Thursday, May 17, 2012

Episode 24: Dog Days

Genre: Horror
Characters: Luther, Giselle, Drew, Karson, Kaya, Lobo, Roman, Raeford
Word Count: 7,965
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Luther finds Giselle in a very unusual place after following her scent. He  overhears something interesting involving her pack and begins thinking over how it would best suit his needs. Armand and Kaya have a meet and greet with Raeford Barrett, former Alpha for Vanderbilt and Roman tells Kaya that he'd like for her to clear her conscience before they mate.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, adult content, adult situations, nudity

He was waiting in the backwoods near Lit for her to show again. From the smell he was able to draw from the area this was a place she enjoyed visiting often though he was unable to tell if tonight he’d be graced with an appearance. He took a drink from the thermos he’d carried with him to curb his hunger pangs. There was no way he was going to miss seeing her again. He’d wait all night if he had to but he knew feeding time and wolves being creatures of habit, Giselle would be along soon.

Luther watched the dull red and orange leaves on the nearby Cottonwoods shiver within the heavy torrent of wind lose their battle and fall lifelessly to the ground. Their tall forms drew shadows on the concrete as the fading sun hid behind the canopy of rustic colored branches and barks. Laughter boomed from two drunken patrons stumbling over their own feet as they made their way out towards the parking lot. “Too easy,” he smirked as one landed on his ass in front of the passenger door of a black SUV. “She’d never go for that.”

He raised the thermos once more to his lips and nearly choked on the gulp of blood warmly slipping down his throat. There it was again! That palatable, tangy scent that he’d followed to this place in search of her. He was standing at the perfect vantage to take sight of her had she approached from either side of this bar, how did he miss her? Looking quickly and suspiciously around the areas he checked the darker corners wolves often sought to lurk or hide and still saw nothing.

Cursing under his breath he took a step forward revealing himself from the bushes that provided him cover. To his left he saw the road he’d travelled to get here. It was empty as he’d suspected considering all the people who lived in this dinky community were already ass up-face down on the floor of this marshy joint. To his right was a thicket of trees and swamp grass. It was a virtual breeding ground for gators, insects and other vile creatures that called this bog home.

The scent of sulfur lingered heavy the closer he moved towards the building. Rotten eggs and liquor meshed together creating a violent reaction to his gag reflex that he fought to choke down to find the smell he was really after. Luther’s hand slid across the coarse stucco of the wall as he slipped behind the place moving with the shadows and taking a whiff every few seconds to pick up her trail again. 

The clatter of stemware clinking together followed by the husky voice of a man drew his attention and he stopped just under the back window. “I’ll fucking kill them Gee! Do they have any idea the shitstorm my pack can blow their way?” His ears perked up; she was inside, but how did she get into the building unnoticed? And who was the man she was speaking to in hushed tones.

“Lower your voice Drew. These people are drunk but that doesn’t mean we can get careless now. We’re this close to getting what’s rightfully ours and I will not have you screwing things up by exposing our scheme to the entire fucking community. Right now the only thing that matters is getting rid of the next in line and making it look like an accident. Focus on the preparations and make sure everything is in place as intended!”

“I’ll take care of my end Gee but you’d better make damned sure you put a leash on that fucking brother of yours before I do!” With that the sandy haired man pulled away from the bar and stormed angrily to the door too busy to notice the largely built man taking up the majority of the entryway.

Giselle ignored the anxious behavior of the man she was just meeting and turned her attention to the task at hand. There was no room for error and she would not allow a Beta of another pack to stand in her way of what she desired most. Motioning towards the bartender she ordered herself another drink, one that she could clearly see down to the bottom of her glass. Places like these you can never be too careful what lurks beneath the pretty colored liquor until it’s turned up to your face and wiggling between your lips.

She waited for the keep to make her order as she took in the room behind her. Everyone seemed extremely absorbed into their own conversations to notice her sitting alone at the bar; it was how she preferred it anyway. There was a group of college students chatting about their last sexcapades and gloating over fucking the same chick too drunk to know her own name. One of them had done the additional slipping of the mickey into her drink to ensure complete acquiescence on her behalf. Too easy, she sighed as she listened in on another claim to have had her as well. The tone in his voice made it easy to discern he was the virgin of the group. Liar, she thought as he went on about taking her in the ass.

Her stomach growled thinking over the juicy flesh that she’d have in her belly before the night’s end. The sliding of the glass against the rugged, unpolished wooden countertop drew her attention and she turned to the downward smirk of the overly butch bartender, “Ten bucks.” Her voice was almost as rough as her appearance which was probably the result from years of smoking. Giselle eyed the glass in front of her as she assessed the cost of the drink. Ten bucks for what? A sliced lemon and an umbrella she didn’t ask for? Grudgingly she handed over the money ensuring the woman took note of her displeasure as she did.

“You could always eat her,” his voice hung low, whispered against her ear but she could still make out the bass and the elegance in his tone.

Instead of turning to face him she focused on the slowly melting ice in her glass. Stirring the liquid with her straw she kept her head down, eyes low. Who was this man? Was he stalking her? “I could but she looks tough and I hate when chunks get caught between my teeth.”

He moved even closer until she could feel his breath on her neck, a slight chill rushed up her spine thinking back to that kiss. A light chuckle fanned warm breath across the fine hairs of her neck as he once again engaged her. “Enjoying yourself?”

“I was.” Her response shocked him and he pulled back from the spot his feet stood rooted allowing her to turn towards him. “But now it seems a dark cloud has come to wash away the fun.”

He grinned at her, eyed the bartender who seemed intent on eavesdropping and growled. Giselle’s eyes darted towards the woman and she smirked at her reaction taking in the man behind the bar glaring at her. She took a step back in fright, diverted her eyes and went back to washing the countertop and glasses. Yeah, let’s see you sell him a ten dollar drink, she thought as he turned his gaze back to her. “Could I interest you in a bite to eat?”

“Hmm actually I already have plans to grab a little fast food,” she smiled looking again towards the table of guys positioned near the back wall. “Thanks anyway.”

Sliding from the barstool, she was stopped by Luther’s hand as he gripped her elbow and pulled her towards him. With a crooked smile on his face showing off his brilliant white veneer Giselle took stock of the man in front of her. Even with one lame eye and the battle scars across his face there was something undeniably handsome about his appearance. His long black hair shadowed the crystal blue color of his good eye and enhanced his deliciously dangerous vibe. And though that smile mostly denoted something sinister, mysterious and positively wicked, she couldn’t help but smile inwardly at it herself.

He wanted something from her or he was a great actor. Whatever the reason for his tracking her here, he was about to wait a cold day in hell before she let him have a go. Giselle snatched her arm away from his grip and pushed around him. His eyes traced across the shape of her mouth; his tongue danced behind his lips. He looked briefly at her eyes trailing back down her face before he stopped to admire her cleavage and well developed bosom. Giselle grew conscious of his gaze and again folded her arms into her chest to block his view. “How about a game?” Luther asked behind a smirk.

She stopped in her tracks and he moved behind her gripping her waist with one hand allowing his fingers to stroke her shoulder with the other as he spoke. “What kind of game?”

“One where I get to see you in action.” Her heart began to flutter, her pulse quickened at the way he said those words. Unsure of what he was getting at but very intrigued she turned to him with narrowed eyes. He didn’t attempt to back away or release her from his grip. Waiting for her answer his lip curled more into that familiar grin that seemed permanently tattooed on his face. “The to-go meal you were referring to, he’d make an interesting competitor. I don’t really care how you do it or what you tell him but get him to follow you out back we can have a little exercise before our meal.”


“I’ll be waiting.”

Laughter broke through the silence of the crickets and frog croaks as Luther heard her exiting the front door. Her scent was a welcomed breath of fresh air as it quickly overtook the stench that had accumulated near him from the swamp gases and bog water. “Where did you park again?” her male companion asked looking around the lot for her car.

“Park? My place is just on the other side of those trees. If we move quickly we can make it there before your friends wonder where you disappeared to.”

“I don’t know,” he sighed hesitantly. “I think maybe I should let them know where I’m going in case…”

“Fine, you go do that but don’t expect me to wait for you,” she winked and let the strap on her top slide down her arm exposing the top of her right breast. Turning her back to him she took note of his racing pulse as he watched her hips sway off towards the darkness.

“Wait!” Her lips curled into a smirk and Luther, watching across the swamp, reflected her look. She was definitely cunning and from the peepshow he got from her earlier in the week he knew the kid wasn’t far from jizzing in his pants right on the spot from the little peek into her bra.

Giselle turned to him for a brief moment and flashed more skin and a smile. “Catch me if you can!” she took off laughing towards the end of the dock with her meal on wheels quickly on her tail. The smile plastered on his face revealing once he caught her he’d have the best night of his virgin life, or so he thought. Her giggle excited him, caused his heart to pound in his chest as the blood in his veins coursed south of his belt. 

“I’m spanking that sexy ass when I get you,” he laughed in return and dug in deeper. She stopped against a tree and he threw his body against her. His tongue immediately licked down her neck towards her chest her hands worked on his shirt as he clumsily groped her hips pulling her closer. “Karson, my name; will you call me Karson when I get you off please?” he moaned in her ear, breathing heavy with excitement as he struggled with the buckle on his belt. The way he trembled against her she found it hard to believe he hadn’t released in his boxers yet. His body was on fire every time she touched him; electrifying him with kisses on his neck and his ragged breaths swept across her skin.

Luther watched with growing frustration; snarling when Karson ripped her top off exposing her breasts completely. He undressed, shifted forms and stalked towards them, his dark eyes beady and black focused on the horny dickhead probing every inch of Giselle’s body. “Ohh,” Karson moaned and licked his lips nervously before dipping his head to her nipple taking it into his lips. His hands squeezed the soft mounds delicately and he slowly humped her leg.

She opened her eyes, her mouth agape in a silent moan as she watched Luther’s approach. Grinning at him she wrapped her arms around Karson’s neck as she felt his mouth around her jugular. Luther stopped just inches away from their prey a warning growl rumbled at Giselle and she ignored him as she continued putting on a show. She reached between his legs and stroked his stiff cock feeling it harden more from her touch dripping a bit of precum on her fingertips. She raised her finger to her lips tasting him and slid that finger down her neck towards her chest; Luther had seen enough. He stepped from behind the shadow of a Weeping Willow close enough for the boy to feel his breath on his legs. “KARSON LOOK OUT!” she yelled giving Luther his cue. He instantly jumped at the kid knocking him back.  

Karson ducked thinking he avoided the tackle Luther easily missed. He screamed, grabbed Giselle’s hand and ran deeper into the bog to get away. She conveniently tripped over a log; he stopped, turned to her and tried to help her up. His hands were inches from her face as she phased and snapped her jaws at him. “NO!” he yelled and at that instant everything seemed to fade and he froze in place. His entire body shook like a fragile leaf in the wind as he backed against a tree staring at the approaching wolves.

He’s not running, this won’t be much fun after all,” Giselle hissed.

He will.” Luther charged at him and Karson rushed forward. She snarled and picked up the trail behind them steadily chasing him deeper into the woods.

Circling around to the front and trapping him between the swamp and a drop of marshland Giselle growled and lunged for his chest tackling him to the ground. Rolling around in the tall grass and muck her jaw clamped around his throat and she gave it a powerful shake. Backing away and circling around him again she watched her meal gargling up blood as thick streams of the dark, red liquid bubbled and pooled on top of his chest.

He aspirated more, covering his face and the ground beneath him, “Are you going to put him out of his misery soon?” Luther asked watching her eyes widen in excitement as Karson convulsed like a fish on dry land. Panic rose in his eyes and his heart began to slow; he was quickly losing his battle.

I like my meal a bit frightened. The adrenaline coursing through their veins adds a little something to their flavor. I always think it a pity though, dying a virgin. Can you think of anything worse?

I can think of a few things; you should see my torture room.”

A silent roll of air passed over Karson’s lips as he took his final breath. His ocean blue eyes stared up lifeless and cold, a fresh set of tears stained his cheeks and his lips were blue and chapping. Luther waited for Giselle to take the first bite; watching as she lowered her jowls to meet his neck, hesitating and moving to his upper body.

Her fangs ripped into the flesh of his chest, gnawing and tearing at the rough epidermis pulling it into her mouth and exposing the ribcage beneath. His heart came into view and Luther moved in gripping the tough organ between his lips and tugging it from his chest cavity. Giselle growled watching him take one of the best parts of the body and locked eyes with him. He roared in return and she laughed; he wasn’t giving up that slice though she wasn’t really focused on taking it.

Coming to a mutual understanding the piece was his; he chewed off a bit of the aorta and pushed it towards her with his muzzle. She instantly dropped the cut of his shoulder from her mouth and snatched up the muscle. Her tender moans didn’t go unnoticed as she enjoyed the raw taste of his major organ. Finishing up as much of the body as they could, Luther grabbed their meal by what was left of his neck and dragged him deeper into the swamp.

“Well you certainly know how to show a girl a good time,” Giselle mused shifting forms and brushing off the stray weeds and dirt from her body.

“Glad you think so. Although you seemed really into the teasing beforehand.” He offered her his shirt and pulled his pants up around his waist, adjusting his package to make room for his semi-hard on. He winced and a restrained growl faded down his throat.

“Yes well as I stated I think it’s a shame to let them die a virgin. Being their first I know their blood isn’t tainted by others so they still have the fresh taste my palate has grown accustomed to.”

“If that’s the case why did you let me stop you?”

“Because he wasn’t going to be able to handle me. One touch and he was already set to explode. I’d have been utterly frustrated and disappointed and made him suffer for it,” she smirked. “I was trying to play nice.”

Luther thought back to the many virgins whose blood he’d spilled and the many ways he’d caused their suffering. He understood exactly what she meant though his issue was something else entirely. “You know you ought to be more careful where you do your business.”

“Excuse me?”

“Earlier in the bar. You can never be sure when kindred lurks.” Luther’s head tilted in curiosity watching her finish buttoning up. “You should choose your bedmates a bit more carefully as well. As they say lie down with dogs…”

“We’re not sleeping together but thanks. I’ll take that into consideration.” She brushed by him heading towards the street with him following, watching the way she moved. “You’re not going to follow me home now because I fed you are you?”

He smirked and chewed his bottom lip as he considered the answer. “I’m not the ‘curl up at your feet’ type of wolf. I’d most likely bite your hand off if you tried to rub my belly.”

“I doubt that. I have a pretty gentle touch when need be.”

“Is that what brought you the Beta of the Bishop pack?” She stopped in her tracks and turned to him. “I’m an Alpha, I recognized him from a few council meetings where he attended with his Alpha Patrick.”

“An Alpha huh? And what purpose brings an Alpha out to the woods to play with a subordinate from a rival pack?” He said nothing and crossed his arms against his chest. “Whatever. Look if you’re going to hunt me down whenever you think I’ve opposed you let me know now because I don’t have the time to deal with you.”

“What were you doing on my land?”

“Come again?”

“The other day I found you, why were you on my land with your meal? There were plenty of other places you could have slaughtered that punk why the fuck did you leave his scent on my estate for me to clean up?” The tone in his voice quickly showed his irritation towards the wolf who thought she could speak to him as she pleased. It was interesting at first but now he wasn’t so sure how far he should let it go. No one in his pack ever dared use such attitude or defiance in their tone when they addressed him and he wasn’t about to let some stray off the street disrespect him either.

Giselle sighed and mimicked his stance. “I was hiding if you must know. My father was choosing his succession and I was…let’s just say I didn’t get what I am owed. For that reason I took off instead of celebrating with my siblings something unjust and stupid and decided to take my anger out on my dinner. Lucky you didn’t happen upon me five minutes sooner.”

“And what is it that you’re owed?”

“I should be Beta and next in line for that damn title! If it wasn’t for me the Sutherland pack would cease to exist! I kept us from being completely slaughtered during the last wolf war. I found suitable terrain to call our home! I brought in new blood, kept new wolves trained and insisted on the tradition of mating be kept within the pack! If it wasn’t for me every one of those beasts would be ripped to pieces and strewn from here to Sunset Valley! But apparently none of that made a difference. I was passed over for my worthless idiot of a brother who lies around and fucks anything that moves simply because he is oldest. But no matter; soon I’ll get what’s due and they’ll all beg for mercy before they meet their end.”

Giselle’s eyes became filled with rage as she thought about her situation and a blank look covered her expression as she stared into the darkness that encompassed the surrounding trees.  Luther took one step towards her and instinctively she growled at him. He felt that same heart sputter from the sound as he had before. It surprised him knowing she was not in a position of power within her pack considering she had the attitude for it. Her talents for sure would not be wasted if she were among his wolves. A fact he would surely love to take advantage of. “And I suppose you think this ‘Drew’ character will be able to get you what you’re after? Does he know your intentions to kill him once he’s done serving his purpose?”

“He knows what he needs to know and nothing more. Why are you so interested? This doesn’t concern you.”

“Quite the contrary. You see I’ve been after your territory for a little while now and I intend on taking everything your pack possesses. What I mean to say is you’re hunting on enemy grounds.”

“Well I seem to have a knack for that.”

“Indeed. But I don’t like sharing.”

“This from the man that forced himself into my dinner plans?”


“You’re not MY Alpha.

“Not yet. I tell you what. You agree to join my pack, lend those…talents to the house of Gideon and I’ll help you kill everyone standing in your way. Think about it Giselle; wouldn’t it be more fun to be by my side? Become Alpha of your own pack and Queen of mine?” He asked circling around her taking in that enticing scent once more. He closed his eyes and sucked in a breath as he leaned forward against her hair. He found himself yet again antagonized by the sweet melon scent of her skin and the intense heat sizzling off her body. He drew in another breath and thought past it. “You’d have free reign over both lands and the power to command my pack as well as your own.”

“First of all Cyclops, what makes you think I need or want your help? I am perfectly capable of handling things on my own as I have numerous times before! Secondly, I told you already I’m not interested in anything you have to offer. I’ve been down this road before and it ALWAYS ends badly for my prey.”

He chuckled, snatched her roughly by the scruff of her neck and pulled her against him; his voice taking on a sinister tone. “I’m not your fucking prey! I’m someone that gives you one chance, one choice to save yourself. I’m not interested in your sob story and I could care less about the other worthless mutts that tried you and failed. Their lives mean shit if they can’t handle a mouthy little she-wolf three ticks away from a long dirt nap. What I’m interested in is getting rid of that insignificant mongrel you dare call a father. Your Alpha, your pack is standing in the way of something that I want and I will not hesitate to take out each and every one of those flea infested hounds including you.” He pushed her away violently and moved until his eyes were locked on hers once more. “Tell me, why hasn’t a rare rose such as yourself been claimed? You’re obviously Alpha material. Too afraid of someone sticking a leash around that muzzle of yours?” he questioned, his voice dripping with disdain and sarcasm.

She rubbed the soreness that slowly climb through the muscles of her neck still refusing to show any sign of fear in front of the Alpha male. Instantly a look of anger burned into him, her eyes unwavering, stilled and watching him like the formidable opponent he was proving to be. She sighed as he growled; Luther was quickly losing his patience with this game. His muscular build shifted his weight onto both legs as he stood erect in mass form towering over her returning the glare as his huge arms folded across his chest. He tilted his head slightly encouraging the words from her lips before he pried them from her tongue himself. “Like my name implies, I’m a wild, untamable being. Get close enough to me and I’ll show you just how dangerous that can be. And claimed? Do I look like a sports car or a fancy piece of jewelry? While I’m sure my legs would look great around the neck of some strong, handsome wolf, I don’t take too kindly to being looked at like property.”

“So in other words you’re hard to tame; were hard to tame.”

“You say that like you already have me.”

“I could if I saw fit this instant but in due time, I will.”

“Armand! Thank you for coming,” Raeford Barrett greeted his old friend with a gentle handshake and rough pat on his back. “And this must be your gorgeous daughter Kaya I’ve been hearing so much about. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance young lady. My Roman has had nothing but kind words about you.”

“Thank you Alpha Barrett it’s an honor to be in your presence tonight, thank you for having us.”

“And I share my daughter’s sentiment Raeford but I do hate that you were made to travel such a distance though it is nice laying eyes once again.”

“Oh don’t you worry about this old man. It’ll take more than some silly illness to keep me down. Besides I had to greet my future daughter-in-law in person before the ceremony. I wanted to tell her what an honor it is to have such a fine young woman as mate for my boy. I do apologize however on behalf of my wife. She would loved to have been here but unfortunately there were pressing concerns involving a member of the Ladies Guild. But my you are a beauty; my son wasn’t wrong.”

“It’s understandable Alpha Barrett.”

“Please, call me Rae. No need for formalities with my future daughter-in-law. Besides officially I’m no longer the Alpha of Vanderbilt but I do appreciate the respect.”

“Rae,” she smiled cordially. “Some things are unavoidable. Plus Roman has been very accommodating and I’ve learned quite a bit about Vanderbilt from him. And now I can see where he gets his charm and those gorgeous blue eyes.”

“Yes well I’m sure I had something to do with that but he grew into a man all himself. He was breaking hearts by the time he was 5! What was her name again? Suzie…Sally…”

“Sarah, Pop.” Kaya glanced over at Roman with a smile and he winked at her causing her smile to grow wider. “And that’s enough of that; you’re embarrassing me,” Roman stepped in and offered everyone a seat. Kaya moved towards the edge of the couch and he joined her placing an arm around her waist and pulled her closer possessively. She folded her hands into her lap and watched as the two elders in the room took seats across from one another and engaged in conversation.

Raeford eyed Kaya as she settled into Roman’s arms and smiled. “She’s fertile,” he nodded towards his son. “Smells like I’m getting grandkids soon.”

“POP!” Roman yelled in surprise as Kaya’s face turned red almost instantly. He squeezed her side in his arms to try and ease her anxiety somewhat. “Do you mind?”

“What? I’m only stating the obvious here. We need heirs of good stock to continue our legacy. I think the both of you will make wonderful breeders.”

“Ok…does anyone want a drink?” Roman asked attempting to change the subject. “Kaya? Can I get you anything?”

“No I’m fine thank you.”

He leaned closer towards her and absently rubbed her hip with his thumb and index finger glancing towards Lobo hoping he’d somehow get the other Alpha onto new business. “I think you may be right about that, Raeford,” Armand agreed and smiled at his daughter. “But let’s just hope it’s a boy, Kaya has a bit of an obsession with shoes. I can’t imagine purchasing new land for her clone to stock up on dead cows too.”


“Then she and Coraline will get along just fine! My wife has three closets full of them! Besides your daughter works to make a living; there’s nothing wrong with spending her own hard earned money to splurge every now and again.” He eyed Roman as he spoke and received a nod which turned into a smile in Kaya’s direction. “So tell me old friend, how’s the pack been fairing these days?”

“Not bad, not bad. We’re still on the brink of war with Gideon as always, but I’m sure you know how Luther can be. But I’ve been able to keep him quelled up until now. He’s building his pack with every intention of starting trouble. And we’ve recently initiated a wild wolf.”

“Wanna get out of here?” Roman whispered against her ear as Lobo and Raeford became absorbed in conversation.

“And go where?”

“You’re always so curious aren’t you?”

“Habit I suppose.”

“You know I’ll be your Alpha soon, you need to learn a little trust and just go with me,” he grinned. Standing from his seat he offered his hand and pulled her up towards his chest. “We’ll be back a little later.” Guiding Kaya behind him, he opened the door to the back of the lobby and they exited out towards the gardens.

“Mmm it’s a nice night for a run.” Kaya inhaled the cool night air and moved briskly towards a small brick fence beside the edge of the property.

“You wanna?” Roman asked leaning against her and taking in her scent once more. “I’m sorry about that in there. My Pop always speaks his mind though regardless of company; must be an Alpha thing.” His nose trailed up her neck towards her jaw and he planted a kiss on her cheek becoming intoxicated by her smell. “Mmm there’s that scent again, what is that?”

“It’s nothing,” she backed away quickly and took up a spot a few feet away from him. He stepped a little closer and just smiled showing off a perfect set of white teeth that sparkled under the moonlight. “And to answer your question, no; although a run would be nice I don’t think either our fathers would appreciate it if we just took off. Besides it took me over an hour to get my hair right.”

He laughed heartily and reached up towards her up do. Kaya growled and dodge him before his fingers rested against her head and his smile spread infectiously to her face. Boldly he moved forward again and this time his hand brushed across the soft strands of hair she’d painstakingly tied up above her shoulders. He untied the binds to her bun and gently tousled her tresses so they perfectly framed her face. Taking a step back to admire his handiwork he couldn’t help but grin at the annoyed scowl he’d produced on her lips. “Now you have no excuse.”

“No but now I have to figure out a way to gently break it to your father why I had to kill you.”

“Oh yeah? Well maybe I can do something to change your mind about that too.” Leaning forward, Roman scooped her into his arms and anxiously devoured her lips. Kaya’s hands came up and around his neck as he lifted her from the ground and rubbed her body up and down his. His growing arousal jerked against his zipper and he moaned feeling her slide against it. “God Kaya! What is that?!” he growled fiercely breaking away from the kiss and staring hungrily into her eyes as that familiar scent drifted beneath his nostrils once more.

Kaya again pushed away before he could suck her lips into his mouth again. His lust heavy lids slowly reopened and he caught sight of her face as she licked her tongue over her lips tasting him on them. “I’m sorry I don’t know why I’m being so forward.” He panted hard trying to steel his nerves and control the wolf inside screaming to be set free. “I seem to have some errant energy here.”

He noticed she too was overcome with desire and trying to come down from their kiss. “It’s ok,” she smiled timidly and rubbed her hand over her neck. “It happens to the best of us.” He laughed again at her response and she joined him, a little nervous chortle at first that broke into spirited enjoyment. She looked up towards the hotel before raising her head to the sky and letting the chilled breeze cool her hot skin. Roman watched her delicate features and relished the way the wind swirled her soft brown locks around her face. The moon enhanced the honey brown tone of her body making her glisten giving her an ethereal appearance. A sparkle caught his eye and his gaze darted towards the silver ring pierced through her lower lip. He licked his tongue across his thinking about tasting them again and she turned her head taking notice with a smile. “What?”

“What what?”

“What are you looking at?” Kaya extended her question catching Roman before he could turn away from her gaze.

“Nothing it’s just your piercings and tattoos…there are so many of them. It’s nothing that would be expected of a pack Luna or future Queen.”

“Yeah well I like going against the grain. I think it’s expressive of who I am, hard on the outside soft on the inside. What’s wrong with that? You don’t like them?”

“No! No! I love them I think they look great. You definitely have an edgier look than I think anyone at Parkridge will anticipate. You’re very beautiful Kaya; your piercings only enhance that.”

She smiled modestly and pulled herself atop the wall. Roman moved towards her and wrapped his arms around her waist ensuring she remained balanced and wouldn’t fall over the edge. “So why aren’t you pierced or tatted? From what I saw of your body you’re as clean as the day you were born!”

“Yeah I’d like to get a tattoo but I’ve always thought it was I don’t know strange for someone in my position. I want to appear professional at all times. Not saying you don’t look professional I mean you were a knockout at the induction ceremony and even more every time I see you. I just think in my line of work I have to maintain a certain appearance. I’m sure you can understand that; piercings and tattoos can only help in the rock industry I’m sure.”

“Yeah it’s a nice perk of the job for sure,” she smiled. “What is it that you do?”

“I manage a few banks in Parkridge. I also have a side business for accounting during tax season.”

“Ah! A money man huh?”

“Sorta I mean I am more into the business aspects of it all.”

“So do you enjoy that line of work?”

“It has its good days and bad days.”

“I’ll bet. Do the good days involve a lone female in need of a tax consultant? They call up Roman Barrett and find they’d prefer being audited instead in order to spend an extra hour or two with the hottest tax man in town.”

“Ha! The hottest eh?”

“Sizzling.” He smiled at her and she caressed him tenderly with the pads of her fingers. Her expression was vacant and he could sense she was trying to maintain her appearance of being ok in this situation; her mind was somewhere else entirely.

He cleared his throat and moved back as Kaya rocked against his arms letting him know she was ready to get down. She took up the spot she occupied previously and he again watched her trying to figure out how her mind worked. “So uh, tell me about the wolf.”

“What wolf?”

“The one that just joined your pack; Armand said he was wild? How the hell did you snag a wild wolf? And on top of that get him to stay?”

“Ah it’s pretty…complicated.”

“The stories usually are when they involve a lone wolf prowling a pack Beta.” He dipped his head and caught her gaze with a smile. “It’s obvious you care for him I can see that much already, so enlighten me. What’s the deal with you two?”

“There’s I guess not much to tell. Uh our seer told us about him and where we could find him; we saved his life and helped him through his first transition. After that we kinda became close and feelings got involved. I think more than anything the idea scares my father and he wants to keep me away from someone he sees as dangerous.”

“Those kinds of wolves usually are. They run on pure bloodlust; kind of hard to control something like that.”

“So I hear. Have you come across many wild wolves?”

“Nope, until the night of the induction I’d never met one. I just read a lot of father’s experiences with them and heard similar stories from other packs who’ve crossed them. Your friend didn’t seem like any of the stories I’ve read but I guess he wasn’t really angry at the present either. Does he have a temper?”

She nodded and glanced at him. “Rafe, Rafe has a pretty violent streak at times and he hasn’t learned to harness it yet but he’s not…he’s gentle and sweet with me and very protective. Certain things and individuals within Greymane know how to set him off and do whenever they can but I’m helping him learn to balance out his emotions. I think that he can be different than what people see him as. He’s really not a bad guy. He’s a great musician; passionate, energetic, funny and so full of life.”

“Wow,” he leaned closer until he could whisper in her ear without fear of being overheard. “You’re in love Kaya with someone your father doesn’t approve of. Does Rafe even know how you feel?”

She shook her head and frowned. “I don’t think I even knew. I mean I haven’t ever said it out loud.”

She turned away and sighed trying to clear her head. Rafe, what was he doing at this moment? She wondered and leaned forward against the wall. He had to be going completely berserk over this entire thing. They hadn’t spoken more than three words in the last four days and she assumed he was trying to avoid her because of her dates with Roman. God, he must really be going through it. Her chest tightened at the thought of breaking his heart and she could feel Roman move closer towards her. His hand rubbed soothingly across her shoulders and she turned with a plastered smile on her face before slowly removing it. “What about you? The someone that has stolen your heart?”

“What makes you think…?”

“I know a man who’s in love Roman. I know what heartache looks like and that night on your boat I could sense it in the way you were with me. I saw it in your eyes Roman. Is it the blonde? Antoinette?”

He inhaled sharply through his nose producing a hissing sound as he took a step backwards away from her. His hand dropped stiffly to his sides and he nodded vaguely finding a comfy spot on the ground beneath her to divert his stare. “She’s uh…”


He grinned and leaned back against the wall as she watched him and waited for him to continue. “Dad hates her. He believes she only wants one thing and would not make a great Queen because of it. Her desires are different, I can admit that but still I know her. I’ve known her since we were kids; she has a kind heart. She just sees things in her own way and that may sometimes come off as...”


He nodded and she mimicked the gesture. “I’m sorry about the way she greeted you. She’s kind of against this whole thing because we were hoping to mate together.”

“Do you love her?”

“Yeah Kaya, very much. That’s what makes this whole thing so difficult.”

“Yeah…tell me about it.”

“Then why go through with it?”

“You know just as well as I do Roman that the pack’s needs come first. Besides I made you a promise that night on your yacht that I would make an effort.”

“And you’ve stayed true to that Kaya, thank you.”

She noticed Lobo shift in his seat and sighed before a tittering sound exited her nose. Turning into full blown laughter she pushed away from the wall and drew her attention towards the pool in front of her.

“What’s so funny?”

“Our fathers. They’re hanging on to every word we say and pretending as though they can’t hear us.”

Roman turned towards the lobby once more and noticed the nervous shifting of the alpha males in the sitting room and he too burst into laughter. “Well I suppose they want to ensure all goes well between us.”

“Yeah but nosy is nosy; how about we give them a show?” Hearing those words Armand stood and looked towards the gardens catching his daughter’s gaze as she started in on a fresh round of laughter. “I knew you’d get a kick out of that Daddy! That’s what you get for eavesdropping.”

Roman smiled watching her face glow brightly from the humor. He laced his fingers between hers and tugged her lightly into his chest. “Come on, let’s find a quieter environment away from their hearing range and figure things out.”

“So is your estate decorated like royalty? Am I going to have maids, servants and butlers at my disposal?”

“I seriously doubt that Kaya,” he grinned. “Is that what you’re used to? Because I’m afraid I will fail to deliver.”

“No of course not I’m just playing off this ‘businessman’ persona I see you as. Plus Vanderbilt works off tradition; proper dinners, mating habits, subordinate rulings that keep everyone in line.”

“Yeah I suppose that is true. But I’d never make any of them grovel at my feet. In all honesty it’s a pretty laid back environment. Everyone knows there’s a job to be done and work together to get it taken care of; sort of like Greymane. We handle problems as they come for the most part but there are still rules to abide by. Plus I don’t know,” he shrugged. “I just don’t have a taste for expensive things I guess.”

“You drive a $200,000 Ferrari California! You can’t make that claim!”

“I totally can!” he smirked and stood upright as he peered down at her. “I have no interest in that car. Antoinette thought it was nice and I…I got it for her. Besides you’re one to talk! You drive a late model Cadillac! How much did that run you little Miss Rockstar?”

She laughed and hit his arm and started for the pool on the other side of the wall. Pulling away from the fence he gave pursuit watching the way her hips moved as she walked. Kaya could feel his eyes on her as she stopped near the water’s edge. Inhaling deeply a small grin fell on her lips and she addressed him without turning around. “Your scent is telling on you.”

“So is yours,” he smiled. “I’m sorry. I’m a guy and an Alpha. Besides being able to see how terrific you look and imagining you naked beneath I can smell your heat and it’s driving me crazy. You’re at the start of your cycle aren’t you? I’d say in another day and you’ll be in full mating mode.” Lowering his head towards her chin he trailed his nose along her cheek breathing heavily as he took in her scent. Stopping just at the base of her neck he kissed the spot near her jugular and felt her pulse react. “Mmm I take that as a yes.” Circling his arms behind her back he pulled her into his chest and rolled his tongue up her chin and across her bottom lip. “I love sucking on this one,” he growled passionately.

She moaned as he sucked her lip between his and pushed forward with his tongue teasingly nibbling on it before releasing it with a wet pop. Kaya straightened her back up and wrapped her arms around his neck seeking out his lips again. His head fell back briefly in surprise when her mouth pressed lustfully against his. Opening wider he devoured her lips and leaned her against his chest lifting her leg so he could press even closer. Feeling his stiffening cock glide up her thigh her eyes popped open and she withdrew her tongue from his. “Roman wait…” she pulled his hands from around her hips and looked up into his eyes. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that.”

“Kaya we didn’t mate the other night because you said you weren’t ready. We agreed that with another day we’d both do what we needed in order to appease the terms of the treaty.” He sighed and backed away noting once again her hesitation. “In another day I’ll be returning home, I expect that you’ll be on my arm as my mate at that time?” Nodding slowly she felt his lips caress the soft flesh of her cheek as he leaned forward and pulled her into his arms once more. “If you need to talk to him, I understand. I wouldn’t want you to enter into anything with me before first seeking closure.”

Noting the twinge of sadness laced within his features and the distance in his eyes as he spoke, Kaya rubbed her hand along his cheek and straightened within his arms before addressing him. “That sounds like good advice for the both of us.” Her weak smile prompted a nod from him and he took her hand into his and started back towards the hotel.

Continue ---->


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