yourself squatting in or a rival pack uses your skin as wallpaper don’t come back here looking for refuge and don’t say we didn’t fucking warn you!”

She slammed the door to the room behind her and stormed towards the den. “I see the glittah of the new pup has finally started to wear thin huh Love?” Bane said watching the anger in her face as she poured herself a drink. “What’s the mattah? Did Daddy’s little girl finally figure out that not every stray dog on the street is worth savin?” Immediately he regretted the jab seeing the hurt expression on her face and quickly changed his tone. “What happened K? Do ya need me to clean house?” he asked, trying to make amends as he gently stroked her arm.

She jerked away and pounded the drink in her hand. She threw the glass into the sink, shattering it into a few tiny pieces before glaring at him with renewed anger, “Fuck off, Bane.”

“Kaya!” Rafe yelled as he entered the hall and started towards them. She instantly turned and moved in the opposite direction for the courtyard ignoring his many pleas to stop.

“Hey, she’s not interested so back off flea bag before I put the little dog to sleep,” Bane said, his accent getting thicker as his tone became more threatening. He pushed Rafe away from the porch doors and blocked his exit.

“You know, you’ve been taking shots at me ever since I got to this place! I didn’t ask to be here; in fact it’s been the total opposite! I don’t need your shit Bane and I’m sick of it. Stay out of my face and away from me!” He shoved him once for good measure before rushing out to the patio.


He turned his head slightly to check the other side of the yard and sniffed the air but as he turned back around he was met with Bane’s fist. He instantly dropped from the blow and looked up as he received another fist equally as hard as the first.

Rafe spit a mouthful of blood to the side as he charged for Bane, crashing through the plate glass window and pounding his fist into his face. The two exchanged blows, fist for fist, breaking several other pieces of furniture as well as a valued and treasured family heirloom.

“Stop it!” Kaya yelled returning to the living room as she heard the glass shatter in the door. “Hey!” she moved forward to break them up but Connor pulled her back.

“Let them go,” he said enjoying the free for all and loving the way Rafe took control of the fight. “Bane’s getting a lesson in humility.”

Rafe’s fist slammed hard into Bane’s left jaw and a spray of blood burst from his mouth and onto the floor.

“Ulrick do something!” she yelled at him as he joined them in the den.

Ulrick reached for Rafe to find he was only holding him in place for Bane’s fist to meet him across the face once more. “Connor, a little help?” he asked.

“WHAT IS THIS?!” Lobo yelled as Connor stepped in to help Ulrick pull the two apart. “What the hell is going on in here?”

“Ask Kaya’s pet,” Bane snarled.

“Fuck you Bane!” Rafe yelled rushing for him again. Connor helped him up and pushed him further away from his target.

Lobo turned towards his daughter and she quietly stepped back on to the porch, rushing towards her place of solace and away from his expecting eyes.

“Clean this place up!” he yelled following after his daughter.

He found her beyond the courtyard near the waterfall he had built for her mother when he’d learned she was pregnant. It was her way of dealing with the pain and stress of carrying a wolf. Unfortunately she did not survive the birth. The strain on her body was far worse than anyone had anticipated and no amount of healing could save her.

“If the pup continues causing issues Kaya I will have to send him away. I will not have him disrupting my household! I’ve worked too long and too hard to maintain order here and I will not see it fall.”

“I’m sorry Daddy. It’s only been a few days, he’s still learning and Bane isn’t making things easy for him. I only did this because Lexi said it was important and as your daughter, I did what I thought you would. It wasn’t meant as disrespect in any way,” she said without turning around. “But anyway, he doesn’t want our help and I don’t know what Lexi wanted from us so if it is your wish that he leaves then send him away.”

He sighed and approached her, wrapping an arm around her and lovingly pulling her into an embrace. “You are a strong leader, your mother would be proud to know that. We’ll figure it out, no worries ok?” he kissed her forehead and pulled back. “You do great things for us all Sweetheart; just make sure you remember yourself as well. You can’t save the world.”

He kept his arm around her shoulder and guided her back towards the house.

“Looks like we’re just in time for the party,” Phoenix’s voice sounded behind them.

“And what a touching father-daughter moment,” Dexter chimed in. Lobo turned and ducked the blow he’d sent at his head and matched one to Dexter’s left jaw.

Phoenix rushed Kaya and pushed her against the wall, holding her in place as she struggled to free herself, her legs kicking frantically as she bit at his hands. “Connor!” she yelled before Phoenix’s right fist knocked her to the ground. She swept his leg and instantly jumped on top of him swinging wildly and punching as hard as she could.

Connor rushed towards Lobo and sent a kick to Dexter’s midsection knocking him back towards the fountain. He growled and went into attack mode awaiting his next move as he defended his Alpha. “Come on you cur, let’s see what you’ve got,” he howled letting Dexter know he was game his green eyes glowing with tenacity.  

Ulrick, Bane and Rafe came out to see what the commotion was and Lobo turned towards them. “Get that pup back inside and keep him safe!” They rushed Rafe back towards one of the holding cells and locked themselves behind the steel doors.

“We’ll have that youngblood even if we have to go through each of you to get him!”

Connor continued guarding Dexter’s route to Lobo and prepared to rush him. Dexter motioned for Phoenix who had been able to push Kaya away from him and the duo started for the exit.

“It’s ok Connor, stand down,” Lobo said placing a calming hand on his shoulder. “Thank you.”

Connor stood upright and moved towards Kaya, her lip was bleeding a little and she sucked on the wound getting it to stop. “Are you ok?”

“I’m fine.”

He helped her to her feet and Lobo came over to check on her as well. “If Gideon is after Rafe, there is definitely cause for concern. He has our protection, Kaya and now it’s your job to make sure he learns the ins and outs of our kind.” She nodded and he turned to head back inside.

“Bane’s going to really love this,” Connor grinned. “Let’s get inside.”

She got up to her room and started rearranging the bookshelf and cleaning up around her desk. She heard footsteps outside the door and immediately knew who they belonged to.

“What do you want Bane?” Kaya asked without turning around.

“Ya know what I want Love,” he said snaking an arm around her waist and pressing his hard on against her thigh. “Ya want to take care of me?”

She pushed him off and turned to face him. “No. We had an agreement you have to want it and I have to want it and I’d rather you just went away. After that shit you pulled with Rafe I don’t even want to look at you.”

“Well ya don’t ‘ave to look at me. We can always do it ‘doggy style’,” he smirked. “Oh come on! You’re pissed because I put that mutt in ‘is place? I did that for you! Ya like pullin’ this fuckin’ riff raff in ‘ere and expect that everyone is goin’ to fall all over ‘emselves to make ‘em comfortable, that’ll never ‘appen; not from me. Besides ‘e got a few licks in and I did ‘em a proper! I saved ‘is life!”

“Yeah because my Dad told you to, would you have otherwise?”

“Probably not. But that’s beside the point. Come on, Love, don’t sour what we  ‘ave. Doesn’t the accent do it for ya anymore? Would ya like me to sing?” he grinned.
“ ‘ere’s to Ky, she’s true blue.
She’s a piss-pot through and through.
She’s a bastard, so they say.
She tried to go to  ‘eaven but she went the other way she went...”

She sighed and pushed at him before returning to her bookshelf. “I’m not going down on anything and that still doesn’t mean I’m having sex with you.”

“Sure it does, trust me I can get ya in the mood.” He hooked a finger around her waistband and pulled her back towards him. He nuzzled his nose into her neck and kissed her gently along her jaw line as he undid the button on her jeans and slid his hand down the front of her panties. 

She moaned feeling him reach between her legs, his fingers going to work and arousing her senses. “Ya sure ya don’t want it? Hmm?” he whispered between kisses on her neck. He continued rubbing quicker, feeling the moisture building between her thighs. His kisses turned to little nibbles and she wiggled against him rubbing her ass teasingly against his hard on. His other hand grabbed the waistband of her jeans and pulled them from her hips.

He removed his finger right before she could get off and yanked his shirt from his chest. He tossed his pants into the corner and quickly grabbed for her shirt as well nearly tearing it from her body and exposing her breasts. He reached between her legs again and massaged her quicker, waiting to feel her orgasm and enjoying the way she moaned his name. “Tell me ya don’t want this,” he grinned as his fingers got her off.

He turned her to face him, his mouth dropped to her nipples and he bit and sucked on them wildly, listening to her moaning and watching her head fall back from the pleasure. Her hands clutched around his head and neck holding him in place and she looked down at him. He smirked seeing her eyes floating in her head, grabbed her ass and lifted her onto the desk. His lips fell on hers and he sucked on her lip ring. “Ya want it now, Love?”

“Yes,” she sighed breathlessly waiting to feel him inside of her. She wrapped her arms tighter around his neck and pulled him closer. Her eyes closed and her head fell back as he thrust once and hard and buried his engorged cock inside her awaiting pussy. 

He kissed her firmly again, his tongue fighting against hers and his lips stiffening more as he worked his hard dick inside of her warmth. The sounds of her panting and his hungry body slamming between her thighs quickly filled the room. He groaned against her neck and watched her take him; the force of each thrust lifted her a little more each time and he grinned as he playfully bit at her lower lip.

She wiggled and squeezed her legs against his hips, pulling her body into a higher position and allowing him to penetrate her to the core. “Yes,” she wailed as he took advantage of the position, laying into her with speed as his hands held her up against his chest.

“Oh yeah, that feels good Ky, you’re so fuckin’ wet,” he grunted as she bounced up and down on his cock, taking the full length each time her hips slammed into his again.

He turned her hips, bent her forward against the desk and slid his cock between her damp thighs reaching her hilt again before pulling out slowly. She moaned deep and sucked her bottom lip into her mouth. He gripped her waist tight and brought her hips into his roughly driving himself as far inside of her as he could. “Oh that’s it baby,” he growled as she pushed herself onto his cock inching him deeper inside of her.

Her breasts bounced forward with each motion of his body against hers and he reached around taking one in his hand as she leaned into him. His arousal burrowed deeper and harder, and her moaning became thunderous. He panted in her ear, nibbling a little as his eyes drew heavy with lust. “Take it, Ky, all of it.”

“Mmm, yeah, yeah, yeah,” she cried and gripped the desk harder to hold herself up as every muscle in her legs screamed and became weakened under the force of his thrusts. Her hand gripped his arm, helping him move faster and she raked her claws into the skin of his wrist. 

She placed her hands on the desk again and he rammed her harder each time her moaning became softer making her squeal and producing a satisfying smirk on his face.

“Bane, Bane wait, you’re not wearing a condom,” she moaned breathlessly.

“No, that’s why it feels so fuckin’ good eh. Don’t worry, I’ll pull out,” he groaned not wanting to stop. He kept her pressed against the desk and fucked her harder. Kaya inhaled through her nose and released a deep breath that turned into a low growl. “Yeah!” he grunted. “You’re ready!” He slapped a hand across her ass and hammered his prick deeper.

He spread her thighs more and forced himself between them, thrusting hard and pounding her into the desk. She lunged forward and a tender shriek rolled off her tongue. “Oh, Bane, harder, yes!”

“Damn Kaya you’re so wet. Come on Baby, scream my name,” he roared taking pleasure in the velvety feel of her pussy.

She bit down on her lip as she felt herself nearing orgasm and leaned up as her body stiffened. “Bane,” she moaned again, gritting her teeth to stifle her scream and wetting his cock as he slammed the head as far as it could go. He slipped inside of her quicker and deeper milking her climax for all he could. Her leg twitched against him as the throbbing ache of her clitoris reached its peak and he pulled at her waist tighter pumping her faster as her body brought on his finish.

“Oh fuck, K, I’m gonna…” he pulled out quickly and grabbed the wastebasket jerking his seed into the bin and holding his breath as the last drop spilled from his body. He blew out a deep breath and turned towards her releasing an ear-splitting howl and flashing her a set of pearly white canines. “One of these days ya gonna let me cum inside ya.”

“Don’t count on it. I’m not letting you mark me, you’re not my wolf.”

“No one is ya wolf, Ky, ya father took care of that ova a century ago. So if not me, then who?”

“No one, like you said.” She gathered up his clothes and threw them at him. “Goodnight Bane.”

“What? No ‘thank you Bane, job well done or kiss goodnight? I feel so used!” he let out a light chuckle and started for the door.

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  1. What is the conflict between Luther's group and Lobo's? Can't wait to find out! I love how Connor came to Kaya's defense.

    Even though Kaya and Bane had sex, I think that Kaya is falling for Rafe. I think that's another reason why Bane can't stand him.

    I loved the band room set and the band shots!

  2. El:

    Yes we'll see the disputes between Gideon and Greymane unfold as the story continues and learn why both men would love to see the other crumble!

    Connor is a very loving and loyal friend. He saw Kaya was handling Phoenix so his main goal was to defend his alpha (though Lobo could easily take Dexter).

    True. She arranged a sex thing with him for when she's in heat but to be honest it was just out of convenience and I'm sure she'd much rather be with someone she didn't mind looking at during the act.

    Thank you for reading :)

  3. Rival packs...what's up with that? Rafe is in way over his head and acting like a brat isn't going to help his cause.

    Bane and Kaya--wow, I thought she would hook up with Connor instead I never thought the reason Bane doesn't really like Rafe is because of his thing with Kaya.

    I see Rafe being "her wolf" and that is going to cause conflict and send Bane over the edge...

    Great update.

  4. Jaz:

    The packs have a long history behind the reasons for their actions against one another.

    Rafe is going through a rough time and understandably he doesn't know how to deal with it. Unfortunately his emotions are also out of whack because of it so his snapping at Kaya wasn't on purpose and he was looking for her so he could apologize.
    Connor and Kaya are just friends and would never cross that line even in the longest of time they've known each other. He's like a brother to her and they are close. He teases her about it nonstop though because he hates Bane and thinks he took advantage of the situation.

    Rafe's attraction to Kaya was something that bothered Bane immediately. His "use of charm" to get his way got an instant reaction. Bane has a general distaste for anyone though because he isn't a very trusting person so when he does bond with someone and that bond is messed with he becomes an even more unlikable person.

    Thank you for reading :)

  5. Hmm, Clan rivalry! What I'm interested in right now is why the other clan wants Rafe so badly!

    Kaya and Bane... Steamy much! That was quite hot! Bane is seriously trying to mark Kaya. Trying to make it quite clear to Rafe who she belongs to, or maybe to himself.

    I knew I was gonna like Kaya!
    Nicely done!

  6. JM:

    Very much so and things will start to heat up. Though I am trying something new with this story and dragging things a little since I want to keep the chapters short. Hope it doesn't get stale.

    Kaya and Bane, a match made for the insane. Both need to put out their fires and unfortunately for Kaya, Bane was the obvious choice at the time. He is indeed trying to mark her and keep his scent on what he deems "his" so Rafe knows to keep away but Kaya has other plans.

    Thank you :)

  7. Jean took the words out of my mouth! I think Bane is trying to mark her especially since Rafe is clearly taken by that thick piece or caramel cookie! Bane is a dick. Really. I like when Rafe started beating his ass and even more when Connor refused to step in.

    I bet Rafe will think twice about leaving now! They came for him and now he knows he's a wanted man.

    I hate Bane but damn if that wasn't hot! It's always the jerks isn't it? The ones with mind blowing sex...sigh

  8. Qui:

    HAHA! LOL @ "Thick piece of caramel cookie"

    Bane is interested in keeping Kaya for himself so he will do whatever it takes to keep Rafe away from her. That just became a little difficult though as she will be training him now and as Connor said "Bane will love it!" Connor dislikes Bane (he'll explain later...Ch. 6 I think) so he is all for watching him get his ass whipped.

    That does definitely give Rafe reason to pause but then he has to think he is stuck in the house with Bane...also not ideal.

    Yes. That's why it's the bad ones we seek to be with and the good guys we want to marry!

    Thank you for reading!

  9. ~ Love the tensions here,Bane can see that the new pup is giving Kaya puppy dog eyes,& following around after her scent!
    ~ I think Bane is after marking her as his, so the pup gets the idea,we can all see why he is giving Rafe a hard time!
    ~ He wants to leave,but if he leaves now when he knows that anouther packed is after him,& will kill to get him,that he would be crazy to leave, as he is well protected were he is!
    ~ Anouther factor that will keep him close is the very enticing scent,that he has to follow!
    ~ LOVED IT!(",)

  10. Karima:

    Bane is not about to stand for anyone butting in on his "territory". As far as wolves go, he's the most territorial in Greymane and he won't sit idly by with Rafe one bit. He would LOVE to be Kaya's mate and mark her but neither she nor Lobo want that.

    Rafe is having a hard time adjusting and Bane is definitely not making it any easier. He doesn't want to stick around a house where he feels constant hate and pressure (his emotions are intensified as he prepares to transition for the first time) and so he wants to get away as fast as he can. Now knowing what Kaya was saying to be true, he'll have second thoughts about leaving the manor. Kaya is a great reason also for him to stick around :P

    Thank you for reading!


    Okay, okay, let me slow down my breathing.






    *Breathing still ragged*
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