Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Episode 55: Bad Dog

Genre: Horror
Characters: Luther, Giselle, Byron, Lucy, Sonja, Simon, Drew, Tyrese, Marcus,
Word Count: 6,444
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Giselle calls on Luther for his help and he goes to his side to find a house of chaos and a massacre he can't wait to get behind. Finding an enemy Alpha, he wastes no time putting another notch in his belt and afterwards he and Giselle find intimacy in one another. Byron answers Lucy's phone call after three weeks of waiting for her and is more than happy to give her what she's dreamt about.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, adult situations, nudity

Luther watched the house for any signs of life. As much as she’d told him she had no need for him or his help, she didn’t waste any time sending a distress signal when things got too gritty. Something had gone terribly wrong in her plan, he was waiting on that; had warned her of such. Messing with a Beta of another pack and someone who he wouldn’t trust as far as he could throw him it was bound to happen. Then again, he didn’t trust anyone but himself but he knew that sooner or later Giselle would very much get stabbed in the back by Drew. The smell of blood lured him closer towards the territory line and he dropped to the ground in attack mode with the sense that at any moment, he’d get his hands dirty.

A growl rumbled nearby and Luther scented the blood of fallen wolves drifting through the windows of the Sutherland pack house and started forward. A surge of electricity jolted through his body and he bit down the pain and let it become a part of him. Placing another foot over the line, he grumbled deep in his chest and hit the ground running forward with one thing on his mind; finding Giselle.

Her scent lingered on the staircase in the foyer of the large manor, she was close. The tanginess of that delicious aroma was near palpable and he imagined rolling himself in it once again. The sound of choking in the far left corner of the brooding hallway drew him towards a large ballroom decorated for what he assumed must have been grand festivities. Only the ripped wallpaper, bodies soaking in blood and the equally as splattered walls told a much different story. This room was now the final resting place for a large number of Sutherland wolves with just one more it seemed on the way out. “You came,” Giselle spoke without bothering to turn around. “You came for me.”

“It might have been easy enough to ignore the call even with the desperation in your voice. But it’s been a while since I’ve had myself a little fun. I figured I’d come and see what all the howling was about.” As he stepped closer he saw the blond man beneath her foot covered in his own blood and nearly ripped to pieces. His eyes focused on Luther hovering above him and he chuckled causing the blood in his throat to gurgle up and out of his mouth.

“So, you’re the one. I should have known.”

“You should have Drew but you’re nothing more than a lowly Beta. You never had the balls or the brains to know when you were in over your head.” He smirked and glanced towards Giselle. “All you had to do was look deep enough into her eyes to know it; there was no way she’d let you live. That steely look, that cold, merciless gaze of hers is the most attractive thing about her. Well, next to her ruthless manner of handling insects like you of course. She did me a favor really. I just hope she saved some for me.” Giselle leaned closer as Luther’s lips brushed against her cheek and smiled feeling his hands rub up her thigh towards her moist center.

She turned to meet his lips and he wasted no time drawing them into his mouth. Her tongue slid across his teasingly as she rested her hands over his shoulders. Luther’s arms circled around her back and he pulled her closer against his erection as the smell of blood infused his nostrils, the carnage elevating his arousal. Giselle’s heart rate increased as her hand traced down the smooth lines of his chest and stomach. Slipping her hand into his jeans, she moaned into his mouth as her fingers tenuously groped the solid shape of his rigid anatomy. Luther inhaled sharply and slowly backed away. “There’s plenty of time for that later,” he growled. “Right now, there’s work to be done.”

Raising one foot over Drew’s head, he slammed it down hard smashing the man’s face into his skull with force. Lifting his foot again, he repeated the move twice more until all twitching ceased on the body beneath him. “Ooh good boy. You keep that up I might just reward you with some sweet chocolate after all.” She grinned wickedly and pulled away from his grip. “Come on. I have a special treat for you up in the Alpha’s quarters.” She danced a little jig excitedly for a moment and skipped ahead as she pulled him behind her.

Knocking on the door she turned with a smile, “My Daddy taught me it’s rude to enter without announcing yourself properly.” She turned the handle on the door and walked first into the room. 

The moment the doors swung open, Luther was greeted with the thick, metallic stench of blood once more as his eyes took in the carnage laid out in the Alpha’s bed chambers. The bodies of her two brothers lay on either side of the room, their limbs torn and ripped from their bodies. One even had his own foot inserted into his backside which drew a smile on his lips. “My, you do have a way with chaos. Was this for me?” She smiled coyly and shook her head as he continued deeper inside and knelt beside one of the bodies. “I especially like the use of his own limbs; you literally beat him with the bloody end.” He stood and found the sole reason his foray into the territory caused the council to zap him. Tied against the railings on the bed was Alpha Simon Ellington, bleeding but conscious. “Well now, this IS a special treat.”

“Crowley!” he growled and tugged against the binds that cinched him. “You son of a bitch! You did this! You corrupted my little girl!”

Luther chuckled deeply and looked in Giselle’s direction with a devilish smirk on his face. “Trust me Alpha your little girl was corrupted long before I got my claws in her. She was looking for someone to help take you down I just came across her in the middle of her scheming. I guess she realized no matter the status it takes strength to end an Alpha. The dead Bishop Beta downstairs could have never severed your head from your shoulders and as dangerous as your little girl may be, she’d not have been able to either. However had she approached me earlier, her suffering would have ended sooner. I’ve been dying for a chance to sink my teeth into you!”

“See Daddy and you thought I’d never amount to anything! And look what I did, I snagged myself an Alpha!” Giselle laughed and moved towards Luther. Wasting no time she pulled him into a kiss, her hands toying with his cock again beneath his jeans as her father looked on in disgust. “I’ve had my fill, he’s all yours,” she whispered against his lips as she broke the kiss. Luther gently pecked her mouth again and moved around her towards the bed.

“Do it you piece of shit. The Council will be all over you before you even set foot out the front door!”

“And we wouldn’t want that would we? If the Council was ever my concern do you think I’d have come in the first place? They have no power over me.” Gripping the man’s neck beneath his palm he pushed him deeper into the bed. Simon’s eyes began bulging out of his skull as the pressure within his brain increased with the loss of oxygen. Slowly they rolled to the back of his head and Luther smiled as he listened to the Alpha choke on his own blood as his head wrenched off of his shoulders.

Once the body slumped over, Giselle rushed towards Luther and immediately threw herself on top of him. He turned and caught her hands as she ripped open his shirt and leaned down sucking his lips into her mouth. She giggled as he turned her over and rested himself between her legs keeping their mouths together as he moved. “You little minx!” He pushed his growing erection against her as he smelled her arousal and rumbled. “What do you want to do now?”

“I want to burn this place to the ground!” He looked down at her and roared as he pulled her off the bed against his chest and the two started down the stairs together.

Nervously Lucy looked towards the door again as she swirled the green umbrella in her drink with a sigh. She had no idea what she was doing anymore; everything was backwards in her mind. All she knew was after her encounter with Byron in the alley the only thing she could think about was having his hands on her naked body again. She dreamed about it every night, so much so that she found herself hunting more to make up for the guilt of allowing that creature to get so close to her. To touch her, make her scream in pleasure over and again and not once try and raise a hand to stop him.

Getting back that night she found it difficult to even look her brother Harley in the eyes. He knew she went out hunting solo against his orders but he had no idea she found prey and let it live. He had no idea she found prey and let it have its way with her body. And he had no idea how much she was dying to have him do it again. She pounded a closed fist against the table as she gave herself another mental kick and chewed her lower lip in contemplation. Harley would think she was weak if he knew; hell she thought it about herself. Then again Harley had known for years that their brother wasn’t all human and never once did he bother to mention that tiny, inconsequential fact about someone she loved dearly.

Byron continued watching her from the back of the room. He could see the pain in her movements, the doubt in her actions. It hurt her more than she could admit to herself letting him touch her so intimately. But she called him, he knew she would. The only thing that mattered was the when. So when her call came in only three weeks after their heated encounter, he wasn’t surprised just pleasantly aroused. The frailty in her voice, the timbre of the words she spoke and the way she said she “needed to see him” all meant that he’d gotten the job done that night.

Lucy was approaching her third Cranberry Martini and he realized he’d better get to her before she got tipsy and used that as an excuse for being off her guard. Slipping out from the shadows of the back booth, he moved towards her slowly smiling as she addressed him before he came closer to her table. “Finally.”

He took a seat across from her and hid his body’s attempt to appreciate what she was wearing. Another barely there outfit that she believed enticed their kind but in reality only made her stand out as what she really was. No one would be dumb enough to think someone as beautiful as her would have anything to do with the seedy establishments she often frequented looking for a kill. They’d all been around way too long to be that naïve. “I’m sorry to keep you waiting,” he groaned and licked his lips as she pushed her glass further on the table giving him a nice peek down her open top revealing more of her breasts to his delight. “I got held up; pack business you know.”

Her eyes shot up to his at the word “pack” and he could tell her mind was working a mile a minute to figure out whether she was the business to which he referred. He only offered a smile, that boyish yet devilishly handsome smirk she found her knees weaken to once before. Regaining her senses she sat up straighter against the booth’s cushion and huffed. “And I suppose they think it would be a real coup if you were to what? Turn a hunter for your side? Not gonna happen!”

“Is that what you think?” He asked and stopped a waitress at the table to place an order for a Mojito cocktail. “You think I told someone about our…tryst?” Her face tensed at his use of the word and he bit back a desire to smile at how modest she seemed knowing the wanton vixen she was when he had her against the wall.

“Didn’t you? I’m sure you couldn’t wait to run back home to your pack and get on your knees in front of your Alpha to tell him just how sweet my lips taste.”

“Well I’m not denying you have some very enticing lips but you weren’t on my tongue when I got home, so to speak.” Byron made an exaggeration with his mouth as he spoke and watched Lucy lose focus for a moment, her thoughts apparent and illicit. “Is this your not so subtle way of telling me that you told your hunter’s tribe all about our little encounter?”

“Hunter’s tribe? And no, not in this lifetime!”

“Right and I’m supposed to just take your word for it? How do I know this isn’t just some set up where I’m marked to get jumped the second my very toned ass walks outside?”

“Because you were watching me before I even got inside. I’m sure you’d have noticed if thirty members of my tribe were hiding out in the bushes. How many times have you done this before?” She watched the waitress move on to the next table after quietly delivering his drink. “This game of luring some innocent girl in with your sweet yet, mysterious eyes, sexy smile and playboy looks.” 

“You think my smile is sexy?” She dropped her gaze momentarily and inhaled a quick breath beneath his stare. “And I can’t be sure what game you mean exactly. I don’t make it a habit of sleeping with the enemy.”

“So the fact that your phone number just so happened to be left inside the pocket of the jacket you slipped over my shoulders was mere coincidence?”

“You mean you don’t label your clothing in case of loss or theft? That just so happened to be my favorite coat. I would be devastated if anything were to happen to it.”

“That’s too bad. You’re not getting it back.”

“Well then I think it’s only fair I take something of yours as even trade. Now then Hunter, what will you give me? How about your name for starters?”

“Lucy and you are?”

“Byron. Try and remember that. I’d like to hear it off your tongue the next time I have your body spasming against mine.”

“You really think I’d let you get that close to me again?”

“Well judging by the way your body warmed a good ten degrees and the moisture I can smell dripping between your creamy thighs, I’m going with a yes.” He chuckled lightly at the blush he produced on her face and took a large swig from the glass in front of him. “You want to get out of here?” Lucy glanced momentarily at her phone, checking it for missed calls or messages before placing her hand in Byron’s and sliding out of the booth heading towards the door.

“Chilly night,” Lucy remarked as she stepped out into the night air. She rubbed a hand over her arms and Byron smiled watching her shiver slightly.

“Oh yeah? Perhaps you should have brought along my jacket. As far as chilly goes, I hadn’t noticed.” She touched his arm and felt the heat radiating from his skin and peered up into his eyes.


“Now that’s the attitude of a sore loser,” he growled and backed her up into the side of the building. “A winner would ask that I share.” Nudging her head up lightly with his nose, he pushed further until he had her head tilted enough to capture her mouth with his. A soft moan escaped her opened lips and blew across his face as he teasingly chased her tongue before drawing her bottom lip between his teeth and bumping his slowly hardening arousal against her leg. 

Lucy pushed him back and away from the wall following his soft, delicious lips into his kiss. His strong arms came around her back pulling her tightly into his chest as one of her hands slipped across his face slowly slipping through his strategically combed hair. He growled as her fingers tugged at the ends and sucked harder on her tongue punishing her for messing up his tresses. Her teeth closed around his lip and he felt her tongue tickle the roof of his mouth knowingly.

Pulling back Byron released a deep sigh and caressed her cheek gently watching the light shimmering behind her beautiful blue eyes. “I’d been dreaming about doing that again Lucy but it far exceeded my expectation.”

“Well I hope that’s not the only thing you’ve been dreaming about Byron.” He heard her heart pound harder in her chest and smirked as the scent of her arousal found his nose.

“Still chilly?”

“Chilly? I hadn’t noticed.”

Byron chuckled lightly and threw an arm around her shoulders. “Come on, I wanna show you something.”

The door to Luther’s study opened unceremoniously and closed behind him as he ushered his new friend inside. Blood stained her hands still and the smell of death clung to her skin like a fresh lather of soap. The mayhem she’d reveled in made her positively glowing and Luther couldn’t help but celebrate her victory as the ashes of her former pack house smoldered beneath the setting sun. It was everything she’d wanted and then some and a nice win for Gideon as well. It was one less Alpha standing in his way and one less pack to invade the already cramped territories to the east. Moving towards his bar he offered her a drink which she refused and poured himself a shot of brandy. 

The liquor went down smooth and he watched her move deeper inside the room towards the sitting area. A sharp intake of breath, Giselle turned to him with a scowl on her face. “Who was she?” she growled smelling the remains of Luther’s last meal as she settled on the couch.

“No one of note.” He backed away and sat on his desk as he watched her again in his study analyzing everything around her.

“Was she pretty?” He shrugged nonchalantly at the question but didn’t speak. “Did you fuck her before you ate her?”

“I seem to recall someone saying what a pity it is to waste such an opportunity. Now who was that?” His tongue touched the roof of his mouth as she stood, anger rolling over her pores in waves. Biting his bottom lip he waited to see what her next move would be and was rewarded as she charged straight towards him. A wild look of rage filled her bright grey eyes and he chuckled as he caught her hands and threw her face down against his desk. “You seem to have some errant energy yet to burn off!”

He took a step away and she turned, claws ready, mouth opened in a snarl as she rushed him again this time catching his cheek with her fingernails. Slicing a large gash into his skin Luther turned with a dark gaze, gripped both her wrists in one hand and slammed her to the floor. “Do you really want to keep trying me?” He growled and leaned against her neck breathing heavily.

A knock on his door moved his eyes from the delicious throbbing vein at her throat towards the thick wood closing his pack out from his business and he groaned. “What?!” Sonja poked her head inside momentarily and waited for her Alpha to address her. “We’ll finish this discussion later.” He pulled off of Giselle and followed Sonja out into the hall. 

Giselle heard the two speaking heatedly for a moment before footsteps descended down the hall away from the study. She quickly pulled away from the wall as the door opened up and again she was met by Sonja’s face. “Alpha would like me to show you to a room where you can get cleaned up and rest.”

“Where is he going?”

“That’s none of my business, I just do as I’m told. This way please.” 

Giselle followed Sonja down the hall and entered a large lavish room with all the frills of a fancy, upscale hotel suite. She turned in time to find Sonja place a few articles of clothing on the stool at the end of the bed before hurrying towards the door. “Three doors down is Alpha’s room. He expects you’ll be waiting for him when he returns,” she replied and closed the door behind her.

Giselle paced in front of the doors to Luther’s bedroom stopping occasionally to stare at them in fear. Since being escorted inside by Sonja she had been overcome by the slowly building, delicious ache spreading through her body. The sensuous yearning started at the spot Luther’s fingers caressed her thigh and moved up as erotic heat through her core ending as delightful pleasure in her breasts. It was that electrifying shock through her senses that caused her to continuously seek him out. 

It went against everything she’d fought for and believed. She wasn’t like the other doe eyed bitches in her old pack or the ones she’d been raised around. Unlike them, she didn’t need a man to make her whole; she only needed herself. Yet time and again she found herself drawn to the mysteriousness of the Alpha wolf that stumbled upon her that fateful day in the woods. 

Today started out so well. She had ended the life she was quickly beginning to hate and in the process earned herself a trusted place among a very powerful pack. And though she didn’t know what to make of Luther’s attempts to keep her lustful advances back, she had a pretty good idea how she wanted the rest of her night to go. Luther threw open the doors and slowly sauntered inside. His eyes moved to the girl standing beside his bed and he grinned that heart racing grin of his. “I trust your chambers are satisfactory?”

“A little full of ourselves are we? I’m not wowed by riches, Luther.”

“No, of course not. It’s power that gets your nectar dripping. You’ve craved it for so long you didn’t even know it when you had it.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Drew; it seems you were unaware of his relationship to his Alpha Patrick. The two were lovers. And Patrick was willing to give him the world,” he replied brandishing a letter in his hand. Giselle moved closer and took the note to read. Her eyes instantly shot up and Luther nodded. “He was aware of Drew’s extracurricular activities with you and was prepared to hand over the reins of the Bishop pack in order to have him back. You could have had another Alpha on his knees for you Giselle if you weren’t so imprudent to act.”

“And I suppose what? He wants war now?”

“He wants what any warm-blooded wolf who believes they’ve been wronged wants; revenge.”

“And me without a pack to call my own,” she feigned fear and laughed. “Tell him to bring it. I’m not scared of some half assed attempt of a threat nor will I run away from a fight. I knew what I was doing when I went into this and I’ll be damned if I don’t see it all the way through.”

Luther gripped her hair tightly within his hand and pulled her face closer towards his. “You are more audacious than half the wolves I’ve ever met.” His voice rolled over her skin smoothly, causing chills to creep up her spine as he spoke. “It’s a wonder you haven’t been made Alpha yet.” He forced their lips together, sucking harshly on her lips as she pushed a hand into his chest to steady herself against him.

His rich flavor flooded her senses, stimulating her hunger for him. She quickly opened her mouth, longing to feel him take possession. His tongue seized her bottom lip, trailing its length before dipping into her mouth greeting hers. Luther’s mouth rolled down to her neck kissing and nibbling the tender flesh of her throat as he moved towards the vein that had earlier claimed his attention. “Luther?” Giselle sighed, her voice quivering in fear. He only moaned softly in her hair gripping her tighter in his arms. She wanted him away from her neck. That was not on the menu tonight as much as he seemed entranced by the pumping vein and blood flow beneath it. No man would ever get his hands on her; claim her as his own!

She pushed him until she was able to get a few feet back. Her eyes moved up to his, heavy and half opened and he smiled as she folded her arms into her chest. “I don’t think so!” Giselle growled and started towards the door. She was just inches away before she felt his big hands clamp around her throat and waist, pulling her back against the brick wall that was his chest.

“Oh no, my dear. It’s not time for you to leave yet I have much to show you,” he muttered languidly against the soft, red curls of her hair. His grasp around her throat was firm, his thumb pressed into her throat under her chin. Her eyes opened wide in horror as she felt his stiff form pressing against her ass. “I think it’s best I get you to bed, it seems you need to relax a bit.”

Luther lifted her with ease moving in large strides towards his four post bed and angrily threw Giselle down onto the comforter. She landed with a small squeal passing through clenched teeth and quickly scrambled against the headboard. Staring up at him with eyes glazed over in terror and enduring arousal she watched Luther’s dark gaze rake over her body intensely with a wicked grin that said tonight was not going to end well for her. Swallowing hard as she played with the dents in the wood, she allowed her eyes to devour him in detail as he removed his shirt. 

His broad shoulders were perfectly straight and tanned. His muscular torso stemmed off into a set of lean abs that appeared to reflect the dim light in the room creating more definition in the crevices. And Luther’s biceps had her licking her lips as several immoral thoughts ran through her mind. A deep chuckle erupted from his throat as her face told him in detail what she must have been thinking. The alluring fear laced within her expressive eyes was much too intoxicatingly sexy to him. The she-wolf who thought herself his equal seemed the standard sad pup sitting before him half naked and vulnerable. The appeal of what he was going to do to her body made his already hard cock grow turgid within his jeans.

Slowly he moved towards her, his eyes fixed on her breasts as she breathed heavily allowing them to rise and fall elegantly beneath the lace material of her lingerie. His thoughts lingered on the luscious form that he’d soon force into one compromising position after the next until all of his needs were completely sated. Giselle tried to move around him as he got to the bed but Luther’s hand quickly clamped down against her throat once again and he pushed her against the headboard with force.

Giselle winced in pain with her eyes shut tight as he crawled between her legs, pushing them open violently with his knee between them. “Giselle,” his lust ladened voice called in moaning anguish. His eyes were shut as his head shook back and forth inhaling her tangy scent thoroughly. She looked up at him in fear and he gathered both her hands above her head in the palm of his. “My sweet, little wolf. Where’s that fire that once burned behind your eyes?” He asked in a humorous tone and violently ripped away her bra and panties. Her body jerked against the force and her erect nipples rubbed against his nude chest making him groan in anticipation.

“You wanted this remember? You teased me; taunted me with your touch. Your body quivered beneath my attention and now that you have it, your heart beats in terror and you appear frightened of the man you so longed to have crawl deep inside of you. What’s the matter, my sweet? Do you dread what I’m going to do to you?” His breath at her neck drew her mind instantly into the pleasure of her traitorous body and she moaned as his hand slowly skirted down her side towards her thighs. “The more you resist, the harder things will be for you. But you’re a fighter Giselle. It’s one of the things I admire about you.”

Luther’s lips trailed below her chin, kissing his way over her delicate skin and down the valley between her breasts. He stopped midway down her belly, his eyes focused on hers as he moved his mouth towards the dark circles of her areola and the taut, perky nipple centered perfectly on top. His teeth nibbled on it playfully at first moving in sync with the silent gasps from her mouth before pressing the tender flesh between his teeth and adding more pressure against it. Pulling on the nipple, Luther wrenched a pained cry from Giselle’s throat and her back arched up to follow his lips only to find his arm keeping her securely in place against the mattress. He pulled harder until she nearly screamed and the pain turned to pleasure with the gentle swipe of his tongue.

Finally releasing her nipple from his lips, he trailed kisses up her neck coming to rest against her ear. “Tell me my sweet is your nectar as desirable as your lips?” His voice was silky and the tone rippled chills against her spine as she felt his fingers moving deeper towards her center. She squirmed a bit beneath him as his finger stroked down her slit and rubbed her sensitive bud. He skimmed across it until his middle finger moved further against her, dipping into her up to the knuckle and out again. A deep, needy moan rolled off her tongue but the fire was all but extinguished as Luther retrieved his finger bringing it to his lips to taste her. She sighed in frustration and he smiled as he licked her from his finger. “Do you want me to continue touching you there? Do you want to feel me inside you?”

She moaned in frustration as he dipped his head back towards her nipple, each flick of his tongue causing ripples of pleasure to burn through her form. Luther’s other hand again slid teasingly down her stomach, his touches so intimate and exact. Giselle tensed up as she finally realized what he was doing. Her mind had become so inflamed by the sensations of her carnal desires she allowed him to control her. But oh what a wonderful command he had over her.

She shook her head trying to contain the whimper that was fighting to escape as he began to run his fingers over her mound in an achingly luxurious way that caused a small pressure to build within her belly. Giselle tried to swallow her own passions and regain control of her own body but she couldn’t deny the fact that she wanted him to touch her. Her body yearned for his fingers to touch her the way he was even at the complete refusal of her mind. Her eyes clenched tight as she thought about his question; she would not give in to his game. She refused to allow herself to be controlled by her desires and swallowed the urge to moan again. 

Luther looked up at her as he found her trying to resist his delicious torture. With a cocky half smile, he slipped his fingers deeper into her moist opening and very quickly his fingers found a new pressure point to tease, her overly sensitive nub. Giselle again squirmed underneath his fingers and let out a cry of pleasure and she felt the pressure within her womb burn deeper beneath the assault of Luther’s teasing fingers. Stiffness formed in her button and it swelled beneath his thumb. He smirked, placed it between his fingers and pulled on it causing her back to arch against him with another low moan of pleasure. “I asked you a question, Giselle.”

His finger left her nub briefly and pushed within her labia sinking into her moist heat. “Do you want me to continue?” She shook her head warily as her body shook slightly from the sensation. “Oh really?” He continued pushing his finger deeper, plunging into her depths as her moans elevated. “I think you’re lying to me. Your body is telling me a much different story.” His mouth closed against her nipple again pulling the chocolate pebble between his lips as his thumb continued rubbing against her swollen clit. The purely erotic gasp that ripped from her throat caused his cock to twitch in response. “That’s right, stop fighting it. Tell me what you want Giselle and I’ll help you find release.”

If she was being truthful, she’d have realized her desire to fight him had stopped long ago and all that was left was her need to be taken and dominated by the ruthless Alpha wolf pressing her into the bed. There was a fire blazing inside her belly that only he could put out. She arched against him as his teeth again closed down on her nipple and moaned. Her jaw clenched tight but Luther would not be defeated. He added more pressure to both his lips and his thumb until she was cussing and screaming his name.

The sounds of her wanton moans mixed with that of his fingers hammering in and out of her roughly filled the room. By now he had a third finger inside her dripping cunt and she whimpered as she adjusted to the feeling. “Say it Giselle, ask me. Tell me you want me to make you cum.” He growled. His lips brushed against hers as his words were illuminated by a long, punishing stroke along her clit.

“Luther please,” his name spilled from her lips through broken sobs of pleasure. “Please let me cum.” And with that he knew she was his. He smirked and pulled himself over her quickly removing his jeans. Gripping her legs tight, in one forceful motion forward, he roughly thrust himself between her velvety folds as deep as her body would allow. Giselle’s scream echoed off the walls as he made her head spin. Too aroused to make sounds other than the rampant gibberish, his thrusting made quick work of her and she could no longer contain her moans and pleasurable sighs.

Her orgasm seared through her body and mind and her pussy clamped down around his shaft as his fingers dug into her clenching thighs wrapped tightly around him. Feeling her body respond in the lecherous torrent, his assault became more urgent and less rhythmic. She knew he would not last very long with the way he was fucking her.

She placed a hand on his jaw and wrapped her arm around his shoulder, clinging to him and guiding him against her. Giselle seized his lips wildly, knowing this was the moment to give herself over completely to him. Luther leaned forward, closing his mouth against her neck. His hot mouth devoured her delicate flesh making her tremble with mounting need. His hips thrust into her hard as his face fell into the crook of her shoulder.

The weight of his body crushed down against her, his hands fanning her growing flame as he groped her breasts aggressively. He plucked the nipples, pulling until she moaned deeply into his ear. Luther thrust brutally in long, complete strokes. His hand gripped her hips tight, guiding her into him, working her in concert with his own movements. Giselle clawed his back as she felt the divine build up when he was in deep enough, stretching her in aching ecstasy. Her entire body constricted in the excruciating rapture pressed upon her.

In two more thrusts of his hips, her inner walls began to quiver around him. Her thighs tightened again and she cried out, her passion heavy voice drawing his orgasm forward. Teetering on the edge, Luther thrust violently into her once then twice to bring himself over. He felt his energy exploding from his body as he grunted above her and he growled her name as he shot his load deep into her hot channel. Copious amounts of sperm spewed from his twitching cock and he growled fiercely, squeezing her into his chest even tighter. His insistent humping shook her into another orgasm, making her cry out as the pleasure ravaged her core. Giselle’s body spasmed, slamming her violently up against his chest. 

“Enough Luther, please,” she begged choking back tears as the intense sensations became too much for her sensitive body to handle. His spasming mass crawled chaotically against hers rocking her again and again into the throes of unfathomable pleasure. Her legs remained clenched as she was overcome by another tiny tremor. Running a calming hand down her cheek as he pulled back, he nudged his head into her neck and stroked her hair soothingly. His straining body relaxed on top of her and finally he let her body begin to calm. Moments went by and Giselle’s cries subsided. And all that remained was the shuddering movements of their bodies. They floated down off their rapturous peaks, clutching wholly to one another, the overwhelming demand of their arousals sated by their mating. 

Blood spilled from Luther’s mouth and he leaned forward claiming Giselle’s and tasting his blood on her tongue. A wicked chortle muffled against her lips before he drew back and pulled his slowly deflating cock from between her thighs. “You’re mine now,” he muttered rubbing his neck where she bit him and left her lying alone on the bed happily drifting to sleep.

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  1. well shit! So much has happened at this point I don't even know where to start. I will begin at the end.

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    1. HAHAHA! A match made in hell huh? Giselle had plans to seduce Luther and skirt him along with her charms but Luther had other plans and was not about to be lead around by his...um...yeah. Instead he outright mated her so there was no confusion, she was his. He told her from the start he would take her if he wanted and he wasn't kidding. After getting Kaya to get Lexi to reverse the mojo on his twigs and berries, he got what he wanted.

      They are indeed! Both are giving in to their desires yet Byron is under orders by Luther to infiltrate the hunters. Lucy on the other hand is just exploring her emotions after learning about her brother. It's a dangerous game and someone will end up getting hurt. If her brothers ever found out about her extracurricular activities, they would really have a war on their hands! But also if she learned the real reason why Byron has come after her, she may be the one to torture him until his last breath! Very much a twisted web it'll be fun to see which way the chips fall!

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      Giselle is definitely a loose cannon and now with an equally as sadistic mate, it can only get worse for anyone that gets in their way!

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    1. Luther probably would have been fine not mating her at this point but to him it made sense as well. She'd just parted ways from her home pack and needed a place and whether he wants to admit it to himself or not he's really into Giselle. Plus he knows she's down for whatever, how could he not get behind that? He will also be able to keep tabs on her and make sure that she's not doing something shady to take him down, they're connected now. Very much a smart man Luther is :) If she does decide to take him out, it will only hurt her. Mated wolves are more powerful as a unit. Break the unit, kill the couple.

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    1. LOL Luselle (interesting!) They are a scary pairing and can only mean bad things ahead. But Luther needed someone who could usher in a war with him and who better than someone who just proved she's capable of holding her own?

      Giselle is very ruthless though, Luther's own female version. But there's never any way she could have been more than the Alpha, he's been at this WAY longer and knows how to manipulate the situation. It was cute she tried though :P

      Sonja most certainly will be a pretty interesting person in the Gideon manor as far as Giselle is concerned. She had plans of being Luther's Luna but then fucked up and got kicked down the totem pole. She won't really like being "replaced". It was already hard enough trying to scrape and work her way back up to position within the pack.

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  5. Awwww.... Yay! Luther and Giselle!!! I love them, but seeing as Luther is the antagonist I suppose I shouldn't get my hopes up for a happily ever after.

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      It's a serial but I do know how I want it to end also! What's funny is I planned and wrote this story out two years ago from Chapter 1-50 and then everything after that was a blur. So right now the story is taking a bit of a spin from where I saw it but sometimes that happens. (And there are a lot of people/bases to cover). Hopefully it all connects the way it does in my head though :)

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      Giselle made plans to kill her home pack and become their Alpha when she learned her father was going to promote her brother instead. She felt cheated and did what any wolf who felt deserving would do. Only things got out of hand and that's when Luther came into the picture. She thought he would be someone she could wrap around her pinky but Luther is nobody's chew toy! HA! Power to the V!

      Lucy is getting in over her head for sure but Byron definitely knows how to play it so she can't be at total fault here. Haha he was trying to remain in contact and knew after the round in the alley she wouldn't dare not call him. Byron is from Gideon, Lucy is a wolf hunter. Byron is under orders from his Alpha to infiltrate them because they have something they want and Lucy is just exploring because she recently learned her brother is part wolf.

      They'd both better be careful.

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    1. Lucy and Byron are digging themselves deeper but Byron has his orders and cannot betray his Alpha regardless of his feelings. It's a scary place to be really. On one hand he has someone he may be emotional involved with and doesn't want to hurt her and on the other he has to listen to Luther and use her for Intel in order to kill them otherwise it'll mean his life. This is a mess that may end very badly for all parties involved!

      At this point Byron does have the upper hand. Lucy is exploring how she feels learning that her brother is a wolf and is very vulnerable right now. She just realized that there are good wolves out there because her brother is one whom she loves very much. And all this time she was taught to despise them but that's not possible in Jacobi's case and now that is directly affecting how she feels towards Byron!

      Giselle and Luther are a match made in hell. There's no telling what these two could get up to together. It's a very scary thought that Luther may have found his soul mate which just so happens to be a female version of himself. He was smart to mate her because of her strength and status as an Alpha wolf. But he'd better watch his back as well. If she could turn on her own family, imagine what she could/would do to Gideon!

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