Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Episode 23: Do Your Business

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Rafe, Bane, Connor, Ulrick, Lobo, Eli, Roman, Antoinette, Greymane & Vanderbilt wolves
Word Count: 9,955
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Rafe has his induction ceremony and becomes part of Greymane under Lobo's rule though there is a catch to his joining that he was not readily agreeable to. Kaya meets other wolves from Roman's pack and he takes her on another date that may not end as either one expects.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, adult situations

Kaya checked herself one last time in the mirror. She was wearing her mother’s favorite hostess dress for tonight’s festivities. As Beta she’d take the place of the pack Luna’s position and greet their pack members and guests as they came out to celebrate and welcome Rafe into the fold. She was excited he’d agreed to it and hoped to prove her father wrong about wild wolves and their inability to remain sociable.

Though she was happy to be able to welcome Rafe into Greymane, there were other reasons to be concerned. Not just because they were still unsure of his history and where he came from but if there are reasons these kinds of wolves remained rogue, she was hoping she wasn’t inviting danger into her home. With affiliation comes power, though no where as equal as that attained from mating but enough to enhance one’s lycan abilities. Would a wild wolf be tempted? Lobo felt certain that with any degree of power wild wolves would become uncontrollable.

Tonight was also important because she was going to meet wolves from her future pack. Lobo saw tonight’s ceremony as an opportunity to meet and greet with Vanderbilt wolves and invited them along for the ride. Kaya’s gut wrenched nervously at the thought of leaving Greymane but she knew it was something that she had to do. Roman didn’t seem like a bad guy but that wasn’t enough to confidently push her into this treaty; maybe tonight would change her mind.

“Knock knock,” Connor called as he stepped into her room. “Wow Ky, you look gorgeous!”

“Thank you Coco, I was thinking the same about you.” She grinned eyeing his torn jeans but was still pleased he made the effort with his suit coat and tie. She sighed and he wrapped an arm around her back hugging her close. “Do you think I’m being irrational?”

“What do you mean Ky?”

“Well Daddy says no matter what Rafe will never be able to accept his role in a pack or a stable wolf community. His behavior will continue to be disruptive, maybe even more since he’ll feel trapped. Am I being foolish thinking this will change him? Am I risking the lives of the rest of the pack to try and save him?”

“I think you’re being Kaya Danielle Villalobos. The girl I met in school a few hundred years ago that wanted to solve all of my problems. The same one that thought she could help Bane and the one that I warned would get bit if she were not careful. It’s who you are Kaya and nothing and no one will ever change that. I love that about you. You always see the good in a situation and take it as your responsibility to fix it if not. Rafe will be fine because you’re guiding hands will keep him centered. I mean look at the night he changed. You kept him from eating everyone here. And at the pier? Making everyone believe he was his own pet just to protect our kind. No one can blame you for pursuing this ceremony because you always have everyone’s interest at heart.”

“And who said you were no good at speeches?”

He laughed and tucked her into his chest again hugging her tight. “Don’t tell anyone ok?”

“It’ll be our secret.”

He pulled back and leaned against the wall as she once again went over her makeup. “I actually came up here for a reason. Uh Rafe was looking for you.”

She raised her brow in his direction and grinned. “I’ve been up here since about five in the afternoon, well with the exception of helping the others prepare the banquet room. He wasn’t looking too hard.”

“Yeah well I don’t think he wanted to interrupt you and the other four she-wolves in the kitchen cooking. Considering what I could overhear, I think it was safe every guy stayed as far away from that room as possible. And ok I lied; he wanted to talk to you but he was a little nervous about coming in.”


“About tonight…about last night and the one before that.”

She nodded her head as she realized what exactly he was getting at. Her dates with Roman went through the twilight hours and last night she didn’t get back in until close to six in the morning. Rafe was already anxious hearing she was going out but the fact that she came in late caused him more stress than he readily admitted. “You spoke to him?”

“No…yes…well…I wanted to know where his head was.”

“Why Connor?”

“Because he likes you Kaya. You have to know that? And you can’t honestly expect that he’d be ok with the idea you’re out with some strange guy especially not getting in until damn near the next afternoon.”

“It wasn’t nearly the next afternoon,” she grinned at his exaggeration.

“I said damn near. What happened last night?”

“Are you asking on Rafe’s behalf or for your own peace of mind?”

“Both; humor me.”

She grabbed a pair of strapped pumps from her closet and slowly rolled her toes into the tops. Connor sighed behind her producing a small grin on her lips as she listened to his frustration. “Nothing happened…not really. We talked about our respective packs and the current lycan economy and he asked me what I felt about this arrangement. He told me about his home life, his family and his dreams and goals. Honestly time just got away from us but it wasn’t anything special.”

“What does ‘not really’ mean?” He gave her his big brother glare and waited for her to fill in the blanks. When it became obvious she wasn’t fessing up he added a stern, “Kaya?”

“He kissed me,” she sighed and leaned deeper against the dresser. “He wanted…he said he thought it would make me comfortable.”

“Comfortable? A kiss on the first date with a total stranger? Who the hell taught this guy dating techniques? Robert Downey Jr.?”

“He is actually a complete gentleman. And it wasn’t the first date, although...”

“Uh huh?”

“He did kiss me then too.”

“And did you kiss him back?”

Kaya shrugged slowly and nodded her head watching the frown increase in his brow. “Sorta…maybe…yeah I guess but I’m kinda…”

“Horny because your cycle is close?”

“As you know all too well,” she frowned. “I don’t want Roman but when we’re close like that and he touches me and I’m already set to go I just…let’s call it testing the waters.”

“And you’ve decided that you don’t want to drown and are backing towards the shallow end before you let him dive in right?”

“It’s a little more complicated than that Con.” Realizing his cue to end the conversation he simply offered a nod and shifted the weight on his feet. “So was Rafe waiting up?”

“I’m not supposed to tell you yes he was. Eli and I had to come in several times to check on him. His anxiety was keeping us both awake.”

Kaya sighed and rubbed her arms. “Yeah he and I had a moment or three.”

“And you know he’s head over heels about you Ky? For a guy that’s no stranger to women, he’s not been on a single date or even looked at another woman, with the exception of Sonja, since he’s been here the last few months.”

“Yeah I know.”

“And how exactly do you feel about him?”

“Honestly? I think I’m in l…”

“Babygirl?” Lobo smiled entering the room in search of his child. “We should get moving, our company is arriving.”

“Yes Daddy.”

“You look absolutely beautiful, just like your mother. She’d be so proud of you.” Being careful of her makeup he kissed her forehead and gave her a light bear hug. Feeling her return the gesture increased the smile on his face and he held on for a moment longer. He nodded to Connor who started out the door ahead of his pack leaders. 

Wrapped in her father’s arm, Kaya hurried to the front door to welcome the men and women of Greymane. She greeted the hundred plus wolves in attendance and made introductions to Roman and Rafe watching them mingle amongst each other as the ceremony was to begin. Armand stepped up on to the platform centered in the back of the room and a wave of silence dulled the side conversations around him. 

“Good evening and Welcome! I’d like to thank everyone for coming out tonight as well as our visitors of the Vanderbilt pack,” he tipped his glass in Roman’s direction. “It’s too rare we get together like this but it’s always heartwarming to see such a turn out with the family. There have been some changes happening and talk of another war has caused a small panic within the community and I can understand the confusion and fear that may have caused. I’m sure everyone has questions concerning recent events and I promise I will speak to you on that a little later. But tonight we’re here to welcome and celebrate one that has decided to take Greymane as his home; Rafe Hemming.”

The room broke into applause as Rafe moved towards the stage taking a knee in front of Lobo waiting for him to acknowledge his respect. With a brief pat on his shoulder Rafe lifted his head to peer at his future Alpha receiving a nod in kind.

“It is tradition of Greymane that you as his peers accept him before the oath and before the blood ritual. So without further ado, drink, dance, mingle and get to know your future brother.”

Rafe stood and was quickly surrounded by three of the pack’s single ladies as well as an Elder. The women were harping on his looks and the fact that he was unmated; curious what his interest in his mate would be and if they had what he was looking for. He eyed Kaya and she giggled noticing the SOS look on his face. She shook her head no and he smiled. He was again on his own but standing amongst a crowd of beautiful women wasn’t such a bad thing and something he could easily handle.

“Kaya, I’d like for you to meet Antoinette, my oldest, dearest and closest friend since childhood,” Roman introduced her to a lovely blonde with bright green eyes. She stood with elegance and a gracious smile surfaced on her face though Kaya could sense it was painted on for her benefit. She shook hands with the petite woman who immediately withdrew once the greeting was over.

Kaya looked at Roman confused for a moment. What the hell did she do to warrant such a reaction from someone she’d just met? He shrugged his shoulders and offered to grab her another glass of wine as Armand once again made it to the stage. “We have a consensus. If everyone would gather round, we can begin the ceremony.”

“Looks like you get your way after all,” Connor whispered in her ear stepping beside her. He watched Roman move off with the blonde and pulled Kaya closer into his arms. “They look cozy. Who’s the girl?”

“His best friend; and I bet he’s wondering the same about you,” she smiled and nudged him gently with her elbow. 

“Yeah well…I was here first.” He kissed her neck and inhaled her scent as he trailed the kiss playfully towards her ear. She giggled feeling his whiskers tickle her and pushed him away.

“You’d better stop that before you get kicked out of the pack Red.”

“Please! Alpha would never even dream of it.” Hearing his words Armand glanced in his direction, a stiff upper lip caused him to straighten up and remove his arm from Kaya’s waist. “On second thought.” She laughed and they stepped closer to his podium as Rafe’s induction began.

“Since the earliest days of our pack, the newest arrivals were looked upon with hope and promise of what they would bring and provide to the already dominant force known as Greymane. They were given power, guidance and the skills needed to ensure the true lycan nature would never be forgotten. Today we continue with that tradition but for the first time in Greymane’s history we consider a new breed of animal to join our ranks, a wild wolf. Though as many probably know, these kinds of wolves are not known to ever reside in one place for too long or join in under one leader, one Alpha. I look upon this wolf before me and I see a man trying to understand who he is, what he would become and I know that through the tutelage of you all and the strong guiding hand of Alpha he will reach his full potential.”

“Affiliation is a responsibility. It provides comfort, support, stability and strength. It opens up the ability to communicate with your pack from wherever you may be and through that you must use caution. You are accountable for your actions and you must remain trustworthy, loyal and reliable for those that would call upon you for aid.” Armand removed a bottle from the table behind him and poured a small amount into the glass in front of Rafe. The liquid was rich, dark red and smelled aged. It was the time-honored sacrament of drinking in your history, or that you wished to align yourself with. This long-established custom provided the new recruit with a drink of wine infused with the blood of each pack elder as well as the Alphas that reigned throughout the years. Drinking of it created a bond to the wolves within your pack allowing you to link and move as a unit; a brotherhood.

“Affiliation is a tradition. It allows you to be able to grow, survive and live in freedom amongst the humans. We live by a code, die by a code and through that bond we only grow stronger. It’s a discipline every wolf within Greymane must follow and must be prepared for every day.” He handed the glass to Rafe and moved back to the middle of the stage. “You must be willing to sacrifice yourself for the betterment of the pack.”

“Affiliation is a gift and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. We can open many doors for you, provide you with the necessary tools to become a productive member of the wolf community and also offer you security. Drink of the wine Rafe when you’ve agreed to the terms of this pack and are ready to accept the stipulations that accompany your communion.”

Rafe glanced briefly over his shoulder towards Kaya and a dull burning formed within his chest. She was standing beside Roman but her eyes were locked on his actions and a smile graced her lips in his direction. Had he the courage then he would have tore himself from the floor in front of Lobo, pulled her into his arms and kissed her one last time. After she’d exited her father’s office the other night Lobo made it clear the terms of his commencement ceremony and the conditions to which he were to agree to if he wanted to remain close to Kaya. I will not have your tongue wagging after my only child, his words echoed in his head. She was off limits from this point on; he was not to tempt her, approach her short of pack business or seek a relationship that was anything but friendly.

Disagreeing would bring about Lobo’s full wrath and he would whisk Kaya away to some undisclosed location where he would never see her again. Rafe couldn’t live with that; he couldn’t live with the idea of losing Kaya in any capacity and seeing the look in her eyes when she begged her father to allow him to do this showed how much she cared and how afraid she too was of losing him. That prompted him to consider; it’s what brought them all here tonight. He’d agreed for her. He wanted to stay close even if he could never fully have what he wanted. Rafe tipped the glass to his lips and consumed every drop of the liquid before placing it on the small table near the bottle. Armand moved back towards him to resume the ceremony.

“Kneel and repeat after me. I, Rafe Hemming, am here by pledging my allegiance to Greymane. I will provide support, offer encouragement and strengthen the pack through every action taken in accordance with my brethren. I do solemnly swear to uphold tradition of my pack and I take you, Armand Villalobos, as my Alpha and every provision therein.”

“I, Rafe Hemming, am here by pledging my allegiance to Greymane. I will provide support, offer encouragement and strengthen the pack through every action taken in accordance with my brethren. I do solemnly swear to uphold tradition of my pack and I take you, Armand Villalobos, as my Alpha,” he continued as he remained on his knee in front of Lobo his thoughts again to Kaya as he strained to push the last words over the steadily forming lump in his throat, “and every provision therein.”

Lobo took in the faces of his pack watching the acceptance tangled within their features as they welcomed a new member to their ranks before finally addressing Rafe directly. “Know this; I did not want you in my pack…” Kaya made a motion forward her eyes found her father’s and his quick glare towards her instantly stilled her actions. Though it was her right as Beta to council the Alpha, she knew better than to object to his ruling in front of the entire pack. Daughter or not questioning and disobeying your Alpha carried with it the same punishment and Lobo would not distinguish the two for fear of his leniency causing mutiny.

“But my pack’s wants and desires far outweigh those of my own and I must do what is in the better interest of us all. Your presence here is unconducive, disruptive and at times disturbing I expect that to change once your induction into Greymane concludes. I will not have your behavior endangering anyone here again.” His gaze darted between the two; Rafe remained steady with his head bowed as Kaya shifted her weight on her feet and nodded at him. He stepped closer, placed a hand on Rafe’s shoulder and handed him the Athamé blessed by Lexi. “Offer a show of loyalty, written in your blood; if you accept my terms present your allegiance.”

Rafe pierced the flesh of his left wrist with the tip of the blade. He drew a line across his arm enhancing the streak of crimson allowing it to grow along his arm. He caught the drops within the chalice and offered it to Lobo. “On behalf of Greymane, I welcome you into the pack. Stand and take your place among the others.”

The room again burst into applause and members moved forward with handshakes, hugs and pats on the back as they took in their newest brother. Kaya watched animatedly and Roman’s arm tightened around her waist. A strong manly scent flooded her nostrils, drifting from the wolf beside her and her eyes fell on his with the recognition. The Alpha was jealous! He’d made it clear his intentions to mate her before they returned to his home in Parkridge. Seeing her react towards Rafe in kind caused his dominant behavior to react and he clutched at her possessively making sure she knew her place was beside him. Her gaze dropped momentarily and he growled asserting himself regaining her attention. She whimpered in submission and his fingers slowly released their grip. 

“Kaya?” Roman gently raised her chin to look into her eyes. They remained cool oceans of blue; firm and fixed on his they sparkled like sapphire as he continued speaking. “I didn’t mean to do that, I’m sorry. I’m not sure where that came from. Are you ok?” he whispered softly.

She nodded her head slowly and he could sense her passiveness. Her breathing was shallow and her heart was a calm and steady beat. He warmly brushed a strand of hair behind her ear soothing himself to a tranquil state. It wasn’t unusual for a pack Alpha to take charge of his Queen when he believed she was behaving inappropriately especially in the company of others. But they were not mated yet; his behavior surprised her but still she felt a sense of repose about the whole thing. 

“So I guess I’ll be next?” Eli smiled stealing Kaya’s hand and pulling her towards the opposite side of the refreshments table. His voice rocked her with a jolt and Roman took in the white haired surfer with a frown but reluctantly allowed her to part his side momentarily. “When do I get my ceremony?”

“You’ve decided you want to stay with us then? I just assumed you’d want to find your family’s pack and become a member there.”

“Yeah I’d thought about it but I don’t really know anyone from my family’s pack. I haven’t heard or seen them since two years before I was captured. Besides, I like it here.” He raised his glass in Rafe and Connor’s direction and Kaya followed his gaze. “I’ve met a lot of interesting and cool people, made awesome new friends and even someone to keep me warm at nights,” he smiled thinking about Brooke. “Why would I want to give that up?”

Kaya laughed and wrapped her arms around his neck. “If you’re sure it’s what you want, I’ll set the plans in motion. We would love to have you in Greymane, Eli. You already feel like part of the family.”

“Excuse me,” Roman smiled politely stepping towards the two. “Do you mind if I steal her for a moment?”

“Uh…no dude, take her.” Eli turned on his heels and started for Connor and Rafe in the far right corner as Roman escorted her towards the wolves visiting from his pack. 

“So you agreed to stay away from Kaya?” Connor asked in shock as he slowly sipped the amber liquid from his glass. “I don’t know what to say to that.”

“Why say anything? I thought there was something there but I was wrong. I like her a lot but she thinks of me as her ‘friend’ we can’t be anything else.”

Connor laughed and punched his arm hard. “You idiot! I’m her fucking friend and I have no intentions of sharing that title with you.”

“She said as much Connor; she doesn’t see me as anything else.”

“Yeah…and you believe that too. Look man, I like you I think you and Ky are good when you’re together. She’s proven to be a stubborn bitch on her good days. You just need patience to show her what she really wants, trust me she’ll come around.”

“Well how soon do you think that’ll be? You know she’s going out with Roman again right? He’s her future mate and I’m just her friend.” 

“Yeah they’re going to bond by dawn and she’s leaving for Parkridge in the morning,” Eli offered as he chucked a handful of peanuts into his mouth.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Rafe and Connor’s eyes immediately turned to him and he took a step back in fear.

“Look it’s just what I overheard. She and your new Alpha were talking about it earlier today when we were setting up the banquet. He didn’t sound like he wanted her to go but from what I can tell she’s leaving anyway. They think it’s best she start her own pack or at least begin ruling with the blood that runs in her veins. I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure that’s what they were saying.” 

“You’re not fucking serious Eli! She wouldn’t do that! She wouldn’t…she would at least mention it to Connor if anything right?” He looked towards the redhead whose head shook negatively. “No, no…she, she begged Lobo to let me become a member of the pack! Why would she do that if she was leaving?”

“I don’t know man. Ky and I share most everything but there are some things we can’t discuss like pack business for instance. I’m still technically her subordinate best friend or not. She’s the Beta which means that I don’t get to know the ins and outs of everything!”

“Is that why you wanted to be in Greymane?” Eli questioned looking over towards Kaya. “You knew she wouldn’t mate with you if you remained packless?”

Rafe pushed his head against the wall, slamming it a few times as he thought about what was happening. His body was going numb and his head was beginning to fog up and blur. What the hell was happening? A nauseating wave of discomfort and grief washed through him and he felt on the verge of vomiting. “I thought that I could convince Lobo. That I could show him the kind of man I am. Joining his pack, following his commands I…I thought that if he saw how wrong he was about what I am that he’d be a little more…”

“Understanding towards the wild wolf trying to mate his daughter?” Connor raised a curious brow in his direction, sought out his Alpha and leaned closer to Rafe’s ear. “Alpha is cautious about Kaya period. Whether you’re in his pack or in a rival pack doesn’t matter to him. Anyone and I mean ANYONE near her is a direct threat to him. Hell a few decades back she had to keep him from exacting vengeance on me for nearly deflowering her.”

Rafe growled and pushed violently against Connor’s chest. “You what? You told me nothing ever happened between you two.”

“And nothing did. Kaya was going through a really bad heat cycle and she was on the brink of losing it. Starting fights, breaking shit, snapping at people. She came to my room one night and asked for my help. We started and both pulled away from it because it wasn’t right. She and I are friends ONLY and nothing else. I’d never want to fuck up what I have with her. Eventually she got over the hump and I helped her through the worst ones whenever I could by distracting her with something else. The band was the most recent one. Look I get where your head is I do. I’m not telling you to defy Alpha’s orders but what I am telling you is to talk to her and see if something changes. You have to figure it out before it’s too late.”

Rafe sighed and downed the rest of his glass in one gulp and slammed it on the table. He glanced one last time in Kaya’s direction and watched her standing beside Roman, dressed elegantly and surprisingly she looked comfortable on his arm. The muscles in his chest tightened with the realization of what just slipped through his fingers. His sorrow was enough to warrant a reaction from both Eli and Connor who were standing close enough to sense the change in rhythm in his heartbeat. Feeling his eyes on her she looked his way and watched his gaze drop silently to the floor. Rafe turned without a word and headed out towards the gardens.

He’d become a member of Greymane to satisfy her and be closer to her and now she was going off to be the Alpha Queen to another pack some fifty miles away to the north. There was no way he would be able to handle this life without her around. He felt foolish for ever agreeing to join but even more than that he was hurt and distraught over the emotions he regretfully kept to himself.

Would things have been different had he told her? Or would he still feel like it was a major mistake because he misread and she never felt the same about him? “FUCK!” He hit his hand hard across his chest, ripped free of the restricting clothing to shift and darted off towards the woods.

Kaya sat in front of the mirror playing with her hair for the 40th time. She tried up dos, curled, elegant and laced around her shoulders as well as a French braid hanging down her back but nothing seemed to work. The smile on her face had been vacant since learning about this arrangement and she forced herself to plaster an “I’m ok” grin on her lips to keep people from asking that inane question again.

“Ugh!” she growled and tossed her hairbrush to the vanity with force. Dropping her head into her arms she started cursing herself under her breath. Why was she going through with this when she knew it was all a big mistake? Roman was not who she wanted and though she couldn’t have the one she did she still would never have agreed to go along with such an outdated tradition.

Kaya was so wrapped up inside her head she didn’t hear the door open or close. In fact she was unaware of his presence until she felt his warm fingers clutch at her shoulder as he kneeled beside her. “You did great out there tonight Babygirl,” Lobo’s rich voice inundated the silence of her room encasing her in warmth as instantly memories of that dark baritone timbre reading her stories as a child came into focus. “I’m proud of you, you know that? What you’re doing is going to ensure the pack has a lasting heritage.”

She pulled her head up to meet his gaze and he smiled at her hoping to draw one in return. She simply nodded and picked the brush up from where it landed. Lobo sighed and pulled a chair closer to her vanity and took a seat beside her. “I know it’s not what you wanted. You’ve always treated your position as Beta with the highest respect and the wolves that bow to you all know and love you for it. You have always had their better interest at heart even if it meant sacrificing something that you desired most.” 

He watched as she finally decided to pin her hair up in a bun over her shoulders. It helped elevate her chin even though she felt like allowing it to sink into her chest at this point and right now she needed all the help she could get. “Roman is a good man, Kaya, he’ll make a wonderful mate for you. You’ll live on his land and…”

“With a new pack where I don’t know anyone. And what about Night Shift? What’s going to happen when my band mates are an entire city away?”

“Kaya we both knew when you started this band that it was only temporary when it came to your duties as a wolf. I’m sorry but once you’ve mated you’re threshold for work will increase dramatically and you’ll be called upon by your husband for certain duties and…”

“Dad if you’re about to give me the birds and the bees talk you think we can skip past that? I know about sex already. Your first choice of mates took my virginity a long time ago.”

He clenched his teeth and held back a growl as he thought about Paolo. That was a long and bitter pill to swallow thinking he would suit his little girl. He was torn between what he believed Kaya wanted and what was best for her and seeing him make her smile he foolishly believed he would keep that expression on her face. How immensely taken aback he was when Connor explained his reasons for running him away. 

He was set to punish her best friend for wrecking that setup until he learned that playboy screwed her over on her own birthday. He wanted his blood at that point but luckily Connor had taken care of that for him as well. “It was an imprudent mistake on my part Kaya and for that I am sorry. This will be different. Roman is the man you were meant for and should have given yourself to. Although I am curious about what happened downstairs Babygirl.”

“What do you mean?”

“With Roman; I saw the two of you near the buffet table and it looked like…”

“He was checking where my head was. A little bit of his Alpha male ego was bruised when I celebrated for Rafe and he asserted his position with me. It wasn’t anything bad though. I thought it was interesting actually; he was jealous. I didn’t think your kind got that way.”

“My kind?”

“You know the ‘King-of-the-World-Alpha-Machismo kind’ that refuse to show emotion in front of people; I’ve never even seen you cry Daddy.” He laughed and she dropped the brush, pursed her lips together and applied a lighter shade of gloss. “Dad don’t worry about me. I know what I need to do and I’ll take care of it.” Standing from the vanity she moved towards her boudoir and pulled on the red form hugging gown Dahlia selected for her awards ceremony.

“I’m going to worry Kaya, you’re my little girl. And I don’t want to make the same mistake with Roman as I did with Paolo.” He approached her from behind and zipped up the back smiling as she adjusted her shoulder straps in the mirror. “You look beautiful.” She nodded and he turned her to face him. “Kaya I want you to remember that no matter what happens you’ll always have a home here and I’m here for you whenever you need.”

“I know Daddy.” She started for her closet to grab a pair of shoes and he stopped her short. His arms reached around her and hugged her in warmth. She closed the circle and rested her head on his shoulder and for a brief moment she was certain she felt him tremble beneath her touch before pulling away.

“I’ll let Roman know you’ll be ready shortly.” He kissed her forehead and exited shooting another smile in her direction.

She walked down the stairs to find her date waiting with a single red rose and a smile. Connor was leaning against the wall of the den and she could hear celebrations for Rafe were still underway. “You look lovely as expected Kaya.” His lips brushed tenderly against her cheek and she graciously accepted his offering.

“Thank you Roman. Do I get to know where I am going now?”

He grinned mischievously and offered his arm. “Once we’ve arrived.” 

She handed the rose to Connor and his disapproving grimace made her nod in accordance. He was against the entire thing as well but he knew there was nothing he could do to stop it. He was losing his best friend and was forced to stand by and helplessly watch. It was as if a ton of bricks was resting on his chest and he was begging for a breath of air that would never come.

The trip was quiet though Roman tried to make some semblance of conversation as they drove through the brightly lit streets of downtown Willow Reed. Kaya was normally good at idle chatter but right now her gut was screaming at her to make him stop the car and take her home; to hell with this treaty and to hell with the pack. But wolves are social animals and she knew she would not be able to throw her affiliations to the wind and roam as a lone wolf. “Are you cold?” his sultry voice broke through the silence she was finally starting to grow content with. He placed his fingers on the dials of his thermostat and adjusted the temperature before rubbing his hands over hers.

“That’s a particularly odd question to ask someone with a normal body temperature of 110 degrees.”

He smirked at her words and took them as a challenge. Glancing in her direction the look in her eyes confirmed it for him, she looked pleased with herself and he responded in kind. “Wolves are designed with the skill to regulate our body temperatures. It’s one of the leading factors in our survival rate; the ability to adapt to a wide variety of climates. You’re not always sitting at 110 degrees though from where I’m sitting, you do look hot enough to scorch the surface of the sun.”

She grinned and for the first time since meeting him it was real. He returned her smile and focused on the road ahead of him. “We’re driving out of Willow Reed.” She remarked watching the lights of the city fade in the rearview mirror. “Where exactly are we going?”

“To a place where we can enjoy our privacy. You’d mentioned on our last outing you wanted something a little better suited for your celebrity status and so I found just the location for that. But don’t worry, I’ll have Cinderella home before Midnight this time.”

He pulled up to a small lot near the top of a cul-de-sac, circled around the back of his car and towards her door. They were near the ocean; Kaya could smell the salt cresting the waves as they broke upon the shore. The faint cries of the overhead seagulls tore through the silence the location afforded and she thought about one of her favorite places. He’d brought her to the beach for their fourth date? How was this going to provide them “privacy” when there’s nothing but sand and water as far as the eye can see. Any halfwit reporter with a decent night vision camera and a zoom lens could spot her lying on the sandy shore with this “mystery man”. She groaned thinking over the headlines it would stir.

Noticing her tension he leaned over and whispered against her neck, “Looks can be deceiving.” Taking her hand he led her towards the dock, watching her adjust the hem of her dress being careful not to trip on it. They reached the end of the pier and her eyes widened noticing the large yacht anchored in the middle of the ocean.

“And how exactly are we getting to that?”

Roman pointed to a small motor boat tied at the end of the dock. “You know Sweet Pea it’s cats who are afraid of the water…”

“Yeah? Well maybe they know something we don’t!”

Gently helping her inside he laughed watching her expression go from awe and wonder to shock and fearful. The tiny bucket swayed beneath her and he bit his bottom lip to keep from laughing at her again. “I’m an excellent Yachtsman Kaya I promise I’ll keep you afloat.”

“You will unless you want my stylist coming after you for ruining my dress. If you think she-wolves are bad, try a human makeup artist and designer whose work is destroyed.”

He laughed and helped her into a seat near the bow. “I’d never even dream of ruining such a magnificent piece of cloth. The thought of never getting to see you in it again is too tragic. But you shouldn’t worry about going overboard, you have alpha blood running through your veins. Show me some of that fire now! You’ve already taken a step none of the other women I’ve dated would do, boating.”

“Yeah I’m pretty sure I can deal but it doesn’t mean I want to test the theory.”

“Duly noted. So what’s the deal with your friend?”

“You’ll have to be a bit more specific Roman. Are you referring to Connor?”

“Is that the redhead?” She nodded her head and smiled. “That’s the one. What’s his deal?”

“What do you mean?”

“He threatened me. Now I’m just paraphrasing here but he said if I’ve grown attached to my limbs I’d better treat you like a lady or I’ll lose them.”

Kaya laughed and much to Roman’s chagrin he found himself joining in. “Think of him like my big brother. He’s very, VERY protective and trust me when I say he meant every word of it!”

“He knows I’m an Alpha right? That wasn’t only unexpected it was rude and disrespectful. I will see to a suitable punishment for him when we return to the manor.” Kaya’s face straightened and Roman stared blankly at her before cracking a smile. “I’m kidding Kaya. I love that you have those kinds of people around you. It speaks volumes about the type of person you are; the fact that people are willing to risk testing an Alpha to ensure you’re safe and happy. Connor is ok in my book; I see why he’s your best friend.”

“You know you shouldn’t joke like that. You run the risk of me clawing your eyes out.”

“Damn! And they’re my best feature.” His smile caused one to form on her face and he’d hoped it was a sign of things to come.

He cranked the motor and it roared to life with a loud bang. The smell of fuel wafted and slowly dissipated saturating the air between the two. Kaya pinched her nose to try and dull the stench of the heavy odor; it stung the back of her throat and she found herself taking double swallows just to clear the taste of it. Quickly guiding the raft over the waves, Roman aimed for the back deck of his “Sea Wolf” as the label on the side read. Mists of cool ocean water sprayed against her arms and face before he finally came to rest and tied the small craft to a hitch on the stern.

“Sea Wolf? That’s a bit apropos isn’t it?” 

He smirked at her assumption the name had anything to do with their kind and simply offered a nod. “Yes well ‘Sex Sea’, ‘Filthy Oar’ and ‘Slippery When Wet’ were taken.”

“Not that you tried to name your boat something raunchy,” she beamed. “I’m almost surprised you didn’t try ‘Ship Happens’, ‘Take Her Deep’ or ‘In-her Course’.”

He teasingly slapped his open palm across his forehead and smiled. “Where were you when I was banging my head against the wall? Besides I think ‘Sea Wolf’ sums it up pretty succinctly. I’m a wolf, this is the sea and my Lady, our dinner awaits.” He again took her hand this time kissing her knuckles as she slipped out of the dingy and onto the deck beside him. 

He led her through the hatch and towards a small room he’d decorated with roses, candles and one lily sitting atop her plate. He slid the chair out for her and waited on her to take a seat before pushing her inward. “A little birdy mentioned it was your favorite and I was hoping to make you as comfortable as possible.” He noted of the way she inhaled the scent of the flower.

He placed a glass of wine in front of her and filled his glass as well, leaving the bottle on the table. Roman turned towards the small oven that was heating the room to a stifling degree and removed a covered dish. He glanced over his shoulder at her and grinned noticing her eyes were on his every move. After preparing two plates he backed towards the table and sat one in front of her. “Grilled Lemon Basil Salmon with zucchini and couscous.”

Kaya looked at the food and tried hard not to turn a disgusted nose towards it. “I don’t eat a lot of seafood,” she replied as calmly and respectfully as possible pushing the plate away slightly.

“No? Armand assured me this was your favorite meal. I could fix you something else if…”

“No no, this is fine. Thank you.” She inhaled sharply trying to get over the smell of the fish. He’d tried cleverly to conceal it under the rich scent of lemon and herbs but still it was pungent enough to make her stomach churn. Favorite meal? Yeah when I was 10! Roman watched her as she picked up the knife and fork to cut into the fish. It broke gently under the fork and she replaced the knife to the table. Scooping up a forkful the smell of crushed red pepper coursed through her nose the closer the utensil came to her mouth.

Slowly she slid the serving off with her lips and allowed the moist filet to rotate over her tongue flooding her senses and drowning her in the understated flavor of garlic. “Mmm,” she moaned softly surprised by the richness of the medley of flavors. “You cooked this?”

“I did. Cooking is one of my hobbies. Do you like it?”

“Surprisingly? Yes.”

He chuckled and the heavy loftiness in his tone broke the silence caused by the stillness that had settled between them. Her shoulder muscles slacked as she allowed herself for the first time to find a comfortable position in his presence. “I’m glad to hear that because in all honesty I didn’t have a backup plan.”

“Well I wouldn’t have faulted you for this. You tried to do your research. It’s just a shame you were working off of centuries old Intel.”

“Oh? So does that mean the flower was off as well?”

“No, lilies are my favorite. I just haven’t enjoyed grilled salmon as much as I have since I was a child and my father took me to a small alcove on my favorite beach.”

“Well disaster averted luckily. I’d hate to have caused your stomach to become upset.” He took a large bite of his fish and chewed it slowly as he watched her lips close around another forkful of food. “You know you can tell a lot about a woman by the way she eats. I can see from the small bites you consume that you enjoy the finer things in life but are not possessive or blinded by riches. You enjoy the little things and take the time to appreciate the work involved in getting what your heart desires most.”

“And you got all that from fish?”

He laughed again and took a sip from his glass. “Yes well, it doesn’t hurt that I had a cheat sheet about you too. I’ve seen the number of organizations you’ve started on behalf of our kind. I think it’s a very noble effort on your part. It’s one that should be commended and one that will be a welcomed contribution to my pack as well.”

“Thank you but I don’t do it for the praise and adoration. I do it to ensure the survival of our species.”

“Yes, also a noble trait. What other hobbies do you enjoy?” he asked placing his fork against his plate and dabbing his napkin over his lips. He clasped his hands together above the table and waited patiently for her reply.

“My music takes up the majority of my time. I enjoy writing and composing with my friends. My pack owns a stable and we’ve purchased several horses that I like to ride and train as well. I guess I’m mostly a homebody but my most favorite thing is a good run. Just me, the night and the open forest.”

“Hmm I do enjoy a good run every now and again as well. It’s a peaceful experience taking up form and being one with nature. I think you’ll like my estate. There are plenty of wonderful areas for just such an activity. It offers a wide range of locales, waterfalls, exotic flowers and plants. There’s also a small wildlife reserve located near the edge where many of my people cultivate and work the land for more natural and fresher alternatives to humans. Have you had much luck on reserves like this? I know some packs are strictly veggie but I’m not very hip to Greymane and I apologize for that.”

“No apologies needed. I can’t say there is much I know about Vanderbilt either but I suppose we have our parents to blame for that right? We’re working on that though there are some new wolves that are still struggling with their identities and may fall back to their staple foods every now and again.”

Kaya smiled politely as he continued speaking and offered up the answers to his own questions. She was grateful that he had because she wasn’t honestly interested in learning more about him just yet. It still had not dawned on her that he was her final answer. He didn’t seem like the one that was to sweep her off her feet and offer her the romantic fairytale ending she was fooled to believe would come. Though he was patient, sweet and obviously cared about his pack, something about him didn’t scream “you’re my mate” and that nagging voice in the back of her head kept her from completely relaxing around him.

She finished her meal and sat quietly as he concluded his laundry list of things to do around his manor. The Vanderbilt seemed to rely heavily on tradition and since his father, the previous Alpha, was still around; Roman took it upon himself to remain true to those traditions as well.

Roman pulled away from the table and helped Kaya from her seat. “Where’s the ladies room?” she asked looking around his galley for a quick exit.

“Right through there,” he pointed towards a narrow passage between the kitchen and what looked like a bedroom. She moved towards the door, gave it a gentle tug and located a set of stairs that led up and out. She grinned and moved the wooden latch towards her unlocking the hatch door and climbed out.

Kaya headed towards the upper deck for a breath of fresh air as Roman cleared the table of dishes. She leaned over the side of the boat taking in her reflection as it shimmered in the mysteriously dark, deep waters. She gulped past a large lump in her throat. Her mood suddenly changed as she came to the realization that dinner was over and Roman intended to have her for dessert. He was in town for one reason and one reason only and he had no intentions of leaving without his mate.

“More wine?” he offered her a glass and she agreeably took a sip of the blood red liquid as he joined her on the upper level. “You’ve discovered my favorite part of this ship. I swear I could spend hours out here watching the stars, smelling the water and listening to waves form and break against my baby,” he sighed and took a drink from his glass. “This view is remarkably beautiful under the moonlight.”

“Yes, it’s incredibly beautiful. I love the night.”

“I wasn’t referring to the landscape,” he grinned; lust filled his eyes and a hunger twinkled within them. He took the glass from her hand and sat it on the railing as he thread his fingers between hers and yanked her forcefully into his body. “I’ve been anticipating this moment since I first saw you at the pier. I knew you were my mate the moment I laid eyes on you. Surely I’ve heard of Kaya Villalobos, but reconciling the name with the face is only something best done in person.”

His lips pressed against hers and Kaya rested in his arms as his tongue freed her lips apart teasingly coaxing hers from her mouth. His hands possessively fondled her ass deepening their embrace and she found herself trying to figure out the best location for her own. Around his neck? Over his shoulders? On his arms? Finally she rested them against his chest where she could push away when needed but was caught off guard as they snaked around his back and pulled him closer.

“You’re trying not to like me aren’t you?” His eyes filled with apprehension and anxiety as he searched hers for the answer. He could feel her resistance to his kiss and sense the hesitance in her desire to learn more about him. It was something he’d feared coming into this agreement. Though neither wanted it, he was determined to make the best of it regardless.

“I don’t know Roman,” she silently blew out a breath and returned her gaze to the wavy reflection staring up at her from the murky, deep waters below. “I don’t want to hate you but I guess I’m just…scared. I don’t feel anything towards you and I know you must return that sentiment.”

“But you know once we’ve mated our blood bond ensures our emotions follow? Love comes naturally to mated wolves as the monogamy of our kind goes. It ensures we’ll connect not only physically but emotionally and spiritually as well.”

“And that doesn’t scare you? Giving yourself to someone you don’t know, love or even want?”

“Maybe a little. I’ve always dealt in things I could control. This whole agreement caught me completely by surprise. But don’t you want that connection with someone? To know that there’s someone in your life willing to fight for you; risk any and everything at all costs for you? Besides I can’t agree with the last part. You’re a very lovely woman; ‘want’ is already present. And I’m working on the others Kaya; the question is are you? This kind of thing isn’t easy I know that, trust me. But if you’re not willing to at least open yourself up and give me a chance, it’s only going to make things harder for us.”

She shrugged and he smiled at her bemusement. “No worries, we’ll figure it out as we go along. Come. We should retire to a more private area.” The boat tipped under the dull rocking of the waves beneath the hull as he led her deeper into the back towards his bedroom she’d spied earlier.

Once inside he pressed the power button on the radio near the door and guided her to the center of the room. Kaya closed her eyes anxiously. She dreaded the outcome behind her being in this particular area of his boat.

She sighed and watched him close the curtain on a small port window before rejoining her near the bed. He again offered that seductive glance as he obviously and intrusively took in her body. He sucked his bottom lip into his mouth and turned her away so that her back pressed against his chest. “Take off your dress please,” he whispered against her ear. 

She pulled away and slowly lowered the zipper in the back and lightly brushed each strap from her arms. The tips of her fingers pushed the gown down around her hips and she placed her thumb between the dress and her skin moving it a little before allowing the thin material to slip the rest of the way to the floor. “Exquisite.” He sighed a ragged breath as his fingers shyly brushed across the nape of her neck and along her arms down to her waist. 

“You smell delicious.” He pulled her back into him inhaling the scent of her flesh as he kissed his way towards her ear. “You’re nervous,” he observed stilling her shivering shoulders. “There’s no need for that. I’ll be gentle I promise.” He slid the strap of her bra down her shoulder, kissing the bare skin as the silky material gave way to the glowing honey tone of her flesh. He unlatched the strap from her back and continued kissing his way down her neck and over her collarbone as his thumbs slid her panties down her thighs before turning her to face him.

Kaya swallowed hard and closed her eyes when his hands circled around her back and pulled her closer. He held her against his bare chest feeling her heart beat against his. He gently tugged at the tie holding her hair up and watched it fall around her shoulders and trail down her back. Roman smiled and he found himself playing with the ends where they met his fingers. “How many men have you had Kaya?” Her head rested against his shoulder and he moved her to the music. He’s dancing with me? she thought curiously as he shuffled his feet to the soothing melodies escaping the stereo against the back wall.

Her heart was beating louder in her ears and she could swear at any moment it was going to pound out of her chest. It was an unusual question; no man ever wanted to know how many guys the woman he was to be with has had for lovers. Why was he asking? Why did he care? He was taking her to fulfill some business contract and make his pack stronger because of it. She swallowed hard to get pass the lump in her throat and coached her breathing before responding with, “Two.”

“Did you love them?”

Ok, she was sure of it now, he was trying to break her; humiliate her and make her cry over something lost? She closed her eyes to trap the tears behind her lashes refusing to show an ounce of weakness in front of him. He wanted to play games then two could do it! “I thought I loved one,” she answered with conviction. “But it turned out like most wolves he was a callous son of a bitch only interested in elevating himself through the status of mating a Beta with Alpha blood!”

He pushed her away hearing the tone in her voice and snatched her head by the chin until her eyes were on his. “And that’s what you think I’m after? Like it or not Kaya our fathers are the ones that made this deal. You are my mate and as Alpha it is MY responsibility to ensure the sanctity of my pack and I hold that highest of EVERYTHING! If it takes me mating with someone I don’t love then that is what must be done and the same can be said for you otherwise why are you here?”

She thought over his words. She’d struck a nerve that was certain. The anger and pain behind his light blue eyes showed signs of a tortured heart. He was hurt by this arrangement just as much as she was, maybe more. He openly admitted there was no love and no possible way for him to have affection other than the shared blood bond that comes with a ritual mating. She closed her eyes and bit her tongue. Swallowing her pride she knew there was no other alternative. He was right. She came for a reason and it was one she would fulfill despite her misgivings about the entire situation.

Roman moved his hands down her back cupping the scruff of her neck lightly he pulled her forehead to meet his. “I’m sorry. I guess you can see I have somewhat of a temper,” he smirked.

“And a jealous streak,” she grinned. “But I wouldn’t expect anything less of my Alpha.”

“Yeah I could see your emotions for that wolf, I didn’t like it very much and again I’m sorry. My change in mood surprised even me but please rest assured I’d never hurt you. You’re my mate and it’s my job to keep you safe and trust me, I take that seriously. Now it’s obvious neither of us want to be here but we are to make the best of it yeah?” She nodded her head and felt his lips slide down her face coming to rest once more on her lips. 

“I’ll take my time and ensure you enjoy it.” He lifted her into his arms; the soles of his boots crunched the drying leaves of the roses scattered beneath them as he carried her to the bed and placed her gently on the covers.

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