Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Episode 11: Hunger

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Rafe, Connor, Bane, Ulrick, Lobo, Julius, Dexter, Byron, Eli
Word Count: 5,762
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Eli's stomach gets the best of him as he tries to learn control over his appetites and new found freedoms. Kaya and Rafe make waves as he makes a move that reassures him his affections would be returned. The Gideon pack is on the hunt for new blood and find it in some unsuspecting strays. Lobo is antsy about a change in the balance of power and fears the upcoming war could lead to the fall of Greymane.
Warning: Language, suggestive material, nudity, strong sexual content, adult situations, violence

Byron continued licking her clitoris pressing his tongue firmly against her button and feeling her thighs clamp around his head. With every push of his fingers within her warm pussy she squealed with pleasure. His tongue knew how to set her off and he loved hearing his name echo from the top of her lungs. “Mmm, you like that baby?” He got his answer in the form of her legs tightening around his head and squeezing as he rocked her to another orgasm. He licked her quicker, tasting the results of his hard work and drowning himself in her scent.

His entire mouth covered her warm pussy and she had a tight grip on his hair as he rubbed his tongue quickly across her clit. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” she screamed. “Oohhh right there yes!” She thrust her hips upward into his mouth more and rubbed her body across his lips as she felt his tongue dart in and out of her warmth. “Fuck yeah!” she groaned as he brought her towards another climax. He held her thighs tight as she tried wiggling away from his overzealous tongue.

Julius walked in without knocking and Byron lifted his head from his snack momentarily to ask what he wanted before returning his mouth to her wet pleasure. Her hand rubbed along the back of his head as she guided him along her G-spot. She was on the verge of cumming again and he was anxiously waiting to taste her once more. Her body was still convulsing from her previous orgasm and she could barely form an actual word of English.

“Do you mind?” Julius asked watching the sex act with growing impatience. “This is important.”

Byron sighed and pulled back as she reached her climax. Her body jerked against his tongue and he smiled to himself as he continued driving his fingers within her. “Yeah I do mind. I have no intentions of climbing out of this cunt until I’m done. What do you want?” he asked again, this time with a little more bass in his voice.

“Luther has us on patrol. He wants us to locate a few more you know what in town and bring them here. I’ll give you five minutes. Wet your dick and let’s move!” Julius replied just as angrily but with a smooth timbre and control in his tone. He headed for the door, slamming it in his wake.

Byron smiled at his toy before slowly climbing on top of her. Five minutes, he thought. We’ll see about that. Over the course of nearly an hour he slammed his cock into her. Making her scream his name for every stroke and orgasm he rocked through her slender body.

His back was scratched up from her nails and he was enjoying every minute of it. Her screams got louder and He pulled back just before he spewed his cum within her and smirked. “You enjoyed that?” he asked.

She nodded weakly and wiped at the perspiration that had formed on her forehead as she struggled to catch her breath. “Good,” he said gripping her by the hair. “Now clean me off and make me cum.”

She obediently responded dropping to her knees in front of him, sucking his throbbing cock into her mouth and tasting herself on him. She moaned and hummed along his dick as he assisted by pressing her head into his lap. Faster and faster he guided her as he fucked her wet lips. Her fingers rubbed between her legs and she moved along her sensitive clit as she worked on getting him off.

His head fell back and he groaned as she choked his full length down her throat. He could feel her tonsils as she gagged and slurped the head and smiled as her tongue darted forward licking his balls. “Fuck yeah, swallow it Baby,” he said as he ejaculated down her throat. She took large gulps to ensure she swallowed every sticky spew that dripped from his throbbing dick. The mixture of his juices with hers made her clit tingle again as she thought about his huge length buried within her and she too came again. His cock went limp in her mouth and he pushed her away as he slowly came down from his high.

He moved away from the bed and threw on a pair of acid washed jeans and a tee.

“Can I see you again?” she asked as she followed suit and got dressed.

“Depends; leave your number by the bed. I might give you a call,” he winked. “And don’t forget your rose Beautiful.” He kissed her cheek and headed to find Julius.

“Fuck man I’m starving,” Eli announced as he dropped into an empty chair behind Ulrick.

“There’s some ham in the fridge,” Ulrick said as he continued counting over the beats.

“You mean was. I had that about a minute ago.”

“Little blonde girl in a long red dress,
basket of goodies pressed into her chest
and shes on her way to grandmas house but stop near a tree to take a rest.”

“Deep in the dark woods all alone,
twigs snap and her eyes roam
searching for a getaway the quickest path to lead her home.”

“All of it? There was about thirty pounds of it!” he exclaimed without turning around. Rafe had skipped another riff and it was throwing Kaya and Bane off every time. He paused the recording and pressed the mic button, “Rafe you skipped that same part again. It’s 3 beats after Kaya and then Bane picks back up on the drums. You have to try counting it out and then hit your G. Let’s go again.” He looked at Eli and sighed. “There were six packages from the butcher shop and I bought it three days ago.”

“Dude, it’s gone ok? Kaya has an awesome voice! This is so fucking cool. Is this for a new CD?”

“It’s actually on the one we’ve recently released, Black Moon. There’s a copy on the stand by me if you’re interested.”

“Fuck yeah. I only have their last one from like a few years ago. How many have there been?”

Ulrick ignored the question focusing more on the group. Rafe wasn’t bad and seemed to pick up on the first three songs rather quickly. But “Little Red” was giving him the most trouble it seemed.

“Ok…So what do wolves eat when you feel as though your stomach is about to drop out of your body?” Eli continued as his stomach growled harder. He rubbed a hand across his abdomen and sighed.

Ulrick’s eyes closed as he heard the grind on the beat again and pressed the studio mic once more. “That’s it for today. We’ll try it again later.” Kaya and Rafe stayed in the room and she showed him the sheet music to a few of their unreleased songs and Connor and Bane headed out towards the main room.

“Hello? Dying animal here,” Eli said waiting for Ulrick to acknowledge him. “What else is there to eat?”

“You’re going to eat us out of house and home Eli. Maybe you should wait until that meat settles inside of you and see how you feel then.”

“I know how I feel. I’m fucking starving.”

“Me too,” Rafe sighed as he and Kaya finally joined them in the music room. “I think there’s some ham…”

“Nope, iron gut here finished that off before he came in here looking for more,” Ulrick laughed pointing to Eli.

“All of it?”

“All of it,” he and Eli said in unison.

“And you called me the growing boy?” Rafe smirked.

“Kaya, what’s there to eat around this place?” Eli asked watching her with renewed interest. Her smile captivated him the most but his gaze turned to Bane with an answer he wasn’t expecting.

“Flesh; raw meat and lots of it. You should ask the butcha that one,” Bane smirked as he started for the den. “He can tell ya all about the woman in the woods, couldn’t ya Mate?”

“Ky he needs to be monitored and he needs to be fed now if he is that hungry. There’s no telling what he’ll do if it gets worse. And I hate to admit it but perhaps Bane is on to something. I don’t want to have to worry about that with him as well.”

“I’m on it,” she said moving towards Eli and extending her hand. “Come on, I’ll take you to dinner and you can buy me an ice cream.”

“You mean like a date? Hell yeah! I’m all over that shit,” he smiled at her and took her hands. She laughed as his fingers slipped between hers and he tugged her gently towards the door.

“Mind if I tag along?” Rafe asked watching them as Eli pulled open the door and wrapped his arm around her neck. She smiled at him and wrapped hers around his waist. His smile increased; if he were in form his tail would be wagging at the feel of her arm around him.

Dude don’t cock block, Eli thought as he watched and waited on Ky’s answer.

“Two pups out on the town? How will I manage that?” she shrugged.

“I’m not a fucking pup! I’ve been a wolf for five years now. Rafe on the other hand, he still has that new pup smell,” Eli said looking at him. “Like fresh dropped from the womb. Have you cut your fangs yet?”

“Sorry Eli, I didn’t mean anything by it. But considering I have a few centuries on you, you’re still ‘new’ to me too.”

“Centuries? Damn Kaya how old are you?”

“Old enough. Now let’s get moving before you wolf out on me and look for a fresh kill.”

“Oh no if I wolf out it won’t be to kill ya,” he winked. Rafe sighed and hurried behind them.

They arrived to Harry’s Meat Market and she grabbed a number and waited to be called. Rafe’s stomach growled loud enough to turn a few heads and she laughed. “Don’t worry; we’ll feed that monster in a second.”

Eli dropped his head onto the table as he tried to calm the pangs throbbing within the pit of his belly. His leg tapped rapidly and he strummed his fingers across the wooden surface fighting the urge to jump over the counter and devour the supply of the tiny shop. He growled and Kaya turned to him. He looked up at her and for a moment his eyes flashed yellow; his wolf side was peeking. She moved closer and placed a calming hand on his arm. “Breathe deeply Eli,” she whispered against his neck as she leaned down on him. 

Rafe stepped towards the table and she heard his stomach again as well. “What is with you two? You shouldn’t let yourselves get this hungry; especially you Rafe, it’s dangerous. It’s most likely the reason you ended up in the woods like you did with your first. You have to be careful especially as a cub. The hunger can take over; drive you and make you do unspeakable things.”

“Like shred someone to pieces?”

“Among others yes.”

“Number 31,” the butcher called and Kaya walked over to place an order for a slab of ribs and a side of beef.

“Better make that two,” she smiled turning back to the table to find them both licking their lips.

Harry wrapped the meat tightly into white paper and slid it across the counter towards her. She grabbed her items paid and started out for the Cadillac.

Before the door could close, Rafe tore into one of the packages and consumed its contents. His mouth was slathered in blood and he released a burp loud enough to shake the windows. He looked at Kaya in shock and embarrassment before tossing the empty paper into the trash.

“Sorry about that.”

She smiled and wiped his lips. “Don’t be I’ve seen worse. Feel better?”


“Good! Now about my ice cream?”

“There!” Dexter growled and pointed as he waited for Julius to guide the SUV to a stop on the side of an abandoned building. “This is the one.”

“There’s no one here,” Byron groaned as he hopped out the back door. 

“Yeah, that’s what she wants you to think. Don’t be so fucking stupid shut your mouth and let’s move.” They walked around to the back of the building. Byron let out a frustrated sigh as his senses still did not pick up on whatever it was Dexter was convinced he could smell here. The building to him appeared vacant in sight, sound and smell.

The outside was shabby and rundown to the point an old creepy tree sprouted roots through the side and out the 2nd story window. The paint was peeled and cracked and aimlessly blew with the breeze any time the cool wind swept past. As he drew nearer he could smell the decaying and rotting stench of the termite infested wooden planks covering the walls and floors. 

The inside wasn’t any better. The carpet that had long since molded was now home to critters he’d never seen before or cared to know. He laughed to himself as a rat scurried by and ran quickly through a hole he’d obviously dug out of the wall. The same wind beaten floors seemed to crumble from beneath their feet. Every step made on the old wood created a sad creak or groan of a foundation long since forgotten. The boards on the windows prevented much light from peeking in through the outside but what did cast the room in a pale yellow glow; the only light within the dim space. It was enough to confirm they were standing in what used to be the infirmary or small clinic.

There was rusted medical equipment and old bottles of medicine lying thrown around the counter tops and floors. Broken and overturned tables and chairs littered the one side of the room and old medical beds and mattresses covered in dirt and dried blood on the other. Julius pinched his nose to try and get the stench out. It was severely clouding the smell of anything else. 

He looked at Dexter with the same dubious glare Byron had earlier and watched him move confidently down the hall. “You’re sure about this? Kaya loves her strays. She’d never let them rot in a place like this.”

“Stop fucking questioning me!” he yelled and turned to him with yellow glowing eyes. He was intimidating; almost as much as Luther when he was enraged. Though Julius knew he wouldn’t use more than mere threats at pause for retribution from their Alpha, he was still hesitant to press the Beta on the subject. He nodded his head and sighed. He hated wild goose hunts but he didn’t want to go back to the pack empty handed. He followed Dexter towards the hall but stopped noticing Byron wasn’t moving forward.

“You too, Mutt!” Dexter growled.

“I just think this place is a little…vacant. Why would you bring us here and not one of the shelters we know she has strays?”

Without an answer he kicked open one of the doors and out ran four wolves in form. “Grab them!” he yelled. Dexter caught two within his large palms while Julius and Byron were successful pulling in the other two. “There’s a fucking reason I’m the Beta,” he tossed over his shoulder as he choked the animals unconscious. “Let’s get them back to the manor. This should get Luther off our backs for a while.”

“What can I get ya?” the smiling woman asked from behind the counter.

“Hmm, I’ll have an Oreo sundae, extra caramel and chocolate please,” Kaya replied licking her lips. “What do you guys want?”

“I’m fine,” Rafe replied as Eli moved closer to check the selection.

“It’s been a while since I’ve had ice cream.” His eyes got bigger as he watched one of the attendants making Kaya’s sundae. “I’ll take one of those too. Can I also get extra cookie pieces?”  

She paid for their items and found a table near the back wall facing near the window so she could watch for traffic. Eli dove into the cold, sweet treat immediately moaning and licking the spoon clean with every bite. “This is so good!”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying it.”

“Thank you so much for this Kaya. You have no idea how grateful I am that you guys found me.”

“It was Bane and you’re welcome. I’m just happy to see you’re healing up and getting better. It was scary for a moment.” She stabbed her spoon into one of the scoops and placed her elbows on the table watching him scarf down his bowl. “Eli which of your parents was a wolf?”

“My Mom; my Dad didn’t even have the gene. She told him about it after they’d been married for 6 years because she was afraid that he’d leave her. She said he got suspicious when she would go off at night alone and thought she was cheating on him. Little did he know it was something that rounded the corner of awesome!”

Rafe laughed as he listened to him recall moments with his parents and the silly pranks they’d pull on his father and friends whenever they could. For a moment he seemed happy; the way he imagined he was before he was grabbed and his life was turned completely upside down.

Kaya joked with him and liked the feeling of security he seemed to find around them. He wasn’t shy at all about the way he felt or the way he spoke. Whatever was on his mind was out of his mouth in the next three seconds and she loved that about him. He had an attitude that only proved that he was a fighter and would not sit by and let himself die. “You’re gonna need some clothes and…”

“Skateboard! Please?! Man…I had the best Zero deck with the reaper graphic on a sick black print! Perfect slick bottom for sliding and the durability? When I say I tried to break that board and failed I ain’t lying. I took it through so many stunts and it held up! Dude, Dudette, if you don’t get me anything else I NEED a skateboard! Think of it as wolf preservation, you’d be saving my life BIG TIME!” Kaya laughed as his eyes opened wide as he illustrated how desperately in need of a skateboard he was.

“We’ll see what we can do. Come on we should get back, I don’t want to keep you guys out here for too long.”

They got back to the manor and Eli rushed up to his room while Rafe started for the music room to work on the songs again. Kaya heard talking coming from Lobo’s office and started towards him. She pressed her ear against the door and listened at him yelling to someone on the other end of his phone. He hung up so violently it vibrated through the wooden panel she leaned against. “Come inside Kaya,” he called, a bit of irritation and sadness leveled his tone.

She slowly entered inside and moved towards his desk. Looking around she could see he’d been busy or stressed all afternoon. He had papers thrown all around the floor and broken vases shattered against the walls. “I’m not cleaning this up,” she smiled bringing one out on his lips as well.

“And I’d never ask you to baby girl.” A light chuckle echoed from his throat and he leaned forward and motioned for her to sit.

She took a seat in one of the chairs in front of his desk and leaned forward playing with the glass bird on the corner of the antique wooden surface. Absently she ran her finger along the smooth ornament waiting for Armand to speak before again taking the first step. “So what’s going on? Who were you yelling at?”

He sighed and looked at her. The smile slowly disappeared as he thought about what he would lose and the cost of the next words about to slip from his lips. “There’s a war coming Kaya,” Lobo said looking at his hands. “And when it…Luther and I are going to have it out and…”

“Daddy! You could die!” she said jumping back and leveling her eyes with his.

“And that’s the most likely outcome. He’s been gathering up wolves in large quantities and if one of them doesn’t get me, he will. If I don’t make it out of there alive…” 

“No! No I won’t hear this Daddy you can’t…I can’t lose you plus I’m not ready to lead this pack!” Her sadness was replaced by seriousness and she stood from her chair. “What the hell is wrong with you? Why now? Why are you doing this now? I can’t do this without you! I’m not ready to lose you! There are too many wolves out there now and there is no way I am capable to handle what’s coming!

He stood and pulled her into his arms, kissing her forehead gently he lifted her chin and leveled their eyes. “You were ready the day you were born Kaya you just have to have the confidence to know that. I’ve trained and taught you everything I could when really you were teaching me more than I could have imagined. Your compassion and strength are your two greatest assets and what you’ll need to be a strong leader. I have no doubts you’ll make a great Alpha.”

She bit her lip and rubbed her arm as she pulled out of his grip. “Why does it sound like you’re saying goodbye to me?” A tear fell from her eye as she looked at him waiting for him to dispel her beliefs and tell her it was all a dream and that he was not committing suicide walking into the Lion’s Den.

He sighed and wiped the tear from her cheek slowly with his thumb and turned his back before facing her once more. “This is something that has to happen. One way or another a war is coming Kaya. Now I can either go after him and have the upper hand and element of surprise OR I can wait for him to snatch up as many strays as he can get his hands on and come after me hurting you in the process!”

“Because of the Supreme Alpha? You really think it’s you Daddy? Is that what this is about? What exactly did the council tell you? How could the seers not know who the Alpha is when they know there will be one? Don’t those messages work in pairs? You see the event and the person that starts it? Look at Rafe; Lexi said he was the one we’d need and he was the one we found. You don’t have to do this! Talk to Lexi first!” she argued and found herself raising her voice in anger at him causing him to react in kind.

“I HAVE KAYA!” he shouted his voice instantly made her whimper from the thunderous force behind it. “There is nothing more that can be said or done THIS will happen and you have to be ready to lead in the event of my death.” He reached for her again and she pulled away. “Kaya…”

“No.” She hurried from his office up to her room. She paced the area in front of her bed placing her hands on her ears as she tried to shut out everyone and everything. Her skin was on fire; she was burning up and wasn’t sure if it was from the stress of what her father was telling her or the fact that she was just coming off her cycle.

She threw on a bikini, grabbed a towel and ran out towards the garden. Rafe saw her from the music room door and watched her flick the water in the pool with her hand a moment deciding if she were going to get in or not. He could sense her distress. Her nerves were all over the place and he felt compelled to go to her and relieve her pain. 

He headed down towards the pool and though she smelled him approach she pretended as though he wasn’t there and continued testing the water to lower it to the right temperature. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“No, I don’t,” she replied without turning around. She rubbed her arms again before grabbing her towel and moving back towards the gardens and the other end of the large property for peace and quiet.

“Well if you ever you know need someone to listen,” he smiled as she finally looked at him and he nodded.

“Thanks Rafe, that’s sweet of you but my problems aren’t yours.” She sighed and it appeared as though the weight was off her shoulders; at least for now and she could ignore the sorrow wrenching her gut. “Why aren’t you resting? We’re in the week of the next full moon. You should be getting plenty of sleep.”

“Not tired. I’m…”

“Anxious? Yeah I know what you mean. That’s how I was when I knew I was ready to transition too. My body was restless and I just didn’t want to sit still. It was a happy anxious though because I thought…I knew I was ready but once it started…”

“Yeah that part. The idea of my body becoming molten lava and my bones ash isn’t exactly dream inducing images.”

She laughed. “I’m sorry I never meant to scare you but you wanted me to be honest!”

“You know when people say that, 99% of the time they are asking you to make it sound pretty but as close to the truth as possible,” he smiled.

“Whatever,” she rolled her eyes hitting his shoulder and pushing him back a little.” Her eyes darted to the path behind him and then towards the bushes before finding his face again.

“What?” he asked noticing her gaze.

She pushed him and took off towards the trail causing him to chase after her. She laughed; surprised at how he was able to keep up. “You really are getting faster.”

“Yeah, pretty soon you won’t be able to escape me. Where are you going anyway?”

She giggled and kept forward. Darting through rows of trees and bushes and around another large flower garden. Her feet pounded in the wet dirt and her shoes squished the mud between them as she picked up her pace and rushed through the other side of the clearing.

“Another pool?” Rafe asked as he stopped beside her and leaned forward to try and catch his breath.

“This one gives me an extra bit of privacy than the one at the manor.”


“Mmhmm! Wanna join me?” Kaya asked shedding her last article of clothing. 

She dipped a toe into the water before diving beneath the cool liquid. She came up and blew a mouthful towards him, laughing as he jumped back to keep from getting wet. “Don’t be such a baby! Come on, it feels great!”

Rafe shrugged before pulling off his shirt and undoing his belt while kicking his shoes to the side. Without hesitation, he dove head first into the water and immediately jumped up and yelled. “Christ! This is cold Kaya!”

“Of course it is,” she laughed listening to his teeth chattering as he held himself and rubbed his arms. “Why would I want to swim in warm water? Feel my skin, I’m burning up!”

“You could have warned me first!”

“Yeah but where’s the fun in that?” she splashed him and swam away before he could hit her with a handful of water. He chased after her, laughing as she sought to escape his attempt to splash her.

“I’m gonna get you!”

“In your dreams,” she tossed at him as she kicked her feet quickly behind her intentionally splashing him more. She moved along the side and found she was cornered against the back wall and he was on top of her in an instant. “More dumb luck?”

“No, I’m obviously quicker,” he smirked. The white lights embedded in the pool underneath the water reflected off of the adjacent wall casting a beautiful glow on her bare shoulders and face. The way it hit her lips made them look even more plump and desirable; swollen and in need of his touch. He moved forward causing the water to ripple between them, his eyes still focused on her lips until she sucked them in and slid away from him.

Wordlessly she climbed out of the water slicking her hair back in place. “You’ll want to get out of there soon. Your body is still adjusting and I hear hypothermia is nothing to play with.” She looked over her shoulder, barely allowing him a view of her face as she made her way to the pool house. 

Rafe followed close behind, grabbing her by the wrist just before she crossed the threshold backing her into the wall beside the door. With her strength, her age overpowering his, she could have easily pulled away and knocked him flat on his ass. Instead she stood in place staring down at the floor. Rafe leaned forward ducking his head to level their eyes willing her to look his way.

“You know what I think?” his hands slid up her wrist and around her waist as he moved closer to her ear, his voice low mimicking a growl that sent a chill up her spine, “you’re scared of me. That’s why you push and pull with me.”

Kaya smirked, lifting her chin slightly, “I’m stronger, faster, smarter and prettier than you, Pup! What do I have to be afraid of?” 

Rafe smiled, enjoying her sassy remarks and the way her tongue moved seductively against her teeth as she spoke. “Because I’m new to you and nothing like that asshole Bane; I can show you things that might just have you following me around like a lovesick puppy! But you should know,” he moved closer using his body to keep her pinned against the wall, “you don’t have to be afraid of me, I don’t bite.”

His lips hovered over hers and lowered until he gently brushed them. Her breath warm and relaxing fanned across them and his eyes moved from them to her hooded lids. Dropping his head to complete the kiss, she pulled back the second they were to connect, speaking just above a whisper against his lips, “But I might and you should be very afraid of me.”

She slid out from under him and he blew out the breath he was holding and watched as she made her escape into the building and sank into the hot tub. He kicked the corner of the house deciding whether or not to join her. He slapped an open hand onto the glass window, pulled his pants on and headed back to the manor towards his room. She felt it, this time he knew for sure it wasn’t just in his head. The way her body reacted from his touch alone said that she wanted it just as much.

He released a frustrated groan as he dropped to the bed. What goes through her head? He wondered as he lay counting the number of pivots on the ceiling. He checked his breath and laughed at himself thinking that could have been it. His eyes rolled up and he glanced at the clock. 11 pm. He pulled himself from the bed and started for the bathroom to take care of the aching desire hardening between his legs. His body was in increased heat lately and more and more he could understand what Kaya meant.

“Eli?” Connor knocked once on his door before stepping inside. He found him on the ground crying covered in blood and rocking himself back and forth. “Are you ok?” he asked rushing forward.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, I didn’t mean to!” he continued chanting and rocking himself. “It was an accident I swear!”

Connor sniffed him and quickly realized the blood was not his own. “Where is she?”

“I didn’t mean to, I’m sorry.”

“Eli where is she?” he asked shaking him until he was looking up at him. He pointed to the backyard and Connor stood and noticed the large amount of blood trailing from the pool house and towards the back stairs. “Stay here! I’ll be right back.”

He rushed outside, the pungent smell of exposed viscera stung his nose the moment he stepped foot within the gardens. “Kaya?” He yelled as he pushed through the flowers looking for the source of the blood. “Kaya!?” He stopped as he reached the prone body of Eli’s victim. His heart sank in his chest and he dropped to his knees.

She had been mauled; there was no other way to describe it. The claw marks and puncture wounds covered her entire body from head to toe and her neck was nearly severed from the brutality of the bite. Her face was twisted in horror and the bones in her hands were shattered from trying to defend herself from the animal that was attacking her. Connor rubbed his hand over his face as he thought about how close to home this was. He promised Kaya he’d look after him and this was his failure.

“Who is she?” Kaya asked as she stepped towards him wrapped in a towel.

“Someone I met out at Waves. She was a fan of the band and...FUCK! She was only 22. Ky I’m sorry I…”

“Connor this isn’t your fault. Ulrick warned both of us. Poor Eli was locked away for so long he’s never learned the proper control for his hunger. I guess now he should at least be satisfied.” She dropped to the ground beside him and rubbed a hand across his shoulder. “We’ve all been here at least once.”

“Yeah I just…”

She kissed his cheek and looked up towards Eli’s room. He was standing in his window watching them, an expression mixed with both grief and regret washed over his face and he apologized to Kaya. “I’ll take care of her. Go help Eli.” With a quick nod of his head, he pulled away from the ground and started up towards his room.

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  1. Eli better stay back. Rafe isn't as bad as Bane but if he catches wind that he has the hots for Ky Eli is going to wish he wasn't saved.

    Poor Eli still adjusting to life. He mauled that poor girl, the guilt is going to kill him. Connor too since she was there because of him.

    That scene with Rafe and Ky---you are such a tease! Those two want each other, Ky can no longer deny it no matter how hard she tries. They are going to bring the house down when they finally hook up.

    Lobo is preparing to die. Why does he think Luther will get the upper hand? I would think he would be more confident than that. Could it be because Luther fights dirty? The council guy was wrong to not let the alphas know. I hope his plan to control the supreme alhpa backfires! He is causing an unnecessary war keeping things secret for his own personal gain.

    1. Eli has a little bit of a crush and it's cute. He hasn't been able to really explore intimacy (he's still a virgin) so like you'd think a horny young adult would be (plus his heightened wolf senses) he is very amped up!

      Rafe was testing the waters. He's pretty sure he knows Kaya is into him as much but is afraid of moving too fast and scaring her. It's killing him though but at least he isn't concerned with Bane!

      Lobo is confident in his abilities but he knows that he needs to be the one to move first. Luther is collecting a lot of wolves and if he doesn't take the first step he could be outnumbered! He isn't so much preparing to die as he is preparing Kaya for the possible outcome of the two rivals meeting head on.

      That's Damien's plan: let the alphas kill one another as the Supreme takes control so he can rule them all. He doesn't care what happens to the packs at this point because he'll have the upper hand.

      Thank you for reading :)

  2. I like Eli! He is a good addition to the household. He's proud of what he is and outspoken!

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    1. Eli is cute! I think his attitude is a fresh and welcoming addition as well. Connor and Kaya are both taken with him and he is adjusting well to the change.

      Lobo knows that Kaya is ready and prepared her for what's to come. He doesn't want her to linger on his death (in the outcome of) so he ensured she would know that he loved her and only wanted what was best before taking action. Lexi knows what Lobo must do and is pressing the issue and even she has a few causes for concern!

      Rafe doesn't want to push with Kaya because he is attracted to her. He thinks that if he rushes she will definitely close up and he doesn't want that. Kaya on the other hand is fighting against what's best for her and what's best for everyone.

      Eli sadly was not able to harness his full wolf abilities as a captive of the hunters. So when he got hungry he was not himself or able to control his actions. Had he the proper tutelage things might have gone better for his victim.

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      Kaya has known that this was a risk being the Beta of her pack but it was a day she hoped would never come. Foolish thoughts, yes, but she's a Daddy's girl in the worst way and hates the idea of losing him! You're right though and that's exactly Lobo's sentiment: attack or be attacked. At least if he starts it he has an advantage.

      Eli is responding to new stimuli. When he would get hungry before he was at the disadvantage of being caged up so he has never had to control the hunger before. When that annoying grinding started it had to be appeased and with wolves, as Bane said, it's only done so through raw flesh and LOTS of it...usually a human for those that haven't the pleasures and discipline of NON-human feeding. They definitely need to help him control that though before it gets out of hand.

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      Eli is sad and I like that comparison to a boy scout! He had a simple life and one he was happy with before the hunters came. It's great his parents instilled such decent morals that he was yet able to cling to but a few. At least (thus far) the hunters have not influenced him in a bad way!

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      Byron is what every girl needs! I think his passion to please his lovers places him high on everyone's list :D HAHA Byron had a job to do and wasn't bothered at all with Julius' intrusion.

      Rafe feels it's better to go slow. He really likes Kaya and knows that she feels something at least and rather than make her back away completely he is waiting for her to figure it out as well. You're absolutely right though she should be the one afraid of him!

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      Thank you for reading!

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