Monday, July 15, 2019

Episode 87: Inner Beast

Genre: Supernatural/Drama
Characters: Kaya, Caleb, Connor, Charlie, Eli, Karri, Byron, Lucy, Miles, Harley, Jacobi
Word Count: 4,044
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Byron loses his head. Later, Connor and Karri share a moment. And then, Lucy meets her end at the hands of an old acquaintance as Eli gets much needed revenge. Meanwhile, Harley and Jacobi part ways in a heated confrontation.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, adult situations, nudity.

The warm blood dripped down her face as she stood gaping at the scene. She was too late. Too late to stop Byron’s execution. Too late to absolve him of his guilt before Caleb ended his miserable life. Too late for them to know the truth. Time moved slowly as she watched the head roll to a stop at her mate’s feet. He had a grim expression on his face as he ordered Joey and Kendrick to take him. And before Kaya could process what happened next, Connor was tugging her arm and pulling her away from the body. “KAYA!” he shouted, finally getting through to her. “What are you doing here?”

She was trembling from head to toe, her mouth agape as she struggled to form words. “Byron…” she paused, a shaky whimper tore from her throat. “Byron is innocent!”

Caleb looked up with her confession and swiftly moved to her side. “What did you say?”

“Byron…he didn’t sell us out to the hunters. It was Damian! The voices Joey heard. The scenes. His visions, they’re finally clearer to me,” she mumbled in an inarticulate burst of words.

“Kaya, calm down and speak slower,” Caleb instructed, “You’re not making any sense.”

“Damian Bloodworth, the man that has led the Wolf Council for over 300 years is the one that was calling the shots. Luther was right. Damian’s the one Joey heard speaking with Harley in the warehouse, not Byron. Byron didn’t…he never betrayed us. He was just scared so he ran away with the woman he loved. He was innocent,” she whimpered, feeling the trickle of blood on her cheek begin to dry.

“And you’re sure about that?” Caleb asked, taking her hand to help steady her nerves.

“Yes. Absolutely. See for yourself.” Replaying the many thoughts she’d bore witness to in the minutes that passed, Caleb could also profess to Byron’s innocence.


“He’s gone. He’s gone, Caleb, and there’s no undoing that,” she continued shivering as that realization cemented itself in her subconscious. Caleb had kept her out of everything that was developing with Byron and this mystery surrounding his hunter lover. He’d told her in no uncertain terms he believed she was too soft to see through what needed to be done. Her compassion for Byron was clouding her judgement and that was why he needed to handle it on his own.

She’d understood. In a kill or be killed situation, it could be forgiven; murdering your own but, Kaya could never advocate the killing of her own kind. Even Luther, a man that had proven time and again he’d stop at nothing to get his way. To her it was always wolves vs everyone else. But now Byron was dead and his only sin was love. “Come on, I should get you inside,” Caleb whispered beside her ear as he gently stroked her arm.

“No,” Kaya said, pulling away. “You should finish up here. I’ll be fine.”


“Really, Caleb. I’ll be ok.” Taking one last look behind her mate, Kaya retreated back up the flight of stairs and out the front doors.

“Still with me, Brother?” Harley paced in front of the steel cage doors, watching the limp mass of fur shivering on the cement floor. “I think we need to step it up a bit, what do you think?”

Jacobi whimpered in return. Unable to move or even shift back his prone body was subjected to hours of injections, electroshock and endless torture. He had his first transition as the result of his brother’s ruthless impulse. No longer listening to reason, his compulsion to end all wolves in existence had brought them here and he’d see his own brother dead before long.

“I think it’s time we get down to the real reason I brought you here. If I’m right, this machine is finally going to bring an end to those mongrels. And none of it would have been possible without help from their own kind. Can you imagine that? Betraying your own,” he grinned sadistically. “Oh what am I saying? Of course you can. You stabbed me in the back. It’s what brought us to this point isn’t? But, I’m ready to forgive you, dear brother. I’m ready to absolve you of all your transgressions. And all I have to do is press this button right here. Ready, Jake?” 

Harley watched the wolf’s tail wag and knelt down to touch him. “It’ll all be over soon.” The moment Jacobi felt his brother’s hand slip across his fur, he attacked. Latching on to his wrist, he tore a hole into Harley’s flesh and wouldn’t let go. “Ah! Son of a bitch! Get off me!”

Harley pulled and pushed trying to free himself from the wolf’s jaws but, Jacobi refused to let him. Grabbing a nearby stick, he tried desperately to beat his brother back; hitting him as hard as he could in the muzzle and still the wolf persisted. 

Eyeing his prize, Jacobi watched as the chain on Harley’s waist loosened. The keys fell from his belt and instantly, Jacobi shifted, reached down and snatched them up. “You fucking mutt! I knew you were just like them,” he shouted as he was able to finally tear away. Blood oozed from his arm and a large piece of skin hung loosely around his wrist as he tried his best to cover the gash. “You’re gonna regret that!”

Unlocking his cell door, he charged for his brother again, tackling him to the ground before pounding his fists into his face. “You piece of shit! How could you?” he yelled, pummeling his brother with hard fists. “Your own brother? You’re gonna rot in hell you son of a bitch.”

Reaching for a knife situated atop the table, Harley plunged the blade into his brother’s side and gave it a twist. Jacobi howled and instantly backed off. The look in the elder hunter’s eyes was pure predatory. There was nothing left of the boy he grew up with. Rushing for the stairs, Jacobi tried to clear as much space as he could between himself and the murder machine.

Realizing his one chance to test his project was fleeing, Harley too jumped into action, sprinting as fast as he could for the button before he lost sight of his brother. Diving for the operating panel, he flipped the switch and listened as the device turned on.

But Jacobi had already made it to the front porch and out to the street. And with the slamming of the front door, so went the prospect for his trial run. “I’ll see you again, brother!” Harley screamed after him. “Mark my fucking words.”

Miles stepped into the door carrying with him a red cooler and inched towards the nodding hunter. “Wakey, wakey!” he shouted, and watched her jump in surprise. “Hey there, Princess. Sleep well?” Lucy looked up at the tracker with a frown and took a deep breath as she prepared herself for whatever his intentions were. She had become used to the daily threats and torment but the look on Miles’ face was different today. “So, I have good news and better news, which do you want first? Oh screw it, I’m too excited to keep it to myself. The good news is: Byron’s dead.”

“What?!” Lucy gasped before a choking cry shuddered from her throat. “What do you mean dead? I thought…but we cooperated. Why?” she continued crying, feeling her tears drip down her chin. “Why would you—please! Please let me see him.”

“Oh I will see, that’s the better news: you’ll be joining him shortly,” Miles’ heartless grin slowly turned into callous laughter the harder Lucy sobbed. He watched her head drop to her chin and her shoulders tremble violently. The sight of it pleased him. “This is far better than any torture I could have inflicted on you myself. I want you to feel every ounce of pain you’ve perpetrated on my kind for centuries. I want you to know exactly how it feels to lose someone you love to violence. You’ll live with this torment until you take your last breath which, mercifully, won’t be long. But until then…” 

Opening the lid, he retrieved Byron’s severed head and placed it on the table behind him. “I figured you should enjoy one another’s company one last time.”

“NOO!” Lucy shouted with renewed anguish. She looked up into his cold, dead eyes and felt the last of her hope dissolve. After everything she did to keep him safe from her family. After all the running and hiding to get away from his pack, Byron—her Byron’s life was taken by the hands of someone he trusted. Miles took a moment to readjust Lucy’s binds so her arms were again behind her back.

“Your brothers are next.” Miles ruffled a hand through Byron’s light brown hair before starting towards the door. “Cherish this time in silent reflection. Say your goodbyes. It’s a kindness you never offered any of your victims. Who am I kidding?” he shrugged. “I’m not doing this out of charity. My little girl took her last breath in my arms thanks to your people. I just wanted to watch you suffer.” Starting for the door, he turned back with one last look. “I’ll send in your executioner. I’m just sad it won’t be me.”

Connor opened the door, surprised when he didn’t spot Karri. She had promised to meet him in his room but appeared to be running late. Grabbing a drink from his bar, he stared out of his window towards the sparring wolves as he thought over earlier events. He was never one for killing their kind unless the circumstances called for it. And he thought that was the case with Byron. If Kaya was right and he really was innocent then they killed a wolf whose only crime was falling in love with the wrong person. 

A quiet knock on the door pulled him from his head and he turned with a smile. “You’re late. Now what should I do about that?” he asked, tsking with lighthearted scolding.

“You mean you didn’t read the note?” she replied, motioning towards the bed.

Connor’s eyes lit up as he noticed the paper resting on his pillow for the first time. Setting his glass down, he moved to retrieve the letter and read it silently.


I have a surprise for you. Be naked and ready. See you soon.


“Hmm…and what exactly did you have in mind?”

Without answering, she walked forward and sensuously lowered herself to her knees in front of him. “Karri?” Connor watched in staggered fascination as she placed her hands on his legs and rubbed the length of his thigh, feeling him awaken with interest at her touch. 

“You are always focusing on my pleasure so I thought this time, I’d return the favor,” she smiled mischievously as she released his button and undid his zipper. Hooking her thumbs into his pants, she tugged his jeans and boxers off in one haul. Connor’s hard cock sprang out in all its glory, bouncing in her face as it lightly tapped her cheek. Karri’s eyes opened in wonder as she stared at his impressive length. Leaning forward, she took him into her hand and dragged her lips across his erection, heard him moan and felt him flinch. Then she closed her mouth around his shaft and began to suck slowly. 

She’d learned to give noisy blowjobs from an ex who’d really been into them, and now she made sure the man she loved could hear her as she licked and hummed and slurped and panted around his dick. Pulling his cock out of her mouth, she smiled up into his eyes, as she pumped him slowly with her hand. “Take off your shirt.”

Connor respectfully indulged her request and ran his hands through her hair as she returned to task. Karri licked at the head, flicking her tongue over the slit as the pre-cum glistened. Working further down she licked around the shaft down to his shaved balls. Sucking gently she took them into her mouth feeling each one tighten as Connor’s excitement continued to grow. “You like that?” she asked, hearing his breath hitch.

“Mmm fuck yeah, Baby.” Licking on the side of his shaft as she worked back towards the top, she gave the head a soft kiss before inhaling his cock into her mouth. Hot and wet inside her mouth, her tongue provided a bed for his cock to slide over as she continued to pull him in, sucking and stroking in a quick, regular tempo. He gasped at the sensation, and began to pant and moan louder. 

Karri opened her mouth as wide as she could and took him to the root, her front teeth just grazing the base of his shaft. With practiced movements she slid his cock deeper into her throat. The head continued to swell expanding her throat as it moved. She then began bobbing her head up and down, slobbering and moaning over his dick as she breathed harder through her nose. His moans climbed in pitch as he endured the pleasure of her mouth and his fists tightened in her hair. 

At one point he seemed to be holding his breath, something of an accomplishment, given how much he had been panting just seconds before. She pulled off him with a long slow suck, and heard him sigh in relief and suddenly realized why he’d stopped breathing. Grunting, Connor concentrated on maintaining control so he didn’t lose it before he got a chance to see Karri perform.

She began stroking his cock, just the head with an inch or so returning to her hot mouth. With her other hand Karri encircled Connor’s balls and pulled them down, squeezing gently. Rhythm was soon established with her pumping long hard strokes with her hand matched to the sucking force of her mouth. “Oh fuck, oh fuck!” Connor growled as the tingles returned to the base of his spine. “Karri, god! That feels fucking amazing.” She smiled as she continued her pace, enjoying the taste of his precum as she drank him up with each suckle. 

Pulling away, she stood and aggressively pushed Connor back and onto his bed. “Fuck me.”

“Patience and I will,” she countered playfully. Karri took a step back and, ensuring Connor’s eyes were on her, began seductively undressing for him. Connor sat up higher, watching as one article of clothing at a time, Karri stripped. When she was down to her just bra and panties she moved forward. He slid closer to the edge of the bed to watch the finish. Karri reached for him. Taking his hand, she slipped it between her legs so he could feel how ready she was for him before again, throwing him down on the bed.

“Ooh, Baby, I love this dominant side of you.” Connor rested on his back, looking up at his mate as she climbed up on top of him. Teasingly, she rubbed herself up and down, enjoying the feel of his firm dick on her clit. Moving a little higher than anticipated, she felt the head lodge and begin to part her lips. Karri ceased her movements and Connor moaned as his cock rested just inside her entrance.

Wanting it all Karri leaned forward, placed her hands on his chest and while staring into his eyes, she sank herself down onto Connor’s cock. A loud, guttural moan escaped her throat as she felt her pussy spread to accommodate the thick shaft. Instinctively Karri stopped her descent, pulled up slightly then continued to drive down. Tiny spasms ripped through her pussy as she settled fully, the muscles within gripping tightly at the intrusion. Initial grunts turned in to deeper moans from both Karri and her mate as she dragged his full length into her. 

In control Karri began to move her hips to the rhythm she wanted and it didn’t take long before she felt the familiar makings of her orgasm. Looking down at him, she caught her bottom lip between her teeth and rotated her body faster, plunging deeper onto his cock as she moaned and panted in wanton need. “Oh, Connor, fuck!” she shouted.

“Yes, Baby. Come for me, come all over my dick,” Connor pleaded, feeling her muscles tighten around him while her nails dug into his shoulders. Slipping one hand from her around her waist, he massaged and kneaded her breast and watched her head fall back as she finally let loose. 

“Oh, god, fuck. YES! YES! FUCK!” With a primal scream Karri let loose her orgasm. Every muscle in her body snapped taut. Now she was riding him harder, rocking her pelvis backwards and forwards, clutching at him with her vaginal muscles. He looked up at her, she looked absolutely enraptured in the throes of ecstasy and he smiled, completely captivated by her.

Pushing down, she now had Connor’s dick buried fully within her clenching body. With a loud grunt Karri rocked her hips, pumping furiously down as Connor slammed his cock upwards. Any tenderness had disappeared as the couple settled in to a raw fuck. His hands grabbed at her ass pulling her hips against his while he drove himself as deep as he could go, pressing against her pubic bone. 

With each thrust another orgasm crashed through Karri’s body, building to a larger release. Connor’s cock continued to split open her pussy with each ploughing upward thrust, Karri’s clit dragged across the veiny shaft on every stroke. Noisily through grunts and moans the pair urged the other on. As Karri’s orgasm approached her pace began to slow, her hips feebly bounced up and down. 

The pumping continued to wane and she looked down into his eyes. Wrapping his arms around Karri, Connor pulled her against him squashing her breasts against his chest as he rolled her to her back. Their lips met in frenzied heat while he stretched her with every hard stroke. He was now thrusting in and out of her with a force that drove gasping grunts out of her in spite of their frantic kissing. 

Always loud when she came, Karri was reduced to incoherent grunts and moans that seemed to rock her body forever as she suffered through a quick series of contractions while her pussy clenched around his cock, and then she heard him groan. With a roar he let loose inside her, his cum gushing deep within. His cock pulsed as he came, spewing jet after jet while he breathed in heavy groans beside her ear. 

With short stabbing strokes Connor finished his orgasm, his slamming entry extending Karri’s own climax. The gentle rolling shudders she had been having were replaced by one final body-twisting explosion.

Unable to control his actions Connor jerked his hips forward wedging his cock fully to the base. As he did, a final contraction hit him. Karri felt the finishing thrust as it pushed Connor’s cock to its full depth, she felt the swelling as he tightened, and the rush of his last ejaculation flow into her. 

Rolling to his side, he pulled Karri into him and sighed contentedly. “I gotta say, I like you being on top.” His words didn’t get quite the reaction he was hoping for. Karri kissed his cheek but hadn’t said anything since she’d come down. “Mmm penny for your thoughts?” Connor said, hugging Karri closer to his side as she stared up at the ceiling.

“I was just thinking how amazing that was and how wonderful simply being with you has been. I don’t remember a time when I was ever this happy.”

“Really?” he asked, giving her forehead a gentle kiss. “That makes me happy to hear. And I hope I can keep a smile on your face.”

“Yeah. The only thing left now is figuring out how to get out of this mess I made with Xander.”

“Babe? Don’t worry about that. Like I told you, I won’t let anyone or anything hurt you. I promise.”

“Thanks, Connor.”

“Anything for you, Karri.” 

Several hours passed as Lucy sat in darkness. During that time, she couldn’t bring herself to look at the death mask staring back at her from the table. The look on Byron’s face was of sheer terror. His mouth hung open in a perpetual scream. His eyes wide with fear. Those beautiful hazel gems she’d cherished no longer looked at her with love. They were no longer warm and inviting. Instead, they told of her fate still to come.

The door to the garage opened once more and Lucy gave a passing glance to the person who stepped inside. Eli looked over at the huntress, tied to a chair in the middle of the room; alone, defenseless. It was a stark contrast from the woman who stood over him taunting him with his mother’s heart before tossing it in a dog bowl for him to eat and leaving her body to rot beside him. Now the tables had turned.

He was no longer that scared, immature little wolf. He was a man with a mission of revenge and a desire to watch her scream. “Remember me?” he asked, stepping in front of the woman with his hands folded across his chest.

“I remember,” she said, her throat dry, her voice weak from crying. He watched her a moment, anxious to see if she’d speak again or possibly even beg for her life. The most she could hope for from him was a quick death. But Eli was not going to make this easy.

“Do you remember what you said right before you force fed me my mother’s heart?” He asked and waited for her to answer. “You said: ‘This will bring you closer together.’ Are you ready to be closer to Byron?”

 “Please,” she cried softly.

“Excuse me?”

“Please…let me go. I don’t want to die.” Lucy looked up into Eli’s face, her eyes shining with sincerity. “I’m sorry for everything I did to you. And I know that’ll never make up for what I’ve done but, I am. I truly am. Please. If you have any compassion. Don’t do this.”

And there it was—with a little something unexpected. Eli turned his back to the hunter and paced towards the table. He had dreamt of this moment for a long time. The things he’d say, the way he’d make the Crane family pay for what they did to him and his loved ones. He never imagined in any of those musings one of the hunters would have the gall to apologize. 

Spinning back around Eli looked towards her, his face a mix of anger and disgust. “Compassion? Where was your compassion for my mom when she was on her hands and knees begging you to spare her only son? Where was your compassion when you threw pieces of her at me like chum? Where was your compassion when I was forced to watch the face of the woman who brought me into this world decay and rot from her bones? What makes you more deserving of compassion when it’s obvious you haven’t a single bone of humanity in your body? And you call us the animals!”

“You’re right,” Lucy said. “I’ve done some truly heinous things in my past. But I tried to make up for them,” she sobbed.

“You mean once you found out your own brother was one of us. Tell me, had that never happened, where would you be today? Can you honestly believe you’d have ended up falling in love with a wolf?”

There was a brief silence as Lucy contemplated Eli’s words before finally she spoke again. “What are you going to do to me?”

“Honestly? I’m still deciding. It would be just desserts to stuff a piece of your lover’s rotting flesh down your throat and watching you gag on it. But, luckily for you, he’s a wolf. And I don’t believe in desecrating our dead.”

“Then will you let me go?” Lucy asked, her blue eyes pleading.

“No,” Eli replied, grabbing the axe from the workbench behind him. “But, maybe you can get closer to your lover after all.”



  1. Oh shit...Kaya was too late. Now they've killed Byron which is against the code and he didn't do anything. I wonder how that will affect Kaya and Caleb's relationship since he wouldn't listen to her. :( Makes me worried for sure. And damn it. What the fuck is Harley up to? I wish Jacobi had killed him, but something tells me his time is coming.

    Eli...they sent Eli to kill her? I don't think he can do it. He's pissed and has so much anger as expected, but it's Eli. As much as he hates Lucy, I don't think he can kill her. But she has some fucking nerve begging him of all people for her life.

    1. Sadly, Kaya was unable to save Byron. He didn't do anything he was accused of and now she has to live with that guilt.

      Harley, just like Lexi, always conniving. He is almost ready to unleash his terror on the wolf world. Let's just hope the pack will be able to stop whatever is coming.

      As much as Eli has been known for his gentler side, he also has harbored real anger and hatred for the hunters, Lucy especially. They murdered his family and tortured him for a long time. He can't forgive that and revenge has been one thing he's always wanted. Eli will do what he has to.

      Thank you for reading :)