Sunday, May 13, 2012

Episode 22: The Wilderness Pack

Genre: Horror
Characters: Rafe, Kaya, Lobo, Roman, Pack Wolves
Word Count: 10,825
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Rafe and Kaya take a trip to Shadowvale to learn where the coordinates and letter they discovered leads. While there, Rafe overhears something interesting that he is hesitant to relay to Kaya. Upon returning home again, Armand has a visitor waiting for Kaya and Rafe is not pleased.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, adult content, adult situations, nudity -- issues with tats.

The rain cloud popped up over the ridge out of nowhere, a dark cloud that suddenly appeared above the treetops blocking out the sun. They didn't even have time to scout a good area to drop the stakes for their tents before it broke loose and drenched them both to the bone.

“Well I guess we’re setting up camp here,” Kaya smiled and raised her head to the sky taking in the abrupt shower allowing it to bombard her face and hair freely. Rafe smiled watching her and strolled over casually. Lifting her at her waist he spun her in the downpour and she laughed. “Hey! You’re gonna get us dizzy!”

“At least it’ll be worth it.” He grinned mischievously and moved towards the edge of the pond.

“Rafe…” Before she could threaten him off he tossed her beneath the clear blue pool of water and watched her land with a loud splash.

She popped up from under the water and frowned in his direction. “I’m sorry I couldn’t resist! Here let me help you out.” Offering his hand, he moved closer towards her. She reached up, propped her leg against the wall of the bay and yanked him hard. “Ky!” 

Kaya laughed watching him swim towards her soaking wet and frowning. “Neither could I.” She shook her head as fast as she could ensuring she pelted him with drops of water from the ends of her hair. He turned to protect himself

“Oh you want to play dirty then?” She reached the edge of the water and pulled herself out with him quickly behind her with a hand full of water. Rafe ran at her tossing it in her direction. Kaya ducked avoiding the splash and kicked a clump of mud towards him, filling the top of his shoe. “You’re so gonna get it now!” he growled.

She laughed and jetted off towards the top of the ridge as Rafe gave chase. “Get back here!”

“Hell no! You gotta catch me first.” She dashed quicker, disappearing briefly behind a large Cottonwood tree. He spotted her and jogged a bit faster to catch her. She checked over her shoulder, glancing towards him with a smile unaware of the threat that loomed near.

“KAYA WAIT!” Rafe yelled pumping his legs harder. He reached for her pulling her back into his chest before her foot left the sediment. Scattering rocks clinked down the embankment and he moved her away from the cliff’s edge. She shrieked and turned her face into his neck catching her breath before gazing down the large canyon drop. “Jesus that was a close one. Are you ok?”

“Yeah I’m fine.”

“You sure?” He asked checking over her hastily.

“Yes Rafe, I’m sure. Nice save!”

“No kidding. Damn how deep is that thing?”

“Looks like there’s only one way to find out. Thank you for preventing me from doing so.”

“Any time,” he smirked realizing he still had her hooked against his chest. She cleared her throat and backed away with a smile.

“We should get the camp up before night fall.” 

Rafe nodded and followed her back up the ridge to the clearing. Kaya glanced over her shoulder timidly knowing he was watching her every move. She sat her bag against the trunk of a maple tree and looked around. It was still pouring but it had moved towards the other side of the hilltop allowing them a chance to get settled in before the threatening clouds burst open once more.

Rafe caught her eye and smirked.  “What are you grinning at?” she asked dropping her tent bag and tossing the other towards him.

“Nothing it’s just, had I known there was gonna be a wet t-shirt contest I’d have brought my camera and score cards. Perfect 10.” He crossed his arms into his body and looked down at her chest with an approving nod.

Kaya followed his gaze to find her white cotton top sticking to her skin, clinging to her breasts as though it were painted on and exposing the white lace bra just beneath. “Yeah…well I hope you enjoyed the show. Now if you’re done staring, get to work.”

He laughed and scooped up the tent but kept his eyes on her. God she was absolutely stunning. Her brown hair was wet and slicked back into a ponytail that gave way to a set of bangs hanging just barely over her face. Her eyes sparkled and were bright with amusement over their exchange and he could sense how calm she felt being this close to him. 

He enjoyed these private moments he got to spend with her though they were usually the result of him losing his temper and exploding at her. Still she always seemed to understand and always offered words of encouragement that things would get better he just had to work at it. He continued watching her; loving the movement of her muscles beneath her skin as she twisted her body in various ways to create a small area of comfort for them.

She bent over to check through her bags and something about the way her hips moved and seeing her luscious ass pointed in the air caused his body to react. Rafe felt himself growing hard and shut his eyes tight to try and work through it. When he opened them again she was standing just mere inches away from him dropping a stake into the ground.

Kaya grabbed a small plastic tarp and set it up over their packs and the drier pieces of firewood she was able to tuck away from the rain. She pulled another from her bag and laid it on the ground beneath the cover before laying a blanket down to sit on. Tossing a smile in Rafe’s direction she cleared her throat creating a sound that put him in action. “Rafe? I don’t see my tent up!” Looking towards him, she bit her bottom lip as she watched him remove his soaked shirt and toss it towards his pack.

He swallowed hard and turned his back to her. Staring that long into her eyes caused him to pitch a tent alright but it definitely would not serve to keep her dry. He finished setting up both tents as she fished around her bag for a few items of food she’d brought for them. She placed a few kebobs on skewers as well as some marshmallows and handed him a can of soda.

Tossing a few sticks into a pile of rocks in front of them, Rafe began a small campfire with the lighter fluid and matches from his satchel. “Look at my woodsman!” she remarked as the crackling of flames directed warm embers to float in her direction.

“I AM MAN!” he howled causing her to laugh as he struck a pose.

“Alright ‘man’ sit, eat and enjoy my company for a bit.” She pulled her feet into her body making room for him to join her.

“Ah!” he groaned dropping onto the hard ground beside her. “So…”

“So…?” she giggled and slapped his arm noticing his gaze on the bag behind her and realized it was because of the note inside. “What do you think we’ll find out there?”

“I don’t know. I hope,” he sighed. “I kinda hope it’s nothing like what your dad thinks because if it is, you might get hurt.”

“I can take care of myself.”

“Regardless. I don’t want to take you some place where it’s a possibility. I care about you Kaya and I don’t know what I’d do if, if anything happened.”

“Rafe we’ll be fine. If at any time we sense danger we’ll leave immediately ok?” She rubbed his shoulder to ease his nerves and felt his heart skip.

He turned to her with a smile noting the corners turn up on her lips as well. “So where did you tell Connor we were going?” Rafe asked sliding closer to her on the warm blanket. He stabbed his stick towards the fire melting and browning his marshmallow absently playing with the jagged end.

“Oh that I was dragging you off deep in the woods somewhere to jump your bones and I needed my privacy.”

“What? Stop it you did not…did you?”

She grinned at his reaction and the confused and hopeful expression on his face before reaching for the black bag she’d brought with her. “Actually I did. Why do you think he gave me these?” She turned the bag over emptying out three handfuls of condoms Connor insisted she take with her “just in case”.

A low whistle blew from Rafe’s lips as he took in the individually wrapped mints with a smirk of his own. “Well look at that. Connor even included some ribbed for your pleasure. That’s was kind of him and I see no reason why we should let them go to waste.”

“Well seeing as how they don’t expire until two years from now I think they’ll be fine staying where they are.” Repositioning beside him, Kaya gathered up the condoms and tossed them back into the bag.

“Ok so if we’re not taking advantage of our time alone, why exactly did you tell Connor we were?”

“It was a joke Rafe. I didn’t expect him to give me a lifetime supply of condoms and I couldn’t tell him we were coming here.”

“Why not?”

“Because I know him. If we’re not back before Daddy and he’s questioned he’ll tell him everything. I didn’t want to put him in the position to have to choose between being dutiful to his Alpha or faithful to his best friend. He understands. He knows I didn’t tell him the truth and why.”

“Must be nice to have that kind of understanding with someone,” he sighed and leaned back against the canopy stake.

“It is. Hopefully it’s a bond you can recover if you find someone that knows you in that den. If not, you always have me and Connor,” she smiled tenderly.

“Yeah and that’s why I think I should tell you a little about my past, the stuff that Pablo was telling you.” Kaya grinned hearing him mispronounce his name again. Connor often did that too refusing to call him what he wanted. He said he didn’t deserve that kind of respect.

“Rafe I told you when you were ready. I don’t want you to feel forced to have to explain anything to me.”

“I am ready Ky I just hope you don’t…I hope that nothing changes between us because it’s not really pleasant.”

“I could lie and tell you that we’ll remain the same but not knowing what it is exactly I don’t know if I can do that. What I can tell you is that no matter what you’re my friend and I’m not going to turn my back on you because of something that happened in your past. And knowing what you are, kinda, could probably explain what you’re about to say. From one wolf to another, we can be rather rash individuals.”

Drawing in a breath he clenched his eyes tight and just went for it. She was right, one way or another the truth was going to come out and he preferred having control over how Kaya received it. “The stuff he said about armed robbery and attempted murder was sort of true only it wasn’t a frame job, at least not really. Jax and I were in love with the same girl and…”

“I thought you said you’d never been in love before.” She flicked her tongue over her lip wetting them as her mouth suddenly became dry.

“Well yes…no…I was I just I mean I thought I was; I hoped I was I mean I proposed to her and she said yes.”

“Oh...oh. Y-you were engaged.” She restated feeling herself become a bit distant with the idea. Strangely it hurt but she smiled awkwardly towards him just the same. Rubbing a hand through her hair, Kaya leaned onto her arm and waited for him to continue. Her gaze dropped from his and he could sense her anxiety.

He watched her shift uncomfortably and nervous tension filled his gut. Fuck no, no, no, no God don't pull away. He breathed in through his mouth and exhaled the same way blowing his breath hard in her direction. His palms had become sweaty and his heart felt as though it would beat out of his chest. What are you doing Rafe? There was no turning back now he had to explain it all or watch her really slip away. “I was to someone whom I thought really cared about me Kaya but it turns out she was only using me to get back at Jax. What I didn’t know and what she failed to mention was that she used to be his girl. She caught him cheating on her and broke it off and decided that when I came into the picture I’d make the perfect patsy for her revenge scheme. I fell for it all.” He sighed and looked at her trying to gauge her reaction before continuing.

“The band was in trouble; Jax was heavy into powder, our lead singer Tommy had a gambling habit and Josh, Jax’s brother and the lead guitar was a petty thief. In order to get our heads above water again Dakota came up with a plan to rob a bank. Kaya I would have done anything for her but the day she came to me and asked me to rob a bank, there was no way. Jax and Josh went but things didn’t go as planned. Jax got pinched, Josh got away but they shot a guard in their attempt to get away; nearly killed him.”

“But if you weren’t there…”

“Dakota was pissed at me because I refused to help. So when the cops came looking for Jax’s partner that day she pointed the finger at me. I was arrested and fingerprinted. I spent a night in jail got out on bail and set out to prove my innocence. I found the shit Josh wore to the robbery and hid it in plain sight for the cops to find at his place, called them anonymously and had him arrested. The charges were dropped on me and I left town the next night leaving the band and all their shit behind. They swore revenge and that kind of thing haunts you. I’ve been laying low ever since...until I met you.”

“You didn’t do anything any normal person wouldn’t have to keep from being blamed for something you had nothing to do with. And I don’t see you any differently because of it Rafe. Like I told Paolo, I know you and though you have the occasional tantrum you’re a good man and I take comfort in the fact that regardless of your breed you still fight to be that person.” She felt herself become sleepy and pulled up from the ground heading for her tent. 

Rafe rubbed his arms to create warmth against his chilled skin as he watched her change into something a little drier to sleep in. She noticed and nodded towards the fire. “Try and keep it going so you don’t freeze to death if you’re cold.” She hung her wet clothes and his shirt on a tree branch under the tarp to dry for the next day.

“Yeah I don’t think my body likes this frigid weather. I might have to move my tent closer or something; unless of course you’d like to offer to keep me warm tonight,” he grinned widely and wiggled his eyebrows at her.

“I guess I could do that.” She smiled genuinely taking one step forward.

“What? Seriously?” Rafe narrowed his gaze at her unsure of the game she was playing.

She laughed at his reaction and turned back to her tent to grab her sleeping bag. Rafe hopped up from the ground and quickly brushed himself free of dirt before escorting her inside his tent. He laid his bag on the ground first and waited for Kaya to lie down before dropping hers on top. Nestling himself behind her he pulled her into his chest awkwardly and she slid away waiting for him to adjust before settling against him. Rafe blew out a breath getting that feeling he had earlier before his friend wanted to play. He breathed deeply and waited for the sensation to pass before speaking. “Are you ok?”

“Yes, I’m great thanks. Is this working for you?”

“More than you know.” He watched the silent flickering of the flames outside and lost himself in thought. It was very possible he was going to meet some of his family out there in those woods. The thought made him happy but scared at the same time. Would he recognize them? Would they recognize him? And what if they did? Would he have a longing desire to remain out there with them leaving Kaya and the band and everything he had in Willow Reed?

“You’re anxious,” Kaya noted listening to the rhythm of his heart. “No matter what Rafe, I’ll be at your side every step of the way and if my dad did this…”

“I know Ky and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you coming with me,” he sighed and leaned back slightly. “And you know if your dad is responsible, I don’t blame you or anything. I mean you have been nothing but open to me and I, I really needed that.”

Kaya leaned deeper into his hard chest and felt his pecs flex against her cheek. A smile formed on her lips when his arms came around tucking her warmly against his large frame and pulling her ever closer. Her eyes closed slightly but remained focused on the fire just outside their tent. Feeling herself starting to drift off, her hand absently brushed along the arm he kept draped over her and she looked up to find him watching her. “You know Rafe you’re a full wolf now and all that entails body temperature included and we run hot.”

He leaned against the tree the tent was tied to and let her sprawl out more in his lap. Placing the blanket over her bare shoulder he brushed a few strands of hair away from her face before replying. “Yeah Kaya, I know.” He smiled against her hair as he felt her muscles relax a little more. “Get some rest. We’ll start the hike again at daybreak.”

It took them the entire morning to locate the wolf’s den. Kaya breathed a sigh of relief having felt as though they’d traveled the earth to seek out a buried treasure. The place was huge and nestled into the summit of a steep hill. The plantation consisted of three different houses set up to work as one. The farm house she assumed was where everyone slept but there was another shelter to its right that could easily have served as a sleeping quarters as well. To the back left was a barn with a few stabled horses and large bales of hay and to the southeast corner a silo which smelled of grain.

The estate had its own reservoir and looked pretty self-sufficient in the number of crops growing out front. She inhaled and enjoyed the scent of something freshly baked; apple pie perhaps, how “sweet home”. Looking at the area she didn’t get any dark connotations but then again looks could be deceiving. Everything about the ranch said friendly but that could be the draw to get unsuspecting victims in only later to serve them up as dinner.

A growl rumbled someplace off in the distance and they both immediately went on alert. There’s the ominous, she thought trying to detect the source of the angry sounds. The wind blew by carrying silent whispers and whiffs of raw meat and blood. Man, it seemed the longer they stood in that spot the darker and scarier the bright yellow farmhouse became. Even the lion’s head at the top of the fence spelled danger. 

“Rafe you really need to relax! You’re letting the fear take over your body and if you continue to do that we’re both dead. We are literally walking into the lions’ den and if they smell even an ounce of what I do they’ll pounce without hesitation and without remorse.”

“Um, news flash, that’s not helping me relax Kaya! How do you expect me to control this when all I know is there is a bunch of ravenous, blood-thirsty wild wolves inside that place ready to tear me apart?”

She sighed and leaned against the fence watching him closely, “You’re the one that wanted to come here remember? I’d be MORE than happy to turn around and leave trust me. There’s a reason my Dad has kept these places a secret you know?”

“I know and I’m sorry for dragging you into this with me but besides Connor you’re the only one I can trust with this.” He kicked the corner of the building and diverted his gaze to the trees rustling behind her. 

The wind blew harder shifting in their direction blowing with it the lingering and heavy scent of a pack of carnivorous animals not more than 100 yards away. His gut wrenched as the scent of fresh blood poured over his nostrils; they’d recently fed but knowing how he feels after the fact, he knew they had to be far from full. And the knowledge that wild wolves feed on their own kind did little to offer comfort.

He shook his head realizing the situation they’d be in once they stepped past the gate and into the wolves’ den. What the fuck could be this important? He thought to himself as he analyzed the anxiety laced within Kaya’s soft features. “We should go. This was a stupid idea and I don’t want to see you get hurt.”

“Go? After it took us nearly a day and a half to hike that hill and even find their den? No. I was kidding about that! I’m not letting you leave until you get satisfaction. There was something within that letter you found of value and I know how important this is to you. I think it’s worth the time and effort to find out what you need to!” She reached her hand for the gate and he snatched it away, pushing her into the brick column behind her and pinning her in place.

“This isn’t worth the risk of something happening to you Ky. I’ll go alone, just wait for me.”

“Wait for you? You reek of apprehension and doubt and you expect me to just let you waltz in there and let them make a meal of you? No Rafe! Hell no! I will not let…”

“LET!?” His head snapped towards her and he growled quieting her objections instantly. His scowl deepened as the intensity of his gaze bore into her, threatening and menacingly. “It wasn’t a request Kaya! Wait for me here!”

“If…if y-you want me t-to wait then you need to do something about your anxiety,” she stammered feeling a little fright shiver through her spine. He was intimidating yet a part of her was strangely aroused by his sudden show of dominance. Like Alpha behavior, he showed her his authority in the harshness of his tone and the decisiveness in his stare. Fuck that was sexy, shake it off Kaya, she scolded herself and tried to reconcile her thoughts and prevent her body from betraying her. She could feel herself becoming moist; radiating that heat down towards the pit of her belly and centering between her thighs. 

Rafe inhaled sharply, noticing the change in her scent almost instantly. His grip tightened on her wrists and he towered over her, watching the quiver in her lips and the look of uncertainty she shot towards him. “Fine.” He smirked and pressed her into the wall, tilting her head warmly with the pads of his fingers his lips trailed along her jaw line eliciting a tender, ragged moan. Gazing down at her with confidence and encouraged by her body’s reaction his mouth continued its exploration until it slid gently over hers. Wrapping his arm around her waist, his fingers ran across the soft flesh of her back as his tongue pushed deeper between her lips dancing with hers.

He slowly ran one hand through her hair, and the softness was overwhelming to him. He could see her eyes had closed and she was enjoying the feel of his body pressed against hers. He felt her heated reaction and slid one hand along the back of her neck pulling her mouth deeper into his. His cock began snaking down her thigh in response, his free hand stroking up her side gently moving towards her breast.

Her lips parted slightly in a moan and he slid his tongue over them, brushing gently against her tongue before nipping lightly on her bottom lip. His thumb massaged the newly erect skin of her nipple pinching lightly over her cotton top and squeezing her soft breast within his palm. Her muscles flinched from shock and he panicked. Shit, too far, he thought. He removed his hand and pulled back and as he did, Kaya leaned towards him, keeping their mouths together and groaning in protest. Maybe not.

He held her tighter, more assertively. Knowing now that she too wanted this kiss, he moved forward aggressively possessing her lips. He took the kiss deeper sweeping his tongue into her mouth and tangling it with hers, tilting his face to the side to press against her harder. He brushed the tip of his tongue against hers; sliding along it slowly, gently and then grazed over the roof of her mouth eliciting another moan.

His mouth moved from hers and down her neck, trailing kisses along the way. His hot breath sent tingles down her body and made her weak in the knees. Her head fell back, mouth open in anticipation. The heat generating from his body set off a twinge deep in the pit of her stomach. Rafe traced the outline of her ear with his tongue and she became powerless in his arms. Kaya stroked her hand through his hair as he peppered kisses over her collarbone and down her chest. God his mouth was setting her on fire and she was anxious to have more of his touch.

His lips found hers again, kissing frantically, deeper as his hands continued to explore her body. Her eyes shot open and she broke the kiss, pushing away slightly they looked at each other. Nerve-racked and breathless neither knowing how much time had passed since first joining together. There was an intensity in her eyes that seemed to draw him back towards her but she turned her head to avoid losing herself again.

“That…that wasn’t what I meant,” she sighed, her breathing erratic. “We have to stop. You shouldn’t keep doing that,” she finally spoke releasing the breath she held as he wrapped her in his arms. Her hands pressed against his muscled chest, feeling him flex, she pushed him away but it only caused him to strengthen the arm that held her waist.

“Why not?” he asked still pressed achingly close to her body. He could feel her erect nipples rub against his chest as she breathed and her bosom rose and fell with each. “Afraid you’re going to like it too much?” He grinned as her eyes shot to the ground avoiding his gaze.

“No. I’m afraid I won’t have the strength to keep telling you no.”

“Then maybe you should cut that word from your vocabulary where I’m concerned. Stop fighting it Kaya.” He sighed and pulled her chin up once more, his expression softening as he again conveyed his concern. “I want you to stay here, please. I don’t know what’s inside but I’d feel better knowing you were safely out here, out of harm’s way.”

She stopped trying to argue, nodded her agreement and watched him slip into the iron-wrought fence disappearing behind a large hedge. An hour passed and the sun had finally set overhead darkening the already blackened area even more. One of the many times she was happy to be a wolf; she wasn’t completely in the dark as her vision was beyond excellent in the twilight hours.

Kaya paced nervously outside the gate wondering, waiting, hoping all was going well inside. The wind blew harder around her and she rubbed a hand along her arm. No longer able to smell him she became anxious and peered into the gate towards the direction he’d darted. Fuck, come on Rafe, silently she wished to see him heading towards her. 

A part of her was hoping he’d return empty handed and ensure her that everything they’d found about her father’s possible involvement in his family’s death was wrong; if it was his family. Then again the other part was desperately hoping he found what he was looking for and could learn more about who and what he was. The way he clutched at the simplest clue told her just how troubled he was not knowing where he came from.

A loud banging sound drew Kaya from her thoughts and she looked towards the direction the noise originated. “Rafe?” Pausing briefly and listening closely for more sounds or anything from the man she’d travelled with she made the decision to go forward not receiving a reply. Kaya moved silently through the hedges towards the noise cursing under her breath as she did. This is stupid Kaya. Only silly horror movie teens investigate strange noises in a place they know there’s danger…but Rafe could be hurt…then I should get help…I can’t just leave him here…well I can’t let myself get caught up either then we’d both be stuck! Her inner turmoil pushed and pulled her in multiple directions confusing more the situation and distracting her enough not to notice the danger just ahead.

“KAYA LOOK OUT!” Rafe yelled from the darkness in front of her. The warning came too late and she found herself face down on the ground with her attackers weighing heavy on her outstretched limbs and preventing her from fighting back. “Get off of her! Let her go,” Rafe growled. “She has nothing to do with this!”

“Tie her up and toss her in with the other one,” a deep, husky voice bellowed to one of the other two men standing beside her. From a quick assessment of their scents she was able to determine they were in fact wolves a type she’d never encountered before; they had to be the wild pack she and Rafe came out here for. Large hands scooped her up roughly and tossed her into a large metal cage beside Rafe. She landed with a thud on the steel floor hitting her head against one of the bars and becoming dizzied.

“Kaya! Kaya!” She felt hands shake her and Rafe’s concerned voice echoing hollow and dull as if he were standing a block away before the world became a darkened blur. Blood dripped from a head wound as she sank into unconsciousness all the while Rafe remained at her side trying to wake her.

“There’s something not right about that guy,” he heard that same husky voice speak to one of the others in his company as they started back towards the main house.

“I know, I saw it too. When does Charlie get back? Perhaps he can give him the test.”

“He, Erik and Samuel are not due back for another three days.” A door closed in the distance and Rafe sat up pulling Kaya into his arms.

“Well then, we’d better strengthen the cage and turn on the voltage. Those two are staying here until then.”

Minutes ticked away and regardless of effort Rafe could not seem to bring her to. Standing and pacing the far side of the cage he kicked himself for ever bringing her out here and into this danger. She tried to stop him and he should have listened. A light came on in the upstairs bedroom and he could make out two distinct voices once again. They were talking about Kaya and what they should do with her. Her scent was driving a few of the younger males crazy and if they kept her around one would seek to mate her.

He looked towards her prone body and growled. “Let them try.” Another few minutes passed and he’d lost all sense of time and she continued lying in a pool of blood. He dropped beside her and sat her into his lap once more. Rafe shook her again trying to bring her back. “Kaya? Kaya please say something!”  Blinking her eyes a few times she finally started coming to her head was pounding and her arms and right shoulder felt numb. “Kaya! God, hey, are you ok?”

“What?” She tried lifting her right arm again only to feel it resist once more. The weight of it was off and it was then she realized the landing must have disconnected her shoulder. 

“Are you ok?” She felt something hard pressed against her left side and looked up to find herself wrapped in Rafe’s arms. He was hugged close and there was a spot of blood on his shirt where she had been resting. She could make out his fast paced heartbeat in her ear and tried to sit up. “Wait don’t do that ok? Just lay here with me for a minute.” He smiled down at her softly caressing a hand through her hair as he took notice of the large red welt on the side of her head.

Kaya reached a hand towards her throbbing forehead and pressed it against the knot and the patch of hair dried from the blood that had since clotted on her head. “My arm, you have to push it.” Looking down he finally saw what she meant and his eyes flashed in anger over the injuries she’d suffered by those men. “Rafe, not now please. In that state you can hurt me more than it would help. Please?”

He inhaled settling his nerves and bottled his rage…for now. She leaned forward in his lap and shut her eyes tight as his hands circled over her shoulder, held it tight and jerked her arm up quick and hard. She released a howl that rattled the cage and Rafe quickly took her back into his lap to calm her. “I’m ok, I’m ok,” she cried looking at the pain and concern laced within his features. “Where are we?”

“Outside in a cage. They jumped me the minute I stepped inside the door and tossed me in here. I was trying to figure out how to get you to run without letting them know you were here and I just…I’m so sorry about this Ky. I didn’t intend for them to grab you too!”

“Who? How many are there?”

“I don’t know I saw maybe four but I’m almost positive there’s a lot more inside. Why did you come in here? I told you to stay back!”

“I got worried. It was taking too long and it was way too quiet. I just wanted to make sure you were ok.”

“And you didn’t think to get help instead?”

“And leave you to rot? No. I couldn’t just leave you here! I wouldn’t Rafe.” She rubbed a hand against her still aching head and noticed his softer features staring down at her. Relief and appreciation took over his expression and made her smile a little. “How long have we been in here?”

“I don’t know; you were out for like an hour. I used my shirt and finally got the bleeding to stop. I thought…you weren’t responding to me and…are you sure you’re ok Kaya?” 

Rafe’s voice cracked a little before he reached the end of his question. Concern, anger and pain mixed within the expression he stared at her with and she knew he must have been really panicked watching her out like that with no signs of life. She took a breath, brushed back the hair in her face and gave him a reassuring smile. “I’m fine Rafe. I promise. I have a slight headache but other than that I’m, all healed up.”

Pulling out of his arms finally she tried standing and Rafe guided her to her wobbly feet, keeping his arm wrapped around her waist for support. She took in their surroundings and kicked at one of the bars of their cell. “So we’re locked in,” Kaya groaned pushing against the top panel of the box. “Fuck!”

“I don’t suppose there’s any way for you to contact the pack?”

“Not from here, the sound would be muffled and they wouldn’t hear it. We’re gonna have to claw our way out of here.”

“Claw? You’re kidding right?”

“It’s not Truesilver which means we can get out of it. And unless you know something I don’t, this is the only way out of here,” she sighed removing her clothes and pushing them through the bars before a burst of light filled the bottom of the crate and she jumped up on her hind legs. 

He nodded and held his breath as the box again filled with a bright burst of light and he joined her in form. “Now what?”

Dig, rip, claw anything to break out of this. It can’t hold us, it’s only steel.” Together they began scratching at the bottom of the cage clearing away the metal bottom to reveal the cold, hard dirt beneath. “Great, now make a hole so we can tunnel through to the other side.”

“I appreciate you taking the time to come out here Roman. I know how busy life as an Alpha of your own pack can be. I would like you to tell your father I said hello when you make it back to Parkridge. Did you have any trouble finding the manor? My daughter thought it would be best tucked away from the main part of the city for various reasons. Anyway, I trust the trip was fine?”

“It was pleasant. I got to enjoy a bit of the countryside I’ve missed from being locked inside my office a large part of my day. Besides your relationship with my father is long valued and getting to meet your daughter is well worth the days' travel.”

“You’ve seen my Kaya?”

“As a matter of fact. I went to the location your seer gave me and I watched her perform for her fans as well as sign a few autographs and I must say watching her interact with everyone out on the pier was interesting. She’s quite fetching to say the least; graceful, friendly, poised. She waved at me though the other wolves around her tried convincing her I was not of decent character. Shows she’s capable of formulating her own opinions; I admire that most. How has she not found a suitable mate as of yet?”

“I’ve kept her guarded. There are personal, pack reasons why I never allowed her to mate, I’m sure you can understand that Roman.”

“Of course. Will I get to meet her tonight?”

Armand glanced at the clock on the wall anxiously. When he arrived home from seeing Lexi he found Kaya and the new blood missing and no one seemed to know where exactly she’d run off to. His frustrations towards her disappearance only heightened once Terrance informed him of the broken display in his library. 

From a quick analysis of the area it was made clear that Kaya had taken Rafe inside his private reading room and carelessly smashed through his exhibit. He could only wonder what it was she’d discovered to have her take off as she had. “She should be along soon. I’ve called her and let her know it was important she return home immediately. Until then can I offer you a tour of the manor?”

“That won’t be necessary I must call over to my pack house and check on my affairs. I’ll return around nine, perhaps Kaya and I can have dinner at that time?”

“I’ll let her know to be ready for you.”

“Thank you Armand,” Roman nodded gently before standing and heading for his awaiting car in the front of the manor. 

Rafe motioned with his hand for Kaya to be still as they moved stealthily across the open grounds of the wolves’ den and she squeezed closer to his arm. The electricity on their cage had come on right as he pulled his hindquarters out and the shock caused him to yelp in pain alerting a few members of the house. When they came out and noticed the cage was empty they immediately went on the hunt for both Rafe and Kaya. She leaned closer into his shoulder allowing him to guide them along the property but remaining alert to anyone that may be near. “Rafe, when we get out of here you’re buying me a steak dinner.”

“Kaya I’ll buy you an entire restaurant once we’re out of here.” She laughed and felt his hand close around hers as they slid along the wall towards the gate. “Coast is clear,” he sighed and pulled her quickly behind him as they ran for the iron wrought fence they’d entered through.

“HEY!” One of the men from earlier saw them on the move and rushed out of the barn door. Their feet pounded the soft dirt heading quickly towards the exit. “Where do you think you’re going?” he growled, his hand gripped Kaya’s shoulder and he yanked her from Rafe’s grip tossing her to the ground.

“GO!” she yelled at Rafe. “I can take him!”

“Are you crazy? I’m not leaving you!” Rafe turned and ran back for her launching himself at the man knocking him off Kaya. The two rolled around the ground vying for control. Rafe’s fist landed hard against the man’s jaw and she could hear his jaw snap back as his head bounced against the pavement. The man threw Rafe off of him and kicked at his head. He rolled, avoiding the bottom of the man’s boot each time. Rafe caught his foot as he prepared to drop it on his head and pushed him back. The man stumbled and it took Rafe merely a second before his fists were pounding his jaw again. His opponent’s face was beaten; his lip busted and left eye was swelling shut from the punishment he was receiving at Rafe’s hands. “Rafe come on let’s get out of here!” 

He pulled away from the ground and started for her as two more men hurried out to them and suddenly they found themselves in the middle of a fierce battle. Turning towards the gate, a large black and brown wolf moved towards Kaya and lunged for her throat. Baring his fangs and foaming at the mouth he was inches away from snapping shut around her neck. Rafe jumped in front of her, gripping him tightly in his palms he tossed the wolf towards the gate. It yelped as his ribs bounced off the metal bars and he pulled himself up to his paws and hobbled off towards the garden. “Rafe behind you!” Kaya yelled and ran towards him.

This wolf wasn’t in form and was wielding a large crowbar over his head aiming for Rafe’s. Kaya tackled the man to the ground knocking the metal object from his hands and heard it land with a repeating series of clanks. He punched her, hitting her chin and knocked her on her back. Quickly he took up on top of her reaching for her throat. His hands closed around her neck and Kaya kicked frantically at him finally catching him between the legs with her knee. He grabbed his sack and fell into a fetal position in front of her. 

She pulled him to his feet and launched him back with a hard kick to his midsection. Standing over him Kaya sent a few heavy kicks to his chest and ribs knocking the wind out of him. Looking over her shoulder she saw Rafe struggling with another man. Astonished at his strength she watched as he lifted the man with one hand above his head and slammed him hard to the concrete. He tried sweeping Rafe’s legs but instead was snatched up from the ground where Rafe threw a quick right to his gut and watched the man keeled over in pain. Rafe’s knee came up swiftly and the man’s forehead bounced off his knee before he landed unconscious to the ground. 

Panting heavily Rafe looked towards the direction of the house and saw a few more wolves heading in their direction. “I think it’s time to go,” he snatched Kaya’s hand in his and together they rushed towards the gate. Getting out to the street they both moved quickly around the corner and towards the lights of the city. 

Seeing the empty road ahead they phased into wolf form shedding their clothes and sprinted towards the adjacent alleyway. A loud growl echoed somewhere behind them and they realized the others were quickly closing in on their heels.

Heavy footsteps pounded the hard ground and Kaya noted they must have changed as well as the rustling of fallen leaves and branches crunched behind them. The surrounding cherry blossom and cottonwood trees became a red blur as she glanced over her shoulder to find Rafe. Noticing they had a bit of a head start, Kaya began thinking over their hike up the hill just hours earlier.

This would be tricky; they were on enemy grounds and because of that lost home field advantage. With minimal knowledge about the area, Kaya had to use her instincts to gain distance between their pursuers and get her and Rafe safely out of their territory.

Keeping her head down to lessen resistance, she sped up and moved towards the outer edge of the forest gaining ground as she did. Her eyes darted around her making quick notes of the layout of the land and skirting around the paths to avoid any traps they may have set for them. “Do you have any idea where we’re going?” Rafe panted behind her. “That gully is dead ahead remember?

Yes I remember. What do you expect I’m gonna stop and ask for directions out of here? Or do you think they’ll offer to assist us?” She almost laughed as she turned down an open path heading into the woods. Over here!” she called and moved towards the center of the village they’d travelled through last night. Kaya dug her heels into the dirt and ran as hard as she could with Rafe keeping a steady pace just at her tail. She worried whether he would be able to remain that close the longer they ran and just hoped he wouldn’t fall behind.

Remembering the cliff they’d had to climb and counting her steps towards it she barreled forward, accelerating as large clumps of rock and dirt flew from her paws leaving a trail of dust in her wake. “What are you planning Ky?” Rafe panted as he struggled to stay within the path she was blazing. Another quick turn on her heels and he switched up his momentum shifting his power to his back legs to exert himself harder.

Do you trust me?

With my life.

Good because we’re going for a fall.


The ravine was coming up and she inhaled deeply thinking back to how far down that thing seemed to go. It was pretty wide from what she saw but with enough speed she was fairly certain they could make it across. “Rafe I need you to move as fast as you can, don’t stop and jump once we reach that Cottonwood. Can you do that?

Well we’re about to find out right?”

She cussed herself again for making him run harder over unfamiliar territory. Anything could happen to their paws at any given time and they would lay wounded until their attackers made it over to finish them off. But they had to get out of there before anything else did happen. She focused on the sounds of the encroaching wolves close on Rafe’s ass and grit her teeth. They were fast and knowing what was ahead of them only served to aide their chase. 

She chewed her lip as her tongue fell from her mouth. Panting harder, breathing faster, tunneling deeper through the woods Kaya lifted off the ground as the edge of the cliff came into view. She threw herself towards the chasm and Rafe closed his eyes and did the same. “SHHIIITTT!” he yelled and watched her land barely on all fours on the other side of the large gorge. 

Kaya turned to see Rafe still floating through the air soaring towards her. She took a step back to allow him room to land as he came down near her. His front paws landed on solid ground, while his back barely covered the surface of the slipping sediment beneath his body. “RAFE!” She ran to the edge of the cliff and phased back quickly.

His hand was the only thing she could see as he clung tightly to the eroding sand struggling to hang on. She reached for him and held his wrist securely between both her palms. Digging her heels into the ground, she pushed back trying to drag Rafe’s dead weight over the cliff. “Hang on Rafe! I promise I won’t let you fall!” 

His second hand came into view as she strained and tugged at him once more. He grabbed the edge of the cliff and helped to pull himself onto the platform, his head poked over the precipice, his eyes locking on hers expressing a bit of fear and anguish. “I got you Rafe, just pull a little more.” One last tug and he would be safely on solid ground she told herself as she dug in once more to give the final haul all of her strength.

Rafe’s eyes widened in horror and Kaya glanced over her shoulder at what had caught his attention. “KAYA WATCH OUT!” One of the wolves had circled around behind her and held a metal tool in his hand. He rushed forward swinging wildly in her direction and she momentarily let Rafe slip from her hands. 

He began plummeting down the ravine scattering rocks and loose gravel as he slipped towards the jagged rocks below. “RAFE!” She reached for him again but was blocked by the wolf. A large foot came up towards her face and he kicked her back, knocking her away from the overhang. She crawled towards the trail behind her as the man tauntingly swung at her again.

Gathering every ounce of strength he had remaining, Rafe pulled his body over the side and got to his feet. Just as the wolf prepared to come down on Kaya with the tool, he grabbed his hand and threw him to the side. She got to her feet and he motioned for her to move away. 

The wolf charged at Rafe tackling him to the ground and raining down punches that occasionally hit their mark. Wrestling precariously close to the edge Kaya held her breath. One wrong move and both men would go rolling down the ravine to the bottomless pit below.

Looking around for something to use and help Rafe, Kaya noticed a hefty tree branch and rushed for it. Gripping it between her hands and fashioning it like a baseball bat she swung hard nailing Rafe’s attacker in the back of the head. The man fell over onto Rafe and he rolled him to his back. His fist found its mark each time causing the man’s face to quickly become a painter’s palette of dark red, black and blue from the blood and bruises. 

The wolf pushed at Rafe knocking him to the ground and he fell back near the cliff’s edge once more. “Rafe be careful!” Kaya cautioned again seeing him too close for her liking and she started forward.

“Kaya stay back!” Rafe’s attention was momentarily distracted by her inching towards him he didn’t notice the wolf was back on his feet and barreling dead ahead. His arms were outstretched preparing to throw his full weight into Rafe; he was going to knock them both off the cliff!  

Rafe fell to the ground as the wolf lunged forward and Kaya watched in horror as he flew over the edge of the mountain tumbling quickly down the ravine. Falling stones, crumbling earth and breaking twigs could be heard as the man tried finding a hand hold on the canyon walls or anything to break his fall. His screams became softer the farther and deeper he fell down the abyss until they heard a soft thump where his body finally came to rest. Rafe stood erect over the crevice, his breathing labored from his nose and mouth, his chest heaving quickly. Kaya slid her hand over his shoulder and he turned to face her.

Silence quickly filled the area around them and Rafe pulled her into his arms checking her for injuries but more so clinging to her, happy she was alive and safe. “I’m so sorry about this Ky. I don’t know what I was thinking bringing you out here!” She hugged him tighter and pain shot through his ribcage where he’d landed hard just moments earlier.

He winced but didn’t let her see, afraid she would release him and that wasn’t what he wanted at that moment. “I should have listened to you, we shouldn’t have come. Anything could have…”

“We can discuss this later; right now we have to get to the clearing before the others catch up.” With his hand firmly in hers she tugged him forward and they ran as fast as they could until they reached the outer edge of the forest. 

Glancing back once, a smile formed on her lips as she realized what they’d just survived together. Instinctively she jumped towards him and planted a kiss on his cheek. Pulling away meekly as she realized her actions she cleared her throat, grabbed the change of clothes from the trunk and tossed them towards him. Rafe considered telling her what he overheard from the wolves as she lay unconscious but thought against it. He would not ask her again to follow him when he returned for answers. “Let’s get home,” she sighed and started for the driver’s side.

Hours later they pulled up to the manor and Lobo came rushing out to greet them. “Where the hell have you been?” He noticed the disheveled appearance and scared expression of his daughter and moved towards her. “What happened? Where did you go?” He sniffed her and growled as he scented wild wolves on her body. His glare turned vicious and angrily he jerked towards Rafe. “WHAT DID YOU DO?!”

“Daddy! It wasn’t Rafe’s fault!”

Lobo’s cold stare caught Kaya and she quieted instantly. He snatched her wrist and yanked her inside towards his office with Rafe picking up the rear. The door to his study slammed shut behind the duo and Rafe moved cautiously to the back of the room. “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU GET MY DAUGHTER INTO?” The decibel of his tone rocked the windows and Kaya was surprised they’d all but shattered around them. “Answer me before I end you right here!”

“Answer you? You’re one to talk about answering for something when it’s obvious how in the dark you leave your own daughter about things involving this pack and even her own mother!”

Lobo’s fist clenched tight and Kaya knew he was just moments away from pummeling him. She moved forward, stepping between the two and tried calming the man that’d raised her. “Daddy wait! Rafe and I, we found something and…”

“I saw what you did to my library Kaya now I want to know just where in the hell have you been?”

“Shadowvale,” she replied timidly under his unwavering stare. “W-we found some information that may have had something to do with Rafe and wanted to see if they could help him figure out where he came from. We didn’t think that…”

“It’s obvious you weren’t thinking Kaya! Otherwise you’d have never gone into that brutal territory! You could have been killed! Do you realize that? Those wolves are monsters! They are not social creatures and live only for bloodshed and chaos! They are untamable, uncontrollable, cold, heartless beasts who have no proper place in our society.” His eyes lingered on Rafe as he spoke and he rubbed Kaya’s arms as he thought about the wild wolf standing in his office at this moment.

“Daddy Rafe isn’t like that.”

“Not yet Kaya. But it’s evidently in his blood. He’s a wild wolf, though a pup and new to the wolf world he’s one and the same. Give him time and he’ll be no different than those hounds that were after you tonight. Why do you think I had him restrained for his change? What he can do once his rage is set in…”

“But I won’t let it come to that!” She sighed glancing towards him with a smile and receiving one from him in return.

Lobo caught their looks and pulled her away. “And I won’t either.” He stepped in front of Rafe, blocking Kaya from his view. A stern and serious glare crossed his face and his tone became grave. “I want you out of here by the end of the night.”

“You what? Daddy you can’t!”

“I can and I just did. He took you headlong into the overly welcoming arms of danger and for what Kaya? What the hell was so goddamn important you’d risk your life over?”

“We went to figure out my connection to the Savages!” Rafe finally broke his silence once more. “I wanted to know which was my father and which was the family taken from me!”

“That’s a ridiculously foolish thought! You are NOT a Savage! Those thugs migrated from this area long before they died! You are much too young; they were killed a long time ago!”

“No, you mean YOU killed them a long time ago.”

Lobo’s face turned down again and he stepped menacingly closer to Rafe. His voice was low, husky and deep as though he were growling every word he spoke. “Either way it stands. They were monsters; villainous creatures seeking only to pillage and destroy! Their very existence threatened the shape of the wolf community and everything we’ve all lived so long to maintain! They had to go. And you!” Lobo growled standing taller and rushing towards Rafe. “You placed my daughter’s life at risk because of your foolishness and you wonder why wild wolves are dangerous? It is taking every ounce of my strength not to tear your head off your shoulders right now!”

“Daddy,” Kaya grabbed his arm trying to pull him out of Rafe’s face. She narrowed her gaze at him noticing he seemed unmoved by Lobo’s show of power and that scared her more than the fact that she could feel her father’s muscles tense from anger. “We are safe, we made it back unharmed and…”

“SAFE? WE? Kaya I don’t give two shits about this mutt you brought here! He isn’t likely to take in a pack because of what he is and as long as he is under this roof everyone here is at risk! I will NOT endanger the lives of the hundred plus wolves that call Greymane home for one incapable of controlling his rage!”

“Do you remember what you said to me in the gardens Kaya? If he continued making trouble we should get rid of him?” Rafe’s gaze darted towards her as he heard the words escape Lobo’s mouth. She nodded timidly and dropped her chin into her chest. “He is going to bring this house down. He won’t take a pack, can’t. Every feral trait in his body yearns to be free. He’ll never kneel to an Alpha and that alone makes him dangerous.”

“But what if he did?” she asked looking towards Rafe as she continued. “What if he were to pledge his allegiance to Greymane? We could give him the ceremony Daddy he could be one of yours you just have to give him a chance, please. I have never asked you for anything but I am asking you for this, please! Don’t throw him out. It’s not safe for him with Gideon and Luther and every other pack trying to make a name for themselves! Rafe is not a danger to anyone,” she sniffled and bit her lip to keep herself composed and the tears tucked safely behind her dark lashes. “He’s my friend.”

Armand looked towards the back gardens and noticed Roman under the Gazebo waiting quietly for him to conclude his business and pretending not to notice the tension within his office. He thought over Lexi’s words and knew it was now or never. Rafe had to be removed from Kaya’s life and the only way he saw to do that was through the connection he expected her to make from the Alpha wolf waiting outside for her. As much as he was against the idea before, Kaya’s actions tonight proved exactly the type of influence Rafe was in her life cementing for him the decision that needed to be made. 

He sighed and cussed under his breath before turning back to his only child. “Fine Kaya if it means that much to you I’ll take it under advisement. For now you should run along and get ready.” He glanced over at Rafe keeping his eyes locked on him as he again addressed Kaya. “You have a date tonight and I don’t want you to keep him waiting.” He kissed her forehead feeling a bit satisfied with himself. Relief began washing over him as he thought about the situation with Rafe and how Kaya could escape with Roman to Parkridge and become the leader he’s known to be within her.

“A date? What are you talking about Daddy?” Motioning towards the window Kaya followed the direction and found the man from the pier smiling at her. “Who is he? Where did he come from? I don’t understand Daddy.”

“His name is Roman Barrett. He is visiting from our sister pack in Parkridge.” Roman waved at her and she returned the greeting before turning a confused look towards her father. “Not now Kaya. Go get ready, please.” Lobo replied before she had the chance to speak out in protest or start in again on a million and one questions.

Realizing arguing was useless at this point she looked at Rafe and noticed the hurt in his eyes before starting for the door. His breathing was heavier as he was trying to process what was happening. The idea she was leaving on a date after what they’d been through tonight shocked him more than he could fathom. His chest burned and he clenched his jaw to prevent showing a reaction neither of his elder wolves would favor. “What about Rafe?”

“Rafe and I need a moment to speak. Now go Kaya.”

She exited the office, headed upstairs and got ready. Within thirty minutes Roman had his arm wrapped around her and was escorting her to his Ferrari. Glancing up towards his room, she saw Rafe standing in the window watching her glide towards his car. She lowered her head and breathed deeply. She could only assume that Rafe’s presence still within the manor meant he and Lobo had come to some sort of agreement and he may well accept Rafe into Greymane. She smiled to herself happy that he would not throw Rafe out to the world unprotected and is keeping his word to watch over him. 

She looked up once more and smiled weakly, nodding her head to tell him everything would work out. Rafe’s arms folded into his chest and he blinked hard when Roman’s hand rested over Kaya’s shoulder.

“Ready?” Roman blew out a breath as he remote started the engine.

“Where are we going?”

“I figured a drive around town would be nice. You can show me some of your favorite places and perhaps we could grab a bite to eat or maybe drinks? It’ll give us time to get to know one another.” She nodded and Rafe watched them drive off into the city uncertain of what the night would bring.

***Author's note: Rafe's tattoos decided they didn't want to remain on his body as can be seen during the camping trip...yeah...I'd just like to say "OH! Look over there!"***

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  1. Lobo pimping out his daughter. The self serving jackass! UGH he and Lexi are pissing me off more and more with how they think they can just play around with Ky's life and emotions. He hasn't once taken into account how she might feel or what she wants. Until the answers start coming I don't believe any of the shit he's done has been for the good of the pack! He's on the shit list!

    That was one hell of a kiss Rafe and Ky had! Anymore and pups would be one the way LOL. It worked to control his nerves and Ky was turned on my Rafe's dominate behavior. She's right she won't be able to keep saying no much longer.

    The wild wolves. That was some action packed stuff. I don't think this is the last we've seen of them. They have their scent now I'm sure and may go on the hunt to find the intruders.

    Roman can go back were he came from WITHOUT Ky! Stupid interfering bossing Lobo and Lexi. I can't wait for all their shit to come to light but I feel bad on how hurt Ky may be when she finds out everything.

    1. Hmm you say it like he really is selling her. Lobo has struggled with this decision up to the very last second when she came home with Rafe smelling like wild wolves. He fears what could happen if he doesn't control the situation and get her mated to someone he knows can take care of her and keep her away from the danger Rafe seems to attract. He does only wants what's best for Kaya though he is also thinking of himself in a small way which we will see soon enough.

      Yes! Very steamy kiss and Kaya was majorly into it. Rafe tried to stop but it was her that pulled him back in. He really is wearing her down and he knows it. Lol! He used an authoritative voice and she was instantly aroused by it! As she-wolves would expect of their mates, power, control, strength...that one sentence proved to Kaya that Rafe had those things.

      You're right about that. They sensed something about Rafe and are interested in learning what exactly that was. They were hoping to keep them locked up for a few days but Kaya had other plans. It's very, VERY lucky they were able to get across that ravine although Rafe was nearly about to meet his end.

      :O But you have no idea what he's about or what he wants! It may surprise you to learn that Roman has the same thoughts and desires as Kaya. It'll be interested to see how this plays out.

      Thank you for reading :)

  2. That was so action packed!

    Lobo is way too late to get Kaya mated with anyone else. She and Rafe may not have done the deed, but they are already mated! I don't care how hot Roman is! I have to admit that he is gorgeous though and seems really charming! Kaya and Rafe belong together!

    Lobo better hope that Kaya never finds out the ways that he has meddled in her life. I know she is obedient to her father, but I think she only went on that date so that he would listen to what she asked him to do for Rafe! Seeing her with Roman has to be hard on Rafe.

    I don't think that the wild wolves are going to let Rafe and Kaya's visit pass without some type of retaliation. They also seemed to sense something about Rafe that they might want to investigate.

    Thanks for updating so soon, DJ! I loved it! I knew it would be exciting!

    1. Thank you! :D

      You are right about that she does care about someone else. But he knows she has always placed her duties as the pack's Beta ahead of everyone and everything else including her own desires. Once a mating has completed (including the blood bond) the wolves become attached, mind, body and soul. Love is a guarantee at that point because wolves are a monotonous type of animal. 1 mate for life.

      If/when Kaya learns the many terrible secrets Lobo has kept for so long, it could possibly break her. And Roman really isn't a bad guy. As you said he is charming and it is not a false type to melt her panties off as Paolo did. With Roman what you see is what you get. Rafe was devastated that she left with him after everything that happened earlier that night. But Kaya had to go whether she wanted to or not.

      Very right :) Rafe and Kaya opened a ginormous bag of worms going out to those woods. What those wolves sensed will lead to not only danger for all wolves involved but possible murders as well.

      It was my pleasure (plus I was threatened :P) Thank you for reading :)

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    So the trip to the Savages was ummm...bad, ugh. Not only was it dangerous but it served to only frustrate Rafe further and push Kaya to a place she can't be, bad idea.
    On the other hand, Roman....gawd he has some purdy eyes! And a purdy face, and and purdy lips and i can't imagine anything under them clothes could possibly be bad=b. I'm wondering if he will be Ky's mate and if he is if Armond will kill him too...sorry I'm refusing to call him Lobo at the moment, it's way too cool of a name for him, although I have some more names for him...grrrrr.

    My only concern is that if Ky finds a mate, then what happens to Rafe? He may turn into a savage beast but it would only be because of hurt and probably what he would feel like would be betrayl, here's hoping he kicks Armonds ass....
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    1. So from what I could tell of your comment, you're Lobo's, excuse me Armand's biggest fan right now? :P

      Lobo may seem arrogant because of the way he thumbs his nose at Rafe but there's is an underlying reason for the attitude that goes deeper than what's seen. He does fear these two being so close but Lexi shared with him a vision that he does not want to see come true. He has lied and most of all let his only child lead a life of deceit which is a crime in itself but it all involves a promise he made and a vow that he would not watch her become the thing in Lexi's vision.

      LOL "bad" to say the least. Rafe never got the answers he was hoping for and it got Kaya hurt in the process. He is both angry and frustrated and does want to go back to figure out what exactly those men meant by "the test".

      Roman haha seduced already I see. But that's not a bad thing, Roman's not evil :P Armand has no interest in killing Roman though, this is the man he wants to see his daughter with, not Rafe. All we know at this point is Roman is Kaya's mate and she will become the Queen of his pack in a different territory.

      If Kaya and Roman mates, Rafe will be left utterly hopeless. That control he's tried so hard to maintain for her will get lost but without mating anyone, Lobo knows that he will not attain his full powers and that is what he fears the most. So although Rafe may go crazy, he won't be crazy with 100% of his power. Kick Lobo's ass? :O well he wasn't backing down from him in that office...perhaps?

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