Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Episode 53: Unleashed

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Rafe, Caleb, Charlie, Connor, Lobo, Ulrick, Bane, Phoenix, Julius
Word Count: 4,145
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Rafe finds Kaya in the woods and her emotions tells him she's hurt and in fear. Instantly it causes him to shift, something Charlie has never seen before and may never want to again. Rafe goes after them and finds someone he described as being on "the list". And afterwards, he and Kaya have an intimate moment.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, adult situations, nudity -- Animal Sex (?)


Bane jerked Kaya as she tried again to elude his grip and growled. “Keep that up Princess and I’ll knock ya out!” He smirked at her surprised expression and lifted her into his arms again as he moved behind Julius and Phoenix deeper into the brush.

“You three are breathing your last I hope you know that. And it’ll be my pleasure to rip your skull open Phoenix!”

“Aww Ky and here I thought you and I were friends why would you want to go and threaten me like that? Unfortunately your old man will be fine. I was only able to slow him down but damn if I didn’t try to separate his head from his neck. Besides I don’t think there will be much you can do with that Truesilver in your blood,” he snarled and tapped her leg hard three times with his good hand. 

She howled in pain as she felt the bone vibrate against the rod and Bane snapped around with an elbow to his jaw that knocked the wolf out of Julius’ arms. “Touch ‘er again and I’ll remove that arm completely Mate!” He shifted Kaya in his arms securing her leg against him as Julius got Phoenix off the ground.

“Don’t be stupid Phoenix!” Julius growled. “We’re fleeing already from her pack, are you trying to tell them exactly where we are? You two put a fucking cork in it and keep moving! We’re almost there.” The sound of running echoed to the right of them and Julius put his hand up motioning for everyone to be still. 

Kaya opened her mouth to scream and just as she did, Julius reached across snatching her from Bane’s arms and tossing her to the ground. Landing on top of her he placed a hand tight against her nose and lips leaving her struggling for air. “You are really trying my patience, bitch!” The other two ducked beside him as the sounds drew closer waiting to ambush whoever was creeping up from behind them.

Kaya closed her eyes as a set of tears rolled down her cheeks. There was no way she was letting them win, not tonight; not ever. Caleb? Caleb can you hear me? Desperately she tried reaching out for her mate unsure of how far away the connection actually worked but hoping he could get a sense that something wasn’t right. She struggled a bit in Julius’ arms and Bane motioned for him to move his hand down and let her breathe.

With a deep inhale, Kaya drank down a mouthful of air and scowled in Julius’ direction as she threw a fist towards his face as payback. “YOU BITCH!” 

“KAYA!” the sound of Rafe’s voice cut through the air and a sigh of relief washed over her as she felt her mate draw closer.

“Rafe!” She cried in return. Julius returned Kaya’s earlier gift and threw a sharp right into her left jaw. A growl ripped through the air and the group jumped to their feet as they felt the presence close.

“Move!” Julius yelled.

“Over here,” Rafe spoke and hurried deeper into the woods hot on their trail with Charlie right behind him. He screamed as he felt Kaya’s pain and fear and fell against a tree as the emotions turned his gut and threw his balance off momentarily. “Fuck!”


“They’re hurting her,” he answered and pushed away from the tree. “They’re fucking dead!” 

“We still don’t know how many there are Caleb, this is crazy! We need…” Charlie stopped midsentence as his brother fell to his knees again. A bright glow encircled him much like the normal wolf shift but everything about this screamed “different”. Charlie took a step back as the normal signs seemed to amplify and intensify. “Caleb?”

Clothes ripped away and talons extended as fur quickly covered his brother from head to toe. Large ears sprouted from the sides of his head and his jaw lengthened exposing a set of razor sharp fangs within. He was changed but without the form of an animal. Standing before him was the shape of a man, very hairy, very scary and very much beastly. “Whoa! Caleb what the hell is…?”

Before he could finish the question, Charlie was hit with a heavy back hand that sent him soaring a few feet into the air colliding into a large oak at the base of the trail. The animal moved towards the fallen man, sniffed him twice, lifted his head to the sky and howled a piercing screech that shook the trees near him. Picking up the scent of something or someone familiar, it darted through the underbrush towards it with one thing on its mind: kill.

“Wait where the hell are we?” Phoenix asked looking around behind him at unfamiliar woods.

Kaya laughed and pushed against Bane’s chest at the sight of the three trying to make heads or tails of their location. “You don’t know the way back to your own place? Geez try using your nose. Or better yet, we could always ask for directions.” She laughed and rubbed at the sore spot on her face as Bane tucked her into his chest and took the lead.

“It’s this way shit for brains,” he snarled and started into the darkness. A large boulder hurtled through the air landing in front of him as he took a step towards the next path and he nearly dropped Kaya to the ground as the others fell around him. 

“What the fuck!” Julius yelled as the large beast jumped from the shadows of the forest behind them. Landing on all fours he stood up on his legs and a deep, guttural roar ripped from his throat. 

“SHIT! What the hell is that thing?” Phoenix hopped to his feet and crammed his body as far as it would go against a tree hiding himself as best he could from the large beast that took up much of the clearing. Whimpering softly he tried to coach his wolf to turn but the fear kept him human and unable to shift. Bane moved with Kaya behind a large hedge near the head of the path as Julius sank behind a boulder nearby. The beast turned in Phoenix’s direction first, hearing the pathetic sobs coming from him and growled.

“Don’t move, Love. We’re gonna wait for that thing to finish off tha Ponce and ‘ead out tha opposite way.” Kaya held still as she watched the dark creature slowly search the area unsure of what it was looking for. It’s bright, glowing, yellow eyes shimmered within the gloom and Bane swallowed hard as the beast appeared to look right at him. “Ah fuck!” He grunted and darted behind a large rock. Not wasting a second, the animal charged towards him slamming a hand into the stone and crumbling it into tinier pebbles.

Within moments it had Bane scooped up crushing his trachea in the palm of his hands. His eyes moved to Kaya and she watched his feet dangling in the air unable to scream. Reaching out his hand to her he tried to get help. Kaya got to her feet moving closer towards him and the beast turned to look at her. With eyes as black as coal he stared at her until she felt her blood run cold. Moving backwards, she started out of the clearing slowly. “K-Ky, p-please,” Bane choked out begging for her help. 

“Pray he ends you quicker than I would have asshole.” She turned to run and stopped short as a pair of hands pulled her into his chest. “Daddy!” Her arms flew around his neck and he hugged her tight, kissing her forehead before she pulled away. “Are you ok? I thought…I thought…”

“There’s time for that later, Babygirl but right now, RUN!” Taking her hand in his the duo charged out of the clearing towards the woods they’d all entered from gaining as much ground between them and the monster that they could. A blood curdling scream filled the air and Lobo glanced over his shoulder as he and Kaya made it back to the path. He watched as the monster claimed the life of someone he once housed in his pack.

Bane’s body lay lifeless beneath the monsters cold stare. Blood dripped to the ground beneath him as his heart rested in the palm of the animal above him. Dead eyes stared towards the retreating father-daughter and yet Lobo could only hope his suffering was longer lasting. After everything he caused his daughter to endure and after Mike’s untimely death, he hoped the Aussie felt every bit of the creature’s hand ripping into his chest to wrestle his heart from within his ribs.


“Don’t stop Kaya.” Pounding, thumping, the earth shook behind them as they moved. Lobo peeked over his shoulder in time to see the monster heading in their direction with its sights set on his daughter. “Kaya look out!” Lobo yelled and rushed towards his daughter. Catching her in his arms he pushed her away in time before the large beast finished its charge and hit her headlong. “We have to get out of here, come on!” His hand closed around hers tight and the two ran swiftly through the trees with Kaya placing a majority of her weight on her father’s arm. She cried in pain at the feel of the muscle near her break stressing and tried not to think about it until she got as far away from the cliff as she could. 

A tree snapped back beside them but both refused to look at the source of the noise for fear it would be the monster that had already taken a life. Faster and faster their legs pumped mimicking the sounds of their pursuer. Darkness grew quickly encompassing the area and the stinging tears from Kaya’s eyes made it difficult to see what lied ahead of them. “Daddy where’s Connor?” Kaya asked short of breath as they neared another hill. “Wasn’t he with you?”

Lobo ignored the question and lifted Kaya deeper against his side as they struggled up the incline towards the forest closer to Greymane. “Come on, we’re almost home Babygirl.” Her breathing labored within her chest as the Truesilver started to take its toll burning fire in her lungs. 

“Daddy I can’t I have to stop,” she begged as her leg locked up on her and it became a chore to pull it behind her. Weakened and exhausted she was about ready to drop. The smell of blood captured her attention and she followed it towards her father. Seeing the gash on his side she cried realizing her father was also in need of medical attention but ignored his injury to ensure she made it out of the forest alive.

“We have to keep going Kaya, we’ll be home soon.” She could hear his heart pounding in his chest and with every breath he took the torture it was for the gaping hole in his lung. Kaya whimpered lightly and held her head up as she placed more weight on her injured leg to try and alleviate the strain on her father. He was losing blood quickly and it was leaving an easy to follow trail behind them. Adrenaline pulsated through every vein in her body and she used it to distract herself from the cramp in her lower leg. 

Merciless winds bit at her face and her foot occasionally slipped on moss covered stones beneath her shoes. A deeper roar echoed behind them and Kaya turned in time to see the large beast right on their heels. Glaring back into his stare she gasped and nearly tripped her father up midstride. Its eyes weren’t the typically glowing yellow when she looked at him, in fact they were gray and seemed to sparkle; there was something familiar about them. “No,” she whispered to herself as the animal barreled down on them.

She pushed Lobo into a shrub and ducked as the beast dove overhead landing just mere feet in front of them. Its nostrils flared as it snarled hot breath from its muzzle and started towards them. “Kaya!” The animal turned towards the sound of her name and growled.

“Daddy I’m fine just stay back please!” she warned and lowered her hand for the monster to smell and get her scent.

“Kaya don’t he’ll maul you!”

“No he won’t Daddy, it’s Rafe!”

“What?” He stepped a foot closer and watched as the wolf continued moving towards his daughter snarling and snapping his jaws at her outstretched hand the closer it came. “Kaya…”

“Daddy just trust me ok? He’s not going to hurt me, are you Rafe? It’s me Rafe, it’s your mate.” He nipped at her once more but this time Kaya made no motion to jerk away or showed any signs of fear. Instead she approached him without hesitation and rested her hand on his head. The beast seemed to lull under her gentle caress and she smiled at him as his head nuzzled against her hands. 

“Kaya!” She turned hearing Connor call for her and heard the angry growl rumble deep from within Rafe’s chest. Before she had a second to warn her friend, her mate charged forward hurtling his body through the air with his jaws opened wide ready to snap on his throat.

“Rafe no!” Kaya shouted and rushed in front of her friend. She fell against him and Rafe’s claws sank deep into her flesh instead of that of Connor’s leaving three deep, red cuts across her throat. He howled at the scent of her blood and his eyes turned a startling bright red as he slowly approached the ground where she lay.


“Get Daddy out of here Connor, please.” He inched around her moving towards the Alpha and took him under his arm.

“No! I’m not leaving without her.”

“You have to go! Rafe isn’t in a very reasonable state right now. I’ll come to you as soon as I get him back Daddy, I promise.” Reluctantly the elder Villalobos turned with the help of Connor and started towards Greymane. His injury long since forgotten was now aching and throbbing with renewed tenderness as he struggled over the hill home.

Kaya waited until their shadows disappeared before climbing to her knees and moving towards Rafe. He pushed at her face slowly with his muzzle, growled and snatched her against him roughly before taking off in the opposite direction towards Shadowvale. Clutched within his sharp talons, Kaya hung onto his neck for dear life as he zipped through low hanging branches and vines heading deeper and deeper into the forest. As they neared the cliffs they’d hurriedly rushed away from just minutes earlier, she swirled to his back and closed her eyes as he prepared to jump the ravine.

Pausing briefly he took in the area and the split in the trail, sniffed the air once and quickly decided his path. “Rafe where are we going? Home is the other way.” He grumbled in her direction and continued carrying her off deeper into the dark woods. Passing another thicket before entering a clearing, he dropped her beside a small pond and threw himself against a tree as he watched her collect her bearings. “Great. Let’s rest out here in the spooky woods, that’s always fun.”

Rafe pulled away from the trunk and dropped to his knees near the edge of the water. Seeing his image in the still surface of the pond he growled and touched his face with the sharpest end of his claws. Kaya came up behind him slowly, watching as he took in his sight for the first time. His form was much different than the one she’d seen in his apartment before. It seemed bigger, meaner but with the same lack of social skills. The bond, she thought quickly coming to an understanding about everything that was happening to her mate. “Oh God! What about me then?”

By now the moon was completely full. Its silvery beams of light fell into the meadow shining on the two of them standing silently near the water. Kaya debated on whether or not to reach out towards the beast she knew was her mate or quietly back away and wait out the night. But Rafe, sensing her apprehension, turned in haste gripping her arms tightly within his palms. A silent sigh of pain passed through her lips as he closed his hands harder over her wrists. “You’re hurting me,” she groaned and tried to get away. “Rafe! Let go!”

He did just that but ensured she didn’t back away too far. Dropping her wrists, his arms encircled her waist and he held her near, his drooling muzzle just a hair’s breadth from her face. He was sniffing her! She could feel his cold nose press against her cheek and climb down her face towards her throat. “Mine,” Rafe growled digging his claws deeper into her side preventing her from moving as his muzzle slowly crept along the smooth surface of her neck.

“Yes. We’re bonded, Rafe,” Kaya spoke calmly as his long tongue closed over the area he’d bit her. “I’m not going anywhere but I need you to let go. Your claws are digging into my…”

“MINE!” He growled again and ripped away her clothing in one swipe. Rafe’s eyes narrowed and raked over her naked body, taking in the curves of his mate hungrily. When her legs parted in an attempt to back away he smelled the heat between them, threw her to the ground and pounced on top of her. Kaya instantly thought of how bad the situation was quickly becoming but could see no escape. Rafe was stronger, faster and scarier in this form. There was no way she could outrun him especially with an injured leg. And trying to make an escape attempt would undoubtedly anger him and her whole focus at the moment was to reason with the wolf and try to get him back to human form again.

“Wait, please, you have to turn back. Rafe, if you can hear me, shift back!” The animal cocked its head in understanding and Kaya smiled hoping her message finally got through. But lowering her gaze, she saw what the beast was looking at and gasped in shock. The scent of her arousal caused his cock to lengthen and peek from beneath the sheath that had it hidden. The thought of feeling her tight pussy around his shaft made Rafe hard as a rock and the pretense of serenity Kaya had dissolved into fear.

This was happening! Despite what she was feeling and how afraid she was of the situation, there was no way he was going to let her go. She kicked at him and shook her head which made him growl softly in return. Kaya twisted and tried to free herself of his grasp and what little room she gained was quickly overtaken by Rafe’s large frame. His wolf wanted his mate and he was not about to let her get away. Sharp claws raked over Kaya’s soft skin leaving bloody slashes behind as he pulled her towards him.

“Rafe?” He looked at her at the sound of his name and it appeared his eyes set on recognition again as they became gentle and kind. Kaya touched a hand to his cheek feeling the fluffiness of his mane and smiled. The longer she lay beneath him, naked and exposed to his will the more excited her wolf self became. Oddly enough she found herself wanting to feel her mate’s touch against the tension that was now building between her legs.

Biting her full lower lip, Kaya slid one hand between her thighs and pressed a finger against her clit. Rafe’s eyes followed and he murred at the scent of her sex. The heated, pink flesh of his cock glistened beneath the dim rays of moonlight, swelling the more aroused he became. Kaya’s tongue flicked out to moisten her full lips and Rafe groaned in appreciation losing all control of his lust. The thought of his cock inside her evoked a forbidden desire locked deep within. 

Rafe had become something more than she’d ever thought possible of their kind and she found herself still learning about his past and who he really is. The thick black fur covered his body completely; he was an animal through and through. Yet a part of her knew he was still in there, somewhere. The fact of that was found in the gentleness in his eyes as he hovered over her. He reached down, gripping her against his chest and she rested her face in the softness of his fur, finding comfort in the silky strands of his mane. “Rafe, just don’t hurt me, ok?” she whispered against his neck.

Rafe’s eyes widened in surprise and his muzzle opened in what appeared to be a smile. Lifting her into his large arms, he carried her towards the cliffs, lowered her against the grass gently and rested his body over hers. His long, slick tongue curled from between his jaws and licked down her chest towards her stomach. Kaya moaned and spread her legs as he reached her thighs.

Rafe breathed in her heady scent as a new spark of arousal was lit within his loins. Lifting his muzzle to the sky he let forth a piercing howl and sank his nose towards her silken folds of pink flesh. She gasped and curled her fingers within his mane as his tongue swirled between her legs and he happily lapped up the sweet juices he’d created between her soft thighs. Her deep moan of pleasure fed him and kept him working her towards the edge of an orgasm that could be heard for miles. “Oh yeah!” she sighed and dug her fingers into the ground.

His tongue circled around her sensitive nub and Kaya squealed with delight as he tickled her with the fur of his face and sank his mouth deeper into her thighs. The tip of his elongated tongue pushed inside of her tight opening drawing more moisture to trickle from her bud as she neared another orgasm. Rafe’s claw tightened over her thighs and Kaya kept control of his head guiding him by the firm grip she had in his hair as she rode his face to ecstasy.

With the freshly dripping nectar from his peach still on his tongue, Rafe climbed above Kaya and buried his muzzle in her neck. Holding her hips still with his clawed hand, he groaned tenderly and thrust deep inside of her with one push. Kaya gasped and chewed on her finger as Rafe pulled back and drove into her again, driving farther to her hilt each time his hips moved out.

Stilling his hips as if he knew his length was too much to take, he waited for Kaya to get used to his body. Her head fell back and she panted lightly as she adjusted to the feeling of being so full. But the taste and smell of her had pressed him to the verge of breaking and he could not remain still within her silken heat for long. Driving his hips into her lightly at first but with more ardent force as the pressure built within his loins, the animal grunted above her with one goal in mind.

A deep rumble shuddered through his chest and he shut his eyes tight feeling overwhelmed by both his and Kaya’s emotions. “Rafe!” She gasped as he pulled out and pushed his way into her in one long, hard thrust. Delving down as far as her body would allow, his cock became submerged, sinking deeper into her molten folds swaying against the rhythm of her breathing. She whimpered sighs of satisfaction as Rafe propelled to her core forcibly with excitement. He slammed his hips into her harder submitting to the salacious swelling of gratification flushing through him from her body and the savage thirst of his love starved wolf. Kaya screamed, releasing a moan that had her seeing stars and wrapped her arms around his neck crying against his shoulder.

Rafe growled pulling out of her roughly before plunging harder and deeper on the return stroke repeatedly pounding her into the ground. “Oh God yes!” Kaya screamed and felt her throat tear from the force. Each thrust could be felt in her womb sending shockwaves through her entire body that ended in a deeper moan each time. And as Kaya’s grip tightened into his flesh, faster and faster he rammed his hips against her pubic bone. Rafe may not have been able to communicate fluently, but right now he was speaking volumes! He needed something only his mate could provide and very soon his release would come.



  1. Can I just say how fucking happy it made me to see Bane die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheered I tell ya, I cheered!!!!! Now Lexi and life will be great. :D

    That was scary how in that form Rafe only had one (well 2 once he got Ky back) on his mind. Kill and he didn't really care who it would seem. Not being able to tell the danger from the non danger in that state is um dangerous. He knocked out his own brother without a second thought. That's scary.

    I really hope that Lobo is ok because we can't really re kill Bane should something happen to him. Phoenix and Julius however can be taken out.

    Um wow the sex...um ok. I get it, they are animals of sorts so it makes sense for that to happen at some point. However Ky is a brave brave woman because in that state he could have hurt her. Not that it would have been intentional, but still he doesn't really seem to have control over things while in that form so it could have gotten out of hand, and she's already hurt. I can't imagine all the running and such helped her leg either so she would be at an even bigger disadvantage if he had lost control of himself in the heat of the moment.

    I like the wolf skin, it looks great! Rafe looked very scary especially in that shot of him charging forward.

    Ok back to happy dancing about Bane. :)

    1. Haha I figured once everyone saw the update all would be happy. Last update's comments had me grinning like a Cheshire because of this one (same as the next after reading through the comments, Karri has some insight!)

      Yes! As will soon be explained in that form, he is completely feral and true to his animal. With only the main points of life that matter to him. Caleb was in kill mode after realizing what they were doing to Kaya. He had no intentions of letting anyone live but after he took out Bane he noticed his mate was fleeing and he had to keep her from getting away. But it is VERY dangerous! Until he learns how to control it it's best to not be around anyone in that form.

      Haha yes there's always Gideon. Kaya's main thought was getting Caleb home again and kinda forgot about dear old Dad. Hopefully he's on her mind soon enough though and that he pulls through :)

      :D He did hurt her a little, raked his nails into her side and cut her up good, but she spoke to him in a way he could understand and things worked out well for them both. It really would have been a bad thing had he lost himself more but the bond played a major role in keeping him in line where she was concerned anyway. The strain on her leg was really bad but she put it out of her mind in order to get a handle on the situation (adrenaline and all). Perhaps fight or flight could have again aided her had Caleb gone berserk.

      Thank you :) I really love this skin as well! I tried a few others but they distorted something awful. While this one lacks a wide range of color choices it does make for a much scarier wolf.

      Haha enjoy your jig and thank you for reading!

  2. Yea, Bane is dead. I only wished that Rafe had ripped off his head. Oh well, I guess I will have to be happy with his heart getting ripped out. That guy really irked me off in the last chapter. So does this mean that there will be some baby pups, or is it cubs in the near future? I kind of forget which are which, when it comes to the names of baby animals. Regardless in which ever form Rafe is in, he is still hot.

    1. Lol are you dancing a jig as well? :P Poor Bane, a life extinguished far too soon! Yikes, or perhaps not torturous enough as far as Pinky's concerned! That would have maybe made for a much better (and perhaps easier editing) scene! Bane made no friends in his lifetime and last chapter was the beginning of his end, literally. He bit off WAY more than he could chew! Both are fairly accurate for wolves (cubs sounds cuter though) and there just might be! These two are far from done with the lovemaking...wait until the next morning. And lack of protection could = "honey we have kids!" Thank you for that! It has been a windy road getting him here and next chapter we will see which form is his final version :)

      Thank you for reading!

  3. Yes! Bane is dead! Too bad he couldn't get Julius too. I like Phoenix though, he can stick around for the time being. And you'd better not let anything bad happen to my Connor or I'll cry and you don't want that on your conscience, do you?

    This was a really well-done chapter. To see that beast finally come out in full capacity was quite powerful. I mean,you had indicated in earlier chapters that it was like nothing anyone had seen before, and you were dead right. The biggest worry now is if he can get a handle on his temperament while he is in that state, because he could be very dangerous if he fell into the wrong hands.

    But yeah, could he shift back to Rafe soon? This isn't quite as aesthetically pleasing as the regular Rafe. :P

    1. Or Phoenix and Luther whom I'm sure Caleb is setting his sights on now. But there's always tomorrow! Gideon is FAR from done as far as punishment is concerned and Caleb has a lot more aggression to deal with about what they did to his mate. Aww :) Phoenix is a cutie. Even with loyalties to Luther he has had his moments. Oh no I DEFINITELY wouldn't want your tears on my conscience! I shall try and keep Connor safe (ish) :D

      Thank you! To think that was lurking beneath Caleb's surface the entire time is a little frightening considering it had no logical reasoning (at least not much). But it does explain why he was so short tempered at times and is the Alpha of his pack. He's too scary not to be. It was unlike wolves of the past. Even Charlie, who's been around a handful of centuries was caught off guard by the sight of that beast! Kaya can hopefully help keep the peace and help Caleb control this thing. As she stood by the water he thoughts turned to the fact that she was mated to him and the bond means she'll share in this new hirsute form, she'll need to learn everything she can about it! Funny you should mention falling into the wrong hands though (as we'll see next update!)

      Once the moon is gone, he'll shift again. Unlike his other form, he has no idea yet how to get back to "human" when he's shifted. In time though and a lot of practice.

      Thank you for reading :)

  4. OMG Bane, NOOoooooooo! What have you done! How Could you! He had to pay, sure, but why? DJ, why?

    Did you fall for that? Like seriously?
    BREAK OUT THE CHAMPAGNE!!! Open bar at my place... ding dong the ass is dead!!!
    About freaking time!! Sheesh, I had a feeling he had sealed his fate when he abducted her this time, just like I knew he wouldn't make it back to Gideon...

    That wolf form is SCARY as hell. Damn it! It worked well, wooo!
    One complaint though on my part: WHY THE FUCK DID YOU GO AND HURT CHARLIE! I won't forgive you for that...

    Pretty brave of Kaya to jump in front of Conner like that. Sure he would've killed him, but man, that was brave. Like she said 'he' is not in his right mind at the moment, so she had some serious trust in their bond at that moment. 'He' could've killed her too, the slashes on her neck proof of that...

    Well, whadda you know, we've finally reached the beastiality. I was beginning to think you were going to skip it... I must say this form made it work well, for the life of me, I couldn't exactly picture the recent wolf-skin by whatshisface in that scene. That probably would've made me shudder, not gonna lie. And since I'm a part-perv (Yes, I think it's a race now) I didn't 'ewww' at all. That was quite new and... uh, I don't know, exciting?? Can't really describe it honestly.

    But like Nerner's human said:
    But yeah, could he shift back to Caleb soon? This isn't quite as aesthetically pleasing as the regular Caleb. :P

    Just saying...

    1. No, wait, I think I got her wording wrong...
      Lemme check real quick!

      Nope, that's what she said?
      Can't really get it wrong when you copy-paste right?

    2. Rafe or Caleb, I'm content either way. I love men with long hair.

    3. See, I told you I got her wording right! :P

    4. HAHAHAHAHA nice :D You'd have been the first to cry over spilled Bane! But nope, he gets no sympathy whatsoever.

      Don't get too drunk lol there's still plenty to come. And according to Mica's hitlist, I have one more item of business to take care of. LOL! He definitely screwed himself going after Kaya again. Like you said before not noticing the bond or ignoring it in hopes of taking her himself was a stupid thing on his part and he played right into her mate's hands. There was only death in his future.

      Yes! It even scared his mate who didn't recognize him at first (yes you say "but he looks like himself still" well I couldn't let EA choose his look, he was fugly!) Huh? Me? What? I did nothing of the sort! That was ALL Caleb! And well Charlie was a little too close for comfort there. Once he sleeps it off though, he should be fine :P friends?

      No matter what, she cannot stand seeing her friend or someone she loves get hurt. She believed Caleb wouldn't hurt her but he was already mid swing when she stepped into the line of fire. Connor is safe though and that's all that matters to her. It was better she take the damage than him. Brave yet stupid considering she has Truesilver still in her veins and her healing will be slightly reduced. She is very lucky it didn't get any worse than that.

      LOL had to come at some point right? I mean they ARE animals 100% of the time :P Nope never! There had to be some animal on...animal sex in there somewhere. I much prefer this skin as well. Looks more "human" and yet wolfy at the same time. While I love the Anubis, it stretched too much for me to get them just right. Ah well :( Ha! Well I think we must be sisters of some sort, I have perv in me too. I'd thought about wolf on wolf (doggy style and actual "pets" but the idea just didn't stick lol so yeah was less 'ew' to me this way too!)

      Is that what she said? The names look a little...different :)

      Thank you for reading!

    5. But..it wasn't? I'm confused!

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