Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Episode 19: Dog Years

Genre: Horror
Characters: Lobo, Lexi, Faith
Word Count: 6,412
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: After Damian's recent threats Faith and Lexi conjure up a spell of protection around the coven and search for alternative means to ensure their survival against any imminent danger. Lobo goes to Lexi to discuss Rafe's situation within his pack and she convinces him to get Kaya a mate to keep Rafe from hounding her.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, nudity, adult situations

“‘Summon a lost love’? ‘Summon a Past Object?’ Oh here we go, ‘Lost & Found: Missing Sock?’ Are you serious with these spells Lexi? When in the world did you write a missing sock reveal spell? ”

“Remember that Drip Dry 3-Cycle Dryer you just HAD to have a few years ago? The one that loved my underwear and socks?”


“Keep reading.”

“‘Lost & Found: Missing Thong’,” Faith’s eyebrow raised in the direction of her sister and a choppy laugh shook her body. “Well I hope you found them because we gave that dryer to the Willow Reed community center if I remember correctly!”

“We did but I can’t say I ever saw my red lace thong again.”

“Boy I can imagine the look on Granny’s face if they ever need to repair that thing and take it apart.”

“Well as long as she’s a size 6 I think she’ll be fine with her discoveries.” Lexi continued thumbing through her grimoire in search of a decent summoning ritual for their mission. After another round of “find the witch” for Damian, it became abundantly clear something had to happen to prevent him from getting everything he was after. Otherwise the witches, the wolves and any human living within a 50 mile radius would be in serious danger.

“AH HA! I found it!” She exclaimed and quickly read over the spell ensuring it would meet their needs. “Thyme, sage, granulated nightshade, grave dust and one mandrake root.”

Faith moved towards her and peered at the words on the page:
“Enshrined spirit, we call to thee
those who wish to set you free.
Awaken now your life the same.
Come to us, stake your claim.”

“Gather the ingredients and I’ll consult the bones and let the others know we’re working towards a solution.”

“Right and I’ll get started with the locator spell. Did you remember to grab the items on the shopping list.”

“I found everything except the blood moss; you might have to substitute spider’s silk or newt’s eye.”

“I’ll use the spider’s silk, I think we overuse newt as is,” Faith smiled.

Lexi took a seat at the shadow bin and began conjuring up a dark portal and connecting to other members of the coven. Once she established a steady feed, she informed them of their efforts learning they were well on the way towards unearthing their friend as well. Since he was entombed by one of their ancestor witches, only a high ranking witch of the same coven would be able to reinstate or re-entomb if necessary.

“Faith have you began the incantation? The charms are in place and the boil is coming to a rise,” Lexi asked turning to her sister and watching her prepare to invoke her elemental spirit. Damian had issued a threat against them if they did not deliver what he was looking for. As a safety precaution they contacted their coven and added a layer of protection around every witch within the brood closing off Damian’s ability to make good.

Though they intended to locate the witch he found himself in particular need for, their intentions to do so were much different. Damian was not concerned about the amount of lives he was placing in danger to get what he truly wanted and the witches, slaves to nature, were not particularly happy about the destructive quality of his plan. They were bound by Council rulings so it was impossible to inform their pack of his scheme, but that didn’t mean they were completely powerless.

“I have. We should move quickly and trance before the sage completes its cycle.”

They entered the summoning room and Faith lit candles of each element: green for earth, blue for water, red for fire, white for air and yellow for spirit.

Lexi drew out the pentagram and they took seats on either sides of its five points to begin. Faith started and they placed a lulling spell around the area they were seeking in order to cloak it from prying eyes. Once done they called upon their coven and ported quickly to the area.

“We should try and hurry. I have an appointment to meet with Luther and if I’m late…”

“This shouldn’t take very long Faith. I just want to make sure we found the right area and have everything ready for when and if we need to ever rely on him.”

“And you’re sure about this? Do you remember how he was the last time he was released? It took three elder witches and the entire coven’s magic to enshrine him the first time. We don’t have those same resources this time.”

“But we will Faith. Once we’ve located the witch Damian is seeking we’ll have that and then some.”

“What makes you think she’ll help us?”

“She’s our sister! Her devotion and loyalties lie with us simply because of who and what she is. She’d never bond to that of a wolf over her kindred. That’s one thing we can always count on. Now, we should get started. I don’t want to make you late for your meeting. Just be sure to scrub up really well. That man has the nose of a bloodhound for sure.”

Faith sprinkled the elixir around the boulders that blocked their passage and they moved towards their respective spell books and began reading over the summoning spell. Preparing themselves to face the man behind the door, Lexi drew in a breath, closed her eyes and contacted their coven.

Moments into the enchantment, an earsplitting screech sounded off as though they’d broken into a bank vault and the authorities were being alerted.

“I DON’T THINK THIS IS RIGHT, LEXI!” Faith yelled to be heard over the shrieking sounds of the high pitched alarm. “WE MIGHT NEED TO CONTACT THE COVEN AGAIN!” The sound was loud enough to be heard for a few street blocks and Faith was becoming concerned that they would be revealed if it wasn’t handled soon.

“NO! KEEP WORKING I THINK WE JUST HAVE TO PIERCE THE SECURITY HERE. IF I KNOW DANA THEN SHE WOULD HAVE THROWN THIS IN AS A PRECAUTION!” Knowing Faith’s caution she started reading through the incantation first to ease her back into it. Faith was the Angel on her shoulder always careful always nurturing and concerned. Had there been any wolves anyway near the area she’d probably share the fear but their earlier trance was to ensure they would not be detected once they made it inside the shrine.

“Enshrined spirit, we call to thee
those who wish to set you free.
Awaken now your life the same.
Come to us, stake your claim.”

“Lexi it’s working!”

“Keep going!”

They continued chanting, watching as the rocks broke away from the wall and crumbled to reveal the door to the tomb.

“Well hello Vaughn,” Faith smiled staring at the coffin. “I can’t believe after all these years here he is in front of us.”

“Entombed by his own kind a curse and a blessing all wrapped in one package.”

“Something with as much power as he had though…there was no way we could have let him remain free to slaughter; he had no bounds, no fear and no conscience. Are we sure he’s even in there?”

“Well let’s take a peek.” Lexi took a step forward, closed her eyes and concentrated on the collective powers of her coven as Faith did the same.

“In this night, the midnight hour,
we call upon our family’s power,
Leaf of rosemary, do your deed
through the veil intercede
With this rhyme, the departed we call
reveal to us entombed spirits of all.”

“Looks like Daddy’s home after all,” Faith beamed. “Now what?”

“Now we wait. We know where he is and have easy access to him when needed. We won’t awaken him just yet. We’ll cast the shadow spell and keep him cloaked. Remember if Damian asks about this…”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about Lexi,” she grinned. “No worries. I’d never allow a wolf to interfere with the coven OR hurt the balance of nature. Damian pushed too far this time and we must not let him hurt our sisters.”

They placed a crystal on each section of the tomb floor and began the cloaking spell as the sage burned:

“We cannot be seen
We cannot be felt
We cannot be heard
We cannot be smelt
By any that seek
Whose intentions are ill
Cloaked as we are
In the force of our will.
Outside this sphere all ill is bound
Where the true Witch stands
Is sacred ground.”

“Ok, let’s get out of here. I fear the longer we hang about the more risk and attention our absence will draw.” Faith took Lexi’s hands and together they ported to the safety of their homes.

“You’ve been a busy girl,” the low voice growled behind her as she stepped into her bedroom door.

“Armand!” Lexi looked around nervously as she barely made out his shadow in the chair in front of her. “What are you doing here? Did we have something scheduled? Is this about the pack?”

Slowly he pulled up from the chair approaching her with caution as he took in her scent. There was no telling where she’d been but he could sense she was hiding something from him. He studied her eyes and the anxious look on her face that seemed to grow the longer he stood staring at her in silence. He pulled her by the waist into him, her hands pressed against his chest as he sniffed her once more. “What are you up to?”

Lexi pulled out of his grip and moved towards the books lining the walls of her cluttered shelf. Swallowing hard she tried to regain her composure in front of Lobo’s intimidating glare before responding. “I’m bound by my oath Armand, I cannot tell you that.” She pulled a tome from the shelf and moved with it towards her desk his eyes never leaving her as he studied her actions.

She dropped into the chair beside him and he moved further into the room taking a seat on her bed. Lexi zoned out for a moment as she made contact with her sisters letting them know all had gone as planned. She turned the book to the spell she and Faith cast earlier and scribbled the location of their find in code for later use. “I’m sorry about that Armand.” She spoke without turning to face him still trying to keep her body from giving him clues. “What was it you needed to talk about?”

“Lexi? Is there something you want to tell me?”

“No. As I said before I cannot.”

“Then it’s something ordered by Damian and the council? Is it anything concerning the Supreme Alpha? Have they discovered the identity of the wolf?”

Her head dropped into her hands and she stared blankly at the books decorating her desk thinking over the best way to approach the answer. “Damian did instruct me and you know that is all I can tell you Armand, please.”

He sighed and leaned forward inhaling the change in her scent once more. “Fine Lex, if you don’t want to tell me I understand. Your loyalties only go so far for me and Greymane and as Alpha I can take comfort knowing that you’d never betray your vow.”

“I hold you in highest regard of all Armand. And it’s why I am taking certain precautions to ensure you and Greymane remain protected against future threats.”

“Damian is going crazy. He’s becoming obsessed with power and…anyway just rest assured knowing my sisters and I will ensure a balance is kept.” She rubbed her arm gently and turned enough to see the concerned look on his face. “How’s my favorite wolf? Did you seek me out for a reason Armand?”

“Yes, the wild wolf you’ve placed in my home. I need to know what you saw for him and why it is so important he remains with Greymane. I don’t know how much longer I can pretend not to notice the attention he devotes to my little girl before it comes to a head. I want him gone Lexi now explain to me what’s stopping that from happening.”

She pulled up from her desk and turned to face him. Folding her arms against her chest she watched his gaze linger over her body before catching her eyes. “There’s no other way for me to say it so I’m just going to lay out for you, he needs Kaya.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“It means that Kaya and ONLY Kaya can control what he is and keep him from amassing too much power and going berserk as we both know his kind is capable of. She’s the calming voice to his rage and without her Rafe would become an unstoppable killing machine the likes of which no one has ever seen.”

“Why Kaya?”

“Do you know any other person capable of placing someone at ease yet allowing them to be themselves and work on controlling their rage? Look at yourself Armand. How many times have you told me it was the love of your daughter that’s saved you on nights you want to throw caution to the wind and take care of the threats against Greymane? Even as Alpha your motives and actions are controlled by your ‘little girl’. My visions have never gone awry and when Faith and I saw Rafe enter the territory I got an overwhelming feeling of calm seeing Kaya take care of him. Had Gideon reached him first we would be in a whole other ball game!”

“The only thing I caution you on is if they were to mate. Powers are unleashed and shared through that act and we don’t want to see him come into his full powers, trust me. It’s a very bad thing and will immensely disrupt the balance of nature.”

“And instead I’m to what? Find someone to mate with her so that Rafe is no longer a threat to her?” She nodded gently and moved closer as his gaze fell towards the floor. “No, this isn’t fair to Kaya and no amount of what you say will ever get me to think otherwise. I never wanted this for her.”

“And you think I did? This was never about what we wanted Armand it’s always been about the pack and the greater good. We’re charged with maintaining the balance of nature and that would be greatly upset if you don’t do something soon.” He nodded but never looked up at her. He felt her hand on his shoulder and slid over to give her room to sit. “Do you remember the Barretts?”

“Raeford and his son Roman?”

“Do you remember the pact you made with him when you became Alpha of Greymane?”

“Lexi that was a long time ago! I never intended to make good on that. No, I won’t do that!”

“You and he came to an understanding Armand. You’ve always been a man of your word regardless of the situation. This is the way to go, trust me.” 

“You have no idea what you’re talking about Lex. Kaya doesn’t know anything about the Vanderbilt pack and I kept it that way for a reason. I never wanted her to learn about that treaty or the people involved in it.”

“The best way to keep these two apart is to offer her a suitable mate, Armand. You know that just as well as I do the only way to prevent the wild wolf from sniffing around is if you allowed her to bond with another.”

Lobo looked towards her as she’d finished whatever scribing she was doing near the desk. Lexi stood and started for a shelf containing an assortment of elixirs, potions and herbs, sprinkled a generous amount of sage over the bed and smiled in his direction. 

“Oh don’t give me that look. We must do what is necessary to keep Greymane safe. I know your number one priority is Kaya, always has been. And that is why it is important she take up with someone else before it is too late.”

“I will not have some random wolf mating with my only child to suit the terms of some treaty long since passed. Kaya deserves better than that and to make her continue to pay for my mistakes is not right Lexi. I can’t do it and Kaelani would agree.”

“Kaelani would want what is best for her daughter. And what is best for her is to ensure the preservation of your kind. That means without a doubt pursuing other avenues for her mates Armand. Think about it and you’ll see I’m right. I’ve never steered you wrong and I’m not about to start now.”

He thought over her words as he paced the small space in her boudoir. He cursed himself for ever allowing such a deal to be made with their sister pack. Had Lexi not been the devil on his shoulder he would have never agreed to link their houses through a ritual mating all those years ago. But desperate times as it were then; Greymane needed the help of a stronger pack in order to stay afloat after the loss of the Alpha before him, Douglas Greymane. He had no children of his own and as Beta Lobo became the pack leader and took on all of the responsibilities of his subordinate wolves.

Heading into the first wolf war he realized how quickly the tide would turn and fear of watching the pack house smolder in the ashes of the encroaching rival packs and hunters he and Raeford Barrett of Vanderbilt came to terms. If anything were to happen to him and Roman his son and sole survivor were left unmated at the time of the next war, Lobo would allow a bond between their children. This would not only strengthen the combined packs during the next time of war but ensure the survival of their bloodlines. 

He turned towards Lexi listening to her hum and float around the large king sized bed in the room. Watching her undress he felt a small tingle shiver along his spine. Often times she reminded him so much of his Kaelani it was almost like having her in his arms again when he held her. But Lexi had her ways of helping him forget. Patient and caring she knew it would take time for his heart to open up again and she was in it for the long haul. He sighed, approached her and unbuttoned the neck clasp of her gown letting it slide slowly down her shoulders.

He leaned forward and placed a kiss on her neck trailing his lips down her back and along her shoulders. Lexi gasped; the touch of his hands, though rough a sign of his hard work, were always so loving and gentle when he caressed her. She leaned back into his arms as he continued exploring her body. His hands cupped her ample breasts, squeezing them firmly in the palms of his large paws before sliding down her belly and slowly spreading her legs apart. 

“You’ve gotten me naked but you’re still fully clothed,” Lexi observed trying to turn and help him out of his suit.

He stilled her and drew her into his chest preventing her hands from working their magic against him. “How observant Lex. I want to hear you get off before I decide if I want to pleasure you otherwise.”

“You’re not playing fair Armand Dominick Villalobos.”

“Whatever made you think I would?” his velvety voice caused shivers to dance down her spine and she looked up towards him as his arms tightened around her waist. “When I want you I’ll take you and there’s not a damn thing you can do about that.” He kissed her cheek lovingly, her hand caressed his face and she smiled.

“Well then I guess I should give up the idea of turning you into a frog. But just the same, perhaps you can hop to it.”

He watched her eyes close and drift towards the back of her head as her body melted into his. Her hair fell over her face partially covering her eyes. He brushed it away to continue watching her perky nipples rise and fall. His tongue licked up and down her neck and he slid a finger between her thighs, dipping into the warm wetness he’d caused. “Armand…” she moaned as he pushed a second finger within her and began slowly sliding them in and out. A delicious shiver coursed through her body and Lexi felt Lobo respond in kind his lust evident in the bulge pressing firmly against her body.

He kissed her neck again and she leaned her head far back enough to take his lips on hers. He kissed her tenderly as he continued rubbing her to climax. His hard chest pushed into her back and she pulled his half opened shirt completely off with his coat and tossed them to the floor. “You look so beautiful when you cum Lex.” He bit playfully at her lips sending tiny sparks of fire through her from her mouth to her moistening pussy. Lobo’s hands moved across and down her back to the round globes of her ass. He pressed his fingertips into each cheek and gently swayed her mound onto his now unyielding erection.

Her responses remained voiceless and incoherent as her body shook violently against him. “Oh God Armand.” Holding her tighter against his chest he continued fingering her until she became limp and motionless within his arms. He lifted her and placed her gently on the bed. Lexi smiled and rubbed her legs together as she watched him finish undressing. His dark, daunting features gave way to the gentleman she’s known all these years and his eyes devoured her like the hungry wolf she wanted him to be.

Gripping the waistband of his pants, he roughly removed them from his hip. His engorged cock sprang forward and brought a longing smile to her lips. She wiggled her finger at him urging him forward and he wagged his cock at her like a tail watching as she threw her head back in laughter at the strength he possessed in that tool. The moment the cool air of the room touched the warm flesh of his erection, it appeared to stiffen more. A faint moan escaped her lips and she thought of all the times she felt that beast slide between her legs and drive her to multiple orgasms. Just thinking of his demanding hands roaming her body was enough to make her body betray her and she felt small tremors flood her body burgeoning from deep within her lap. She tossed a condom at him and watched him glide it down the length of his shaft. “Are you gonna make me wait all night Armand or show me what you’re made of?”

He growled and threw his body on top of hers and she released a broken gasp as his warm lips moved along her collarbone and chest. He tenderly pushed his cock into her and she sighed a lusty approval as he gently moved his hips against hers. A faint groan cracked from his throat with a sharp intake of breath through his nose. Her body felt so warm against his and the way she moved her hips to allow him to penetrate deeper created a thirst in him only her body could quench.

Tightening his fingers around her hips, Lobo swung her legs over his and placed her on top of his throbbing cock. Their mouths met and her lips pressed hungrily against his; desperate. Their tongues explored and danced passionately together. Lexi bounced her hips hard on top of him and he reached up to stop her hasty movements. Determined to enjoy their time together and make love as he wanted he guided her hips with his fingers, rolling her body into his pubic bone and gently pumping towards her.

Lobo pulled her over to the edge of the bed softly rubbing his hands along her sides. Her body squirmed beneath him as she tried to place herself back on top and he gripped her legs to still her. Throwing them over his shoulder he thrust his hips into her lightly, slowly working his body into hers. “Please…” she moaned weakly, her body bucked wildly beneath him, her voice barely a whisper, “Fuck me.” Lobo continued pumping into her, the only sounds he heard were of her wet body slapping against his.

Shivers curled up her spine causing her to breathe quick and shallow. Her arm reached up and took him around the neck pulling his lips towards her breast. “Armand, now please, fuck me!” She moaned desperately wanting him to take her as he had times before, harder, deeper. Sucking her nipple into his lips he pushed away her effort to seize her objective. She tightly clutched his face in her hands; her mouth fell open in a silent plea with the gentle rocking of their hips. “Please?”

The sensation of Lobo’s hard cock on her damp skin increased her need; almost instinctively she pushed her pussy towards him. He responded by flicking the tip of his dick quickly across her swollen clit. Lexi inhaled sharply and released an annoyed sigh. He was taunting her; teasing her with his touch and teaching her a lesson. He moved down the length of her body delighting her flesh and he plunged into her with force fucking her hard to let her know who was in charge. Her back arched feeling him drive back inside of her pressing more firmly against her hot pussy walls. A throaty moan escaped her lips finally receiving the wolf her body craved.

“Is this what you want?” he growled watching her grip at the sheets. He slapped his hand across her ass hard and felt it bounce back into his palm. “Lift it higher if you want me to fuck it,” he demanded. Lexi pressed herself deeper into his lap fucking him back as hard as she could.

“God! Fuck me Armand, yes!” She rocked her hips ferociously, fucking him as much as he was fucking her. His shaft pressed against her clit, the friction building her arousal sending delicious waves of pleasure right through her. Lexi felt her next orgasm beginning to build, the pace of her thrusting increasing in urgency.

He watched her for a moment, drinking in the sight before him. Her eyes closed, her face slightly contorted in her desperate state. Her breasts bounced against the bed and he reached up to clutch one in his large hand, squeezing hard she released a loud groan. 

He pulled out to the saddened sounds of her disapproval and pulled her up by her shoulders. He wanted to make love, she wanted it hard and rough and he was more than happy to oblige. He tossed her higher towards the headboard with her stomach pressed into the sheets and fell on top of her.

With a sudden lunge Lobo impaled her creamy, inviting hole causing her to draw her breath in sharply and moan desirously. Her face pushed into the pillow and she bit down on it to muffle the scream that pushed up from her lungs. Pulling up on her arms slightly she threw her hips up mirroring his movements and enabling him to pump deeper. The tip of his cock hit her cervix with every forward push.

She rolled him once more; her lips, cool and soft like rose petals, fluttered across his hot skin and her hand slid over his chest pressing him back. The sensation of her touch heightened his arousal; blood rushed to his groin, causing small drops of precum to escape from his throbbing cock. Slowly her hand made its way down his delicious torso, his softly trailed up her back, causing little ripples of pleasure to sweep over her.

Leaning forward she showered kisses over his skin, the moistness of her mouth left a cool reminder of where she’d been. He gripped her firmly, spreading his fingers over her hips helping her bounce faster on top of him. Before long his rigid cock was throbbing, his balls drew up and his breathing became almost frantic. The shaft of his dick thickened steering him on to his own moment of sweet release. Lobo felt hot cum shoot up the length of his cock catching in the rubber; a howl pierced the room echoing around them and Lexi fell against his chest. Sighing and breathless he pulled her closer devouring her lips their eyes conveying every emotion at that moment. She smiled against his mouth before climbing down from his body and falling into the pillows.

Armand smiled watching Lexi sleeping soundly on his arm. For years they played this game. He had tried to show her through his actions in their private moments how much he cared but she was determined to believe his contact with her was just a desperate grasp for a connection to a love since lost. That refusal always resulted in a vigorous sex session. Though he did enjoy making her scream his name, he longed for the times to just watch her float adrift through his gentle touch. He stroked a tuft of her hair behind her ear and kissed her cheek before pulling free of her head. He threw on his pants and moved towards the desk she was intently working at earlier. Reading over the lists of spells and enchantments she had lying around he located the one he was most interested in.

Guilt bubbled in his chest as he thought about the times he’d had Lexi cast this spell on members of his pack and his own child in order to protect everyone from the secrets that could truly rip them apart at the seams. It seemed rather brash but had he not done so, everything and everyone would have crashed and burned. He’d convinced himself that what he did was for the greater good and the fact that none were the wiser helped ensure his pack lived happy and eternal under his ruling.

A small breathy sound rumbled from Lexi and he turned to ensure she was still resting soundly before diving back into the work in front of him. Lexi was right about one thing, Kaya was a stubborn woman. He smiled thinking about her persistence as he realized he had no one to blame for that but himself. She learned everything of her character from him. Had Kaelani lived to his ripe age and given Kaya a different role model, she’d surely have blossomed to become a much different person; possibly better.

His influence was one of a ruling hand as Alpha and never seemed enough where she was concerned. She was raised to fight for her people and that’s one thing he knew she took to heart. The number of charities and charter houses she opened in their honor was enough to make any father proud and she’d given him plenty of reasons to smile. Which is what made his decisions to keep her unmated even harder. He was never able to ignore the pain of watching her give up a date to do some “last minute Beta duties” he always seemed to find for her.

Though he knew she suspected the reasons behind such busy work she never once complained or ignored his orders and went along quietly to whatever the task was. He’d led her to believe that he wanted her to remain unmated because he feared watching her die in childbirth as he had to endure with his mate but it was much deeper than that. Though the thought that would happen to his only child was an issue, the risks of opening Greymane to another pack or her to the viciousness of mate duels was greater reasoning enough.

And then there was that other thing. The one thing he would NEVER risk of her taking a mate: finding her true mate. He’d taken care of that factor himself so long ago. It gave him small comfort but did little to ease the guilt knowing he took from her the bond he shared with her mother. Lexi stirred again but this time she sat up and watched him move the papers around the desk a little before climbing off the bed.  

“Are you ok?”

“How can you ask me that Lex? You know better than anyone that I’m far from ok.”

“Armand, you shouldn’t worry so much about such things. We do what must be done.”

“And what is it this time Lex? You think it’s that easy to let my only child free to some other pack? You think it’s the best decision for this while I’m still not convinced of the matter. I dread watching her become some Alpha’s Queen in a rival pack or any pack other than what’s been her home. And then…”

“You fear losing her love and trust Armand, not so much as it is having her still remain in your home. You fear that if you gave her to another Alpha she would resent you because of what you told her about mating only to turn around and trade her to another pack.”

He sighed and threw the book in front of him closed with a powerful slam. “I fear losing her period!” he growled. “She’s my daughter and she shouldn’t have to go through with this because of me. I’m the one that’s supposed to look after her and protect her as a father should not blindside her to fix a mistake I made. I don’t know how I let you talk me into blinding her with that spell. I took something from her that she can never get back Lex. Do you have any idea how much that hurts me? She’ll never receive her full wolf abilities and that’s on me because I took her mate. But I never should have let the aftermath get swept under the rug with that fucking spell. She should have been able to mend properly, let her heart realize its loss and recover from it. Whether or not she forgave me for killing him should have been left up to her AFTER she came to terms with what I did not because of a spell. I feel like I’m lying to her every time I look into those eyes.”

“Do you have any idea how long a scorned woman can hold a grudge Armand? Time is nothing to a woman and she’s a wolf! It’s been nearly two centuries since you killed her soul mate do you really think she’d be around you right now if she felt everything? You’d have lost her and you knew that and that was why you went along with the incantation. There would have been no way she’d recover or bounce back from that kind of pain without a little help. I’m sorry things are this way but you had to allow your wolf to take over and take her mate’s life, we all needed this to happen Armand.”

“I know. And that’s what I live with every day.” He sighed. “You can’t understand how difficult it is watching her smile at me, her eyes full of love and trust all the while I’ve deceived her. Killing her mate was for the best, everyone knows that. But I just…I hate living this lie. And now with this new wolf and this treaty; I can’t expect her to just blindly obey as she always has. She’s just as stubborn as…”

“You? Yes I know that very well. I went through a laundry list of reasons she had to be the one to find that pup before she finally agreed to take him on with you out of town. She knew though you’d be upset since your pack has not received new wolves in quite a while that in the end you’d be proud of her for making the right decision.”

“And look how that turned out. You have this strange wild wolf in my home sniffing after her because she remains unmated. And I’ll be damned if I let a wild wolf mate with my daughter!”

“This is why Roman Barrett of Vanderbilt will make a suitable mate for her. He took over for his father when he became ill with the Gray Plague. He’s made some interesting changes to the pack since and as luck would have it he is still currently unmated as well.” 

“Luck?” Lobo scoffed listening to Lexi ramble about the wolf she believed to be Kaya’s perfect match. Luck had nothing to do with Barrett’s inability to find a mate; Lexi had seen to that the same time she ensured Kaya’s true mate was out of the way. She orchestrated the terms of the treaty to perfection and now with the next wolf war looming in the not so distant future, the two packs would become one and she would get everything she was after…whatever that was.

“He loves music; in fact I think he is a Night Shift fan. I’ll arrange a meeting for you and you can assess him for yourself. But remember we must move quickly on this Armand. If you want to ensure my vision does not come to pass she must meet him soon.”

He sighed heavy and rubbed his fingers across his temple. Still with doubts on the whole thing he was beginning to believe it was the only way out of this whole mess he let Lexi talk him into in the first place. “My niece is in good hands, Armand; you shouldn’t worry so much about her like this. It only adds knots I have to fight with to get out of your muscles. Now, come back to bed. I haven’t finished releasing my frustrations and I’m sure there is still more your body wants to tell mine as well.”

Continue ---->


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