Monday, March 5, 2012

Episode 14: Full Moon

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Rafe, Bane, Connor, Ulrick, Lobo, Luther, Lexi, Faith, Eli, Benjamin
Word Count: 5,385
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Rafe's change the previous afternoon is still in affect and Kaya cannot understand why he is unable to change back. Lobo visits with Lexi and gets more information behind the reasons she sent Kaya after Rafe knowing he was a wild wolf. The full moon has approached and the wolves are all forcibly changed and Rafe gets out of his cell to experience the true nature of his beast and receives a surprise visit from Luther.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, adult content, adult situations

Connor shook the cobwebs loose waking to Rafe’s slobbering muzzle in his face and a wagging tail. “Dude! You mind?” he asked pushing up from his slumped position. He rubbed his head and Kaya helped him to his feet. “What the hell happened? I feel like I got hit by a truck.”

“No, just a door,” Kaya smiled and pointed to the metal barricade. “Rafe did it.”

Connor’s eyes darted to the wolf and he whimpered and took one step back. “Hey man it’s alright. Just glad you didn’t make us dinner.”

 “It’s not from a lack of trying,” Rafe barked. 

“Yeah well maybe the taste of an old gym sock would deter you.”

Kaya laughed and fluffed Rafe’s mane. “He just had sex so he’s a bit sweaty and dirty. I don’t think you’d have enjoyed him at all.”

“You know Peaches I’m beginning to think you enjoy insulting me.”

“Wow…that only took you about two centuries.”

“Yeah yeah. Don’t think I don’t have ammo to fire back.” Connor stretched and looked at Kaya and remembered Lobo’s words. “You think you can get out of here now? Please? You saw him through his transition and if Alpha…”

“Alright I’m going Con. Thank you.” She rubbed Rafe’s head once more and he hopped back. “Try and stay calm, I don’t want to lose my best friend to your appetite.”

I won’t hurt Connor. I promise.

“LEXI!” Lobo bellowed as he entered the witch’s haven. She sauntered from the back room, a smile on her face as she slowly circled around him. Instantly she’d known why he demanded a summons to her home but that never stopped her from playing coy.

“Have a seat please, Armand.”

“This isn’t a social call Lexi I want answers and I’d damned well better get them! You sent Kaya after that mutt knowing full well what he was! You placed not only my pack but my daughter in danger! You’d better have an explanation as to why I shouldn’t rip you to shreds right here and now!”

She sank into the couch and motioned for him to join her. Refusing, he stayed with his arms folded into his chest and snorted in her direction. His nostrils flared as he glared at her and waited for her to speak anger darkening his features. “Armand there’s no reason for the hostilities. Yes, I knew that Rafe was wild and it was one of the main reasons I sent HER for him and hoped your pack reached him before Gideon’s.”

Faith came out of the back room and greeted Lobo as she started for the cauldron to begin her own cast. Something was happening that had the witches on alert and though he was curious he didn’t let that distract him from what he’d come for. “Why was it so important she find him? Why would you put that type of wolf in MY home? Under MY care?”

“Let’s get one thing straight; first of all, I didn’t place him under your care, I placed him under Kaya’s. And I did it because had Gideon received him first, there would have been no way to contain the power he’d grow to with his anger on full blast. His fury, his rage controls what he is and what he can do and you and I know full well Luther would have exploited that to its fullest! Now I sent Kaya for him because I knew she would have been able to control him; in fact she is the only one who can.” She looked towards a tome on the corner bookshelf and moved towards it.

Pulling it slowly from the shelf she again motioned Lobo to sit, this time not taking no for an answer. He dropped onto the sofa and watched as she flipped through the manual and stopped on a page containing a spell he was very familiar with. It was one he’d practically begged Lexi to use on Kaya a few times before. “Why are you showing me this?”

“To jog your memory Armand. You and I can agree that when you’ve needed my help I’ve been there to take care of you. We both know there are secrets that could destroy Greymane or hold it together. Rafe is special; though my powers of foresight are strong, there are some things about him that I have not been able to see. Many of them pertain to how he came into existence, his wolf, though I have a few theories about that. In fact, from the visions I’ve seen of him I’m almost certain of who he is I just can’t figure out how.”

“What are you talking about Lexi?”

“Armand, what I’m going to say to you is very critical. It’s imperative you heed every word and take it for the warning it is. Kaya and Rafe must never be more than friends. Though it’s important he remains in your pack, it’s even more crucial you ensure they never mate. I’ve told this very thing to Kaya when I sent her for him but it’s time I let you in on what I mean as well.”

Kaya was on edge since Lobo had left. Rafe was still in form the following morning and it stressed her out since it wasn’t by choice. He was unable to transition back to his human form and there was no plausible explanation why.

She helped Connor in the kitchen preparing a meal for him that would hopefully appease the beast rumbling in his belly. He’d already downed nearly an entire cow and still he seemed overly hungry. “You know I’m somewhat surprised there was any recognizable part to that woman he left in the woods. Considering the way he is eating now, there is no way anyone could survive his bite!”

“Yeah well, he was still new then. He’s a wolf now,” she replied half-heartedly as she watched Connor gather up the last of the items.

“Ky are you ok?” he asked as he moved towards the staircase leading to the basement. She nodded unconvincingly and he motioned for her to stay put until he returned. 

He placed the tray down for Rafe and hurried back to find her. “Hey what did you want to talk to me about anyway?” Connor asked as he followed her up the stairs.


“When you came into my room yesterday, you were going to ask me something. You said we’d talk tomorrow well…what was it you wanted to tell me?”

“Uh…well…” He motioned towards his room and she took a seat on the sofa near his minibar and watched him pour himself a drink. The smell of sex still lingered between the four walls and he grinned at the expression on her face as he moved towards her.

“Did you want one?”

She shook her head no and waited for him to finish his first glass and pour himself another. It was as he’d always done. The first glass would awaken his senses and tell him whether he wanted another or not but he’d ALWAYS pour another. She never quite understood why he went through the pretense. “It’s kind of complicated. And I’m confused about well, everything.” 

“Does it have something to do with Rafe leaving?” he took a sip from the glass in his hands and raised a knowing brow in her direction. “Is it that hard for you to tell me?”

“Tell you what?”

“You like him Ky,” he whispered and sat beside her. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you act this way around any guy to be honest. And it’s great! I think he’d take care of you like I want from your boyfriend.”

“Like you want? What does this have to do with you?”

“Um…everything? I’m the deciding factor here, remember that Peaches. Let’s not have a reboot of Paul.”


“Whatever. What’s so wrong about Rafe anyway? Are you worried about Lobo or something?”

She shook her head no and sighed. “He kissed me.”

Connor laughed and rubbed a hand across her shoulder as he leaned back. “Well alright then! It’s about damn time. I swear that guy was moving so slow with you it was giving ME blue balls! But I think more than anything he was scared of running you off. So did you kiss him back? Did you like it? Come on details.” He prodded and pushed at her leg with his own.

“No, I ran off.”

“Oh. Way to stroke his ego Kaya! What did you do that for?”

“Because it’s not right!” she pulled up from the sofa and paced in the small area between it and the coffee table. “Rafe and I can’t be together there are just some things that are beyond my control.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

Before she could answer there was a knock on the door and Ulrick pushed his way into the room. “It stinks of sex in here,” he frowned and turned his attention to Kaya.

“Well it wasn’t me!”

“What? Like having sex with me would be the end of the world? Man…you really are about boosting a guys’ ego aren’t ya Peaches!”

“I’m sorry Con, I’m sure you’re great in bed. I hear women screaming your name all the time. You must be King-ding-a-ling!” she rolled her eyes. “Better?”

“It’ll do for now,” he winked.

“Yeah so anyway,” Ulrick said interrupting their banter. “Benjamin is here and Lobo’s telling him about the Pup. You two get downstairs so we can finish up preparations.”

“Daddy’s back? When did he get in?”

“Just a few moments ago and judging by whatever he got from the seer, it doesn’t look like good news. He’s not in the best of moods right now so double time, yeah?”

They nodded at him and slowly worked their way to the den. “He’s locked up for now and I want to keep it that way because I don’t want him near Kaya but we have to train them so just watch him until we change.” Lobo turned to find his daughter entering the living room behind him as he finished going over his instructions for Benjamin.

“So let me get this straight, this new wolf had a transition yesterday, his first, and hasn’t been able to change back since?”

“That’s right,” Kaya said taking a seat and smiling at Benjamin. “Daddy said he’s a wild wolf and his kind are…different.”

“Yeah I’ll say I’ve never come across that before either.” Benjamin sighed and took a seat beside Kaya. He’d longed for the day he’d transition into his true form but still his gene sat dormant so he instead became a handler for the times when his pack was forcibly changed. He took care of the manor and watched over the wolves that needed supervision until Greymane was back in human form. He’d been their loyal guardian for over a century and though he still had several active wolf abilities he had never been able to fully harness his potential. “I forgot to bring my CD, I was gonna have you autograph it,” he smiled. “This one is hardcore, more so than the last few.”

“That’s all thanks to Bane,” she nodded at him and he gave her a weak smile in return.

“Twenty minutes until nightfall let’s move,” Lobo ordered and started towards the basement door.

“‘ey,” Bane called gripping Kaya’s elbow and pulling her back towards the hall. “I just wanted to say I’m sorry for the barney and uh…” he handed her a rose and watched the smile spread across her lips; those luscious lips that he’d missed touching and feeling wrapped around his cock that was at that very moment hardening from watching her.

“Thank you. I’m sorry too Bane. I should have never come after you in form. I could have…”

“It’s understandable, ya animal side just wanted to play. I ‘ave that affect on women,” he grinned. He brushed his fingers up her arm and slowly leaned in for a kiss.

“Bane, it doesn’t change what I said. This whole thing was a mistake from the start and I can’t keep doing it.”

“So what you think that’s it then? I’m just foddah for the strays?”

“You knew what it was when we started. I told you I wasn’t looking for anything and we agreed it was just sex.”

“Yeah, just sex Sheila I get that but does that mean ya nevah even considered me for ya wolf?”

“No, I’ve never considered it. You and I both know you don’t want to be tied down. Besides Daddy would never go for it; he’s still stuck on my eternal loneliness.”

“I can ‘andle Lobo. Besides I don’t think it would be such a bad thing havin’ ya as my mate. I could get used to the idea in no time, Love.”

She threw her hand over her chest and gasped. “Gee be still my heart you certainly know how to flatter a woman, Bane. Thanks but no thanks. I won’t be anyone’s choice just because they’re fearful of being alone. And you’re afraid no one will want you because you’re such an asshole. Maybe you should work on that first.”

“Or maybe I can work on your arse instead,” he smirked and again moved his lips closer towards her face.

“We’re ready,” Connor snarled having watched the last of their exchange. He frowned in Bane’s direction and growled watching him back away from her. His conversation with Rafe left him with the desire to tear Bane apart every time he caught him even looking at her. Patience, he thought noticing the rose in Kaya’s hand.

Each wolf in the pack took to a cell and Benjamin closed the doors tightly. “Ten minutes Alpha, are you hunting tonight?”

“We have two pups; I’d rather prowl than hunt. We need to show them the ropes.”

“Yes Alpha, I’ll set the locks to release after the appointed hour. Be careful out there.”

The timer beside Benjamin’s head ticked and an ear-splitting howl ripped through the dulled silence within the hall he stood. He turned his attention to the door on the end; Lobo’s cell. Curiosity getting the better of him he moved forward and poked his head above the door. Lobo turned, his yellow eyes expressing anger and pain as he stared at the whelp. In all his years of looking over them he’d never witnessed the actual transformation.

Lobo dropped to the floor; the rough gravel scraped his knees and his back muscles clenched and tightened as a burst of pain shot through his spine. His breathing became rapid pants as he tried to endure the agonizing throbbing that wore through every nerve of his body. He’d done this numerous times and the transformation never changed. The pain was bearable, had become a numb phantom of its former self.

Yet he chose to focus on it and embrace it rather than ignore the cost it took to be what he was. Unlike many other lycan, he held on to that one thing that helped him feel human: pain. The churning in his belly raged on as the intensity of the heat continued. His gut wrenched and with the full capacity of his lungs he produced a roar that shook the door within its frames. Benjamin jumped back as Lobo’s hand slammed against the steel beams separating them.

His vision blurred making everything fuzzy and distorted as his senses sharpened and honed. He forced himself to his feet; his bones cracked and ached as his muscles continued spasming.  Each breath he released only labored within his chest and his entire body shook and shivered as the power of the transformation dragged him through a conscious fire awake and aware to feel every second. 

Lobo ripped his clothing free and tossed them to the side as he fell forward once again, this time on all fours and his newly formed claws gripped and tore at the ground. His breath stirred up the dirt around him and a howl ripped from his throat. Long and powerful the last burst of energy escaped his body like the pressure within a shaken bottle of a carbonated drink being opened for the first time.

His wolf side finally appeared within the burst of grey light as he stood to claim his place in front of his pack; Alpha of Greymane, mind, body and soul. He howled once more and the remainder of the pack fell to formation behind him as the doors opened and they made their way towards the woods behind the manor.

Connor ran with Eli and Kaya moved with Rafe. Lobo stood beside them keeping distance between the two. “I want you by my side tonight Ky,” he said looking into his cub’s eyes. She nodded and agreed sensing the nervousness within Rafe she tried stepping closer only to be met with Armand’s dominating form once more.

She wanted to ensure his first time out as a wolf went smooth yet her father’s actions to block her from him only served to confuse her. “Ulrick will take care of Rafe, Kaya.” She was set to agree but once Rafe’s paws touched the cool grass he took off like a jet rushing through the canopy of trees and passing over the meeting point. Breezing by Ulrick and leaving the others in a trail of dust Kaya ignored her father’s words and ran after him.

Rafe wait!” she called as she tried to catch up.

KAYA!” Lobo growled and started for the forest.

Kaya chased him into the woods, giggling happily as she watched him stretch his legs and take in the night air under the pale blue glow of the moonlight. Rafe dodged and weaved through the trees, letting her catch up and then taking off again at the last second. His paws trampled over fallen logs and through the cool dirt as he made his way through the woods behind the manor kicking up clumps of mud. 

He howled at her, challenging her to keep up with his pace. She pushed herself harder and moved quickly through the underbrush and found him rolling around the meadow in a clearing a few yards ahead. “What are you doing?” she asked settling herself into a soft patch of grass.

You know I never understood why dogs did this but it actually feels really good; it’s soothing to the skin! My fur feels all tingly! Try it Ky come on.”

No thank you, I don’t find rolling around in piss a very fun activity.” 

He hopped up quickly and looked at her. “What?”

You are aware that’s a commonly peed in area right? My favorite place as a matter of fact. What you just did is known as marking; or one type of it. You smelled something before rolling around in that spot right?”

Yeah it…”

Made you happy? Gave you a sense of ownership and comfort? You experienced a rush of endorphins and felt compelled to lay in it?” When he nodded she continued. “You picked up my scent and by rolling in it you’re marking me as your territory. Dogs do it because they are descendent of wolves. And you’ll find that males are more likely to do what you did than females, it’s an ego thing. But if I were Alpha I might be more inclined to drop to the ground with you and get dirty.

Ky are you telling me that I just took a bath in your piss? That’s disgusting!

She laughed and yelped at him. “No it was instinct, part of who you are now. Don’t worry, it’s gonna rain soon it’ll wash away.” She raised her muzzle to the sky and inhaled deeply. “Mmm these are the best times; that moment right before a heavy downpour!”

Moments later the sky opened up and large pelts of water fell and splashed them with big drops of rain. Their fur became matted and drenched quickly as they were washed in the flow of water that drained from the grey clouds overhead. “Damn and here I was getting used to your scent all over me. Perhaps we could try it again in a different way?

Kaya laughed and pushed his muzzle away with her own. “Hold on Cowboy, you’d better get a handle on those hormones before you end up losing more than my scent off that furry body of yours.

Rafe snickered and dashed off again towards the ridge. Running in the rain as the wet smells of the country side permeated the air; it was invigorating. The night was warm and the air hung heavy with the humidity toppling from the rain. The feel of the wind breezing through his fur cooled him as he continued rushing forward. He glanced over his shoulder looking for his playmate and smiled seeing her brown fur barreling towards him. 

He trampled over large beds of flowers and mud puddles splashing his coat and feeling the slick dirt squish between the pads of his paws. He stopped just before the cliff dropped off overlooking the river below and shook himself off to clear out the beads of mud that clung to him. The view was breathtaking; everything was awashed in a purple radiance as the moon held her bright glow in the dark sky. He turned to find Kaya slowly approaching, her face turned into a smile and she panted from the exertion. 

He moved forward and hopped up onto a large black rock. The rain subsided but still he took his time to ensure he kept his balance as he moved to the very tip of the rock. He pointed his head up towards the now visible stars and released a howl loud enough to wake the dead. He repeated that action, howling once more as though he was declaring the moon as his territory. The night belonged to him and he was staking claim. Never before had he felt so alive and he wanted the moment to last forever.

Kaya laughed as she watched him. “You seem to be enjoying yourself. I’m pleased about that; you can see why I love it so much. It’s something you’d never experience going through life as a human and it only gets better.” She stepped back as he cocked his head to the side and looked at her. “Are you gonna stop running away from me now?” He jumped towards her, tackling her into the ground and rolling her in the wet grass.

Give me something else to chase and I will.” He rubbed his muzzle along her neck and felt the softness of her fur before licking her cheek a few times. Kaya returned the gesture before pushing at him and he laughed. He barked at her before bouncing at her side daring her to wrestle him.

She hopped back on her paws, lowering her gaze at him watching until he came to a rest preparing to make his move. Rafe growled playfully as he charged for her again tackling her into the ground. She hopped up and leapt for him, coming down on his neck with her paws. He howled and rolled to his feet. Taking a nip at her neck he caught a tuft of fur between his fangs and she rolled him in the flowers.

Pulling away and backing up a little he lowered onto his chest, his tail wagging happily behind him before he pounced and sprang forward pressing his muzzle into her neck. “This is exciting Kaya!” he growled before wrestling her against the patch of flowers behind her. “I can’t believe this is happening! Wolves own the night and I’m a part of something incredible!”

She laughed again as he ran across to the other side of the lake stopping briefly to take a drink of water. “You’re right the night is ours for the taking Rafe. It’s an amazing feeling; the overwhelming sense of yourself you find when…” She paused and backed away slightly as the trees near them began rustling. She sniffed quickly and hopped to her feet. “Rafe get behind me.”

Why? What is it?”

Luther!” Kaya growled and jumped in front of Rafe as the eyes of her Dad’s mortal enemy came into view. “What are you doing here?”

He laughed and slowly moved towards her. “This is a free country Kaya. I can come and go as I please.” He snarled in her direction; his eyes darted from her to the new wolf tucked behind her tail. “Well now isn’t this precious? You’re showing the Pup the ropes or is there a little more involved here? I am curious if you’re giving him the appropriate welcome to the pack but I do worry what dear old Dad would think about that,” he snarled and turned his attention to Rafe I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced.

Stay away from him!” Kaya growled threateningly. Her ears pinned back and she squared her shoulders keeping her gaze locked on the black wolf.

Is that jealousy Love? Don’t be that way Kaya, you’ll have your turn soon enough and all of my attention. But for now Princess, I’m trying to make nice with your little friend. Haven’t you learned respect for your elders?” He stood upright menacingly; a low rumble slowly emerged from his throat warning her to stand down before he really showed her his authority. Be a good girl and try and act cordial to visitors in your neighborhood.” Ignoring Kaya’s warning look he approached until he was within pouncing distance of them both again redirecting his focus to Rafe. “I’m Luther Crowley, Alpha for Gideon. Tell me Pup, how has Greymane treated you?”

I’ve heard about you. What makes you think I’m interested in anything you have to say?”

You know I’m sure you’ve probably heard a great deal about me, all bad, I own it. However you look like the type of wolf that learns from example rather than words. I’d like to extend my hand to you and invite you over to my place to meet the pack. You can learn who you really are and see firsthand what it really means to be one of us. Unlike Greymane, I won’t try and keep you from reaching your full potential!”

Rafe moved from behind Kaya and she glanced at him. “What does that mean?” he asked her watching the way her fur ruffled from Luther’s words.

Oh shocker! They didn’t tell you did they?”

Rafe looked at Kaya and she avoided his gaze. Keeping her eyes focused on Luther for any forward signs of aggression. She was ready to call the rest of her pack if needed though from a quick assessment of the area, Luther had come alone. “Tell me what?” Rafe demanded taking a step forward.

You at least know that you’re a wild wolf? He nodded. “The beauty of the situation is you’re still in the position to choose which pack you want to align yourself with, Rafe is it? Come with me and I’ll show you the world of the wolf unlike you could ever imagine!”

Over my dead body!” Lobo snarled as he peeked out from behind the bushes behind him.

And that soon shall be arranged. Lobo! How kind of you to join us. I was just telling Rafe how incredibly inadequate he must feel having to walk in the shadows of the legendary Alpha of Greymane.” He turned to face Lobo and watched his slow ascent up the hill. 

You’re not welcomed in these parts!”

Well now I see where Kaya learned her manners! I can’t fault her for being around such an overbearing Father now can I.” He smiled at her. “She’s only learning by the example she’s forced with. Maybe she just needs someone else to show her differently; encourage the Alpha female lurking beneath that gorgeous brown skin. What do you think? She’s still an unplucked flower waiting to bloom. Perhaps I should take up gardening and finish the job. I’ve always had a green thumb.”

Lobo growled and jumped at Luther. Baring his fangs he went right for his throat. Luther caught him in mid air and the two rolled across the open plain towards a row of trees where Connor and Ulrick stood. Lobo was first to his feet and back on Luther before he could get his bearings. He launched at him again taking him by the scruff; Luther yelped and tossed Lobo to his back, grasping his front paw between his teeth he shook and felt the muscle tear beneath his clutch.

Lobo flipped him over, his teeth ripped into the flesh of Luther’s chest, missing his throat by mere inches as he scraped and clawed at him. His eyes burned with anger and rage as he struggled to land a mortal blow with his fangs or anything to diminish him. Luther again slashed at Lobo, the tip of his claw caught him under the eye and he howled as he worked on creating a scar similar to one he owned. Kaya yelled for them to stop; rushing towards them to back the two off fearing she’d lose her father.

Kaya don’t!” Connor yelled and jumped in front of her.

She snarled baring her fangs and pressing her chest low to the ground. She hissed at him but he stood his ground steady and patient matching each of her movements with his own and blocking her efforts. “Move Connor!”

No! This is Alpha business and I will NOT let you get in the way of that and end up getting hurt.

Ulrick whistled for Bane and he moved towards Lobo. “Back away, Armand,” he cautioned. He nodded towards Bane who kept Eli away from the others and nearer the bushes they’d come from. 

Luther broke free and laughed as he skulked towards the tree line. “I must have struck a nerve eh, Brother? Are you really that afraid that Kaya will get more than you’re willing to allow with me? No worries, I’ll take her when she’s ready which I’m willing to bet is any day now. I may not be able to give her pups but that doesn’t prevent the mating.” He looked at her again before turning his attention to Rafe. He nodded towards the woods and rushed towards the edge of the property.

Gather everyone and get back to the manor,” Lobo ordered Ulrick as he turned to find Kaya’s curious stares. “Get the pup and get back to Greymane Kaya.”

What was Luther talking about Daddy?”

Who knows? He’s been gathering wolves for a purpose. One can only wonder what his intentions are. But don’t stress over it. If he is preparing for war, we’ll be ready.”

Kaya turned towards the area she’d left Rafe and moved forward. Not seeing him she moved closer to the rock he stood on and sniffed for him. “Rafe?”

What’s wrong?” Connor asked sensing her anxiety.

Rafe’s gone.

Luther…” Lobo growled. “I have to go and retrieve him before it’s too late.”

I’ll go; I can handle him.”

No, stay away from him Kaya!” Lobo yelled and ran forward. “I don’t want you around either one of them right now.”

No Daddy I can’t leave him out there alone and the way you and Luther are around one another I can’t risk something happening to him or you!” she yelled and darted through the trees quickly gaining ground on Rafe and Luther.

Kaya! Kaya!”

Connor rushed ahead and blocked Lobo’s path. “Alpha, you can’t you must return to the manor with the pack.”

Don’t tell me what I MUST do! That’s my daughter!” he growled standing to full form. Connor bowed and offered his neck as a show of obedience backing away from his Alpha.

And she’s perfectly capable of handling Rafe alone. We cannot risk the lives of both the Beta and Alpha of this pack, please Alpha, lead us back to the manor,” Ulrick added pleading his case and trying to reason with Lobo’s sense of duty.

Lobo took one last look at the path his daughter was blazing through the woods before hesitantly agreeing and leading the pack back towards Greymane. “If anything happens to her…”

**Author's note: This will be the last time we see Lobo in the darker skin. There are too many black wolves around :) I chose their wolf fur based on their human hair color so technically Armand Villalobos' hair should have been grayer anyway. Thank you for understanding!

Thanks also to my Shop for the edits of a few shots <3 Qui**

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  1. Ok so I don't like all those cryptic messages. What does Lexi know about Rafe and why can't he mate with Ky?

    What is Lobo holding back about Rafe? Luther is bold to come on their property then talk about mating Ky. That man has a huge pair of brass ones for sure. And does his equipment not work? Why can't he give her pups? Not that he needs to put his equipment anywhere near Ky.

    Bake to Lobo, he needs to be up front with Ky and Rafe or he may be pushing him towards Luther if for no other reason than to get answers.

    So much going on. I need answers. :)

    1. HAHA I really didn't see the open questions until you said something lol...I think my brain enjoys creating cliffhangers too even when I'm oblivious to it.

      Lexi and Lobo know alot about wild wolves and Lexi has figured something out about their new wolf. She is trying to convince Lobo of the matter first and foremost but he's still a bit hesitant over the entire situation. (more cryptic I know, sorry)

      Lobo fears what Rafe is and what he can become. Mating brings out the full abilities within wolves and besides the fact that he doesn't want him around Kaya, he doesn't want him to reach that pinnacle either because he will become a vicious predator without a leash. (Think Luther on steroids) It's customary of all wild wolves.

      Lobo does need to be honest with Kaya but he doesn't want to push her away because of something he believes. You're right though his actions are going to cause Rafe to do a few things he doesn't want him to.

      We'll get answers soon and I won't keep you waiting for very long. Thank you :)

    WHAT THE HELL LEXI!!! SHUT UP, please... sniff...

    Off to read the rest!
    (Was stunned at that for a minute...)

    1. Aww lol yeah :P Lexi has a few ideas about Rafe and it would be bad if her visions were true and they did mate.

      Thank you :)

  3. “To jog your memory Armand. You and I can agree that when you’ve needed my help I’ve been there to take care of you. We both know there are secrets that could destroy Greymane or hold it together. Rafe is special; though my powers of foresight are strong, there are some things about him that I have not been able to see. Many of them pertain to how he came into existence, his wolf, though I have a few theories about that. In fact, from the visions I’ve seen of him I’m almost certain of who he is I just can’t figure out how.”

    “What are you talking about Lexi?”
    “Armand, what I’m going to say to you is very critical. It’s imperative you heed every word and take it for the warning it is. Kaya and Rafe must never be more than friends. Though it’s important he remains in your pack, it’s even more crucial you ensure they never mate. I’ve told this very thing to Kaya when I sent her for him but it’s time I let you in on what I mean as well.”

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    1. Haha she does put stock in what her seer tells her, always has.

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    1. She does (if not, she's crazy as hell). She is just afraid of where it would lead if anything. You're right though Rafe would never treat her as some tryst! Connor needed to get him off Ky. He really wants the opportunity to beat the shit out of Bane but he follows his Alpha's commands like a loyal wolf should and because of that he is unable to do much against him. Bane can't seem to grasp the concept of "no" but he did hint at what he was really after...possession, not so much the bond a mating would bring but the fact that he'd own her having ruined her for other wolves.

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    1. He is on the hunt for the truth!

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    1. Interesting thoughts :) Lobo hates the idea mostly because he is a wild wolf and he doesn't want Kaya getting ideas and being controlled by her mate since he knows wild wolves like their freedom and to roam. He was also warned by Lexi things with Rafe would be bad so he's trying to avoid that as well. But like any good father he might be overprotective and just wants Rafe away from Kaya period :) We learn a tad (yep tad) more about Lobo/Lexi/Rafe in 19 though.

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      Connor was pissed! He still thinks about that conversation with Rafe and fears it being true because not only did he kill a pack member/band member but if it is true he did it right under everyone's nose and no one ever thought about it or knew anything was wrong there. He has the attitude/mannerisms of a stone cold killer and the fact that he was still "smiling" and acting "cordial" in the face is very unsettling! Bane will always have an out...even if it means trouble for someone else >:)

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