Thursday, May 17, 2012

Episode 25: Dogs in Heat

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Rafe, Bane, Connor, Ulrick, Lobo, Eli, Terrance
Word Count: 13,875
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: After a crippling depressing week, Rafe believes the only way to get relief is speaking to Kaya. He thinks over his conversation with Connor and decides to take action. Lobo becomes furious over Kaya's disobedience and Bane seeks answers regarding the same.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, adult situations

Kaya watched Rafe from the open panel in her father’s office as he sauntered towards the back porch. She could sense his anxiety and it wrenched at her gut. Lobo was going on with Raeford on the phone about the treaty and how they should have never lost touch and she was doing her best to ignore the unease she felt about abandoning everyone and everything. Kaya pulled up from her seat and started for the office door. “One moment Rae, Ky, don’t go too far, I’m calling a pack meeting in a little bit to announce to the others what’s happening.” She nodded and he returned to his conversation with Raeford, turning his back to her as she exited his office.

“Hey!” Kaya called as she stepped towards the door behind Rafe. “What are you doing?”

“Nothing; just enjoying the view.” Which just got better, he thought as he gave her a once over. “It’s a beautiful night, nice breeze, so many stars out, so peaceful and quiet.” Her skin glistened beneath the dim glow of the moon as she moved beside him and a faint scent of vanilla drifted from her honey skin tickling his nose. He closed his eyes and inhaled playing with the aroma for a moment and turned to meet her face before looking back towards the stars. The pressure was mounting the closer she stood.

For the last three nights he’d been watching the front gates listening and waiting for her to get back from her dates with Roman. He watched twice as he kissed her goodnight and each time he felt a small piece of himself die. He followed her every step with his eyes as she made her way up the walkway towards the front door. Once he heard her enter her room, he strained his ears to listen as she prepared for bed all the while desperate to make contact with her and steal one of those smiles he loved so much. After she’d slipped beneath her covers Rafe spent the rest of his night staring up at his ceiling coping with the overpowering depression that had become his second home. And now here she was beside him. That delicious scent infiltrating his nose warming him to an unbearable degree. The sense to touch her made his pulse climb and he could hear his own heart beating as his cock began to expand. 

“Yes it is,” she smiled and followed his gaze to the sky as she leaned against the wooden panel.

“You think maybe you’d want to go for a run? You know, really enjoy the night.” She was wearing a purple form fitting top that clipped in the center accentuating that gorgeous cleavage and those perfectly round breasts, a pair of heels that drew attention to her legs and a very short denim mini skirt that moved with her and showed off and shaped her ass. Fuck…that ass, he thought as he remembered all the times he’d watched her walking, swaying; swinging that sculpted, flawless behind from side to side. His mouth was watering and he coached himself to try and calm down feeling his cock throb against his pants, fully hard now. It didn’t help that damn scent was there again. The very one that made his wolf howl within the pit of his belly. 

“Yeah Rafe I would, I’d love that very much.”

Was she pretending not to notice or had she really not seen? He couldn’t sense anything from her and wasn’t even sure if she was breathing but his eyes dropped to the heaving of her chest, confirming that she was taking breath. Her breasts slowly moved up and down, her nipples brushing against the thin fabric of her blouse and he could swear he saw them harden.

“Good, I was hoping we…”

“Could you just give me a few minutes? Dad and I were discussing pack business. He is meeting with Alpha Barrett again tomorrow and he wanted me to be at his side.”

“Yeah of course.” I could wait all night, he thought. “I’ll wait for you out by the garden. Maybe we can hit up that waterfall out near the horse trail again.”

Rafe started out towards the back of the property; his palms were sweating and his stomach was doing flips. He’d already told himself he’d talk to her about what’s been on his mind lately but seeing her was messing with his head. The increased heat caused his skin to burn at an overwhelming three digit temperature and it only got worse knowing she was that close. He glanced up as he swallowed hard to clear the lump in his throat. The moon was high above him and the sky was filled with stars, beautiful; the perfect night for his confession. Though he wasn’t a fan of astrology and what the moon meant for him, he was praying that tonight her power was on his side.

He closed his eyes and listened to the crickets playing their songs. Somewhere off to the right he could hear water running, a stream; perhaps the one near her mother’s garden. Suddenly he could feel the first kiss they’d shared dance across his lips. He reached up and ran his finger along his bottom lip and smiled. She’d kissed him back each time confirming what he’d already known. Kaya had risked her life trying to help him find out what he was and followed him into danger.

She’d trained him, protected him and even fought an Alpha from a rival pack for him. She even stood up to her father to make him part of their pack and keep him close to her. So then why was it so hard for her to admit her feelings? Clearly her actions spoke volumes about how she felt towards him. She certainly didn’t go through all this trouble for everyone in the pack. Or maybe that was it. Maybe it WAS her job since she was the Beta. Maybe he was reading more into everything mistaking her pack duties for something else. There was certainly cause for doubt considering how easily shed started seeing Roman. Maybe he was just fooling himself. The wind picked up and brushed across his inflamed skin but did very little to cool his thoughts. No, he had to know and tonight he was going to find out once and for all. 

“Ready to go?” Kaya smiled as she approached him wrapped in a towel. He noticed and smiled at the clothes she held in her hand.

“For me? You shouldn’t have.”

“Somehow Rafe I don’t think pink’s your color. Your somewhat pasty complexion you need more earthy tones to prevent yourself from getting lost in pastels. Hasn’t your time with Cecil taught you anything?”

“Actually it has. I’ve learned that I have a nice package, gorgeous eyes and an ass that could bounce quarters.” He laughed and motioned towards the path at the end of the garden. “Shall we?” They stood at the edge of the woods peering into the darkness that encompassed the flowers and dirt path. Kaya looked at him with a wicked smile before removing her towel and placing it and her change of clothing in a small leather pack. Rafe removed his pants and shirt and she folded them neatly and collected them with her items.

She inhaled deeply allowing the fresh, crisp night air to enter her lungs and energize her in preparation for the run. In the back of her mind she’d already set herself to test Rafe’s limits. She wanted to push him as far as she could and give him a nice little work out for what may be their last run together. He grinned as he caught her giggling to herself. Something was up and he was ready to see what exactly she’d intended for him.

Kaya phased and he promptly followed. Her right front paw clawed at the dirt and she barked at him tauntingly before taking off through the colorful array of trees and flowers. She moved with increasing speed making the passing foliage bleed into one giant blur. The trees were still freshly painted in their red, yellow and oranges and even beneath the pale glow of the moon she could make out the fresh blossoming buds on each of the branches above her.

The moon cast reflecting rays of blue and white on the earth lighting her path as she shifted her weight onto her front paws distributing her full force into gaining an upward advantage. Everything appeared to have a piercingly enchanting appearance and the air became fresher the faster she moved and cycled that new oxygen into her lungs. She stole a quick glance over her shoulder and found Rafe nipping at her tail. He was close to her hind without so much as a loss of breath and she became even more determined to leave him in the dust.

She lowered her head and thundered over fallen logs and through the piles of red and gold leaves that blanketed their paths. Barreling through shrubs and up a steep hill she pounded harder and worked through a trail of rose bushes and gardenias trampling the beds of daisies and marigolds that bloomed nearby. Rafe howled and she smiled; he knew what she was up to and he was taunting her. Taking in another breath she ran towards the cliffs edge thinking momentarily about the danger in it for Rafe if he couldn’t see the drop as he came at her but luckily he stayed within the line she drew.

The leaves crunched beneath her paws and she skirted the edge of the river moving as one with the ground as she raced deeper into the acreage Rafe had yet to uncover. She leapt over another set of fallen logs and took a peek at where Rafe was again as she ducked under a shrub and towards the horse trail they’d travelled before. He was a bit behind but he wasn’t giving up. His breathing was steady and his tongue bounced merrily from his mouth. She scanned the area and hastened her pace as the terrain became more rugged and harder to cross.

She quickened her steps once again and found that he too adjusted himself to her speed as he caught her. Impressive, she thought as she rounded the path near the waterfall. Rafe could hear the rushing water and knew exactly where she was leading him. She felt his muzzle on her hind leg and it surprised her he was right on her ass and he seemed to be playing with her.

Flying over a hill and down a slope she reached breakneck speeds digging her claws into the soft soil of the earth to retain her balance on the downhill. Seeing her final destination closing in she reached in and gave it her all in one final burst of speed. She zoomed through the low hanging branches and hurtled herself towards the water’s edge with Rafe right on her tail.

Landing with a soft thud against the multicolored pile of leaves she shifted forms and stopped short of dropping into the lake. Rafe threw himself onto his front paws and shifted his weight to his back legs to stop himself just as quickly before taking up his human form once more.

“What the hell was that?” he snarled out of breath and panting furiously as he tried to settle himself and rest his aching, burning lungs.

Kaya laughed and jabbed him in the ribs with her elbow making him release the fresh breath of air he’d just finally been able to consume. “I thought you could use a challenge,” she beamed. “I figured with this newly found energy it would be fun to see if you could keep up with me.”

A crooked smile crossed his face and he removed his hands from his sides and to his chest as his gaze fell on her intently and full of purpose. “There were a few times I could have overtaken you had I wanted to Ky. More and more I’m finding that I have these pockets of increased power that make me capable of handling anything you can dish out. Trust me; I have no problem keeping up with you now.”

“My someone’s a little cocky.”

“Well maybe more than a little,” he smirked and looked down.

“Easy there Tripod,” she grinned, threw his jeans at him from the pack and wrapped a towel around herself. “It really was a great night for a run but the moon can hide other secrets as bodies,” Kaya enthused as she dropped onto the cool ground beside the lake. Her skin glistened beneath the glow of the moon and Rafe stepped closer taking a seat beside her.

“Yeah, I’m glad you agreed to come with me because I actually had an ulterior motive for pulling you so far into the woods.”

“Oh yeah?” she looked around at her surroundings pretending to act nervously and smiled. “You plan on snuffing me out in a death duel to overtake my position Rafe? Because you know traditionally it’s how these types of matters are handled. Drag the Beta off to some unsuspecting location and do away with them for status.”

He smirked and leaned closer to her. “No, my motives aren’t quite as nefarious.”

“Mmm then consider me intrigued and share!”

He sat upright and pulled her to a seated position before reaching his feet and nervously pacing around her. “I uh…well.”

“Yeah? Come on be straight with it Rafe. Is this a pack issue? Someone picking on my wild wolf that I need to take out?” She joked again.

My wild wolf; her humor kept his mood light and was exactly what he needed to find his courage. Anxiously he moved around her and smiled as he noticed her waiting patiently. “Well uh...first your dates with uh Roman.”

“Rafe…” Kaya cautioned him knowing this conversation wouldn’t lead anywhere pretty but in reality she knew they needed to talk about it.

“It’s just you came back but you smelled the same. Does that mean that you and he didn’t…?”

“We didn’t mate Rafe. I asked him for more time to get to know him a little better before we hopped into bed together.”

“And how do you feel about him?”

She shrugged and watched his eyes closely debating on her answer before resolving to just paint her smile back on her face. She knew Rafe was hoping for the answer that gave him hope but she couldn’t live with the guilt of him holding on to something that would never happen between them. He needed to be able to move on which meant he needed a push in the right direction. “He’s who I’m to be with.”

“That wasn’t the question Ky. Ok, straight,” he blew out a breath and looked at her; catching a smile cross her lips encouraging him once more. “I don’t intend to live the next century, decade, year or even day without telling you how you make me feel or addressing the fact that I know you feel the same Kaya. No more hiding or running.” He blurted and kept his eyes on hers. She made no show of acknowledging his words and he continued. “After what happened to you to us the other night with those wolves I realized just how fragile time is even when you’re eternal. Things could happen that could take you away from me Ky and never once would you know how truly happy you make me feel and I knew I needed to tell you before it came to that.”

“Rafe this…” she stood and moved away from him a little as she composed her thoughts. She’d known about his feelings but tried her best to ignore them because there was no way they could act on them. Not according to Lexi and her own father. This was a bad thing and one that could warrant major risks for the entire pack. “I don’t know what to say. I appreciate your honesty but you and I will never be anything more than friends.”

“What? Why? What are you saying Kaya? That you don’t care about me?”

“No Rafe, I do care about you but…”

“Then what is it Ky? You feel it too! I know you do. I can smell your heat when I smile at you. I can hear your heartbeat change in rhythm when I’m near you. I can sense a rise in your temperature; sense the change in your body language when you catch me looking at you. You want me just as much as I want you. What is so dangerous about giving in to what you want?”

She sucked in a ragged breath and turned to face him. “Nothing; it doesnt matter now. Roman is the wolf I am to mate and we are to consummate that bond within the next day in order to ensure the survival of our pack and community. I have to mate with the Alpha from our sister pack.”

“You…dont have a say?”

“No Rafe and even if I did Id still choose the pack over anything else.”

Those words hit him like a ton of bricks and he reached for his stomach as a painful drilling of anger, sorrow and fear wrapped itself within the pit of his belly and churned. His emotions acted like a weapon shutting down his senses and that nauseating discomfort lodged itself within his gut again. He dropped onto the log near his leg as everything became numb.

There wasn’t a sound made near him and the pounding in his ears began beating against his hollow skull. He could no longer even hear his own heartbeat and for a few moments he thought he was dead. Seconds passed like minutes as he looked at her. Those eyes; so sad and remorseful and yet she was telling him they stood no chance.

What gives her the right to look at him with pity when she was the very cause of it? He stared at his feet and out of the corner of his eye he could see Kaya was turning to leave. The silence was deafening and all at once his world was shattered. He’d finally mustered up the nerve to tell her how he felt and now this. An overwhelming pang of guilt and grief tightened his chest and burned in the back of his throat. His heart had opened to her and he was fully prepared to accept the consequences of his Alpha. But she shut him down cold leaving a bitter aftertaste on his tongue. 

He looked up at her catching a glimpse of her face as she started away from the lake. Even when she was killing him she was so beautiful. Her soft brown hair was partly braided and framing her face and her gentle features appeared almost angelic. “Kaya wait you can’t do this!”

“It’s what I must do Rafe. Please don’t make this any harder than it already is.”

“Harder for who Kaya? God is this really what you want? To become the property of someone you don’t love and don’t know just to suit your father and some stupid piece of paper?”

“It doesn’t matter what I want Rafe. As Beta my first duty is towards the safety and preservation of my pack and in order to keep everyone I love here safe, I have to. I’m sorry.”

“Sorry? You can keep your damn sorry Kaya!” She took a step back as he moved towards her. Rafe caught her in his arms and kept her from completely backing away from him. “You can’t honestly stand here and tell me that you don’t feel anything for me and that you can just as easily give up those feelings because of Lobo and some ass backwards ideal that’s only designed to keep you from being happy!”

She turned to meet his gaze. Her eyes were watery but filled with warmth; there was love in them he was sure of it. A small but encouraging smile crossed her lips and he relished the way she still tried to comfort him with those gestures he felt himself more and more drawn to. She had such a beautiful way about her and those smiles always enhanced her loving features. He finally felt his muscles relaxing a little as though that smile was the warmth of a security blanket wrapping around his cold shoulders; long since shed from childhood.

For the first time since hearing those words, those damning words he was getting the feeling that all was not completely lost. He wanted to kiss her again; he needed to in order to prove what she really wanted not only to himself but to show her what she was giving up. The desire to have her in his arms again was all consuming and he found himself staring at her lips. They looked so soft and inviting and he wanted to rub his finger across them, touch them, suck them between his and drown himself in her taste.

He had thought about her so much since the first night he’d met her; she had gotten under his skin and he couldn’t rid himself of her no matter how hard he tried. He wanted her pressed against him. He needed to have her. Kaya’s smile faded and he felt a slight twinge of disappointment cloud his heart. She again looked at him with sadness and fear. His heart began racing and he felt his body run cold and suddenly he was panicked. What are you doing Rafe? She had a tough decision to make and one that affected every man, woman and child in their pack and here he was being selfish thinking only of himself and trying to take what he wanted.

Her job as Beta was hard enough without him making her feel guilty for wanting to have what he knew he couldn’t. Rafe looked at her and even with the distance between them she felt the heat of his eyes burn into her soul. She turned her gaze as her heart pounded within her chest. Raising his eyes he moved closer making her painfully aware of his presence right behind her. Rafe’s breath fanned across her neck sending sparks of electricity through her body.

She moved away but he again stopped her from leaving and turned her to face him. The look on his face warmed her; but she felt fearful at the same time. She had an overwhelming desire to wrap her arms around his neck and pull his lips to hers. The kiss they shared in the garden replayed in her mind and she felt the tingles from his mouth caressing hers resurface. He smiled at her as he watched her rub a finger across her lips. “I can remind you if you want,” he offered his chest glistened beneath the pale moonlight and the gray in his eyes sparkled with intensity as he approached her.

Kaya backed away afraid of the look on his face yet at the same time undeniably drawn to it. “Rafe…” He devoured her lips before she could speak the words his heart was afraid of hearing. “Stop” was not about to part her lips because he wasn’t sure he would be able to once he’d tasted her. He needed her; longed for her since the moment he’d laid eyes on her and now in this moment he was drowning in her essence and hoping that it wouldn’t end. The moment his lips touched hers was unlike the times before. He felt sparks flying between them instantly and a renewed energy so overwhelming and profound it rushed through his veins. The smell of her skin washed over him and he moaned enjoying the sensations her touch roused within him.

“Mmm.” She moaned and it was then he realized she was kissing him back; it urged him forward and he deepened the kiss. He was determined to go farther than he had before. His arms pulled her closer ensuring she couldn’t back away this time but he was prepared to chase her if it came to that. Her arms wrapped around his neck and he almost lifted her from the ground.

She moaned again and he felt his arousal jerk. The sounds she was making was turning him on in a way he’d never felt before. They were deep and pleasurable but best of all he was the reason behind them. The vibrations from his lips, the flex of his hard muscles against her soft body and the passion and desire he had for her transferred through his skin and into her. His hard on had returned in full force and was pressing against his jeans aching to be used. But the smell of his cologne teased her nose and brought her back to reality as she pushed away. “Rafe we can’t! You don’t understand the seers…”

“The seers,” he scoffed. “How long are you going to allow them to control your life? You said yourself you let love slip by you because of their warnings are you going to continue letting that happen? Curse yourself to a lifetime of loneliness and regret because you’re scared Ky? We all have fears the point of them is not to run away and hide; it’s to face them head on and become a stronger person because of it.”

She glanced at her feet as she thought over his words. Lexi was never clear about what “danger” being with Rafe would be. Maybe it was just fear of history repeating and her meeting the same fate as her mother. And if that was the case then she didn’t see why she couldn’t have a brief moment of happiness. After all, she’d spent her entire life “alone” because of it. Rafe was right and maybe it was time she let her heart have what it wanted.

She lifted her head and he pulled her closer, gripping her waist tightly against him. He smiled at her, his face just inches away. His warm breath burned across her skin; radiating heat as he gazed at her lips and there it was. She flicked her tongue across her lip ring, that single act that he’d watched her do numerous times sent shivers down his spine and awakened his senses and now he was aware of her in every sense of the word. She released the breath she was unknowingly holding as his hands rubbed up her back. His lips grazed against hers and she allowed him control as thousands of tiny tingles shot through her body shocking her system. If this is to be your last night as a free wolf, let me show you what you’re giving up, he whispered against them.

She nodded and her eyes clenched tight as his mouth enveloped hers again. She could feel his tongue glide across her upper lip trailing the taste of his own before he hungrily sucked it into his mouth. She traced the curves of his stomach muscles with her fingers lightly causing a low moan to vibrate from him against her lips. Moving closer, she could feel the heat floating from his skin to hers and insulating the towel between them.

His arm wrapped around her back and she ran a heavy hand through his hair pulling his lips from hers. Rafe trailed kisses along her chin and down her neck, nibbling lightly on her skin listening to the soft moans echoing from her throat. She wanted it just as bad as he did and he’d be damned if he was letting her get away this time. Their bodies melted together; her nails dug into his shoulder as he slowly lowered her to the ground.

She gasped; his name on the tip of her tongue as she swallowed gulps of air. He was drowning her in his scent, his touch and his taste. The frustrations they’d allowed their bodies to endure from the wanton looks and the games and the agony of just a touch that made their blood boil was about to consummate in this one moment under the moon and in the sand at one of her favorite escapes. She rolled on top of him, tenderly touching his tongue with hers and he teasingly nipped at her lip to keep her going. Giggling as she pushed him away lightly, his fingers closed hard against her lower back and he flipped her over. “I don’t think so Ky.”

“Rafe…” He slid his hand around her hip pulling her closer, neither of them breaking the kiss. She arched her back at him pressing her belly against his and his sudden intake of air told her she’d found more than his well chiseled stomach. She did it again, positioning her hands on his shoulder to hold him in place and elicited a low groan from deep in his throat as she rubbed her belly against his tender, aching hard-on.

He pulled back and looked at her, making eye contact for a brief moment before dropping his head to her chest. His fingers untied the loose knot to her towel and tossed it to the side. And just as she thought she would feel his mouth over her breast, his lips kissed the soft flesh just above and below it. She released a frustrated sigh as he teased her. His hot breath against her skin aroused the fine hairs on her neck and a slight tingle vibrated down her spine.

He couldn’t stop the smile that formed from hearing her annoyance as she exhaled noisily. He was going to make her want him to the point of tears before taking her. She had to see what the constant cat and mouse did to him; the constant refusal and backing away she did since before they first kissed. All of his frustrations and irritations were coming back around to haunt her.

The moment she was ready to give up, he parted his lips and sucked her taut nipple into his mouth. “Ooh,” she cried out as his lips closed around the tip of her breast. Her head fell back and her hands came up to tangle in his hair holding him in place as he rolled her nipple against the roof of his mouth. Taking her mouth again in another hot kiss he let his hands explore her body. She was wet; his fingers spread her thighs and he rubbed her moist mound as his tongue darted in and out of her lips.

She was fully aware of the aching need to release and thought she’d orgasm right there but he wasn’t ready to let that happen. His fingers danced and teased around the spot she wanted them most never quite penetrating or making contact with her clit and he took pleasure in the frustrated noises she couldn’t restrain. 

He kissed down her neck and slowly his lips grazed along her skin until he reached her breasts once more. His mouth consumed her right nipple and he gently flicked his tongue across the tender flesh as he cupped and squeezed the other. His thumb and index finger pinched and teased her until the skin became tight and erect. The warmth of his mouth and the touch of his tongue aroused her and she ran her hands through his hair. “Mmm Rafe that feels good,” she moaned. He smiled up at her and let her breast fall free from his lips as he kissed down her stomach blazing a trail between her legs.

Softly his touch tickled her and she could feel his breath against her inner thigh. His hands rubbed along her hips, pulling them towards him and clutching them possessively. His fingers teased at the wetness between her thighs and a low growl rumbled from her belly. He chuckled and continued taunting her until she was nearly begging as she thrust her hips towards his face. Her body burned at the feel of his tongue searching her depths and radiating wave after wave of heat.

“Yes!” she groaned as he hummed along her clitoris. The buildup was successful and the moment his tongue pressed against the sensitive nub of her pleasure she released. “RAFE!” she screamed as her body jerked from the intense sensations overwhelming her. He licked feverishly and worked his fingers within her extending her orgasm as it reached its peak. The pressure of her orgasm was agonizing and her body convulsed in response causing Rafe to hold on tighter to her thigh; she wasn’t going to wiggle free.

Her body came alive; her thoughts on this moment with him and the pleasure his touch was sending through her. He could feel it too; their growing need driving them. He pulled back and pushed two fingers within her as she shivered beneath him. His warm breath on her leg pushed her over the edge and she arched against him, crying out his name as she came again. Another powerful orgasm sliced through her so hot and delicious as tears fell from her eyes with moans to match. He pushed his flat tongue against her pubic mound and swept it in a circle near his thumb as it maintained an unyielding fast paced rubbing while she thrashed beneath his mouth.

Rafe’s hands held tightly onto her thighs when Kaya bucked wildly at the feel of his tongue snaking out from his parted lips spearing between the lips of her pussy. He slid his finger over her clitoral hood and rubbed quickly over the sensitive nub. She moaned and her hands gripped firmly into Rafe’s hair pulling at the blonde ends and feeling a few strands slip off in her fingers. Her body was racked in pleasure and she shivered under his relentless tongue.

“Oh God!” she wailed sliding her wet pussy back and forth over his face. He looked up at her with a smile, moving his lips from her aching love and watched her squirm as he massaged his thumb across her clit and worked two fingers in and out of her tight center.  Rafe dipped his face once again to the swollen pink button of Kaya’s clit and sucked hungrily, flicking the tip of his tongue against it with rapid movements to make her scream out loud with pure, unadulterated ecstasy.

“You like that Ky?” his voice was drenched in lust, hung low with a raspy resonance. His answer came in the sound of a shriek as she wet his fingers more from the pumping action. He returned his mouth to her again lapping up her sweet nectar as her legs scissored over his back. His warm breath washed over her twitching crotch and he could feel her convulse from the slightest of touch. She thrust her hips again into his face and his tongue lashed, flicked and lunged in and out as he kept his thumb teasing her clit.

It was excruciating pleasure and Kaya was barely able to form words from the blissful onslaught of both his fingers and mouth. Rafe reached towards her chest with his free hand and clutched possessively at her breast, pinching her nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

She arched her back, humping her pussy at his thrusting fingers and became lost in ecstasy as he sent bolts of delicious pleasure through her slender body. Ramming quicker he begged to hear her cum again savagely slamming his fingers within her as he licked her sex faster. Uncontrollably she writhed and squirmed, her slippery vagina beating against his lower jaw. She moaned loudly sucking in breaths until her body ripped from the power of each orgasmic wave caused by another mind blowing climax erupting deep inside her loins like an explosion of liquid lava bursting from a volcano. Her hips shuddered in a breathless fury until he finally pulled his fingers out of her cunt with a wet sucking noise and gave her clit one last lick from top to bottom.

She didn’t want it to ever end. She wanted his tongue and fingers to stay buried deep inside of her unyieldingly on the very brink of ecstasy all night long. “Don’t stop,” Kaya begged, her voice cracking from the pleasure. She was panting hard and moaning incoherently, heaving and rocking her hips as if his lips were still hungrily devouring her with wild abandon. 

“Don’t worry Beautiful, there’s way more where that came from.” She collapsed against the dirt breathless as he kissed her again and allowed her breathing to return to normal. She could feel the evidence of his desire pressing hard and insistent against her hip. Immediately she let her hand move towards it; something she wanted to do that day in the gardens. She began caressing his erection through his pants, running her fingertips lightly up the length of his cock teasing him the same way he’d done to her.

He looked down at her with a smile as he struggled with the button on his pants. She pushed his hand out of the way, turned him over and slowly lowered his zipper. He groaned as he felt her hand reach into his jeans and sucked in a breath of air with a hiss as the warmth of her hand on his dick caused it to throb involuntarily. She pulled his pants down over his hips and he moaned as the cool night air swept across his hot skin. Kaya had seen him naked on numerous occasions yet watching his cock grow and seeing his aching hard on at full length throbbing for her caused her eyes to widen in anticipation.

Rafe watched her reaction and a smirk drew on his lips as a breathless “whoa” escaped her mouth. “That’s always comforting to hear.” He was a monster! Surely something she could make out seeing him in his resting position as big as it already was but this…he was bound to stretch her past her limits.

She looked up into his eyes and he nodded as his smile grew wider. That one word made his ego swell and encouraged him to give her the best performance of his life. She pressed her breasts together and slid his cock between them. Smiling as she watched his head fall back as she jerked him between those perfect tits he’d drooled over so much. Her tongue licked the tip each time it poked out from the mound on her chest and he was getting ideas watching her. He wanted more of her mouth on him and was becoming more determined to feed her throat the longer she teased him.

He pulled up from the ground and she moved in front of him as he took a seat again on the log. His dick twitched the second her warm breath touched his skin; a noticeable change in temperature from the chilly air drifting from the nearby lake. She took him into her hand and squeezed as she slowly began jerking him off. Her mouth closed over the sensitive head and her tongue flicked across the sweet and salty taste of precum. Another droplet formed on the cap and she swirled her tongue across the tip consuming the entire mushroom shape. She licked again gently before plunging his shaft deep into her throat, sucking hard as she drew her head back all the way to the tip and back down again.

“Fuck,” he groaned and lowered his hand to her head. He moved towards the rock, pulling her gently and watching her crawl forward towards his stiff cock as he leaned against the rock beside her. She looked up at him, watching as his eyes shut tight and his mouth fell open with every pant and moan. Her tongue slid down his shaft, wrapping around the underside of his dick as she moved her lips over his balls sucking them into her mouth and wetting them with her tongue. She teasingly moved her lips along the veins of his shaft before popping the tip of his cock back into her mouth.

His nails clawed at the stone that held his weight as he fought the urge to push her head further in his lap and bury himself in her hot throat until he shot off in her mouth. He reached down and wrapped his hand around hers where she held his dick. Squeezing her hand tighter around him he stroked himself up and down. Still peering in his eyes she followed his lead and flattened her tongue, pressing it against the tip. His sharp intake of breath encouraged her to swirl it around in little circles. He nodded at her and she continued to use her tongue on him, wetting his dick as they continued to stroke him together. “Suck it baby,” he growled, his breath releasing in hard pants. She slipped him back into her soft lips and watched as instantly his head fell with the contact of her warm mouth.

“Oh Jesus!” he groaned, grabbing fistfuls of her soft, brown hair and pumped himself in and out of her hungry mouth. Kaya gagged on it momentarily before resuming control, her nostrils flaring as she breathed deeply to keep from passing out. The hard, stiff, thrusting prods of the saliva slickened cock between her stretched, plump lips increased in speed and he lost himself in the pleasure of the moment. One second his big cock was slamming the back of her throat, the next it was pumping through her tiny fingers as she jerked him quickly against her tongue.

She sucked him back into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down; tonguing him on the down strokes and sucking hard as she pulled up, almost releasing before plunging back down on him. “Ohhh fuck yeah, Kaya, that feels so good.” He moaned and fell back, clenching his fists again to keep himself in control as her mouth drove him closer towards release. His fingers tightened their grip in her hair and he carefully rocked with her movements, fucking her mouth as she continued to suck and savor him ravenously. Kaya reached up under him with her free hand to cup his balls, kneading them carefully and adding to the blissful sensations coursing through his body. 

The sloppy wet slurps her mouth made against him drove him wild causing him to fuck her back and growl. His hips lifted to meet her mouth as it came down on him and he could feel his cum building inside his groin. “Ky,” he growled in warning. He looked down at her and caught a devilish twinkle in her eye. It was obvious what she felt for him and he couldn’t help but notice how so damn sexy she looked gazing up at him with his cock buried between her lips. His eyes flickered yellow and she drew back he wasn’t ready to cum yet, his wolf wanted to play. He slowly released a breath pushing back the urge to blow and pulled her to her feet.

Gripping her ass firmly, he wrapped her legs around his hips and lowered to the ground with her back nestled once more in the sandy shore. He climbed up her body until his eyes were on hers again and her head fell back as he reached between her thighs and guided the tip of his hard cock within them. Her scent drove his body into a frenzy and he pushed in, covering the head with her wet lips.

She hissed in pain and he paused momentarily. He was bigger than she’d ever had before and she was positive he wasn’t going to fit completely. “Slower, please, go slow,” she looked at him with fear and uncertainty and he nodded.

He held her hip and guided himself another inch within her warm pussy. His head fell back as the sensations that small action caused to ache within his groin. “Fuck, I can’t Kaya. You can take it; I need you to take it please.” He said between kisses on her cheek, forehead and lips. His words weren’t a question but a statement of what his body felt. He wanted to be patient, go slow and be gentle for her, but he felt as though he was going to explode if he didn’t release the tension.

“Slower...” She moaned feeling him press firmer between her thighs. “Oh God yes…” she cried. He gripped her breast in his hand and flicked his thumb across her nipple as he watched her. Swallowing hard he tried to remain composed but she was making it damn near impossible to be a gentleman.

He pulled out and reinserted up to the same point, she moaned again, why did she have to do that? He pulled back until he was almost completely out of her, kissed her forehead, gazed at her with a look of sorrow and whispered, “I’m sorry.” She returned the words with a confused expression until he slammed his cock into her, driving right up to her hilt in an instant. She screamed in pleasure mixed with pain as his gentle side gave way to the wolf she’d teased and taunted. His interest was no longer in making love, he wanted to fuck her and he had to have her now!

The guttural grunts of a man overheating with lust and powered by his lycan nature overwhelmed her. He thrust his cock into her like a train barreling full speed over and over, rubbing her hard and deep rolling his stomach as he pounded into her. Kaya felt a small gush of moisture stream from within her; she lubricated him, her body responding with a thirst that only his could quench begging him to push harder.

“Fuck Kaya!” he managed to groan, delirious with excitement. He ground his hips into her stimulating more juices from her. She wrapped her arms around his neck matching his movements and rolled her hips into him.

The friction generated between their bodies awakened her and she stared up at the moon. Like the slaves they were to her their bodies danced within its glow performing at their best complimenting the light she bathed them in. “Oh God yes, it’s perfect!” She whimpered and reached for him, savoring every inch of his body and the heat he produced finally getting used to his movements. The smell of the nearby lake floated along the cool breeze and rushed over her hot flesh chilling the sweat on her skin before floating away once more.

She was adrift and he knew it. His cock reached her depth sending her into a euphoric state she never thought existed and heightening the pleasure that vibrated within her core. He looked her in the eyes before pulling out leaving just the tip at her pussy lips. She growled; a warning that he picked up on and laughed. She wanted it and begging was not beneath her. He slowly rubbed the head of his cock along her clitoris enjoying the heavy breathing and moans it generated. She scraped her nails over his shoulders and he groaned diving into her slowly. Again he pulled out barely leaving the engorged head of his throbbing dick within her. She shuddered and exhaled slowly at the exquisite feel of his cock slowly exiting her deliciously assaulted sex leaving her with an empty feeling. Kaya cried out, her eyes flashed at him as suddenly he rammed himself all the way back home again until his balls were buried in the crack of her ass.

His breaths shortened and he was panting as his eyes drew heavy with desire. He watched her and felt her body grow warmer from his caress. Sounds of their moist flesh slapping into each other echoed against the nearby rocks as Rafe worked his length deeper soaking the ground beneath them. “!” she cried on the verge of exploding again. Kaya raised her hand to her mouth and bit her finger. Her eyes closed and small whimpers escaped her throat as he pushed her deeper into the sand.

Rafe reached up and moved her hand pinning it above her head as he thrust harder into her. “Don’t do that. I love the sound you make when you cum.”

“Well keep going and you can hear it more,” she moaned.

“Mmm, don’t worry about that,” he leaned forward and kissed her tenderly sucking her lips into his, “I’m just getting started Baby.” With force he pushed between her moist thighs. He bit his lip to contain the howl that rumbled from his belly as he dove into her wet ecstasy. “Fuck yeah Kaya…you’re so tight,” the words were so simple but the sounds of them caused her body to respond; wiggling beneath him as she arched her back towards him.

“Harder!” she moaned in return. Their eyes met and he leaned forward connecting their lips again. “God!” She cried as he pushed quicker. The rhythm in his hips caused her eyes to roll towards the back of her head. She bit her lip afraid that in her moment of release she’d send a distress call and the entire pack would descend upon them.

On the cusp of her climax he ceased all motion and looked down at her. “Rafe,” he sighed.

Panting too hard to acknowledge him she realized he was no longer making her tingle and focused her eyes on his in confusion. “What?”

“It’s Rafe. If you’re going to call anyone’s name I’d prefer it be mine especially when you cum; it turns me on.” She giggled and moved her hips into his. He rubbed his hand slowly down her side; a soft moan escaped her lips as his touch burned into her. His eyes were dark with lust; determination shown on his face.

His fingers spread around her waist stilling her motions preventing her from getting what she was after and his expression remained the same, serious glare. “Rafe, please…” she moaned breathlessly begging for him to take her.

“That’s better. Remember it if you don’t want me to stop again.” He thrust into her with force to make his point and a deep groan followed by his name brought a smile to his lips.

She dug her nails into the dirt, feeling the cool layer of soil beneath sift through her fingers as the heat between them increased rapidly. She moaned his name and he rolled over, pulling her on top of him. The sight of her heaving bosom brought him forward and he dropped his lips to her erect nipples sucking on them with renewed passion. Kaya wrapped an arm around his neck bringing him deeper into her chest as his tongue worked circles around her sensitive skin.

Her entire body quivered and shook as the force of his aggressive thrusting rippled through her svelte frame. The slam of his broad hips against the insides of her fleshy, wide spread thighs made her belly flinch and her heavy breasts jiggled up and down swirling emphatically in his face. Her fingernails gripped his arms so tightly that they were almost drawing blood and he delivered that sensation to her swollen, wet pussy with the head of his engorged cock.

He reached between her legs and rubbed her clit as she bounced on top of him. His fingers were moving as fast as her hips causing the wave to break. Her body flooded with white heat and her eyes squeezed tight. Her mouth fell open in a silent cry but Rafe kept going prolonging her climax until her entire body trembled. He slowed his fingers but continued thrusting into her as she came down.

As soon as she opened her eyes he locked her gaze with his and gripped her ass tight as he plunged deep inside her, taking her completely by surprise. This time she cried out loud as he stroked her deep, sliding his hard cock almost all the way out before thrusting back in and rubbing the sensitive flesh inside. He slid in and out, taking all he could from her and giving her plenty in return. She stopped thinking about the consequences and fewer thoughts plagued her mind as she focused on only the rapturous assault occurring to her body here and now. Passion and determination emanated from each of them as their bodies pounded together.

Rafe turned her around, his lips found her neck, kissing her gently, slowly before quicker and with purpose on her shoulders and back. He spread her legs wide and positioned himself behind and between. Breathing slow and heavy he reached down and stroked his hard cock a few times feeling it slick with her body’s lubrication. He looked down at her ass and loved the way the moon carved out the shape of it. The light bathed her skin, made her glisten. Every curve, every inch of perfection; this beautiful moon Goddess he’d just had on his shaft and her body was still begging for more. “Well are you gonna fuck it or just stare all night?” she taunted.

“Your ass? No; not tonight.” He smiled as he watched her ass wiggle and listened to her soft, seductive moans, begging, breathless and throaty as she waited to feel him again. He licked the palm of his right hand and smacked it hard against her right ass cheek and watched it wobble. He repeated the action for the left and she purred. “I told you I was gonna spank you,” he smirked before pressing himself between her legs again. His hands reached forward and gathered a bit of her hair. She shrieked and clawed the rock in front of her as she felt him pump himself hard between her thighs. Thrust for thrust, he grunted like an animal banging her into the sand and grass. Her words were jumbled high pitched gasps as she struggled for breath.

Fuck! He was forceful but oh so good. She pushed quickly against his hips, matching his movements with her own. She wanted him; wanted more, needed to feel him deeper inside of her. Desperately she reached for his legs to pull him closer. Watching her; knowing what the gesture meant he moved further between her thighs and fucked her harder taking longer strokes, filling her to capacity before pulling out and driving home again. Her breasts rocked back and forth and he reached his right hand out and squeezed one tenderly; pinching the nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Her ass slapped against his thighs and he reached across and smacked a cheek hard leaving an imprint of his hand on it. “YES!” she roared. “More!” she begged as she twisted her hips into him.

Rafe rammed her hard from behind making her body burn and scream out in both pleasure and pain. He wanted to cum so bad inside her warm body. Empty his balls deep inside her tight hole etching his name in sperm across her uterus and ruin her for any man that would dare try and come after him. Hearing her deep and ragged moans drove his lust and he pushed harder leaning back more to submerge himself deeper.

He rolled her over and she kept her eyes on his, unable to look away from the sight of him watching her. His eyes narrowed to glistening gray slits and devoured her, raking over her face so intently she could almost feel it. His mouth had fallen open and she could feel his hot breath blowing fast on her face as he swung her leg over his shoulder and fucked her harder, shooting her to the edge of another orgasm.

“Oh my God!”

“SAY MY NAME!” he growled, his strokes long and furious. He worked her to perfection never once dreaming she would feel this good. He died several times within her only to awaken to the reality that she was beneath him each time breathing heavily, accepting the punishment his aching and horny body beat into hers.

“Rafe! Rafe! Rafe, I’m gonna cum again.”

“Come on, Baby, yeah,” he grunted and urged her on. “Cum on my dick!” Once again that familiar wet warmth flooded his lap and his mouth closed around her lips again, kissing her as she convulsed beneath him. Tingles inched down his spine and under his skin from the scratches he found her carving into his back again.

Moving with increased urgency Kaya flipped him on his back and repositioned herself on his hard shaft. She moved up and down on his full length taking in every inch of his cock. He watched her sweat glistened tits shake seductively in frantic circles. She was just too perfect and her body was just as giving as she was. With each thrust of his cock and every uninhibited cry from her lips, he could swear she glowed brighter and burned hotter. He leaned up and took her breast into his mouth. She rested her hands around his neck and shoulders as he pulled her harder into his lap. The intoxicating aroma of their scents mixing together brought with it her excruciating need to feel his full release.

Something within her changed and Rafe immediately noticed the headiness in her scent and the low purr rumbling within her. Animal nature took over and he recognized his own desire to have her; make her his own. There was no way he’d ever let another man or wolf near her after this night. She was his and he knew it as she sat atop his cock calling his name in agony and delicious ecstasy as he fucked her.

He rolled her once again to her back, her hand fell onto the moist ground near the shoreline and the chilled waters of the lake rinsed over her with each wave that broke on the beach. He inhaled again, drowning himself in her scent and the fresh aquatic smell that wafted through the cool breeze over their burning bodies. “Do you want me, Kaya?” he asked looking into her eyes. It was a question he’d already known the answer to but he had to hear her say it.

“Yes, yes Rafe I want you.”

“All of me?”

“Yes please! God yes!”

She wrapped her legs around his back increasing his delirious state as he again felt the buildup within his groin. “Good,” he smiled licking his lips as his eyes shot upwards. “Fuck Kaya I’m gonna cum so deep inside you Baby; mark your wolf as mine,” he groaned between kisses. “You’re mine Kaya, all of you. No one else will ever fucking touch you again.”

She dug her nails into his flesh and took quick breaths as he sent her over the edge once again. “I want that Rafe! I want you to mate me. Don’t stop,” she begged as he pumped frantically inside of her. “Don’t stop!” She couldn’t breathe. The blood surged to her head and she was certain once she felt him release she was going to faint. Finally and all at once the intense pressure that had been building within her burst and a thousand sensations seduced her skin. Her juices exploded from inside of her, squirting forth as she trembled and shuddered. She gasped and moaned as she felt wetness trickle down her thigh and slick down to her anus.

His muscles tightened and he thrust deep inside of her, deeper than he’d been before. His cock throbbed and his balls constricted. She was cumming on him again and he lost it. He pounded her with abandon, knowing that his body was crushing her, hurting her but he was unable to make himself stop. He needed her; he needed this, he needed to cum inside her, with her.

Kaya felt the heat building within her come to a boil. Her pussy clamped onto his cock as her orgasm continued ripping through her body. She moaned his name; screamed it over and over as her whole body shuddered and lurched with each rush of warmth that flooded her bloodstream. Hot, delicious pleasure surged through her like a drug and she craved for the feeling to last.

Rafe continued driving into her, grinding his cock into her wet pussy and her screams did him in. He grabbed her shoulders tightly and slammed his hips against her, his cock thrusting to the hilt. She looked up at him with watery eyes and watched as his shut tight. “Oh fuck Kaya I’m gonna cum Baby,” his ass clenched and he grit his teeth as his grunting got deeper. He reached back and took hold of her leg to balance himself as his hot cum welled up in his loins and exploded deep inside her warmth. 

Her hands tucked around his head as he plunged into her clenching hole, both of them became consumed by their own pleasure in that moment. Their simultaneous release was vocalized through short grunts, moans and sighs each emulating the other as they captured and held on to every enticing second of pleasure from each other. Kaya’s body exploded in a tearful climax as she joined him once again in release. Escaping from her senses she felt herself go numb with Rafe’s hungry body still driving within her.

Wave after wave of intense pleasure ravaged her to her very core as strands of his thick white cum filled her completely. “FUUCCCCKKKK!” he growled as he joined her in climax. She spread her legs wider happily accepting his seed. An echoed,  thunderous howl ripped from his lungs and he came harder than he ever had before; longer than he expected. His mind exploded as he tried to process the pleasure. Elation swept across his face as he felt his cock jerking within her freeing his balls of fluid. He panted as he bucked against her, shooting more into her as he did. She felt the temperature rise in her tight pussy as his liquids mingled with her own hot juices.

Her head dizzied as he rested on his hands above her still pumping his hips into hers until the last of his cum had spilled. She smiled up at him and he leaned over for a kiss. Her hands rubbed through his hair and she felt her breathing calm and return to normal though the tingling in her legs remained and she wondered if she’d ever fully walk again. He continued panting gazing at her and lost completely in her eyes. His body glistened with sweat and his chest was heaving hard. Kaya’s shaky hands rubbed through his sweat slicked hair and she chewed her lower lip to keep from crying. Her body wanted to rest; her eyes were rolling to the back of her head as she struggled to remain conscious.

Rafe collapsed on top of her, his rigid muscles finally relaxing and refusing to move. His face was in her hair and he could smell the softness of her skin up close, it was intoxicating and he darted his tongue forward to taste it. He lay there on top of her for a few moments unsure if he was alive, awake or even breathing. His entire body tingled and his toes curled in pleasure. His slowly softening cock throbbed inside her pussy and his heart pounded as his burning lungs gasped for air. “Kaya, are you ok?” he asked kissing her gently on the cheek.


“What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?” Concern was laced in his voice as he looked down at her examining her features for the answer.

“I can’t feel my legs. Everything is completely numb from my waist down and it feels awesome!” Rafe laughed and kissed her sweat glistened forehead. “Thank you Rafe. Thank you for not holding back.” Kaya’s orgasm finally began to subside. Their movements slow and steady she let her legs relax around him. He dipped his head and kissed her deeply, sucking on her tongue and raking his teeth across her lower lip. Drawing himself out of her slowly he felt a trail of his hot, sticky seed follow and smiled at the thought of having her.

He pulled up above her, smiling warmly as he gazed into her eyes. Those eyes he’d looked into so many times before were now shining brighter than he’d ever seen them. Lucid oceans of blue that sparkled with intensity as she lovingly stroked a hand through his hair. “In truth, I didn’t even want to try.” He smirked at her admonition from earlier. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him; wanting to remember every second they were together knowing it would soon be over. He collapsed onto the ground beside her and pulled her into his arms. His gaze pointed up towards the brightly glowing moon and he marveled at how vivid the stars appeared. “Kaya does this mean we’re…”

“Mated? Yeah,” she smiled at him. “I’ve been marked and you’re my wolf now.”

His grin widened and he fist pumped the air making her laugh. The wind blew quicker and with it came the gentle scent of the night blooming jasmine. Rafe turned towards the lake and watched the stilled waters amazed at how crystal clear the water seemed. His senses were becoming keener and he could hear the sounds of the cars on the street two blocks over. “What does this mean?”

“You can feel it? Sense it? You’ll grow stronger, faster; an overall better hunter.” She kissed his chest before resting her head on him. “We’d have to complete the mating though through the blood bond to unlock everything,” she bit her lip, “Daddy won’t like that very much.”

“Don’t worry about that now, we’ll figure it out.”

“And Roman?”

“Fuck him you’re mine.” He stroked a hand through her hair pulling the matted strands from her forehead and smiled. “Now did that feel like the end of the world to you?” he asked looking up at her as she rested against him.

“As a matter of fact it did...several times.”

“Well in that context, it’s not such a bad thing,” he laughed and pulled her lips to his kissing her once more and stroking a gentle hand across her back.

The tenderness of his touch set her on fire again, refueling the desire that she’d thought he’d extinguished to its fullest once more. “Mmm Rafe?”

“Fuck yeah Baby I want it again too,” he answered her unspoken question.

She giggled as she felt him growing again beneath her thigh. “I’m glad it wasn’t just…” She pulled away quickly and sniffed the air. “Shit!” she hopped up and threw his clothes at him as fast as she could and Rafe sniffed for what caused the sudden change.

“What’s the matter?”

“It’s Terrance.”

“The Omega?”

“Yes, he’s coming this way and you have to get out of here.”

“Wait, Ky you’re kidding right? What about what we just did?”

“Rafe as Omega it is Terrance’s sole job to report everything concerning the pack to his Alpha and if my Dad finds you here you’re as good as dead, now please, go!” she darted towards the lake and dove beneath the tide trying to wash away his scent before Terrance found her.

Rafe scooped up his clothes and fled the area as instructed ensuring to whisk away his scent as best he could. Kaya splashed beneath the tide for a bit feeling Rafe’s warm touch melt off her skin as the water cooled her burning body cleaning her of his scent.

She poked her head up from the water and noticed Terrance waiting on a log near her pack for her. The look on his face was grim and worrisome as he nodded at her. She pulled herself from the lake and made her way towards him. “Terry?”

“I’m sorry to disturb you Ky but Alpha is seeking a conference.”

“What’s the matter?”

“I don’t know the details, I was only asked to seek you out,” he smiled meekly. Of course he didn’t know. Pack business would not have been discussed with him it was a silly question on her behalf and she immediately regretted asking and placing him in the position to feel inferior. Hoping it was just the announcement he’d mentioned earlier, she picked up her clothes and sighed.

“I’ll be right in Terry, thank you.”

“I’ll inform Alpha on your behalf.”

She waited until Terrance shifted and started for the manor before looking towards the area Rafe disappeared to. She sniffed for him but couldn’t smell him; he must have gotten far enough away. She placed the pack back on her shoulders and shifted heading back towards the manor.

She redressed and entered inside finding Eli, Bane, Ulrick, Connor and her father pacing around the den. There were a few other wolves leaning against the outer walls watching their Alpha. Whatever had happened appeared to be grave and Armand was not in the friendliest of moods. Watching his daughter making her way towards him he waved his hand excusing the rest of the pack from the room.

Kaya saw Rafe enter the manor and he smiled at her. Her heart skipped a beat and he brushed a hand across his chest as he felt it too. She returned his smile and moved cautiously keeping a controlled distance between her and the elder Villalobos for fear he could scent her distress. But that fact became obsolete as Bane bumped her heading behind the other wolves to give their Alpha the privacy he demanded.

He stopped and growled at her and Rafe immediately entered the room heading for him. He sniffed her and his eyes shot daggers towards the approaching wolf. “Ya let ‘im mark ya?!” Bane shouted stepping closer to Kaya and jerking her violently by her wrist. “I can smell ‘im all ova ya!”

“Let go of my arm Bane!” she returned in rage and pulled herself free of his grasp before Rafe could step in.

Lobo turned fury and rage prominent in his eyes as he glared at Rafe. “KAYA! You didn’t! Tell me you didn’t do the ONE thing the seer warned you against!”

“It wasn’t…”

“We discussed the terms of the treaty Kaya! YOU KNOW WHAT’S AT STAKE HERE! Tell me you didn’t fuck it up!”

“Daddy…” she tried again and moved towards him. He jerked back quickly; clenching his fists in anger he sidestepped her and started for Rafe. Ulrick moved in front of his old friend preventing him from reaching the focus of his rage and making a regretful act against a member of his own pack.

“Rick…” Lobo growled. Ulrick shook his head in response. He wasn’t moving and defiantly stood his ground keeping Lobo’s temper grounded. He turned towards Kaya displaying his displeasure in his body language, facial expressions and tone, “I WANT HIM GONE!” he fumed and stormed from the room with her right on his heels.

“Please listen to me Daddy,” she pled.

“Listen? Kaya you may have just singlehandedly brought this house to ruin because of your stubbornness and now you want me to listen?”

“It wasn’t intended to hurt you! I didn’t…”

“You begged me to give him a chance and I foolishly listened and the FIRST thing he did was disobey a direct command. Do you see why his kind are readily disposed of?” His anger had reached a boiling point and he slammed his hand into the wall smashing several picture frames and cracking the plaster. “I CAN’T DEAL WITH YOU RIGHT NOW KAYA! Get him OUT or I will!” he turned and left before saying another word he would regret to his child. And even though he was already across the lot to the East wing she could still hear the door to his chambers slam shut. She stood there in disbelief and pain thinking over the shitstorm she knew was blown her way.

Her desperate attempt to hold up her truths and beliefs all came to a shattering and screeching stop as she turned back to the living room and the expectant eyes of the pack. Ulrick was also speechless and unable to comprehend what had happened between the two. He sighed before turning and exiting the room for his own leaving Connor and Bane and neither were very pleased with her.


Ignoring Connor, she pulled Rafe’s hand and led him to the front gate. “Are you serious?”

“Rafe if you stay here…”

“Yeah, yeah broken bones and death I know I’ve heard it all before.” He took her into his arms and pressed her tight against his chest. “Come with me. We can hole up in my apartment and wake each other up with good morning kisses. Hmm? Escape from everyone and everything.”

“I can’t Rafe, I have to try and fix this. The Alpha my father promised me to is still in town and waiting for me. When his pack learns about this…I don’t know what’s going to happen now.”

“Well will you come by when you can? You know where I live and I want to see you; I need to.”

“That’s not a very wise decision and I don’t know if I should. Right now it’s best if we just maintained our distance for a while at least until I can get my Dad back on my side which isn’t going to be easy.”

He sighed and nodded before backing away slightly and rubbing both open palms across his face. “Fuck I can’t believe this shit is happening. Ky we just shared something amazing and now you’re pushing me away as if it meant nothing to you!”

“God, Rafe you know that’s not true. I’m the Beta and my duties…”

“Come first yeah I know. I’m sorry ok? I just,” he sighed. “I’m being selfish again, I’m sorry. I just finally thought everything between us would be…different.” He pulled her deeper into his arms and caressed his hand down her back, dropping a well placed kiss on the crown of her head.

“I’m yours now Rafe. You are my mate in every aspect of the word save our blood bond. But I still have duties to serve and right now I have to figure out how to keep everyone in Greymane from suffering because of my decisions. Please try and understand that and have patience with me. I want to be with you we just need time to sort things out, ok?”

“Yeah I understand Ky but believe I’m gonna blow your phone up,” he smiled. “Think I can get a real kiss from you at least?” His words numbed her and she stood silently wanting to have that contact with him but more so afraid of where it would lead. He felt her body tense and she moved away from his grip. “Kaya you’re telling me that I might not see you for a long time and I can’t even kiss you goodbye? Ky,” he anxiously rubbed her arm.

She shook her head no and pulled back from his touch. “It would only make things harder. You should go now.”

She punched in the code for the gate and watched him stepped behind it. “If you want to talk, if you need anything, please?” He offered a feeble smile and disappeared around the corner.

She looked up at the manor, guilt and dread bit at her as she slowly walked back up the drive towards the front door. She did something stupid, she knew that. But once Rafe had her in his arms again she couldn’t stop herself this time, wouldn’t. The way her father looked at her with such anger and disappointment was haunting, how was she ever going to get out of this one?

“‘Ow the fuck could ya do it Ky? With ‘im? ‘E’s a fuckin’ pooftah!” Bane started in immediately on her as soon as she’d reentered the foyer.

“Back off Bane,” Connor growled stepping forward as he closed ground on her.

“Rack off ya Ponce I want answahs I at least deserve that much. What’s say ya Love? Ya tell me ya ‘ave no wolf then go and lay with the first bodgy mutt that breezes through! Was I not dinky di? Or ya just think that arse needed a fair go of it? Does every new bitser that comes about get to spread those legs? I ‘ad ya now Rafe’s ‘ad ya, who’s next?”

“I don’t owe you shit Bane…” Kaya stopped as the balcony above her became occupied by the other wolves living within the manor. Hearing the commotion they’d all left the safety of their own rooms to see what was going on. She drew in a breath retaining her composure. She had to maintain the appearance of authority which meant doing something she didn’t want to but thankfully Connor had stepped in and took that decision from her.

“I said back off!” Connor shoved Bane hard in the chest causing him to stumble back but he caught his footing before he landed on his ass in front of the pack. He looked around and noticed all the wolves staring at him waiting to see what would happen with the subordinate taking up words with their Beta as he had.

He looked at her and she shook him off. “Fine.” He snarled straightening his clothes and making a beeline for the door. “I guess I’ll go ‘ave a drink with the fuckin’ flies.”


“I apologize for the disturbance everyone, please return to your rooms and try and get some rest.” She turned from the den and started towards her own with Connor close behind her. “Connor please not now.”

“No, now. You and I are gonna talk whether you want to or not K so let’s take a walk.” The tone in his voice was serious and Kaya had only been subjected to that side of him a few times but no matter she knew when her best friend wanted her attention and she never failed to oblige. She nodded her head and followed him out towards the gardens.

A sense of unease washed over her as she thought of her moments with Rafe no more than twenty minutes earlier on the very ground they walked. He wasn’t exactly gentle but then the way they’d tiptoed around everything they’ve wanted to do and say she wasn’t expecting him to be either. He was more than she’d expected and pleasantly so. She felt her body warm to the idea of his touch all over her and the way he made sure she enjoyed every moment they were together.

And now walking in that same path with Connor and knowing that he was upset, and rightfully so, only served to cause her discomfort levels to skyrocket. She’d not so deliberately gone against the warnings both her father and their seer had given her just to satisfy her body’s wants. Selfishly she may have done in the future of Greymane and that thought was killing her.

“Connor I know what you’re going to say and I…”

“No Kaya. You have no fucking idea what I’m going to say to you. Why Kaya? Huh? Tell me that. Why did you do this knowing full well what was at stake? I thought we talked about everything! I mean I know some things are not my business as it applies to the pack, but damn it Ky! What happened to our total honesty? You should have told me what Lexi said about him and then I wouldn’t have made him keep pursuing you and pressing this reaction!”

“I tried!”

“You didn’t try hard enough! I’m partly to blame for this you know and if Alpha ever found out…I hate the position you’ve put me in Kaya. This whole thing is bad; it’s really bad. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Alpha react like that to you K! This is some really serious shit! What is going to happen to Greymane now?”

Tears welled up in her eyes and she dropped onto the ground near the edge of the property. “I fucked up Con. I went against what Lexi said and I may have really hurt the pack in the process. I tried though I really did. I never wanted this! Do you have any idea how hard it is to crave something? To have every inch of your being thirst for something you know will never be quenched? In honesty I don’t even know what Lexi saw about Rafe. The only thing she ever told me was to avoid mating him!”

She blinked and the tears dropped from her lids and poured quickly down her cheeks. “I’m sorry ok? I don’t know what came over me! I never planned for any of this Red I swear. But something happened to me when I met him I had feelings emerge that I thought died a long time ago and it killed me to try and fight them but I tried! And now Daddy’s mad, you hate me and the pack…I just don’t know what to do now.”

He took a seat beside her and pulled her into his arms. “I don’t hate you Kaya. I could never hate you. If anything I’m just as guilty for what happened tonight as you are, I encouraged Rafe to keep trying. But in my defense you never told me everything about what Lexi and Alpha said to you about him. That’s what bothers me more than anything. It’s not so much you gave in but that you knew what it meant and…I guess I can understand. Alpha killed your mate and though you wanted things to, it didn’t work out with Paolo. It wouldn’t have been fair for you to have to live your eternity alone.” He brushed her hair back, kissed her forehead and allowed her to continue crying into his shirt. “You know there’s no way Bane’s gonna take this lying down right?”

She nodded and nervously chewed her bottom lip. “He’ll want to go after him. Probably try and prevent our…” she sighed as she finally allowed it to sink in. She was mated to Rafe but there was no way her father was ever going to approve of their blood bond which meant they would never be able to fully be together. “Shit Con you think…”

“There’s no way in hell. Not unless by some miracle he gets a new outlook, Alpha will never let Rafe take your blood bond.” She played with her fingers, raising her gaze to take in the dark sky looming over her. The moon seemed to be smiling, taunting her now when earlier it was happy and celebrating what she and Rafe were feeling.

She had given them her blessing and watched them mate and now she was locked in total darkness having but half a connection with him possibly forever. “Well tell me something since you’ve decided to possibly condemn us all, was it good at least.”

She laughed and choked at the same time as she gasped for air. He smirked as she pulled back and he wiped her face with the tail of his shirt. “Oh Connor he was…phenomenal!”

**Author's note:
The lot where Rafe and Kaya did their deed is the same horse trail used in Chapter 21 created by: Jazen. Thank you again :)**

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    Connor, he's hurt she didn't tell him the truth but since it was 'pack' business I guess she wouldn't. But knowing that he knew how she felt and how Rafe felt she could have said something. Connor could have helped run interference somehow.

    It's not fair that the weight of the whole pack was put on her shoulders like that. The treaty was never an issue before, this was a convenient ploy on Lobo's part to get Ky away from Rafe.

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      Another reason is the very real and imminent threat a wild wolf with power has over domesticated packs. He doesn't want to see Rafe gain any kind of power because of what could happen. He was blinded calling her selfish because of what she did but at the moment the pack was his main concern at the time. The total of hundreds of wolves including the life of his daughter.

      That really was a mistake on Kaya's part. Similar to what she said to Rafe when they were in the woods she doesn't tell Connor certain things because she never wants to put him in the position to choose between being loyal to her and being dutiful to his Alpha. As a wolf, his first responsibility is to Lobo. She never said anything because she figured she could handle it herself. She actually had no idea he was pushing Rafe towards her. After he had run off from the club (ch. 15) she told Connor she wasn't pursuing it because of what Lexi said never realizing he was rooting for Rafe the entire time.

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