• Alpha/Luna - the male or female wolf that leads the pack.
  • Beta - the next in line to lead the pack should the alpha die.
  • Elder - a wolf that has reached at least four centuries mark in time.
  • Omega - the lowest rank within a wolf pack.
  • Subordinate - any member not designated as an alpha, beta or omega.

Bond Separation* - similar to Separation Anxiety Disorder whereas it is a psychological condition in which the individual experiences excessive anxiety regarding separation from their mate and the connection shared with the other individual. In lycans, a strong emotional attachment is formed and housed in the sharing of blood after mating (ritual bonding). If this connection is not made, the parties in question are afflicted with various symptoms which include but is not limited to:
  • Recurring distress
  • Persistent, excessive worrying
  • Uncontrollable outbursts of rage
  • The inability to control one's emotions
  • Recurring nightmares or visions of painful experiences
  • Physical ailments (such as headaches, stomachaches, cramps, nausea)
  • Random lycan shifts or vice versa (the inability to shift into wolf form)
Dogroot* - a healing herb that enhances the natural ability of a wolf to repair damaged muscle and flesh. Enough of this precious flower can completely negate the side effects of TrueSilver damage.

Gray Plague* - also referred to as "The Infection". Symptoms include drooling, blackened bags under the eyes, psychotic behavior, loss of strength at times and an increased appetite. The disease, which feeds on the platelets in its host's body, is spread by its victim's bites. The host eventually loses their humanity and becomes violently hungry, seeking the healthy blood of others. It's a blood-born pathogen that causes rapid nervous system evolution and increases the development of its host's sensory organs. The infected eventually lose their ability to function which includes: eating, sleeping, feeling pain, crying and talking. It promotes other senses such as hearing, sight and taste. The early stages of the disease if properly diagnosed can be combated using the known wolf cure of Dogroot. In its final stages, the infected become increasingly paranoid and delirious. Scientists have reason to believe the disease affect only those with certain genetic markers and causes a fatality through cardiac arrest. Only known cures is a medicine created through the leaves of the Umbra tree as well as a few other herbs and elixirs. The antidote is incredibly difficult to make as the ingredients are rare and hard to come by. Umbra leaves create a deadly poison on their own and thus the use of this tree has been made illegal causing authorities to torch several groves making the chief ingredient's location grown only in the treacherous and hostile territory of Shadowvale.

Heat Cycles - Male and female wolves undergo different physical changes when they are prepared to mate and actively seek a connection to another. For mated males, they usually grow very possessive, and very protective of their mates.  They will often attack without thinking if another male comes too close and have a driven need to procreate. In the case of the missing blood bond, the wolf may become overly aggressive and territorial. They may be driven to commit heinous acts in order to establish their connection to their mate. For mated females, they may also become very possessive of their mate. In the case of the Luna, any unmated she-wolf in the area often go on extended leaves to clear the pack Alpha’s senses and prevent unnecessary and unprovoked acts of violence. Heated females are driven by their most basic maternal needs and are extremely fertile during the moon cycles.

Houndstooth* - an ancient herb that heals (humans only) injured by wolves and negates the effects of a wolf's bite. It can repair damage caused by the toxins within the wolves' saliva and prevent the human from turning into kindred even if enough venom has reached the blood stream.

Howling* - A ceremony performed when a wolf decides to shift allegiances to a new pack breaking all bonds with his/her former Alpha.

Mating (Pair Bonding/Marking) - The Pairing process takes place over the space of at least two moons. For many it begins with the acceptance of a mate or those lucky enough to have discovered their true mates. The couple is blessed by the Alpha and Luna to commence with their mating. Under the first full moon, the wolves have intercourse and are locked beneath the moon Goddess as a pair. At this point they enter the stage of the challenge chase. In the chase, each party has the opportunity to decide if they want to continue the mating. If so, they are expected to prove this in a series of set challenges (for traditional packs).

Ritual Bonding (Blood Bonding) - Once a pairing has been made, at the next moon cycle, the lycan pair perform a bloodletting in order to establish their eternal connection. During this process, the male and female bite their mates on various veins of their body marking them and drinking their blood. Once completed this ritual allows both parties to share emotions, communicate telepathically, feel stronger physical changes within their mate and move as one powerful unit. This ability can also be turned on and off per lycan's desires.

Shadow Bloom* - a plant grown native in deserts and mountainous regions. It can survive freezing temperatures and droughts and blooms mostly at night. Magically the bloom is used to ward off evil and nightmares. When combined with another herb known as Dogroot it acts as a powerful weapon against Lycan.

Strip* - to remove layers of flesh from your victim either for consumption or as punishment. For Alphas, stripping a wolf is similar to a lashing and places heavy strain on the offender. Some marks go deep enough to ensure the pain lasts and the healing is slower.

TrueSilver* - a rare and precious metal that threatens the abilities of Lycan. It slows the healing process dramatically but if removed in time, the wolf can fully recover from the injury. But like all weapons of mass destruction, TrueSilver weapons can create wounds irreparable and, in some cases, cause instantaneous death.

Whelp - the young of the dog or of the wolf.

*Trademarked terms and phrases.