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Episode 26: Unguarded

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Rafe, Bane, Lobo, Dexter, Roman, Antoinette
Word Count: 4,687
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Returning home still on a high from mating Kaya, Rafe runs into trouble and immediately throws himself into action fighting Bane who has convinced himself he was wronged. Kaya tries to talk to her father about what happened but he is unwilling to listen sensing Rafe's scent on her. Rafe calls and Kaya's compelled to see him and realizes Roman is still in the dark about what's happened. She goes to see him and is accosted by Dexter of Gideon.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, adult content, adult situations, nudity

Rafe slowly approached the cold cement stairs that made up his front stoop. Gazing up at the darkened fourth floor apartment he sighed and rubbed a hand across his chest. His heart was steady; thumping in his ribs and beating to the same rhythm as his mate’s. My mate, he smiled repeating the words in his head. Tiny trembles released through his veins coating him in warmth and he closed his eyes thinking back to the lake. Her scent, her voice, the warmth of her skin made his heart pound harder. For every second they were together he was completely and hopelessly hers and she his.

The moment he realized she wanted him, that she was ready to have him become her mate a sense of calm held him in delicious rapture. There was no other feeling that could compare to being with the one his soul wanted most. He moved quietly towards the front stoop but stopped short. A sense of dread suddenly hit him and his eyes darted quickly back and forth searching the area for the cause of his abrupt change in mood. Sniffing around the concrete wall beside the next building he came upon a familiar scent.

A low growl dug its way out of his chest and he moved closer to the alleyway coming to a stop near the utility door. Hidden beneath the mounds of yesterday’s trash, old gym shoes, cat piss and molded food he could clearly detect the scent. “You’re here I can smell your stink! There’s no use hiding. If this is how you want it then COME OUT AND PLAY!” he growled and kicked at a tin garbage pail knocking it over at his feet spilling trash onto the ground.

A golf clap resounded in the narrow passageway echoing off the walls around him. “Bravo, the mutt ‘as finally let ‘is balls drop.” Bane growled behind him, his jaw clenching and tightening as he stepped from the shadows beside the door. Rafe could see he was moments away from losing it but with the way he was feeling there was no way he was backing down. “Ya finally snuck ya way into Kaya’s bed ya wankah so tell me ‘ow did the used pussy feel?”

“After the first two inches like new,” Rafe scoffed.

“Fuckin’ ponce!” Bane charged for him, catching him around the waist, he tackled him to the ground. He didn’t waste a second before slamming his fist into his jaw. Rafe’s head bounced off the pavement and he became dizzied for a moment before he latched onto Bane’s wrist and twisted. Turning the loose limb around Bane’s back, Rafe used it as a lever and wrenched until he got him off. Standing over the angry wolf Rafe’s foot found his ribs quickly and sent three sharp kicks immediately for him. Bane gasped as his breath violently pushed from his lungs. He caught Rafe’s foot and slammed him hard to the ground rolling on top of him as he started another bout of punches.

Leaning his head to the side, Rafe watched as Bane’s fist met the pavement and grinned at the howl that followed. Rolling him off to the side he mounted him and sent a flurry of his own fists into Bane’s nose and jaw. Blood splashed onto his face blinding him momentarily and he wiped at the spots to clear his vision. Bane took the opportunity and hammered his chest hard with a right causing him to fall backwards hitting the pavement harder. “She was mine! I am gonna fuckin’ kill ya!” His foot smashed into Rafe’s abdomen and he jerked forward as all of the wind was knocked out of him.

Feeling a crack within his chest he pushed up at Bane’s once again lowering foot and rolled out of the way of another vicious kick. Hopping to his feet swiftly he leg swept Bane and watched him crash against the dumpster. Without a moment’s hesitation he lifted his knee into his gut making him double over and sent another knee to his nose. “Yours?” His eyes briefly flashed as his wolf half fought forward battling to defend his mate. He landed a nasty blow to Bane’s jaw and heard it pop but his brutal onslaught was far from over. “She was NEVER yours!” he growled. Fist after fist rocked into Bane’s steadily softening core the next more ferocious than the last. “Kaya is MINE always has been and always will be! And if anyone is dying tonight, it’s gonna be you!” Harder and harder he slammed his head into the ground, lifting him by the shirt as the wolf became weaker beneath him.

“HEY! Hey call the police!” he heard someone yell from the entrance of the alley. Looking down at the bloody heap he was making Bane from the malicious attack Rafe shielded his eyes from the beam of light illuminating the dark alley and hurriedly jumped towards the edge of the wall with Bane quick on his tail.

“We’ll finish this latah dick ‘ead.” Bane shifted and shot off towards the manor as Rafe rounded the side of his building and let himself in through the back door. Taking the stairs two at a time he rushed to his front door and entered inside.

Clenching and unclenching his fist he stared at the blood that stained his fingers and clothes. Anger boiled in the pit of his belly and he choked it down heading towards his fridge. He was fine smelling Bane’s spilled blood for a minute longer in fact knowing it was there was like a victory flag that made him smile a little. Taking a quick swig of his beer he sat it on the countertop and began rinsing his hands under the spigot.

Thoughts of his mate standing in front of this sink washing his dishes a while back made the smile on his face spread. She was taking care of him then; making his home hers and cleaning up his mess. Rafe dropped onto his couch to try and find her. He had no idea how the connection worked or even if it did without their blood bond but he was hoping wherever she was right now she was thinking of him too.

Kaya approached the staircase leading to the East wing. Even from the distance between them she could sense Lobo’s unease and knew he was still very much not in the mood to hear from or see her. “Better to get it over with,” she blew under her breath and started towards his study. Knocking gently on the door she waited for her father to respond or even acknowledge her presence on the other side of the wooden barricade before turning the handle to let herself in. “Daddy?”

A dark shadow moved across the left side of the room against the wall and she quickly turned her attention towards it. Stepping once in that direction she held a breath and slowly started forward. “Daddy? Can we talk please?” She pulled away the curtain that separated his sleeping quarters from the small office and found nothing. She knew he was in here somewhere; she could smell his presence and wolf form. Wolf form? Why had he shifted? “Please Daddy don’t…don’t ignore me.”

A heavy sigh sounded behind her and another shadow danced across the glow of the candles.  “Fine Armand if you want to play games then…whatever.” She turned and started for the door. Just as her hand reached the handle she was pulled away by the stronger arm of her father. Turning her to face him his darkened features furrowed at her; his eyes gleaming with anger and disappointment. Any other wolf in his pack would have cowered at the sight of their Alpha standing in front of them ready to discipline but not her. Regardless of what she had done and in spite of any punishment due she would never be able to see more than the man that raised her. His intimidation tactics were best left for the subordinates yet as her elder her wolf was inclined to acquiesce. “I…”

“Do you have any idea what you’ve done to this pack? Were you the least bit concerned about our future? Our current situation demanded this treaty Kaya and now thanks to your stubbornness and inability to listen you may have cost us a valuable alliance for the inevitable war!” His normal sky blue gaze gave way to a piercing yellow stare that penetrated her only proving the mood was not changing between them any time soon.

“It’s not like that! I had only intended to talk to him; I didn…”

“I TOLD YOU TO STAY AWAY!” he glowered and paced a short distance in front of her as he continued coaxing his wolf to settle. The thought of the wild wolf defiling his little girl made his blood boil and all he could see was red. He wanted Rafe’s head but he knew he needed to get a grip before he did something that would ultimately lose him the respect of his pack and the love of his daughter. “Is he gone?”


“I can still smell him here, on you,” he leaned forward until his hot breath fanned across her neck and chest causing her muscles to tighten as her wolf prepared to submit to its superior. “You need to stay away from him Kaya,” he growled tensing more as the Alpha wolf inside of him battled to take care of matters in the traditional sense and he struggled to maintain control of himself. Hurting his daughter was not the route he wished to take though he knew it was what the situation warranted. She’d failed to follow an order by her Alpha and that meant a public stripping. The idea alone of carving flesh from his child made his stomach churn; he couldn’t bear it. “I cannot speak with you until I can no longer smell him. You are my daughter and I would regret terribly any actions I may take against you if you do not leave.”



She chewed her bottom lip and nodded hesitantly. “I understand Daddy. I’ll fix things, I promise. I love you.”  Lobo responded with a nod; the words appearing to mellow him slightly. Slowly she backed out of his room watching the candles burn out around him creating a pitch black aura that devoured the area and encompassed the Alpha in total darkness.

She dragged her heavy body across the other side of the manor thinking over the best way to approach the situation. She would need to speak with Roman as soon as possible and in person. He was looking for her to be on his arm when he returned home tomorrow and that was no longer a possibility. Stopping just outside her bedroom door her gaze wandered towards the staircase and she looked around before moving towards them. Rafe wasn’t here but she could still feel him on her skin and inside of her. She wanted to be with him; her wolf demanded it. But that was not possible at this time either.

Hesitating for a moment Kaya turned the handle of Rafe’s bedroom door and slowly made her way inside. Her eyes immediately found Spike merrily darting around his bowl living life without reason or care. She had forced Rafe to leave so hurriedly he hadn’t time to take any of his personal belongings; but it was for the best. There is no telling how long Lobo would have been able to keep himself balanced. Plus now she had something to keep her connected to her mate in his absence. Grabbing the can of food from the dresser she sprinkled a generous amount over his bowl and dropped onto the bed watching him.

“Rafe isn’t gone far Spike don’t worry. He’ll be back for you. He’ll be back for both of us.” The pictures they’d taken together at the pier were hanging on the wall across from her and she giggled seeing his goofy face smiling back at her. He’d insisted on two different sets of shots and in each one he tried to one up his silliness. She lowered herself into his pillows, his scent instantly found her nose completely erasing her sense of dread.

She rubbed her hand across her stomach thinking about the way he’d kissed his way down her chest and up her thigh and swore she could feel his kiss on her lips as she did. Tingles shot through her chest and crawled up her skin; he was so rough but it was gentle all at the same time. His hands commanded her body, his movements dominated her own. And the fact that it was out near the falls somehow made the moment even more enjoyable. “Rafe,” she moaned and slipped into his pillows. If by compulsion the cell phone in her pocket vibrated and she pulled it out knowing it could only be one person. “Hey,” she whispered breathily into the receiver. “I was hoping you’d call.”

“Were you? You know if you took my number you’d have been able to call me when you wanted.”

“I know I know. I kicked myself for that a few times already,” she sighed. “I’m just happy you didn’t wait too long before calling me, I miss you already. I miss feeling you; I want you so bad.”

“Damn Ky you keep saying things like that and I’m gonna come and kidnap your ass,” he smiled hearing her giggle and sat up more on the couch. “What are you doing right now?”

“Mmm I’m laying in your bed watching Spike eat and thinking of you.”

“No, baby I WISH you were in my bed,” he smiled to himself picturing her lying amongst the sea of pillows he kept across the headboard. “What are you wearing?”

She giggled again and sat up so that her back was against the headboard. She heard him crack a smile and the groan that followed as he readjusted made her heart skip a beat. “Rafe are you serious?”

“Ky my dick got hard the second I heard your voice. Yeah I’m serious Babe, now humor me.”

“I’m in the same thing I was wearing before you left.”

“Mmm that small purple top and mini skirt? Fuck! The way your legs looked tonight…long, silky rising towards that sexy ass I’ve had so many dreams about. Damn I wish I had those legs wrapped around my head right now. I can still taste you on my lips baby.” He sucked his bottom lip into his mouth and ran his tongue across it thinking back to how he’d buried his tongue deep within her love and drowned himself in her taste. “I need you Kaya.” His voice was deeper, raspy mimicking a growl and she could hear his desire taking over. “Remember how you told me that you could fuck an entire city and not feel satisfied? Well that’s me right about now.” He growled and a chill rolled over her spine causing her eyes to close and she sank back into the pillows doing her best to sniff out his scent once more. He could feel his cock stirring in his jeans as he imagined having her hot pussy sitting in his lap again.

“Yeah but it’s a little more than that Rafe. I’m in the middle of a heat cycle so…”

“So because we’re mated I’m having your hot flashes?” 

She laughed at the surprised sound in his voice thinking about the many men that would deserve to know what women go through during changing states in their bodies. Sweet justice for those that love blaming ‘that time of the month’ for a sudden change in mood. “Yeah you are.”

“Perfect! Just what I’ve always wanted! Man cramps and mood swings! Wait is this like a menstrual cycle? Am I gonna be all hormonal and everything too?”

Actually a heat cycle is different and I…”

“Wait you have these things twice a month? A period AND a heat cycle?”

Periods, yes once a month but a heat cycle is once every three; it’s seasonal. And I’m sorry I know this is torture but it’s really not that bad. You shouldn’t get the emotions since we’re not bonded but you will feel a few cramps maybe just because we share some instances of pain. It’s not 100% but it’s there.” She sighed and he could hear her adjust the phone on her ear before she spoke again. “Daddy isn’t going to let us bond you know? He’s really angry over the mating.

“Shh let’s not worry about that right now. I have you and it’s all I need.” He leaned forward and placed the phone on speaker and sat it on his coffee table.

Yeah you have me so what do you want to DO with me?” the richness of her voice caused his mind to race and ideas began forming about hearing his mate scream his name at the top of her lungs again. The seductive timbre of her words stirred his wolf to rumble within and he knew if she continued she would most definitely get an earful.


Hey you opened this door I just politely stepped through.” She moaned knowingly smiling to herself as she heard his breathy response and the coarseness in his tone when he next spoke.

“Take off your shirt.” He could hear her sit the phone down for a minute and strained to listen at the sound of her top hitting the floor. Smiling when her voice returned informing him it was off he sat back against the couch cushions and continued instructing her. “Play with your nipples for me. I want you to imagine my tongue rolling over them slowly, cupping them, squeezing gently in my hands making them erect under the warmth of my mouth.”

She moaned and his pulse began to race. He imagined her topless on his bed rolling around in the sheets he’d had a dozen dreams of her. His scent sticking to her skin, imbuing her flesh and staking his claim even more. That thought made him smile and he couldn’t help the buildup of pride that swelled his chest knowing his mate was a Beta and future Queen. His dick jerked at the sound of her voice and he unzipped his pants to allow his cock room to expand. “Take off your skirt, I wanna hear how wet you are.”

Mmm, I’m already ahead of you.” He could hear the moisture slipping between her fingers and he leaned back closing his eyes and imagined it was his hand giving her that pleasure. Her moans made him tingle just as they had when he had her naked body writhing beneath his. God what he’d give to have her in his arms right now. Tenderly rolling his tongue over her soft skin, her delicate frame gripped close to his chest both working in concert to pleasure the other.

“That’s it baby. Think about how it felt to have my tongue there. Licking, sucking, kissing your innermost parts gently arousing you to the point of no return.” His hand gripped the outline of his cock and he groaned; a twinge of sadness hit him and his eyes widened in discovery. “Kaya wait!”

Wait? Now? Are you serious I’m so close!”

“I know!” he growled and jumped up. “That’s why I need you to stop. I want to be the only one from this point forward that makes your legs go numb.”

So that’s it? Was this all some elaborate scheme to tease me and make me want to rip you in half?”

“No,” he laughed. “I’m sorry I really am but I promise to make it up to you.”

How? When? You know ‘time to deal’ means just that right? I have to be able to figure this thing out.

“Yeah but I left so suddenly I didn’t get a chance to grab any of my stuff. I need my guitar, maybe a picture or two of my mate and if you feel the need to oh I don’t know return Spike to his rightful owner.”

Wow yeah you know now that you mention it he is looking a bit homesick. I’d hate for him to go belly up from the separation anxiety…”

“I’ll leave the door unlocked for you.”

Kaya rolled over and smiled seeing her mate tucked under her chest. They’d fallen asleep on the floor of his living room and for the life of her she couldn’t remember if they’d even spoken before their bodies collided together. Slowly pulling away from his arms she glanced up at the clock and jumped to her feet. It was already four in the afternoon and Roman had mentioned he was hoping to be on the road by five. Shit, she had to get to him before someone else told him what happened.

Quietly exiting the apartment she slipped behind the wheel of her car grateful that she always carried a change of clothing with her. Though she would still have Rafe’s scent on her skin it wouldn’t be too overpowering through a fresh change of clothes…she hoped.

Kaya got to the address Roman had given her to meet him and started up towards his room. Stopping shortly she could hear arguing inside, a woman was in tears and Roman was quietly trying to calm her and get her to understand the situation regarding the treaty. She swallowed hard, stepped closer to the door and pressed her ear against it.

“And what would you have me do Antoinette? I am bound by duty as you know I’ve always held in its highest regard! This treaty is something my father sweat and bled for and it’s one that I must honor!”

“But you don’t love her! How could you throw away your bond to someone you don’t care for?”

“Because I haven’t a choice. Please don’t make this harder on me than it already is.”

Déjà vu, Kaya thought listening in on the conversation. Roman paused briefly and sniffed the change in the room. He looked towards the door and Kaya stood upright as she heard his footsteps starting towards her. Snatching the wooden barrier open with force his face was anything but pleased as he noticed her standing on his stoop eavesdropping on a private conversation. “KAYA!” he looked behind him towards Antoinette who’d lost her nerve and was sitting on the edge of the bed crying helplessly into her hands. “What are you doing here? It’s not five.”

“I…we have to talk. Can I come in?” He stepped back from the door and allowed her to enter. Slowly she moved towards the chair near the bed. Antoinette sniffled and wiped her face quickly with the tips of her fingers. Kaya grabbed a tissue from the bedside table and offered it to her.

“Thank you. I’m sorry you had to see me like this. Please don’t take it as disrespect.”

“Of course not. Trust me when I say I know exactly how you feel. I was on the verge of tears for the last three days hearing about this treaty. It was like a punch in the stomach; it took my breath away and left me stunned. For centuries now my father has known that he wanted me to have a bond with the future Alpha of Vanderbilt but he waited until he knew I loved someone else before springing it on me.”

“You…what?” A glimmer of hope sparked in the girl’s emerald eyes as she looked at Kaya expectantly.

“That’s what I came to tell you Roman.” She stood and approached him, kissing his cheek lightly she began with the events of last night hoping he would understand her position. “And now I’m mated to the one that I wanted. In essence you’re free to mate with Antoinette because I took myself off the market. No offense Roman I mean you’re a great guy and all but not who I wanted to bond with.”

Roman dropped onto the bed beside his childhood best friend and Kaya tried to discern the look on his face. Guilt? Anger? Relief? She remained unsure of his reaction and watched as he smiled towards the blonde before addressing her. “What about our fathers? They expected us to…”

“You’re the Alpha of your pack, Roman. Like me you value tradition but you must be a forward thinker in order to move with the times. There’s nothing that says you and I can’t come to an agreement; honor the terms of the treaty without the mating.” She knelt down in front of him and rubbed her hand over his. “If there is ever anything Greymane can do to help you and Vanderbilt, we’ll be there. I only ask for the same in return.”

He stood and rubbed his hand anxiously over his lip. Kaya noted the rise in his heart’s rhythm and the overwhelming feeling of relief that ignited within him. “So you’ve mated? You’ve taken that wild wolf and the only thing you ask is for a pact to aide one another?”

“Well that and…mate this woman already!” she smiled. Antoinette squealed and threw her arms around Kaya’s shoulder. She squeezed her back and Roman laughed watching the two hug it out near his bed.

“I don’t know what to say Kaya. This was certainly not what I expected.”

“It wasn’t what I’d intended either.” She inhaled hugging him tightly she smiled against his shoulder. “It was pretty apparent when you introduced me to your ‘nearest, dearest’ best friend how you felt about her.” She sighed and pulled away. “If your father asks what happened, please just tell him it was me. I already have clean up to do with my father, I’m pretty sure I can take yours too.”

Antoinette approached them and nudged Roman in the ribs. He grunted and agreed with her unspoken request. “I could never let you take full responsibility and apparently my future mate would kill me if I did,” he beamed.

“Damn right!” She again scooped Kaya into her arms and hugged her close. “Thank you so much!”

“You’re welcome! Does this mean you’ll stop looking at me like the only person on Earth you’d kill with your eyes?” she laughed.

“This means whenever you’re in Parkridge or I can sneak away from our bed long enough to visit here, we’re going shopping and doing the other kinds of things best girlfriends do!”

“In speaking of,” Roman wiggled his eyes at her and Kaya stepped back.

“I guess I’ll leave you two to your privacy. Have fun.”

“Kaya when you see that mate of yours, give him my gratitude please?”

“I’ll do that.”

He was waiting for her; saw her enter the hotel room and knew soon she’d be alone, away from the safety of Greymane Manor and better positioned for his approach. She had no idea he was near. His scent was well masked under the guise of Rafe’s and he moved quietly behind her, shielded in the fresh shadows of early dusk. He grinned to himself and waited for her to put the key into the driver’s door before grabbing her.

“Hello Kaya,” Dexter croaked as he held on to her for dear life. “My Alpha requests your presence!”

“Let me go,” she growled and struggled against him. Her heel kicked into his shin a few times angering him and making his grip tighten around her slender frame.

“Yeah he thought you’d be a bit resistant. It’s why he sent me.” Placing his arm around her throat he pushed her neck into the crease of his forearm effectively putting her in a sleeper hold. “That’s right Beautiful, go to sleep.” He threw her over his shoulder and tossed her into his trunk. 

“Wait until you’re sitting face-to-face with Luther. Then we’ll see how much of that fire is left.” He slammed the trunk shut, slid behind the wheel of his jeep and drove towards Gideon place.

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    I'm glad things worked out for Roman. It's true he is the Alpha and there for he can enter into a new treaty with the packs without having to be mated. Why didn't he think about that before???? I understand why Ky was doing it, she was under orders, but Roman is the alpha, he could have worked out a new deal. And will it seems which is a win/win. So I can only assume he was doing it to please his father. Well that is over and as Alpha his dad can't stop him mating or bonding with Antoinette. Now if only Lobo would get his shit together and get over himself.

    Rafe was so wrong to get her so close then stop her. But it looks like they made up for it :).

    1. HAHA Luther is a man on a mission and he needs Kaya in order to complete his next chain of events. When both of the men in her life learns about this hell will rain down on Gideon. Though one is going to have a little trouble with that, something Luther is counting on.

      Roman needed his happy ending too, he deserved it. And yes he was trying to honor his father's wishes and respect the treaty. Had he declined he'd have felt he was slapping Alpha Villalobos in the face and that would have been a terrible move on his part.

      Yes he was but he definitely made it up to her...all night long :)

  2. Sounds crazy but maybe Luther taking Ky will make Lobo wake the hell up! I just can't look beyond him being selfish. He thinks all this time he was saving her from pain but he was depriving her of what she wanted and then expected her to just be happy with some arrangement he made. Fathers!

    I love the way she went to Roman! Hes sexy and sweet? Dreamy!!

    That bond between Kaya and Rafe will only grow and I'm glad!

    Don't think we've seen the last of Bane but so glad he got his ass handed to him!!

    1. Perhaps it will! It might be just what he needs to see what he is doing to Ky, although it's not something he really wants himself. Who knows, maybe Kaya will have a few revelations herself >:)

      HAHA She has a Queen wolf state of mind and wanted to ensure he knew what was going on before someone else got to him first. Thankfully he understood and was ready to enter into her agreement.

      Very true! The longer they keep working at it the better they'll become. It's best to bond and hopefully in time they will.

      Nope! He is not one to go quiet into that goodnight! He'll definitely think of ways to get back at Rafe for what he's done!

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    One; Yay, I'm so happy for Roman now! He was a nice guy(always was) but I didn't like him for Kaya. I'm also happy for his new mate! :)

    Two; Kaya and Rafe looked sooo adorable laying on his floor together! It was super precious! It's inevitable that they end up blood bonding, whether or not Lobo likes it is unimportant!

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    Luther, my prized evil mysterious wolf, I promise you if you hurt a hair on Kaya's head I will disown and end you. Unless Rafe comes to the rescue. Then I MIGHT forgive you, depending on how badly Kaya gets hurt. And don't rape her; She's Rafe's.

    Lol Bane got more than he bargained for. Oh well... Maybe he should stop trying to fight Rafe now... JUST a suggestion.

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    1. Roman and Kaya came to a much needed understanding and the two could not be happier because of it. I think that this is actually going to work out better than had they mated since they'll both have who they wanted and be ready to defend their pack alliance when needed.

      HAHA I love that shot too! I was grinning like a Cheshire seeing her in his arms like that. She didn't want to leave his quiet comfort but she had work to do.

      He could smell Rafe on Kaya and knew that since the scent was so strong she would not be able to sense or smell him. Her time with Rafe is what got her in trouble unfortunately because it made her distracted.

      Lobo won't rest easy until his daughter is safe. He'll be very enraged over this and prepare himself for war for sure. This won't be something he can take lightly because he knows that Luther will stop at nothing to ruin him even through his family (he's made several threats concerning Kaya)!

      HAHA very true and hmmm sounds like someone is using their seer powers again :D

      He certainly did and if he were smart he'll know to stay away...if...

      Thank you :D

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    If Lobo would pull his head out of his ass...sheesh...edenz~

    1. LOL if it's not one thing it's another and in this case it's something worse...although she might get a little something out of the event too.

      Rafe was ready to kill Bane but he got stopped and Bane got lucky. These two are far from done though :)

  5. I'm glad that Ky and Rafe are going to be together no matter what. They are made for each other, even if he is a wild wolf. I just have a question... With this 'mating' does that mean that Ky is going to have a baby wolf now?

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    Roman is a good guy, and I'm glad that he has someone to love. I just knew he wasn't right for Ky. Hopefully things can work out between the packs without the two of them having bonded.

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    1. Yep I think that has made a lot of people breathe easier which is great. And getting just a small taste of Rafe, Kaya knew she wanted no one else after that :P It would but the best of the wolves is unlocked once they have bonded. With her being in heat, if she were mated AND bonded then pups would be plenty but unfortunately they have yet to complete that.

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    Damn those women!!! It was getting to the good part. I wasn't ready for Bane to stop getting his ass kicked!!!!

    I'm glad Roman was finally able to mate with his true love. He is a good guy, just he should not be with Ky. Kaya Hemming all the way,:D

    Everything was going great, (apart from Lobo's stubbornness) and of course Luthur had to step in... was this what Lexi meant when she said that Ky mating with Rafe, whatever is going to happen will affect things... Lord I hope not. Rafe will rescue her, then Lobo will love him and then Ky and Rafe will finally get what they want, but then of course Lobo being as stubborn and has his head stuck so far up his ass, I expect Lobo will still be a obstacle for Ky and Rafe's full mating.

    1. Not just yet but hopefully soon :D I know I'm itching to see what their pups will look like too haha.

      Bane has a long way to go yet and Rafe's threat of death was very, very real!

      Roman and Kaya can both rest easy though both of their fathers won't be very pleased. There's nothing they can do about it now though. :P

      Luther is the rain on the parade and the gloom in the clouds. Even if he doesn't plan events for them to disrupt people's lives it always seems to work out that way...maybe he just has a nose for happiness and has to ruin it :P You're very right about Lobo though and very soon we'll get a better look inside that man's head!

  7. Oh, shit, Right up to the end there I was so happy about how things were working out, that Kaya managed to cement a treaty with Roman's pack without mating. And then she gets kidnapped!
    Also, loved seeing Bane get what was coming to him.

    And, woo! I'm caught up!

    1. Too much happiness! It had to be balanced somehow. But as it was said, perhaps this is what is needed for everyone to see what they have and wake them up before it's too late. The first shot in the battle had to come from someone and Luther is very trigger happy!

      Wow! Thank you so much for reading! I am still catching up to Stardust and I see you've left another treat for me today :D You won't beat me! I'll win this war!

  8. I love Roman. ^_^
    I still don't like Armand. All of his darned secrets and now he feels the right to be angry at Kaya.
    Luther is in big trouble.

    1. YAY! Roman getting his loving now :P He is a great man and real gentlemanly on top of that.

      That was his wolf smelling Rafe on her. He was trying to hold it down and keep himself calm but the longer he smelled Rafe the worse it got. It's why he sent her away until the scent was gone so he didn't hurt her because of his smell.

      Luther is definitely in big trouble but it's what he was looking for!

  9. Sorry, I'm so late reading, but boy did I miss a lot!

    In bet Bane won't be so eager for a rematch! He had the nerve to call Kaya his. I loved how Rafe said, "after the first two inches like new!"

    I hope that Kaya's idea works and that there will still be a treaty. I guess that I was wrong about Antoinette. She does seem to really love Roman!

    I know that Kaya's father has to think about the good of the pack, but at some point he has to put his daughter's happiness first!

    I love how Kaya and Rafe can't stay away from each other and are thinking about each other constantly! I know you hate it, but I love how romantic they are! :)

    What is going to happen to Kaya!!!

    1. Lol you're not late! There's no time limit or requirement here Neddy :)

      HAHAHA Bane wasn't so fond of that comment and was ready to prove how much of a man he is. Though with Rafe's mating he is much more stronger now, Bane has definitely bit off more than he can chew!

      Antoinette really is in love with Roman but no one in their pack can respect her enough because of how she carries herself. That was Raeford's concern with Roman choosing her as a mate and eventual pack Luna. She is spoiled and snubs her nose at people. It's not what a respectable Queen should do. The pack though will hold up, Roman is a man of his word and he and Kaya have become close enough to respect that.

      You're very right and Lobo will come to that very same conclusion real soon. :)

      HAHA I'm trying lol I want them to have their romance, they both deserve it. And as far as the constant need to be around one another, it'll only get worse as time goes on and they remain unbonded.

      Kaya is in for a very rude awakening!

      Thank you :)

  10. Kaya and Rafe are so good together. :D
    Lobo was so pissed but he Kaya is his daughter. He needs to get it together and find some other way to win this war. It's like he was using her to get the upper hand.
    Bane finally got what he deserved...But I don't see Bane going away that easily. Next time Rafe will probably have to kill his ass.
    Great, now what! Nobody will just let Kaya be. Damn! I wonder what Luther is up to? Maybe he will use Kaya for a bargaining chip to make Rafe join his pack?

    1. They are very cute and they keep one another grounded though Rafe needs it way more than Kaya does.

      Lobo was using her to a degree for the treaty but his main concern was keeping her away from Rafe. The treaty would help tremendously though if they are thrown into another war and with the thought of a Supreme Alpha looming over their heads, every pack is out for blood to prove their dominance!

      Bane is not giving up that easily. These two haven't bonded yet which means he still has a chance and he's going to make sure Rafe's life isn't all rainbows and roses if he has a say about it.

      He definitely has taken into consideration what owning a wild wolf would mean as far as pushing his agendas! Luther has plans for both Kaya and Rafe and you're not far off your thinking :)

      Thank you for reading :D

  11. A reader pointed me here. I always love a great narrative.

    1. Thank you very much for reading! :)