Monday, July 15, 2019

Episode 89: Lunar Shift

Genre: Supernatural/Drama
Characters: Luther, Giselle, Dexter
Word Count: 2,670
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Luther contemplates the risks and consequence of the upcoming war. Later, the first shot is fired and it would appear the lycan are already losing.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, adult situations, nudity.

Luther stood pacing in front of the window in his office, gazing out over his territory and reflecting on his recent meeting with Caleb and Charlie Savage. They had come to an accordance. Gideon would fight beside the Savage and Greymane packs if it came to that. He just hoped that day wouldn’t come. It was one thing taking on the hunters by themselves. But lately, he’d been hearing rumors of them conspiring with witches. Add that to this alleged weapon that would be the decimation of all wolf-kind left him none too keen with the aspect of war.

And that thought bothered him, too. Usually the first to jump into a fray, fearing the future of his pack was a new concept and it weighed on him. “It’s quite rude to leave our guests waiting,” Giselle’s voice interrupted Luther’s contemplation and he turned to face her, his eyes skimming up her body as she stood in the doorway smiling back at him with her ruby red lips. “They are all dying to get a piece of you.”

“I’m sure they are,” he said as he slowly approached her, taking in her appearance. Dressed in a red, lace push up and matching panties that barely covered her almost clean-shaven pussy her reddish-black hair loosely, framed her face and with her come-fuck-me heels, she looked like sex personified. “I have other things on my mind.”

“Such as?”

“You’re a smart woman, Giselle. You know those Savages would never have shown up at our door if they, too, weren’t afraid of what’s coming; what’s out there. We’ve all heard the rumors.”

“They’re just rumors, Luther. You’ve never listened to them before. Why now?” 

“Because now one of the most powerful and unique creatures I’ve ever come across is worried about them. That says a lot.” 

“So what do you think we should do? Track the hunters? See if there is any truth to the rumors?”

“No, but you’ve just given me an idea,” he replied and called for Phoenix. Once relaying his instructions, he was finally able to take a breath—for the time being.

“Good. I’m glad that’s settled.” Giselle skirted her hands up her Alpha’s chest and leaned against him. “Now, how about we go and meet with our guests and clear your mind of all this stress for a while? I mean, if we’re going to die might as well go out with a bang,” she smirked and rested her arm around his neck.

Grabbing her head sharply by her hair, Luther sank his tongue into her mouth in a panty-melting kiss, making her moan as he cupped her breast and roughly tugged on her nipple. “Lead the way,” he groaned. 

The door opened and Luther’s eyes narrowed in pleasure as he took in the scene. In one corner two women were making out with each other while both were getting pounded from behind. Beside them, two guys were tag-teaming a busty blonde who had her mouth full of hard cock and was crying from the brutal assault on her ass. Similarly, another trio, this one girl-girl-boy, were engaged in oral while the other was taken by her brawny male partner. It was a tantalizing display of flesh.

“Where do you want to begin?” Giselle leaned over and whispered in her mate’s ear. To her surprise, he quickly undressed and grabbed her roughly around the waist, tugging her towards a table. Without missing a beat, he had her spread open and wasted no time pressing his mouth to her pussy. Pushing her panties to the side, his tongue lapped at her and she gasped when she felt his tongue impale her, driving fiercely inside of her as others turned to enjoy the show.

Several men stepped around the table and took hold of their cocks, pumping their fists in frantic need. Giselle whimpered and her eyes rolled back as her mate feverishly ate her out, tugging vigorously on her lips with his teeth before pushing two fingers deep inside her. Her body bounced and she squirmed as he drove them as far as he could, finger fucking her and licking her clit at the same time. Her nails dug into her palms as she felt herself nearing climax. With his entire face buried between her thighs, Luther began lapping quicker right as he heard her scream his name and felt the rush of liquid on his tongue. “That felt great,” she sighed when he finally lifted his head to look at her. She watched him wipe her slick juices off his face before he stood and backed away. 

“She’s all yours,” he announced, never once taking his eyes off hers. “She likes it good and hard. Break her in. I’ll be back to finish her off.”

As Luther made room, one of the men standing beside him quickly strode up and grabbed her by the ankles, tugging her ass to the edge of the table. Rolling her panties off, he smiled down at her as he spread her legs and then brutally thrust himself between her thighs, seating himself as deep as he could. Giselle groaned at the feel of him pushed so tight inside her and began moaning as he spiritedly drove himself in and out of her. Reaching behind her back, she undid her bra and discarded it to the floor as she brought her legs up, providing him with more leverage. Grabbing hold of his hand, Giselle then humped her hips, meeting him stroke for stroke as he fucked her faster. “Oh that feels good, baby, keep that up,” he moaned, reaching forward to play with her tits.

Closing her eyes, she let out a groan of her own when the man pulled himself out and roughly rammed himself in again. The feel of being stretched so wide so fast was exquisite and she caught herself moaning without reserve. Giselle lurched forward as her pussy convulsed around the man’s cock and she came in a near blinding rush, screaming obscenities as she went into a full body shudder. Her eyes closed as the most amazing orgasm washed through her, sweeping her away until she was barely able to catch her breath. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh yeah, oooh, baby, yeah!” The man huffed as he rapidly followed her over the edge, filling her with a thick load of his seed before pulling out and letting the rest drip onto the table beneath her.

She was slowly coming down when her eyes opened and she found herself staring at a large, muscular man with tattoos sleeved on both arms. He grinned at her, seeming to enjoy seeing her so utterly used before reaching forward and pulling her down from the table. Her eyes met her mate’s. Luther was on the couch across from her watching as the men used and abused her for their own pleasure while a busty brunette sucked him off. Flipping her over, the man roughly jerked her arms behind her back, pinning them in place, snatched her by the hair and shoved himself inside in one hard thrust. “OH FUCK!” 

Giselle screamed but, her opened mouth became an opportunity for another cock as the next man swiftly moved up to her and thrust himself between her lips. She compelled her gag reflex to relax and slid her tongue over his head as he impaled her face faster. She sucked him as hard as she could, her lips painfully stretching to accommodate his girth. “Oh fuck yeah that feels good,” he groaned as she stroked his length with her mouth. Gripping her hair tighter, the man drove himself deeper down her throat, making her choke and held himself there for a moment. And just before she began to panic from loss of breath, he mercifully pulled out, slapped his cock on her face and rammed home again. “Fuck yeah, baby. Mmm I’m gonna pound this pretty mouth until I fill your throat with my cum.”

The other two men continued stroking themselves as they took in the scene and very quickly they all began to groan together as what seemed like a group orgasm began to mount. Giselle tried to watch as the men near the table shook and quivered as one-by-one they got closer to losing it but her concentration was broken when the one in her mouth screamed and she felt his hot release on her tongue. And just as she caught up with the load in her mouth, swallowing as fast as she could, she heard the man behind her howl. He was coming and she could feel his warm load shoot inside of her pussy yet, he didn’t let up for a second. His hips continued their fast forward motion, pounding her into the table, his cum overflowing and running down her leg triggering her own orgasm, her scream muffled on the man’s dick in her mouth. 

Giselle was barely finishing her own climax when she felt new hands wrapping around her thighs. This time it was a redhead. Scooping her up into his arms, her new partner grabbed hold of his cock and stuffed himself between her legs as he held her midair. Giselle was impressed by his strength and the power behind each thrust as he railed her. The man held her in place as another stepped behind her. She felt a fat finger pushing into her ass and groaned loud when he pressed in as far as his knuckle. Lubing himself enough, he rubbed just a little on her puckered bud before placing his cock at her entrance. “Fuck me hard!” she shouted over her shoulder. The man eagerly obliged as he forced his way through, pushing passed her tight outer ring and grunting as her snug hole squeezed him along the way. Giselle could feel every inch of the man’s rigid length in her ass as the two men quickly fell into a rhythm, pulling and pushing her as they both thrust fast and deep.

The erotic sensation of the two men overpowering her was so arousing, Giselle found herself screaming louder, moaning and urging them to fuck her faster. Her thighs burned from the grip of the man in her ass but his hand around her throat heightened her stimulation enough to ignore it. She was the first to come when the man in front of her leaned forward and sucked her nipple into his mouth. The tender warmth of his tongue combined with the ferocious drilling between her legs was enough to send her over the edge. And with her followed her partners. She felt her ass fill up first, the thick, hot seed oozed from out of her thoroughly fucked anus and down her leg. “Shit!” shouted the next before once again taking her nipple between his lips, this time biting her as he pulsed shot after shot into her already soaked hole. “Was that hard enough for you?” he asked, gently lowering her to the ground. 

Luther stood which prompted everyone in the room to take their leave. One-by-one they filed out the door leaving the couple alone. Giselle rested on the floor, trying to catch her breath. Her body had been pushed and pulled in so many directions she was absolutely spent. The five men had fucked her so mercilessly, her lower body ached and burned and she knew she would be sore for a while before her healing started. “Are you ok?” Luther asked once he was standing just above her.

“Never better,” she said, smiling up at him.

He knelt to the floor beside her, and gently placed a hand on her shoulder. “Good,” he growled beside her ear before flipping her around and quickly thrusting inside her. Giselle screamed both out of pain and surprise. Grabbing both of her arms, Luther pinned them behind her back as he viciously plowed into his mate’s already aching, throbbing pussy.


“Louder,” he groaned smacking her ass before wrapping a hand around her throat. Giselle continued screaming his name as a new sensation of pain began radiating from her hot burning cunt throughout her entire body. Luther smiled, listening to her moans of pleasure as he fucked her harder, stretching her swollen pussy around his engorged cock. 

He began to push in deeper and her eyes brimmed with tears yet somehow, she still found herself sighing with satisfaction. Releasing one arm, Luther took a handful of Giselle’s hair and tugged her head back hard enough to look into her eyes, “Did you enjoy yourself tonight?”

“Yes,” she squealed and found herself rewarded with a smack on her ass. Over and over again he spanked her as the slamming of his hips intensified with every thrust.

“You like being a little slut for a bunch of dirty pricks?”

“YES!” she screamed when he again took  her hair and snatched her head back, the stinging reached down her scalp and she gritted her teeth to endure the pain. “Did you like watching those men use me?” Luther answered in a grunt as he shut his eyes and tore into her harder. “You like fucking your mate’s pussy after it’s been filled by a bunch of dirty pricks?”

“ARGH!” Luther screamed, savagely drilling into her now with wanton need. Her legs were spread so wide, he could see the result of tonight’s events caked onto her thighs and even dripping out of her asshole. A wicked smile grew on his lips and he reached beneath her to tease her tender clit. 

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me, Luther, make me come,” she begged. He was relentless, pumping his fat dick balls deep, making her feel every inch of his veiny prick. Grunting and groaning as his cock rammed into her, Giselle helplessly moaned and whimpered then finally opened her mouth and began to scream as she came so hard Luther could feel it on his thigh.

Giselle continued screaming and begging her mate to pound her. His cock burrowed faster into her quivering pussy, and she bucked back against him. Her head fell to the floor as visible shivers rocked through her body. Luther’s breath was coming harder and Giselle could tell he was close. Her dirty words were driving him insane with lust and she slapped her ass against his thighs, taking his cock harder and deeper than she had before.

With his heart nearly pounding out of his chest, Luther gripped both of her hips tightly and gritted his teeth as he prepared himself. Finally, the most powerful orgasm he’d ever had raced through his balls as Giselle’s breathless pants and little moans became more broken and frantic. Her mouth fell open in a desperate cry as she came again and simultaneously felt yet another hot, sticky load of cum bathe the inside of her pussy. Throwing his head back, Luther growled fiercely as he shot his seed into the depths of her body for what felt like an eternity. 

Luther rolled Giselle to her back and gently kissed his way back up her body. She groaned and grabbed his head, bringing his lips down for a rough kiss. “Did I successfully get your mind off work?” He laughed before sucking her tongue into his mouth and rested his body against hers. 

“Alpha!” Dexter shouted, storming into Luther’s quarters without knocking. “You need to come see this. Now!” 

Throwing on a pair of pants, Luther rushed outside to see what had gotten Dexter so riled up and stood in shock watching the color of the sky change as multiple eruptions rocked the horizon. “What the fuck is happening?” 

“I don’t know but, can you hear that?” Dexter asked. The sound of several wolves howled in pain as another explosion lit up the sky.  

A bright beam of light detonated close by and Luther instantly turned towards his pack mate. “Gather everyone out here fast and get Kaya on the line. The Hunters are here and she needs to know this war is underway.”



  1. Um....I I didn't think Luther to be the kind of man that shared, but he is a little freaky like that. He found his perfect mate, that's for sure. He's a sexy beast, I can't deny it. His bad side adds to his appeal. Yes, I know I'm slightly twisted. BUT OMG what the hell. Harley needs to die.

    1. LOL yeah they are two peas in a pod. Giselle wanted this and Luther wanted to give her what she wanted as he enjoys pleasing his mate...not to mention he also gets to satisfy his depravity :P

      Thank you for reading :)