Friday, May 11, 2012

Episode 21: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Rafe, Connor, Paolo Giancarlo Del Piero, (Willow Reed Strikers - Simon Pritchard, Daniel Davis, Marco Chiellini, Chad Milton, Patrick Douglas), (Juventus - Alessandro De Ceglie, Arturo Matri, Leonardo Storari, Giorgio Borriello), Wendy, Brownie, Black Jack
Word Count: 15,163 (I know! Wtf right??) :O My doc is 26pgs for this chapter! They are shorter after C26, I swear...I hope you have a comfy chair!
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Kaya's ex-boyfriend comes to town and she learns something about the reason he left she never knew. Rafe comes close to losing it again in public but this time Kaya is a little shocked that she cannot immediately stop him. Rafe learns that there is a connection to what he is and the Greymane pack that causes him to do something he may regret.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, adult situations

“I’ll just be a second then we can go explore the rest of the manor,” Kaya smiled as she stepped into the stables.

“There she is,” a soft Italian accent resonated behind her. “Even after all this time you still find moments to take Sunday rides.”

“Paolo?” She took one nervous step towards him and he stepped further into the light so she could get a clear view of the smile decorating his face. “PAOLO!” she gasped and dove into his arms. He swung her with just as much excitement before planting a kiss on her lips.

“How are you, il mio amore?” (My love)

“I’m great! I’m just in disbelief right now! I can’t believe you’re here!”

“Sì Bella, hard to believe I know and after the way I left I…”

“Ky?” Rafe called joining her in the stables. His eyes shifted to the man wrapped around her and he swallowed hard. He sniffed the air trying to get a read on him but was unable to analyze what he smelled. He moved closer and stopped just behind her frowning as his eyes moved to the hand that rested dangerously close to Kaya’s ass.

“You are busy, My Love. I shall let you get back to it.”

“Wait, no. Are you leaving?”

“Sì. I shall drop by the manor later and we can catch up. Until then,” he took her hand and placed a kiss on her knuckles, looking into her eyes as he did and smiling at her reaction. “Scusimi,” he smiled and slowly backed out of the stables towards the area he’d parked.

“Was that…?” 

“Paolo Giancarlo Del Piero,” Kaya answered.

“The soccer player? What was he doing here?” he asked watching the familiar looking man climb behind the wheel of a yellow Lamborghini and peel out of the dusty lot.

“Great question,” she sighed before turning her attention to the stalled horses. He followed her and tried as best he could to keep his thoughts about Paolo to himself until he could learn more about what he saw. 

Rafe stopped next to the stall door and looked again behind him at the now vacant lot. The horse trotted towards him and whinnied causing him to jump back and land hard on the straw covered ground beneath him.

Kaya laughed as she helped him to his feet. “Looks like you made a new friend! That’s Brownie, she’s a Palomino and VERY playful.”

“Yeah I can see that.”

“Here,” she handed him a few carrots and pulled his hand slowly towards the horses' muzzle. “She’ll love you forever if you give her what she wants.” Kaya opened the door to another stall and slowly approached the stallion resting against the far wall.

He stood majestically as she reached him and lowered his head, nuzzling his muzzle into her neck. “And this big guy is Black Jack; he’s an American Quarter and the love of my life.”

Rafe couldn’t help but smile hearing that. Love of my life, he liked the thought. He wouldn’t have a problem competing with the horse and was happy it wasn’t some guy he’d have to choke out for that title. “And it seems he feels the same about you.”

“He’s a thoroughbred. We liberated him from a collector who was breeding champions. He’s one of the only studs here and gets lots of loving from other stable owners and racers. Don’t you precious?” she kissed his muzzle again and he nickered his agreement. “He’s fathered four champions in the last six years, they all want his lineage.”

Kaya started tacking up the horses as Rafe watched a safe distance away by the wall. She brushed and groomed him to prep him for their ride; placed protective wraps on his legs saddled him and moved the halter from his face to his neck to ensure he didn’t wander off. Brownie was notorious for locating the carrot sticks in the cooler near the stable door and never hesitated finishing off a full bag of them if she ever got the chance.

She stepped towards the left side of her horse and placed her right hand on his head gently pressing down to get Black Jack to drop his head. Holding the bit in her hand, she separated it from the reins and held it to his mouth. “Open,” she smiled as he did as instructed and allowed her to gently slide the bit in place. She slipped the headstall over his ears, buckled the latch on his throat strap and repeated the actions for Brownie.

“We’re just going for a quick lap around the eastern edge of the property. I don’t want you to get too scared out there.” She moved towards Brownie and tenderly stroked her mane as she looked at her. “Be good to Rafe alright? He’s a newbie and I don’t want you pranking him like you normally do. You got me?” She nickered and Kaya brought Rafe over for the mount.

They started towards the outer edge of the lot, striding slow so Rafe and Brownie could get used to one another. It was a breezy day and the wind blew swirls of red and gold leaves around them as they moved along the trail side by side. Rafe kept his hands steady and watched every move the giant animal beneath him made ensuring he wasn’t about to fly off.

Kaya laughed as every motion of Brownie’s over anxious tail caused him to jump in fear. “Relax Rafe you’re fine. Like you she can sense your nervousness and she’ll try and make you comfortable. Besides you’re a wolf! Even if she were to take off and you fell you wouldn’t die and you’d heal up rather quickly. Hey hold the reins firmer for me.”

“Yeah thanks, that’s comforting,” he said wrapping the reins tighter around his hands. “I just don’t want her to…”

“YA!” Kaya commanded and smacked Brownie’s hindquarter. She took off faster than a stripper’s top on payday, jumping and flying over small streams and a fallen log on the trail. She loved these woods and enjoyed the opportunity to get out and run the familiar lines of this path whenever she could. Kaya pressed her heels into Black Jack’s side and he quickly followed behind them.

“KAYA!!” Rafe screamed as Brownie jumped high over another tiny stream of water and landed on the other side. “Make her stop!”

“She’ll stop when we get to where we’re going, trust me. She knows what she’s doing!” Kaya laughed as Rafe leaned forward guarding himself from a few low hanging branches as Brownie took the turn in the trail.

“Make her stop jumping like that at least.”

She laughed louder and veered towards the edge of the cliff. Black Jack’s mane blew in the wind as he kicked up clumps of grass and dirt, treading the ground in his gallop and inching closer to his companion but allowing Brownie to keep the lead. “She’s too smart for that Rafe. A horse will never jump into water if they cannot analyze the depth.”

“But she’s jumping over logs and shit too Ky! There has to be a ground line with that depth perception problem there too right?”

“Ha! No! She knows these woods. The logs aren’t new. But no worries crybaby, we’re almost there.”

Rafe could hear rushing water and he stopped clenching his eyes shut to finally take in his surroundings. There were tall trees of multiple reds, yellows and oranges scattered along the back end of the thick wooded area. Their branches were gathered in clumps that made it easier for the wind to knock off a few leaves that blanketed the ground in rusty colored foliage. 

Brownie slowed to a trot before finally coming to rest in a clearing where a few logs were sitting around a small lake being fed by the waterfall he’d heard moments earlier. He could see a trail smaller than the one they’d just travelled that he assumed was mostly used for hiking or evening runs since he knew it was something Kaya favored most. The dark dirt clumped around dried grass and weeds that were matted and mashed into the ground from having been trodden.

Kaya slid off of Black Jack’s back and moved towards Rafe. “Need a hand or do you think you can manage?”

“I’m fine thank you,” he sighed and hopped down. The horses moved towards the shore to rest and grab a drink. Kaya sat on top of a rock nearby and watched as Black Jack moved away from the stream to allow Brownie to take the best spot.

“He is such a gentleman with her,” she said pointing at her baby. “It’s funny to think that no one wanted him because of his temperament. But he was just lonely is all and no one understood that. He was being used for so long for racing, which he loves, but he had no real connections to anything.”

“Can you communicate with him?”

“To a degree,” she smiled. “It’s not called horse whispering for us, though ‘humans’ say it is. We’re just in touch with nature and animals because that’s what we are. Genetically we can communicate with everything out here you just have to listen.”

“Yeah, I guess.” He retrieved a blade of grass and ran it through his fingers a few times, folding and unfolding it along the seams before finally tearing it in two and throwing it into the wind. “So uh, the soccer player,” he started nervously and waited for her to look towards him. “You dated that guy?”

“Yeah for a little while.”

“What’s a little while?”

“Seven years.”

“Wow, that’s not exactly…little. Hell it’s three times most Hollywood couples these days.”

“Yeah well when you’ve been around a while, a decade feels like a day.”

“Was it serious?”

“I thought it was. He’d had Daddy’s approval to ‘date’ me but apparently that was all. I don’t know if he wanted more and left because he knew it would never happen or not. Being with him was…different. For the first time I felt things I’d never experienced before. I was really comfortable around him to the point where I just let my guard down; he was my first. After over two centuries I gave in.”

“He sounds like someone very special to you Ky. So what happened then?”

She shrugged and rested her head on her knuckles. “I don’t know uh, Lexi told me that he wasn’t right for me and I shouldn’t pursue what I felt for him because it would only end in heartbreak. She scared me and I started backing away from him a little. I think it drove a wedge between us because one day he just…left. I haven’t seen or heard from him since.” She looked at him with a tepid smile and brushed a bit of her bangs out of her face. “I know it’s no one’s fault but my own. I gave up a chance at love because I was afraid.”

She kicked a rock from in front of her and tried to ignore the pain of guilt slowly invading and tensing her muscles. Paolo, the only man to ever get Lobo’s approval and what purpose did it suit? He broke her heart and left her a wreck in his wake. “What about you?” she asked turning the tables and watching him draw his legs into his chest. “We’re always talking about me you barely ever say much about yourself.”

“That’s because there really isn’t that much to tell. I haven’t lived for centuries so my twenty-seven years pales in comparison.”

“Ok well were there any special women in your life?” She heard his heart pound quicker in his chest as she waited on his answer. She noticed a crow over his shoulder pecking furiously at the ground in search of food and she smiled at it before returning her attention back to Rafe.

“Uh well no. I um…”

“Slept around, like Connor. Does that embarrass you to say?”

He shrugged and sighed, “I suppose it shouldn’t we’re both adults but I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

“Rafe,” she laughed and moved a bit closer, dropping down off the rock. “I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t want to know!”

She smiled at him; her smile always had a way of calming him; quieting his fears when he felt unsure about what his next step would be. Her smile could move mountains and had she ever used it as a weapon he knew for sure it would be deadly. If only it gave him the courage to do the one thing he’s wanted to do again for a while. “Did you love him?”

She turned away quickly as the conversation found its way back to Paolo. “Well you know what they say: you never forget your first. When I saw him standing in the stables I didn’t know what to think. So many thoughts and emotions overwhelmed me and I…”

“I know, besides hearing another voice I sensed something up with you; anxiety, fear…I’m not sure which but I knew I had to check on you.”

“Thank you Rafe. I don’t think Paolo would have hurt me though.”

“That wouldn’t have stopped me from kicking his ass if I needed to.”

“There’s my wild wolf,” she nudged his arm and drew a smile from his lips. “Have you been in many fights? Before your change I mean.”

“Oh yeah. You could even say it was a bit of my hobby although most of them were angry husb…uh sorry. I ran across a few card sharks and cons that needed to learn a lesson or two as well. I’ve always been a bit confrontational I suppose. The psych my parents took me to as a teen said it was me acting out because of what I’d been through.” His hand rubbed across the dogtags hidden beneath his shirt as he thought about his parents. “They were good to me; I never really meant to cause them much trouble I just felt that was who I was.”

“Rafe, you keep referring to your parents in the past tense. Did something happen to them?”

He shook his head no and flashed a quick smile. “As far as I know they are still married and living in Southern Florida. I don’t talk to them much but I’m sure they’re fine with that seeing as how they never tried to contact me either. My Dad worked as an attorney for some very wealthy clients. Before his practice took off Mom worked as a paralegal in their first location. When they decided to adopt me, I’d been in foster care for 8 years already. Mom retired and became a ‘homemaker’ but never actually attended to any of my needs. She never cleaned, never cooked; hell I don’t think she even knew we had a kitchen. And I barely saw her even on her sober days. She must have forgotten she had a kid too...unless it was some social event.”

“My Dad was a little harder to figure out. He was a powerful man and worked to maintain his reputation as the top defense attorney in New York. He was always on time, dressed to the nines and barely ever smiled. He was a hard man for sure. Though they had a rocky relationship in private, Mom would always put her best face forward when we were out in public and always made sure I did the same. I attended the best private schools, had unimaginable access to anything I wanted, toys, clothes, money. I just…I just don’t know if they ever loved me though.”

His head dropped and she turned to face him. Rubbing a hand across his folded arm she tried to settle his thoughts. “I’m sorry to hear that Rafe. Have you ever tried finding your real parents?”

“No I gave up hope on that on my 15th birthday. When I mentioned it one night to my Dad his face turned a weird shade and his face contorted with such rage I knew it was the wrong topic to broach. I’m almost positive too that any records there may have been he destroyed long ago. I don’t think they wanted me to ever know where I came from. At least that’s the feeling I got; it was an odd reaction.”

They sat a little while longer enjoying the cool air and watching the cascading leaves blow by with the breeze. The sun was high and beaming down on them and Kaya could feel her skin warming to an unbearable degree. It was already bad enough she was feeling the makings of a heat cycle. Another day or two and the warmth of her body would reach excruciating temperatures. Black Jack was beginning to get frustrated; the saddle was probably starting to get to him. He loved racing but enjoyed the freedom to get out and run; something she could appreciate. “We should start heading back. I know you’re excited about getting back in the saddle right?”

“Oh yeah, Brownie loves me.” Hearing her name she turned and sighed at him making Kaya laugh.

Paolo sat for a moment in front of the gate as he thought about his welcome into the manor. There was a little bad blood he knew but was certain it was still centered on just the one person. He blew out a breath and started for the door with the bouquet he’d had designed specifically for her of lilies her favorites and just a reason to see that smile again.

He pressed the call button once and received no answer. He tried again, this time reaching Ulrick. After a quick greeting, he hit the buzzer and opened the gate for him; closing it quickly once he saw his approach up the driveway.

“Kaya you have company!” Ulrick called to her before returning to the stacks of applications he’d received the last few weeks. His search for new talent never ended and owning one of the top record labels had a draw to beginner artists looking to be heard.

Connor was the first to reach the foyer. He immediately went into defense mode seeing the man step inside. A low growl formed within the pit of his belly and slowly rumbled higher escaping as a warning cry in Paolo’s direction.

Unmoved, Paolo smiled and waved; customary of his charming nature. “I’m not looking for a fight Connor. I only wanted to say hello again to Kaya.”

“Kaya will be just fine never hearing that sentiment. I think you should go now, I’ll tell her you stopped by.”

“Yeah somehow I doubt that you will. Besides she knows I’m here. I promised her I’d drop by when I saw her earlier.”

Connor clenched his fists and moved towards him just as Kaya appeared in the doorway. 

“You made it!” she smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“As I said I would. Siete ancora appena come bella. These are for you.” (You are still just as beautiful)

She inhaled the scent of the lilies and smiled. “Thank you.” She looked back and caught the frown on Connor’s face and turned back to Paolo curiously watching the two exchange silent stares. “We can talk in the gardens.” She took his hand and started for the back of the property.

Connor gripped his arm and with one last stare told him he’d better make his visit quick and get out before he got the fight he wasn’t looking for. He followed them and stood near the glass watching them closely afraid of taking his eyes off the star athlete.

Rafe joined him in the den and frowned seeing Paolo again with Kaya. “What is it with that guy? Why is he here?”

“Supposedly to say hello but Kaya’s ex-douche and public enemy #1 in my book can’t seem to get the message.”

“I thought Bane had that position,” Rafe smirked and quickly changed his expression as he watched Paolo’s hand slide further down Kaya’s back and towards her ass again as he spoke. “Yeah public enemy #1. Is he a wolf too?”


“So what brings you back to Willow Reed?” Kaya asked taking a seat under the gazebo and waiting for Paolo to join her.

“Tournament; Juventus has a few matches here. Willow Reed is one stop on a long list of games.” He ducked his head to level his eyes with her when he saw the disappointed look on her face.

“Oh,” she sighed and stepped towards the path leading to the bridge.

“But I wanted to see you.” He reached for her trying to make a smooth recovery and she pulled away.

“You wanted to see me?” she asked, he nodded and smiled as he stepped onto the bridge beside her. “Why did you leave in the first place? I never understood where you went or why you left so abruptly. Things were good between us and I thought…”

“You thought what?”

“Nothing, it doesn’t matter.” He wrapped himself around her again and rested his head on her shoulder as they stood watching the Koi beneath them. “You never called or wrote you just fell off the face of the Earth.”

“I had to leave Kaya. We weren’t good for each other. Besides thinking about that gorgeous ass of yours during my games and messing up it was like you consumed my dreams too.”

“And that was a bad thing? Geez had I known that I wouldn’t have wasted mine on you.”

“That’s not what I meant K.”

“Whatever Paolo. You’re standing here telling me you left because you dreamt about me.”

“I left because I was pushed away. I thought you’d heard but now I’m not so sure.

“Heard what?” She turned to face him and the serious expression that turned his soft features down. It had been a while since she looked at those dimples so close or felt him against her as he’d been the last few minutes. She didn’t realize how much she’d missed him until his lips touched hers again back at the stables. 

“I was threatened by a member of your pack. I left to keep away from the hostilities. I never wanted for things to end between us as they had, il mio amore, but I couldn’t remain with that pressure on my chest. I thought a clean break would be in both of our better interests.”

“Threatened? You were threatened by whom?” she paused and looked back at the manor door. She could see Connor shift his weight behind the bay window and fold his arms into his chest. 

“What are they talking about?” Rafe asked unable to clearly make out the words between the two. His senses were growing at a rapid pace but he hadn’t harnessed his full abilities just yet.

“The reason he left.”

“Which was?”

“I’ll tell you later.” He replied remaining focused on Paolo.

“What are you talking about?”


“My Dad? Paolo what did he say to you?”

“He would have never wanted us to mate. You know it and I know it and…I loved you Kaya and I only wanted what was best for you but things weren’t going to work out between us. Perdonimi we never would have been able to be together.” (Forgive me)

His phone rang and he pulled it out to check the ID. “I hate to do this now but I have to get to the stadium for practice. Can I see you later?” he pulled out a book and two VIP passes. “Come and watch me play. I love having you in my corner and I don’t want to leave again without saying goodbye.”

She nodded and took the tickets from his hand looking at them briefly. “Hi honey I’m home and look I brought you tickets to my next game. Thank you Paolo! This is much better than a phone call or postcard explaining why you did what you did. I’ll treasure them always.” She turned and started for the manor.

“Ky? Kaya wait.” He pulled her back into his arms. “It’s not like that at all. Siete ferito, I’m sorry I don’t mean to be abrupt. You deserve my time and my attention and I want you to have it. I’ll be in town for another week and I want to see you again, per favore?” His accent was getting thicker as he spoke, always did during heated discussion and sex. And damn if he wasn’t great in bed and that accent seemed to heighten her arousal every time. (You’re hurt / Please)

She smiled and he kissed her cheek before it disappeared. “I’ll come and watch but I don’t know what you’re expecting of me.”

“Having my favorite cheerleader in my corner is more than enough, Bella.” He left his number and she escorted him to the door. His accent always had a way of making her swoon and she felt starry eyed for a moment as she pressed his card against her chest and watched him leave.

“Paul…” Connor started.

“Paolo,” Kaya corrected.

“Fine, Douche, tomato, tomahto…real blast from the past.” Connor watched from the doorway as his car backed down the street and disappeared from view. “You’re not seriously considering going out with him again are you?”

“No Cocobear, of course not. I just wanted to have some closure. When he left it was very unexpected and for the longest time I thought it was something I said or something I did.”

“No. His disappearance had nothing to do with you. He’s a piece of shit that thought breaking your heart was easier than manning up.”

She smiled and rubbed his face. “You’ve always hated him Red. And apparently so did Daddy. He told me he threatened him and forced him to leave the country.”

Connor shook his head. “You can’t believe that. Alpha has always been straight about anything that happens. You can’t trust that asshole Peaches, he’d say anything to get into your pants again.”

“Gee thanks Connor. Tell me how you really feel.”

He snatched the tickets from her hand and started to tear them up. “For one thing, you’re not going to his game. I don’t want you anywhere near him.”

She hurriedly took them back and folded them in her pocket. “I already have a Daddy, Connor, I only need a friend.”

“And as a friend, I’m not letting you near that asshole again.”

She smiled again and looked at Rafe. “Would you like to accompany me to a soccer match?”

“Me?” he asked pointing to his chest.

“Well it’s obvious Connor won’t come so yeah, you.”

“Go with her please, keep her safe.” Connor sighed and rubbed at his temples. His best friend was achingly frustrating at times; stubborn to a fucking fault and he knew one way or another she was going to that game. At least this way he can feel she’s somewhat protected from the “Douche’s” advances.

Kaya laughed. “I’m older than him Connor and I’m standing right here. I can take care of myself.”

“No you can’t otherwise you’d know seeing that asshole is a bad idea.” She sighed at him and he shook his head. “You never listen Ky. He left you! Who was it that held you when you were crying your eyes out about him? Helped you through the nights you couldn’t sleep because you were so broken? Baby please, I’m only looking out for you. I can’t stand to see you hurt.”

“Connor it’s just a game, ONE game and I really want to talk to him about this.”

“Fine. You should go get ready then, your hair looks like a mess.”

“Red! You really think so?”

“You kinda smell like horse shit too.” He shrugged and laughed. “You admire my honesty remember?”

“UGH!” she groaned and rushed up the stairs disappearing behind her bedroom door. 

Once he heard the shower turn on he pulled Rafe outside and towards the garden. “Alright listen to me because I’m only saying this once and real quick: whatever you do make sure those two are NEVER alone together. I don’t want his hands on her and I definitely don’t want them sharing a kiss. Please keep her as far from him as possible. Think you can do that?”

“Yeah of course, no problem.”

“Good. Kaya won’t listen to something for her own good; it’s how she got into this fucking mess in the first place. That asshole is no good for her and when I say he’s worse than Bane…” Connor started pacing the small flower garden, grinding the blades of grass beneath his boot and dispersing pollen into the air from the tiny patch of daisies nearby. It tickled his nose and he rubbed a hand across his face to keep from sneezing.

“What’s so bad about him? Well other than the obvious.”

“He’s a fucking playboy! That douche bag came in and swept her off her feet with lies and promises he never intended to keep and she ate it up. He was her first real relationship and he fed on that like the soul sucking fuckhead he is. He’s one of those bright, shiny objects that know the right things to say to some chick’s father all the while thinking of fucking the girl over like a true asshole. I caught him cheating on her when they were supposed to be out to dinner on her birthday.”


Willow Reed - February 06, 1992

“You’re so fucking hot Bella,” Paolo gasped against her lips as her hands stroked across his back pulling him closer. His hand slid down her throat towards the large orbs that were calling his name from the moment she brushed them against his shoulder to place his drink. He smiled at her, knew she’d done that on purpose. She was making googly eyes at him the moment their group stepped into the restaurant. He saw her trade posts with another waiter on duty just to get the opportunity to speak to him. 

“Say it in Italian, please,” Wendy sighed backing away as his lips found her neck. She was stroking his dick to its full length thinking about how good it will feel to have him slip it between her moistened thighs. Her mouth watered, she needed to taste him; wanted to press that hard cock against her lips and feel it hit the back of her throat.

“Siete così scopare caldo,” he growled, his accent caused her body to shiver, his tone was loud and demanding and she was a fan of what he was capable of on the field. His last game ended with a scissors kick goal that became his signature move to score with. He dominated the field and she wanted to see how that translated to his sexual prowess. “Put those lips on my cock.” His hand moved to the back of her head and he pushed her forcibly into his lap until her tongue flattened across the head of his arousal. A deep groan gurgled from his throat and he pushed his hips up into her face as his hand pushed her mouth harder, effectively fucking her throat as she slurped and swallowed him like a pro.

He pushed her back into the passenger seat and removed a condom from his center console. Slipping the thin rubber in place he positioned himself between her legs and roughly thrust his dick hard into her warm pussy. She gasped in response but her body opened to accept him. “YES! Oohh I knew there was that same dominance and force inside you in everything you did!” she giggled as he fucked her hard into his custom leathered seats.

Her hand reached down and gripped his ass, squeezing the chiseled muscle between her fingers as he rode her to ecstasy. The heat in the car was rising to a stifling pinnacle becoming almost impossible to breath. Her mouth fell open and she sucked in as much air as she could in the muggy vehicle. His body flexed as her pussy tightened over his dick squeezing, constricting, gripping, taking him towards a sensory overload. “Do not cum in my car, I just had the seats reupholstered,” he warned her in his heavy accent. He slowed his pace and pulled out of her. Opening the car door, he let her out and quickly followed behind her.

He slid on top of the hood and pulled her into his lap. She immediately climbed onto his stiff dick and felt it push in to her hilt. She wanted to scream, tried to hold it in, but coupled with his squeezing and pinching on her nipples she released and with it the orgasm he’d stopped just moments ago. His lap became flooded and she beat her ass into his lap quickly taking it to its fullest as she came on him. “Fuck yeah!”

Holding in a howl he tangled his hand into her hair and pulled her down. Clumsily his hands grabbed at her body, groping her helplessly against the cool metal of the passenger side door. Her head fell back and she lifted her leg and pushed herself forward on his dick again. He smiled against her neck and shoved himself between her legs giving her what she wanted. “Ow!” His fingers pinched the tender flesh of her nipples hard enough to make her yelp in pain.

A smile formed on his lips and he turned her and threw her against the window. Her oversized breasts streaked against the glass as he pounded her from behind; tightening his clutch on her shoulder and waist he thrust his hips violently towards her, hard, fast until he could feel the slick hold of her cunt once more. He smacked a hand across her ass and watched it bounce into his pelvis. “Io volete scopare il vostro asino, Bella. You wanna feel me in your ass? Hmm?” he asked jerking her roughly by her hair and licking up her neck until she whimpered in pain and pleasure. (I want to fuck your ass.)

“Yes! Yes please, fuck my ass!” 

Paolo smiled and pushed her back until her ass raised higher towards him. Testing the strength of the puckered flower in front of him, he pushed his thumb into her anus and watched it grip his digit before releasing with a wet pop. He rubbed his cock across her entrance allowing the fluid from her pussy to lubricate her ass enough for him to enter with as little pain for her as possible. 

Spitting a generous amount of saliva onto his fingers he inserted three of them wetting her effectively. He pressed the head of his dick against the tight pucker and she held her breath as he slid in inch-by-inch filling her ass just as he’d done her pussy. “Oooh…mmm…aahh,” she cried as he pushed farther in. Once his balls hit the warmth of her pussy, he pulled back and did it all again, repeating the action twice more until her ass had accepted his length and stretched as it had needed. He gripped either cheek in his hands, spread her ass and thrust as hard and deep as he could into her nicely lubricated behind.

“Fuck! You’re fucking me deeper than my Brandon ever did. God yes! Fuck me, fuck me!” she cried as his thrusts became harder, overpowering and nearly unbearable as she drowned in a mixture of pain and pleasure. He’d taken every hole she had to offer and fucked them all thoroughly and now feeling him in her ass she knew she’d get full from his release. Wobbling on her knees, he held her tighter against his hips to keep his cock ramming her where he wanted. It felt so good; the cool air washed across her sweat drenched body and Paolo grabbed her arm and held it behind her back. His breathing was becoming shallow and his hips pumped quicker, he was nearing release.

“I’m cumming, Bella, fuck, I’m cumming!” He jerked forward; a pained smile stretched across his face as he held her arm tighter in his hands and drove his dick deeper into her wet, tight asshole. That perfect flesh was pounding against him and he watched her body shiver beneath his as beads of sweat rolled off his nose landing softly onto her back. The first spurt hit the tip of the condom and he fell forward as he continued releasing into her and feeling the rubber become warmer from his deposit. He sighed and wanted to rest on her shoulder but heard footsteps behind him. He turned with surprise seeing Connor standing behind him.

Willow Reed - Present Day

“Yeah, he was fucking their goddamn MARRIED waitress in the front seat of his Lambo when the cake was arriving at her table. She was looking around for him so I went to find him for her and came across that shit. I jacked him out of that yellow dick on wheels and beat him to a bloody pulp on the hood of it. I missed her blowing out the candles that night because I had to go wash his blood off my hands! I’ve NEVER missed one of her birthdays since we were fucking teens man! I just…if that whore hadn’t started yelling I don’t know if I would have stopped pounding my fists into his face. I felt at least five bones crush under my hand and if I’d had it my way he wouldn’t be recognizable to this day!”

“Does Ky know?”

“No and she never will. I took care of her like I always do.”

“What happened to the waitress?”

“Let’s just say her husband got an anonymous tip about the type of woman he was bedding. Had I known she had two little kids in the house I’d have spared her. But she made her bed and the last I heard they divorced and he took sole custody. As for Paul, I nearly killed that fucker and I told him if I ever saw him again…” Connor looked up and noticed Rafe’s eyes were golden slits and his jaw was flinching. “Dude? You can handle this right?”

“She told me she lost her virginity to this asshole. And he fucked her over like that? He’s the reason she refuses to…” a warning growl thundered from his lips, his claws extended and he began shifting. Rafe’s breathing became labored and Connor could hear the bones of his rib cage snap and bend.

“Dude calm down,” he glanced up at Kaya’s window and pushed Rafe against the bars of the back fence. “Hey! Get a grip. You have to control that shit man. If he does something PLEASE feel free to wail on his ass and get a few shots in for me. But for now I just need you to watch after my girl alright?”

“I can take care of Kaya.” He blew out a breath calming his nerves. His chest rose and fell rapidly as he sucked in oxygen and rubbed a hand through his hair. “Don’t worry about her she’ll be fine I can’t guarantee the same for that dick. What the fuck is he even here for? Does he really think she’d ever consider taking him back?”

“I don’t know what’s on that fucker’s mind but one thing is certain he isn’t taking my Ky again. I’m sure he knows I never told her. He knows how close we were, how that would have hurt her and that I’d protect her from ever having to feel that pain and I guess in a way I assisted in his return. But let him try me and I’m putting him in Bane’s flower garden.”

“And I’ll bring the shovels,” Rafe squeezed his hands into fists clenching and unclenching them several times as he thought about Kaya and what her reaction would have been to something like this; betrayal by someone she told him she cared about; loved. He didn’t deserve that. He didn’t even deserve to see those beautiful smiles he feels blessed with each time she gives him one. I’ll kill him, he thought. Without question if he needed to, he’d finish the job Connor started. “I better get upstairs and get my hair done too,” he smiled glancing at the clock on the wall of the kitchen. “I wouldn’t want to ‘look a mess’.”

“Ha! Man I was totally fucking with her ass. I knew that would get her out of the room long enough for me to talk to you. I don’t want her to look good for him but I needed her distracted.”

“That’s kind of fucked up. Women take that shit seriously man. That could have easily gone another way,” he laughed.

“Nah, not with my Ky. She’d never hurt me, try as she might; she’d never be able to raise a hand against me. Go on and get ready and remember what I said alright?”

“You don’t have to worry about her with me.”

“I know,” he smiled thinking about the conversation he had with Kaya about her feelings for Rafe. Not even Paolo made her float the way he’s seen her since they’ve had the pup in their home.

“Damn Rafe. If this wasn’t a casual date I think I might have been a little offended with your clothing choices,” she giggled as he joined her beside her Cadillac.


She shrugged. “I thought I would try and look nice for you. Casual but stylish jeans; plus this is a public appearance with Night Shift’s newest member. Imagine the wagging tongues when Kaya Villalobos and Rafe Hemming are seen on the town together. It certainly is a date or will be in their eyes.”

A smirk formed on his lips and he wet them slowly with his tongue as his eyes lingered on her choice of tops before following the curves in her hips and down to those legs. Damn, they were covered but he still imagined feeling them snake around his back and hold him in quiet comfort as her body melted into his. “You look beautiful. If you want I can run upstairs and change for you.”

“No don’t do that I like what you’re wearing I was only teasing you. Besides I’d never want you to change. Here,” she grinned tossing her keys at him, “You drive. And Rafe, if you intend to live a long and happy lycan eternity, you’d better take care of my baby.” She smiled as he opened the car door for her and slid inside.

Handing the tickets to the man at the gate, security escorted them towards the Skybox and positioned themselves outside the door. “Cozy,” Rafe noted as he took in the small booth and moved behind Kaya towards the window.

“You don’t have to be here for long, games are usually about 90 minutes. And thank you for bringing me Rafe, I know I put you on the spot asking and…”

“It’s no problem Ky. It should be fun.”

They watched the coin toss and the referee place the ball in the center mark before signaling Paolo Del Piero to kick off. The ball became live as soon as his foot hit it. Moving it forward in a bunt, Alessandro De Ceglie followed quickly behind him and kicked it up field towards Arturo Matri, another of their midfielders. Matri dribbled up field and passed to his team mate Giorgio Borriello.

Missing the pass, Simon Pritchard of Willow Reed picked it up and with a powerful front kick launched it down field towards Juventus’ goalie Leonardo Storari. He head butted it away from the goal only to watch Marco Chiellini kick forward once more. Matri and Del Piero got on defense but it was Daniel Davis of Willow Reed that drew first blood scoring as he and his teammates put on the pressure. “GOAL!” the announcer yelled over the loudspeaker stirring the home crowd as cheers ripped through the walls of the skybox.

Kaya cheered but Rafe stood stoic taking in the action. “What no home town pride?”

“Oh no I have plenty of pride,” he grinned. “I’m rooting for the home team to pull it out today but judging from the stats that keep flashing across the scoreboard on the opposing team I don’t think that’s going to happen.”

“No, you’re probably right. It would be a major upset if they were to win today. Juventus is historically the best club in the league winning fifty titles nationally and overseas and another twenty or so for the league. Their team makeup right now includes some of the world’s best strikers and defensive midfielders I’ve seen.”

“You know a lot about this team huh?”

She shrugged and nodded towards Paolo. “It kind of came with the territory you know?”

Juventus’ Borriello stepped it up a notch and made an effortless and beautiful goal block of Chad Milton’s fierce left-footed attempt to score. Del Piero moved back and De Ceglie chose his moment taking the save from Borriello and plowing it down field towards him.

Matri stood guard and watched the field ensuring Del Piero had plenty of space and time to get the job done. Drawing back his leg, Paolo struck the ball hard and heard it whistle down past the Willow Reed blockers and into the net. “GOAL!” the announcer again yelled. For the better part of the first half each team managed to successfully defend and restore an even balance and by the time the referee blew the whistle they were tied 2-2.

Feeling the heat of one of those infamous Willow Reed nights creeping up on him, Paolo moved back off field towards the locker room, smiling and nodding towards Kaya as he saw her watching him. Noticing Rafe’s glare he paused and passionately blew a kiss in her direction before winking at the deepened scowl piercing Rafe’s gaze. “I don’t know what you saw in that guy.”

“Must have been the dimples,” she smirked.

“Cui è la ragazza che state facendo i fronti con?” Storari asked removing the towel from his waist to redress in his uniform. (Who’s the girl you're making faces with?)

“Haven’t you heard? Del Piero’s got himself some side tail in almost every city. That one there is the lead singer for the band Night Shift,” De Ceglie replied leaning back on the bench with a smile. “She’s the one that sucks it long and had him in tears.”

“Oh right the one that had him making plans to settle down so she could bite the dick every night. How’s it go, Paolo? ‘It’s right here baby come slob the salami’,” Matri replied grabbing his dick for emphasis. “Yeah, I’m surprised he’s kept her hanging on the line for this long. I don’t know how you do it Brother. A girl like that should have been married with 12 kids by now. I know I wouldn’t let someone that looked half as good as her out of bed for at least a year.”

Paolo laughed at Arturo’s words and turned to face his teammates. “Kaya and I haven’t dated in a while but it is nice to know I have options if I wanted. She’s a good girl though. I think more than anything the people in her life keep her from being what she really can be but once she learns what she truly wants she’ll make some guy very happy one day; maybe it’ll be me again.”

“Or the guy in the box with her,” Borriello remarked. “Ha avuto lo sguardo della morte quando la avete soffiata un bacio! You’d better be careful.” (He had the look of death when you blew her a kiss.)

“I’m not worried about him. I know what Kaya likes and what drives her in bed. He’d be lucky to get to sniff her panties after I make her wet them a few times. Now let’s get back to the field and crush these clowns. Tutti per Juventus!” (All for Juventus)

“YA!” the team shouted in unison as Paolo led them back onto the field.

The Strikers began the second half with a renewed vigor but it was a concerted effort between Borriello and De Ceglie that claimed the ball for Juventus down field. The Strikers goalie Patrick Douglas caused an upset blocking what in everyone’s estimate was a perfect goal shot. Pritchard drove forward from deep but his run was brought to a halt by Matri as he got the pass to Del Piero who picked up the assist and propelled a low right-foot kick down the middle, with De Ceglie on hand to sweep the ball home and send the visiting supporters into ecstasy.

Yet the Strikers couldn’t be counted out just yet. A nice distracting pass from Davis to Chiellini pushed the Juventus sprinters back and allowed Milton to score one for the home team. “YEAH!” Rafe cheered finally mustering up enough support to watch Del Piero take a header into the dirt as he blocked a pass from Pritchard.

Kaya laughed and shook her head. “I think you’re cheering for the wrong thing Rafe. Perhaps soccer’s not your sport.”

“What can I say? I’m into crashes and I just witnessed a wreck.”

The game was winding down to the final two minutes of play and the scoreboard was proving this to be a thrilling showdown with the Willow Reed Strikers doing more than expected and holding their own with one of the top rated teams in the sport. They’d gathered together and brought with it an interesting fight.

With the game poised for overtime, Juve made a final ditch effort to send the home team packing. Nodding towards his center man, Paolo waited for De Ceglie to pitch the ball towards Matri who skillfully netted it to Del Piero. The visiting supporters were on their feet as any Juventus fan knew what was next. The spin Matri set to the pitch allowed Paolo to scissors his next strike batting it perfectly off his foot and driving it flawlessly into the net as the clock reached the last three seconds. It was a memorable ending to a dramatic and intense effort by the Strikers with a final score of 4-3.

GOAL! GOAL! GOAL!” the announcer yelled just as animated and excited as the crowd. Paolo dropped to his knees in center field and pointed towards Kaya as he howled. “That’s for you K! YEAH!” She cheered as she watched the team grab him and carry him off as they celebrated their victory over the field.

“Bambola di buona sera,” Paolo beamed as he joined them in the skybox fifteen minutes later. “The guys are heading to a nightclub to wind down. Could I interest you?” (Good evening, Doll)

“Oh no I better not. I think Ulrick would kill me if we started a scandal. You know how he is.”

“Still a stickler huh? Maybe some other time. You like the kick there at the end? I had you in mind when I did it. Coppa Italia, Winter 90?”

“It wasn’t bad, I’ve seen better,” Rafe grunted plopping onto the cushion beside her.

“You have huh? You must have caught one of my other games then. What about you Ky? Enjoy the game?” Paolo smiled as he poured himself a drink and moved beside her. “I think that is my best performance in quite a while all thanks to you. Knowing you were up here cheering for me made a big difference.”

“What makes you think I was cheering for you and not someone else on your team or the Strikers for that matter?”

He laughed and pointed to his ears. “I heard you Bella. Non dovete fingere con me.” He took another sip of the drink in his hand and smiled at her. “So my Alpha spoke about uh, this ‘Supreme’ one that’s hiding among us. You hear about that?” (You don’t have to pretend with me.)

“As a matter of fact. I hear there are a few packs doing trials to figure out who it might be within theirs.”

“What about Greymane? Any special competitions being held?”

“Paolo you know I don’t like to discuss pack business with outsiders.”

“Outsider? Ouch. That hurts.” He feigned a pained reaction. “You know with this ‘Supreme Alpha’ comes a great deal of mating opportunities. I’d be willing to bet he would have his pick of any available female to make his queen and I know what time it is for you. Have you given any thought to who you want? Given that you no longer have a true mate.”

“Whoever said the supreme one was a male? Maybe it’s a she-wolf finally preparing to show all you dogs what real power is! And no I haven’t thought about mating but if that’s what you came back for…”

“I came in hopes of reconnecting. Surely I’d hoped you hadn’t yet mated but I wasn’t positive if you’d be comfortable giving me a second chance.” Glancing at Rafe he watched him move behind Kaya like a protective watchdog and sighed. “I’m so glad we are able to have this time together. I’d have preferred if we could have afforded a bit more privacy but…maybe I could take you to dinner say Friday?” 

“Sorry, Kaya’s busy on Friday,” Rafe answered pushing into the conversation between them.

“Is that right? And I suppose she’s busy with you?”

Rafe folded his arms into his chest and glared at the smug grin on the pretty boy’s face. He dug his claws into his elbows trying to prevent himself from hammering him. The guy was arrogant that was certain. And as he’d already assessed and confirmed with Connor a playboy who used women as nothing more than a means to an end.

“Yeah I bet. Anyway Bella,” he smiled leaning forward and pinning her against the wall. “I won tonight, scissors kick and as they say ‘nothing but net’.”

“So I saw.”

“And you remember what that means?” He pushed his lips towards her until he could feel her warm breath touch his face. “Bacimi.” Not receiving the reaction he was hoping for he pulled back and looked at her, beaming his brightest smile. “It’s tradition! You wouldn’t want to ruin that now would you?” (Kiss me.)

Paolo leaned forward again only to be met with Kaya’s hand pressing against his chest pushing him away. It was what Rafe was secretly hoping for, he was ready to pull the asshole away but he wanted to know, had to see if she still had any interest in being with him. “It was tradition when we were together; past tense Paolo, back off please, I’m not kissing you.”


“She said back up Pablo, move now or…” He watched Paolo lean forward again. Kaya turned her head and pushed harder into his chest. Rafe growled and stepped in. Twisting Paolo by the shoulder he turned him around pulling him off the wall. Paolo grabbed Kaya and kept Rafe from removing her from his grip.

“The name is Paolo and I’m sorry who are you again?”

“This is Rafe,” Kaya interrupted the stare down and removed his arm from her neck. “He’s the new bassist for Night Shift.”

“Oh yeah I remember you, the shy one. You’re the one that didn’t want to say anything on the camera like a guilty man afraid of having his secrets exposed to the whole world. Is that the reason you tried to hide your face from the cameras? You used to be in Phase 2, shame what happened to them…then again I think you know all about it. Correct me if I’m wrong your last group went bottoms up because you fucked over a friend of yours and framed a guy for a robbery and attempted murder wasn’t it?”

Kaya turned to Rafe confused but from what she could sense from the fact that his pulse rose a little and heart pounded quicker, what Paolo was saying appeared to be true. She knew he was uncomfortable about the attention they were receiving but was that really the reason behind it? “What?” Paolo grinned, receiving the reaction from Kaya that he wanted. She rubbed a hand across her shoulder looking towards him but he never let his gaze drop Paolo’s. “Rafe is that true?”

“Of course it is, I like to do my research. Interestingly enough I figured you’d failed to tell Kaya about it, otherwise I’m sure she’d have never agreed to allow you into her band. He’s bad news K and he’s gonna bring Night Shift down once the truth gets out. You should drop this orphaned piece of shit while you still have a chance to get in front of this. We both know how Ulrick hates a scan…”

“HEY!” she turned and slapped her right hand across his cheek as hard as she could and felt the tips of her fingers sting. “Don’t talk about Rafe like that,” she angrily cut him off midsentence. “I don’t care what you think he may have done I know him and what you’re saying is nothing like the man I know. Even if he has some skeletons in his closet there’s no need to pull in his personal shit like that.”

“Sono spiacente, Bella. I meant no disrespect to you.” (I’m sorry, Beautiful)

She looked towards Rafe again, curling her arm through his hearing the rumbling in his throat. Not now, she thought knowing the makings of his wild side were beginning to surface. She rubbed his arm trying to lull him before it got worse. 

Rafe glared, unfazed by Paolo’s attempt to taunt him and alter Kaya’s outlook of him. He wanted to smile and throw it back in his face a failed attempt to get what he was after. Damn now he sees why it was so hard for Connor to stop hitting him. He had to keep him away from Kaya like he’d promised; protect her at all costs from this douche and he knew the perfect way. Connor forgive me, he thought as he formulated his plan. “Well while we’re playing a bit of truth and consequence how about you explain exactly why you left town the first time. Something about fucking some married waitress and mother of two on Kaya’s birthday while she was inside blowing out her candles, is it?”

Kaya froze in her tracks and turned to Paolo. His heart was beating at an incredible pace and small beads of sweat were forming on his forehead. She continued analyzing him, that boyish smile had disappeared and was replaced by a weak and nervous expression as he turned to her. Something was definitely wrong here. Fuck why hadn’t she seen it before? “You…you did what?”

“Kaya wait I can explain that.”

“Explain? Explain that the night I was celebrating you were…that’s why you went missing. You said it was too loud and you needed to clear your head and you what? Drove to some place and…”

“More like fucked her in the parking lot in his car while you were a few yards away inside,” Rafe continued filling in the blanks. He watched Paolo’s eyes burn from his and back to Kaya’s. Damage control, that’s what Paolo was thinking. He needed to spin this and save what he had with Kaya but Rafe knew it was too late.

“That’s the reason you left town without a word? Afraid I’d smell her on you? You son of a bitch! You tried to make me believe my Father had something to do with this and the whole time it was as simple as you not being able to keep your fucking dick in your pants? What did you think I’d turn on him and…and let you mate me?”

“No, he told me he didn’t want us to mate and I…” She wound up and slammed her fist into his face shutting up his lies. His neck snapped back and she felt his jaw bounce against her knuckles.

“Fuck!” she yelled shaking her hand at the soreness it caused her fingers. “Stay the fuck away from me if you know what’s good for you!”

“Kaya!” he gripped her wrists and twisted trying to stop her from leaving. She jerked her arm to try and release from his grasp but he held on tighter. “Per favore, lascimi spiegare. It was a moment of weakness but she meant nothing to me.” (Please let me explain.)

“And I obviously meant less if you couldn’t respect me enough to keep your zipper up!” His grip tightened on her arm and he jerked her again…one too many times for Rafe.

“HEY! Get off her,” Rafe shoved Paolo hard in the chest and followed up immediately with a swing to his jaw. He stumbled but landed against the wall. Not allowing the man to stand, Rafe hit him again and watched his jaw bounce against his teeth. Another hard right to his chin caused Paolo to fall hard. Rubbing one hand lightly across his cheek, his face twisted and he came back at Rafe with a fist of his own. 

Rafe dodged him, caught him around the neck and threw a knee into his bent over face hard. Hearing his nose crack he followed up with another, threw him back and punched him with all his might. Paolo toppled to the floor again and Rafe was on him instantly swinging wildly with both fists. “I’ll fucking kill you, you son of a bitch! Don’t you ever fucking touch her like that,” he yelled as he furiously belted Paolo with lefts and rights. The athlete’s head swayed from side to side with every blow his face encountered. Dizzying quickly he growled at Rafe trying to muster up the strength of his wolf to combat this opponent.

“Rafe!” Kaya tried calling his attention and pulling him off. “Rafe stop that’s enough!” She stumbled back unable to move the mass of bricks his muscles had become. Stronger than me? Not possible! She climbed to her feet and watched as he continued plowing his knuckles into Paolo’s chin. Blood gushed from his busted lip and his eye was beginning to swell and close. “RAFE!”

Ignoring her he continued pummeling Paolo into the floor. Paolo pushed him off in a desperate attempt and scrambled to his feet. “Fuck you!” His eyes burned with rage and he rushed towards Rafe only to be met with a boot to the face. His neck snapped again and a bloody tooth fell to the floor in front of Kaya with a mouthful of blood. She took one step back, dumbfounded by Rafe’s reaction and afraid this time she would not be able to stop him.

His body spun around and Rafe jumped on his back, locking his arms around his neck once more. He clawed at Rafe’s hand and threw his head back viciously trying to knock him in the face and get him off. Rafe masterfully moved his head around avoiding each swing and tightened his grip around Paolo’s throat. 

He pressed his weight against his back, locking his elbows in place making it hard for him to breathe.  Paolo’s spine cracked breaking another bone in his back that immediately began to repair itself. He howled in pain once more and Kaya moved closer to his back. “Rafe?”

Panic set in and Paolo struggled for air as he continued scraping at Rafe’s arms. “Kaya, help,” he managed to choke out. Hearing him call for her in desperation brought a smile to her face but knowing what it was bringing out in Rafe it quickly disappeared. This side of him was scary, cruel, unpredictable and if everything Lobo said or didn’t say about wild wolves was true, there was no controlling him.

Paolo was teetering the very thin line of consciousness and a total blackout before Rafe released him and drilled his fist into his nose once more. He fell back, landing hard on his ass. His face was broken and bloody and Rafe took one step forward ready to finish what he’d started.

“Rafe enough,” Kaya moved towards him quickly and wrapped her arms around his chest. Tauntingly his yellow eyes glared at the bloody man on the floor beneath him. His muscles flinched under Kaya’s grip and she tightened her hold on him to keep him from moving forward. “Take me home please Rafe, please.”

Her warm breath fell against his neck as she whispered and he slowly felt himself coming down. His eyes took on their shade of steel and he rubbed his hand across the back of her right fist as she clung to him. “I think it’s best you get out of town as soon as you can. Stay away from the manor and keep the fuck away from Kaya or a busted face and sore throat will be the least of your problems.”

He took her hand, peeled her arms from his body and pulled her behind him towards the door and to the car. Stopping just at the trunk he drew her closer to his chest and rubbed his hand through her hair examining her features. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine just get me out of here ok?” Rafe rested his hands on her back and felt her heaving chest move against his. She warned him to keep his hands off but moments like these were the reason that was hard to do. His wolf wanted this, needed this and he could feel deep down to his soul hers did as well. 

He chewed on his lower lip and opened her door. On the ride home he constantly stole glances in her direction as she leaned as far into her door as she could. Worried that it was panic over what she saw him do or what she’d heard from Paolo he tried several times to spark a conversation and quiet her fears but was met with silence each time. “I can explain what he said about me and my old band Kaya. It’s just a little…complicated. I mean but I will I just...” 

“How’s your hand? You really got him good. I should know I’ve felt that right hook before,” he joked and yet she remained quiet never once acknowledging that he was speaking. He sighed and turned on the radio to break the silence that was quickly filling the luxury vehicle and climbing into his ears. The ringing was overwhelming and the enchanting mezzo soprano voice of the woman sitting beside him was a very welcomed surprise. He turned it up and smiled at her hoping it would get a reaction but she continued staring out the window, her thoughts otherwise occupied.

...That was Night Shift and “Walls of the Coffin” from their latest CD Black Moon. Stay tuned and learn how you can win backstage passes to their...

The radio shut off as the engine died down and Kaya climbed out of the car and started for the front door.

“Ky I’m sorry about…”

“It’s ok Rafe, no harm done. Besides, I’m sure Connor will appreciate it he’s never liked him and I guess now I know why.”

They stopped short of the front door and he nervously kicked at a rock beside the flower pot. “I want to explain to you what he said about Phase 2.”

“When you’re ready,” she smiled genuinely. “I know it’s something that’s been bothering you I mean I saw the way you were on Chasing Stars. I thought it was because you were pulled up on stage and it was just shell shock. But now I know it was to try and avoid the attention. I’m sorry about that and any anxiety it may have caused you. Just know that when you’re ready to talk, I’m here to listen. Honestly the only thing I’m worried about right now is the ‘wild’ part of what you are.”

“Yeah that was a little unsettling I suppose. I just don’t understand what I am and why my temper gets that way. More and more I’m beginning to think it’s why my parents abandoned me. But then that doesn’t make sense you know? I’d have to have gotten it from one of them right?”

“You know what? Daddy knew what you were; you’re something he’s seen before or came across in his tenure as an Alpha or just as a wolf in particular. I’m willing to bet he has some sort of information on your kind, he’s notorious for that. There’s a library in the East wing filled to the BRIM with books. He doesn’t like people going in there without his knowledge but seeing how he isn’t home right and I am the Beta,” she wiggled her eyebrows. Her fingers locked with his and she jerked him up the stairs towards the reading room.

“Uh…even if he isn’t home, wouldn’t he be able to sense someone was in here while he was away? Even sniff out my scent and…”

She giggled and rubbed her thumb across the knuckles of the hand still clenched in hers, “I wouldn’t worry about it Rafe. I’ll protect you. Besides I owe you one.”

He looked down at her hand and smiled. “Alright, I suppose if I am to become a member of your pack, as a subordinate it is my wolfy duty to listen to my Beta.” He stepped closer and ran his free hand through her hair, brushing it across her cheek as he pulled it away. “And you don’t owe me anything. I wasn’t about to stand there and watch him assault you; I wanted to protect you Ky. It just feels right for me to do.”

They continued down the hall and Rafe remarked at the number of areas chipped out or broken from what appeared to be someone’s fist driving through the plaster. Kaya felt Rafe’s unease and turned to him with a smile. “He’s the only other person I’ve seen with a temper that could rival yours. But again, don’t worry about it ok?”

“What’s that?” he asked nodding towards a photo gallery on the wall. He inched closer and Kaya stopped him at a certain distance to prevent his scent from marking the area.

“That’s a strictly ‘hands-off-unless-you-want-to-die’ area. It’s where Daddy keeps old files, folders and photographs of Mom. It’s like his shrine I guess you could say. Everything on it still retains her scent so, keep away before you taint it ok? Let’s keep moving we’re almost there.”

They entered the library and just as Kaya had said the entire wall was covered in mountains of books. They were piled up in boxes all along the floor, the tables were consumed by them and they were even stacked in chairs leaning against the wall. The room smelled like old polished leather, there must have been some ancient texts or bound books he’d kept and the place felt just as old. He looked up towards the vaulted ceiling only to notice long ladders leading up the walls to more books and shelves containing scrolls, pamphlets and booklets. Everything in here dealt with Lycans past, present and future and he must have had something for every pack ever in existence.

They continued into the room and Rafe stopped short of another display containing an Egyptian set with relics, coffers, tomb keys and a chest. “What’s all this?”

“This is one of Daddy’s favorite exhibits. It’s actually his vacation of choice as well. We’ve been there a few times…more than I can count. It’s one of the places I went with Connor also. In fact that’s where he and I were tattooed for the first time.” Rafe leaned closer to the glass to get a better look at the writing on one of the coffers and Kaya placed her hand on his shoulder pushing him away. “Remember the wall art out in the hall I said was strictly hands off unless you wanted to die? Well think of this as its little brother.”

“Gotcha,” he smiled warmly.

“Over here is where Daddy keeps the more recent records. We can start with…actually I don’t know. ‘W’ for ‘wild’ maybe? And work our way from there.”

She handed him a few stacks of books and he sat them on the coffee table at the center of the room as she moved a few to the desk for herself. Rafe settled in and began reading from the first text. After browsing through a large family history of a pack he’d of course never heard of he skimmed the title page checking for anything of significance towards his name or any familiar feeling.

Kaya glanced up on occasion checking on him to ensure he wasn’t becoming utterly depressed or stressed out. It was actually a warming sense of comfort watching him delve into the pages of their wolf history and learning of those that came before him. It was as if she was sharing a part of herself that she never let anyone see before and he was kindly accepting it.

He released a frustrated sigh and turned to look at her. “Do you have any idea at all what we’re even looking for?”

“Not really, no. I thought you’d see something that maybe sparked a sense of recognition to be honest. You said you’ve never heard of wolves before but there’s something about you that seems to be adjusting to what you’re experiencing and I am wondering if it has something to do with a memory from your childhood. You said you were adopted when you were 8 years old. Do you remember your life before that?”

“No. And what I remember about college is I never did my own homework. Hell that can be said about high school too. I always found a pretty girl…”

“That you could feel up and make her think she was the be-all, end-all of your world and have her complete your assignments on top of getting a little ‘extra credit’ out of her. Yeah, I can’t say I’m in shock or awe about that one Rafe.”

“You know Ky not every guy is a total hound dog or asshole player out to use women for their own desires. I never once treated any girl I dated with anything less than complete and total respect. Sure I may have ‘convinced’ them to ‘help’ on a few of my assignments but they were never thrown away after the class was over. And let’s get one thing straight while we’re at it, Paolo was a fucking dickhead that didn’t know a good thing when he had it. I’d have never even thought of another girl if you gave me half of that attention. He never deserved you, that waitress did you a favor.”

“You’re probably right. I guess I was stupid or blind or just naïve. But seeing someone my Dad could ‘almost’ give two thumbs up to made me think that I wouldn’t have to spend my eternity alone. And I’m sorry Rafe; I didn’t mean to offend you. I’m not directing that hostility at you I’m just...hurt.” She dropped her head back to what she was reading and he thought about whether he should say more or leave her to her thoughts.

Ultimately he decided to let her continue working quietly and he dove into another leather bound diary of another pack. But there was nothing of interest or anything that he could see worthy to speak of. Over the course of the next four hours Rafe and Kaya continued looking through one text after another. Frustrated, tired and feeling a little discouraged he leaned back over the cushions of the sofa and drifted into a deep sleep.

Another hour passed before Kaya finally gave in. There wasn’t anything she’d be able to find on her own searching through the endless texts in this library and there was no way Lobo would ever offer the information either. She knew Lexi would surely lead to another dead end as well considering anything they discuss she feels compelled to tell their Alpha. Kaya looked up hearing the quiet snores coming from the other side of the room. He looked so peaceful she almost didn’t want to bother him; almost.

She crept towards the couch and lifted a large dictionary from the table. Raising it high above her head she slammed it as hard as she could onto the table again and watched Rafe’s eyes fly open. “I’m up, I’m up!” he jumped nervously from the couch. Kaya tipped over in laughter as he nervously checked himself as though a gun had gone off and he may have been shot. He wiped the drool from his lip and glared at her once he’d realized what she had done. “That wasn’t funny Kaya!”

“Sure it was Sleeping Beauty. Come on, I was saying I should get you to bed before you start sawing more wood.”

He growled and she jumped back retaining the smile on her face. She took a jump step to the left and he followed. She moved in the same fashion to the right and he again mimicked her actions. “Rafe?”

“I’m gonna spank your ass!” She laughed but his expression remained piercing. He lunged for her and she leapt back and rushed around the couch. “Get back here Kaya!”

“Gotta catch me first she teased.”

“Don’t think I won’t!” he smiled as the chase was on. He rushed towards her and she sidestepped him and watched him crash forward and through the Egyptian case.

“RAFE!” He fell through a trap door on the other side of the display. She cautiously entered the glass and jumped down the hole he’d uncovered in the floor landing beside him in a dark, dank room. “Hey! Are you ok?”

“I think so. Only thing I think I bruised was my ego,” he groaned as he tried to get up. “And maybe a rib or two.” Kaya took his hand and helped him to his feet. 

Brushing off the dirt and Spiderwebs carefully she pressed her hand into his side to check for any protrusions or otherwise broken bones. “I think you’re fine. If you injured them they’ve since healed.” She moved into the room and took a look around.

Disturbing a book or two on the shelf in front of her she unsettled pockets of dust that had been resting for some time and coughed a little as she fanned away the waves of old particles that floated in front of her nose. “What is this place?” Rafe asked watching her take note of a few handwritten journals sitting on the bottom shelf of the far right bookcase.

“I have no idea Rafe. I didn’t know anything about a secret underground…library? Daddy always kept anyone who he’d allow into the library away from that display, I guess there was a reason for that.”

“You think he knew about this place? Look at it, seems a bit underused,” he said motioning towards the number of Spiderwebs and layers of thick dust blanketing the floors and walls. Even the handle on the door leading out of the room was old and rusted shut.

Maybe he was right. This place appeared vastly underused. If Lobo knew anything about it, he hadn’t visited it in quite some time. Kaya placed her hand around the handle and twisted lightly. It rattled in place and squeaked and cried under the pressure of her hand. Resisting at first, not wanting to remove itself from the spot it’d had grown accustomed to she applied a slight more pressure and finally the door swung open with a loud creak.

“Wait, you really want to go exploring some scary ass tomb under the floor of your mansion?”

She laughed and turned to look at him. “Of course I do. What do you think could be down here? Zombies waiting to feast on your brains or something? Come on don’t be so scary, I’ll protect you.”

“It’s not me that I’m worried about. I’m not dressed like the most appetizing item on the dessert menu,” he smiled looking her up and down and licking his lips. “You’d make some lucky monster a fine meal, trust me.” 

“Alright fine…come and protect me from the big baddies or listen to them munch on me!” He looked at her mockingly and she dramatically threw her hand over her face and fanned imaginary heat fumes putting on a southern belle act. “Oh my do I wish I had some nice, hunk of a man to fend off the big, scary monsters beating at my door. Oh I do declare you look much like the type to throw a reasonably sized woman over that large muscular shoulder of yours and carry her off into the sunset. Would you by my hero?”

“Well when you put it like that.” He stepped closer and rested his hands one each under a cheek of her rear and began to lift her. She giggled and slapped at him until he dropped her back to the ground. He grinned and rubbed his lips against her cheek closing his eyes as that familiar scent dazed him again. She moved away slowly and they walked through a dark hall together and followed it to another door. 

Entering into a well lit corridor, Kaya glanced at the pictures on the wall and stopped on one collage in particular. Stepping closer to examine it she gasped noticing one of the black and whites was of her mother and the town she and her Dad were born in. “Well that confirms they knew about this place,” she remarked pointing to the shot. “That’s my Mom.”

“She’s pretty,” he commented and looked at her. “I can see where you get your looks.”

“Why would Daddy hide these here?”

“Why do you think it was his intention to hide it at all? He could have just as easily have forgotten about this place you know.”

“That’s giving him the benefit of the doubt Rafe, thanks but my Dad’s mind is a steel trap, he remembers everything trust me. There was a reason this place was sealed off behind that display and a reason he never mentioned it to me.” She squinted her eyes noticing a dark red light peeking from under the door of an adjacent room and stepped towards the next door.

Grunting and grinding her teeth she tried as hard as she could to pull the door open but unlike the previous few this one wasn’t budging. “Here let me,” Rafe offered as she stepped to the side and watched him once again overpower her. “It just needed a man’s touch.”

She giggled for some inexplicable reason and he ushered her to the next room. “Surprise, surprise; more books!”

The scent of old books and mildew rubbed through their senses with the stifling air that consumed the room. She’d mentioned Lobo’s love of books but apparently had no idea how deeply that love really ran. She slid her hand across a table containing a family tree with her family’s name etched at the top and smiled. This must have been his private library at some point before it became boarded up and forgotten.

She moved to the shelf on the far end of the room and looked over the large display of old leather clad and tied diaries and journals. Many of them were written in Kaelani’s hand others were Armand’s. “This is incredible. It’s like walking in the shoes of my mother. Seeing and experiencing the places I know she held high in her heart. She was an avid reader and writer too!”

She closed her eyes and tried to imagine her standing in that very spot looking over their impressive collection of books and locating one to read. She could imagine the woman that put such love and care in the words she wrote down finding enjoyment reading to her at night had she the chance. And these weren’t just any old textbooks or journals you’d find in normal libraries. Kaya would have learned all about wolf history from her lips and the path her family took to get to where they are.

Every science journal concerning the evolution of their species, how and when the gene was first discovered and customary reactions from those “cursed” by the moon were documented right here before her. Kaya rubbed her hand along the diary handwritten by her mother but bypassed it as one more immediate caught her attention. “Nox Noctis: Feral & Wild”. She pulled it from the shelf and started for the nearby desk tossing a smile in Rafe’s direction almost forgetting he’d accompanied her as she stood reveling in her history. She must have looked like a crazy person.

“I didn’t want to disturb you,” he nodded noting her sudden anxiety.  

“Thank you Rafe. I uh found a handwritten one about wild wolves, might give us a few answers.” Walking across the room she took a seat in an old wooden chair and lit one of the candles by the long handled matches on top of the shelf. 

Slowly she began reading, flipping carefully through each page so the fragile pieces didn’t crumble from her touch and fall apart. So many parts of the book appeared to be small notations and ideas about where the lone wolf started and how the rogues often tried to become affiliated with packs only to later discover their feral nature too suffocated to live with others. Rafe paced behind her trying to keep from disturbing her as she read. She tried to concentrate on the hastily and somewhat illegible scribbled words printed on the tea stained and browning paper.

It appeared that when Lobo started the journal he’d found quite a few nests settled by the feral wolves and while trying to uncover how to break them and make them a sociable part of their pack saw it as a near impossible task. “Anything interesting?”

“Well according to my Dad, you harness a type of energy unleashed when your anger is at its peak; one that can be self-destructive if not controlled. But we already kinda knew that about you Hulk.”

“Hulk?” he laughed. “Thanks Beautiful. It’s nice to know you see me as some large, green monster ready to break loose at the slightest upset.”

“Well…you did threaten to spank me earlier.”

“You scared me and deserved that and don’t think I forgot!”

She smiled to herself thinking over his threat. Running her fingers over the doggy eared pages near the middle of the book she opened up to the first and a small piece of paper fell from the creases. She unfolded the crusted old sheet of paper and began reading. Gasping as she reached the middle section. She dropped the page to the desk and motioned to Rafe. “That necklace you wear, the dogtags; what’s the name on them?”

“Savage, why?” He rubbed his hand across the raised, dotted text of the tags around his neck before replacing them back under his shirt and leaning over her. 

“I think my father knew yours; your real father.”

“What are you talking about?” he turned the book around and leaned over the front of the desk trying to read through the handwriting but finding it difficult to understand. “What does this say?”

“It says something about the wolf Savage and his family once living in this region. Savage was too confrontational to keep near his pack so he had them…removed.”

“Removed? Kaya what the fuck are you saying?”

“I think my Dad killed yours.”

“And made me a fucking orphan? Isn’t that just fantastic. And he of course had to know the scent of the wolf his little girl brought home. I wasn’t a stranger to him when we met and that explains his hostility towards me when you introduced us! The son of the man he’d murdered was standing in his house.”

“Rafe I said I think…”

“You think! Kaya he murdered your fucking mate do you really think he’d have hesitated on a lone wolf he thought was a danger to his pack?”

“No. He wouldn’t have hesitated,” she sighed hanging her head. A bit of text near the end of the page caught her eye and she continued reading. “He was killed. It doesn’t say who did it but it was by my Dad’s orders. There were a few survivors. They escaped and he believed the lone wolves finally banded together to form a rogue pack perhaps plotting their revenge on Greymane. He printed some coordinates at the bottom of the page; their last known locations possibly.” Rafe snatched the paper from the book, pulled away from the desk and started for the door.

“Rafe wait where are you going?”

“To find them and see what else I can learn about the man whose house I am staying in Kaya.”

“But these are wild wolves! Savage wasn’t their family name it was the name they took on because of what they were! You can’t go after them Rafe something could happen to you!”

“Something did happen to me Kaya! I just found out something I never knew about who and what I am and now I have a really strong lead to get more information. Do you really expect me to not do anything about that? You have no idea what it’s like waking up and feeling as though the entire world has abandoned you and left you out in the cold to fend for yourself. I had to grow up without my real parents and suffer 8 years in the cold, unloving walls of one foster home to another because,” he paused for dramatic effect and stepped closer towards her. Rubbing a hand across her arm and squeezing as he reached her fingers he scowled letting her know what he really thought about Lobo. “Because your father is the real savage.”

“Rafe I’m sorry about everything that’s happened I really am. But please, I don’t want you to go. If anything happened to you I’d…”

“Come with me.”


“Come with me to see them. Because one way or another I’m heading out there. I want answers Kaya; I need them. Be my hero this time? What do you say?”

“I say it’s fucking dangerous and stupid and…”

“And you should pack us some lunch; it might be a long trip.” She nodded her head and smiled and they both started out of the corridor towards the large metal doors labeled “exit”.

**Author's note:

The horse trail used was created by: Jazen. Thank you for cutting down my build time :)

And I realize that there was quite a bit to read...most of it was probably not even necessary but I have this problem. I never know when to shut...**

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    3. Thank you :D (Parlo un piccolo Italiano) and a little Spanish. I'm fluent in French though. It's very helpful that these 3 languages are very similar. I tried learning German when I went to live there for a year and uh...well...I can order food in a restaurant :P (Ich mochte einen Hamburger und Fischrogen gefallen.) <---I'd like a hamburger and fries HAHAHA that language is HARD!

  10. Ah, Paolo, so pretty, and such a douche.
    And at last, Rafe is learning something about his past...looking forward to the next chapter!

    1. The pretty boys usually are /sigh. They have a sense of entitlement and that always hides their real personalities sadly.

      Hopefully Rafe's history will help him but he is heading into dangerous territory! Luckily Kaya is at his side :)