Friday, August 10, 2012

Episode 32: Keep Your Nose Clean

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Rafe, Connor, Ulrick, Bane, Eli, Ella, Julius, Damian, Faith, Lexi, The Order of the Silver Moon
Word Count: 4,312
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Damian gathers the witches of The Order of the Silver Moon to finally complete the part of his plan that ensures he gets what he wants. Night Shift move closer to their kick-off concert and that involves rehearsal, personal appearances and autograph sessions. But while the time moves closer no one is truly focused on the day as they all have other issues occupying their minds. Bane makes a bold move with an enemy. 
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, adult content, adult situations, nudity

“It’s about time,” Damian huffed as Faith entered the room. “I was beginning to wonder if you witches were planning to keep me waiting all night. Where’s the other one?”

“Lexi will be along shortly. She had a personal matter to clear up with her pack. But I and the rest of the coven are prepared to begin the incantation.” Faith stepped behind the spell book and read over the ingredients for the spell as well as the incantation itself.

After she gathered up the items she moved to the cauldron and instructed Damian to concentrate on the last image he held of the First. It had been nearly a century since Damian last gazed upon the witch responsible for the lycan treatise but she had a look far too beautiful to ever forget. The witch had smooth, porcelain skin, rose red lips and cool gray eyes. Her visage was ethereal; heavenly. If one weren’t knowledgeable of her Wiccan background one might even mistake her for an Angel; but an Angel she was not.

It was because of her the wolves and witches held such distrust for one another. She singlehandedly caused the deaths of hundreds of wolves during the first Wolf War and destroyed countless packs in the process. Many an Alpha fell to the powers of her magic and none dared to put a stop to the carnage she laid upon their territory for fear of total annihilation. 

Though she was thought of as the Keeper of Mother Earth, the balance of light and dark, good and evil she was seen as an enemy to many including the large pack of wild wolves that once occupied the area. It was rumored that because of her form of punishment to those that sought to use the Earth and its inhabitants as fodder for their personal gain, those wild animals turned her own magic against her. Using ancient texts from prophecies long since believed lost or destroyed, the wild ones created a new breed of lycan. One said to have the capacity to gain the form of both man and wolf. One rumored to have the ability to not only harness the moon’s energy but possess the very celestial body that governed all wolves. This new breed, this Devil Dog, was the Enforcer for Lycans. It was created for the sole purpose of championing their cause against the witch and usher in a new beginning where the wolves inherited the Earth.

But rumors were all they were believed to be. That is until Damian went on a fact finding mission. It was then he met her for the first time. And though she hadn’t confirmed the gossip to any degree of certainty he walked away believing for the first time in years that the whispers were true. He knew there was one that would rule them all but when was the issue and the knowledge he sought to gain from the First Witch once and for all. “Hurry it up already! You’ve had months to get this done and today is the day I want results Faith! GET IT DONE!”

She looked up at him and the impatient stirring of his feet within the pentagram briefly before turning her attention to the other witches in the room. “It’s time Sisters,” she motioned towards Lexi as she entered and the others moved in closer. Chanting the same mantra over and over, smoke began to billow within the cauldron, brewing and spilling over the side. The room lit up in a bright glow that seemed to radiate from within the circle the witches built and only grew more radiant the longer the chanting continued.

Damian looked on wide eyed and amazed. It was working! Finally after months of searching for the right incantation and evoking numerous of past witches, the Coven was bringing her back! He stepped out of the pentagram closing his mind off as the smoke began to dissipate and beneath it a body started to reveal. Stepping closer he peeked over the shoulder of one of the conjuring witches and saw the face of the Angel.

“Did everyone get a copy of the tour schedule?” Ulrick asked without turning around. He’d called his band to meet him at his actual studios and everyone had made it except Rafe. He never bothered to ask why he just went on about the business figuring he could get him the information later. 

There was no reply to his question. Kaya was wrapped up in her head during the entire day and even missed a few notes on some of the songs they rehearsed. She was nowhere near the right mindset to go on tour; she could barely get through a practice session. Connor tried his best to keep her together for the last week but his efforts were all met with the same silence and fear he’d felt off of her since she got her memories back. She hadn’t fully disclosed the reasons behind her change in mood but she did tell him it had to do with Rafe.

With a promise made to let him know everything soon, he dropped the subject and just focused on healing her as best he could. But not even her favorite Rocky Road ice cream was enough to pull a smile. Eli was happy. He and Brooke were on the road to a major level of their relationship but he made sure that he kept what he truly was secret still. He had no idea how she would handle the news and didn’t want to upset his new Alpha anyway. 

And Bane seemed happiest of all. Gloating would not begin to describe the way the Aussie strutted around both Connor and Kaya after assuming Rafe would be removed from the band and possibly the pack. Though neither Ulrick nor Lobo said anything of the sort, Bane was content with his false knowledge. Rafe hadn’t been around since they rescued him from Gideon and he was certain that meant the wild wolf was on his way out.

The door to the lounge opened up and Ella, Ulrick’s producing assistant, dropped off another stack of papers. This time it was the stills from Night Shift’s last photoshoot for the band to sign as promotional gifts. “Thank you Ella,” he smiled in the blonde’s direction and looked through the album. “How many copies did we get?”

“2500. That’s not including the original 100 though. The studios kept them for the next glam party. Cecil of course has been ringing the phone off the hook trying to schedule something too. I told him that we’re not planning anything until after the kick off concert in two weeks thinking that would please him but I was wrong. Now he wants to get the band into his place for fitting so he can get some costumes designed for them before then.”

“Yeah Cecil’s a tough one to beat but I’m sure you can handle it. Let him know he’s more than welcomed to make them some new gear but I don’t have anything open for them until Wednesday of next week.”

“Great! I can see that going over well. He’ll have all of three days to get them something made up and you know how much of a perfectionist he is. C.C. is going to FLIP! But don’t worry; I’ll take care of it.” She smiled in Connor’s direction and dismissed herself as Ulrick continued sifting through the pictures.

“Huh…you slept with her.” Kaya observed watching the way Ella tried making her best impression in front of him as she pushed up beside him on the wall.

“Yeah once or twice…maybe five times. She’s uh…frisky. One time I thought I’d lost my watch inside of her um…”

“That’s disgusting Coco. Why would you sleep with someone that loose?”

“Mostly because I enjoyed watching her shoot golf balls into a net with her pussy.”

“Why the hell did I ask you that?” she moved back towards her seat and strummed absently on her guitar as he laughed behind her.

“Come on you don’t know what you’re missing until you’ve seen the power of those muscles. It’s really a sight, K.”

“Trust me I think I’ll survive.” 

Eli smiled brightly and plopped down beside her.  Listening to the soft melodies she produced from the guitar in her hands he nodded towards Ulrick and leaned forward. “Hey, so if Rafe doesn’t show think I can take his place?”

“Eli you don’t play guitar, and certainly not bass. You’re a drummer.”

“And keyboardist…not that I’m gunning for your job Bro,” he smiled towards Connor and put his hands up defensively. “I’m just saying you know I can maybe um…learn? I mean you could teach me right Ky? It can’t be too hard to someone already musically inclined right?”

“It’s harder than you think. Especially when you consider doing tricks and making it look good,” Rafe responded as he walked up behind the trio. “You have to have a face like mine to make the women cream.”

Kaya looked up and instantly set her guitar on the stand. Pulling away from her seat she slowly moved towards him unsure if he even wanted her that close. “I…we didn’t think you were gonna make it.”

Pulling her against his chest his lips fell upon hers swiftly claiming her mouth in a passionate kiss. Circling her arms over his head she rested against his body taking the heat that he produced within her for all that she could. His tongue swept across her bottom lip and he nibbled it gently as he pulled away. “I have an obligation to you and to this band. As much as I know this is a little dangerous I have no intentions of ever letting you down, Mate.” He smirked at the slight blush his contact produced on her and pulled away to speak with Ulrick.

He was late and he knew their manager would have a thing or two to tell him about it. Grabbing one of the schedules, he looked it over engrossingly catching himself up to their day’s topics. Feeling Kaya’s eyes on him, he looked up and shot her a wink and a smile before turning his attention again to their manager as he engaged him in conversation. “So I guess that’s a no?” Eli shrugged watching Kaya stare in Rafe’s direction.

Connor noticed the change in her mood and took the opportunity to get to the bottom of what’s been happening with her. “A moment please?” he whispered against her ear and pulled her into the sound proof booth. Shutting the door and ensuring the audio was off, he began questioning his best friend concerning the information she’d learned of her mate and the cause of the downward spiral in her relationship with their Alpha.

“I told you it involved Rafe and it wasn’t good.”

“Yes and now seeing you two together I’m not exactly sure what the hell that meant. I thought this guy was the source of your pain?”

“Yeah he…his other self; the past…not well he…God Connor I don’t know.”

“Alright take a breath and let’s start from the beginning. What did Rafe do to you that caused the rift between you and Lobo? Is it the mating thing? I thought he told you he wasn’t mad about that.” He glanced out of the booth towards him and noticed his gaze was hooked on him for a moment. For some strange reason the ice in his stare chilled him but he shook it off. Ulrick pulled Rafe’s attention again distracting him with more band information.

“I need you and Bane to try and act more cordial in front of the cameras. I’ve already spoken to him though I don’t know how far I’m getting on it. I can’t have the members of the group constantly at one another’s throats. If you can in any way try and find some mutual ground there I’d really appreciate it.”

Rafe dropped his hands into his pockets and shrugged. “I don’t know what you want from me. He’s made it a point to make my life a living hell. He tried to kill me once before and attacked me several times unprovoked Rick. I’m not going to bite my tongue for that asshole anymore. If he wants to come at me again things might get out of hand. But for you I will try and find some common ground. If for Kaya’s sake at least; I know this means a lot to her.”

“That’s all I’m asking. I know telling Bane to keep his nose clean is too much work. Hell it’s more work on me as manager trying to cover up his misdeeds so trust me I’m not asking for a miracle. I’m glad we have an understanding.”

“It’s not that; it’s who Rafe really is.” She glanced up in his eyes and they sparkled with concern and compassion. Chewing her bottom lip she explained the dreams and the memories that were restored and Rafe’s involvement with her mother’s death and the real reason Lobo wanted them to remain apart. 

When she finished Connor exhaled a breath as he absorbed the information. It was a lot to take in and now it completely explained her shift in behavior recently. “So you’re mated to your mother’s murderer? Jesus Kaya! How could Alpha keep that from you? No wonder you two haven’t been the same around one another. And Rafe is a savage? One of the ones you two ran into in the woods? That’s some thick shit Baby K!”

“Yes! And on top of that my wolf is going crazy wanting to be with him and finish our mating! I have so many thoughts and emotions running through my head on a daily basis I’m doing what I can just to make it through the day! I love him Connor and that’s what hurts the most! I feel as though I’m betraying my mother! It feels as though her death means nothing to me because Rafe is all I can think about and all I dream. And then when I’m around him…well you saw the kiss! I’m just so…” she dropped against the wall and cradled herself in her arms. “I have no idea what I’m doing anymore.”

“Have you two even talked about this? You and Rafe I mean.”

“No. I mentioned it to him when I found out but he’s kind of been avoiding me ever since. I’d really like to talk to him about it but we can’t seem to get time alone; he doesn’t trust himself around me.”

“That’s why Rafe is trying to keep his distance. I know he’s only here for the band. I think what you need to do is really evaluate what you want and try to do what’s best for you regardless of what Alpha says, and you didn’t hear that from me.” Ulrick motioned to the two and Connor pecked her cheek gently before escorting her back towards the others.

“And ‘ere I thought this ponce ‘ad seen ‘is last days with us! What’s say ya Rick? Are we really takin’ this arse on tour? Ya ‘eard the kid, the bloke is easily replaceable.” Bane continued spouting off a string of obscenities in Rafe’s direction as he steadily walked up on him. Loudly he proclaimed his utter hatred for Kaya’s mate and the disrespectful way he believed he was treating her and the band and ignoring his responsibilities to everyone and everything. 

Angrier and angrier Rafe became listening to the “Bad Boy” of rock testing his limits until he felt the cocky wolf just mere inches from his shoulder. With a blinding speed that would make Superman jealous, his elbow flew backwards and into Bane’s nose. Turning just as quickly Rafe lifted a knee and struck Bane again in the face.

As he fell backwards, he was on him instantly shooting jarring fist after fist into Bane’s already bloodied and bruised face. “RAFE!” Ulrick yelled and ran for the two. Bane reached upwards and scratched Rafe’s arm as he blocked another punch. He kicked at the blonde hammering his hands into his face and his fingernails raked across the surface of Rafe’s arm, clawing a gash into his wrist.

Connor saw the commotion and tried his best not to cheer but that’s what he wanted to do deep down. It took three more security guards before they were able to pry Rafe off of the band’s drummer and get him a safe distance away so they could get him medical attention. “How’s that for ‘mutual ground’ Rick?”

Kaya stood in shock watching Rafe back towards the door with a wicked grin on his face. He laughed at the sight of Bane’s broken face and the blood stains that decorated the floor. Smirking in her direction he blew on his fist and polished it off on his shirt. He put his hands up defensively as the guards neared him again. Two EMTs pulled Bane to his feet and walked him towards the ambulance waiting out back. Ulrick paced the small lounge muttering to himself. Angrily he tossed a stack of papers lined on the desk to the floor and cussed beneath his breath. Looking towards Connor and Kaya he pointed in Rafe’s direction, “Get him out of my sight!” he growled.

Rafe shrugged, grabbed the bag he’d carried in with him and started for the exit with Kaya close behind him. “What the hell was that?”

“What? Oh come on Baby you’re not about to tell me that asshole didn’t deserve that! He was begging me to beat the shit out of him I just gave him what he wanted! Let’s not forget the number of times he’s fucked with me and all the taunting and bullshit I had to put up with while living under your roof. That motherfucker had the nerve to even imply you were his! And it still pisses me off he even laid hands on you. Now he knows better than to try me again! He got what the fuck he deserved!”

“O…k,” Kaya replied watching the gleam in his eye change constantly from his standard gray to yellow as he spoke. She wasn’t quite sure what she was seeing in his face. And while some part of her was a little frightened considering they were standing in the middle of the studio’s back lot where they could gain an audience at any time, another part of her was slightly aroused by his dominant behavior.

Rafe sighed and pulled back slightly noticing the confusion on Kaya’s face. He smiled and leaned forward for a kiss. “It is ok,” he whispered against her lips as he toyed with them against his own. “Come on I want to show you something.”

Before she had a chance to refuse he’d gripped her hand in his and was dragging her off towards the front parking lot. He stood in front of a custom designed motorcycle and presented it proudly. “What do you think?”

“Uh well it’s…you bought a motorcycle?”

“What? No. Well yeah, kinda. I’ve had this for years but I just got her out of the garage and tuned her up. I moved the tank and switched out the exhaust system. It has a new spacer sprocket for the back wheel I customized the size and spaced the transmission sprocket out. Also the wheel has a wider hub now so the rim balances out better. I found the perfect neck rake frame kit that I think looks kick ass against the handles. The design, well it was the one on it originally and while I thought of changing it I decided with everything else that I put on it new, I should at least leave something ‘vintage’. I found working on this was a nice distraction from…well.” She nodded understanding where he was going. 

While he was busying himself with his bike, Kaya was withering away. Although she did find the new change in her mood a nice inspiration for writing. The lyrics may seem darker and brooding but it’s not so far off from the band’s sound anyway; they’ll have plenty of material for when they are ready to cut another CD. “Oh fun! It’s great,” she feigned excitement. In truth it looked like any other motorcycle to her but Rafe was extremely excited about it she wanted to share in his moment.

“It’s like talking to a wall isn’t it Ky?” he laughed at the painted on smile on her face and shook his head. “It’s ok, I know it’s not something you’re into but I do appreciate the effort all the same.”

“I’m sorry I just, I have no idea what you’re even saying though I’m fairly certain it was English.”

“Well then why don’t I start using my lips for something that you can understand?” he started towards her and she backed away towards her car as she noticed a fan rushing towards them with an excited look on his face. Giving chasing for every step she took backwards, Rafe continued towards her. “You can’t run for long, Mate. You might as well give it up.” He finally caught her and pulled her into his chest. Burying his face in her neck he nibbled lightly tickling her skin with the scruff of his face.

“Rafe wait,” Kaya giggled pushing him away. He backed her up onto the hood of her car and she tried shielding her face from the growing audience and crawling away from him at the same time.

“Wait what? I want a kiss and I’m not letting you down until I get one.”

“I’m not kissing you on the hood of my car in the middle of a crowded parking lot.”

“Why not?” She glanced around them and he followed her gaze at the number of fans passing by with their disposable cameras and cell phones taking shots of the music stars in a compromising situation. He smiled at one girl brave enough to get a close up before turning his attention back to his mate. “Let them see, I want everyone to know Kaya Villalobos is MY girl!”

“Rafe…” she pushed him again but this time he didn’t budge. His muscles became rigid masses encasing her into his chest and his gaze remained fixed on hers. “I’m not…” Rafe growled and his eyes flashed briefly hearing her refuse once more. She sucked in a quick breath, her heart skipped a beat and he whiffed the change in her scent.

A smirk grew on his lips, his eyes rolled slowly from the center of her legs showing her he knew what had just happened and he leaned forward breathing heavy on her face waiting patiently for his request to be fulfilled. “Kiss me.” Kaya’s arms flew around his neck and she devoured his lips with rapturous pleasure as his tongue darted in and around her mouth. She moaned and got more into it as his hand wrapped around her leg and pulled her closer. 

“YEOW! Get one for me too!” a man standing in the sea of passersby yelled making Kaya very aware of what she allowed her wolf to let happen. 

She pulled back and caught the wicked smile on Rafe’s face and felt herself blush for the second time in his presence. “You are so gonna pay for that later!” She whispered and slipped out of his arms.

“Promises, promises.” 

“Did ya get the information I asked ya for Mate?” Bane stopped at the corner of the building and looked straight ahead waiting on a response from the man he was scheduled to meet here.

“Yeah I got it,” a raspy voice replied and slipped an envelope along the ground towards the wolf. “What about you? You get the other part you need?”

“Aye! I let the Ponce pound on me for a bit so I could scratch ‘im. I thought lettin’ the bum get in a ‘it would be nothin’ compared to what’s comin’ for ‘im. Is the contact info in ‘ere as well?”

“It’s all there.”

“Perfect. Ya can let ya Alpha know that once this is all done, ‘e will ‘ave full access to Greymane and whatever ‘e wants.”

“What he wants is control of the wild one.”

“Yeah? Well good luck on that. The little Nancy Boy ‘as no idea ‘ow to be a wolf. Takin’ ‘im is useless.”

“Why do you care, you’re getting what you want, you just make sure we get what we want as well.”

“I don’t give a flyin’ fuck what ya do to the arse; I just want the bitsah gone. Luther will be very well compensated for ‘is ‘elp, trust me.”

“My Alpha takes his payment in the form of blood. You just better deliver what you promised!” Julius growled and stepped out of the shadow of the building and into the dim glow of moonlight. A slick smile pierced his stony exterior as he gazed at the beaten appearance of his co-conspirator and he hid a laugh. 

Bane started off for his bike and was stopped by the aspiring wolf. One thing was bothering him about their secret meetings and he thought now was as a good a time as any to ask. “Answer me one thing though. We’re wolves, why not just kill him outright and be done with it? Why go through the hassle of having some old friend of his do it for you?”

“Because believe it or not I care about Kaya and I don’t want to see ‘er ‘urt. And if she knew I did the deed she’d never give me the time of day. This way my ‘ands are clean and I get ‘er back in my bed where she belongs…for good!”

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    Poor Ky. I'm glad she told Connor, he can help give her some perspective maybe as she works through this. It's a lot and I feel bad for her and those conflicted feelings she has.

    Rafe kicked Bane's ass. He deserved it, but that no good traitor Bane. He really has no clue who or what Rafe is. Trying to get him killed and on top of that he thinks Ky will go back to him. Yeah he's freaking crazy!!!

    He brought forth the First. Damian's plans to try and control the supreme Alpha and therefore all wolves appears to be falling into place. :( I really hate conniving politicians which is exactly what he is. Using the witches and keeping secrets for his own agenda. UGH. Hope she curses him.

    Did I miss anything??? yeah hope Bane fails, and he probably will then Luther will drag him down to the basement for justice! His dark side has it's advantages.

    1. Rafe is acting unlike himself and his mood swings are still very prevalent in his current behavior. You're right though he doesn't want to hide his relationship with Kaya even from the public. She's his and he wants everyone to know it.

      Connor is a very helpful and trusting friend. His advice will help her much in the coming weeks as well as his shoulder. He's always there when she needs him the most.

      Bane :) He asked for an ass whooping and he got it! Bane really thinks things are going to fall into place for him and he'll try as hard as he can to ensure that!

      Yep! The First Witch is now back in play. Not sure how that's going to go over for those that tried to do her harm. And as for Damian...he's in for quite the shock himself!

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    I'm glad Kaya confided in Connor. He's her best friend and can only help her if he's knows what's what.
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    1. Thank you :) We're coming to the section I was telling you about that I'm hoping doesn't get confusing as it's read.

      Exactly! He knows there are some things she can't tell him as they relate to the pack and he hesitates to ask. But when he sees something really affecting her like that he makes it his business so he can take care of her as they always have.

      HAHA! I'm just glad that didn't rub off on my Jason! His dad is a MAJOR car buff and has all of these really old, really classic cars at his home. If I had to listen to the inner workings of a V6 and how to fine tune an engine I'd slowly peel the skin off my ears!

      That was Kaya's fault for even asking! It was a very interesting conversation though lol but what makes it funny is he keeps going back just to watch!

      Absolutely! He's letting his little head rule him and it's going to make him the world's most hated man when it backfires and it's destined to backfire! He can't expect to go up against a man like Lobo and betray his pack! And he certainly shouldn't expect sunshine and rainbows from Luther! He really should have given that plan more thought :P

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    Conner is like a confessional for Kaya, it seems. She can(and does) tell him everything. I know Connor wants to help but maybe this time he shouldn't get too involved; we don't want his pretty little face to end up like Bane's!

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    1. But Bane only wants one thing...ok two depending on how you look at it :P

      Bane hasn't been known as a thinker so he only really sees the end game which is Rafe dead and Kaya in his bed. He doesn't realize he's making deals with the devil and in the process running the risk of Kaya finding out and coming after him. Nope...most likely things won't turn out as he hopes it will! And yes she has a link to him and knows if he is hurt and anything that happens to Rafe will in a way happen to her. Very bad situation here. But he simply wants Rafe neutralized...he doesn't care how.

      HAHA! That's the perfect way to describe him! He is her shoulder to cry on and confidante ear to confess to! And you're right about that. As much as he wants to help her it's best he doesn't involve himself in the upper elders' pack business and it's why Kaya usually won't discuss pack business with him to keep him safe. LOL No, no one wants to see him get hurt like Bane :P

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      HAHA Luther is a bad one and will certainly not hesitate to squash Bane underfoot if it came to that. He better tread lightly in that house for sure!