Thursday, October 18, 2012

Episode 36: Night Shift

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Rafe, Connor, Ulrick, Bane, Eli, Cecil
Word Count: 3,793
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Ulrick is out of it and his mood is becoming noticeable to both Kaya and Connor. Rafe is struggling to maintain control over his anger and jealousy. And on the night of Night Shift's kickoff concert Kaya makes a revelation and the band faces a new burden as they are just about to go on tour.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, adult content, adult situations, nudity

“Alright I need everyone to get setup now so we can check the acoustics for ‘Wasted Life’.” Ulrick yelled from the center stage and watched as Eli and the other roadies moved the band’s gear into place arranging it so each member would have full view of the crowd.

“No Rick, we never rehearsed that one. We are opening the kickoff with ‘The Hunt’, ‘Little Red’ and then moving on to ‘Can’t Take the Pain’, ‘Monsters’, ‘Animal’ and ‘Walls of the Coffin’. Are you ok? You’ve been really off lately. I’m starting to worry about you!” Kaya rubbed her open palm over his shoulders and he quickly jerked away.

“I’m fine just lacking rest and with the added pressure of…I just have to get back into the swing of things that’s all,” he smiled and hurried off towards the sound stage.

“I think it’s way more than that,” Connor replied stepping up behind her. “The other night I overheard him on the phone with someone in Venezuela. He was speaking Spanish rather casually too. I didn’t even know he spoke Spanish!”

“Italian and French too, mon ami!” Kaya turned and looked in his direction as Connor whispered more French into her ear. “You know I’m pretty sure something has gotten a hold of him. He hasn’t been himself at all lately and it has to be more than just lack of rest. It almost feels like he’s lonely.”

“Yeah well not all of us have been lucky enough to find our true mates.” Connor laughed and took a look around him. “Where is he anyway? He’s another one that’s acting weird.”

“Weird? Red you don’t know the half of it. He’s really actually starting to scare me a little.”

“Have you two talked about…you know?”

She shook her head dismally and breathed heavily. “Every time I try he changes the subject or…” she stopped herself before going into details of how worked up she gets whenever she’s around Rafe. But the sudden blush on her face gave it away and Connor couldn’t help but give her a teasing jab. “Yeah, yeah I know I’m a real sucker when it comes to that man’s lips and he knows it. But the last time I saw him he asked me to bond with him.”


“What do you mean and?”

“What did you tell him?”

“I told him no Connor or not now anyway. I just somehow I can’t help but think that there is some truth to what my Dad told me even though...”

“You want to very badly. I know. I can sense your emotions and lately they have been off the chart. I understand why you feel pressured. Wolves, true mates or not, are mated then bonded they typically aren’t sitting in this holding period like you are. Learning that the one you’re heart is destined for did something as tragic as what Rafe did…”

“Caleb,” Kaya corrected him with a heavy sigh. Deep down she knew there wasn’t a difference in the two but somehow she felt that Rafe would never have done what she saw Caleb do in her memories; at least she hoped not. She had to hold on to the idea that he was still the sweet, funny man she fell in love with and not the evil, manipulative one that haunts her dreams.

“I love you Peaches, you know that. You’re going to have to make a decision one way or the other but just know I’ll follow you no matter what you decide.”

“Aww how sweet thanks Coco. And here I thought I could drop your ass like a hot potato once I left.”

“Fuck no! You got stuck with my crazy French ass when you kneed your asshole boyfriend in the groin over me. We’re tight like glue. Consider me a growth on your neck.”

“Oh you mean repulsive to look at and annoyingly big?” Connor hooked his arm over her shoulder and she leaned into his hold.

“Well you got the big part right,” he grinned and bumped his hip with hers.

Rafe cleared his throat loudly behind the two causing them to jump and meet his gaze. There was something in his eyes; rage? Perhaps annoyance? Either way Connor felt himself getting those familiar jeebies he had the day he saw that cold look in the studio. It didn’t feel right to him and he swallowed hard as he the daggers were again beating down upon him. “Rafe,” Kaya spoke inaudibly. “When did you get here?”

“Does it matter? Am I interrupting something?” Kaya’s gaze narrowed at him and she glanced towards Connor then back towards his shadow lurking in the hallway.

“No! Why would you even say that?” He stepped closer, his eyes never faltering the intense glare they held on her best friend. Gradually he turned them towards his mate and a slow forming smirk grew on his face deepening the darkest features on his face. 

Bags had formed under his eyes and he looked as if he’d aged ten years in the last three days. “You look like hell! When was the last time you slept?”

“I don’t know,” he shrugged aimlessly and let his eyes roam over every inch of her body. “You look great. Good enough to eat.” He yanked her into his arms and pressed her firmly into his chest. “You’re definitely keeping up on your beauty sleep.”

“No, Rafe. We’re not going to do this,” Kaya sighed and wiggled out of his grip. “If you want to talk to me then we’ll talk but no more of this kiss and run bullshit. I’ve had enough!”

“Knock-knock,” Eli poked his head into the door. “The Boss man wants you on stage now so he can go through sound checks and everything. Also Cecil’s here with tomorrow’s costume changes and seems pretty animated.”

“When is he not animated?”

“Well he seems more so than normal. You’ll see.”

“MY DARLINGS!” Cecil shouted air kissing the last three band members as they exited out to the stage. Rafe swallowed back a growl as Kaya held his hand firmly within hers. She felt him tense up the moment the designer’s name was mentioned and knew instantly the Alpha wolf inside of him was not about to have its machismo questioned.

“It’s great to see you,” she smiled and hugged him back. Looking over the several hangers of clothing he brought she shook her head and stepped towards them. “C.C you know the concert won’t be more than three hours right? I doubt we’ll make more than one or two changes if that!”

“I know but I thought having options would be great! Besides you’re going to be standing under those hot lights all night getting sweaty and smelly, I know you’ll at least want to touch up your hair or makeup. I’m not here for nothing Girl, trust me I came prepared to work! Anyway I’m gonna get these to the back,” he snapped at his assistants. “Let me know when you kids are ready!”

The band rehearsed for the next two hours ensuring the acoustics were set and the pyrotechnics and lights worked without a hitch. Finally getting the go ahead from Ulrick they exited the arena and headed home to try and relax before the big tour kickoff concert. “How many people you think will make it here?”

“To a Night Shift free concert? The place is going to be packed! Why? You getting nervous all of a sudden?”

“Ky I’ve never performed for more than a handful of people in dingy nightclubs and broken down bars. This is going to be much different than that and I just want to know what I should expect really.”

“Expect lots of screaming, lots of cheering, lots of photo ops and…”

“Lots of panties flying at you,” Connor finished with a smirk. “Then again that might not be such a great thing considering Kaya’s jealous streak.”

“I’m not like that at…yeah this might be bad. But really don’t stress over it. It’ll be fun. And if it helps try washing everyone away and holding Juliet deep in your arms and play her as if you’re sitting alone in the comfort of your home for the one you love most.” She blushed when he smiled at her and reached forward stroking a hand across her cheek.

“I think I can do that no problem.” He looked up and noticed Lobo moving within the upper windows of the manor and sighed. “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.” Kissing her hand he slowly let it drop from his grip and backed away. “Goodnight Kaya.”

The arena had filled quickly and the shouting could be heard within every corner of the building. The thunderous roar of the crowd echoed around them and shook the very floor they stood upon. “Three minutes until showtime,” Ulrick announced and adjusted his headset as he started up the ladder towards the sound booth.

“Feeling better?” Kaya watched as Rafe geared up to hit the stage. He nodded and did a double take seeing her new hair color and beamed brightly as he hastily brushed a hand through her red tresses.

“That looks good, Mate.”

“Thank you. I change it often while touring.” 

“Yeah just wait until we go international and she pulls out the greens, blues and purples. You’ll think an Easter Bunny threw up on her head.” Connor laughed and she smacked his arm hard before leaning against him.

“So you’re ready to take the stage with Juliet?” The way Ulrick had it planned was Kaya would be lifted through a small elevator through a hidden floor panel while he, Bane and Connor took to the stage early. The pyros would go off just as she stepped off the platform and towards her microphone for the first song of the night.

“I guess,” he smiled and continued tuning his strings. “I’m anxious to see how many panties I collect by the end of the night.” He purposely teased to watch her reaction. And as expected Kaya took one menacing step towards him with her arms crossed into her chest.

She glared at him and shook her head negatively as if warning him wordlessly before finally speaking. “Touch any of them and I will rip that smug grin off your fucking lips. Have a great show!” She turned and started for the elevator as Ulrick sounded the buzzer. Thirty seconds and the guys were taking position.

“NIGHT SHIFT! NIGHT SHIFT! NIGHT SHIFT!” the audience cheered as Bane sat behind his drums but seemingly got louder when Connor and Rafe both appeared on stage. Bane huffed and counted down. The trio played in sync the first chords to “The Hunt” and listened as the audience filled in the words. The lights dimmed in the arena and the power of the harmonized rumble from their fans. 

Dozens of cameras flashed in the darkness of the space and Kaya’s voice was soon heard singing the lyrics to the first verse. The floor opened wide and out came the elevator with Night Shift’s lead singer riding in style. “They prowl in the night taking what they need. Nothing can stop them and their desire to feed.” She stepped off the platform and started down to her microphone and on cue dozens of sparks flew around the stage lighting the band up as the clash of instruments filled the room.

The band played through their opening number and the large flat panel television screens captured in close up their movements around the stage for the people in the very back. Moving on to their next number one hit “Can’t Take the Pain”.

“Laying alone in the darkness
I’m haunted by the sounds of your cries
I promised you a change
I promised things would be different
But now I’m haunted by the sounds of your cries.”

Rafe proved that he could handle the pressure as the previously forgotten rift played effortlessly off his fingers. Juliet had become an extension of his musical talent and now they could all see it. He winked at Kaya when she turned to look at him and she moved towards his position as they hit the chorus for the song and sang it together.

“It’s a knife in my heart
I can’t take the pain I’ve caused you
I should have let you go
I should have set you free
Now I can’t take the pain I’ve caused you.”

“I’ve murdered you with my selfish actions
The blood of your spirit is on my hands
The light went out of your eyes
Your smile faded away
And now I’m haunted by the sound of your cries.”

They took a small breather and Bane hit a solo before the rest of the band rejoined him on stage for the hit single “Animal”.

“Deep in the dark woods all alone,
twigs snap and her eyes roam
searching for a getaway the quickest path to lead her home
Out of the darkness I step in,
eyes glowing with sharp toothy grin
gonna satisfy my need, begging me but there is no stopping
Don’t be fooled by what you see
The big bad wolf has nothing on me.”

The minutes were ticking down now but the audience never wavered in their support for the band. They cheered and screamed and dozens of roses, and panties, hit the stage in spades. Rafe laughed to himself and thought about his mate. She looked over at him and with a curious gaze traced the outline of the ink on his neck trying to make out what she saw.

Rafe noticed her stare and quickly turned his back to her and tried to adjust the shirt he wore. Cecil had thrown a fit when Rafe adamantly argued that he would not allow the stylist to dress him and instead hit the stage in his own street clothing. And now Kaya was curious as she watched him try and cover himself beneath the thick cotton shirt. As hot as it was under the strobes and considering wolves body temperatures she’d think he would have been much more comfortable in one of the other tops Cecil had suggested.

She turned away for now and focused her thoughts on finishing out the concert for their screaming fans. It was at the final song “Walls of the Coffin”, one she and Bane had worked tirelessly on for a week before finally agreeing on the sound of the harmonies. He wanted it to be as heavy and dark as “Affliction” and she argued that there were enough of the same chords on one album. Instead the song had a more dramatic undertone in the likes of “Black Roses”, a ‘power ballad’ with the bite of metal.

“He lies within his shallow grave
Alone, except for the endless wave
Of memories from a life he once knew
His soul remains locked inside of him.”

“It rips and tears but can't get out
His body writhes in agonizing doubt
The terror, the sorrow the endless pain
Still no one cares, his efforts in vain.”

“His body still motionless frozen in time
The rest of the world still passes by
Very few people does his death faze
He hammered the nails in the walls of the coffin.”

Rafe’s fingers tore across his strings and his solo blared through the speakers. The audience was screaming as the wild wolf’s hands burned through an instrumental that left jaws dropped open. His fingers played flawlessly every note and he was enjoying himself by the obvious rock God grin on his face. Connor hit the high note and Kaya leaned forward to start the new verse.

“She awoke from her nightmares crying
Realizing her dreams were all dying
In the night she left without a word,
And no one noticed, no one heard.”

“Endless tears streaked down her face
As she fled the darkness of this place
She came upon an empty track
Shaking hard but no turning back.”

“Sitting for hours within the rain,
Waiting for that midnight train
She was ending her life forever
She told herself it’s now or never.”

“She took her secrets to her grave
This little girl could never have been saved.
Very few people does her death faze
She hammered the nails in the walls of the coffin.”

The band bowed their thanks and exited to the backstage under the large roar of the crowd. “Great job guys way to start this tour off with a bang!” Ulrick congratulated as they entered the green room and prepared to meet and greet with the fans in VIP. 

Kaya took a seat at the small table against the wall where fan mail and an assortment of flowers were arranged for them. She started reading one of the top letters and smiled as her fingers absently rubbed over a rose petal beside her arm. “Nice buds. Nothin’ as nice as the ones I give ya. Then again I use the right kind of fertilizah,” he winked and dropped onto the sofa as they waited on Ulrick to begin letting the fans inside.

There was something in the way he spoke about the roses. It flashed her to a conversation she’d had with Rafe about where they came from. Added to the fact that he always smiled menacingly as he handed them to her caused her mind to spin. “What does that mean?” Kaya asked stepping towards Bane. He smirked and shook her off starting for the door.

“Don’t ya worry about it, Love. I’m just teasin’.”

“No, that’s not it at all. Where do the roses come from?” She felt his pulse rise the longer she scrutinized him. Connor stood and started for them hearing Kaya finally inquiring about Bane’s gifts. He’d spoken with Rafe about them once before and now seeing the man’s face when he was under fire made him believe that Bane was telling the truth when he said he hurt Mike.

 “Just around. Why? Ya nevah cared to ask before. Lemme guess, ya ‘eard rumahs about my garden from the little Nancy Boy ovah there? Wanted to know if it’s true.”

“What are you talking about? I just asked where you got the flowers you used to give me. What does Rafe have to do with this?”

“Yeah tell her about Mike. I’m sure she’d love to know what happened to her friend.” Rafe stood up and took one step towards the pair. Realizing the situation could turn at any second, Connor stepped between his direct line to Bane and tried to help him keep a level head.

Kaya dropped her eyes to the floor as she tried to make sense of what they were saying. A light went on in her head and she moved away in shock from the Australian drummer. “You…Mike…why?”

“For the same reason ya little Boy toy ovah there is scheduled to take a dirt nap too. Ya mine Kaya, always were my girl. But don’t fret Love. I promise to make it easy on ya.” He smiled wickedly and brushed a hand across her cheek. It was all Rafe needed to lose it.

In an instant his body collided with Bane’s from halfway across the room and he slammed him down into one of the tables. Splinters stabbed into his bare arm and it was quickly dripping blood. Feeling the man writhing beneath him, Rafe backed up narrowly avoiding a wild fist from the tackled wolf. He turned, lashing out blindly and felt his fist connect with Bane’s jaw. A pained “Oomph” blew from between his lips but Rafe was not done yet.

Bane kicked him off and staggered to his feet confused and unaware. Swinging wildly and as hard as he could he tried to ram his fist into Rafe’s mouth but he was too quick and pushed out of the way before he made contact and Bane fell forward. Taking the opportunity, Rafe swung his knee into Bane’s midsection knocking the wind out of him and added a hard right to his face for good measure.

Again Bane was on his back staring into the eyes of his aggressor. He was sweating and his body was quickly overheating with rage as he looked for his moment to attack. Without hesitation Rafe rushed his opponent once more gripping him by the collar. Pound after pound he slammed into the prone man’s face making him regret the last five minutes of his life and the fact he dared stake claim over what was his. “Rafe that’s enough!” Kaya admonished hoping to get her mate off of the man before any serious damage was done but he would not relent.

Eli ran from the room hurrying towards Ulrick in order to keep the fans out of there long enough for the situation to be taken care of. “I’m going to rip your fucking heart out!” Rafe growled, his eyes growing darker the longer he stared. Bane looked up with a genuine expression of fear etched across his face. For the first time ever he recognized the wild wolf for what it was and swiftly reached up to prevent him from making good on that promise. 

“RAFE! STOP!” Rafe’s talons extended, his eyes glowing with rage. Bane was now in the fight for his life and he knew it. “Connor do something!” Kaya urged watching Rafe push his clawed paw closer towards the man’s chest. She couldn’t let him do this as much as he wanted to. In pack rules there had to be an agreement for battle, in-fighting was strictly forbidden and punishable by death. It was an antiquated practice but one her father still lived by. With both of them still beneath his command it meant if one died here in this room, the other was certain to follow.

Rafe’s hand slipped from Bane’s grip and his middle claw swiped across the man’s throat, sawing deep beneath the skin. Bane gurgled as the metallic taste of blood touched his tongue. Finally Connor moved forward as Rafe again raised his hand for attack and pulled him away from the drummer. “GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME!”

“Rafe!” Kaya called trying to settle the anxious beast but he continued wrestling within Connor’s grip ignoring her pleas. “CALEB!” He looked at her with a knowing smirk that made her breath catch in her throat. But the look quickly melted as Bane opened his mouth to speak.

“Fuck ya and this band Mate!” Bane yelled climbing to his feet. “But don’t ya think for a second this is through! This isn’t ovah ya Ponce, just wait! You ‘aven’t seen the end yet!” Bane stumbled backwards and nearly ran from the building gaining as much distance as possible from the band.

*Author's note: Special thank you to both Qui and Jazen for their work on the Black Moon CD!*



  1. Starting at the end first. Holy hell Rafe was gonna kill his ass!!! Bane fucking lost his mind. Really gonna tell her mate that she belongs to you. He has no freaking clue who the hell he's messing with. He responded to being called Caleb. That sexy beast is taking over and Rafe doesn't know how to control it. Just wait until Ky gets a sight of that new ink.

    Aww poor Rick. :( That no good mate of his is really messing with his head. She has to know that her absence would have an effect on him. He was committed to her all this time and then you just up and leave. UGH!!!!!! She is pissing me off.

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    The concert was amazing!!!!! It looked great. They had a super kick off in true rock star fashion. I loved Ky's new hair color and her concert outfit.

    Ok think I got it all. :)

    1. Rafe wasn't about to listen to that man call his woman "his". And the fact that he dared to touch her was all it took. He warned his ass before but he was done. Bane was VERY lucky that Connor pulled him back! Yeah the idea that he responded to that name kind of scared her. She knew then he was gone. When she sees that it's going to be the end of her ignorant bliss for sure!

      Yeah :( Izzy's absence is really hurting him right now. He's trying to find her but they haven't yet bonded so sniffing her out is the best he has right now. No worries though, Kaya will unwittingly inform him of his missing mate's location!

      Ha! That wasn't Rafe though and Caleb has no idea what kind of relationship/bond Connor and Kaya have together. That's going to be a bad thing for them if his alpha wolf flares up again! He is super protective of what's his after everything he did to have her! But the French guy and the new redhead are cute together :)

      Thank you! Kiddo's stage really set the mood and it was a lot of fun to do actually! Thank you also for their song (you're listed in the credits)

      You sure O.o

  2. Bane got his ass kicked! Bane got his ass kicked! YES! That was satisfying!

    I'm worried about Rafe though. Caleb seems to be taking over and making Rafe lose himself. Kaya saying he had bags under his eyes bothers me then the fact that he seemed jealous of Red when he's never been before. Is that because his wolf is anxious to bond with her that he's easily angered?

    Good Bye BITC-Bane!

    1. LOL! Not satisfying enough for Rafe though! He wanted that man dead!

      That's one reason. He wants to ensure nothing and noone gets in the way of his bond to his mate. BUT you have to remember, Caleb knows NOTHING about Kaya as he was taken from her before he could get to know her. Rafe knows how close she and Connor are so if Caleb is coming through, that means he's coming in completely clueless. Seeing a wolf near his mate that is referring to his sex organs is bad business!

      HAHA Yep! Now the band is in need of a drummer...and guess who can fill that position O.o

  3. I wonder if Rick has figured out that Izzy is partnering with Luther and that's what's bothering him. I feel so bad for Rick. Managing the band and been away from his mate who doesn't seem to want him around has to hurt.

    1. He is definitely in pain. Right now he's just trying to find her and keeps coming up empty sadly and that's why he's so flustered. He has no control over his emotions because he's so worried about what could have happened to his mate. The fact that they haven't bonded and he can't easily pinpoints her is really kicking his ass!

  4. Rafe is changing a lot, or discovering what he used to be. There really does not seem to be anything left of his "Rafe" identity other than perhaps a few levels of control. Caleb then seems as though he is/was a very ruthless person pure bad guy. He should really give Luther a run though I bet. Maybe Rafe can gain control again and keep the parts of Caleb that will allow Luther to be brought down. I feel worried for Connor a bit since Caleb seems very possessive and very jealous. Bye bye Bane.... At this point, I can't say that I will miss him much.

    The songs were awesome :)

    1. Rafe is definitely undergoing some changes. More and more we are seeing Caleb emerging but can still catch glimpses of Rafe in his mannerisms and partly in the way he is with Kaya. Caleb was a dangerous man. He not only could put fear in wild wolves (known for their brutality) but he kind of ran a pack full of them! Luther would have his match with Caleb if not overtaken by the man's wild dominance. And yes he is very jealous/protective of Kaya even with a best friend since he has no idea who Connor is technically speaking. Ha! I don't think anyone is saddened by Bane's exit. Though now that he is cutting ties with the band and the pack they gotta wonder what he is up to and when he'll make his move.

      Thank you :) that was the worst part and I appreciate both Jazen and Qui for helping!


    Lovely concert, I'm glad I had a VIP pass. Those air-VIP-boxes for bird's-view are awesome. I saw the entire stage! Redhead Kaya - Naughty actually! CC, love that 'gyal' (think Jamaica)! Bane! Bane! Bane! Finally 'Caleb' put the fear of 'wild' in him. Loved it!

    This thing with Caleb and Kaya & the rest knowing now, is a big turn of events! Can't wait to see what's in store!

    1. Yes Ma'am he most certainly did!

      Thank you! It was a lot of fun to shoot and finally we're into their actual music tour (although they are now down a drummer). So very happy to hear you liked the shots :D LOL! Cecil is always fun though I couldn't get into him with this chapter unfortunately :( Bane knows now for sure. He saw the look in Caleb's eyes and knew when he said he was going to rip his heart it he was going to be staring at his still beating heart in his hands!

      They are getting a sense, Eli anyway. Connor has been told "a little" but Kaya is still piecing things together herself. With the next few chapters though (finally into the ones I've completed and have been anxious for) we'll learn a LOT about the dark haired one and his purpose!

    2. I am loving the sound of that!!!!!!

      Oh and by the way Nightshift's tour is doing a de-tour to BellaDonna Cove in a Tamed update or 2! Meet me at RWN in 5 min, like I said, we need TO TALK!!! LOL, this time, You don't need the police!

    3. I am to please :D

      Oooh sounds fun! We'll see about the cops O.o heading into chat now :D

  6. You know, I really don't understand why Bane keeps fighting Rafe. He always gets his ass beat! I wonder what he's going to do now?
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    Oh I love Cecil and all and please don't take this the wrong way but he hasn't changed his clothes for a while. Kind of odd for a stylist.
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    1. LOL! I guess he figured the first few times were a flukes and he could really take the man if he wanted to. His slow in the head...then the beatings aren't helping with that either :P

      Yeah he seemed more in control this time around but quickly yielded to his wild man when Bane touched his mate or made claim to her. That was a huge no-no and he was raring to kill! That jealousy though was also a little of his wild side. Caleb is super possessive and doesn't appreciate any wolf near his!

      Yeah I get lazy with him because he's not shown often lol. You're right though he should have a gazillion different outfits and hairstyles. I'll be more attentive I promise :P

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    1. Bane definitely has a huge problem coming soon. He doesn't want to see how wild the wild wolf can be but now he is it's number one target! Bane still has a trick up his sleeve but, will it be enough?

      Rafe may be having influences of Caleb popping up through his psyche. When Caleb "died" he wasn't gone completely. As we'll come to find out he was only "caged" within Rafe. Sort of like a mental block. But the walls of that block are starting to crumble with his mating and soon Caleb may once again take the helm!

      LOL That's what friends are for :P