Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Episode 54: Watch Dog

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Rafe, Caleb, Charlie, Connor, Lobo, Ulrick, Luther, Phoenix, Julius
Word Count: 3,370
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Kaya awakens beside an interesting face and the two speak volumes in their actions not their words. Luther learns of the true existence of a Shifter and begins formulating a plan to obtain it for Gideon. Charlie gets home safe and sound but expresses his pain towards his brother and Lobo learns more about Caleb and his plans for his pack.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, adult situations, nudity

Sunlight crept into Kaya’s eyes, coaxing her awake as its warm fingers tickled over her skin. She moaned in protest and buried her face deeper into the crook of her arm trying to hide from the light. A soft chuckle sounded in her ear as something hard and persistent pressed between her legs against her pussy. Tensing her muscles, she bit back the urge to scream and tried remembering what happened and where she was. Then all in a rush it came back to her; her trip back home to Willow Reed, the intrusion of Gideon wolves and then the werewolf her werewolf and his incredible presence and unbelievable sexual appetite. She had never cum so hard in her life!

A smile curved her lips in memory and she stretched and pushed her hips against the warm body behind her. Feeling the smaller, less hirsute frame against her back, she slowly rolled her hand along his muscular stomach; her fingers tracing every curve of his abdomen and stopping just at his mound of pubic hair.  Without a word, she felt him push inside her again and moaned at the feeling of her body stretching against his impressive cock. Opening her eyes, she looked over her shoulder at the handsome face of her mate as he started to slowly thrust inside her. Caleb grinned and kissed the tip of her nose, his grip on her hips firm but very careful not to hurt her. Kaya smiled wider and caught the kiss on her lips as she pushed her hips back into each thrust. “Good morning,” Caleb growled against her neck as he drove deeper into her body. “Sleep well?”

“Mmm I had the best dreams, and you were there.” Reaching one hand down between her legs, she could feel him sliding in and out of her and he moaned as her delicate touch caressed his sac.

“Was I?” Kaya replayed the last part of her dream for him to see and looked at him as he saw her envisioning him in the appearance of his former self. “Nice.” Leaning over he kissed her passionately and she nibbled on his lip as he continued thrusting against her body. Caleb’s hand rested on her side and Kaya reached back pulling his hips closer. He growled softly and deepened the kiss as he drove harder and faster into her enjoying the warm welcome of her body. She didn’t cease to amaze him. He fully expected her to awaken and back away seeing her familiar Rafe had melted into the man she professed invaded her nightmares and yet here she was dreaming about him instead.

And was once again taking his cock into her body with as much pleasure as he was; maybe more. Kaya bit down on his lip, pulled away and opened her mouth in a moan that overtook her senses as her mate shifted behind her so he could deepen his motions. A series of expletives spewed from her lips and Caleb chuckled and held her firmer beneath his grip. “You naughty little girl! You kiss your mate with that mouth?” he groaned and pulled away.

“Mmm as much as I can,” Kaya giggled until the feeling of emptiness overcame her and she snorted in frustration. Tangling one hand in her long, thick locks, Caleb tugged her head back using it as a handle to turn her onto her hands and knees. Looking down at her nude back, he watched his cock disappear between her firm ass cheeks again and again grunting in satisfaction as she began to push back against him.

“Ooh Caleb,” a soft whimper escaped through clenched teeth as Kaya chewed her lip to keep from screaming out at the relentless drilling of her mate’s cock inside her. He smirked to himself watching her try to contain her sounds of pleasure which resulted in him plowing her harder until she finally let go. She was close to finish; he could sense the immense pleasures through her emotions. It heightened his state of arousal to the point his body ached for relief as well.  

Using her body for his enjoyment, he smacked an open palm against her firm derriere and howled as her head flew back with a scream that echoed through the surrounding forest startling birds into flight. Gripping her hair again, he yanked her head back and thrust forward at the same time forcing himself deeper inside of her wet core. Kaya cried out in pleasure over the assault on her loins. The extreme sexual energy between them mixed with the tawdry way her lover used her for his carnal amusement brought her body to climax. She moaned low, rocked her hips back into his and rode out her orgasm with repeated ‘Oh God’s’ and grunts of gibberish.

Caleb let go of her hair and Kaya’s head fell forward. His mouth dropped open as the slick conditions of her body brought about his end. Breathing harder and grunting louder, his fingers squeezed into her sides and he pumped his hips wilder against her. Soon her clenching, constricting walls were too much for him to bear and the once cool, collected Alpha wolf rumbled loudly as he followed her into ecstasy, spilling his seed into her womb.

Slowing his hips, Caleb’s body rested inside her as he continued panting softly above her. Kaya made faint, little sighs of pleasure as her body continued tightening around him eliciting soft moans from his throat. After a few moments, he sullenly pulled from the sweet haven that was her body and dropped to the ground beside her staring up at the bright morning sky.

Kaya sighed and curled up against the rock by her head as she looked over Caleb’s handsome features. He wasn’t who she’d left in Shadowvale nor was his voice the one that spoke as the hairy, black monster emerged from the woods. Yet here he was again, no longer the man she’d previously found herself slightly frightened of, smiling at her as if she was the reason he drew breath.

“Ow,” Kaya hissed in pain and touched her side. Noticing the fainting claw marks dug into her flesh Caleb sat up with a frown.

“I’m sorry about that Baby. I really didn’t mean to…”

“I know. It’s nothing you have to explain. I’m just glad the bond works like it should. Besides, the Truesilver is going. Look, they are already healing.” She sighed and watched the wound close a little more. “So, last night,” Kaya started and shifted in the grass to get a better view of her mate. “That creature, am I…is that going to happen to me? I mean since we’re bonded.”

Caleb took a deep breath and thought over his answer before replying. “I think it’s going to happen to the whole pack. Actually I’m sure of it. We’ve always been bred as the superior type of wolf and it’s why I’m the Alpha. I’m the only one who could garner in a whole new beginning for our kind not because of who I am but what I am and what you are.”

“And that is?”

“A hybrid, of sorts. Kaya there’s so much you have to learn about me and so much I need you to know but for now just trust me when I say I will never let anything happen to you or anyone you love.”

“How can you promise me that Caleb? Last night you had no idea who anyone was or where you were even. I had to get you to sniff me like a stray dog before you understood who I was and before you opened yourself to our bond again. It was like…”

“Primal. Yeah. That’s what we are Kaya in our truest form. Take away the flesh of man, the vocal abilities the logical reasoning and you get the wolf. A large, cunning, monstrous beast with the drive for only the basic needs: food, survival, sex.” Kaya sank back against the log and chewed over Caleb’s words. Sex; yeah she found out just how much the beast craved that. A slight smile curved her lips as she thought about the way the animal used her over and over in the predawn hours of the previous night and her body moistened in memory. 

The scent of her arousal wafted towards Caleb and he inched closer with a smile of his own before addressing her again. “You seem…comfortable,” Caleb sighed as he watched her stretch in the grass beside him.


“W-w-with me I mean,” he replied warily and watched her face for any change of emotion. “I mean I thought you wanted…that you preferred I be…”

“Rafe?” he nodded and dropped his gaze momentarily with a deep intake of air. “Caleb, before I left for Willow Reed I told you that no matter what you wanted to look like I’d accept it. I mean that’s what love is right? Accepting someone fully for who they are and not your ideal view of who they should be.” She leaned closer and smiled as she caressed his arm drawing his eyes to hers again. “And I love you as Rafe or as Caleb. You are my mate.”

“Say that again.”

She laughed merrily at the sight of his smile and threw her head back and shouted. “I love you Rafe Ashley Hemming and Caleb…” she paused and pulled her head up to look at him. “Oh my God I just realized I don’t even know your middle name!”

“Joseph. Rafe Ashley?”

She nodded with a smile. “You made me promise never to repeat it.”

“That’s terrible! Who would name their male son Ashley?”

“I don’t know. You must have pissed your parents off.”

“I guess so. Ashley?”

“Well if you ask me it’s a very strong name…well if you just go by the first three letters. Which reminds me, is your last name really Savage?”

“No. It’s Trent.”

“Caleb Trent? Gosh you lose all around. Savage does sound better.”

“Yeah well my Dad had a twisted sense of humor. And hey! Don’t forget that one of these days it’ll be your last name too Kaya.” She shot her eyes towards him and he shrugged offering a watery laugh. “I mean if you want it to be.”

“Well I’m sure my Dad would appreciate…shit!” She hopped up quickly and began throwing her clothes on and Caleb got to his feet with worry.

“What’s wrong?”

“My Dad! Phoenix stabbed him when they came to get me, he’s hurt! I have to get to him.”

“And I’m sure what happened between us last night only made matters worse.” Caleb glanced at her somberly fitting his mouth to apologize but she waved him off.

“It wasn’t you. Last night wasn’t the first time I’d seen that beast so I kind of know how he is. We can talk more about it later but I have to go. I have to get to him now.”

“Do you want me to come with you?” he asked lightly caressing her cheek.

“Caleb…I…it would be nice but…I mean the whole…my Dad…”

“Right, I understand. I’ll take you as far as I can go. Just be careful Kaya. Gideon is still out there.”

“I’ll be fine,” Kaya smiled and leaned into him more placing their foreheads together. “I’m sure you gave them something to chew on. I doubt we’ll see them until they’ve been able to assess what they saw.” Her lips gingerly slipped across his as her arms locked behind his head. Caleb closed the remaining space between them and pulled her lips into a sensual kiss that left her breathless and weak in the knees. “Well then I guess I’ll see you when I get home.”

Home, Caleb smiled as he lingered on that word. “Sounds good. And in case you were wondering, the bond works all the way in Shadowvale. I felt you in trouble and came running.”

“Mmm thank you, I was curious. It’s nice to know that whenever I need it my Knight in Shining Armor is just a quick thought away.”

“Your Knight?”

“Didn’t you see my dream?” She asked kissing him again. “I better get going. I know my Dad is worried.”

“Let me know if you need anything.”

“Considering I don’t hear the bitch crying in misery, I can only assume you’ve failed!” Luther growled and threw the glass he’d been holding into the wall with force as the wolves entered his office. “And I can also assume that you’re coming to hand me a bunch of bullshit excuses as to why I’m not graced with Kaya’s presence.” He turned to find both Julius and Phoenix on their knees with their heads hung. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t rip your fucking throats out right now.”

Phoenix glanced at Julius and motioned with his eyes. He did not want to be the one to explain to their Alpha why they were unable to accomplish what he’d sent them to. Julius stood and took one step forward but kept his eyes diverted out of respect. “There was something out there, in the woods. It…it wasn’t right.”

Luther stepped closer until he was just a foot away from Julius and sniffed him. “Kaya, you had her; Greymane, blood, Lobo’s! You injured the Alpha?” 

“He was sloppy; emotional. Phoenix was able to get behind him, stabbed him a few times.”

“But he didn’t go down. You wounded him but were unable to keep him down. Explain to me what this ‘thing’ was and where is the Mutt?” He asked referring to Bane as he started towards his desk.

“Dead.” Phoenix replied and got to his feet. “He was ripped to pieces by whatever that was out in the woods. Some large wolf but it wasn’t like us it was still human.”

“A shifter! I’ve heard of them but they were all rumored to be myths.” Luther stepped back analyzing the information with a grin. “What happened to your arm?”

“Lobo twisted it out of the socket.”

“Have you been to Medic?” Phoenix nodded negatively as his Alpha circled around behind him. “Hmm, looks painful,” Luther smirked and without hesitation had the wolf’s injured arm pinned behind his back with a choke hold around his neck. Phoenix screamed in pain as Luther’s grip tightened and he wrenched the arm further behind him. “I gave specific instructions and yet again we stand here at an impasse. I feel that I’ve been much too generous with everyone; that I’ve not made clear my instructions. Examples must be made.” Phoenix screamed louder, the sound vibrating off the walls behind him as Luther screwed his arm even tighter.

“Please, Alpha, w-w-we weren’t…prepared for t-t-that thing…it nearly killed us all!”

“Well then,” he snarled and dropped his hold on Phoenix who immediately crumbled to the floor in pain. “Perhaps it’s time I got into the fray. As they say if you want something done right…” He turned to find Julius helping Phoenix to his feet and growled. “You can go.” He dropped into the seat behind his desk and smiled to himself. If there was a Shifter in his territory he would have to move fast to try and gain him for Gideon. Being a fabled creature only meant that many others would be after him once they learned about his existence and Luther was not one to come in second place.

“Charlie!” Caleb yelled watching his baby brother saunter into the front door of their home. “There you are man! I have great news and why do you look like you’ve been hit by a truck?”

“That’s because I was,” he frowned rubbing his tender jaw, “you.”

“What? Where have you been? I’ve been looking all over.”

“Oh yeah? You try the woods where you left me? Better still where you nearly knocked my head off!”

“Charlie what are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about you and that…beast!”

“I hit you?”

“To put it accurately, you shifted into some large creature right before my eyes, growled at me, lifted one arm before I had a chance to tell you how incredibly scary as fuck you looked and proceeded to launch me clear across the forest towards a tree which despite what people say are not at all comfy or welcoming to land on.”

“Wow, Dude…I”

“I hope anyone else who crossed your path fared better. Although considering I can smell blood I seriously doubt that to be the case. Who’d you eat?”

“I didn’t eat anyone…that I can remember,” Caleb smirked and tried drawing a smile from his baby brother but failed miserably. “Look Charlie I was out of it ok? I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“Yeah well no harm I guess. But do me a favor Caleb, next time you feel like you’re going to shift, stay as far from me as possible. I’d hate to be another casualty of your rage. And now I’m going upstairs and begging Sophie for a hot bath and massage.”

“Charles? I am sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it Bro. I guess that’s the thing Kaya was referring to when she asked if I ever saw it huh? Damn, Kaya! Did you…?”

“She’s fine, back at Greymane with her Dad.”

“Oh good. I’m glad you were able to get to her. What was it you wanted to tell me?”

“Don’t worry about it, it can wait.”

“Ok but I want to know; and I’m also curious as to why you’re Caleb and not Rafe. I’ll catch up with you later and you can tell me what exactly happened out there but seriously right now, I need to lie down.”

Kaya rushed through the doors and up the stairs on her sore leg. Moving as quickly as possible she entered her father’s room, looked around, and found him sitting on the edge of his bed holding his side. Blood dripped from the wound in his ribs through the bandages wrapped around his body. Kaya gasped and hurried towards him and Connor took a step back to allow her more room. “Daddy!”

“I’m alright Kaya, or at least I will be.”

“It’s still bleeding! What happened?”

“Phoenix punctured his lung,” Connor started and saw the scowl on Lobo’s face grow in frustration. “I’m sorry, Kaya’s my Alpha now.” Lobo found himself smiling in spite of himself and nodded indulgently. “The blade was dipped in Truesilver and the tip broke off against his ribs. Doc got it out so it’s healing now. He should be fine.”

Lobo’s hand brushed through Kaya’s hair gently and she sighed before pulling up from the floor and taking a seat beside him on the bed. Glancing towards Connor, he nodded and he and Ulrick excused themselves. “Daddy?”

“I’m fine really Kaya. I’ve had Dogroot placed on it and it’s healing. The bleeding is only removing the Truesilver from my system. But what about you? How’s your leg?”

“It’s ok. It hurts but not as much as it did a few days ago when it happened. Like you I have Dogroot, pill form not tea though. The doctor gave me a higher dosage so that it would be better by the upcoming ceremony.”


“Mmhmm, Caleb and I are going to be introduced to the pack as Alpha and Luna, I told you that remember?”

“Right, you mean an Emergence? That’s really interesting.”

“Interesting why?”

“I just never thought Caleb would be into traditional ceremonies like that; being wild and all. I guess that shows how much I know about your new pack,” he sighed and rubbed his hand over his side. “When are you going…home?” He asked with a hint of melancholy in his voice.

“The ceremony is set for a few days from now but there are still a lot of things to take care of being a Luna. I want to make sure Connor and Eli are set so I won’t be able to stay for too long. I mostly wanted to make sure you were alright.”

“Well then,” he smiled and draped his arm around her shoulders. “I’d better make good use of the time I still have you in my home.”

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  1. aww so glad she is mending her relationship with her daddy. He felt terrible for what he's done and I'm glad she's willing to forgive him. I'm even happier to see him starting to try and accept the fate he can't change. I still feel so bad for him to know your little girl is mated to the man that killed your mate. :( Fucking Lexi!!!!! So can't wait for her to die!

    That was a sweet time for Ky and Caleb in the woods. She gave him what he needed, forgiveness and the willingness to move past the past and work on them and their relationship. Poor Charlie. :( I hope Caleb can get a hold on that beast so he doesn't hurt/kill someone important next time. (No I don't count Bane as important) :P

    I can only imagine how he will explain this to the pack and how they are gonna have a hard time controlling it even more if he can't as the alpha. I see bad times ahead. :(

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    1. Kaya was in desperate need to get things straightened out with both Caleb and Lobo. It was bad that both of the important people in her life where the ones she couldn't trust or even wanted to be around so something had to give. I guess they can thank Gideon for bringing them together. Having an outside force to all rally against helped them forget their shit enough to work cohesively (in a way). Lobo knows that he can't stop his daughter from being with her mate so he's trying to work out his emotions and not let it bring her down too much.

      Caleb REALLY enjoyed that! Seeing Kaya warming to him and knowing that it wasn't the "face of another man". He's very much willing to do whatever she says in order to keep her trying and to get over their hump. Morning sex is one way of doing that though huh? :P Poor Charlie was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The primal form of Caleb had no idea who, what, when, he just smelled his mate in trouble and leapt! They will certainly need to work on that in order to keep a lock on him though. We wouldn't want someone "important" getting hurt :)

      Oh yeah. That was Kaya's first thought too seeing that it was really Caleb. She's not so sure she wants to be that creature. It had no self control and was pretty damn scary!

      Luther doesn't work on "logic" sometimes. Most times it's all about his show of strength and with a Shifter on the payroll he'd really be unstoppable then. If only he knew.

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    Speaking of...

    CALEB'S BACK! CALEB'S BACK! Woop woop! *throws streamers in air* I loved that scene with them in the woods, not just for the obvious but the fact that their bond is strengthening. I just love it.

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    1. It most certainly may be too! He likes to run and do without completely thinking things through. He's so blinded by rage and hate and proving he's the "top dog" that often times people get hurt. Not that he cares. Even if it's one of his own.

      Yes! Caleb is back with a vengeance and had a bone to bury :P (sorry bad pun) haha but yes and it's great for him because Kaya is beginning to get ok with seeing his face and learning that he IS her true mate. Like it or not that is her eternal love. Their bond is getting stronger and working together to climb over hurdles thrown at them is only going to help improve that.

      Lobo and Kaya had been on the outs for too long thanks to Lexi and her mind melting thing. But with her acceptance of Caleb, there was no way she could look at her father and tell him she did not want him in her life; it just wouldn't be fair. I doubt we'd ever see Caleb and Lobo come to some form of agreement but at least Kaya's been able to forgive the two men in her life. Lobo does love her very much and while some of the things he's done to "help" were dripping in bad deeds, he's always had her best interests at heart.

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    1. Hahaha Luther is definitely biting off more than he can chew believing he can "tame" a Shifter. Even after hearing what it did to Bane and how afraid of it his other pack mates were he's not about to back down from claiming it. If he's not careful, he might not have a tail to tuck between his legs before he goes scurrying home! But his sights are set on destroying Greymane one way or another. He just has to get the power necessary in order to accomplish that goal.

      Thank you for reading!

  4. Oooft. Calebs back. And with a bang. (am now unsure whether bang means the same over there? Over here, in this context, 'I banged her' means 'I fucked her'. And if it does translate, ignore my explaination, because it totlly ruins the joke if you explain it. :X )

    I'm with NernersHuman, love the scene in the woods where we see how strong their bnd it becoming, and how easy it is for them to share with each other now.

    Aw, I love Lobo. So glad he's gunna be ok, cus it seemed a bit hit-or-miss at the end of the last chapter. I'm glad he's still so willing to let her go, even though he knows what Caleb is capable of now.

    Luther... As much as I hate you, you're pretty fit, so probably wouldn't be best for you to try and 'capture' one of the savages. Especially not Caleb, there is no way he can control him.

    Also glad Charlie seems to have forgiven Caleb for his violent outburst. Probably helps that he had no control, but sibling relationships can be tricky at times.

    Oh, and like Jazen, I don't count Bane as important, so we'll say Caleb in man-beast form only got half a kill.
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    1. Haha yes indeed! And yep, bang means the same here :D

      Kaya and Caleb really needed a moment that brought them together. Her taking control of his wolf and guiding him some place safe was exactly that. And now they can begin to really mend the hurt between them. While there are still some parts to smooth out, this is at least a great starting place.

      Lobo is a fighter and very much healing now that he's able to settle in. Although he was prepared to give his life in the woods for his daughter, being able to hold her again and see that she forgives him is a much better gift! Even though he hates Caleb with a passion, he knows that's not the case for his daughter and like any parent he only wants to see her happy.

      Haha Luther has it in his head that whatever he wants, he gets. He won't use caution when he goes after one of these Shifters because he believes that force is needed to tame the wild beasts. He doesn't understand that without reason, they are uncontrollable. It took Kaya some doing to bring hers down and she was bonded to Caleb! He's in for some rough waters ahead.

      You're very right about that. Charlie knows that Caleb was not himself when he shifted so it was easier to forgive him. Plus he's been without his brother for a few centuries as is and doesn't want to have something as minor as a small bump on the head tear them apart. He's just getting used to having him around again.

      Lol poor Bane, gets no love. HA! Half a kill. Yeah Bane had that coming! The hunters would be very screwed if Caleb or even an entire pack of Shifters were coming after them! There would be no time to think but they do still have an ace up their sleeve as well :)

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    1. That's great to hear! Congratulations on making it out of there with all of your wits about you :) Very happy for you! As a matter of fact, Giselle and Luther are in the next chapter AND he's going to do something that surprises them both! Ah Byron and Lucy yes, they are actually developing something that's pretty fun and interesting to read/write. Hopefully if it does turn into something more, his pack or her brothers won't do something desperate to keep them apart O.o

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    Luther is definitely pissed off about his crew's failed attempt at catching Kaya and Caleb. It makes me wonder what he's going to do next. But I'm glad Lobo is okay, and Kaya is tending to him.

    1. LOL! She's getting the best of both worlds right now. But Caleb has finally decided on what he will be for her. Now it's only a matter of ironing out the wrinkles between them, though he definitely has a head start on that! I'm sure Kaya is feeling the same way. She hadn't admitted it to herself but she enjoyed his feral side just as much as his human. Oh yeah, she's had it all. They were first intimate (as Rafe) in Chapter 25.

      Caleb finds himself in a place where he can express himself to Kaya, a comfort level he thought would take a while to get to. But with the mating and the bonding it does make things a little easier. Caleb was dumped into the world again and has a lot of catching up to do. He had no idea everything Rafe experienced but slowly he's reliving those memories and finding his place. Lol! Yes seeing Caleb's form is very nice and even Kaya tries not to stare too lecherously although no one would blame her!

      Luther has to learn that he can't send a pup to do an Alpha's job. It's very rare an underling can take out an Alpha. Without the necessary strength, they would fail every time. Now Luther's about to get his hands dirty and turn up the heat in this war!

      Thank you for reading.

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    Luther and Caleb meeting will be interesting. Both are frightening in their own right, but that match is going to be epic.

    Glad Charlie's ok, if only a little ticked off at his brother, that's not bad. :)

    1. Kaya really has a long road ahead of her but it's nice to know she can get to a place she feels comfortable at least. Lobo is gonna have a hard time accepting Caleb but he's definitely willing to try for Kaya. Connor is the one constant in her life and it's great having him around!

      Ha! That should be TONS of fun :D Luther's never backed down from a challenge but he's also never really seen a Shifter, only heard about them. Like Jack Nicholson said in Batman "wait until he gets a load of Caleb!"

      Charlie came out on top, unlike Bane :P

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    1. Kaya is trying. She knows Caleb means well and is showing her he can be the man she wants and loves. Though the healing process may be long she wants to be with him and knows it's where she is supposed to be. Caleb is grateful for any and every interaction they have and craves the attention she bestows upon him.

      Luther haha yeah he never quits until he gets what he wants. It's his nature, he hates to lose. He'd better be careful though. Trying to possess a wild Shifter won't be easy. And not knowing WHO it is beforehand is just stepping in a pile of fresh poop!

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