Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Episode 78: Best in Show

Genre: Supernatural/Drama
Characters: Kaya, Caleb, Connor, Eli, Charlie, Amanda, Karri, Vaughn, Joey, Sophie
Word Count: 4,177
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Joey's awake and the pack learns some startling information behind his shooting. It's Grammy night and the band prepares to take the stage by storm.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, adult situations, nudity, picture heavy

“And the last thing I remember was you and Luna standing over me,” Joey recalled the scene for his new audience of Caleb, Kaya, and Charlie.

“What did the voices say?” Charlie asked.

“I—I can’t remember. I’ve tried but every time I do there’s this…gap.”

“I think,” Kaya started with a sigh. “I think I may know a way to find out.”

Joey glanced over as Kaya stood and grinned. “Damn, Luna. You’re huge! How long was I out?”

“Not as long as you will be if you call me that again,” she smirked and moved to his bedside, placing her hand on his. “I’m glad you’re well enough to…” her eyes closed briefly. Kaya inhaled deep and her body began to convulse. All at once a dissonance of thoughts zipped through her mind. Whirling around her head in a bout of lights, sounds and scents and she fought to find her footing in the bustle of activity.

“Kaya?” Caleb called for her with growing concern as he moved to her side.

Flashes, crude images zoomed through their connected minds. She felt an immediate sense of danger and tried pulling away from him Joey’s touch but like a magnet in a toolbox she found herself trapped against him. “Kaya!” Caleb reached out for her and a blue surge of electricity zapped between him, throwing him into the cabinets against the wall. He crashed to the floor, smoke curling off of him as he tried to stand.

“What the hell is happening to her?” Charlie asked, gawking in horror as the seizure violently shook her.

“She’s trancing.” The door opened, it was Vaughn who entered and immediately moved to Kaya’s side. Whispering something in her ear, she released Joey’s hand and fell against her father-in-law. Vaughn helped her to a chair. Snatching a towel from the table behind him, he held it to her face, wiping the blood from her dripping nose as he kneeled in front of her.

“Trancing?” Caleb asked. “What are you talking about? Kaya doesn’t do that.”

“You mean that you know of,” Vaughn replied, continuing to aid his daughter-in-law.

“Excuse me?”

Caleb stepped closer as Vaughn took Kaya’s hand and a burst of bright, white light passed between them. “Are you better now?” he asked as she took a breath. Kaya shook her head and leaned back in the chair as Vaughn stood. “She’ll be fine,” he addressed the room.

“Hold on, you wanna explain what the fuck just happened to my mate; my pregnant mate?” Caleb asked, growing impatient with his father’s secrecy.

“Kaya asked me to help her strengthen her sensory links so she can better communicate with her pack.”

Caleb glanced over his father’s shoulder towards his mate and shook his head. “She hates when I use that, why would she ask you to help her strengthen it?”

“She’s sitting right there, Caleb, ask her yourself.”

“Fine. But tell me how the hell did you know it was happening?” he continued. “Because you got in here pretty damn fast.”

“It’s the link when she’s in a state of hypnosis. She wasn’t ready and unfortunately it’s not something she can easily control in her heightened hormonal state.”

“Are you ok, baby? How are the triplets?” Caleb asked, pulling Kaya into his arms and checking over her for injury.

“I’m fine, we’re all fine. How are you? That was a pretty nasty jolt you took.”

“I’m ok, just worried about you.”

“Yeah, I didn’t expect that. It happened when I touched Joey,” Kaya said, finally finding her strength before glancing at Vaughn. “Does that mean I can’t touch anyone while I’m pregnant?”

“It means you need to be more careful if you do. Try and remain in control of your emotions at all times and you should be able to better regulate it. It won’t be full control, but it should happen less. As for you,” Vaughn looked at his eldest son. “I’d be more concerned about the visions she pulled from your injured wolf.”

“It wasn’t anything Joey hasn’t already told us,” Kaya said, brushing him off. “And it was worse for me since I couldn’t make out what I was hearing or seeing.”

“Hold on,” Caleb said, stepping towards the door. He whispered something to Alex who stood guard before rejoining the others. 

“Karri Banks; I wonder what your family would think if they knew you chose a Scottish last name as your pseudonym,” Connor laughed, tracing the outline of her Celtic clover tattoo and trying to keep his mind off of the sounds she makes when she climaxes. She needed a break, or at least he wanted to give her one. He didn’t want to wear her out their first day. “So what did you want to talk about?”

“Hmm?” she asked, still in a bit of a daze. She glanced at herself in the mirror and touched the mark his teeth had left on her neck.

“When you came in here, you said you wanted to talk.”

“Oh…right…um it was—I was just wondering why you had been avoiding me. I thought I’d done something to upset you.”

“Never. I just didn’t want this to happen,” he said, leaning forward to give the small of her back a little kiss.

“Connor?” Karri sighed and he waited for her to continue but she seemed to have changed her mind.


“What? I didn’t say anything.”

You didn’t have to. It’s working, Karri. He replied with no words exchanged. She glanced back at him and gasped.

“You heard my question?” Connor nodded and squeezed his arm tighter around her waist. “Ok. But why did you choose to say it then?”

“I thought the answer was obvious,” he sighed and pulled up on his side. Moving to the top of the bed, he motioned for her to follow and smiled as she rested in his lap. “But, to answer your question, yes I do love you. I chose to tell you that I loved you before I marked you so you would know it wasn’t because of the mandatory bonding process. I wanted you to know without a doubt that I loved you therefore I marked you; not the other way around.”

“Oh,” she smiled to herself as she caressed the arm he had draped over her waist. “I love you, too.”

“It’s a little late for that,” he teased, touching his mark on her neck. “How do I know you’re not saying that because of this?” She bit him and he quickly jerked away. “Ow.”

“Serves you right,” she giggled and closed her eyes as she leaned back against him. “Are we going to get in trouble for this?”

“In trouble? From who? For what?”

“Um…the Alpha and Luna of this pack. There’s a process to mating and we skipped right to the front of the line, no waiting, no passing ‘GO!’”

“Uh—if you hadn’t noticed, I have that Luna of ours wrapped around my little finger,” he smirked and softly kissed the side of her head. “Kaya’s gonna be thrilled. She’s not the death-wishy type when rules are broken. Hell the majority of the time she was the one breaking them in Greymane.”


“No…no that—that was me,” he said laughing. “But seriously, she won’t be upset. Not when she’s guilty of doing the same thing with Caleb. Don’t worry, ok?” Karri nodded and he leaned over to kiss her lips. She moaned against his mouth and he felt the blood rush once more to his groin.

“Again?” she asked, feeling his arousal poke at the small of her back. “God, twice I can understand but three times makes you plain greedy.”

She laughed as he quickly rolled her beneath him and pressed himself between her legs. Leisurely, his hand snaked between her thighs and her mouth fell open in a feminine sigh when his fingers caressed her sensitive button. Taking his cock in his hand, he parted the slick lips of her labia and firmly pressed himself inside. And just as he was about to take her for the third time, three hard knocks caused them both to jump with a start.

“Connor,” Sophie’s concerned tone slipped between the cracks of the door and frame. “You’re needed downstairs.” 

“Joey!” Connor exclaimed as he entered the room a few minutes later. “Welcome back to the land of the living. How are you feeling?”

“Well rested,” he replied. They shook hands with a smile and Caleb and Charlie filled in the Co-Beta with the details.

“Wow, ok, so what’s next?”

“Figuring out who those men were. All we have to go on right now is the name of that hunter and even that’s not provided much,” Caleb responded.

“Well whatever we decide, it’ll have to wait until tomorrow,” Charlie said, looking at his big brother. “You guys have a plane to catch soon.”

“No, there’s no way we can worry about that right now,” Kaya shook her head. “This is too important to worry about anything else.”

Tonight is too important,” Charlie replied. “You’ve guys have been working too hard for this. Besides you’ve postponed quite a bit already because of your position. You shouldn’t sacrifice everything.”

“What’s tonight?” Joey asked, finding himself confused with the exchange.

“The Grammy’s,” Connor and Caleb answered simultaneously.

“Oh no, Luna, you can’t miss out on one of the biggest nights of your career for me. I’ll be fine,” Joey said, shaking off the notion his life was in peril. “No one is fool enough to step foot in Shadowvale and even if they did, they wouldn’t make it ten feet before they sprang one of our traps. Go. Have fun! Try and have at least one stress-free night.”

“Plus you promised Amanda she could tag along. It’s all she’s talked about for the past week. You wouldn’t want to disappoint her would you?” Connor asked with a smile. “She’d never let you hear the end of it.”

“He’s right,” Caleb said, leaning over and giving her cheek a small peck. “And I was kinda hoping we could make the announcement. Finally stop those tongues wagging about who fathered your babies.”

“That won’t stop the tabloids, it’ll only give them something new to talk about,” Kaya countered. “Alright fine. We’ll go. Charlie can hold down the fort. It’ll be fine.” Kaya smiled but the others weren’t swayed. It was obvious she was trying to convince herself into not worrying but that mind of hers wouldn’t rest for a moment tonight. Slipping passed Caleb to the door, Kaya stopped in her tracks and grabbed her friend’s arm. Connor looked back with a knowing grin. “Karri?”

“Yeah,” he said, the smile on his face getting bigger.

“Oh my god! Congratulations! This is huge!”

“That’s what she said,” he laughed.

“Perv!” Kaya jabbed his arm and he rubbed it with a frown. “I can’t believe this. The playboy is finally off the market. I have to call Nadine! She’s going to totally flip!”

“After…,” Caleb quickly admonished. “You should get upstairs and get ready. The plane leaves at 3:30 and it already takes you half a day to dress.” She sighed but didn’t argue. Giving Connor a swift hug, she quickly exited the room to head upstairs. 

“And what can I do?” Joey asked, swinging his legs over the side of the bed.

“Rest,” his Alpha insisted.

“I’ve been resting for weeks now. I’m ready to get out of this bed.”

“Well there are some newbies who need shadows for training. You know how fun that can get,” Charlie said sarcastically. “I’m sure the pups would be grateful for the company.”

“On second thought,” Joey smiled and leaned back against his pillows. “Maybe I should take the day, just to be sure.”

“Not like that,” Kaya laughed as Karri continued twirling in front of her. “You’ve just flashed the entire front row and now the paparazzi is publishing pics of your nip slip.” Amanda stood and tried her hand at posing and Kaya shook her head. “All ass and vagina. You gotta keep your legs together.”

“…And backing away slowly,” Connor smirked as he entered the room unannounced. Leaning back against the door, his smile grew wider. “What’s going on in here?”

“I’m teaching Mandy and Karri how not to show too much skin on the red carpet.”

“Ah. The difficult act of balancing grace with fashion. It’s days like these that make me proud to be a man. My advice? Remember to wear underwear,” he winked at the ladies. “Kaya, can I steal you away for a minute?”

“Sure. Feel free to raid my closet. The designer freebies came yesterday but I haven’t been able to fit into anything so far,” she sighed and backed into the bedroom with Connor. “What’s up?”

“Karri’s a little anxious about the whole…you know. She thinks since we skipped the planning phase and jumped right into the after you and Caleb might be upset. I just wanted to sort of see if she was…right?”

Kaya laughed as she dropped onto the bed in front of him. “You think I’d have something against my best friend finding love?” she asked, gently rubbing her belly. “If memory serves, wasn’t it you that encouraged Caleb and I to mate even though you knew Dad had forbid the two of us from even seeing each other?”

“It was but I’d like to go on record stating that I had NO IDEA Alpha had warned you against seeing him let alone mating him. You conveniently left that part out when I practically shoved you naked through his bedroom door.”

“Semantics,” Kaya shrugged. “I’m happy, Connor. For you, for Karri, for the future of our pack. I’m just happy. Still a little shell shocked that you’re no longer single and that everything seemed a bit out of the blue. But I’m not judging nor am I angry about it in any shape or form.”

“Alright, cool. Honestly I didn’t think you would be but I forget sometimes that you’re my Luna now and there are rules to follow; especially being a Beta. I keep reacting as though we’re still just friends doing as we please. But,” he smiled and took a deep breath. “Good. I’m glad we had this talk.”

“How does it feel?” she asked as he started for the door. “Having a mate.”

“Weird but amazing. I have a reason to smile. Also it’s oddly satisfying; like really satisfying.” He shut the door and inched back over to where she sat. “Why didn’t you tell me about the sex thing?”

“The sex thing?” she asked, getting to her feet.

“Yes, Kaya. The fact that I could feel her orgasms too. It’s fucking unreal!”

“Well think about it this way, had you known, you may have gone out and mated some scruffy mutt from the side of the road just to test it. I couldn’t let you do that.”

“Oh. You were looking out for me then, is that it?”

“Always,” she grinned and pulled him into a hug. “Now scram, I have to find a dress and I know that old, impatient Caleb is waiting outside that door tapping his foot like it’ll make me move faster.” 

The girls finished combing through the miles of designer gowns, shoes and accessories that had arrived in four parts to the house. It was insane the amount of free stuff celebrities received just so the creator could hear their name announced on national television to advertise the product.

Amanda went with the red Luciano Soprani number while Kaya and Karri chose more relaxed blacks and whites in Kaya’s Hervé Léger and Karri’s two-piece Armani skirt and top. They packed the items in travel bags along with shoes and other accessories and let the guys know they were ready to go.

The flight was short and they made it through airport security in record time. After checking in to their suites at the Ritz-Carlton, the group had two hours for themselves before they were scheduled to arrive at the Staples Center for the opening ceremonies. The girls used that time to head to the salon for finishing touches while the guys crashed in their rooms, relaxing after their trip.

“Whoa…” Eli’s breath hitched in his throat as he watched the ladies make their way downstairs. “Mandy, you look…”

“Thanks, Eli,” Amanda exchanged smiles with Kaya who’d hooked her arm around Caleb’s as he started for the door.

“You got your walks ready?” Kaya teased, watching Amanda’s eyes open with amazement as their limo reached the red carpet.

“I’m just hoping not to fall on my face and make a fool of myself,” she said, sliding out behind Eli.

“Don’t worry about that,” he leaned over, whispering in her ear. “Just stay on my arm and I’ll keep you right side up.” She smiled at the white haired wolf and embraced his arm tighter as he led her towards the velvet ropes.

“Are you excited?” Connor asked, planting a small kiss on Karri’s cheek as he followed behind Taylor Swift.

“I am. I’ve never been to an event like this before.”

“I guess I should have told you to bring your autograph book.”

“For what?” she asked as he stepped up onto the red carpet. “I’m with the only celebrity that matters to me.” He looked back with a smile as she wrapped her arms around his chest.

“Keep talking like that and I’m likely to take you right here in front of everyone,” he teased and squeezed her hand in his.

“Kaya, over here!” One of the photographers shouted at the couple. She turned with a smile in his direction and a frenzy of lights exploded in their eyes.

“This way!”

“Hey, Kaya, are we finally getting clued in on who popped that bun in your oven?”

Ready for this? Caleb asked, slipping his arm around her waist as the excited barrage of questions continued.

It’s now or never, handsome. He caught the hint of a smirk on her lips before it faded beneath another flashing light. Without a second thought, Caleb took Kaya in his arms, swung her around his hip as he dipped her and planted a deep, passionate kiss on her lips. Click, click, click. The paparazzi pool was lit up with a magnitude of brilliant explosions. Her hands came up, briefly tugging at his hair as she sighed against his mouth. A roar of wolf whistles and enthusiastic shouts fanned through the crowd and Caleb finally released Kaya to her feet.

“Can we get one of the whole band?”

Caleb motioned to the guys and they joined him and Kaya at the front of the red carpet.

“You guys look great! How many awards you think you’re taking home tonight?”

“Let’s play it safe,” Connor shouted. “We’ll say 8.”

Kaya laughed at his confidence before modestly adding, “We will be grateful to just be nominated.”

They sat through two hours of acceptance speeches, appreciative winners and LL Cool J’s jokes and charm as he once again played host. During the next air break, Kaya took the opportunity to stretch her legs and sighed when she felt the rambunctious twirling of the triplets in her belly. “Need a massage?” Caleb asked once she reclaimed her seat beside him.

“More like an eviction notice,” she joked. He lightly tugged her shoulders and she leaned against him and felt his hands snake up her belly.

“Hey, be cool in there. Mommy’s tired too,” he barked at his energetic offspring. It seemed to do the trick; for the time being.

“Thanks,” she smiled, rubbing her hands over his.

“It’s what that second voice is for,” he winked.

The lights above the stage flashed and everyone took their seats as the next set of presenters, Justin Timberlake and Nicki Minaj, took the stage. “It may surprise people to learn that I was a huge band geek in high school and had very few friends,” Justin said, stepping in front of the mic.

“Oh yeah? What instrument did you play?” Nicki asked.

“The Trombone. It’s difficult to trust anyone whose instrument changes shape as he plays it,” Justin said and laughed with the audience.

“Hey, I like rock music just as much as the next girl, and here are some people who are pretty damn good at it.”

“The nominees for Best Rock Album are,” Justin said as he pulled the sticker from the envelope. “Sevendust for Kill the Flaw, Rod Stewart for Another Country, Coldplay A Head Full of Dreams, Night Shift Edge of Chaos and Cage the Elephant Tell Me I’m Pretty.” The images of each band or artist flashed on the screen above them as their names were called. “Congratulations and good luck everybody.”

Nicki was handed a second envelope and the award was brought on stage as she enthusiastically tore it open. “And the winner for Best Rock Album is…” Justin peeked over her shoulder with a goofy smile at the audience as he read the name to himself. “Night Shift for Edge of Chaos!”

The room exploded in applause as the band stood. Eli was first towards the stairs with Connor close behind. Caleb took Kaya’s hand and slowly escorted her to the stage as Connor leaned over to the microphone. “Just waiting on Ky to waddle her way up here.” He smiled when she stuck her tongue out at him.

“Hey, watch your step. We don’t want to see another face plant tonight,” Nicki laughed, glancing in Beyoncé’s direction. The camera panned to her and she blew a kiss to the buxom songstress.

Kaya moved behind the podium and Eli stepped to the side after adjusting the mic to her height. “Thank you, everybody. This award is awesome and we couldn’t be more proud. Everyone worked really hard on this album so to know that it was appreciated and loved just as much by you guys is award enough.”

“But we’ll take the Grammy too,” Connor said over her shoulder.

“We’re not too big on speeches and to be honest I’d really like to get off my feet right now so we’ll make this short,” she smiled and touched her stomach. “We’d like to thank our manager Ulrick Pacheco for always being there when we need him. Our label Moonlight for keeping the lights on.”

“Thank you to our parents and significant others,” Connor winked at Karri, whose shouts seemed the loudest. “Who are always willing to listen to the crummiest of rough drafts and complaints.”

“To our family, our friends and the bonds that are never broken,” Caleb added.

“But most importantly our fans,” Eli said, graciously moving to the mic. “Without you none of this would be possible. Thank you!” The band went on to take home two more Grammy’s. One for Song of the Year for “Scorn” and the other for Best Rock Performance.

“I suppose congratulations are in order,” Vaughn said without turning around as he heard the door open behind him. “I heard from a few others about the wins. I’m very proud of you.” The door closed and he sighed as his eyes moved to the sky. “The nights are getting darker. Everything is falling into place and soon this will all be over. And when it’s all said and done, what remains will all seem like some bad dream. Still, you should air on the side of caution. After what happened today, I worry you may be pushing yourself too hard too soon.” 

Kaya stepped further into the room, a look of displeasure on her face as she stood in front of her father-in-law. “I also heard you and Caleb made things official in front of the whole world. I’m sure my son is happy about that.” He finally turned with a smile.

“I don’t like this, Vaughn. This lying to Caleb. It’s wrong. I’m not comfortable keeping him in the dark about…”

“I found him,” Vaughn interrupted her rant and Kaya’s face brightened up.

“You did? Are you sure it’s him?”


“And do you think he’ll be willing to help us?”

“Therein lies the rub. He’s been out of it for far longer than myself. There is no way of knowing how he will react to our proposition until we approach him. Either way, we will ready ourselves for an alternate plan should he choose to remain neutral; just to be safe.”

“That’s smart,” she nodded. “So where is he? When can I see him?”

“All in due course, my dear. There is still the matter of your pregnancy. I baulk at anything that may place you or my grandchildren in harm’s way. I wish to postpone our plans until after you’ve delivered.” He moved closer and pulled her into his arms. “Kaya, I understand your hesitation. Your devotion to my son is unparalleled. He could not ask for a better mate. I’m sorry that I have asked such a daunting task of you but I promise this will all prove its worth.”

*Author's note: Celebrity sims present are courtesy of: Nicki Minaj by Simstaplease, Justin Timberlake by Cloud9, Rihanna by Lunararc, Taylor Swift by Pralinesims, and Miley Cyrus by MsBlue. The Grammy Awards lot was created by Kiddosims.*



  1. A lot going on here. Like from the last chapter, I'm glad Joey is awake now. Hopefully whatever voices/dreams he had while out will come back to him and it'll be something that can help the pack against what's to come. Funny he even woke up joking and making fun of Kaya. :)

    Aww...look at Red and Karri. Those two are just so cute. I'm happy for them. He's been like a little lost soul since moving and finding out he's really a wild wolf. Now he is much more grounded. Like he's finally found his place. :) It's a great thing!!! And I knew Ky wouldn't be mad. Hell she and Caleb never had an official mate ceremony did they? I don't remember them doing anything big other than making her the official Luna of the pack, or was that the same thing? Either way no way would either her or Caleb get angry, the Salvages aren't that much into tradition anyway. LOL

    The Grammy's was fun. Congrats to the band for their wins. All the ladies looked so lovely. LOL Caleb tried of people thinking Connor fathered Kaya's babies. hahaha It makes sense considering the turn-over in the band, Kaya and Connor are the two anchor members so it was a logical conclusion even for the tabloid reporters. Now they know for sure which band mate she's with. :)

    Lastly, what the hell is up with Vaughn and Ky??? That sensory thing she did with Joey that nearly wiped her out, the fact that Vaughn knew she was doing it...those two are cooking up something. That ending scene really proves it and it's amazing she's able to keep Caleb out of it. I thought the bond thing would make it harder to lie to each other, but I guess for privacy sake there had to be some sort of built in 'off' switch. I mean who wants someone always knowing what they are thinking all the time???? I hope whatever she and Vaughn are up to ends in a slow painful death for everyone on my hit list! LOL

    Great chapter as usual DJ. :)

    1. Joey's improving which is great news for everyone...especially when those memories become clearer! Haha he and Kaya had always shared a sort of playful relationship. It did her heart good to see he hadn't lost that.

      Connor and Karri are really sweet together. I am so happy for him finding someone to share his life with. (Proud Mama moment) He's happy and that makes Kaya happy and it makes me happy. You're right. It is as if everything is finally falling into place for him and he has a reason to get out of bed every morning. Connor didn't worry that Ky would be upset. But he had to check to put Karri's mind at ease. Everything now is about keeping that mate happy :P Yes, that's the same thing. They had their official ceremony the night they became official pack Alphas but that was only at the insistence of the elders who had been waiting for Caleb's return. They're not that into the civilities of other packs but they don't mind their traditions.

      Thank you! It was a lot of work and really should have probably been in a different chapter. But it's done now and the band came away with a few more awards to place on their shelves (YAY). Hahaha Caleb wasn't letting Connor take the credit for that! :P He wanted his just desserts. But really, this is the starting point for something else he has in mind O.o

      Vaughn and Kaya. Well they have been having their share of "secret meetings." And ever since the two came to an accord, their relationship has been improving, which I'm sure Kaya is grateful for. No more sneaking suspicions or odd sensations when he's around. But, back to the point, they are making plans that will be the culmination of all things that has happened so far (geez could I be anymore vague?) Yes, the wolves are able to turn off their shared voice when they want. Caleb does this often when he goes into battle to keep Kaya from worrying but it can be done just so you can keep your private thoughts private. :)

      Thank you for reading :)

  2. Sorry for the delay in responding, sick child.

    Yay, Joey is awake! That was rather disturbing what happened with Kaya, it seemed to shake both her and Caleb up. So this means she can feel Joey's memories telepathically, kind of like Rick and Izzy? Does Joey remember what happened? I have a feeling that eventually Joey is going to have some stories to tell in regards to what went on there.

    My sweet ship. I love seeing Connor happy. I think Karri is relieved too, like, she realizes that after all the garbage with Xander, she's found someone who will go to the ends of the earth for her, and vice versa. Nadine is going to insist on a Skype chat so she can see Karri for herself. She probably won't believe it!

    And the Grammy's...Karri must have been flipping out, basically going from bed to a plane to a red carpet and worrying about whether Miley Cyrus was going to keep her tongue in her mouth! I was happy to see the band win so many awards, and Caleb got to tell the world he's the man behind that baby bump!

    I really, really need to know what Kaya and Vaughn are planning. I really hope it has something to do with destroying that bitch Lexi!

    Great update!

    1. No worries. I hope he feels better!

      Joey's condition significantly improved and now everyone can breathe easier knowing he's finally all healed up and awake. Yep. Kaya can connect with each member of her pack now, just as Lobo was able to do with Greymane. Joey's getting bits and pieces of the night at the warehouse but nothing really specific...yet. You're right about that. He's got something to tell them all that will affect the coming days in a BIG way!

      These two are great together! I like that Connor seems much happier now. Karri really has touched him. Nadine will be ecstatic now that her son has finally settled down. Skype? I'm sure Mama Morvant will be on the next plane to Shadowvale! She'd want to meet the woman that's tamed her little wild wolf in person.

      It was a lot of fun! Haha Karri was having the best day of her life, that's for sure. Snagged herself a great guy and got to tell the world almost instantly! LOL! She did seem to be a bit upset having to sit beside the blonde songstress. Some of the blooper shots were hilarious! Caleb opened himself and Kaya to a world of scrutiny...he has ulterior motives for this O.o

      Those two have become quite the interesting pair. Their relationship after Vaughn finally admitted why he's been so creepy seemed to really improve. Which is great for him since he needs Kaya on his side for what's to come.

      Thank you for reading :)

  3. I am so happy for Connor and Karri. They are perfect together. And I cant wait to see the pups.

    1. They do make a great couple. He's finally found someone to share his life with after thinking it would never happen.

      Thank you for reading :)

  4. Man, I was seriously behind on my reading. Connor! ♥ My sweet Connor is in love and mated, and I couldn't be happier for him. Of course, he was correct in assuming Kaya wouldn't have a problem with him taking Karri as his mate and would instead be thrilled for her BFF.

    I love that Caleb wants to show the world he and Kaya are mates. I'm sure the speculation about who fathered Kaya's babies bugs the hell out of him. What better place than on stage at the Grammy's to end the rumors? LOL. You did a fabulous job with all those pics, DJ!

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