Monday, October 22, 2012

Episode 37: No Longer With Us

Genre: Horror
Characters:  Lobo, Bane, Giselle, Luther, Ulrick, Sonja, Claire, James
Word Count: 2,246
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Bane tests Luther's patience demanding he do something about Rafe. Luther puts the wolf in place telling him exactly how much his life means. Sonja and Bane get a little closer and they share information regarding Rafe. Lobo places his two best scouts on locating Bane and bringing him back to Greymane for justice.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, nudity, adult situations

“Somethin’ needs to be done NOW!” Bane growled bursting his way into Luther’s office without notice. Within seconds the older wolf had the man pinned against the wall beneath a choking grip and watched as his feet kicked violently in the air.

“Who the FUCK do you think you are barging in here like this? You want to die today, Mutt?” He received no answer. Instead Bane’s eyes began to roll to the back of his head which only made Luther squeeze his throat tighter within his hands. “I don’t know how things worked in Greymane but I’ll watch your head pop and have my dogs feast on the mess you leave behind if you ever disrespect me again.” He tossed him hard. His head bounced brutally against the wall and he slumped to the floor.

Luther stepped over his prone body kicking him as he returned to his desk. Giselle smiled amused at witnessing the Alpha’s rage directed towards someone else.  She turned and slinked behind the Alpha. Her hands gently rubbed over his neck and he groaned his appreciation his eyes still focused on the treacherous wolf near his door. “Was there something else you needed?” he sneered.

Bane nodded negatively and pulled himself to his feet. “You’re lucky. He seems in a relatively pleasant mood today,” Sonja hissed watching Bane slink out of the office and down the hall. “You’d have been dead otherwise.”

“Oh yeah? And what pray tell can I attribute to such a kind gesture?” Bane asked smugly and crossed his arms into his chest. “Don’t tell me, my ruggedly ‘andsome smile eh?”

She rolled her eyes and turned heading towards her room with Bane quickly behind her. “Your attitude isn’t at all a concern for Alpha and it’s likely to get you killed if you keep it up. Trust me, I’ve been on the receiving end of his anger once before.”

“Well you look just fine to me, Sonja is it?”

“Only because I was able to provide him an in with those wolves. Alpha wants to take Greymane down and if that means breaking every rule in the book then so be it. He’s tried to get his hands on that wild wolf hoping that he’d take true to his nature and kill everyone in sight but there was something else there.”

“What does that mean, Love?”

“Faith, our Seer, she said he wasn’t like the others. She wouldn’t go into more detail but whatever she said Alpha believes is the reason he hasn’t reached his full potential yet.”

“Yeah, ‘e’s found ‘is mate. The only reason ‘e ‘asn’t gone loco is cuz she’s keepin’ ‘im on a leash ‘cuz they ‘aven’t bonded yet. But sever the link, weaken the wolf.”

“And what exactly makes her so special? Why are you so intent on having her?”

“Ya jestin’ right, Love? She’s an Alpha whelp. Ya ‘ave any idea ‘ow much that means to the average bloke? Survival of the Fittest, Love. It’s all about bein’ top dog!”

“Yes but she’s already mated with…”

“Mated not bonded. She’s still likely to be claimed by any wolf darin’ enough; like me for example. I ‘ave ‘er, I ‘ave everythin’. Not to mention she’s sorta wild in the sack; always a bonus,” he winked and moved closer. “So what’s say ya, Sheila? Anyone lay claim to that gorgeous bod?” Bane asked leaning against the door preventing her from moving. His eyes roamed over her body stopping visibly on her chest and he licked his lips.

Taking one step back she entered the door of her bedroom and Bane shut it as he followed inside. Instantly his back was against the wall as Sonja aggressively charged his lips. Bane couldn’t hide the smile on his face as she quickly ripped the shirt from his chest and kissed her way down towards his zipper. “Not that I’m complainin’ but do you even know my name, Love?”

She gave him a seductive smirk and pulled him towards her bed. Dropping onto the small ottoman at the foot of her bed, she guided Bane down to his knees and spread her legs in front of him. He didn’t put up a fight. He knelt down willingly and placed his hands along her legs, running them gently up her thighs. She grinned deeper and hiked her skirt up to give him a clearer view of her red lace panties. “Take them off,” she ordered, “And get to work.”

He gripped the waistband of her panties and pulled them down revealing her completely shaven pussy. He licked his lips and Sonja moaned watching him in anticipation. She pulled her shirt off quickly and with her right hand pushed his head down to her awaiting pussy. He inhaled smelling her arousal; she was already wet and ready. He smirked up at her, pulled her up from the ottoman and slammed her onto the bed. She groaned the moment his tongue pushed between her creamy thighs. Cupping her bare ass, he licked her delicately along her clit. Her nails scraped against the back of his neck, scratching the surface of his skin. And it encouraged him to pursue her more enthusiastically. She moaned deeply; biting her lip to stifle her screams.

She came against him with a low moan and pushed him up to his feet. In one hasty action, she had his belt undone and his pants down around his ankles producing a humorous chuckle from Bane’s throat. He kicked them from his feet and pulled her up around his waist. She kissed him fervently tasting herself on his lips.

With her dripping pussy hovering inches above his hard dick, he plunged her down, tightening his grip around her waist and pushed his cock deep inside of her. She yelped in surprise but enthusiastically wrapped her arms around his neck as he grabbed onto her ass and bounced her up and down against him.

She leaned back, tipping her weight in his arms and rolled her hips into him. Sighing heavily, she felt herself on the verge of climaxing again and clenched her legs tighter around him. Their skin slapped together swifter filling the room with the sounds of lust. He was shocked at how wet she was and her screams of passion took him back to the very heated first time he had with Kaya.

Bane’s eyes closed tightly and he pushed Sonja up against the wall as she came down from her orgasm. Thrusting deeper and harder, their bodies slammed against the wall and they worked in rhythm. Between heavy breaths, he grunted Kaya’s name and felt Sonja’s nails dig into his neck in response. He didn’t care. He wasn’t doing this for her benefit but for his own. This wasn’t the person he dreamt of when his eyes closed. She wasn’t the wolf he wanted to mother his pups and her blood was just as common as his own. The one he wanted he’d have soon enough. Just as soon as Luther came through on his promise.

Thinking about Kaya’s firm breasts pressing against him, her perfect ass in his hands he pumped quicker imagining they were together. A grin played on his lips as he thought about eliminating Rafe to get at her again. The pure look of rage on his face when he attacked him. Bane knew it had been for more reasons than his words but because he’d brought his mate to several orgasms and made her scream his name for hours on end. It was jealousy in Rafe’s eyes no doubt. And it would be jealousy again when he is forced to watch her bond with someone else. Bane was like an animal in heat feeling Sonja’s soft skin against him as he thought about his victory. It had been a while since he allowed himself the pleasures of a woman. He had been holding out for Kaya but he was letting himself enjoy this.

Sonja began grinding harder just the way Kaya would when she was finally pushed over the edge and Bane finally lost it. Dropping her to the floor he cried out Kaya’s name once more and pumped his spasming cock into his hand. His sperm unloaded against his skin and drops splashed onto the carpeted floor creating a small mess in the corner near her bed. “Fuckkk!” he hissed in pleasure and let his tense muscles slowly relax.

Grabbing her shirt, he wiped his hand and cleaned up the remnants of his orgasm from his still twitching dick. His knees buckled and he found himself sitting on the floor in front of Sonja, a wicked smile on his lips as he stared at the annoyed look on her face. “Thanks for that, Love.”

“I WANT HIS HEAD!” Lobo growled and threw the glasses on the bar to the ground in one powerful swipe. “You find him and you bring him to me! I don’t care what you have to do. I will watch him take his last breath if I have to squeeze it from his lungs myself!”

Claire and James sat quietly across from their Alpha as he raged on. He’d received word of what Bane had done from Ulrick and immediately took action. Bane had severed his ties to Greymane placing him off the grid making locating him the traditional way impossible. “He’s with Luther no doubt,” the Alpha turned his back as he spoke and glanced out at the Koi pond towards his daughter. Sorrow filled his heart the moment their eyes met and she quickly turned away.

They had still not reached a stable point in their relationship. She’d cut off all conversation with him instead opting to send any pack business through letters that only explained the event and course of action she would take. There was never an intimate expression from her or questions concerning how he was doing; strictly business. He missed his little girl; even moments when they disagreed, especially then. at least when she was arguing with him she displayed her emotions. It wasn’t this void she left him in blocked off from her feelings and even lengthy eye contact.

“He used my Babygirl. He tested the patience of my wolf. He betrayed this pack and sold us out to one of our mortal enemies. If he is met with some tragic circumstance on your return trip, you will not be held accountable.” He leaned against his desk  and sighed as he bowed his head.

“Kaya is like a daughter to us Alpha, always has been. We cared for her in France and raised her around our own. Seeing her going through this is like watching the heartache of one of our pups. Don’t worry. We’ll find Bane and we’ll make him regret the day he ever laid eyes on her,” James spoke and got to his feet. They bowed their respect and he followed his wife towards the door.

Lobo waited for them to exit before turning to meet Ulrick’s gaze momentarily. “You are really tempting the council, Armand,” Ulrick sighed and stepped forward. “It was enough that you went on Gideon territory to find Rafe but this? You’ve blatantly given order to kill a wolf you know is under Luther’s command! Are you trying to start a war?”

“Luther started this war! I’m simply firing back!” Lobo turned with fire in his eyes as he looked at the man standing before him. “What would you have me do Rick? What is your wise suggestion? That I allow him to get away with what he’s done? That I ignore his disrespect and disregard for my command and my pack? That I let him believe what he did to my daughter was acceptable? No. I’ll take whatever punishment the council deems necessary but Bane’s death is imminent!”

Ulrick turned and started for the exit as Lobo took a seat behind his desk. “I saw you,” he spoke as he 
reached the door. Releasing his grip of the handle he turned to face his longtime friend and mentor. “At the concert.” Lobo dropped his head into his hands diverting his gaze. His thoughts held that of seeing his daughter doing what she loves most up on that stage. “Nosebleed section at your own daughter’s event?”

“She wouldn’t have wanted to see me there so I stayed out of sight; at least I thought I did. I didn’t want to distract her from what she was doing. But there was no way I was missing her concert; I am after all Night Shift’s biggest fan.” A good-natured smile tugged at the corners of his mouth and he turned to look for her in the gardens but she had already gone. “They did a great job. Everyone loved it. It gives an old man a sense of pride watching his child become successful.”

“Have you tried talking to her?”

“And tell her what? That I’m a fool? An inconsiderate father who believed he was doing what was best for her? She’s heard it all before, I’d rather not bother. She’ll come to me when she’s ready. Anything more from me at this point I feel will only push her further away. And I’d die if she cut me off completely.”

“And what about her mate, Rafe? Perhaps if you explained to her how you felt…”

“I’m happy for her Rick, I am. She’s found her true mate and deserves to be with him. But as a father, as an Alpha, as someone who has seen what that man is capable of, I fear for her at the same time. I cannot watch her die; I won’t!” He stood and started towards his friend. With a look of sincerity he turned the subject towards something he’d been avoiding concerning his mate. “How’s Izzy doing?”

Ulrick sighed and his face visibly fell as he thought about his lost love. Nodding his head negatively he shrugged his reply. “I haven’t seen her in over a month. She left home and because we’re not bonded I can’t sense her either.”

“What? Why didn’t you say anything before?”

“Because I was trying to handle this quietly. You’re the only one that knows about Isabella, you know that. I didn’t want anyone else learning about this.”

“Izzy is a part of this pack, Rick. Her well being is my concern. I’ll work on finding her. Put your mind at ease.” Nodding his gratitude, Ulrick started out of the lounge and headed towards his room. One thing was certain, putting his mind at ease over his missing mate was easier said than done.

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  1. Damn Bane has truly lost his freaking mind. Barging in like that demanding shit from Luther. He really is delusional and the only reason he wasn't killed on the spot was because he still has a purpose to serve first. I can't wait for him to meet his end.

    Then Sonja really you has sex with that and the disrespectful bastard that he is he called out Ky's name and didn't even care. UGH what an ass!!!!

    I feel bad for Lobo right now. I know he's done some messed up shit but I can see how much he's hurting right now. Now with her mated to the man that killed his mate, it's like a knife in his heart every time. I hope they can work things out.

    Damn no good Izzy. She has to know her absence would cause Rick to go crazy. She could at least call, or send a text something. She's being thoughtless and selfish right now. :(

    1. LOL! Was fun to watch though :P Bane thought he was actually gonna get somewhere doing that too which is what was really funny. Luther was ready to pop his little spine and bathe in his blood! And yep you're right about that. If he wasn't useful in some capacity Luther would have already done away with his ass!

      Sonja :P She doesn't have morals herself. But now that she's low on the totem pole within the pack, she's desperate for any type of interaction...poor thing.

      Lobo is really in pain over what he's done and what Kaya is going through. He does want her to be happy but his wolf and his paternal nature is screaming at him to keep her away from the dangerous wild wolf and that's only causing her to want nothing to do with him. Like you said, knowing her true mate is his mate's murderer is a very bitter pill to swallow and now he's part of his actual family since the two have mated.

      Nope! Unfortunately Isabella is a little Princess in her own right. Though she loves him deeply she hasn't been able to accept the way she looks or the way the world views her and that vanity is making her do stupid things. Hopefully Rick gets resolve soon :(

  2. Even I cringed when Bane stormed in on Luther like that. Bonehead move.
    I LOVED seeing Giselle in there. Are the two getting cozy? My likey in a sick evil twisted kind of a way.

    Bane is truly obsessed and it makes me worry for Kaya. With her and Rafe spending so much time away from each other it leaves too much room for him to slip in and try to bond with her forcefully. Thinking of another woman while you're with one is a low blow and if Sonja wasn't such a skank I'm sure that would have made her feel cheap. I was hoping that he'd mess up and mate with her that way it would make things harder for him to go through with whatever he was planning to do to Kaya.

    I feel so bad for Rick and starting to get there with Lobo. I don't usually do this but please PLEASE give Rick a happy ending. I'll FedEx you a large cookie!

    1. Bane is too much into himself to realize how absolutely ridiculous he is being. Luther quickly reminded his ass though. And yeah...they are um talking. It'll be interesting to see it go past that though. After their last meeting they had to come to some sort of understanding :P

      Bane's obsession may also be his downfall (proven once already). Rafe's absence does exactly that! He knows alot about her likes and dislikes and that may prove handy for him in the future. Ha! Bane would never make that slip with anyone! He threw her ass to the floor in a hurry and then smiled at her annoyance LOL!

      Aww yeah Rick is really hurting right now and does need a happy ending. It all depends on Izzy. Hmmm Chocolate Chip?

  3. Bane is getting himself in over his head. He is more the wild wolf than Rafe ever could be. Dumb moves, but I wouldn't expect anything less than violence and manipulation for his own ends from him. Luther is the one to put him in his place, more so than anyone at Greymane could. Having Bane and Luther on the same side is sort of frightening.

    Doesn't Ulrick know who Rafe really is? And Armand is happy that Kaya found her mate in Rafe? I thought he really wanted to keep them apart because of who Rafe really is. The twists and complexities of wolven society. ^_^

    I can't wait to read more of Rafe/Caleb and his coming to terms, or coming back to awareness. As much as Caleb is Rafe, Rafe also has to be partly inside Caleb as well. I don't think magic could completely change a personality. I have to read the baby Kaya parts again ;)

    1. LOL! Bane is egotistical, bold and brainless. He actually stepped up to an Alpha the way he did. It's pretty damn shocking. He feels he has something Luther wants and has equal ground to stand on...idiot. You're right about that though. Even fights with Kaya would have never ended too badly considering she had her pack to think about. Luther is remorseless and cruel and would snap his neck for looking at him the wrong way.

      Ulrick knows but he also know that with Kaya being mated to him, there's no way he won't be a part of the Alpha's life. He is trying to help his friend come to some sort of an understanding. Yes! Shocking but true. He's always only ever wanted her happiness and thought what he was doing would provide that. Though she is happy now and he likes that he can't help but feel a little fearful at the same time. Having lived through what Rafe did as Caleb and the visions he's seen of him...his happiness for Kaya is unfortunately short-lived. LOL! They are emotional creatures!

      It is a fun tale to weave. I'm fearful that people may get a little lost and that is why I've tried keeping it minimal but it's a major part coming in about 3 or 4 chapters, hopefully everyone will be able to follow along. And yes, you're right. They both share personality traits and such. The witch changed his scent and appearance and gave him new "fake" memories as far as where he came from. But Caleb has a sweet side as much as Rafe has a mean streak and his reasons behind his "wild" reputation will soon be revealed. Aww :)

  4. Now Bane can add Luther to the list of people that's beat his ass. Smh. Bane needs to quit. I don't see this ending well for him. It's not like he won't deserve it considering the things he's done in the past. "Every dog has it's day" and Bane will get his soon!
    Lol. Sonya and Bane. Can't say I'm surprised about that one. It was too funny how he was calling out Kaya's name. She must have felt real used, or maybe I'm giving her too much credit. Looks like she was using him too and didn't care who he referred to her as just as long as she "got it in". Lol.
    Even though Lobo deserves to get the silent treatment from Kaya, I kinda feel bad for him. You can tell he really misses her. I think soon she will be able to talk to him again and it's a good thing that he's backed away and given her time.
    Poor Ulrick. Last we saw, Izzy was with Luther. I wonder if he knows that?
    Things are getting real intense and it's only a matter a time until all hell breaks loose!

    1. LOL! Yeah he is sadly overestimating himself or underestimating the amount of hate from everyone around him. He surely is rushing headlong into a world of hurt and Luther is very happy to be the one to pay it forward!

      Sonja missed the contact she received from her pack ever since Luther put her in her place. She was desperate. They both seemed more into what they could get out of that union than anything else. But I imagine that hearing someone you flirted with call out another woman's name is devastating no matter the circumstance.

      Yeah, Lobo knows he has no one to blame for this but himself and he is really trying to do what she needs right now. He very much misses her and their bond and hopes that soon she will throw him a bone.

      He doesn't yet but will very soon. He's been trying to find her and it's killing him to know he can't just think about her and connect like bonded mates could. Yes indeed :D that should be fun.

  5. Bane has done gone and lost his dam mind. I hope Luther breaks on off in him...freakin' traitor. Sonja is a good match for him, both of selfish and self centered. He may as well hook up with her, he will never have Ky.

    Awww poor Ulrick, I feel so bad for him, as bad as i hurt for Izzy and what happened to her, Ulrick deserves to be treated better by her....edenz~

    1. Bane bursting into Luther's room was a sign of the end for him for sure. No one can disrespect Luther and get away with it. Bane has no idea the enemies he's making. He and Sonja would make a great match but Bane has his sights set on Kaya. He doesn't want Sonja. LOL you're right though, Kaya is just a pipe dream!

      Yeah Rick has it bad. He has put up with a lot and continues allowing his mate to do what she needs to feel better at the sacrifice of himself. Poor guy :(