Monday, February 13, 2012

Episode 13: Ch-ch-ch-changes

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Rafe, Bane, Connor, Ulrick, Lobo, Richard, Robbie, Lucy, Jacobi, Harley, Candi, Sandi
Word Count: 7,652
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: After returning home, Rafe thinks over the kiss he shared with Kaya and the possible reasons why she turned away from him. Afraid of ruining their blooming friendship, and maybe a little more, Kaya goes to see Rafe a day after he leaves Greymane to talk. The hunters are back in action and looking for new blood. Lucy, veteran in the field, takes a moment for a solo hunt that leaves her vulnerable to attack. Rafe undergoes a change but a day early causes concern for Greymane!
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, nudity, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, adult situations

Rafe pulled another beer from his fridge and slammed the door harshly behind him. The glass jars clanked around from the force and a few fell off the rack smashing and spilling their contents. “So stupid Rafe, what the fuck were you thinking?” he kicked himself again before dropping onto his sofa.

What was that? Me doing what I wanted. “Yeah that was real smooth.” He took a long pull from the bottle and let the cool liquid slip down his throat for a moment before peeling his lips away and coming up for a breath. “I’ll be lucky if she doesn’t think I’m a total loser now. FUCK!” he growled. “Too fucking soon! Oh look at me, I’m gonna kiss you in front of your Mother’s grave,” he mocked himself. “Stupid!” He launched the bottle in his hand towards the wall smashing it and watching the shards fly throughout the tiny space. 

He watched the amber liquid drain down the side of the wall before strolling into the kitchen for another. He’d kissed her, no big deal. So why did she run off like that? And why could he not stop thinking about the frightened expression she held as she pulled out of his arms? Was it that bad?

He dropped onto the couch again, leaned back and closed his eyes as he thought about the softness of her lips and the warmth of her body pressed against his. Damn, she had no idea what she did to him. He liked her, there was no denying that. And though he was certain she felt the same way he couldn’t for the life of him figure out why she continued running from him and tried desperately to ignore the way he made her feel. 

The ding of the elevator brought her back to reality and she swept her hand across her chest to still the pounding of her heart. She stood paralyzed for a moment and watched the blinking light shut off after indicating she’d reached her desired floor. What are you doing here Kaya? She asked as she stepped into the hall from the elevator. Rafe had made it pretty clear that he wanted nothing more to do with Greymane or at least that he needed space from the manor before he transitioned and she recognized the urge for privacy. Ever since it was announced he was a member of Night Shift people have been trying to uncover everything they could about him. He just wanted a slice of the life he once enjoyed before the madness; before she happened upon him in those woods.

She stood in front of his door and raised her hand to knock; pausing before her knuckles met with the polished wood. He was all she could think about over the last day and though she couldn’t explain it thoughts of him caused a ridiculous smile to grace her lips. What was it? Sure he was a good kisser, a great kisser if she wanted to be honest, but what she felt when he was pressed against her wasn’t right.

She refused to admit to herself that she liked him. It had been too long since she’d actually liked a guy; not since her last relationship with that international sports star. She even stopped dating after him, convinced all men were just there to break her heart. She stuck to the occasional fuck with Bane to get her through the overwhelming urges when they struck and even those were rare in their occurrence. 

Connor always told her she refused to get back on the saddle and was holding back because it gave her control over the men she dated which she never believed to be true. She always felt she never found a worthy mate; someone that was worth the trouble to put up with. But maybe he was right; maybe that was the reason she was so afraid of Rafe because with him she lost all self control. He could even make her giggle like a fucking school girl. Is that what Lexi was warning me about? Kaya shook off the thought, released a breath and brushed her hair over her face. She straightened up and fixed her clothes a little before gently knocking on the door. No turning back now.

“Kaya? What are you doing here?” Rafe asked opening his door just enough to peer into the hall. She faltered; didn’t have a reply to that very question she’d asked herself just moments ago. Her eyes fell away from his piercing gaze as she tried to think quickly of an excuse. He smirked and looked behind her towards the empty hall before leaning against the frame to allow her entry. “Well?”

“I wanted to check on you, make sure everything was ok.” She slowly stepped inside and looked around the small room before turning back to him with a smile. Confidence now boosted her appearance and she hoped he didn’t see through that flimsy excuse because Lord knows she had nothing else. “So are you?”

He scratched his head and shut the door with the heel of his foot before walking further into the living room. He dropped silently onto the couch and grabbed the beer that had now reached room temperature. He took one sip, rotated the bottle in his hand and nodded his head for her to have a seat as well.

She followed and sat in the arm chair a good distance away from him causing a low chuckle to bellow in his chest. “You’re so far away.” He sat the beer back onto the table and scooted down to the other end of the couch. “I told you before I’m not a biter,” he chewed on his lower lip. 

“So you’re only here to check on my well being? Nothing more?”

She shook her head once and let a small smile creep up on her face. “I didn’t like the way we left things and I didn’t want it to seem…”

“Awkward? It’s a little late for that.” He stood and started for the kitchen, glancing once over his shoulder towards her and smiling inwardly at the way she tried to avoid his gaze for too long. “Would you like something to drink?”

“No. I’m not here for long. As I said I…”

“Was just checking on me. Yeah so you said. Well I’m fine Kaya as you can see; thanks for the concern. Is that it?”

His tone made her jerk her head towards him. He was mad at her? What reason does he have to take that tone? What made him the victim when she was the one assaulted by his lips? She stood from the chair and silently moved towards the door. “It was a mistake coming here, I’m sorry to bother you.” 

Her hand reached for the knob and was stopped by his grip on her elbow. She snatched her arm away and took one step back.

“I’m sorry Ky ok? I just…I didn’t mean to alright? I appreciate you checking in on me, really I do. Will you stay? Let me fix you that drink and we can talk, please?”

“What’s there to say?”

“Well, uh. For one, I uh…oh, my fangs are coming in,” he said smiling and showing her the pair of canines sitting on either side of his jaw. “I found them last night when I was; well let’s just say they make for great bottle openers.”

She laughed. “Well that’s one way to sharpen them. Though you might want to be careful with that, if you weaken them or break them you won’t be as attractive to other she-wolves. We girls take flaws in our mates rather seriously.”

“Yeah?” he asked leaning in with a smirk.

“We only want the bravest, strongest and well groomed of the breed,” she shrugged. “It’s the nature of the beast.”

He continued smiling watching the way her eyes lit up and drowning himself in her scent. “So how about that drink?”

Jacobi stretched and sauntered from the bedroom to find Harley sitting on the couch in the living room with Liberty close by. “Well looky here! The dead has arisen!” Harley remarked watching Jacobi again yawn before dropping onto the empty cushion beside him. “I was beginning to rethink taking you to the hospital Brother! How’s your head?”

“Fine.” He rubbed a hand across the large knot that had formed on the very back of his dome and groaned. It was tender to the touch and throbbed a bit when irritated. He woke to a pounding headache and took a few aspirin to alleviate the pain. Finding that it was three days later and they were no closer to capturing or killing the wolves they set out for, he let out a sharp breath releasing his frustrations.

“Cool it Jake. We’ll get them but we don’t need you or your Superman tactics rushing into things again. That’s how you ended up in this predicament you know? Those wolves are no pushovers but they didn’t leave without a scratch either. I wounded one of them.”


“Yeah. Pumped a 9 millimeter Truesilver round into his ass. I don’t know where it hit but it made him back off real quick. At least they know who they’re messing with.”

“I don’t see what’s so good about that Harls! That only means they’ll be prepared for our next attack!”

“Yeah? What that says to me is they’ll be dead-set on revenge; at least that one that was shot for sure. He reminded me of you, dumb and quick to anger.”

“Fuck you!”

“See what I mean?” Harley laughed and rubbed his hand through Liberty’s fur. He returned his attention to the television letting his mind roam over the idea of the full moon cresting in two days. If that happened this town was going to become a virtual feeding ground for the villous beasts that called it home.

“Where’s Lucy?”

“I don’t know. She said she was going out and not to expect her until late.”

Jacobi gave Harley a sidelong glance and frowned. “You let her go hunting alone?”

“Man if you know anything about your kid sister then you know no one ‘lets’ her do anything! She ran off and before I could stop her she’d loaded up the sawed off and disappeared in the truck.”

“Well have you heard from her at all?” Harley shook his head no and Jacobi jumped to his feet. “And you’re not the least bit worried?”

“Of course I am! But I had your dumbass to look after because you went and got yourself hurt. You were lying in there concussed and mumbling; I’m one person Jake I can only look after one of you at a time!”

“Well I’m up now and I’m ready! Let’s go find her!”

“You’re not going anywhere. You’re in no condition to go hunting and I don’t need to be looking over both our shoulders for attackers because you might pass out at any minute. Sit your ass down; Lucy’s trained she knows what she’s doing. This isn’t her first solo hunt you know?”

“But in a town so full of the mangy monsters? It is!”

Harley couldn’t deny Jacobi’s words. He was right; they’d never come across so many wolves in one place before. There was no telling the amount of danger Lucy could be in. He shook the idea of her being hurt from his mind and looked at the serious and anxious expression on his brother’s face. “Alright I’ll tell you what, get yourself back in the bed and rest and I’ll go and look for her. But you CAN’T come along Jake, you hear me?” Jacobi sighed and dropped his hands to his side. “You agree to that Jake or I’m not leaving and we’ll both sit and wait for word from her.”

“Alright fine! Just be careful and check in regularly so I know what’s happening out there!”

“Sure thing Mom!” Harley pulled up from the sofa and walked over towards the gun case. He watched Jacobi anxiously shift his weight from one foot to the other as he loaded up his rifle and sidearm with Truesilver rounds. “This is not you in bed relaxing Jake. I wanna see you in there before I walk out that door.”

“Fine! I’m going; just bring her back safely alright?”

“Will do.”

For the third time that afternoon the gutsy blonde strolled into a bar in the seediest part of the town. She was on the hunt for big game but she knew that had she tested one of the larger of the pack members there would be hell to pay when he howled for help and she wasn’t prepared for multiple wolves.

So she stuck with the sad, pathetic and lowly members of their breed. Her game was the same; using her feminine wiles, she’d appeal to the beast of their appetites. And with the way she was dressed, she looked good enough to eat. She motioned to the bartender and slid quietly into one of the back booths, ensuring her hips moved with each step to draw the eyes of the ones she desired.

Victory was hers when a hirsute man with long dark curls took a seat beside her. He rubbed his tongue across his teeth as he drank in her body. Her top barely hung on over her large bosom and her legs were long and silky. He sat close enough to steal a glance down her chest and feel the warmth of her body on his. “I’d ask if you come here often but as much as I’m in here, I’m sure I would have noticed you Dollface,” he smiled. “What’s your name?”

She could smell whiskey on his breath and the odor of some strange tobacco which was rank. He’d mentioned he was here a lot and judging from the heavy stench of liquor wafting off of his body he wasn’t lying. She turned her face a little to keep the pungent smell of booze from burning her nostrils before replying with a smile of her own bright enough to blind the man who she found was sitting closer than she liked. “Bridgette. I’m new in town and was looking for a good time. I heard this place is lively and came to check it out.”

He laughed a deep and throaty chortle tossing his head back as he did. “You heard that did you? Well Bridgette I think you need to fire your source. There’s never anything lively about this place. This is where all the drunks come to die.”

“Then what’s your appeal to it?”

“Like I said,” he gave her a devilish grin before nodding his head to the back of the bar. “How’s about we skip over this part and you invite me back to your place for a private night cap?”

He was too busy flirting to notice the dose of Shadow Bloom she’d slipped into his drink. He wouldn’t be able to stand for much longer once the herb went to work. She had to move quickly and luckily for her he was ready to take her where she needed to go; out of the public eye. “I say that’s a novel idea. Let’s get moving!”

He slid out and held his hand out for her. He nodded at a man seated at the bar and she cussed under her breath as she saw him stand from his bar stool and move towards the front door. He wasn’t alone and she hadn’t anticipated that. She had to rethink her plan. “Uh maybe I should actually just call myself a cab and…”

“Nonshensh!  Umm perfecklee capa…capab…capable  of,” he was already slurring his words, the herb was working quickly because of the alcohol and they were still standing in the center of the bar.

She wrapped an arm around his shoulder and guided him towards the back door. “Alright big fella, I’d better get you home huh?” she laughed trying to act as casual as possible hoping to keep the suspicions down in case there were other wolves seated around her.

Once they’d made it outside, she stabbed a small piece of Truesilver into his side and he lashed out and howled in pain. She threw him into the front of the truck; bleeding and conscious she rushed from the bar. Lucy checked the rearview for anyone following her, satisfied she’d gotten away unnoticed she turned towards the home she shared with her brothers and pressed her foot harder on the gas. 

Just as she’d rounded the block, a large passenger vehicle screeched out of nowhere behind her. Their lights were high, blinding her in her mirrors and they moved at an increased rate of speed to catch her. “SHIT!” she yelled realizing she hadn’t needed to be followed, her masking odor had worn off and they’d picked up her scent.

She sped past the house and towards the woods hoping to lose them in an off-road chase since their vehicle wasn’t made for that kind of driving. She swerved quickly to avoid a few trees and low hanging branches as she sped around a lake in the center of the woods. Her heart was pounding rapidly in her chest and her breathing had increased to a deafening pace.

Still unable to see anyone from her mirror she turned her head quickly to check behind her and that proved to be a huge mistake. Before she could realize it, Lucy drove head on into a large tree. The jeep rolled twice before finally landing on its side. Shards of glass broke and flew towards her as she bounced around the twisting metal. The wolf beside her flew out of the windshield and over the top of the truck landing with a thud on top of the overturned trunk. Lucy was tossed against the wheel and the horn was wailing as she slowly pulled away from it.

Shaking the cobwebs free, she kicked free more glass and crawled out of the folded metal. A small fire was peeking from beneath the hood and she coughed a few times as she struggled to stand. The pain in her side seemed to travel through her arms leaving her fingers numb and she looked down to notice her right hand had been crushed under the force of the crash.

Her vision was blurred and she tasted the blood that covered the inside of her mouth. Spitting a mouthful to the side she tried to regain her composure. She’ll be dead for sure if she doesn’t get her wits. She wasn’t sure how far away from the house she was but she did know she was lost in the woods with at least one wolf, injured, but close by. “Great job Lucy,” she cried and gripped her side. Her ribs were throbbing and she was sure at least two of them had been cracked or broken.

From the corner of her eye she saw the wolf she’d trapped stir and roll off the top of the truck. She limped back towards the car to try and locate her tranquilizer gun to neutralize him. As her fingers curled over the trigger, she was grabbed from behind and thrown against the tree. She gasped and groaned hard as the wind was knocked from her lungs with the blow.

She screamed in pain and a hand clasped over her mouth quickly, silencing her before she had the opportunity to call for help. “Now now,” a husky voice croaked in her ear. His breath fell heavy on her neck as he pressed himself closer to her controlling her movements. “You wouldn’t want to get anyone else killed right now would you Hunter?”

Her fingers slowly crept down her side as she reached for the syringe she kept on her belt. Not feeling her safety net she sighed. Just as the gravity of the situation hit her, a truck broke through the trees aimed right at them. The man released his grip and jumped away from the oncoming vehicle as Lucy fell and rolled out of its path.

Halting the truck but not disengaging the engine, a shadowy figure jumped from the inside of the car and pulled Lucy to her feet. He threw her inside the cab of the vehicle and grabbed a can of gas from the back of his truck. Tossing it towards her wrecked jeep he quickly followed it with a match setting the twisted metal ablaze.

He hopped back inside the still running truck and made a quick retreat out of the woods. Lucy looked back towards her crashed jeep and caught a glimpse of the man that had grabbed her. She gasped as she realized it was the one from the bar that her trapped wolf motioned to. Fuck, she cussed again. They had set her up! They were ready for her! But how the hell did they know she would be in that bar?

“That was fucking stupid Lucy!” Harley scolded her as he finally got the truck on the road. “Were you trying to get yourself killed? How many fucking times have I told you not to hunt alone?”

“I had everything under control until that second one came out of nowhere Harley!”

“Yeah and what part of your plan involved you crashing your jeep in the fucking woods Lucy? Do you have any idea how bad that could have gone?” he ran a hand across her side noticing the protrusion on her ribcage and she released a pained grunt. “Were you scratched or bitten?”

“No, I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah Harley! I’m fine ok? Can you just get me home and save the lecture?”

“Save the lecture? Oh you haven’t heard nothing yet baby sister.” He sped through the city and back towards their home ensuring they were not being pursued. He dropped a masking bomb out the window a few blocks away from the house and pulled into the yard ten minutes later.

Jacobi rushed out to her and watched as she strained to get herself out of the truck. “What happened?”

“She was attacked by two of them!” Harley said filling him in quickly.

Jacobi scooped her into his arms and carried her inside. “It wasn’t two of them! I had one of them and the second came out of nowhere.”

He laid her on the couch and ran to grab the first aid kit. “Where’s the jeep?”

“I torched it back in the woods so they couldn’t get our scent. She rammed it into a fucking tree.” Harley threw his hands into his hair and paced the room as he watched Jake attend to their sister. “Now do you see why I told you that bait shit was stupid?”

“Lay off her Harls she was just in an accident!”

“You don’t think I know that? I need you both to get it through your thick skulls exactly what we’re up against here! These wolves play for keeps and don’t get injured and taken out of their game so easily! The full moon is in two fucking days and now both of you are hurt and this town is going to be crawling with those things in no time! What are we going to do then? Huh? One of you tell me that! Your impulsiveness may cost this town a great deal of lives!”

“BACK OFF!” Jacobi yelled and jumped to his feet. “We all know this is part of being what we are and doing the job! These are risks that we take and it’s not like we’ve never played hurt before! Lucy will be fine by the time we need her she just needs the stuff Harley.”

“No, no fucking way! That is only for…”

“Emergencies? Well what the hell do you call this?” Jacobi yelled pointing towards his little sister.

“I call this typical Lucy. I was going to say those are for you Jacobi and the supply is limited!”

She was becoming weaker watching and listening to them yell at one another. Her first instinct was usually to jump in the center of them and make them stop but she could barely feel her upper body. If it wasn’t for the constant burning within her chest, she wouldn’t even know she was still breathing. “Those supplements are a recipe our family made for us for times like these Harley! We’ve always used them before a major battle, now is no different. They can repair her so go and grab them, please.”

Harley sighed and stormed off down the stairs towards his work space. He pulled a small tin box from one of the shelves and started for the kitchen. Placing a pot of water to boil, he carefully laid out the ingredients for the special tea and poured her up a cup. Jacobi sat her up and held the cup for her and watched as she took slow, methodical sips from the bitter brown liquid.

Her face scrunched in a grimace with every taste of the foul beverage but it was doing the job it was intended for. Almost instantly her body began healing and every breath she took was no longer a painful experience. She took the cup from Jacobi and held it for herself as she finished half of the drink. She looked up at Harley and smiled.

Getting to her feet she wrapped her arms around his neck. “I’m sorry. It was foolish of me but…I just hate sitting around.”

“Sometimes the best plan of action is no action at all Lucy. It’s about time you and Jake learned that. Go get some rest; we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow.”

“Connor can I…oh God I’m so sorry,” Kaya gasped and covered her eyes as she began a backwards retreat out of his room as quickly as she’d entered. Bumping into the dresser, she knocked over a few items including the picture of his mother but refused to stop and retrieve them.

“Ky hey wait a sec,” he smiled noticing her embarrassment. “What’s the rush? I’d like to introduce you to Candi and Mandi or is it Sandi and Randi?” He moaned as the girl continued sucking him off. Her wet lips slipped over his cock just right and she hummed as she inhaled him like a pro; working her hand up and down his shaft, jerking him off as she licked the head. “They’re twins and HUGE Night Shift fans!”

The one licking his balls turned with a smile on her face and ran her hand across the drool that was pooling on her chin before offering that same hand to Kaya to shake. “It’s a real pleasure Kaya! I’m Candi!”

“I’m good thanks! It’s nice to meet you, really. Uh Con when you get a second uh…nevermind we’ll talk tomorrow.”

He burst into laughter and she rushed from his room and down the stairs to her own. Connor turned his attention to the twin that had a steady beat on his cock and pumped himself into her mouth at an increased speed fucking her wet lips and listening to her slurp the precum from his swollen head. His head fell back and he groaned loudly as he heard the other twin working her fingers deep inside her wet pussy. “Mmm, suck it,” he grunted as she worked her lips over the throbbing veins in his thick cock. She licked her tongue along his nut sack wetting each with her mouth before sucking him back down her throat. “Yeah like that.”

He’d fucked them both several times that morning and now they were showing their appreciation and he was kindly allowing them to do so. Sandi pulled up from his cock and dropped to the bed and he followed her sliding up towards the top until his back rested against the headboard. She didn’t wait for him to settle before she sat her wet body on top of him and felt his hard dick sliding inside of her. Her sister moved towards them and sucked his lips into her mouth. Sandi squealed in delight as she felt him reach her depths. She bounced hard on top of him allowing her body to massage his firm erection.

Moaning deeply Candi pulled away and began fingering her own moist center as she watched Connor work his cock harder into her twin. Her fingers rubbed quickly to bring her own climax. Connor eyed her and smiled and she felt her heart flutter getting her off faster as she thought about him watching her satisfy herself. Her fingers pinched and toyed with her nipples and her tongue rolled across her upper lip. “Cum for me,” Connor growled as she massaged her fingers into her clit. Her head fell back and her mouth was agape as she screamed his name in pleasure.  

Candi sat up as Connor adjusted beside her motioning her forward. She pressed her lips to his again and moaned as she tasted his tongue. It was what she wanted; his tongue to press against her clit as it had earlier and for him to get her off once more. She pulled away and straddled her legs across his head as Sandi settled on top of him. Connor quickly drove his tongue into her wet pussy licking across her sensitive labia, spreading them with his mouth before tasting her. She moaned and slowly swayed her hips to match his movements.

Sandi watched as Connor worked his mouth over her clit making her twin squeal in delight. The pleasure of the act made her moan deeper and he held her hips on his as he fucked her towards her own climax. The room filled quickly with the girls’ sounds of passion as he worked on getting them both off simultaneously.

Kaya pulled on her headphones and slumped against the wall to drown out the noise coming from the bedroom above her. It wasn’t the first time she’d walked in on Connor in the middle of sex but even still she could never get over the shock of hearing and seeing a woman under him screaming his name or rubbing herself off on him. Who would? And no matter how many times it’s happened his reaction was always the same, laughter and humor watching her shock and embarrassment as she tried to remove herself from his presence quickly.

She bounced her head to the sounds coming from her earpiece. Night Shift’s third album Hell was always her favorite. Lyrically it was the best one written and had contributions from all four original members of the group. “Sleep easy tonight, dreamlessly time passes as death takes her embrace,” she sang along to the track. “Hold on to what you want it’s always worth fighting for. Give the devil hell let him know what you’re dying for.”

She stopped mid verse thinking she heard a noise coming from downstairs which confused her. Lobo had locked himself in his study for the last day and a half trying to decipher the visions he’d received from Lexi. Ulrick was busy working on new locations for gigs for a local band and she suspected Bane was off getting drunk somewhere. Certain that she’d heard something she gave it another minute before pressing play again. 

And there it was; another loud bang from downstairs that she could clearly make out even through the headphones of her iPod. She removed one of the speakers and waited; listening closely again to ensure it was the front door. The banging came louder this time and she hurried down the stairs and smiled seeing him standing there through the glass door.

Her smile quickly fell as she noticed he was drenched in sweat and breathing hard and apparently too weakened to stand up on his own two feet. “Rafe!” Kaya gasped as he fell into her arms. “What happened? Did the hunters find you?”

“No,” he said struggling for breath as she pulled him into the living room and helped him onto the couch. “Something’s wrong; I feel as though my insides are dying and every bone in my body is breaking!”

Kaya looked over on the mantle and shook her head. “I don’t understand you have one more day you shouldn’t be changing now!”  She stood and rushed for the stairs.

“Dad! Daddy come quick!” she yelled and watched his hurried descent down from his quarters with Ulrick bringing up the rear from his office.

“What is it Kaya? Are you ok?” he smelled around and quickly picked up on Rafe’s scent. “Where is he?”

“The living room; there’s something wrong with him. I think he’s changing but it’s still light out and the moon isn’t full until Thursday! I don’t understand.”

“Wild wolf, this is what I was afraid of,” he said pressing Rafe’s arms down into the couch. “Ulrick grab some ropes, chains, anything that can be used to restrain him.”

“Restrain? What do you mean Daddy? If he’s changing you shouldn’t restrain him, that’ll only cause more injury!”

“Those rules don’t apply to his kind, Kaya. I know what I’m doing, just trust me.”

“His kind? Is he going to be ok?” Kaya asked stepping closer. Connor heard the commotion and joined the rest of the pack in the living room. He watched the strained expression on Kaya’s face as he noticed the person Lobo was pinning down on the sofa. “Daddy what’s happening to him? Why is he changing right now?” she began yelling frantically as Rafe’s pained screams filled the area. She covered her ears for a moment and stepped closer as her hand fell to her heart. “Daddy!”

“Connor, get her out of here,” Lobo said looking up.

“Wait, no, I promised Rafe. I want to be here in case…”

“CONNOR!” Lobo yelled ensuring his order was heard and followed.

“Alpha.” Connor gripped Kaya’s elbow and pulled her towards him. She struggled in his grip and he lifted her chin so that their eyes were leveled. “Come along or I’ll carry you out Kaya.” She bit her lip and nodded as she slowly backed out of the room with his hand wrapped around hers.

“Kaya!” Rafe growled and thrashed around under Lobo’s grip trying to free himself. He leaned up and bit him on the forearm causing Lobo to jump back in pain. As he sat up preparing to rush after her, Lobo sent one quick fist to his jaw knocking him out cold.

“Let’s get him to a holding cell,” he said looking at Bane and Ulrick. “And make it quick, there’s no telling how long he’ll be out.”

Bane dropped him harder than necessary on the cold stone floor, smiling to himself as he heard him groan in pain. Ulrick and Lobo worked on chaining him to the walls. His body slumped over and he moaned as he began coming to. “Kaya…”

“Lock the door and make sure no one comes back here.” Lobo looked up towards Connor. “I have to go speak with Lexi. I want you to make sure Kaya stays away from him. His kind is too dangerous when they’ve turned; even more against kindred! They can’t control their rage which will put everyone in here in danger, do you understand me?”

“Yes Alpha!”

“I mean it. I don’t want her in here! And the fact that he is calling for her only disturbs me more. I’ll be back as soon as I can.” He hurried from the basement and out towards his office, calling on Lexi for a summons.

Connor peered into the cell and watched Rafe coming around. He quietly unlocked the door and entered waiting for his eyes to open completely. “Hey, sorry about this Bro. I know it’s shitty but…”

“Is there a reason I’m all chained up? I don’t remember anyone mentioning this part. I’d have for sure spoke against it. I’m not heavily into S&M.”

Connor laughed and shrugged. “Uh, Lobo thought it was best for your protection and everyone else’s around here.”

“What do you mean?”

“Honestly? I have no idea. I don’t know if it’s because you haven’t made a claim to a pack yet or just the way you were created but you’re not like most wolves. You’re too dangerous to be out.”

“Dangerous? Are you serious?” He knocked his head against the wall and winced. “There’s this pressure in my head. It’s like someone is playing drums in my ears and it’s just throbbing like crazy.

“Yeah that should go away soon. The entire transition is usually about 4 hours straight through. Once the clock strikes midnight usually marks the end of the first transformation. I don’t know what to say about you though since it’s only five in the afternoon.”

“Where’s Ky?”

“In her room. She’s not coming down here; I can’t let her see you.”

“Why not? She said she’d be here,” Rafe sighed feeling dejected as he felt his muscles tense and another wave of cramps rumble in his belly. He winced and his eyes shut tight as his rib cage began expanding farther than normal. “FUCKKKK!”

“Try and stay strong. I’m gonna shut the door now but I’ll be right outside if you need anything.” Connor exited taking one last look at Rafe. Kaya stood at the door knocking lightly. “Go away Peaches,” Connor whispered to her. “I can’t let you in here Alpha’s orders.”

“Alpha? Con it’s me! Please I have to be in there! I promised Rafe I’d be there for his first transition. Please?”

“And what about Lobo? You won’t have to answer to him, I will! And if anything happens to you because I failed to follow his orders…”

Rafe screamed and it echoed in the narrow passageway vibrating through the door Kaya leaned against. She pulled herself over the bars and peered in at Connor who was pacing the hall. “Please! I’ll take care of my father but I have to be in there!”

He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck to ease the tension. He’s never gone against Lobo’s orders even where Kaya was concerned; it was his duty to listen. “Ky…” Rafe groaned again this time followed by the sharp cracking sound of bone. He looked towards his cell and back at the door Kaya stood behind. “If Alpha comes after me for this Ky…”

“He won’t! I promise!” 

He unlocked the door and Kaya rushed forward towards Rafe’s cell. He was pinned against the wall staring at the door. His body was drenched in sweat and his arms and legs had already begun the transformation. “I don’t understand why he has to be chained up like that like an…”

“Animal?” Connor asked answering her question.

“We weren’t restrained! So if you know the answer Red, please let me know!” He shrugged. “Daddy called him a wild wolf. I’ve never heard that term before.”

“Well he said he was dangerous because his kind can’t control themselves in form. They operate on pure, blind rage.” He sighed and a small chuckle settled under his breath. “Makes sense…he’s a pretty intense guy. He has a lot of anger when he’s in human form with the way his temper seems barely controllable at times. Had we known about these kinds of wolves it would have been obvious I’m sure.”


“I’m here Rafe.”

“Just like you promised,” he breathed a sigh of relief. “It’s déjà vu huh? Except I’m not naked.”

 “Yet,” she smiled peering into the window. “That should change here soon.”

“You sound like you’re looking forward to it!”

“Maybe I am, maybe I’m not, who’s to say?” she replied and he could hear the makings of a smile on her face. “Rafe, I know it’s a dumb question but how do you feel.”

“Like an elephant sat on my chest. Everything is like you said my skin…my head…I…” before he could get another word out a low growl emitted followed by an ear piercing howl.

Rafe balled his hands into tight fists; his muscles flexed under the wrought metal chains and he yanked himself free of the wall.

“Shit!” Connor exclaimed. “Those chains…”

“Yeah,” Kaya said watching. “They were meant to hold wolves in.”

Rafe collapsed to the ground, his clothes shredding from his body as he held himself in pain. His screams came quicker and his bones transformed and pushed through parts of his flesh as he turned. He roared and again the room shook pushing and rattling the metal bars hidden in their wooden frames. 

“He’s gonna be hungry. If he’s anything like a normal wolf he’ll be ravenous; probably worse because of what he is. I need to get you out of here.”

“And go where Connor? If Rafe gets out everyone upstairs is in trouble if what Daddy said is true. That door won’t contain him anymore than those chains!”

“Then what the hell do you suggest Kaya? Stay here and become his victims? Look at him, he’s uncontrolled!”

“I don’t know Connor, but I can’t leave him like that.”

Rafe’s head was throbbing and his bones pulled and snapped rupturing his skin as they changed shape and shifted inside of him. He screamed in agony as his knees popped backwards reversing direction. His fingers twisted and melded into paws, his nails became long, sharp claws. “AHHH!!!” he yelled and dug his fingers into the ground and pulled back snapping the newly formed claws and causing his fingertips to bleed.  

The flesh on his arms and legs appeared to melt; splitting and peeling from his muscles leaving sleeves and patches of fur in their place. The dark fleece stood on ends until his entire back was covered in the brown mane. His bones were forcibly warped and his jaw became elongated to make way for the fangs that overtook the teeth in his mouth.

Rafe’s head was throbbing. He gripped it within his hand hoping to alleviate the pain a little. Curling up slightly on the ground he could feel the muscles in his stomach churning and an intense hunger overwhelmed the pit of his belly. His hand fell over his heart as it began beating erratically feeling as though he was having a heart attack. Another vicious growl tore from his throat before all motion ceased in his cell. Kaya recognized the silence as his vocal chords and throat tearing and reforming it was clenching shut to where he literally could not make a sound.

When finally his throat muscles released he let loose with a high pitched howl that shook the entire basement. He fell forward onto his paws panting viciously as he felt his insides liquefying and boiling. His skin was on fire and his temperature he was sure was through the roof; he was literally melting. 

He looked towards the door, his normal icy gray eyes changed to bright yellow slits that shone in the dimness of his cell reflecting every bit of anger he felt standing in the dark, cold room. He spotted Kaya and continued growling at her and Connor as he slowly moved forward towards the steel barrier.

The last of his flesh fell free as his entire body was covered in the thick brown fur. His eyes, gleaming and yellow held a look of pure rage. A long and violent howl sent shivers down Kaya’s spine as Rafe charged at his blockade, pounding the door free of its hinges. Connor was tossed against the brick wall with the force of his tackle and knocked unconscious. 

“Con!” Kaya cried and rushed towards him. She knelt beside him as Rafe watched menacingly behind her. He barked at her and she looked once in his direction. Connor groaned and she could sense his heart beating faster. 

Rafe roared in her direction as he inched closer, baring his fangs preparing to sink his teeth into her and feast. She fell back to the ground and held his gaze. He approached, his eyes darting from her and the unconscious Connor crumpled in the corner. He stood in front of her, drooling and foaming at the mouth. 

His snarl was ferocious; the intensity of his gaze on her pushed her deeper into the wall as he moved steadily closer. “Rafe it’s Kaya,” she said soothingly trying to appeal to the man she knew was in there. “Please, Connor’s hurt, he needs my help!”

Her nerves remained steely as she spoke to him. She refused to show an ounce of fear convinced it would only incite him more. She reached a hand towards his head and he jerked back howling once more. She got to her feet and moved forward again reaching for him; he sniffed her hand and she settled it between his eyes stroking the fur on his head back. 

He pounced forward as his expression softened and his eyes took on their normal shade of gray. Kaya felt his long slobbery tongue on her cheek rolling up towards her eye as he kissed her. She laughed and he continued the onslaught with his tongue, his tail wagging merrily as he came to a sense of recognition.

He looked towards Connor and whimpered. “Yeah you hurt him Mr. Big Bad.” She moved towards him again, he was breathing and the small knot that had formed on his head was now gone. “He should come around soon.” She dropped to the floor beside him and waited for Connor to come to.

When he does, tell him I’m sorry.”

“You can tell him yourself!” she smiled at him as he hopped around her. “How do you feel?” she asked as he celebrated his new form. He howled his excitement and panted with a smile. “Good. Welcome to the world of the wolves!”

Continue ---->


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