Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Episode 52: Darkness Falls

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Rafe, Charlie, Connor, Caleb, Ulrick, Lobo, Bane, Julius, Phoenix
Word Count: 2,440
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Bane takes a trip back to Greymane seeking revenge and a little something extra. With Julius and Phoenix by his side they successfully breach the gates and have a showdown with Lobo. Rafe puts his bond to good use as he senses danger around Kaya and rushes to her side.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, adult content, adult situations, nudity

Bane moved along the darkness that shrouded the gates to Greymane first, leading the way for the others to follow and snarled as he could smell the blood of wolves he once called pack mates. “Tha gates are locked and electrified; best to keep ya distance Mate. Tha combination cycles through a variation of tha date tha Alpha was put into powah.”

“What makes you think they haven’t changed it since you defected? You’d have to almost expect that they would!” Julius reasoned listening to Bane’s plan of passage into the grounds.

“Alright then, what’s ya suggestion, old wise one,” Bane feigned civility at the same time his eyes rolled from Julius’ perceived superiority of him.

“I say we scale the tree in the empty property next door and monkey over like we did once before,” Phoenix suggested keeping his voice low as he heard the sound of a door shutting somewhere close.

“Can’t; they’ve since had the tree chopped down which is my point exactly. Lobo is smart. He won’t be fooled by the same thing twice. We need a better plan than just hopping the fence and hoping to make it to Kaya’s room before the others are on us.”

“And we’re still waitin’ on that brilliant plan of ya’s to grace our ears Mate. ‘ow exactly ya thinkin’ we’re gettin’ in tonight?”

“We’re not. I say we wait for Kaya to come out and go from there.”

“She could be in there fah days. There’s no tellin’ ‘ow long she plans on stayin’ ‘ere. That’s a terrible plan; no wondah ya not even a Beta. Ya ‘ave no balls to see somethin’ through to tha end!”

Bane started around him and Julius gripped his arm tight keeping him in place. “Where the hell do you think you’re going?”

Snatching his arm away he backed away with a smirk and continued moving backwards. “I’m gonna show ya how tah get shit done. Keep ya eyes peeled.”

Moving towards the end of the corner, Bane whistled and two men stepped from behind a nearby street sign and started towards him. After a brief discussion he returned to Phoenix and Julius with a cocky smirk on his face. “Maybe we should duck.”

“What?” Moments later a large explosion erupted in front of the gates and the men rushed into the gates of Greymane. It took less than a few seconds before the yard was flooded with wolves curious about the noise.

“What was that?” Kaya jumped at the sound and Lobo got to his feet. Instantly he was out of the room and heading towards the front door with Ulrick and Connor close behind him. 

“Secure the doors,” he instructed to a wolf running towards him and hurried outside. Seeing Bane standing amongst Gideon wolves, Lobo snarled and dropped into a fighting stance readying himself to take out the traitorous wolf. “You should have stayed gone!”

“Now Alpha, is that anyway to greet ya future son-in-law? Tsk, tsk, we should be much more cordial than that.” Bane laughed and prepared himself to take the tackle and Lobo didn’t disappoint as he charged full speed ahead at the Australian turncoat.

They fell with a loud crash against the cold, unyielding concrete and it was Lobo who quickly gained the upper hand. Bane’s smile all but faded as the Alpha’s fist slammed into his jaw with a snap that assured the bone was now dislocated. Bane kicked and tried to get off the ground but to no avail; Lobo was a man possessed. Another fist rocked the Aussie’s face and this time it was his nose that took the brunt of the force.

Fangs ripping, jaws snapping, bones crunching, Bane rolled and yelled for help as he endlessly fought off the assault but Lobo was proving to be a worthy opponent. He was trapped beneath the older man against the concrete as the men in his company fought with other wolves around him ignoring the fact that the Alpha was moments away from snapping his neck. Lobo’s hands gripped tightly around Bane’s throat holding him in place and he growled as he thought about all the times he used his daughter towards his own gain.

Bane yelled again for help and Phoenix and Julius took their time coming to his aid but finally was able to get Lobo off. Brandishing a seven inch blade dipped in Truesilver, Phoenix wasted no time thrusting it between the Alpha’s ribs twice and giving it a sharp turn. Lobo roared and instantly his wolves were in motion moving towards the men but Phoenix moved quicker. Pulling Lobo to his feet he held the approaching men at bay as he raised the blade in his hand at their leader’s neck. “One more step and the old man is through!” he growled and nicked his skin to prove he meant business.

The blade pressed tighter against his neck and Ulrick gave the signal to stand down regrettably. “Send out the bitch and we’ll be on our way!” Julius ordered and waited for the pack to comply. 

They didn’t have to wait long. Kaya was already hobbling her way outside hearing her father roar in pain. “Daddy?” she cried out and rushed forward seeing the blade at his neck “Bane!”

“‘ello Love, miss me?”

“Let him go!” she ordered and moved forward threateningly.

“Not uh-uh, you didn’t say tha magic word!” he waved his finger in an admonishing fashion and smirked as her anger deepened.


“Mmm, it’s been a while since I’ve ‘eard ya scream my name Love. But no worries; by tha end of tha night, that all will be corrected.” 

“Bane please!”

“Beggin’, now that’s somethin’ new with us Love! I think I like this new side of ya. Now, what’s say you and I go for a nice stroll somewhere’s Dollface? Ah! Slowly,” he cautioned her as she forgot about her pain momentarily and started forward. “I’d ‘ate to see this one bring that blade across old Daddy’s neck there. I’m sure ya want ‘im at our weddin’. I’d hate to deprive my beautiful bride on ‘er big day.”

“Kaya,” Connor gripped her arm and she jerked away from him. “This isn’t right.”

“I can’t let them hurt him any more than they already have.”

“Think about this Ky! What’s to guarantee they let him go once they have you?”

She rubbed her hand over the disappearing mark that Caleb had bit into her neck and sighed. “I’m not trusting them.” She turned to face Bane and his outreached hand and frowned. “Let him go first.”

“Oh no bitch, we’re not falling for that. You get over here and we’ll let him go,” Julius snarled and motioned to Phoenix who wrenched the blade tighter into Lobo’s skin. More blood dripped from his throat and Kaya screamed in fear.

“OK! Just stop, please.” She took Bane’s hand and he jerked her into his chest with a growl.

“Now this I remembah well.” His nose ran against the side of her neck and she shuddered as his hand reached around and gave her ass a firm squeeze. “God ow Ive missed that scent, Princess.”

“Take her and go,” Julius snatched Bane’s shoulder roughly becoming more and more frustrated by the moment. The trio slowly began backing down the drive with Lobo still in tow. Once they reached the end, Phoenix winked at Connor and the redhead’s face dropped.

“No,” he whispered and Ulrick turned to look. Phoenix’s hand came back against Lobo’s neck and time seemed to standstill as the next few moments played out in slow motion. Weakened by the Truesilver in his blood, Lobo reached beneath Phoenix’s grip and pushed the man’s hand up and over his throat. Phoenix fell backwards into Julius’ arms and Greymane wasted no time rushing forward to protect their Alpha.

The retreating Gideon wolves hurried out of the yard, protected by another blast that sent the metal from the fallen gate hurtling towards the manor. Before the duo could get far enough, Lobo clutched the end of Phoenix’s hand and twisted his arm behind him. The bone snapped and Phoenix howled in pain as Julius pulled on him at the same time, bending his arm even more until it completely popped out of the socket. “My arm! FUCK!” he cried as Julius gave a final tug and pulled him out of Lobo’s grip.

The Alpha collapsed to the ground clutching his gut and Connor and Ulrick were quick to his side. “No, Kaya, you have to get to Kaya!”

“Armand you’re hurt!” Ulrick cautioned, “We need to get you to medical before…”

“I’m fine! GO GET MY DAUGHTER!” Lobo growled and got to his feet. Looking at the wound on his side, he dipped two fingers in it and winced. “We have to move now before we lose the scent.” He looked up into the concerned faces of his men. No one dared argue; instead they rushed through the gates and hurried after the fleeing pack of wolves with Lobo leading the charge.

Kaya pushed at Bane to get him to release her and he growled in frustration before finally letting her down. She rubbed her neck as she felt the tingles against her skin and whimpered. “What’s the matter Bane? Couldn’t do your own dirty work so you went crawling to Luther begging him for his help? If you think for one second he doesn’t have an alternate ending to whatever fantasy you’ve concocted you’re dumber than I thought. He’s probably already planned your death and it won’t be quick and painless!” 

“I wouldn’t worry about that Love. Once we’re bonded, Luther will be more than pleased. ‘is pack will gain tha powah from our union and you and I will be togethah forevah. Can’t ya picture it? A nice little cabin out in tha woods, us wearin’ nothin’ but a smile and tha powah to do whatevah we want whenevah we want.”

“You’re a fucking coward Bane! I could never and would never mate someone as gutless as you! You are a spineless, disgusting, vile asshole and I can’t believe I ever let you touch me!”

“Yes but ya did let me touch ya Princess, what does that say about ya? Hmm? I’m so weak and depraved yet ya couldn’t keep ya ‘ands off me Sheila. And tha best part about it, I ‘ad ya screamin’ every-single-time.” His tongue licked a trail from her chest to her face. Holding her by the neck, Bane forced his lips down on hers and suckled her mouth ending in a growl. “Is it just me or do ya taste sweetah than normal?”

“There’s no time for this right now! Keep moving! We have to get to Gideon before Lobo and the others catch up!” Julius glared at Bane as he held Phoenix against his side.

“‘e’s right Love. We ‘ave plenty of time to catch up latah. Let’s get outta these woods.”

“Put me down!”

Charlie laughed at his own joke and Rafe shook his head watching his younger brother. He seemed pleased with himself and it was a warming scene knowing that everything had finally fallen into place. “What’s the deal with the ceremony? Everything worked out yet?” Rafe asked as he finished pouring himself a drink and offered one to Charlie.

“Sophie’s working around the clock getting everything ready to go. She setup a small group for decorating the flats and the other ladies are planning the food. There’s talk about having Night Shift perform as well,” he grinned and folded his arms into his chest. “Night Shift. My brother the musician; you were always the poet though so it shouldn’t come as a surprise.”

“Poet? As I recall Charlie you referred to my odes and sonnets as the ‘woeful cries of a lovesick fool’. You liked to tease me about them.”

“That’s only because they were really good and I was jealous.” Rafe glanced up at him and smirked. “What can I say? I was a kid! I mean seriously. We were always skirt chasing and hunting and out of nowhere you started scribbling in these journals all these mushy lyrics and stuff. At first I thought you were just crazy but then you started pulling primo ass and I realized you were a fucking genius. The girls ate that shit up! I can only imagine how much better it got once you got up on stage with your guitar in hand.”

“Performing was always fun. Doing it on stage with Kaya though was even better. She has a presence when she’s in front of the microphone that lures everyone to her and it’s like a moth to a flame, you just can’t escape it.” He chewed his bottom lip in quiet contemplation and dropped onto the edge of the pool table near him. “It’s crazy to think about but, I led a very different life as Rafe. I had a whole different background, parents, friends; everything was so different.”

“But none of it was real. Nothing of your memories as ‘Rafe’ actually happened; you know that right? You were born again at 27 and dropped in the middle of the woods in Willow Reed.”

“Yes but by whom? And why now? What was the purpose of this cloak and dagger and why wasn’t I just returned to my rightful self.”

“Honestly? I think it was to protect you from Kaya’s old man. There were a few people who would have recognized you right away so in order to get you back to Kaya without suspicion, you were given a different form, different name, background; everything. Just assuming,” he grinned sheepishly and shrugged.

“Yes but saying it that way means someone planned all of this to happen. Someone is controlling everything for this to even be possible Charlie. And I can only wonder to what end.” A sharp pain ignited in Rafe’s side and he grunted and clutched at himself as the sensation ripped through his chest. “Fuck!” he groaned and collapsed in front of Charlie.

“Caleb? Are you ok?” Charlie asked watching his brother grunting on his knees.

“No. It’s Kaya. Something’s not right.” He looked up, his eyes bright yellow and full of rage. “She’s scared; something’s happening.” 

Without another word, Rafe pulled up from the floor and rushed through the doors disappearing quickly in the woods behind the manor.

“Caleb! Wait!” Charlie shouted as he rushed to keep up.

“Kaya needs me!”

“We need to get the others! You have no idea how many are out there, what do you plan to do?”

“Kill them all!”

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  1. Bane really has some brass ones doesn't he? Man he has no freaking clue what shit storm he's bringing on his head. LOL Man I really hope he gets his ass beat this time. That's a lie, I'm hoping that Rafe will kill his no good ass!

    Bane put up a good fight but leave it to the Gideon clan to fight dirty using the truesilver. They knew they didn't stand a chance otherwise.

    I swear Luther is always up to no good and having unstable Bane there doesn't help matters.

    Please please please say Bane dies!!!!

    He and Lexi are tied at first place on my hit list. This could knock one out of the way! :D

    1. Bane has nerves of steel walking into a place where every wolf hates him and kidnapping the Alpha's daughter. But then he believes he has the backing of Luther Crowley also. He really is clueless to what he's putting himself in the middle of because Rafe is unforgiving!

      Lol! Bane was getting his ass handed to him by an Alpha until he was stabbed in the side and poisoned by Phoenix. You may have gotten to see Bane die right then had it not been for that tactic because you're right, Lobo would have ended them all!

      Luther enjoys chaos and having someone so willing to throw themselves literally to the wolves as Bane is, is a nice treat for him. Collateral damage, fodder, expendable body - that's all Luther sees in Bane, even calls him Mutt because he has no respect for him. He's just a means to an end for him. One Luther would gladly put down in a second!

      LOL! Poor Bane, gets no love :( Lexi! Hmm...

      Thank you for reading!

  2. Bane seriously needs to die, like, now. Time for Rafe to come unleash the thunder!

    1. Haha Bane is probably breathing his last touching Kaya like this after she's bonded to Rafe. He'll find out soon enough just how grave a mistake he's made!

      Thank you for reading :)

  3. I am so ready to see Bane get his head ripped off. That guy is seriously starting to irk me right now.

    1. Kaya is on that train too! She's hoping he dies bloody and painful and if she didn't have the Truesilver in her veins she'd have probably ripped his head off a little while ago herself. Like she said though if he thinks Luther is on the up about helping him, he's a complete idiot!

  4. Bane is so smart he's a complete and oblivious idiotic ass! He knew right away when Kaya and "Rafe" physically bonded, yet he never once sensed her, now, blood-bond! I mean come on. That sort of thing should be like a las vegas flashing billboard or smell like freshly baked bread when standing next to a bakery! He kissed her, roamed his hand over her body, placed his head in her neck!!

    Bane you are a dumb oblivious dick! Can't believe I once liked your rebelliousness. Now you're just plain stupid and ignorant!

    Bad move going after Lobo, or worse Kaya! I just pictured Caleb tearing him another one. He needs matching eyes that one! Two eye-patches are more stylish than one. The "Rafe"' form does look more like Charlie's brother, but those looks belong to Charie, copyright, so GIVE THEM BACK CALEB!!!!

    I smell blood in the spilling!
    Should be good!

    1. Lol! Bane sees what he wants even if it has no truth to it. He's a selfish prick who doesn't care about the people he hurts or necks he steps on to get his way. He could smell that they had mated that night but the fact that she's bonded to Rafe now, yeah that slipped past him even pressing against her mark! He wants her and there will be no stopping him.

      Bane has gone from cunning and witty drummer and occasional asshole to an evil, manipulative turncoat and regular asshole.

      Yes, that was the worst thing they could have done. Having her bond means that she can communicate distances with her mate so it's only a matter of time before he gets to her location and whoever is hurting her, better prepare themselves for a fight! Caleb means business. They are hurting his mate and he will never let that stand. Hahaha that's funny the only thing that really changed about Rafe was his hairstyle and a new tattoo. But he does look more like Charlie. And perhaps that's why Charlie is so concerned with the appearance he takes? O.o

      There will be blood! :D Thank you for reading!

  5. Ok i don't like all your depraved sims. I hate Bane. Why didn't Rafe kill him, the first time ?
    This guy is real dumb-ass and all the "ass" words can define him.
    He foresaw to kidnap Kaya but didn't have plan... At least, Rafe has a plan "Kill them all"
    Lobos is stronger than him and Bane feels stronger when he is supported by other. He's a coward...
    And after that he wants to be the Kaya's mate. Ridiculous...He's nothing compare with Caleb...

    DON'T KEEP CONTROL CALEB...BE SAVAGE !!! There are no pity for this kind of asshole !

    Somehone had planned the moment when Rafe appears ? I didn't remember if it's Lexi who told Kaya to go to the woods ? Or maybe it's the chief of Council, who planned that in order to be the new leader, when the 2 chiefs (Luther and Lobos ) will kill each others ?

    PS : I'm sorry but i forgot Rafe when i saw Caleb the first time. I agree with Jean-Marie, I want CALEB back !

    1. Hahaha no one likes Bane, you're definitely in the majority there. I think every comment since his introduction has pertained some sort of death threat. Rafe was pulled off of him by Connor but he was definitely trying to end his life at that point. Bane never thinks ahead of time, he acts in the now and what his greedy, little mind wants at present. He'll see why that's never a good modus operandi!

      Lobo would have ended Bane then as well had it not been for Phoenix and his blade. That won't stop him from going after them, injured or not he'll look for his only child.

      Yes! The more ferocious Caleb gets, the less likely anyone who has caused Kaya/Greymane harm will survive! That is definitely great advice and hearing what he said to Charlie, something he indeed plans on pursuing.

      Charlie believes everything that is happening now was predestined (he's a deep person...always philosophical and reading and offering the best advice to his big brother). It was indeed Lexi who told Kaya she needed to be the one to find him in the woods and sent her looking for him. Damien has his role to play also and would like nothing more than to watch the major packs in his domain kill each other off so he can claim victory. Everything is all leading up to something and though no one sees it yet, they are all pieces of the puzzle.

      Aww :) everyone misses Caleb, poor Rafe. He is the "second" skin though which might mean he's no longer a necessary tool. Charlie sure is trying to convince his brother of that fact!

      Thank you for reading :)

  6. Bane has signed his death sentence. Fool fool. Serves him right.
    I am sure that Caleb will find Kaya. He has to. What will happen? Blood... blood and lots of blood.

    1. Haha definitely! No way will Caleb stand for that! And after just getting her back too? Bane better grow a pair of eyes to match those brass ones he's got! Blood... blood and lots of blood. That sounds about right!

      Thank you for reading :)

  7. Welp, Bane can kiss his ass goodbye...really? He thinks he can walk in and just take Ky with no consequence? The funny part to me is he thinks he'll now have status with Luther and that Luther would actually let him keep Ky for himself, the boy really does think too much of himself.

    Kill them all...sounds about right...edenz

    Catching up a little at a time, i so missed reading, I've even been playing a bit, kids are a lot of work heh=-).

    1. LOL! Yep. Bane's most certainly a goner! But that's what happens when you fuck with a mate of a Savage. Rafe/Caleb will show no mercy and Bane will regret the day he joined/betrayed Greymane! I don't think Bane thinks at all and that's why he continuously finds himself up shit creek. Luther absolutely would not have let him have her. If anything he'd have given Kaya to his Beta if not mate her himself.

      HAHA surely does! They'll be lucky if they survive the night :)

      No problem :) It's nice to see you up and about again Shay. I can only imagine how hoping your nephew keeps you lol. And you got him during the teen years! That's when they are in EVERY activity known to man!

      Thank you for reading :)