Saturday, April 6, 2013

Episode 51: Hearthstone

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Rafe, Caleb, Charlie, Connor, Lobo, Luther, Phoenix
Word Count: 3,260
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Kaya and Connor arrive back at Greymane and Lobo is very happy to have his little girl home again. Amid the feelings he had while she was away he comes to realize that one of them was because she is no longer a member of his pack.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, adult situations, nudity

“Charlie I wanted to say thank you,” Caleb started as he entered his study with his baby brother right behind him. “You did a great job taking care of everyone while I was away. It shows a lot about the person you are and I’ll never forget it.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you,” Charlie smiled and stepped further into the room. “So is this a permanent look for you?” Charlie asked as he leaned against the door leading to the study. Caleb finished pouring his drink and moved closer towards his baby brother with a smile.

“What? Are you jealous that I’m gonna draw all the attention of the females in the pack again Brother? Come on you can’t still have that sibling rivalry can you? After all you have Sophie now, what would she think?” he took a sip of the amber liquid in his hand and grinned wider at Charlie’s perturbed expression.

“Please! Like you had or have anything on me! I’m the one mother blessed with the looks in this family. You were lucky to get the scraps of leftover DNA.”

“Leftover? I came first Charles, by an entire decade I might add! And when mother and father saw how gorgeous a child they made in me they decided to try again only they unfortunately bred a reject of nature. Why do you think they stopped?”

“Because they reached perfection. They knew it would never get any better than me!”

“Right. I forgot to mention how batshit crazy they’d gotten at that point. It appears a little of that rubbed off on you as well. And you know, I never noticed before how close together your eyes are, freaky.” Charlie rolled his eyes at his big brother and sighed. “And to answer your question Brother, yes; this is who Kaya feels most comfortable with and I will do whatever I must to keep her smiling.”

“Ah, ok. You ‘did it for her’.”

“That’s right. Why do you say it like that? Everything I’ve ever done was for Kaya.”

“And did you two talk about it first and agree or did you change and tell her this is how it is?”

“Kaya expressed how she missed Rafe and I decided if that was what she wanted then it’s what I needed to do. There was no need for discussion. I’m her Alpha and I made the decision for us.”

“Uh huh. Well ok then if that’s what you think is best. But somehow I don’t see this ending well.”


Charlie glanced around the room before walking to the center and plopping down onto the couch near the fireplace. “This whole thing about your identity is dependent on looks. You look the role of ‘Rafe’: the lovable and dependable wolf your mate first encountered, sans memories I might add. But you have the personality of Caleb: the treacherous and violent wild wolf so many have feared. In this man’s humble opinion, it might be best to just be Caleb and work through all of your issues upfront. Being two different people will eventually just drive you both crazy.”

“Yeah but I’m not two different people Charlie. I’m me; I just look like ‘him’.”

“And the fact that you even referred to ‘Rafe’ as ‘him’ proves my point; you shouldn’t have to make that distinction. You might not want to say it Caleb but deep down you feel it. Kaya has to be able to see Caleb, feel Caleb and know him, you, as her true mate. This ‘Rafe’ façade is just a trick of magic and I can’t see this going well for anyone. Where is she anyway?” 

“Heading back to Willow Reed with Connor. She went to see her father and tell him about the bonding and thought it best I remain here.”

“And from the sound of your voice you didn’t agree with that?”

Caleb shrugged and eyed Charlie across from him on the couch. “There’s nothing really I can say or do anyway regarding this. I thought we could make a united front with her father; show him we’re together and that’s the end of it. But I didn’t mention that to her. She made it a point to remind me that he would not be tolerant of my presence because of what I did and I agreed to do what she wanted.”

“But I mean you have to admit there’s no way around his feelings about you. What you did can’t be undone and that’s something he has to be reminded of every time he looks at you and his daughter. I don’t think the two of you will ever be on good terms so it’s best you always heed to Kaya’s wishes where her father is concerned.”

“And who the fuck hit you with a wisdom stick Charlie? Not a day ago you were practically telling me to rape her and now you’re the king of all knowledge?”

Charlie laughed and kicked at Rafe’s leg with the tip of his boot. “I never actually told you to rape her; you assumed that because you’re a sick fuck. I simply told you to take action and not wait for a green light that may never come. And all I’m saying now is Kaya knows her father better than you can assume his actions. It’s best she deal with him and anything that may come of it.”

“Yeah. But that doesn’t make her leaving to see him without me any better.” He sipped his drink quietly and watched as the flames in the fireplace flickered higher.

Connor opened the door to the cab and hopped out. Taking Kaya’s hand he gently assisted her getting out on her still wobbly leg. Though the Truesilver had drained from her system, the bone had not fully healed because her body was still undergoing the effects of her bonding with Caleb. Once that was done, which she anticipated would be tonight’s full moon, she could completely heal and all would be well once more. “Careful of that curb. You know I can just carry you inside.”

“Yeah and have Caleb scent you on me when we return? Do you really want a three peat Frogger?”

“You know I could take him if I really tried.” He winked playfully and wrapped his arm around her waist to help balance her.

“Oh yeah, I’m sure,” she smiled and took the cane from his hand. Slowly she hobbled her way towards the front doors. They opened with a small creaking sound that drew the attention of the few wolves that were convening within the atrium. They greeted both Connor and Kaya as the two made their way towards the back and the stairs leading towards the second floor.

“Ah,” Connor sighed as he fell on top of his bed. “How I’ve missed my own bed!”

“Well don’t get used to it, you’re not here to stay.” She smiled as he rolled around his sheets like a dog in wet grass and took a seat on the edge of the bed beside his feet. “Seriously? Has it really been that bad?”

“Are you kidding me Baby K? Have you seen the way those animals look at me? Like I’m a piece of meat ready to be eaten. I’m scared that if I turn my back on any of them they’ll pounce.”

“No, I’ve never noticed. When we get back I’ll speak with…”

“And have them kick my ass about the Luna’s best friend begging her for help? No thank you. I don’t know if you know this or not but I can pretty much hold my own. Besides it’s gotten a little better since you and Rafe bonded. They don’t see me as the creep trying to break up their happy home as much. Now it’s more the creep coming in and asserting himself with a high standing because he’s best pals with the Luna.”

“Well they can all suck it because I’ve known you longer than any of those other mutts and I’ll be damned if they make you feel uncomfortable on my watch. You deserve respect and they’ll treat you with it or meet the end of my wrath.”

“Aww look, my pup is baring her teeth; so cute.”

“Shut up! And get up!” Kaya growled standing. “I don’t want to keep Dad waiting all night.”

“Um…” He pulled up from the bed and looked at her nervously making her laugh.

“What? You don’t have to come in with me if you don’t want,” Kaya smiled watching Connor’s hesitance on the idea of entering the East Wing.

“No it’s ok. I’ve always been sort of curious what’s back there.”

“What do you think he’s hiding?” she laughed at the nervous expression on his face. “It’s his study and bedroom Connor not a torture basement geez! Relax.”

They started up the stairs and as soon as they reached the top the doors opened to them and Lobo stepped out of the quiet darkness that was his personal library. He smiled at the sight of his daughter and slowly approached her. With a smile mimicking the one on her father’s face, Kaya moved a little quicker and rushed into his opened arms. She buried her face into his chest and held him tightly as she felt him shudder beneath her grip. He was doing his best to keep from crying in her presence but in doing so, small whimpers rumbled within his throat from the choked down sobs. “I’m so happy you’re home Babygirl, I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed you!” he closed his eyes and held her longer crushing her solidly into his body.

“I know Daddy. I’ve missed you too.” Unlike Lobo, Kaya didn’t hide the tears that flowed steadily from her eyes and sighed at the fact that Lobo wiped them away gently with his thumb as she pulled away. His hand continued caressing her face and moved down her neck, stopping just at the large bruise on the crook. He gasped audibly and took one step back.


Instantly her hand rubbed the mark her mate made on her neck and she dropped her gaze from his. “It’s what I came to talk to you about.”

“You felt weaker to me. I thought you were just blocking me out; I’d hoped you were just blocking me out. The alternative was too painful to believe. Thinking that you were laying somewhere hurt or worse but this…I’d never have expected. When?”

“A week ago. It happened unintentionally.”

“Like your mating. Kaya nothing we do as wolves is unintentional; it’s our nature. You know what this means right?”

“That the vision Mom saw is coming true and you and I may never have the same relationship we had before.”

“Well I was gonna say that you won’t be able to remain with Greymane any longer. You’ve mated an Alpha wolf in Rafe and he’s already separated himself of the pack. As his mate it’s your duty to follow him. And as my daughter you have what it takes to be a great leader. It’s about time you take charge of that part of your heritage and be the Alpha, the Luna your mother and I wanted you to become.” 

She looked up at him in surprise and he smiled brilliantly, encouraging her to hold her head up. “I love you Kaya and I don’t care about this whole wrong or right thing or going against the seers. As long as you’re happy and healthy so shall I be. I’m just so proud that you’ve always been your own person no matter what’s been thrown at you.” Finally a tear fell from his eye and Kaya reached up to lovingly wipe it away as he pulled her once more into an embrace. “Just promise me one thing.”

“What’s that Daddy?”

“You’ll never give up being who you are.” He walked her into his study and she quietly took a seat on the couch against the wall. “What happened to your leg?” He took a glimpse at her over his shoulder and noticed her shift her weight uncomfortably. “Come on Kaya! Besides the fact that I can smell your injury you’re using a cane, have a visible limp and wearing a cast. What happened?”

“I stepped in a hunter’s trap on Caleb’s…on our territory. I didn’t see it and not having that problem here I wasn’t looking for them either.”

“I suppose it shouldn’t come as a surprise to me that they have problems with hunters considering who and what they are. They have no regard for the sanctity of life, and as such the hunters are probably very aware of who they are.”

“Daddy you don’t even know them. You shouldn’t assume that because of the title they’ve adopted that they embrace that way of life as well.”

“Kaya these are the same animals that broke into here and…” he looked at her and watched her mood change and darken behind her eyes. Instantly he recognized the pride of her pack and quickly backed off the subject. “You’re right I’m sorry. I’m working off centuries’ old Intel they could have changed their ways for all I know. But I do hope you practice caution in that area. It’s not called the ‘End of the Earth’ for nothing. Your leg seems to be healing well so I won’t worry. So have you met the entirety of the pack?” He asked walking towards the bar to pour drinks and started back towards her.

“Um I think so. It’s a rather small group of wolves. They like to retain that size for obvious reasons. I’ve met a few couples, five that I counted. There are some pups, the youngest being eight. And a few regarded as Elders. Charlie, Rafe’s brother, is planning a ceremony where Rafe and I will be formally introduced as leaders of the pack and I’ll get to meet everyone then I’m sure. And also just so you know I’m taking Connor and Eli with me.”

Lobo laughed and settled onto the cushions beside her as he sat his drink on the table. “Kaya! You just reached Luna status and already dictating terms with another Alpha? Boy you certainly don’t waste any time do you?” he looked towards Connor as he slumped against the wall and motioned him forward. “Have you already thought about the hierarchy of your pack?”

“You mean my Beta,” she smiled at her best friend and nodded. “I’m sure he’s willing even without having to ask.”

“What? Me? Really? Well I don’t know what to say I’m so unprepared for a speech!” he snatched up a drink from the table and stepped quickly to the center of the room. “I’d like to thank my Mom for always believing in me. My best friend Kaya for kicking my ass when she knew it was needed. My former Alpha for treating his subordinates as equals and pushing me to always strive for the best. My goldfish…wait I don’t have a goldfish…”

“Yeah I think he’s ok with it,” Kaya laughed at the sight of his rambling.

“And Eli, have you spoken with him?”

“Not since we’ve been back. We came to see you first of course. But on the bright side, I’ll let you keep Ulrick!”

“Always such a thoughtful child, I don’t know if I could ever thank you enough!”

Luther sat in the solitude of his study, his head bowed in pleasure as the woman on her knees displayed her oral prowess on his engorged cock. Wanting to savor every inch of the unknown shaft, the strange brunette went painstakingly slow; though Luther didn’t seem to mind. To him she was only prolonging the inevitable, a fate she had no idea would be the ultimate end to such a night and such an activity. When she agreeably followed him back from the park her mind was made; she was going to suck it, tease him and be as downright naughty and dirty as a girl could get while kneeling submissively in front of a beautifully, sculpted form of a man. 

It was his attitude that seduced her as she watched him redress on that back trail. The brazenness in his behavior to sunbathe nude in a public place delighted her to no end and she began imagining what else he did with such an enterprising way of thinking. Unfortunately for her, she was not aware of the fact that he’d just finished shifting after a kill and was not nude purposefully in that park but very soon her curiosity would prove reckless. “You like that Baby?” she asked looking up at him with those alluring, chocolate doe eyes. Truth be told he liked it better when she kept her mouth full and quiet of all these frivolous questions that drew her from task. Luther offered a grin that darkened the look in his eyes, placed his hand on the back of her head and forcefully pushed her back down on his dick.

The woman understood her purpose and with a sigh resumed bobbing her curly haired head up and down in his lap. She was no expert at what she was doing otherwise his balls would not be standing so dry. But Luther kept quiet waiting for her to finish him so he could do the same to her. A knock on the door made the Alpha grunt and ensuring the beauty’s mouth remained fixed on his swollen shaft he called the person forward. Phoenix entered with a small chuckle seeing his Alpha in a compromising position and licked his lips at the sight of the nude ass wiggling in front of him. “What is it?” Luther growled letting Phoenix know his meal would not be shared and refocusing his attention.

“Kaya; she’s home. Julius and I saw her get back about twenty minutes ago with Connor and that’s not all.” He paused a moment, took a breath and continued. “She’s injured.”

Luther’s eyes opened in surprise but quickly lowered again as he thought about the consequences of his rival’s whelp’s decision. “And what about the wild wolf? Was he in her company?”

“Not that we saw. He remained behind wherever they went. From the looks of things though Kaya is only here to say her goodbyes before rejoining him. She was sporting a cast on her right leg and walking with the aid of a cane. I could smell Truesilver in her blood.”

Luther chuckled and sat up slightly at the news. “How perfect is that? The Princess goes against Daddy’s orders, gets herself hurt and comes crawling back with her tail between her legs. Well then, Bane may get what he wanted after all.” He tensed like a cobra preparing to strike and the bobbing brunette realized she was about to get a mouthful. An anguished moan that seemed to last forever released from the Alpha’s throat and he held her head down until he heard her gagging for breath as he came.

She pulled away from him and wiped at the dribble on her lip as she smiled up at him. Luther returned the look which quickly faded into a scowl and with one sure swipe, gouged at her throat tearing the flesh from her neck. He threw her to the floor bleeding and gurgling for air and stood above her. “Take the mutt and get back out there. Before the night is done, Kaya and Greymane will know what true pain really is.”

*Author's note: So yeah I know Rafe has no drink in his hands as it says so my response to that is...*

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  1. Lobo took that a lot better than I thought. He had to have known it was coming to that with all the time she was gone right? I guess there is no point in fighting what you know it bound to happen.

    I always have the question of "what is Luther planning" in my head and never figure it out. He knew about Rafe's strength before anyone so surely he knows he can't take him...right? Or is the plan to weaken him through Kaya?

    Connor's speech cracked me up! Now all he has to do now is get those wolves back in Shadowvale to lay off...before I have to come through the screen.

    1. Lobo really had no choice in the matter at this point. He knew his daughter was mated and bonded and he'd lose her eventually. It's best to roll with the punches than get thrown away completely. He wants to be a part of his daughter's life and by supporting her decision, he can stay a part of her life. He thought it was a risk of her going out there to be with Rafe and it was a reason he didn't want her to go. But he knew he couldn't stop her. They were at odds when she left.

      Luther. He has a lot of plans to hurt Greymane but more importantly he has his eyes on the bigger picture. He wants to gain as much territory and gather as many wolves to serve beneath him in order to survive the impending war, the war he's ushering in. Luther was aware of what Rafe was and what powers a wild wolf harnessed but he didn't know that he was someone else completely. He doesn't think he can't take him, he takes insurances in others to make sure he comes out on top. And in his eyes, Kaya is the key to it all - Rafe and Greymane.

      Lol! He was already prepared for that :P He gets elevated in status, no longer the follower but a decision maker in his best friend's pack. Let's just hope the power doesn't go to his head! HAHAHA Connor said he can handle his own but I'm sure he wouldn't refuse the help :)

  2. yeah we will forgive you for the no drink just don't let it happen again. LOL

    Wow I'm glad Lobo reacted the way he did. I know he just wants her to be happy and that's what she needed to hear. Ha it was funny her ready to defend the pack even knowing how he feels about them and what her mate did to his. So many conflicts there. I still don't see how she manages or how he will manage for that fact. I don't ever see them sitting down to family dinner even when they have kids. Caleb should just let that go and accept it for what it is like Charlie said.

    Poor Connor not feeling at home. Well at least now he'll have Eli as well since the Savages do give him funny looks. :( Poor Red.

    I have to say Charlie was very true in his statements about the faces. It's like putting a bandaid on a wound that needs stitches. Its not gonna work for long because she is still avoiding the issue. I know she didn't ask him to do it, he just did it because he knows she more comfortable with the other package. However he doesn't feel himself to be Rafe so it could do more harm than good.

    What the hell is Luther up to? Really he just doesn't know when to quit. I get it he hates Lobo for taking away the woman he loved. The downside to living this long, you can hold a serious grudge for a long ass time! Poor Ky gets caught up in the crossfire. This doesn't sound good at all. :(

    1. Lol! I was too lazy to rewrite after I'd noticed :P and thank you!

      Lobo knows that in order to keep his daughter around and happy he has to be willing to accept she's old enough to make her own decisions. Hell yeah haha she's a member of them now through her mating and won't stand to watch her home pack get brow beaten by anyone. It's a good thing Lobo understood what he was looking at though and backed off. He wouldn't want to have to fight his own flesh and blood! Yeah the whole family dinner thing will probably never happen. Caleb ruined his family and took away the woman he loved forever. They are eternal and that's a pain that will never go away unfortunately.

      Not yet anyway. Those animals haven't been very welcoming. He believes it's because of what happened with him and Rafe and hopes that now that they have bonded things will be better for him. But yes, he will have his white haired little brother to keep him company and Eli is a GREAT distraction! So wide eyed and awe-stricken all the time lol.

      Charlie understands what these two are experiencing. His time as Alpha for the Savages, he had to be wise and make shrewd decisions in order for the pack to survive so he knows a little about what he's saying. He's hoping to open Caleb's eyes to what's right in front of him. While Rafe is who Kaya loved and fell for, he is not the face of her true mate and she needs to be able to understand that in order to truly forgive him for the death of her mother. Caleb doesn't feel at home in Rafe and that may cause issues if he continues ignoring his feelings for his mate.

      Very good question. He is always plotting and planning something. He never sleeps it would seem. And now that a very injured Kaya is home without her wild wolf, a great opportunity to fuck with Lobo has presented itself. What will he do? Well...he has ordered Phoenix to take Bane and we all know what Bane's interest in Kaya is. Imagine if Luther had Kaya mated to one of his wolves! Poor Kaya is the pawn in all of this sadly.

  3. Charlie Charlie Charlie..... man after my own heart! Don't have to explain why. We see wolf to wolf him and I!

    Was I happy to see Lobo: No!
    Was I happy they reconciled: Yes!
    Do I still love Connor (even after that lousy speech): yes!
    Did I enjoy Kaya getting all gravely after the animals comment: Hells yeah!

    Look at Luther seasoning his meal beforehand. Tsk, tsk, tsk, he had scouts looking over Greymane, or more importantly Kaya and 'Rafe' <--That's how I'll refer to him now. Tsk, tsk, tsk!
    That girl was in way over her head (pun intended) and Luther is even more so with the whole 'Rafe' <- wild-wolf thing!

    1. Hahaha yeah Charlie has a way with words and has given Caleb quite a bit to think about. Perhaps he might convince him that what he needs is to be who he is for himself and Kaya's sake. We shall see :)

      Aww, well at least you got something out of that right? Lobo wasn't making many friends keeping secrets from his daughter and messing with her memories at the request of their seer but he did so thinking it was best. He sees now the error of his ways and is hoping by accepting her choice to be with Caleb that they can mend their relationship and be as close as they once were. And Connor lol, yeah, a real cad. But a lovable one still :)

      LOL! I thought that too, funny enough, that he was getting her ready for the kill but when I asked the husband if that was off he said " It's a BJ what guy is gonna complain?" so my moral compass aka husband was throwing me off. Luther has no idea what he's in for but if he keeps poking the sleeping lion he'll quickly learn. Caleb won't stand by, it's not in his nature and he knows how to use his wild wolfness to its full potential! Gideon is in for a helluva ride!

      Thank you for reading :)

  4. Is Caleb's bond with Kaya the same that any wolf would have with the mate, or is there more to theirs in some way? Maybe that witch prepared the stage for them in hopes that their union would destroy both packs, giving that psycho Luther easier access. I bet she's teamed with him somehow. He's one nasty guy.

    As I was reading I thought that Lobo was acting weird and his responses were odd. I guess maybe he has to just accept what he didn't want, since it is a done deed.

    1. There's a little more to theirs actually. Both being the offspring of mixed supernatural creatures mean they are meant for greater things and together they are a powerbomb! The witches have a BIG hand in Caleb and Kaya's union as was foreseen/forewarned and the reason Lobo tried to keep them apart. Haha funny you should mention Lexi, she was only trying to stop them in the eyes of her pack but as we remember it was her who told Kaya where to find Rafe in the first place. That wasn't by accident :)

      Exactly. Lobo knows that at this point it's either accept his daughter's union or lose her forever. He can't stand the idea of never seeing her again so he's trying to be the bigger person. It's hard for him to act as though it doesn't hurt because it's a tremendous stab in the heart. But for her sake, he's trying.

      Thank you for reading!

  5. Lobo was very supportive of Ky, I'm very surprised, in a good way.
    Oh god, what does Luther have up his sleeve, I'd hate to guess, but..I hope Bane gets his ass kicked so hard that he can't tell right from left...edenz~

    1. Lobo knows he has no choice but to try and comply. If he goes against what she wants/needs he risks never seeing her again and he refuses to let that happen. It's nice to see him swallow his pride and try to work through his emotions for her behalf. Lol! Luther is always busy with one scheme or another, it's hard to tell what his motives would be in this case but he'll have an end game for sure, he always does. Bane though...he has made so many enemies that want him dead. He is SERIOUSLY treading thin ice right now and making a move against Kaya might just be what breaks it!

      Thank you for reading :)