Monday, July 15, 2019

Episode 88: Eclipsed

Genre: Supernatural/Drama
Characters: Connor, Karri, Eoghan, Emmett, Finn, Xander, James
Word Count: 2,072
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Karri finally confronts Xander about what happened the night Cillian O'Leary died. Truths are revealed and a new discovery leaves her reeling.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, adult situations, nudity.

*Note: Pronounciation guide - The name, Eoghan, comes from an old Irish word meaning “born of the yew tree” and is pronounced “Owen”.*

“Where the hell is he?” Finn growled as he continued pacing the length of the living room.

“Sit down and be patient will ye? Ye startin’ tae wreck me nerves,” Emmett said. It had been over a week since they learned of Karri’s situation and they were still working on getting their hands on Cillian’s trinity knot necklace. James had left a message on Finn’s voicemail letting him know he’d come across a lead and would get back to him the next morning. But morning came and went and still there had been no word from James. “Try callin’ ‘em if ye that worried.”

Grabbing his phone, Finn tried just that but kept getting his voicemail. “Seriously, how much longer does he expect us to wait for with our thumbs up our asses?”

“Speak fer yeself. Only thing ‘round ‘ere doin’ me head in is ye. Da trusted we’d get the job done and we will, little brother. Just relax yeah?”

“How can I relax? If we don’t get the shit Xander has on Karri we’re gonna have to let him go. Otherwise, there’s no telling what O’Leary will do.”

“Ach! Go way outta that! That chancer is meetin’ his maker with or without that necklace fer what he did to Karri,” Emmett replied as he helped himself to another beer before rejoining his brother in the living room.

“Hey! Get your feet off my couch,” Finn shouted as Emmett cozied himself on the sofa.

“I will yeah,” Emmett laughed as he popped the cap on his beer.

“Dude, come on!”

“Fine.” Reluctantly, Emmett pulled his feet down and shook his head at his baby brother. “I still can’t believe ye went and bought yeself a feckin’ home ‘ere.”

“Why? Someone’s gotta watch after Karri.”

“Ye worry too much about ‘er. She’s got a new pack now. That’s their job. Besides, she’s a big girl.”

“Still. She’s our baby sister. I can’t just leave her here alone.”

“She’s nat alone, ye nob. As I just said, she has a new pack.”

Finn shrugged and again glanced down at his phone. “This is stupid. How long does it take to…” His words were cut off when the device in his hand started ringing. “Finally,” he growled into the receiver. “What did you find?”

Xander’s little buddy. Rory, say ‘hi’.” Finn heard someone grunt in the background before James continued. “He’s the little shit hiding the necklace. I have it along with the pictures Xander sent.

“Did he make any copies?”

Says he didn’t.

“And you believe him?”

If you see what I did to this asshole, you would too. There’s no way he’s lying.

“Thanks, James. You’ve been a big…”

Wait, there’s something else,” James said before Finn had a chance to disconnect. “Rory took me to the grave. I had a couple of the boys dig him up and our pack doc did an autopsy. Turns out, Cillian wasn’t dead when he was tossed in the ground. Doc found traces of soil in his lungs which meant his official cause of death was suffocation from premature burial.

“So you’re saying Karri didn’t kill Cillian, Xander did?” With this, Emmett stood and moved closer to his brother. “Have you spoken to Dad?”

Not yet. I figured you might want to give Alpha the good news. I told him to meet with you though so he’ll be heading your way soon.

“Yeah. Thanks, James. Good work.”

Finn hung up the phone and exchanged a look with his big brother. “I wonder if the feckin’ wanker knew this whole time,” Emmett said.

“Well, there’s only one way to find out.”

“Aye. Guess we can let the eejit speak before we toss ‘em in the shuck. Think Karri might wanna know?”

“Maybe. Are you volunteering to be the one to break it to her?” Finn asked, looking at the worried expression on his brother’s face with a grin.

“Nay! Fuck that. Ye think I have a bleedin’ death wish?”

“You’re right. We should let her hear it from the horse’s mouth.”

Emmett waited in the basement of the shed the Savages had loaned them for Finn to go and fetch Karri. He smiled at his baby sister as she descended the stairs hand-in-hand with the redhead he’d come to like. Connor looked over at the man chained to the wall and a not-so-subtle growl arose from his throat. Karri placed a calming hand on his shoulder as Xander barely lifted his head to acknowledge the approaching couple. “Sis! So glad ye could make it. Did Finn tell ye the good news?”

“Nah. I figured you could share that part.” Finn circled around his sister to stand beside his older brother. The smile on his face growing broader. “Dad will be here soon. We should wait for him.”

“Am ‘ere lads,” Eoghan’s powerful voice came down the stairs as he quickly approached his children. “What’s the news? James practically shouted me ear off tae come meet ye. Did ye find the necklace?” Seeing Karri, Eoghan made a beeline towards his daughter with a smile. He pulled her into a hug and shook Connor’s hand. “Ye went and mated him. And a fine lad ye chose.” 

“What?!” Finn exclaimed, looking over at his sister in surprise.

“Aw sure look it.” Eoghan stepped back to present the happy couple. “Have ye ever seen ‘er smile so wide? She’s grinnin’ ear-tae-ear this one.”

“Karri, why didn’t you say anything?” Finn asked, looking a little hurt.

“I was going to. I just wanted to break the news in person to all of you. Surprise!”

Emmett looked from his sister to Connor and charged for the redhead. “Well alright then!” He shouted, scooping Connor into a bear hug and spinning him once for good measure. “Yer a stook. This one is nothin’ but trouble yeah?” he laughed and placed the man back to the ground. “Welcome to the family, brother. And you,” he said, finally acknowledging his sister. “No wonder ye was so happy out leapin’ about the place when I rang ye. Wait til I tell Ma. Man is she gonna do ye.” He gave her a kiss on the cheek and a tight squeeze. “Congrats, little sis.”

Karri looked over at Finn who had been enjoying the show with a grin of his own. “So you’re not mad I didn’t tell you?”

“Nah. I’m happy you found someone that can make you happy. You deserve that and more, Karri.”

“Aww,” Karri threw her arms around his neck for a warm embrace.

“You know we’re gonna have to celebrate though right?”

“Aye! I could go fer a round,” Emmett agreed, looking over at Connor. “Ye got tae show me where the good pubs are around here. I swear I can’t remember the last time I was this dry.”

“Can do,” Connor answered with a smile.

“Karri,” Eoghan said, bringing the celebrations to an abrupt halt. “I know ye want yer independence but yer me baby girl; me little wee one. As much as it pains me tae know ye won’t be returnin’ home I’ve got tae let ye go. But please understand I must know I’ve left ye in good hands. That’s why am happy Finn has decided tae stay behind.”

Karri looked over at her older brother and he nodded. “I’m renting a small studio apartment in town,” Finn replied.

“Small, yeah. It’s the size of a bloody matchbox.”


“What? It’s true!”

“Whatever. Karri, I’ll text you my address.” The news had come as a shock to her. As much as she liked spending time with Finn, she didn’t need him sticking around to keep an eye on her like she was an infant.

“Dad! I don’t need a babysitter,” Karri protested.

“Please,” Eoghan said, placing his hand up to silence her objection. “I need tae know yer safe so yer Ma and I can sleep at night. It’s a father’s worry and it’s only fer a little while.” Karri nodded realizing arguing was pointless and Eoghan set his sights on Connor. “Connor me boy, I’ve nat had the chance tae get tae know ye well beforehand but, I trust me baby girl knows a good man when she sees one. Still, I’d be remiss if I didn’t threaten ye with the might of the Emerald Isles. If any harm comes tae me little one, there won’t be enough of ye left tae fill a bucket. Understand?”

“Perfectly, Sir. Karri couldn’t be any safer with me and my pack, I assure you. Her well-being is my number one priority.”

“Aye. That’s what I like tae hear,” he said, giving Connor’s shoulder a pat. “Now then, on tae more pressin’ matters. What did James have tae say?”

Finn went over his conversation with their friend back in Chicago and once he was done, everyone turned to look at Xander. “What do ye have tae say fer yerself then?” Eoghan asked, waiting for the wolf to own up to the accusations. “Ye really go and bury a man ye knew was still breathin’?”

Xander shook his head yes. “Karri was apprehensive with our arrangement and I knew I could use Cillian’s death to get her to agree to marriage. I knew he was alive when I shoved him in my trunk. He was alive but unconscious so I told her we needed to move quickly. I didn’t want him to come to before we got him in the ground. Karri never killed anyone. It was me.”

Karri’s hand closed into fists at her side as she listened to Xander describe the night her world ended. “You slimy piece of shit!” she yelled and started forward. Connor caught her by the waist and held her against him. “Let me go! That asshole needs to pay for what he did to me.”

“And he will. But I don’t think your father is done with him just yet,” Connor whispered against her ear.

Eoghan approached the restrained man, looking him over with disgust. Grabbing him around the neck, Eoghan sank his claws into Xander’s flesh, drawing blood the tighter he squeezed and feeling his pulse beat against his fingers. “I didn’t know how big of an arse ye were when I agreed tae yer father’s arrangement. No wonder he was so happy tae see it through. I s’pose it’s a good thing he has another son…one tae carry on his legacy.”

“Please! I’m sorry. I just wanted Karri and I could see her slipping away. I didn’t know what else to do,” Xander cried, dropping his head as tears slid down his face. “I didn’t mean to hurt her. I just wanted her to be mine.”

“And now ‘ere she stands mated tae someone else. Someone more deservin’ of ‘er. Bet ye didn’t expect yer plans tae go so arseways, eh?” Emmett shouted, snatching Xander’s head up by his hair so he could look the man in his eyes.

“Eoghan, please, don’t do this. I’m begging you, please. I’ll leave and I’ll never bother you or your family again, I swear. Just please. Don’t kill me.”

“I won’t be doin’ anything,” he said, grabbing a knife from the table and handing it to Karri. “It’s me little girl ye hurt. It’s me little girl who’ll hurt ye.”

“Karri, please. I love you.” Karri stared him in the eyes as she stood in front of him. He had been reduced to a sniveling shell of a man. His pathetic sobs and pleading fell on deaf ears. All she could see when she looked at him was the man who’d caused her so much misery; so much grief. He had completely turned her life upside down all for his misguided declaration of love. “Please? I’d do anything for you.”

“Yeah? Well in that case, bleed for me.” She viciously stabbed the knife into his chest and roughly dragged it down to his navel. Xander screamed as he felt the Truesilver burn a jagged line through his flesh.

“Please, Karri, don’t! Please? I don’t want to die. Please!”

Pulling the knife out, Karri smiled and looked up at her ex. “Don’t worry, Xander. You’re not dying…yet. I’ve been running and hiding from my family and everyone who loved me for six years. I’m not going to make this easy on you. Buckle up, Snookum. We have a long night ahead of us.”



  1. That little weasel! I knew it was something more to it. Seriously. Like UGH I'm glad it's Karri that will take him out. Serves him right. And I'm hoping somewhere in these episodes Sexy Finn is gonna get him a know a little bit of color in his life and not just his hair hahahaha

    1. Yep! The entire thing was a fabrication. He completely turned Karri's life upside down and she was never responsible for what happened to Cillian. So getting that small piece of revenge (after a great deal of torture) will feel nice for her.

      Hahaha you think he needs to settle down? :P

      Thank you for reading :D