Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Episode 39: Feening

Genre: Horror
Characters: Lobo, Kaya, Rafe, Eli, Connor, Mrs. Mograine
Word Count: 2,894
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Finally fed up with their distance, Rafe goes after Kaya and she willingly takes off to his place despite her father's protests. But sex with him leads her to a shocking revelation and the urgency that they must talk before things get too out of hand.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, nudity, adult situations

“DAMMIT!” Kaya growled and slammed the fridge door shut. “Who the fuck ate all the ice?” Eli rushed from the room and through the music room doors.

Bursting inside, he shut the door and held his back to it. “Uh?” Connor asked turning from his piano watching the white haired wolf panting a little and peeking over his shoulder like a mob was behind him.

“Kaya is flipping out!” He tiptoed away from the door and planted himself in front of Connor.

“Ok and why did you come running in here like you stole something?”

“Because I may have sorta had the last of the ice. I figured if I was in here close to you then she’d be less likely to rip my head off.”

“Uh yeah I’m not actually as safe as you think. She’s gone off on me once or twice before over her ice.”

“Dude why doesn’t she just get it on with Rafe and save us all?”

“Because I think that would do more damage than good for us all. She’s trying to be strong for us and it’s pretty damn hard. The crazy thing is it’s not her heat cycle this time. It’s her urge to bond with her mate that’s doing it.”

And as if by example a thunderous raucous drew the two towards the window and they peeked out at the commotion. Rafe stood behind the gates. His yellow eyes were glowing, his body shaking and his wolf on the verge of emerging from within. “Shit. This isn’t going to end well.”

“I want my mate!” Rafe growled into the intercom not that it was necessary. His voice boomed even without the amplification of the speakers and the iron wrought fence clattered beneath his fierce jostling. “OPEN THESE FUCKING GATES AND LET HER OUT! Or I’m coming in!”

Kaya ran down the stairs sensing him close. She could feel his anger even without the bond and knowing how truly difficult it must be to have to remain separated she knew calming him would be a chore. Reaching for the door she was snatched away violently and pushed towards the stairs.

Shocked she turned towards her aggressor and found herself staring into the twisted, angry visage of her father. “What are you doing? I need to get to him before he loses it completely!”

“There is NO way in hell I’m letting you out there near that wolf Kaya! Don’t you see what he is? Smell it? He’s coming into power as I told you would happen! Look at his eyes!” he roared pointing towards the security monitors. “Do they look like the eyes of a rational man? Do you really think even you can reason with him and get him to calm down?”

“I know I can! I’m his mate! He came here looking for me and if I can’t calm him who do you think can?”

“Kaya we agreed you could see him ONLY when he wasn’t on the verge of, of…THIS! He could hurt you Kaya possibly even seriously! I won’t let that happen!”

“But you’re placing everyone here at risk keeping me from him. Do you want him coming in to claim me himself? Imagine how much damage he could do to this place or to himself!” She made a motion towards the door and Lobo stepped in front of her stopping her once again. “I will NOT see harm come to my Mate! Step aside or risk losing me forever!”

“Kaya be reasonable!” Folding her arms into her chest he sighed. Lobo reluctantly agreed and moved away from the door watching as she hurried forward.

Kaya rushed outside and towards the fence just as Rafe knocked open the latch. Like a shot from a gun he barreled towards her pulling her forcefully into his arms. Without hesitation their lips connected in ravenous passion and need as his body rubbed against hers. Grazing her lower lip with his teeth Rafe accidentally nicked the tender flesh with his fang causing a small drop of blood to appear. He licked hungrily at the crimson liquid and sucked on the spot producing more to spill. 

Kaya moaned and gyrated her hips into his pubic bone. Her need had taken hold of her and over the last week they were both going insane with the distance they’d been forced to keep. “I’m taking you home with me,” he snarled ferociously and clutched her within his arms possessively as he moved towards the gates.

“What took you so long?” she sighed and held onto him tighter as he picked up speed and rushed away from the manor towards his home.

Lobo sighed watching the two disappear down the street. He prayed his little girl was strong enough to continue refusing the bond. If Rafe was this strong already, there was no telling what would happen once he had his mate completely.

Rafe groaned as Kaya continued planting kisses on the back of his neck as they hurried towards his place. “If you keep that up we’re not going to make it home.” She giggled and rubbed herself against his back pressing her breasts firmly against his body. “Kaya…” Her tongue flicked across his ear and his eyes rolled to the back of his head. “That’s it!” he growled and walked towards the path leading down a dark alleyway.

Pulling her down from his back, he slammed her against the brick wall and immediately claimed her lips. He kissed her hard; hungrily he sucked her tongue as her hands stroked fervently through his hair. He ripped at his shirt, trying to pull it off over his head yet keep his mouth connected with hers. Kaya groaned in protest as he broke contact for the brief moment it took to pull it off completely. Her elbow smacked into his eye as she helped and he winced in pain.

“I’m sorry,” she giggled and tried to rub his face. He pushed her hand away shaking it off letting her know it was fine.

Lifting her leg he pushed himself closer against her, their mouths mashing together in a painful yet passionate embrace. He pulled away momentarily looking her deep in her eyes. “I’ve missed you,” he spoke breathlessly as he thrust his hips forward against her. “I’ve had the most painful dreams without you…I…” Kaya placed her finger over his lips silencing him and leaned forward pressing her lips into his again.

She didn’t need him to finish that sentence to know what he was going to say; she’d had them too. Over the last eight days all she could see when her eyes closed was him. His body pressing against hers, his lips softly caressing every inch of her body and his hands lightly tickling her delicate areas. For a while she thought she was going crazy until the moment they finally spoke. It was then she realized these were the dreams that mates shared. It was one of many connections they could look forward to once they bonded. Nightly she found herself looking forward to sleep; it was the only time she could be with him without worry.

Rafe reached up her shirt, roughly taking hold of her breasts in his palms. Mauling them, his fingertips found her nipples even through the lacy material of her bra. He kissed and sucked her neck as he fumbled with the buttons on her shirt, grateful that she didn’t also have on a pullover. Kaya pushed his hands away choosing to undo the buttons herself and help him gain full access to what he was craving. She wanted him to touch her; yearned for his body to press firmly against her.

Finally he leaned in and softly sucked one of her hard nipples between his lips. He nibbled gently, his tongue lightly licked up her chest towards her neck before he again drowned himself in her kiss. Kaya looked up as Rafe began undoing her belt and the smallest drop of water splashed against her forehead. Before long it was joined by more as the sky opened up on them a small torrential flow of water. She giggled and wrapped an arm around Rafe’s neck as he lifted her to remove her skirt and panties.

With his other hand, he undid his pants and let them fall around his ankles. Slipping in a puddle, Rafe slammed his hand against the wall to maintain his balance but a pained groan escaped his lips as he pulled himself up again. He peered up at Kaya and watched as she chewed her lip to keep from laughing. He shook his head at her, lifted her above him with his arm securely wrapped around her waist and shoved himself as hard and as deep inside her awaiting body as he could. “Oooh,” she moaned loud against his ear as he pressed forward and thrust hard again. “Yes!”

For a moment he rested against her letting her body get used to the feel of his again. He enjoyed the way her muscles clenched at his cock and knew the sensation of feeling so full was driving her insane. Finally he started moving again, pistoning his hips forward and drilling into her tight body hard. Kaya’s nails curled around his cheeks and her head fell back when Rafe’s grip tightened and he slammed her body downward onto him. Now oblivious to the pelting rain that soaked them both to the bone, their wet bodies slapped together over and over again filling the alleyway with their sounds of passion. The two were barely hidden from the busy street just a few feet away as they worked their bodies in harmony in that small alcove.

At any moment they could be spotted and the media would have a field day with the scandal. “Night Shift Rockers Caught with Their Pants Down”. She cringed at the headlines but everything seemed to melt away when she heard Rafe groan in her ear. “You feel so good Ky.” The rain let up briefly, smaller drops fell into the numerous puddles around them and they grew ignorant to the honking horns on the road nearby.

Their eyes locked and a million things were said without either of them opening their mouths. Their foreheads touched lightly as Rafe began to move faster now, plunging into her with savage abandon. His cock drilled through her with every thrust. She could feel his hot breath against her neck, his hands clutching hers for dear life; their bodies wound so tight. Before either of them knew it, they were gripping each other firmly, cumming in unison. Kaya shook and moaned as her orgasm overtook her entire body. Rafe held her hard against his chest until the last shiver left her body.

Gently he lowered her legs to the ground and pulled back as he redid his pants. Reaching for his shirt, he leaned forward sneaking a kiss onto her lips with a smile. “Well that was fun,” he laughed and helped her back into her top, sans bra.

“Yeah, fun. Now let’s hope we weren’t caught on video!” Rafe shrugged and smacked his hand against her wet ass before she could get her skirt back down her damp thighs.

The smell of poppies and sunflowers lingered beneath her nose and Kaya turned her head slightly. She laughed as she finally took notice of where they were. The gate just off to her left led to the gardens behind Rafe’s apartment building. 

Looking up she could see his window and she glanced up at his face to find him smiling at her devilishly. For a moment she just stared enjoying the bright look on his face; he had the most fantastic smile. It was both alluring and boyish all at the same time. His mouth curved more into a smirk and he extended his hand out towards her. “Maybe we should get inside now,” he found himself shouting over the downpour of rain as a heavier torrent began flooding the narrow alley.

His steely gray ice shimmered as she slid her hand into his. Pulling her to within an inch of his lips he again smiled giving her the most incredible look filled with desire. A deep sense of wanting surged through her and she swallowed hard as she noticed his eyes scanning her neck, pausing noticeably on the visible vein between her neck and shoulder. His eyes grew darker with lust and a look she read as “I’ve got to have you NOW” formed on his face. She bit her lower lip feeling her knees wobble and he pulled her harder against him, that smirk never fading from his lips. “Come on Baby; let’s get out of the rain.” He took one step and hopped onto his right leg redistributing his weight off his sore ankle.

They got into the lobby and up the elevator to his floor. Rafe’s across the hall neighbor was exiting her apartment as the couple stepped off the elevator. She looked at him and gasped, throwing her hand over her mouth as she neared them. “Dear Lord Rafe are you ok?”

“Yes I’m fine Mrs. Mograine.”

“My word, Child what happened? Were you mugged? You look like you were mauled by a wild animal!”

“No Ma’am just a really…amorous one.” Kaya bit her lip to keep from laughing at his crack and moved closer towards his back. “Oh this is my girlfriend, Kaya,” he added making brief introductions before looking towards his door.

“It’s nice to meet you Kaya and I won’t keep you Dear. But you should put something on that eye, raw meat usually helps. And ice your ankle. What with the way you’re limping it could swell to the size of a tree limb by the morning. You go on now, take care of yourself and get out of those wet clothes before you catch your death of cold.”

“I will Mrs. Mograine, thank you for the advice.” He watched her enter the elevator and head down as he finally got the door to his apartment unlocked.

“Raw meat does sound good, I’m starving! You’d better ice that ankle, Rafe,” Kaya started repeating the advice adding her own spin to it. “Wild animals might carry rabies and we wouldn’t want you getting sick!”

“Oh yeah?” he smiled and scooped her into his arms. “That would mean that I was somehow bitten by that stray then wouldn’t it?”

“Well, I’m sure that can be arranged.” She studied his eye and saw it healing; a smile crept up on her face and she found herself examining the rest of his body, her hands doing the explorations. “How’s the ankle?”

“Mmm ready for round two.” He held her tighter in his arms and ran towards his bedroom as she giggled and ripped his shirt off over his head.

Rafe laid her gently in his pillows and lowered himself on top of her. Kaya look up into his eyes anticipating the feel of her mate once again. Picking up the scent of other women in his bed before her, she started to shift and flipped him to his back. Her deep blue eyes yielded to a bright yellow as her fangs ripped through her gums.

“Kaya?” Rafe glanced up at her as his heart pounded within his chest. Watching her animal side peeking heightened his arousal and he pushed up towards her rubbing his throbbing cock against the rough denim of his jeans. A moan sounded from his throat and he could feel her aching need to have him but she had to get a grip before he lost it too. Her wolf was calling to him; yelling, crying for her mate to join in and push through their innermost desires.

Her claws ripped across his chest and he howled. “KAYA!” he flipped her to her back and pressed his lips hard against hers. Gripping her wrists he pinned her to the bed as he worked on removing his pants. She sucked and nibbled on his bottom lip as he fought to maintain control over her wolf side.

Flailing against his hold, Kaya growled as more of her animal shot out. Rafe roared in return calming her for a moment as she recognized his dominant behavior once more. There was something in the way he put her under control with that voice; scary yet undeniably sexy at the same time. His frustrations mounted as the button of his jeans continued resisting. Unable to take the prolonged wait, Kaya reached up and sliced through his pants with her still extended talons.

Rafe’s eyes flashed and he smirked at her before plunging his tongue deep into her mouth all the while exploring her wet mound with his left hand. Kaya’s nails dug into his shoulder and she narrowed her gaze suspiciously; something wasn’t right.

Sitting up, she swatted him away and breathed deeply as her legs swung over the side of the bed. “What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?” he asked and pulled up beside her. Kaya shook her head no and looked again as his bare shoulder. “Then what is it Baby?”

“I think we really should talk.” Rafe brushed a damp tendril of hair from her forehead and nodded as he leaned forward and pulled himself from the bed.

“Yeah. It’s important we do, there are some things I want to tell you.”

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  1. Ok so Lobo is crazy!!!! He knows the pull of your mate so him expecting Ky to just deal with it, ignore it, be strong and resist is bull shit!!!!! He didn't and wouldn't so how can he preach that to her????

    She is still having to deal with so much unfairness in life it's terrible. Rafe isn't making it easier. I know he's struggling as well but man cut her some slack she's in a very tricky place right now.

    I hope things get easier for her soon but I'm afraid I don't think they will. :( She still has Caleb to deal with.

    haha poor Eli running to big brother Connor. That was cute.

    1. Because his mating didn't determine the outcome of lycan life as they all knew it. He wants her to be happy like he told Rick but not at the expense of her death or that of anyone else. He's not crazy, he's trying to be logical and deal with an unbelievably tough situation.

      Kaya is really involved in so much. She probably wishes at this point that she didn't have her memories again and that life was safe and happy as it had been her previous 200+ years. Rafe is struggling just as much as she is right now. He has to maintain control over a force he's never really known and do it all while trying to be the man Kaya has asked and keep his distance...well he failed at that part. But he has no idea what is happening to him either so having his mate with him is actually very calming.

      Lol yeah they haven't pushed at the iceberg yet.

      LOL! He was NOT about to face Kaya alone! Little did he know Connor has had his head cracked opened about her ice a time or two as well.

  2. Fun fact, while I read the part about them having an orgasm a bear on TV roared. It was the perfect timing and it made me LOL.

    Eli was funny running to Conner like that. :D

    Where did Caleb's tattoo go? Does it fade when Rafe is more in control?

    1. HAHAHA funny! Well I'm willing to bet it sounded similar with all of their pent up frustrations!

      Lol yeah he really thought he could get away with murder and have his favorite pianist save the day :P

      And that's what made Kaya stop as well...she's very interested in where it went because she's certain she saw something there once before. She figured that this was truly her Rafe and now was a great time to get to the bottom of things without "Caleb" distracting her with their sexual needs. But simply put yes, when Rafe is in full control it goes away.

  3. I'm not the best fan of Lobo but I understand his concern. I also feel like he should just let things happen and try to monitor it closely. He can do that better if he isn't making an enemy out of Rafe. Easier said than done I know.

    How funny is it that Eli went running to Red who got chewed out before for using the last of the ice? HA! I giggled at that.

    Absence makes the heart go fonder so I am not surprised at all that he went after her. It's about Goddamn time! Hopefully they figure things out so they don't have to put that distance between them anymore.

    I could come through this screen and kill you for leaving it like that.

    1. Very true. He makes a lot of noise about not trusting Rafe's anger and rage and hoping that he can keep the animal caged and how he wants Kaya to stay away from him. But at the end of the day he is behind his daughter regardless of her decisions. If he let it happen, he could get in front of anything that comes because he'll be expecting it instead of "oh shit anyday now".

      LOL! Eli was scared shitless poor thing and all Connor could do was tell him he made a bad move. Ha they are are sweet together.

      Rafe was NOT having that anymore. He was restless and horny...bad combination. His wolf knocked him upside the head and said "foo, if you don't get out there and get my mate I know sumthin'!" Hopefully :)

      Huh? What? Me? :( But...I have another update for tomorrow if that makes you happy!

  4. Picture 2 - I love Connor! *LOL* He looks so .... cool. ^_^

    That scene in the rain. Wow.

    1. Ha yeah the redhead is certainly stunning. I keep trying new hairs on him but everything changes his face dramatically, it's crazy!

      The alley scene was fun :P I'm sure if they had to they'd do it all over again too!

  5. It's a good thing Ky went to him before they both took someone else out, very intense. I'm wondering how much longer they can hold out on mating.

    Lol poor Eli, running to hide behind Conner/snicker.

    Looking forward to the talk, i'm guessing some interesting things will come out of that....edenz~

    1. Hahaha yeah they were in a terrible way! Both of them were lusting powerfully after the other to the point where they invaded one another's dreams, something had to give!

      Lol! Yeah, Eli thought big brother could save him but little did he know Kaya has gone off on Connor before also for her ice.

      Indeed :D