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Episode 04: Moonlit Promenade

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Rafe, Lobo, Connor, Sonja, Dexter, Luther
Word Count: 3,026
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Kaya teaches Rafe about the history of wolves as their training continues and he finds himself drawn to her. His dreams become vivid and she finds him tossing in bed and invites him out for a chat and learns that he was adopted and has no idea who his real parents are. Gideon's Alpha Luther and Greymane's Armand are called away to an emergency WarCouncil summit where it's reported the seers had a vision.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, adult content, adult situations  - information dump

For over a week Kaya prepped and taught Rafe everything she could about life as a wolf. Mornings were spent practicing his senses, balance and history of their kind. Afternoons she taught him how to communicate with other packs through body language, the purpose behind blending in and his supernaturally enhanced powers: strength, speed, agility and endurance. And at night, they worked on hunting, shifting and harnessing the full power of the moon. Though he had yet to fully transition, she wanted to ensure when the time came he would be fully prepared.

“So when you change, does it hurt?”

She shrugged and took a seat beside him near the water. “It used to. I don’t even realize it anymore; it’s more of a second skin slough off of a few hairs and you barely notice right? For you, it’ll be excruciating. Your body will be elevated to temperatures you only thought existed in Hell your blood will literally boil. Every one of the 206 bones in your body will break and modify into something new and become reinforced. You’ll be in such pain you’ll very much wish for death.”

“Come on, Ky, don’t sugar coat it, tell me the truth,” he grinned. “Are you serious?”

She giggled. “You wanted truth remember? No more lies, cover ups or hiding information? If it’s too much I could always go back to treating you like the sad and helpless little cub we found in the woods.”

“Does that mean you’ll rub my belly and pet my head too?” he laughed. “No please, continue.”

“I remember my first time,” she said standing and balancing herself along the small fence near the waters’ edge. “Daddy had Ulrick lock me in a cell here and monitor me because he said the sounds I was making were too much for him to bear. He hated knowing the pain I was in but says he now regrets not being there for my first transition like it was some milestone in my life.”

“My body literally felt as though it were caving in and my system was just…melting. Everything I touched was even hotter, my skin was on fire, my vision was blurry and I was too sick to stand let alone breathe. I just wanted to lay there and die. Daddy told me when I was 7 what I was and what would eventually happen to me and every day he’d take me up to those mountains and train me in something new, something he thought would prepare me but there is no preparing for that.”

“Wow, well in that case, can I count on you to be there for me?”

“Of course I…” she slipped from the fence and he quickly moved closer catching her in his arms.

“All about balance huh? You sure you’re the best one to be teaching this stuff?” he asked brushing a stray hair from her face.

“Well if you want I could always ask Bane, I’m sure he’d be more than happy to give you a quick lesson or two.”

“Funny, you’re a pretty funny girl you know that?”

“I don’t know about that,” she said pulling out of his grip. “I must say I was very impressed the way you handled yourself against him. He’s got a few centuries on you and yet you were the apparent victor in that battle. And hey, you’re already picking up on your speed. Great save!”

“Anytime,” he said watching her eyes and taking in the way the moon really did seem to heighten her beauty. “So…what else can you tell me about ‘us’?”

“You’re really anxious aren’t you? If I show you all my cards tonight, what’s going to bring you back tomorrow? Patience little one; there’s time for everything!”

“There are a few things that would make me stick around. And I’d really like to know more about what we are.”

“Ok,” she smiled. “But if it gets boring, stop me at any time!”


“Werewolves are a superior race; an evolved state of humankind mixed with human intelligence and animal strength and cunning making us the perfect predator. As you’ve seen we are very powerful and capable of ripping a man apart with our claws. Werewolf versus…well anything leaves almost no chance of survival for our opponent. We’re not immortal but we can outlive humans and any other living creature. Our reinforced bones prevent harm from conventional weapons; we’re immune to disease and have advanced regenerative capabilities from even the most severe injuries.”

“Ok so that thing about silver bullets is …?”

“True. But it’s a specially formulated type of metal known as Truesilver; very rare but very much a threat to our kind. It slows the healing process dramatically but we can still heal if the metal is removed in time otherwise it is fatal. Swords, knives, spears; basically anything made of Truesilver is a guaranteed trip to Doggy Heaven if it gets you just right.”

“We have an excellent sense of smell and eyesight and can also hear the hearts of our targets and track their scent for miles. Isn’t that right Connor?” she asked waiting for him to reveal himself from the bushes behind them.

“I’ll get you one of these days,” he sighed and stepped into the light.

“Don’t hold your breath CocoBear.” He kissed her cheek and took a seat beside her.

“Don’t laugh Rafe. Stick around long enough and you’ll get one of your own, nicknames that is,” he said glancing at him. “She thinks it’s funny, right Peaches?”

“Aww you don’t like the name anymore?”

“You kidding? Makes me smile every time I hear it and then I get a pang of embarrassment when I realize you used it in front of people and it makes me want to crawl under a rock and hide.”

“Fine you can help me make an extra embarrassing one for Rafe.”

“Uh no, I’d never put another guy through the torture you use on me. Anyway I came to tell you that Lobo is looking for you and he doesn’t look happy.”

“Is that some sort of oxymoron? Happy Lobo,” Rafe smiled. Kaya looked over at him and he apologized.

“No need for that. It is rare he’s in the best of moods but he’s Alpha of a pack that is a constant target for other wolves. It would definitely piss in your Frosted Flakes every morning too.” She hopped up and the trio walked back up to the manor. 

“Kaya,” Lobo said pulling her into his arms. “I hate to do this now but there was an emergency meeting called for the WarCouncil. The seers had a vision and a decision needs to be made. I have to leave tonight and I don’t know when I’ll be back. I’m leaving Ulrick in charge of the manor but I want you to make sure you are on your guard when you leave the house especially if you take Rafe with you.”

“Daddy, can you tell me anything about what’s going on? What have the seers viewed?”

“I don’t know yet nor do I know if it is something that can be revealed. I’ll call once I get settled in but just be careful and take care of each other. I love you,” he said kissing her forehead and grabbing his bag before heading to the front door.

She stood rubbing the back of her neck still a little puzzled but more so afraid for what could be so important they pull him away at nearly one in the morning. “Everything will be fine K,” Connor said trying to sound reassuring.

“I hope so. Dad didn’t seem so sure.” She turned to Rafe and smiled. “I suppose a bit of rest is in order. I’ll see you all in the morning. You make sure you rest Rafe, we have a busy day tomorrow.” She turned and headed up to her room away from the concerned and sympathetic faces to the quiet solace of her bed. 

She showered, changed and rested on top of the covers thinking about the message the seers had and how it would affect their community. Sleep didn’t come easy but she was finally able to close her eyes for the night.

“I don’t like the idea, Luther and neither should you. The seers are in place for a reason and trying to start a war in the middle of this summit may bring a lot of unnecessary attention to Gideon and completely backfire, Sir,” Dexter said immediately remembering his place and bowing after his unsolicited advice.

“I told you that I would kill you if you failed to return with that Pup, remember Dexter? What makes you think I care to hear anything you have to say now? I let you heal, next time I won’t be so gracious! You hold that mongrel tongue of yours unless otherwise instructed,” he growled and glared at the man on his knees in front of him. “I’ll do what I deem as necessary for the continued success of this house and I will raise Gideon to its rightful place at the top of all the other packs.”

“And when we’re there, every other Alpha will be bowing at your feet, Sir,” a low and sultry voice announced as Sonja entered the room and took a seat on the end of Luther’s desk. “We all have you to thank for where we are Luther and you are the only one that can take us further.”

“You’re in charge while I am away Sonja, you’ll let me know if anything,” he said looking at Dexter, “takes place in my absence.”

“Absolutely,” she smirked at Dexter and gave him an obnoxious little wave. 

“Hey. What are you doing in here?” Rafe asked pushing up on his elbows and noticing Kaya sitting on the dresser across from the bed.

“Watching you sleep. It was disturbing me.”

He yawned sleepily and rested his back against the headboard as he continued watching her. “Disturbing you? I snore that loudly? I guess I’m turning quicker than I expected. Isn’t this considered an invasion of privacy?”

“In most cases that might be true, but you were calling me, not snoring; practically the entire night. I couldn’t sleep because of it, so I came to check on you.”

“I was calling you?” he asked raising a curious brow at her and a confused expression that stretched the length of his face.

“‘Kaya’, ‘Kaya’, ‘Kaya!’” she mimicked him as she hopped down from the dresser and took a seat on the edge of his bed. “What were you dreaming about?”

He smiled recounting the visions that had invaded his dreams and the near vivid feel of her body pressed against his. “Nothing. I didn’t mean to bother you.”

“Meh, it’s ok. It’s not like I was able to really sleep anyway,” she smiled. “I was actually going to stretch my legs. The night is when I get my best ideas. Would you like to join me?”

He looked out the window watching the clouds move in over the moon, smiled and pushed the covers from his legs. “How could I refuse?”

“You changed?” he asked as they started out the back.

“Of course! It would have looked pretty silly if I were to walk outside in my nightgown wouldn’t it?” she smiled noticing his nightwear.

“Yeah I suppose,” he frowned. “So you said that Bane had ‘centuries’ on me. How old is he exactly? How old are any of you for that matter.”

“Hasn’t anyone ever taught you that it’s rude to ask a lady her age?”

He laughed and pulled up a blade of grass tossing it over his shoulder. “Alright but does that really count for you?”

“I’d hope so. I mean I am still a lady right? Bane is a little over a century, Ulrick, Connor and myself over two. My Dad…well, he’s old and traditional which means no one but myself and Ulrick know his true age because he feels that knowledge can be harmful against him if it fell into the wrong hands.”

“How’s that?”

“Well if you can date back the history of my bloodline, it’s easier to find a weakness, possibly a way to harm us or the pack. My Dad doesn’t want that and wishes that his age remains a secret.”

“So you won’t tell me full ages of anyone? Just a roundabout number?”

“Exactly. I hope you understand.”

“I do, no worries. I just figured he was way old anyway considering he looks…”

“He didn’t become a full wolf until after he and my Mom were married. His gene sat dormant for years and he was in his forties before it took affect, hence the gray hair and slight wrinkles. Wolves don’t really mature and get older. It just all depends on when you actually turn.”

“So I’ll stay young and handsome forever?”

She giggled and readjusted on her leg. “To a degree, yes.”

His brows raised hearing her agree upon his looks and he smirked. “That’s good to know.”

“Don’t go getting a big head! Anyway, I’d like to know a little more about you too, Rafe. Tell me about your family,” she started as she watched the way his fingers toyed with the dogtags around his neck. “Knowing what you know now, can you think of any wolves in your family tree?”

He lay back on the ground beside her as he thought over what he wanted to tell her; what he thought she should know. “I’ve never encountered wolves before. Otherwise I’d have been a little more believing when you told me what I am. I don’t think my parents were wolves…then again they weren’t my real folks. I was adopted.”

“So then it is possible one of your real parents, maybe even both, were wolves.” She rested an arm across a rock and started thinking over the cryptic message the seer told her. Find the youngblood, protect him; he will be your greatest weapon.

“It’s possible. Could be the reason they gave me up; too much to handle. Maybe I pissed where I shouldn’t have or something,” he smiled at her. She was still running over the conversation in her head and didn’t hear him. He nudged her arm and she looked up at him.

“Sorry. I was…”

“Somewhere else, I know. You barge into my room, wake me from a great dream and a nice warm bed to walk out in the freezing night air under a half full moon just to ignore me?” 

She laughed. “Well to be fair, you woke me first and that moon isn’t half full it’s in the waxing Gibbous phase. It’s the one that comes before a full.”


“You’ll learn the phases as they will affect every aspect of your life. Sorry for ignoring you. I was just thinking about your significance.”

“Significance? I’m just a bum ex rocker who somehow found himself in the company of a beautiful…,” he paused briefly swallowing his words before starting again. “She-wolf and her band mates. There’s nothing significant about me except the fact that I also find myself to be in the same race.”

“It wasn’t coincidence that you happened into our neck of the woods and it definitely wasn’t coincidence that we were the ones to find you. There is a purpose behind it.”

“Yeah, dumb luck.”

She sighed and moved towards the rocks near the edge of the water, removed her shoes and sat with her feet splashing happily in the stream.

“You come here a lot,” he said joining her with his feet in the water as well. “I mean it’s nice here, quiet.”

“Yeah; it’s where I feel the closest to my Mom. This pond was built for her and it’s where she spent a lot of her time.” She splashed her feet quicker in the water. “She died during my birth.”

“I’m sorry Kaya.”

“It’s ok and thank you. I know it might seem weird to some people but when I’m here I really feel as though I can feel her; like she’s here with me. My Dad says I’m going to be this great leader some day, just as they both wanted.” She shook her head. “I don’t know how true that is. He’s led our race through some really dark times and kept everyone focused and happy while doing it. There’s no way I’d have the strength to endure some of the things he has or for as long.”

“You can never be sure of how great you will be until faced with adversity.”

She gave him a curious glare.

“I eat a lot of Chinese; food not people.” He made her laugh again before helping her to her feet. “I think you’d make a great leader one day. You already have the attitude for it. Now, get me back inside before I become a Popsicle please.”

They started back towards the house and she laughed as he continuously rubbed his arms to get warmed. “You’ll miss these days when you’ve fully turned. In fact, you’ll wish for a rain or snowstorm to come and sit on your chest all day.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Wolves run hot. It’s like a constant fire going inside of your body that makes you want to tear your skin off. And it’s not just temperature wise. I swear sometimes I could seriously fuck the entire city and still would not be satisfied.”

He stopped in his tracks and stared at her, questioning if he really heard her say what he thought. “Really?”

She laughed. “Why else do you think I swim all the time and in the nude? Come on, we’d better get back. You have a big day ahead of you soon and should get as much rest as you can this next week.”

She walked ahead and he stayed planted in the same spot watching her lead the way back to the manor. She turned back towards him and threw her hands in the air. “Are you coming?” she yelled at him.

“Only in my dreams,” he whispered to himself before rushing to catch up.

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  1. I love this line: I eat a lot of Chinese, food not people." HAHAHA!!! That's so perfect!

    Poor Rafe. He is so outmatched! Kaya is taking her time, and although she's frank and honest with him, she's letting him work his way through all this. I'm so glad you're handling it this way. Too many times werewolves/vampires are written as caricatures, creatures who just eat and screw, and then for some completely unbelievable reason abruptly fall madly in love. You're not doing that. Kaya's sympathy seems genuine, and her sense of humor is just wicked!

    Your shots are incredible. The shot with the water, the way you use lighting, the way you capture both Kaya's flirtatious side and her quieter concern, it all comes through. Fabulous work!

  2. LOL thank you! That was my theft of the quote from a fortune cookie.

    Rafe has no idea what he is getting into but slowly he is learning that the world he's come to know is dramatically different from his soon-to-be new life.

    There's no denying there is an attraction between the two but Kaya wants to try and avoid allowing his heightened senses to be the driving force that brings them closer. She wants him to learn to balance what he feels with what's real. It's also why she doesn't take his arguing at her to heart. She loves nurturing new wolves and has a pack that understands that about her and help when they can.

    Aww thank you! I never really see much in the shots I use and coming from you and my smexy Duff that's a HUGE compliment as you never fail to capture true beauty in your shots!

    Kaya is definitely at peace in this place and sharing it with Rafe is something that won't be lost on him.

    Thank you for reading :)

  3. Pictures as always are spectacular!

    I love the pond shots.

    Kaya is really taking a liking to Rafe, more than I think she realizes at the moment. I do like how she is helping him as much as she can with everything.

    I imagine his first transition is going to be an intense and painful scene to read.

    I'm not liked Luther at all! Maybe his pack will have an uprising and over throw him LOL.

  4. Jaz:

    Thank you! That makes me smile :D I need to pay more attention to that lol.

    Kaya does see him but can't or won't allow herself to be in the position of romantic gestures towards him. She is a little afraid of what would happen and that'll be explained a little more in future updates.

    Rafe is going to be in a tremendous amount of pain once he finally reaches his night of transition. There are other elements working against him and even the fact that he is strengthening himself won't help.

    They'd have a fight on their hands if they tried him! He's a pretty old wolf and very powerful. We'll see just how scary he can get coming up!

    Thank you for reading!

  5. I loved the pictures too, DJ. Your poses are perfect!

    It's interesting watching the growing relationship between Rafe and Kaya. I wonder how her father will feel about it! I think that she is right not to sugarcoat the changes that Rafe will experience so that he will know what to expect.

    This meeting that Lobo is attending seems to be very important. I wonder if it will have anything to do with the seer's message to Kaya about Rafe!

  6. El:

    Thank you! I can't tell you how impossible it seems sometimes to find the right pose now with all there are to choose from!

    He asked her for honesty and she isn't going to coddle him. There are going to be a few times he'll probably wish she had but she can't lie about what's going to happen. Better to be well informed now like you said.

    Lobo doesn't want to see anyone get too close to his daughter but sometimes attraction can't be helped. Their relationship is an interesting one. While he loses his temper at times his interest in her is very obvious.

    This meeting is a bit different but the packs will welcome the news either way. We'll learn a little about the Warcouncil as well as meet a few new characters. Kaya will really start questioning the seer's message too and look to get more information about it.

    Thank you for reading!

  7. It's a great thing that Rafe is asking questions. The more he knows about what's to come, the more prepared he'll be, however, I don't think anyone could ever prepare for that pain! Sounds like a mother!
    I wonder what's going on that Lobo has to go away when he just came back. Kaya seems extremely worried. It's just a matter of time before she follows him one of these days.

    Luther really scares me. I don't know how Dexter got up the courage to return without Rafe after that threat.

    Rafe is having sex dreams? Yeah...just a matter of time before he'll need to act on that. Especially if it's anything like Kaya said.

  8. Qui:

    Rafe wants to know all he can. Though he has said anything he is worried about what's to come and everyone can sense that in him. He is getting informed and that is a great thing but you're right, there's no way to prepare for that.

    He promised to take her to the next meeting but this one was too urgent for her to accompany him. You're right though her curiosity will get the better of her!

    Dexter had to go home and it was perhaps the craziest or dumbest move he could make but Luther sees something in him which is why his punishment wasn't death and he remains Luther's Beta (though Sonja is working for that position).

    Once he starts getting that burning and that yearning (the reason Connor is always "on the prowl") he'll be anxious to act out those dreams but will his dream girl respond?

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  9. ~ I love this,Rafe's obverse attraction,how will he handle that,in full wolf mode,& how will he handle Banes interest in Kaya?There is going to be a full blown pissing match!
    ~ I know she is trying her best to get him ready for his first full blown transition,but there is no way of doing that,yes he knows the facts,but the only way he will know, is to actually going through it!
    ~ I wonder why Rafe is so important?
    ~ More please!(",)

  10. Karima:

    Rafe's attraction to Kaya is going to cause a lot of problems in the house and yes, centered on Bane and that "pissing match" will be explosive! When he learns of their "arrangement" his jealousy will become a little harder to hide.

    Very true and that's what she was telling him about her first. Though Lobo did the same thing she is doing with Rafe, there was no way he had prepared her for the intense agony her first transition put her through.

    Right now she just wants him to see how his strength grows and learn to harness his increased abilities so that when he is in wolf form finally he knows the limits he can push himself.

    He along with a few more new wolves will all find their purpose soon :)

    Thank you for reading!

  11. The one on one with Kaya and Rafe was sweet to an extent (The sexual tension between them is all but sweet) and warm. I like that she's standing by him during his transitioning since he's all alone. After experiencing it the way she did, I can understand why she'd guide him through it, though that's not the only reason. Taking in his fine self. Growl!

    The history lesson gave me quite some insight to the wolf-thingy. Very interesting!

    If he has wet dreams about her now, who knows what will happen when he's fully wolf. If she's barely controlling the urges, what will happen to him? It won't come over too well, but uh... I hope the manor survives these two if, no, WHEN they go at it!

  12. JM:

    Kaya and Rafe's relationship is very interesting to write. She can sense his heightened senses like a real dog in heat his pheromones are drowning her.

    She knows what it's like to transition alone and wants more than anything to prevent Rafe from having to go through that kind of pain by himself. And yeah, the hotness factor is not a bad reward :P

    I'm happy you enjoyed that :D I was hoping it wasn't too much of an information dump so I am spreading it over a few chapters to prevent that :P

    Very true! Dreaming about her now and barely more than a pup definitely means things are going to only become more heated between these two! When huh? Already seeing into their future :P

    Thank you for reading!

  13. Great update. I agree with the others that it is very kind of Kaya to be there for Rafe when he transitions. How scary is that? To imagine that Kaya had to do it alone is extremely heartbreaking but it goes to show that she is a very strong woman.
    I'm worried about Kaya's father. I'm feeling like he's going to get taken out or something and Kaya and Rafe are going to have to take over. O_o
    I wonder how Banes going to react to Kaya and Rafe's bond? It is apparent that Rafe is a natural born alpha male.
    Great chapter and can't wait to read the next!

  14. Luv:

    Kaya would hate for him to have to face it alone especially after really training him and looking after him as she has. Kaya shrugged it off but thinking about it while telling Rafe did make her a little soured. She understands her dad wants what's best for her and worries too much sometimes to control his beast.

    With the threats looming from Gideon you have right to be concerned. Luther wants to be the Alpha everyone fears and wants to work under but as long as Luther is around he knows that can't happen. He'll make every effort to rid himself of that problem.

    Kaya hates the idea of leading if anything happens to Lobo. She doesn't feel as though she's ready and is scared more than anything of failing all of the wolves that have found a home with Greymane.

    Bane thinks the same about himself, he was born to lead. He hates having to follow anyone around and had Greymane not saved his ass and put up with his shit over the last hundred years or so he would have up and left already. (We'll see more history on all of them soon). Bane's territorial nature will prevent him from allowing anyone near what's "his".

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  15. "I swear sometimes I could seriously fuck the entire city and still would not be satisfied."

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    I love the details you put into the proces of transformation, what their bodies go through, the intense pain, the changes in their bones, temperature. I can tell you'e done your research. This is really interesting, it makes me wonder if this is really what happens, and if wereworlves are real.

    I love how you're taking your time with the progression of information, slowly unraveling what's to come. I can't wait to see more of Kaya and Rafe's lessons, they really seem to be getting comfortable with each other. They are already building a connection, and I'm a little worried about how Bane and her father would react if they got involved. I can already see the sexual tension building between them.

    I love the shots, especially the one by the pond and Kaya balancing. How did you do that? Gosh, all these tricks I don't know about. lol

  16. Tommie:

    Rafe was shocked and couldn't believe his ears for a minute. He was pretty sure he was still having his dream.

    LOL @ "She's insatiable!! My kind of girl" HAHA indeed! And would be great to find the partner that could keep up with her too!

    Thank you! That's one of my favorite parts of writing, the research. I've learned quite a bit about lots of things. Like guns for instance LOL LOTS of research goes into the Codename story because I want to maintain authenticity. For this one, it was hard finding any "definitive" answer for what makes a wolf scary and crazy to kill so I made some stuff up and added onto the other known lore like the silver bullets. If werewolves were real I'd have to find myself one (if you tell Jay, I'll deny everything!)

    Thank you :) I want to get the "wordy" and "information dumps" out of the way quickly so I can do just story stuff and the history of each wolf. Rafe is really responding to her teachings and with his senses acting out on him and his emotions are their highest point, he's also "wagging his tail" for her for sure.

    Bane and Armand would both fly into murderous rages. Bane has it in his head that Kaya belongs to him though they aren't mated or even dating for that matter. It's just sex. And Armand has made it his mission to keep his daughter unmated for this long; anything that screws up that plan would warrant an instant kill in his eyes.

    Anything you want to know, just ask :D ready and willing to ask. The pose for Kaya on the fence is a Keene pose from the "I love nature" set which you can find here:

    Thank you for reading :)

  17. I can definitely see Kaya's leadership qualities as she help guide Rafe through this time.

    1. She is really enjoying her time with him as well and Rafe really needs the helping hand.

  18. okay, they just need to go to bed together and get it out of their system!

    That was neat learning all that about wolves.

    1. HAHA sexual tension is so thick it can be cut with a knife. It's bad for sure though with these two!

      Thank you :)