Sunday, April 22, 2012

Episode 18: A Bone to Pick

Genre: Horror
Characters: Luther, Phoenix, Julius, Isabella, Byron, Felicia, Giselle, Spring
Word Count: 4,376
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Luther speaks to Isabella concerning his earlier proposition: help her get revenge on those that hurt her most. Julius learns of something that takes him one step closer to the revenge he's sought against the pack that killed his family and the connection he has with Isabella. Luther makes an interesting discovery on the far boundary of his land and possibly learns something about himself in the process.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, adult content, adult situations, nudity

“Large straight! Pay up man!” Phoenix laughed as he pulled the chips from the pot towards him. Julius blew out a breath and angrily tossed his cards to the table. That was the fourth hand in a row he’d lost to the younger wolf and things weren’t looking overly positive for his grand return.

“You hiding aces or something? There is no fucking way you keep beating me legit!”

“Ah come on, don’t be a sore loser Jules. It happens. You’re just not as good as you thought you were,” Phoenix smirked as Julius dropped a wad of cash on the table in front of him and started counting over his winnings. “Mmm nothing beats the smell of money.”

“I’d beg to differ,” Byron retorted as he finished pouring his drink. He was watching his pack mates all morning arguing over those damn cards. He’d eyed Phoenix misdeal a few times but held his tongue. Whatever issues they were having didn’t involve him. Besides as intense a guy as Julius was he was damned sure he’d hurt Phoenix if he realized he really was cheating. “The scent of a woman’s aftermath is overly comparable. But the smell of her heated skin against a warming touch is even better.”

Phoenix rolled his eyes. If anything ever uttered from Byron’s lips it was always something pertaining to a woman. He’d been through several already this week and he found him sniffing around Felicia’s door just recently. Though he knew Byron would never cross that line with anyone in the pack without Luther’s say so, he found it disconcerting just the same.

Felicia was their Omega, the lowest rank on the wolf totem pole, and because of that she was always looking to gain a better standing. She’d take up with Byron for just that reason if she believed she could get away with it and remove herself from that title.

And speak of the devil…“Jules,” Felicia’s annoyingly chipper voice whined as she sauntered into the club house with a large tray of meat in her hands. “Alpha would like a word with you. He’s in the study waiting.”

“Oooh,” Phoenix hissed and snapped his fingers in a joking manner like a child taunting someone in trouble.

“Bite me!”

“Eh…maybe if you were blonde, slender and less male.” Julius whipped around with a bitter expression that made him howl. “Better hop to it, you don’t want to keep the Alpha waiting!” He watched his poker buddy rush from the room as Felicia sat the tray of meat onto the table for the others to snack on.

“Hey Felicia,” Byron called in her direction. She tossed him a shy smile before quietly exiting out the way she came.

“You know man, your dick is going to fall off you keep chasing nameless skirts the way you do.”

“Uh…she’s not nameless; I just called her by her name as a matter of fact.” He swirled the clear liquid around his glass and inhaled the pungent aroma of the fermented hops before tipping it to his lips and swishing the liquor around his mouth a moment. He took two more gulps before moving back behind the bar and checking over the rest of the bottles.

Phoenix pulled up from the table and studied the display of meats, picking over the ham and pork before grabbing a grilled chicken breast and biting into it. “You know that’s not what I meant,” he said with a mouthful of white meat as he used the oversized breast as a pointer. “You keep it up, fucking with all these women and eventually you’re gonna find one that’s not exactly what you were hoping for.”

“I don’t know. Maybe that’s exactly what I am hoping for, someone that can keep up!”

“Whatever. Hey how about a game?”

“Poker? I’ve done enough of that today. Besides I saw how you deal cards, I don’t intend to lose my money to someone less than ethical.”

“Fine, how about some pool then? I bet I can whip your ass over the billiard table.”

“You’re on! Name your stakes!”

“Alpha?” Julius knocked before entering the downstairs study. He hesitantly looked around and noticed a new face seated on the couch against the back wall. Trying not to linger on the scars that covered the right side of her body he nodded a greeting and knelt before Luther. “You called for me?”

“I did.” He placed a hand on his shoulder acknowledging his respect as he passed by heading towards their guest. “I’d like you to meet an old friend of mine. Isabella, this is Julius Christensen one of my subordinates and someone that can help us in this situation. Please,” he offered Julius a seat after he’d extended his hand to Isabella to shake.

“I’m sorry Alpha I’m not following.”

“I’ve just come about a bit of information regarding the man you’ve been seeking, Darius Mitchum? Faith has told me that during the last full moon he as well as a few others of his pack were accosted by the hunters and they took a few hostage. One for sure being…”

“Darius!” Julius growled. That name has haunted him since the night he refused his offer to join the Diamond pack. As a show of power, Darius sent his toughest wolves to slaughter everyone Julius loved right in front of him. His mother, father, grandmother right down to his little baby sister all suffered at the hands of his ravenous wolf pack before finally meeting their end.

After joining Gideon, Luther helped him track down a few of the wolves responsible and reveled in the bloodshed. He’d trained Julius to be a formidable killing machine and watching one of his many weapons cause chaos and destruction was very well rewarding. And as a special bonus, he got to rid himself of a few wolves from a rival pack. Everything was working out nicely for them until Darius up and moved his pack to a new territory. They lost the trail but after hearing from Faith he realized the Diamond clan hadn’t move too far after all.

Julius hopped up and began pacing furiously. “I want him Alpha.”

“And revenge shall be yours. But this one we’ll have to play smart. He’s currently being held captive by the hunters and extracting him won’t be a very easy task. Rest assured with Izzy’s help, we can all get something out of this whole thing.”

Julius returned to his seat turning towards their guest again he examined closer the scar on her face. The burns he assumed were the cause of some tragic fire but the cut across her nose and cheek; that was something different. He was more curious about the reason they hadn’t healed but where they came from seemed just as important. “Do you mind if I ask?”

“It was a Crane hunter.” Isabella replied quietly. She gently rubbed a hand along the scar on her cheek and sunk into the cushions of the couch more. Crossing her legs and releasing a long drawn out sigh towards Luther, her eyes were asking the question she was still waiting to be answered, why am I here?

“The very same family that now holds captive the Alpha for the Diamond pack. Now the smart move would be to wait and let the hunters take care of him for us but that could take months. According to you and Byron the wolf you left in the park, the one you swore was a set-up, I’m sure they intend the same for their newly imprisoned. And I’m certain you’d love to dish out your own brand of justice,” Luther smirked at Julius. His jaw tightened thinking over the abandoned wolf. Hurt or not he was a lone wolf, something Luther was more interested in. He’d given the trio specific orders about what he wanted and had they not found and returned three wolves that night, they would have received much more than a warning.

“Forgive me for being cynical but how can you even be sure about this information Luther? You said it came from your seer? Correct me if I’m wrong but she’s a witch and as I’m sure you know I have a strong distrust in her kind. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t…I’d be normal.”

“Faith is my seer. Her information has never steered us wrong. Otherwise the strings would have been severed a long time ago.” He made a motion with his hand, squeezing his fist tighter until blood began oozing from his palm where his nails dug into his flesh. “If you would like you can stay here Isabella until we have this situation taken care of. Otherwise Julius will see to it you make it back to Venezuela in time for your evening run.”

Luther exited the study leaving the two to discuss business in his absence. He had another matter to take care of; a project he had been working on for months that was showering him with quick rewards. He stepped out onto the back veranda of his home and raised his nose to the sky.

Quickly shifting, Luther waited until the sounds of the night were the only thought occupying his mind before barreling forward through the thick underbrush of his territory. With things finally falling into place with his pack he could allow himself to hunt without the bothers of when to make his next move. Julius would take over things with Darius and Dexter was on top of matters concerning the acquisition of new wolves.

The cool breeze tickled across his fur ruffling his mane back a little as he launched himself towards the edge of the cliff. Gripping the side of the broken earth he let his body fall down the ravine disturbing more dirt and rocks as bits of branches and vines toppled with him. He landed on all fours in the stream at the bottom of his territory, eyed the terrain before digging his claws in and shooting off deeper into the trees that separated his area from that of another rival pack.

For months now he’d been hunting and scouting the area killing, turning or feeding on the wolves he found straddling the lines of the property. He’d yet to hear from Goya, the pack’s Alpha, about the missing members of his group which told him he either didn’t know or didn’t care. Either way Luther was getting what he wanted in more ways than one and was prepared to go as far as necessary to eliminate the entirety of the bunch.

He’d just spotted victim number fourteen when something else drew his interest. It was a smell not unfamiliar to him floating by with the quick gust of wind that rustled the branches in front of him; intriguing, alluring it called his immediate attention. Virgin, he thought as he shifted his direction and headed back towards his own property line. Someone was hunting on his grounds, mistake number one. They were hunting his favorite meal and dared taunt him with the scent while he was hungry and on the prowl mistake number two and the last he swore they’d make.

He ran quicker, jumping over a fallen log he’d not encountered previously, someone was leaving him a trail to follow. They were either dumb or brazen but either way he’d make it a point to make them suffer for their impudence! The sounds of gnarling and ripping flesh echoed to his right and his black fur became a blur as he gained momentum and bolted out of the large boxwood shrubs and azaleas lining the back of his property.

Luther came to a screeching halt as his eyes caught on the fire red fur of the daring intruder. Beneath her bloodied paws lay the shredded corpse of some unlucky collegiate that more than likely fell victim to her feminine wiles. Immediately she’d sensed his arrival through the dense thicket behind her but she refused to let that deter her from the focus of her rage.

He growled snapping his powerful jaws together at the continued insult she threw at him with her defiance to even acknowledge his presence. Her anger boiled and reached its pinnacle as she turned to him. Ears back, fangs bared, she lowered her upper body taking on an offensive stance preparing to launch herself at him if provoked.

Slowly her small frame circled around the body she was consuming seconds ago, her eyes locked tauntingly on his waiting for him to make a move, anything that said he wanted a fight; she was ready. Luther watched her; curiosity claiming his better judgment. She was on his land, feasting of his food source and had the nerve to tempt him into battle?

He dropped his guard and phased back into his human form but kept his eyes directed at her. She was younger than him, easy enough to sniff out there was no way she’d be able to handle him. Coming to the same conclusion the wolf shifted back and pinned him in place with a look that told him she was not in the mood to be fucked with.

Her eyes were the first things he noticed. He stared into those steely gray orbs, remarking at the way the moonlight hit them perfectly revealing golden flecks and enhancing their natural beauty. They glistened like the stars and that luminosity made them enchanting. He watched her from across the clearing remarking the way she still seemed to look past him as though his presence wasn’t causing fear to strike her heart. Her eyes froze him in place; stilled all motion from him as he watched them loom over his body stopping briefly on his manhood before locking on his face again. 

He felt a frisson of pride rush through his veins from the increase in her heartbeat over the prize she’d found. His cock stood erect at the sight of her and he grinned as he took in her body, admiring the curve of her hip and the not so shy nipples that stood erect against the cool night air. There was a small flower tattooed on her hip and his eyes traced the petals that led down towards a luscious set of legs.

She quickly folded her arms into her chest covering up and eliciting a deep chuckle to rumble from his direction. “If you want a show go buy some bitch off the corner and make her dance for you!”

Shivers crept up his spine at the sound of her voice. It was unlike anything he’d ever heard and was just as alluring as the distinct aroma radiating from her skin. “It’s a little late for that. I’ve seen enough to satisfy my curiosity for now.” 

He took one step towards her and she growled threateningly at him. “Mmm I didn’t think it was possible but that’s even sexier hearing it in this form. You can relax though sweetness, I’m not after your dinner.”

“No? Then what is it that you want?”

“Be careful what you ask now that I’ve seen what I have, I’m almost positive you’re not ready for my answer.”

She smirked, rolled her eyes and turned her back to him, “I doubt you’d be able to handle me even if you had both eyes.”

A low snarl bellowed towards her and she laughed. He watched her hair shake across her shoulders again directing her scent under his nose and he let it lure him closer. Feeling him draw nearer she turned with that same look as before twisting her gentle features down. Undaunted he continued forward his wolf side ached for more than just a look hindered by a deep valley.

Unknowingly and curiously he longed to be closer; to feel the warmth of her flesh pressed against his. He wanted those perfectly silhouetted hips pinned to his, clutched tight in his hands, to possess her, own her, taste her. “Do you know who I am? Where you are?” his tone came out much calmer than he realized he was. The very fact that she was standing on his grounds meant she came with a purpose and if she hadn’t she was in for a rude awakening.

“Not really but let me guess, this is the part where you threaten me for crossing the boundaries our packs have from the river that divides us? You make me an offer you feel is generous; one that I couldn’t or shouldn’t refuse if I value my life? Save us both the trouble please. I don’t want anything from you and you have nothing to offer me that the hundreds of other tongue wagging mutts haven’t tried before. I know what you want and if you value your life, you’ll run as fast as you can as hard as you can in the other direction.”

Luther continued forward stopping with only an inch between them. Lowering his head he trailed his nose along her jawline and down her neck, inhaling deeply and causing her to moan softly through her nose. “And apparently you want it too.” The inch of space between them dissolved with his body pressing against hers as their lips brushed.

Feeling her warmth and the sudden surge of electricity pass through them, he began to pull away. The voice inside him was locked within a battle he found himself quickly losing. Being this close to her was dangerous. He could feel it with every fiber of his being but the stronger entity took over his body and quickly followed with his brain. Craving more of the electricity that their touch created, he slid his fingers up her arm until his entire hand was nestled in her hair. “Luther,” he breathed against her lips.

Her hands circled around his back pulling him impossibly close as she panted against his lips wildly and sighed, “Giselle,” before their lips met in a heated collision of passion and need. He spread his fingers over her hips and clutched her lips tight between his. Licking over the cherry gloss, he cleared it from her mouth so that he could get down to her real taste, her soft skin and intoxicating scent. Sparks passed again along their bodies igniting him, driving him forward.

Delving farther, he pulled her close enough for the tip of his hard on to brush the warmth hidden between her thighs. He growled and she snarled in return biting his bottom lip until she was tasting his blood on her tongue. His eye opened and he peered down on her face and smiled. Her face was locked in ecstasy and she was gorgeous. 

Her hands reached up against his chest, feeling his muscles flex against the pads of her fingers she pushed him away with a sigh. Wiggling free of his grasp, Giselle launched her knee for his crotch that Luther easily threw back to avoid contact with his pride and joy. But he wasn’t quick enough to block the hard right hand she slapped across his face. 

Growling, her features took on that glower once more as she backed away from him. “Try that again and I’ll cut your balls off and wear them as earrings!”

Luther chuckled as he watched her take form and rush off towards the property line. He glanced down at the disfigured corpse of the young man who’d fallen victim to her charms as well and couldn’t bite back a smile. Both arms were broken in multiple places, his nose was twisted and his lips were busted. 

Both eyes were blackened, his chest and arms were torn in to viciously and there were giant holes in his chest and belly from where her muzzle had gnawed through and tunneled in to reach his organs. His throat was sliced until his head attached by a mere slip of flesh from repeated lacerations with her fangs. There was no way he would have been able to make a sound and from the amount of blood that pooled beneath him Luther could tell that he was alive for most of it; she’d made him suffer. “My kind of wolf.”

“Gee! There you are! Where have you been?”


“Your father is looking for you and he’s not happy you missed the celebrations. He was looking forward to introducing you to a few of our visiting sisters and brothers from the Coral Falls pack up north.”

“Somehow Spring I think he’ll get over it. Had he really noticed my absence someone would have been sent to find me and as I suspect everyone is drunk off their asses or in my brother’s instance laying up with some random female, that’s not the case.” 

“But that isn’t true Gee. He was very worried about you when he couldn’t find you. You know about the pack members that are coming up missing. Had he known you were off the premises I’m sure he’d have come looking himself.” Giselle shook her head in disbelief. All this time under the same roof as her Alpha and Spring had no idea who he was. Was this blind obedience or was she just stupid? “He did ask that I check you for injury or if you may have come across someone you thought looked suspicious?”

“You can tell him if he wants to know he can very well ask himself!” she replied brusquely and headed towards her quarters. 

She immediately closed herself off in her bathroom and started some warm water to wash away the scent of her dinner from her pores. Thinking back to how easily she lured him into those woods brought a smile to her face; youth, so gullible for a sweet smile and a few quick kisses in the right places. Had he been a little less “horny dog humping her leg” she might have even let him lose his virginity before she took his life. Still he served his purpose and her belly was full because of it.

She changed into a matching lingerie set and checked herself for injuries in the mirror. What makes him think I would have been injured? She thought over the conversation with Spring. I am perfectly capable of handling myself! I’ve had to do so for years now.

Dropping onto her bed she let her mind take her back to the mysterious man in the woods. Who was he? He didn’t seem at all interested in taking her kill which is odd considering any wolf would fight over a fresh virgin meal as rare as it is. It was the best tasting flesh that could ever be consumed and also the only type that fully replenishes a wolf to capacity. She always felt revitalized after a good hunt and a great meal. 

Her phone rang breaking her concentration and she looked annoyed at the caller ID before snatching it from the base. “I thought I told you not to call me here! Do you have any idea what time it is? You could have woken the entire house you dumbshit!”

…“Yeah yeah, save your threats Babydoll I’ll make this quick. I wanted to make sure you got the package I had dropped off to you earlier…

“Wait you were here? Are you trying to fuck this up? Do you think before you do anything? How the fuck are you a Beta?”

…“Would you relax? I’m not a fucking idiot! You had people in and out of that place all day! I went undetected alright? Trust me. Now answer the damn question Gee. Do you see the package or not? It should be a large brown envelope…

“Yeah I got it. What is this?”

…“A present from me to you. I figured we should see what this little plan of ours will grant us in the rewards department. Trust me Babe you will not be disappointed either. When I saw the number I nearly nutted in my seat!…”

“Fine, I’ll check it out. But next time you have something you want to say to me do it in person at one of the meeting points. I will not have you in my home again you understand?”

…“I got you. So uh Gee, what are you wearing?…”

“UGH!” she hung up on the husky voice and looked angrily at the phone. Such a pest! She made up her mind right there that once this business was taken care of she would end him slowly just to make a point. The thought curled her lip in a smile and she dropped onto the seat at her desk.

Ripping the top of the envelope open she peered inside at the figure he’d scrawled across a small slip of paper. The idea that he was interested in the money he could make off of becoming Alpha was laughable. What wolf needs money? She wasn’t doing it for a monetary purpose that was certain. She only wanted justice in her own pack; a notion he’d probably not be able to understand. Then again he didn’t have the balls to make it to Beta in his pack alone, as proven.

Her eyes glanced up at the poster of her favorite musician and she sighed. “Why can’t all men have balls like you? Everyone seems too afraid of going out and taking what they want. It’s pathetic we’re fucking wolves!

She brushed her fingers across her lip and thought about the man that had accosted her in the woods. He seemed ballsy in the way he kissed her. But she too felt that strange connection towards him. An undeniable attraction that kept her from fleeing the second his hands made contact with her body. His velvety voice calmed her in ways she never knew and the touch of his skin on hers, it was electric. Had he felt it too or was she imagining the whole thing?  He must have felt something; it couldn’t have been the scent of her kill alone that lured him there, he stated as much. Giselle dropped her face into her hands and lingered on the moment his lips connected to hers and in a whisper barely audible to even her own ears she sighed his name…Luther.

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  1. “I doubt you’d be able to handle me even if you had both eyes.” LMAO!!!!

    Ok first what happened to ruthless Luther? Strange wolf on his land and he doesn't attack??? So maybe Giselle could be that elusive mate he claims he doesn't have, need, or want.

    So Giselle is the daughter of the alpha to the pack that Luther is slowing killing off? and she's having secret meetings with a Beta from a different pack?

    The mystery keeps adding up. More questions, who is she talking to? What is she planning? and how the HELL does she not know who Luther is? And Bane of all people???? Really? She's crazy and probably the only wolf that could be made for Luther.

    Crazy, and I'm still very pissed at Izzy and her being there with Luther! It's going to kill Rick when/if he finds out.

    1. HAHA yes she isn't shy with words one bit, though I think that's a turn on for Luther!

      Ruthless Luther is still very much present. He felt a connection to this girl and instantly went to figure out why. She just may be all you said and more :)

      Indeed she is! She has no idea it's been him taking members of her pack out and she honestly did not recognize him as Alpha of Gideon either. She knows he's older and more powerful but in time all things shall reveal themselves.

      She's using another pack to help her get what she wants most and once she does she'll be a force to be reckoned with.HAHA Yes Bane, it fits though right? She's a psycho, he's a psycho :)

      Rick may be heartbroken, literally, when he learns that his mate has been doing dealings with the enemy. She is trying to make herself a strong person again so she doesn't drag him down though. He'll try and understand that if and when the time comes but the way she went about it will be the deciding factor.

      Thank you for reading :)

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  3. Again I say Luther is one hot.......I am happily married. I am glad to see that sex would still get him. That after all is human instinct and I think in human form he would probably have that than revenge.

    I guess I want to know who the hell is this mystery guy "beta" and what are they up to. Also does she not know that was Luther or did I miss something. I probably missed something.

    I am copying and pasting all my comments because they are not showing up.

    Again DJ great update and now I will try to work on mine.

    1. HAHA even when he's out plotting and planning to corrupt and murder he hasn't run you off yet :P He is still thrown by a pretty face and the promise of sex, yep still very much a man.

      Giselle's dealings will soon be revealed and when Luther figures things out it may be a window of opportunity that fell deliciously in his lap. You haven't missed anything, it's just a storyline developing for the Gideon pack :D

      Sorry my blog has been giving you fits :( I know exactly what you are going through though as it's happened to me a few times. So changing the name didn't fix it?

      Thank you for reading! :)

  4. Again I say Luther is one hot.......I am happily married. I am glad to see that sex would still get him. That after all is human instinct and I think in human form he would probably have that than revenge.

    I guess I want to know who the hell is this mystery guy "beta" and what are they up to. Also does she not know that was Luther or did I miss something. I probably missed something.

    I am copying and pasting all my comments because they are not showing up.

    Again DJ great update and now I will try to work on mine.

    It's Kiddo/PG

  5. Wow, that girls a beast! Pun intended. What a man-eater, literally! She totally stood up to Luther like he was nothing. I really think this chick will give Kaya a run for her money. She is bad to the bone this chick.
    Omg I just realize I just typed a string of really bad wolf jokes. Lol.

    I would love to see her an Kaya go at it, but I'm assuming Kaya is older so she would probably win?

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    1. HAHA but they were funny! Giselle is a monster and I think that more than anything turned Luther on! She and Kaya may get the chance to go at it especially after a few future events send the two careening head on.

      Luther was intrigued because she seemed to be the male version of himself: cold, calculated and cynical. Yeah sorry, I figured it would be best to show some of the other side of the story for a bit, there's one more chapter before we get back to the Rafe/Kaya stuff though and then there's enough of that mushy, sweet stuff to make your teeth rot :P

      Izzy was still at Luther's because she is waiting for him to come through on their deal. She needs to finish this thing with the hunters before she can move on, she hasn't joined their pack though, she's officially a member of Greymane still.

      Thank you for reading!

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    1. Very true but she's not concerned about what it is he is really after at this time. She figured she'd use him to get what she needs that then get bak to her mate and finish what they started so many years ago.

      HAHA Phoenix is single and ready :) Luther may have his hands full for a while and Byron yeah, his dance card keeps him tangoing!

      Giselle may be just that! She is hungry, vicious and doesn't take shit from anyone INCLUDING an Alpha (though she may not have recognized him right off). LOL Bane, the band's badass, sorta fits :)

      We'll find out soon enough who she was speaking to on the other end of that phone and what they have plans for.

      Thank you for reading :)

  7. Isabella is making some bad decisions, but, she seemed pretty bent for revenge.
    I think maybe Julius may hesitate in his actions. My first impression is that he is with Luther by chance, not so much that he chose to be.

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    1. Izzy is very focused on regaining her former self in hopes that she can be the person she believes Ulrick needs. It's sad that she cannot be happy with who she is when she's loved regardless but she fears hurting Ulrick more than anything.

      Julius was grateful to Luther for the help on tracking down the wolves that hurt his family. He joined Gideon as many do for the promise of revenge. Luther takes what he wants as few Alphas do without thinking of the consequences and that was what Julius needed at the time so I think you may be right about him! :)

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    1. LOL you wanted to be Luther's mate? That's both interesting and shocking! He's a real beast capable of doing some serious damage and the fact that he's found a female counterpart into the same is scary! If these two were to mate what would that mean for the wolf community??

      Izzy is really in a bad place and you're right she could have figured out how to get her revenge without resulting to asking Luther or agreeing to any deal with him. She has been blinded this whole time to what she truly has with Ulrick and it's sad but things may not work out in her favor in the end.

      Byron's purpose will find a nice comfy home really soon :D He does enjoy bed hopping though and like Phoenix said he's going to hop into a bed he can't easily claw his way out of!

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