Monday, June 11, 2012

Episode 27: Who's Afraid of the Big Bad...

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Luther, Dexter, Trevor
Word Count: 5,803
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Luther explains to Kaya that he has taken her so that she can help him undo the curse her seer Lexi has placed on him. Kaya thinks about what it would mean for him to get his way. In an effort to gain her trust, Luther offers her insight into Lobo's head and what possibly may have really happened between them and how it may involve her mother.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, nudity, adult situations

A tender moan passed her lips and pulled the Alpha forward watching the wolf toss in her sleep. He cussed under his breath upset about the fact that she was brought to him in this condition and angry that he now had to wait for her to recover before they could speak. He sat a fresh pitcher of water on his bar and made his way back to the seat in front of her to continue looking over her. She looked perfect; facial features he recognized and gazed upon numerous times in his youth and eyes that saw into his soul.

Another moan followed by movement and a muscle stretch pulled him from reverie and he rested upon his arm waiting for her to come to. “Welcome back,” Luther grinned as Kaya’s eyes fluttered open. “I thought you’d be out all night. Don’t worry I’ve spoken to Dexter about his use of force with you. We wouldn’t want him to damage the goods before we make use of the merchandise now would we?”

“What…? Where…?” Kaya sat up on her elbow and rubbed a lazy hand over her eye wiping sleep and a groggy haze from her face. She looked around sniffing a change in her surroundings and instantly she remembered what had occurred. “The parking lot…Dexter…what?”

“Have some water; maybe it’ll help clear your head a little.” He pushed a drink closer towards her on the coffee table as he moved to the center of the room nodding to Phoenix and waiting for the door to close before addressing his guest once more.

“Luther! My father is going to have your head when he finds out about this!”

“Right,” he laughed. “Your father. You’re very optimistic aren’t you? Of course you are. It’s the only reason you bother with those ‘shelters’ in the first place.” He took another sip from the glass in his hand, placed it on the desk, took a seat on the edge and glared at her. “Your father is going to have his hands full very soon my dear; so much so he’ll not give one concern to his helpless little whelp. You might as well get comfy; you’re going to be here for a while.”

She stood and moved towards the door and he was on her in a flash pinning her against the wall. She squirmed beneath his hold pushing and biting at him to free her wrists from his grip. Effortlessly he kept her secured against the hard surface laughing at her fruitless attempts to get away. He leaned in closer until his hot breath blew over her neck. The touch of his body on hers made her skin crawl and she jerked forward trying to headbutt him. A frown appeared briefly on his face but was readily replaced with a smirk by the amount of fight in her. He groaned and tightened his hands around her wrists and she could feel his hardening arousal pressed against her back.

“What do you want?”

He turned her to face him, never once releasing the firm grasp he had on her arms. “I think we both know the answer to that question,” he smiled running a hand across her cheek. He inched his face closer to hers as he spoke until he could smell the other wolf on her flesh. “You’ve mated! Well this is quite the surprise. And to a wild wolf? Tsk, tsk, tsk. Oh what Lobo must think!”

“Let me go Luther!”

“Let you go? Now why would I want to go and do a thing like that?” He sniffed her again loving the scent of fear that wafted over her pores. She had good reason to fear him and it pleased him knowing that even in her position she knew an imbalanced fight when she was faced with one. “You’re scared. That’s good; that might work in your favor. Now as for what I want, I want the same thing as you, to ensure the preservation and survival of our kind.” She struggled against his chest pushing him back and instantly he was on her again. “I think you need to relax a bit. You and I both know that if I wanted to I could take it!”

“Yeah and we also know that your equipment is merely decoration. You wouldn’t get what you were after anyway!”

Her head bounced against the wall as she felt the sting of his backhand. He smiled as she hissed in pain and pressed her harder against the cold wood. He was quick; she didn’t even see him raise his hand to deliver the blow. She raised a shaky hand to her cheek. The soft pads of her fingertips felt cool against her flesh as the blood warmed her face and made it throb. “You’re not at Greymane right now Kaya, you’re not Beta here, you’re nothing. You watch that tongue of yours and respect me in my home or suffer for it!” he growled. “Whether or not I can give you pups, my ‘equipment’ works fine getting what it needs! I’d be MORE than happy to give you a demonstration!” He thrust his hips forward causing the bulge in his jeans to stab against her hip again illustrating his point. 

He laughed throatily at her unease as he backed away and motioned towards the sofa ensuring she knew it was not a request for her to take a seat. She sighed and watched him pour himself another drink. “Would you like one?”

“No Luther I would not. I would however appreciate it if you would tell me what it is you want from me.”

“Kaya you and I are similar people.”

“I am NOTHING like you! You use people; hurt them to get what you want. Manipulate the wolves in your pack to suit your needs and throw them away for simple rule breaking. I would NEVER be anything like you even the day I claim Alpha position in Greymane.”

He inhaled sharply through his nose causing a hissing sound to reach her ears and folded his hands into his lap. “See that’s where you’re wrong. You and I have similar goals though admittedly we may go about achieving them differently we’re not too far off the same path.” He sat his drink on the desk and watched her readjust on his leather sofa causing the material to squeak beneath her thighs. “Would it surprise you to learn that I am a family man? I value the bonds and relationships of both father and pups as well as Alpha and pack though after a small error on my part the witches thought it best to keep the former from my grasp.”

“Ok Luther I have no idea what any of this means or what it has to do with me. So you can’t father a child, how is that my fault? Why am I here?”

“You’re here, Kaya, because your father is the reason I cannot bear my own young. You’re here, Kaya, because you are paying for the sins of your father. Now as incredibly unfair as it may seem, I’m going to use you to get what I want and you’re going to help me accomplish that.”

“And if I refuse?”

“Do you really want to know that answer? The world is full of possibilities where you’re concerned Beautiful. I could lock you in one of my dungeons downstairs; make you my eternal sex slave. I could torture you slowly, stripping the flesh from your body slice by slice over the course of a century. I could even make you my mate and steal your blood bond which I happened to notice you haven’t completed with your wild wolf and forever taint you for any other mate.”

Her face turned up in anger and instinctively she growled hearing the threats tossed towards her from the Alpha. Let him try. She may not be a match for him power or strength wise but that would not stop her from putting up a fight even if it cost her her life. “Threatening me is no way to get what you want no matter how much you seem to think it does!”

“Hmm yes I suppose. Threats may be recourse for a more aggressive approach but I don’t need that with you do I? No you are a much more diplomatic person when it comes to resolving situations and ensuring everyone gets what they want. Why do you think I chose you instead of outwardly murdering your father? Though all things in their time.”


“Right, get to the point. Your seer cursed me Kaya and it’s through your seer that the curse must be lifted. Now what I want is for you to contact the witch and have her reverse her mojo.”

Kaya stood and paced in front of the coffee table unsure if she could believe the words dripping from the snake’s forked tongue. “You’re…you…this is all so that you can have children? You kidnapped me to make me call Lexi and tell her what? That you need your sperm back? Why now? What changed?”

“That is of no concern to you Kaya but just know that I’m not letting you leave here until I get what I want. So what’ll it be? Call your father and…”

“My father…yeah; that conversation wouldn’t go as you think.”

“Aww don’t tell me Princess, is there trouble with the Royal family?” She remained silent and ran a hand through her hair trying to think of a way out of this mess. Suddenly remembering her car was still parked outside of Roman’s hotel she hoped he’d see it and have the presence of mind to contact her pack concerning her safety. She was so lost in thought she hadn’t heard the first few words from Luther’s mouth to realize he had been speaking to her for a while. It wasn’t until he mentioned Kaelani that he finally got her attention. “I knew your mother Kaya, did you know that? She was a real beauty just like you. Shame what happened to her.”

“Don’t you dare,” Kaya growled. “You can say and do whatever you want to me but don’t you ever speak about her!” she roared charging at him.

“Whoa same fire too,” he laughed pushing her away. “Her murder was a real tragedy.”

“Murder? You didn’t know my mother. She wasn’t killed! Her death was accidental.”

“Accidental?” he paused and moved towards her. “You poor child; what lies have they hand fed you?”

She turned her back to him trying to control her anger. She’d known of his manipulation and ruthless tactics to get into the heads of his victims but to bring up her mother was something she couldn’t stand for. She clenched her eyes tight and placed her hands over her ears trying to drown out the deafening roar of her wolf struggling to the surface to take a swipe at the man standing behind her. Luther’s hand reached towards her and he turned her by her elbow to face him once more, his eyes urging her to answer the question he’d posed. “She died giving birth to me.”

“And does Santa leave your presents under the tree when you’re sleeping like a good little girl?”

“Fuck you Luther!” she growled raising her hand to slap him. He leaned back to avoid the contact and pushed her into the cushions of the couch.

“What have I told you about that tongue? CONTROL IT! Before I do! If you want to be angry with someone, take a good look at the man that told you these things about your mother and ask him why he’s lied to you.”

“If you’re so sure my father lied to me, why don’t you set the record straight and tell me?”

“Because I enjoy watching you squirm.”

“You’re a real piece of work Luther, you know that?”

Again he laughed before resting on the edge of his desk. “Kaelani used to tell me that all the time. You are more like her than you know Kaya,” he sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “Your mother didn’t die when you were born; in fact she lived five years after that and spent every moment of it with you.”

“You’re lying!”

“Am I? Her memorial garden, you know it well it’s one of your favorite places. You ever analyze the rock her headstone was carved in? I’m sure if you ever decide to take a closer look you’ll see that the dates were changed to reflect her death as the same day of your birth.”

“If that’s true, if my mother lived to see me to age 5, why don’t I remember anything?”

“You can thank Lexi for that. Your father had the seer erase your memories. Wiped the slate clean of all those wonderful memories you made with your mother just so he could control the person you would become.”

She shook her head and folded her arms into her chest. “I don’t believe you. He wouldn’t do that; not to me.”

“Fine. Believe what you want. I gave you everything you need to learn the truth for yourself.”

“Why would Lexi help him do that?”

He smirked and took a sip from his glass. “I’ll let you figure that one out.” There was a knock on the door and he stood to answer it; stepping out into the hall with his Beta to speak he locked Kaya into his office.

She stood and began pacing the room. Her mind was racing over everything Luther was telling her and the idea that it could have even an ounce of truth to it was beyond ridiculous. Her eye caught on a shelf lined with journals and photo albums and she snorted thinking Luther would ever be as sentimental to collect such things.

She moved towards the shelf and noticed one written in a beautiful cursive that she’d come to learn well, it was her mother’s handwriting. She’d spent hours analyzing love letters she’d written to her father; it was how she learned the kind of person she was; the kind of person she’d hoped to become. Her mother’s thoughts and the way she spoke with such love for her father became her inspiration for poetry which eventually led to her love for music and the like.

She pulled the book from the shelf and a small, faded photograph fell from the pages. She bent over to retrieve it gasping as she noticed it was of Kaelani, her mother. But the person she was hugging was not her father Armand, it was…

“She loved waterfalls,” Luther announced reentering the room and noticing the picture in Kaya’s hand. “It was her favorite place to go when she could escape her lessons long enough to have fun.”

“You…dated my mother?”

“Don’t act so surprised Kaya. There was a time when some could say I seemed somewhat human.” He plucked the photo from her hand and rubbed his thumb over Kaelani’s face. “I was set on marrying her but unfortunately life and Lobo had other plans.”

“What do you mean?”

He glanced up at her before smiling and returning his gaze to the worn out photograph. “What I mean is your father, the man you’re so hell-bent and determined to be like stole the woman I loved, married and mated her against her will.”

“He wouldn’t do that!”

“No? Have you ever asked him? Ever asked how he came to find his ‘true mate’?” His tone and demeanor was callous and cold. He spoke about love and passion but the way he said the words made it sound like they were diseases. The timbre in his voice was smooth, showed no real inflection and his eyes remained on her. “You DO know it is quite rare to ever come across the person you are predestined to mate with right? The whole thing is just bullshit folklore and myth that the witches tell you as a nice little bedtime story. ‘Be a good little whelp and your White Knight will come and sweep you off your feet’. You can’t honestly tell me you buy into that whole thing Kaya; come on, I know you can’t you’re smarter than that.”

“My mother was in several battles with Greymane. She fought to preserve the wolves in her pack. Why would she do that? Why would she risk her life if she were forced to be there?”

“It was a cry for help. She was hoping to catch a blade and die. Your mother wasn’t fighting for the wolves of that pack; she was hoping to put an end to her suffering.”

“No. No…none of this is true. What did you do? Have Faith conjure up some fake pictures? Glamour the journal in her writing to trick me? Why? Why are you doing this to me? You’re trying to convince me that all this pack rivalry has been over my Mother?”

“Kaya if you don’t believe me, if you’re certain there’s not an ounce of truth behind what I’m telling you, ask Lobo and see what his reaction is to these allegations. I mean, it’s not like he’s hidden anything from you before, right?” he smiled wickedly towards her knowing he’d have her questioning everything from this point forth.

Kaya’s eyes widened remembering the room hidden beneath the Egyptian display in her father’s study. My God it can’t be true. He couldn’t have done these things? Lied for over two centuries about the circumstances surrounding her mother’s death? Their marriage? Her birth? Why would he do that?

“You obviously have a lot to think about and that’s understandable so I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I will give you until tomorrow morning to make the call to your seer or your father and get me what I want before I start making good on those threats. For now, Phoenix will see you to the guest room; you’re staying here until we’ve come to an accord.” Slowly she started after Phoenix towards the hall, stopping at the low growl in Luther’s voice and the sudden warmth of his body against hers. “And Kaya don’t try to escape, besides being completely impossible, it’ll insult my hospitality and I can be a very unpleasant host.”

Hours passed since Kaya had been placed inside the elegantly decorated prison awaiting morning. She’d spent the time thinking over the journals, the hidden room, the missing memories that Luther claimed had been erased and each time she came back to the same conclusion: he had to be manipulating her. She knew there was one way she could find out short of asking Lobo in person, her mother’s diaries.

Kaya slipped out of her room silently heading towards Luther’s study. The pack house was surprisingly quiet which led her to use more caution while slinking past the rooms she knew housed the Beta Dexter and one of the scarier subordinates Julius. A small crack of light filtered into the dark hallway from Dexter’s quarters and she held her breath pressing herself against the wall. She had no idea where he might be standing within his room and trying to pass quickly by the door she’d surely be seen by his keen eye. 

Sliding along the cool, wooden surface of the wall she peeked one eye around the corner to locate the Beta hoping he was not standing near waiting to catch her. What she saw took her both by surprise and offered a sigh of relief. He was standing beside his bed wrapped tightly in the arms of another man and they were kissing passionately. Pulling back her gaze she pushed against the wall once more. Though now she was sure he would not see her slip by she couldn’t help the fact that what was happening in that room piqued her interest. Leaning forward once more she watched as the man slid his hands along Dexter’s broad shoulders deciding if she should make her move now. But like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle her feet remained rooted to that spot.

Dexter pulled back from the kiss to remove his shirt. Slowly unbuttoning his top his lover reached up to help him. Trevor’s motions were long and slow, and every time his warm fingers met with Dexter’s skin he could feel the muscular man shiver beneath his touch. It was unreasonable how quickly the feel of his lover’s hand could reduce him to a quivering, fiery, need-driven pile of flesh yet he let the man control him by touch alone. Trevor leaned forward kissing Dexter’s bare chest slowly licking down his body towards the large tent pitched in his black denim jeans. Yearning to feel his lips encircle his engorged cock, he hurriedly unbuttoned his pants helping release the nine inch monster that beckoned the man forward with wide eyes and a grin.

Trevor reached a hand towards him, gripping hardened flesh in his tender palm. Dexter hissed a sigh of pleasure the minute his lover’s touch made contact with the swollen head. He loved feeling those hands moving against his cock; stroking, teasing, jerking him to total ecstasy. “What are you waiting for?” he growled looking down into those light brown eyes. Thrusting his hips forward, Dexter placed one hand on the back of Trevor’s head and guided him forward. Instantly his mouth engulfed him and with a little help from Dexter he moved his lips up and down the shaft, so hot and slick. “That’s it Baby you know what I like.” Dexter’s groans encouraged Trevor and he moved further onto his knees to take his lover deeper into his throat.

He moved his hand between his legs taking his low hanging sac into his palm kneading gently in rhythm with his mouth. “Oh fuck yeah Trev, make me cum Baby.” Trevor closed his eyes and ran his tongue along the familiar veins of Dexter’s stiff dick licking, sucking and slurping up every drop of precum anxious to taste his lover on his tongue. Moving with increased passion Dexter pumped his hips forward into Trevor’s mouth as he felt his orgasm start. 

Dexter’s breathing deepened and he groaned whispering Trevor’s name. His tongue traveled up and down the length of the cock, and he pressed hard with his lips lowering them as far as they would go to the base until he could feel the head touch the back of his throat. Dexter looked down at the man, his fingers threaded into his hair and held him closer in a show of affection and tenderness. Knowing this action, Trevor backed away and let Dexter control his orgasm. He opened his mouth wider allowing the full length of his cock to fuck his face. Finally reaching his breaking point Dexter’s dick swelled and he arched his back releasing into his lover’s mouth pumping waves of hot cum down Trevor’s throat. Waiting out the final thrusts of his hips, Trevor sucked the last few jets from the head as he removed his mouth from Dexter’s cock, savoring the flavor.

Standing until they were eye level Trevor reached his arms around Dexter’s neck pulling him forward into a kiss. Dexter’s strong hands reached under Trevor’s shirt, softly rubbing the six pack muscles of his abdomen. Gently he pulled his lover’s shirt over his head as Trevor removed his pants and boxers tossing them into the heap beside the bed. He glided down his back quickly inserting his fingers between the crevices within Dexter’s muscles, anxious to feel them flex on his backside and bare ass. Dexter guided his tongue around Trevor’s mouth, moaning softly when he felt his hand again on his cock jerking him back to full length as he rolled a condom over the head. Both men were hungry for the other and just moments away from fulfilling their deepest desires.

Dexter’s lips picked up speed, going from slow and sensual to more demanding and aggressive. Their mouths thrashed fervently against each other with the force of their kisses. There was no cause to speak and no more need for words. Only the moans of their desire could be heard and Kaya found herself becoming aroused by watching. The men showed obvious love for one another and every single action of their hot bodies expressed profoundly that undying passion.

The closeness of their bodies left barely any room for light to pierce through casting shadows against the back wall and their bodies danced in rhythm. Driven by his wolf and the authority of his position, Dexter turned his face to kiss Trevor’s neck slowly turning the man so that his perfectly round ass was positioned against his dick. “How do you want it?” He whispered against his ear licking gently along the nape of his neck down towards his shoulder. “Do you want me hard and fast or would you prefer I took my time?”

Trevor smiled and turned his head taking Dexter’s lips to his once more. “Do me hard; show me the wolf in there I know wants to come out.”

In one swift, hungry motion Dexter threw Trevor over the side of the bed and thrust into his puckered anus watching the rosebud take him all the way to his pubic bone before pulling out just enough to hear his lover gasp. There was no gentle push of his fingers against his hole, no tentative touch to his skin. Dexter fed his need and immediately stabbed at his body with the head of his dick, forcing an entrance inside of his lover staking ownership over his ass. “YES!” Trevor hissed arching his back and gritting his teeth as Dexter moved against him again.

“Raise your ass higher, Baby.” His voice was hoarse and rough and saturated with lust. Trevor obeyed instantly raising his hips so that Dexter could pound into him harder. “Mmm you feel good Baby.” He slapped his open palm over Trevor’s ebony flesh and listened to the man shriek in pleasure. “You like that Baby? Huh? You like it when Daddy fucks this ass?”

Dexter sucked in a breath and released it in a deep groan as he fucked his lover against the satin sheets of his king-sized bed. “Fuck yes I love it!” Trevor gasped and thrust against the mattress drawing away impulsively from the small amount of pain Dexter’s enlarged cock beat against his rear. Gripping his hips tightly in his palms, his fingers fanned out holding him in place and Trevor pushed back into the pleasure. Dexter slapped his hand over one rounded globe of the man’s ass once more and smiled when he moaned. Holding him open with one hand against each cheek he rammed harder and deeper driving his aroused body to find relief. 

Trevor felt fingers, wet with Dexter’s saliva, caress against his dick. A hand slid beneath him and grabbed his dick, jerking quickly as he continued to be pounded. His lover was working him from both ends controlling him, enticing him, forcing his pleasure to the shape of his own desire.

“Yesss,” Trevor sighed. The head of Dexter’s dick scraped over his prostate, recharging the batteries on his senses. “I’m gonna cum with you Dex, harder, fuck me harder!” he demanded through clenched teeth. Dexter pulled back and thrust in faster, harder, jerking Trevor’s dick in time with his own motions desperate for the friction and release.

Together with the pounding his ass was getting, that tight grip of Dexter’s hand on his dick and the incredible, unremitting pleasure of being filled with his lover’s cock, Trevor’s final shaky wall melted and he came with a roar that vibrated through his head, echoing against his teeth and threatening to deafen him. The room blurred into a fuzzy gray, and the world lost focus becoming a bright, lustrous fog. 

Trevor had no idea how he must have sounded, but he was sure it was somewhere between a feral dog and satisfied sex toy; a mixture of grunts, groans and unintelligible gibberish that he knew somehow expressed what he was feeling: pure unadulterated pleasure.

Dexter had almost no time to react feeling the shuddering man beneath him. Releasing his fingers from his shaft, a sudden gush of heat exploded inside of him and Dexter’s hard breaths dissolved into wordless groans announcing the arrival of another orgasm. Spurt after spurt caught in the sticky rubber that clung to his skin squishing against him as his lover’s rectum tightened and released around his shaft. 

Dexter molded his body against Trevor’s back, breathless, sighing and heavy with the drowsiness that comes after releasing agonizing sexual pressure. Slowly he rolled onto the bed, pulling Trevor with him, staying as close as he could until they both regained control.

“You know it’s rude to spy on people.”

“What? I wasn’t,” Kaya jumped hearing Gideon’s Alpha behind her. She turned with a start and a bit of embarrassment on her face seeing the wicked grin spread across his lips. “I was just heading to the kitchen for a bite to eat.”

“The kitchen is downstairs. The stairs are right next to the guest room in which you’re staying.” He leaned forward shutting Dexter’s bedroom door more and pressed his body against hers. “What are you really after? What is the Beta of Greymane looking for in my home?”


“Kaya, before you fix your mouth to lie, just remember I’m far older than you and I can already hear your heart pounding within your chest. So I’ll ask kindly for the truth before things take a very nasty turn.”

She nibbled on her bottom lip and watched the steady expression on his face. His eyes were cold and fixed on hers waiting and growing angrier the longer the silence remained. “I…my mother’s journals. I wanted to read them.”

The smile on his face grew wider realizing he had something she wanted. One way or another he’d get the revenge he sought against his rival and if he had to go through his daughter well, he wasn’t opposed to the idea. “Well now you could have just asked.” He pulled away from her and led the way towards his study. Retrieving the three books from the shelf above his sofa he placed them on the table for her and took a seat waiting for her to join him.

Cautiously she moved forward her gaze shifting from him to the leather bound diaries sitting beside his leg. Dropping into the cushion next to him she lifted the first book from the table and slowly opened to the front cover. A smile lightened her face seeing her mother’s writing and she envisioned the woman sitting under a tree diligently scribing in her diary. There was a small dedication on the first page written to her true love Luther Crowley. Kaya’s breath caught in her throat and she turned to look at him. “If she loved you like you said then why…?”

“Read them from cover to cover Kaya and you’ll have your answers. I for one am retiring to my quarters. If you need anything you know how to find me.”

“May I take these to my room?” He nodded calmly to her request and she gathered the books and started back towards her room. Passing quickly by Dexter’s door she blushed recalling the scene she’d witnessed a few moments earlier. Ok maybe she was spying but the act was something she’d never encountered before and if she was being honest with herself it was very erotic. Who knew Dexter was ever capable of such tenderness?

Kaya settled into the luxurious king sized bed and pulled opened the first of the diaries and began reading.

Monday, May 26, 1651
Dear Diary,
                I saw Luther again today. I know father strictly forbids it but I couldn’t help running off to our favorite hiding place, Ruby Hills Lake. We sat beneath the waterfalls talking about anything and everything and he confessed to me how he hopes our packs can reach an agreement and end this stupid blood war. I hope for the same. If our fathers can come to some form of understanding then he and I can mate! I know he’s not my true mate but I think once we’ve bonded we can make it work.

Tuesday, May 27, 1651
Dear Diary,
                He came again today, the man in the suit with the sweet smile and icy blue eyes. He spoke to my father informing him that he and I were mates and that he made plans to bond and marry me as soon as he could. Father sent him away. He told him I wasn’t ready to leave home and I’m starting to think he’s right. All I want, all I feel is an undying desire to be with Luther. He has a smile that kills me a thousand times and restores my living breath. I think I’m in love.

Thursday, May 29, 1651
Dear Diary,
                We kissed!!! Luther has the softest touch and he smells like a fresh rain on a hot summer’s day. He took me for a run today, he knows how much I love them and after we frolicked in the daisies he picked me a lily. Just before I could smell the sweet nectar of my flower his lips pressed against mine! I think I died and went to Heaven, TWICE! He said he would ask father soon if we can mate. I cannot wait to be able to kiss him without worrying if we’ll get caught!

Saturday, June 7, 1651

Dear Diary,
                His name is Armand and he really is my mate! My one and only true mate! He snuck into the territory after father had sent him away again and I caught him watching me swim in the lake. I wasn’t scared of him, in fact I felt an immediate draw. When his fingers caressed my cheek…electrifying! My only concern is what will happen to Luther? I love him but what I feel towards Armand goes much deeper. It’s like my soul is shared with him and we connect on such a deep level! Oh diary what am I going to do?

Wednesday, June 11, 1651
Dear Diary,
                Lexi and I discovered a few new spells today. Father said he was proud watching us embrace Mother’s side as well. I think sometimes though she’s a bit sad about not finding her mate. She seems more in tuned with nature than our lycan side. I told her that I think it may be shutting her out on everything else. One thing is for sure, my baby sister really loves magic; maybe she will be the one to follow in Mom’s footsteps.

“Baby sister?” 

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  1. Well this is just full of OH Shit moments.

    First Luther, really has a brass pair taking Ky like that. He is cold and heartless and super scary. I have no doubt he would act on all the threats he made towards her.

    Then learning about her mom. WTF!!! She lived for 5 years, 5 whole fucking years and he wiped that. Lexi wiped that. If that is true then there is no excuse or reason in the world that could make anything he's done and had me all pissed off about to make me see things from his point of view! I need to know more on how they actually came to mate. Did he really just take her and force her because she was him mate?!?!?! UGH I hope to hell not because that would be low and evil and low and so like Luther. He was in love. And Lexi why in the hell did she curse him? I need to know and she needs to fix it. There is no reason in the world for that and how she thought she could just get away with doing that. It screams conniving BITCH to me!!!! I have been most unhappy with the way she and Lobo have been lying to Ky and this chapter as only pissed me off more!!! Oh my goodness I am so freaking pissed right now. I need to have answers!!! I need to get to the bottom of this and I need Ky to knocked the hell out of her daddy for lying and manipulating her all these years. NO EXCUSE if he really wiped her memories hell no. There is nothing you can say to make that better. NOPE NADA ZILCH NOTHING.

    OK Funny need your sperm back?... died laughing at that one.

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      You're absolutely correct! Though he and Kaelani were in love it wasn't a true mating and at any point had either of them found their true love it would have (as it did) overpowered anything they felt for the other person. He is very bitter because as he told Kaya he never really believed in that whole "true mate" thing and that was only because it never happened for him. He is very bitter and has always done things to get back at Lobo; this being his biggest.

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