Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Episode 15: Man's Best Friend

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Rafe, Connor, Ulrick, Lobo, Odessa, Phoenix, Byron, Sonja, Damian, Luther, Lennox Russell
Word Count: 9,207
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Kaya convinces Luther to allow Rafe to return to Greymane but he has the last word. Rafe questions Kaya about the things Luther would have possibly told him hoping she can clear up some confusion but it only adds more. Sonja makes an advance towards Rafe at Kaya's expense and he ends up inside the Gideon Manor and speaks with Luther. Later Kaya tells Rafe about the seers and discusses mating habits of wolves.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, adult situations, nudity

Kaya caught up just as they’d reached Gideon’s meeting point. She could smell them around her and fear took over for a moment before she dug her claws into the Earth and ripped clumps of mud and grass away picking up speed. “Rafe!” she called as she neared the retreating wolves, Luther at the front. Rafe stopped and turned to look at her, causing Luther to turn as well and move menacingly close.

Where are you going?”

Kaya, don’t take this the wrong way but I want to learn who I am and you seem to know something you’re not sharing. Luther has...”

Luther cannot be trusted!”

He snarled and jumped in front of her. “And I suppose the whelp of the man that has a great deal of secrets and a knack for lying can? Tell me Kaya, what truth is there in an elder wolf that seeks to hide the power another in her pack possesses? What grand revelation are you concealing from the Pup that you’d prefer not coming to light? I offer truth, reality, power when all you’ve offered him are lies, secrets and misinformation. He’s made his decision and you should run on home before I keep you both.

Luther...” He growled as she moved closer; a warning that should she try anything she’d regret it. “I don’t know what you think I know or what you intend on telling Rafe but what I do know is that if you don’t let him come back with me now, the Council won’t be your only concern.”

He laughed and pressed his muzzle to hers. “Ballsy! You do have a bit of the old man in you, still the fear in your eyes and,” he lifted his nose and sniffed the air before pressing into her once more, “the scent in your body betrays you.”

Regardless, I’m not backing down Luther. Rafe comes back with me or it will be the fight you wanted with Lobo.

I could rip you to pieces Kaya.”

But you won’t.” She nodded at Rafe and he moved towards her and back in the direction he came heading towards the manor. “Thank you Luther.”

Don’t thank me yet, Kaya. This is far from over.”

She turned and started to meet up with Rafe. Just as her paws lifted from the ground and she began her run, she was suddenly and without warning knocked back. Shocked, she quickly regained her wits and instincts took over. Kaya found herself struggling against her aggressor, protecting her neck from a forward attack she rolled only to be thrown once more to the dirt. Landing with a hard thud against the cold, unyielding ground she bit down her tongue to suppress a yelp.  

Fangs ripping, jaws clenching, snapping, rolling she continuously fought off the assault. Luther had her successfully pinned and the moment her neck was bare, his powerful jaws snapped to it gripping tightly and holding her in place. He growled at her attempt to roll once more; a threatening gaze lingered on hers.

Inevitably she stopped fighting and froze in place. Kaya whimpered in submission as Luther moved over her. He held on longer watching her eyes ensuring she was passive before backing away. The moon was lowering as dawn set in painting the pasture in a misty orange glow as the sun began to rise. She inhaled the air around them once he let her up and realized Luther had sent his pack away preventing them from attacking her as well; a fight she surely would not have survived. Grateful for her reprieve she yipped at him as she collected herself.

Together they shifted back into human form, Kaya’s breathing was shallow and fast as Luther remained calm and threatening close by. Kaya sat up, covering herself from his piercing stare she watched him closely. Probing her with his stare a wicked smile drew on his lips and he stood and reached his hand for her.

Lifting her from the ground he brushed away a bit of dirt from her cheek and plucked errant blades of straw and grass from her hair. She looked up at him still showing signs of compliance and he leaned painfully close to her face, resting their foreheads together his lips brushed hers lightly as he spoke. “It’s just that easy Princess, that easy for me to turn your world upside down. Now I demand an audience with your friend and you will see to it that I have it.”

He moved behind her, still speaking low and dauntingly as his hands caressed up her arms and his flat palm rested around her throat, rubbing, tightening, he ensured he had her full attention. “Otherwise, our next meeting will be VERY unpleasant.” She nodded and blew out a breath and he pulled away moving towards a rock his change of clothing sat. 

“See this is why we get along Kaya, you’re much more diplomatic than your old man; much more complacent,” he grinned and offered her his shirt; she took it. Kaya buttoned up quickly as he watched her body and the way the sun bathed her skin in its light. The way he watched her made her uneasy and he could sense it. Her eyes were on his and the look of lust that seemed to wash over them. He licked his lips and moved towards her again. Pulling her hair gently over her shoulder he kissed her neck and her body tightened in response as his hands slid over her stomach pulling her against his stiffening dick. “Soon Kaya I will have everything I want. And with your help I will have it all,” he whispered and kissed her again. “Now get home; we wouldn’t want Lobo to worry.”

She got back to the manor and quickly rushed upstairs to her bathroom. Tossing his shirt to the trash, Kaya began scrubbing herself hard until splotches of her skin burned and reddened under the force.  She had to get his scent off of her before Lobo found out. Her mind wandered to that moment her neck was caught between his teeth. He could have ripped out her throat or mounted her if that was what he desired. She was weak; vulnerable against his age and strength. It was foolish rushing after him but she thought better her than her father.

She dried herself and dropped the towel in the hamper before ambling back into her room, her feet padding lightly over the cold wooden surface of the floor. Soon, what did he mean by that? The words replayed again and she dropped silently on her bed and worried, unmoving, scared. If he thought for one second she was helping him, he had another thing coming. Chewing her bottom lip carefully deciding her next move, Luther was up to something and it was more than a simple war. She kicked herself once more for allowing him to take her neck; at least Rafe made it back ok.

“FUCK!” Damian screeched and threw the contents of his desk to the floor in one motion. “I want that goddamn witch in my office by days end! I don’t care if you have to tear through every coven to get her I had better see results soon!”

He threw his cell phone across the room and watched it shatter against the corner of the wall before scattering in different directions in the already war-torn office. He was pissed; had been overly enraged by the news that the seers lost sight of his target witch and there was no telling where she had disappeared to. Faith and Lexi had been working to locate her once again but his trust in their “effort” was beginning to wear thin.

“What is it?” Odessa demanded stepping into the dark office and watching her husband pace the area in front of his desk before settling his feet. He stopped and rested on his fists as he thought about his plan and the current unraveling of the care he’d placed into every detail.

“The seers are fucking with me and very soon they are gonna learn the true power of an elder wolf.” He turned with the last of his words to meet his wife’s worried and anxious gaze. Since hearing what he’d had planned for the Alpha she’d been trying to convince him of an alternate route to take.

It was a foolish venture and she wasn’t prepared to become a widow at only four centuries of life. “Perhaps you should reconsider your plan,” she started and stopped seeing the look of annoyance furrow his brow. He’d had enough of hearing about it.

“Prudence is for the weak Oddie! I’ve waited too long for this to fall to shit now!”

“All the more reason to be careful Damian! If the packs catch wind of what you’re planning or heaven forbids the other members of this council you…we’re done!” He stopped and turned again at her use of the word. “Yes, me too. You think for one second if you fail, if anyone learns about this that mercy would be shown to your mate? I’m just as guilty for the actions of my husband as if I committed the acts with my own hand! And I will NOT Damian go down for your foolishness. Get your shit together and get it done otherwise drop this bullshit so we can get back to our lives!” Odessa turned and exited the room, slamming the door hard behind her.

“Hey!” Kaya smiled watching Rafe maintain his focus on the horizon as he ran as hard as he could on the treadmill.

“Hey!” he turned slightly to meet her gaze before focusing on the skyline once more. “Think you can stand in front of me?”

“Sure.” She moved into his line of sight and the smile on his face increased in size. “What’s that for?”

“Well…now you gave me something nice to chase.”


“You asked!”

“I suppose I did,” she replied trying to hide the fact that his line, as cheesy as it was, made her blush. “I came to see how you were doing after last night. And if you had any questions.”

“Uh, well, in all honesty I still had that ounce of disbelief that wolves even existed up until I watched you change for me. And up until I actually changed myself I still doubted that I was one.”

“And now?”

“And now…now the fun begins right?” He turned the machine off and stepped off of it. Dragging the towel across his face to wipe away a bit of the sweat that had accumulated on his brow, he took a sip of water and dropped onto the ground near the workout bench. Smiling in her direction, he nodded at the bench offering the seat to Kaya. She moved closer, placed her head in her hands and waited for him to begin again. “Now the question becomes, how the hell did I become a wolf? I don’t know anything about my parents; I don’t know what other way besides being bitten I could have turned and though I’ve had some wild women in my life, I don’t recall ever being gnawed on.”

The wind howled and a gentle breeze blew softly against her face. Kaya closed her eyes for a moment and enjoyed the scent of the azaleas and cool gusts provided by the spring weather. This was truly her favorite time of the year. Every lycan trait in her being craved to be outdoors in this weather; lusted for the fresh air and cool winds to float calmly over her fur during her night runs.  Everything was in bloom and that sense of being with nature only enhanced her vigor during the night. Kaya glanced over Rafe’s sweat glistened body and smiled before rejoining the conversation. 

“Being bitten isn’t something easily forgotten. A werewolf’s bite burns into your flesh leaving the distinct imprint of the fangs. The site would become red and itchy for days as the venom seeps into your veins and corrupts your system. It’s picky though; unlike myths and fairytales were a bite turns the victim into kindred, wolves are a family; a real brotherhood. If your genes are not predestined for Lycan blood, the venom will kill you slowly and painfully over the course of a week. Otherwise it takes over and prepares you for the day you inevitably claim your place among the rest of us.” She giggled when he smiled and he looked at her quizzically. “Your fangs are showing.” 

“Yeah I haven’t figured out how to get them to go away.” He licked his tongue across the pointy edge of his new friends and hissed feeling a sting as one sliced into the side of his tongue. Swallowing once to capture the small drops of blood seeping from the cut he ignored the pain and concentrated on making them go away. “So what was Luther talking about? That you know something about me you’re not sharing.”

Kaya sighed and redirected her attention to nothing in particular but a point far off enough from his inquisitive gaze. He wanted to know and she promised she wouldn’t lie if he asked her questions but this was one thing she herself was unsure of how to explain. “Um…it’s just something the seers told us. Remember how I told you there was a purpose behind us finding you? Well each pack is assigned a seer.”

“A seer?”

“A witch and before you ask, yes magic does exist but it’s probably nothing like what you think. Anyway our seer Lexi sent us to find you in the woods. She said that you were important to us but she never exactly said why. Perhaps Luther learned more from his.”

“And is that all the seers said about me? That you had to find me?” She shook her head no and he waited for her to fill in the blanks.

“Lexi said that you and I should never be more than just friends.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“I don’t know. But she made it very clear that anything more with you would be bad mojo for Greymane and wolves in general.”


Kaya shrugged and sighed. “I honestly don’t know, Rafe. But in the best interest of the pack I’ve…tried,” Her eyes wandered towards the manor and she stood and sighed again making her retreat. 

Rafe sat for a moment going over what she said; the realization that even if she liked him back that she wouldn’t act on it hit him hard. He shook the thought free and moved after her stopping just before she entered through the back door. “Are you ok?” he asked slipping his fingers into her hand and turning her to face him.

“I’m fine Rafe, why?”

“About the woods,” he sighed. “I thought you were right behind me Ky, I’m sorry I left you with him. Had I known…”

“It’s ok Rafe, really. He didn’t hurt me, well other than a few bumps that have since healed. I’m fine.” She turned and headed up to her room and started for her bureau to check her bruises in the mirror, smiling as she confirmed what she said to Rafe, they had indeed healed. Luther had other plans, that he made clear. She just had no idea what exactly they were or how he thought she figured into the whole thing.

“Where did you get that?” Rafe asked noticing the flower vase on her dresser. He flicked a petal and noted the scent that dispersed from the rose. Wherever it came from it was fresh. His eyes closed and he hoped it was not a sign for what he thought.


“The rose.”

“Oh. Bane gave it to me. Why?”

He folded his arms into his chest and shook his head, “He gives them to you when the two of you…uh.”

“Rafe I know you and he are at odds and…”

“It’s really none of my business Kaya.” He sighed and looked at it again. “It’s fresh. When did he give it to you?”

“Last night before the change.”

“Oh. I see. Do you have any idea where it came from?”

“No I’ve never bothered to ask. Something about the way he smiles about them freaks me out. I just prefer not knowing to be honest. Why the interest? Did he steal it from you? Oh God is it Connor’s flower for his Mother?”


“Con keeps a fresh rose on his dresser next to the picture of Nadine. It’s his way of commemorating her since he can’t see her as often as he wants.” She started for the door to check Connor’s room and Rafe stopped her.

“It’s not his. Bane picked that for you himself.”

Kaya gave him an incredulous look and tried to contain the laughter that soon followed. “Please Rafe! I’d have believed you if you told me he stole it from you but picked it himself? Ok. Has Hell frozen over then?” 

“I’m serious. But judging from your reaction you probably wouldn’t know where his garden is?” She laughed again and Rafe sighed his frustration. “Nevermind.”

“Rafe wait I’m sorry. It’s just, you’ve met Bane! How can you not find humor in what you’re saying? If I told you he had a rose garden would you believe me?”

“I guess not,” he shrugged and started for the door. “So anyway, I decided I’m heading back to my place. The transition is over and it felt good being in my own bed even if it was for a night.”

“I kinda figured as much. I know it kinda sucks for you being around someone you know hates you and I know you probably felt safer in your comfort zone. But I’ll keep your room empty in case you want to come back and…” She scribbled a number on a piece of paper and slid it into his hand. “Though I could hear you if you howled like last night,” she smiled. “It’s my number so you can call me if you need anything,” she ducked her head a bit to level their eyes and smiled when he looked up. “Anytime Rafe.”

“Good idea let me give you mine.”

“No need, I’ll get it when you call.”

“And you’re so sure I will?”

She stepped closer as he opened the door to her bedroom and leaned in the frame. “Be careful Rafe. Even though you’ve had your transition you’re still vulnerable out there since you haven’t made an official affiliation to a pack yet.” Without thinking her hand slipped up his arm towards his shoulder. Her fingers twirled in the ends of his hair and she focused on them as they threaded through each strand. “I’ll worry but I know you can take care of yourself.”

A smile crept up on his face as he watched her absently playing with his hair. He licked his lips anxious and desirous he wanted to taste hers again. He noticed the rose positioned once more on the dresser and blew out a breath. Gently caressing her hand he pulled it away from his head and his lips locked in a straight smile as he nodded and headed out of the manor. “I’ll see ya Ky.”

“Peaches!” Connor smiled as he came down the stairs from the third floor and towards her. “Rick just texted me. He wants us to meet him in the music room.”

“Rick texted you to meet downstairs? Is he here?”

Connor shrugged. “Would that make sense for him to text me from in the manor?”

“Maybe…ok maybe not. Whatever.” She punched him and raced him down the stairs and into the music studio. He took a seat at the piano and began playing nothing in particular and she slumped onto the bench beside him.

“Was that Rafe leaving again?” Connor focused on the sounds coming from one of his babies but noted the way her body changed with the question. She was preparing herself to deny it, he could sense it. Curiously he looked towards her and shook his head, warning her off from running from this conversation.

Kaya bit her lip and looked past him. “Yep.” Those intense green eyes burned holes in her face and she could feel him analyzing her features checking the honesty in her responses.

“Are you ok?”


“Are you sure?”

“I’m fine Frogger, really. Though maybe you can help clear up a mystery, do you know anything about Bane’s flower garden?”


“Hey!” Ulrick smiled stepping into the studio. “Where’s Bane? Rafe?”

“Bane wasn’t here when you texted and I have no idea when he’ll be back.”

“And Rafe?”

“He went home and I didn’t get his number,” Kaya sunk more on the bench as she kicked herself for that move.

“Well that’s great. I need them both here now.”

“Why? What’s up?” Connor asked turning to face their manager.

“Local thing; one of my friends was in a jam and I loaned you guys to him for the night.”

“You loaned us? What do you mean you loaned us for the night?” Kaya asked scratching her head and stepping away from Connor.

“His live band canceled on him at the last minute and he asked if I knew someone locally that could fill in. Naturally I thought some big shot rock band would be PERFECT for it, so I told him Night Shift would do it.” He smirked at the confused look on Kaya’s face before continuing. “No, but really you were the only group I had available. Besides, with the release of Black Moon it’s great publicity.”

“Except we’re down a drummer and a bass player.”

“Well you and Connor go hold down the fort and I’ll send the others when they get back.” Kaya sighed and Ulrick gave her puppy eyes. “Please? He’s one of my nearest and dearest.”

“Of course we’ll do it, Rick. You get us paid right?” she smiled. “I assume this one is on the house though, as a favor to your friend. Plus like you said, great publicity.”

“Well actually he offered a couple grand for a three song request.”

“We’ll do the songs, don’t worry about the fee,” Connor chimed in. “K’s right, as a favor, it’s on the house.”

He grabbed up his keyboard and her guitar and started for the Humvee while Kaya got the details about the gig from Ulrick. 

They arrived at the Moonlight Lounge and met with Lennox Russell right away. He shook their hands like a madman and continuously thanked them for coming. Offering the payment to Connor, he brushed it off and told him it was their pleasure to perform for him.

Kaya set up the drums on the back of the stage and looked towards the door before glancing at the clock on her cellphone. “I don’t think Bane’s gonna show,” she sighed as Connor finished setting up his keyboard on the left of the stage.

“Yeah and we can forget Rafe too it would seem.” More people began piling into the club and she tested the microphones to ensure they were on and loud enough to be heard near the back.

“How many people you think we should expect here?”

“Well I doubt Lenny would close the doors to paying customers so there’s no telling. I’m more concerned about what songs we can do with just lead guitar and keyboard.”

“We can wing it. You have Bane’s compositions recorded on that thing for a few songs. It’s just gonna be bassless again. Back to the last few performances without Mike.”

“Yeah Baby K but we had a stand-in also.”

She shrugged, tuned her instrument and waited for Connor to check which songs he had available. Over the course of four hours they played “Sinner”, “Animal” and “Black Roses” to end the set. The crowd demanded more and as a courtesy, they obliged with Kaya’s favorite “Hell”. 

Nearing the final chorus of song number four, Rafe sauntered in towards the bar and took a seat at a table near the front. He ordered himself a beer and watched as Connor and Kaya finished up and listened as the crowd cheered and requested another. 

Ulrick’s friend stepped up on the stage clapping and moved towards Kaya as Connor stood from his bench. “That was great! Night Shift ladies and gentlemen! One night only!”

“And only partially here,” Kaya smiled at Lenny as she again offered an apology for the absence of the other two members.

“I really appreciate this. Tell Rick I owe him big time!”

“Will do,” Connor nodded and noticed Kaya’s attention was no longer in the conversation. Lennox rushed towards the bar at the frantic hand motions from his mixologist and Connor turned to see what had caught her attention so.

The brunette had spotted Rafe the moment she walked in and was sitting in his lap flirting with him. She whispered in his ear things she was aching to do to his body and he was eating it up. His hands stroked her back and rested on her ass as she wiggled her hips and grinded against his hardening cock.

“Fuck,” Connor hissed seeing the look on Kaya’s face. “Don’t…” Catching him before he left the stage, Lennox again grabbed Connor’s hand to shake and show his appreciation. 

“Kaya!” Byron smiled and gave her outfit an approving nod.

Ignoring his examining stare she moved in front of Rafe glared menacingly at Sonja. “Oh how sweet! Luther let his bitch off the leash,” Kaya said stepping down from the stage towards Rafe’s table ignoring Connor’s warning. “Isn’t it feeding time Sonja? You might want to check in with your master.”

Sonja cackled; the laugh rattled in her throat as she stood from Rafe’s lap and moved closer. “Look whose fur got ruffled. I’m sorry, Kaya, did I touch your little boy toy? I guess he knows a good thing when he sees it or feels it,” she said rubbing her hands up her body with a wicked smile. “Now, run on home to Daddy before this bitch bites!”

Kaya cracked her knuckles and stepped towards Sonja with a look of pure rage glinting in her eyes. Rafe stood and placed himself between the two growling she-wolves. “Whoa,” he smiled looking at Kaya. “All this for little old me?”

Kaya’s focused shifted for a moment and she stared at him; a guttural growl forming from the pit of her stomach. Connor stepped behind her and rubbed her shoulders before whispering something in her ear.

“You’re a brave man stepping into that. One or both of them would have ripped you to shreds. And you, what the hell are you doing here?” he asked looking towards Sonja. “I thought you learned by now this side of town was off limits.”

“You know I have a little trouble remembering those simple little things Baby,” she smiled running a finger up Connor’s chest. “Maybe a spanking will remind me. You were always so fond of those!”

He pushed her off and took a step back. “Get your flea ridden fur bags out of here, Sonja and take the other mongrels with you.”

“Fine!” she turned towards Rafe and smiled. “See you outside.”

She exited and was quickly pursued by Phoenix and Byron. Rafe’s eyes followed her out, watching the way her body swayed and the sashay in her hips. Kaya peered at him through hooded eyes and folded her arms into her chest. “You’re not really going to follow her out are you?”

 He sighed and shrugged. “Why not? I’m a wolf with needs, best to go where the action is right?”

“You can’t be serious Rafe; do you have any idea who she is?”

“Does it matter?”

“If you’re planning to remain attached to your sack, yeah,” Connor joined. “She’s the Black Widow and from a rival pack. Luther uses her to kill wolves he feels are threatening his ‘throne’. You might be walking into something.”

“She seems friendly enough,” he smirked. Connor threw his hands in the air and moved back towards the stage to finish breaking the gear down.

“Her only interest in you is to get your allegiance to Gideon!”

“Because she couldn’t just be attracted to me? Some women, not yourself of course, find me a catch and pleasant company Ky.”

“That’s not what I meant Rafe!” Kaya just glared at him shaking her head in frustration. 

“What? Do you have something to say Kaya? Is there some other reason you don’t want me going with Sonja? I mean you and Bane have your little fuck sessions right? Or is that it? No one else is permitted to have sex? Hmm? Speak up; I’m having a little trouble hearing you.”

“Why are you being like this?”

“Because I’m forced to follow orders from someone I’ve never met. I’m tired, I’m frustrated, I’m horny and I’m out of here.” He took one last swig from his beer and headed for the door without looking back.

Connor packed the instruments into the Hummer and opened the door for Kaya. Wordlessly she slipped inside and they started back for the manor.

“He’s in for a big surprise,” Connor said as he turned the corner. “If he thinks for one second that sex with Sonja isn’t coming with a price.”

“Yeah. Whatever, he’s a grown man and he’s made his decision,” she sighed and turned her head out the window. “How many people you think caught that fight on their video phones?”

“Honestly I wouldn’t worry about it. Nothing was said that anyone could understand plus we weren’t really yelling. Are you ok?”

“I’m fine Con, just drive.”

They got back to the manor and Kaya rushed up to her room.

“How’d it go?” Ulrick asked gazing at the empty path she blazed past him. “Was there trouble?”

“The gig went fine; it was just me and K the whole time. Gideon showed up and Rafe went with them.”

“What? Why didn’t you stop him?”

“We tried! He wouldn’t listen, some stupid macho trip.” Connor sighed and started up the stairs. 

Sonja turned the radio up and pushed Rafe onto the stool at the foot of the bed. Her knee grazed against his cock and she smiled as she felt him stiffen from her caress. He looked up at her, watched her as she slowly circled her knee against his aching hard-on. She pulled back and he caught her leg before she could move completely. “Don’t worry Darling; I’m just going to slip into something a little…less comfortable.” She smiled at him and he scooted up until his back was resting against the footboard. 

Sonja dropped into his lap, his hands closed around her ass and squeezed tight. His hard-on strained against his zipper, stretching the denim of his pants and she grabbed him through his jeans. He groaned and she grinned as her hand massaged beneath the elastic waistband and towards the top of his dick. Rafe grabbed her hand and pulled it out of his pants stopping her from teasing him more. She leaned forward and sucked his bottom lip between her teeth. Fiercely nibbling on it before releasing, she watched him lick across where their lips met and felt determined to take things further. “I want you to keep something in mind, when I get teased, I tease back.” He winked and blew a kiss towards her as she pulled away and started for another room.

When she returned she was dressed in a lacy black and red teddy with garters and stockings. His eyes watched her every move; eating it up as she danced seductively to the music. She turned and spanked her ass and smirked at him. He leaned up allowing his senses to take in her scent. It was the perfect mix of vanilla and lavender and his arousal jerked against his jeans. Memories of wild sex began playing in his mind as he thought about the ways he could ravage the woman in front of him. Rafe inhaled again, filling his nostrils and Sonja stepped closer towards him giving him a better view of her luscious legs. 

“You like that baby?” she asked lifting her leg into his crotch and wiggling her toes around his dick.

“Yeah you’re so fucking sexy. Shake that ass for me,” he ordered and watched her perform as instructed. He growled as she wiggled comfortably in front of him, arousing him more each time she ran her finger between her thighs. Her ass was contoured perfectly in the lingerie. Rafe wet his lips slowly and started towards her.

She froze as he circled behind her yanking her forcibly into his arms. Running his tongue along the curve in her breast, his hand flattened and rested against her tummy. Rafe continued licking her across her shoulders and stopped just on the nape of her neck. A silent gasp bubbled from her lips and she felt his rock hard cock press against her ass.

Rafe roughly pushed her panties to the side letting his fingers find her wetness. She clutched weakly at his hand allowing her nails to dig into his skin as he drove his fingers into her. His lips ignited pools of fire down her neck with every kiss. She grit her teeth and moaned biting back the urge to scream as his finger fucked her faster, plunging deeper inside her wet cunt.

“Ooohh fuck,” she wailed as her body tightened around his fingers gripping them firmly in place. Spasming and shaking in his arms he felt her cum on his hand. Sonja struggled to keep her balance as he held her closer to his chest continuing to drive his fingers deeper until he felt her leg muscles completely give out. Rubbing his thumb across her sensitive nub she squeaked and his teeth closed on the lobe of her ear biting tenderly.

He released her and let her slink to the floor as he returned to his seat on the bench. He leaned towards her, placing his feet against the carpeted rug beneath the bed as she slowly pulled a strap down on her teddy. He licked his lips in anticipation, his cock jerked as the stranglehold his jeans wore on his groin tightened. “Mmm, you want me baby?”

“I don’t know if you could even handle me,” he smirked and rubbed his hand over his throbbing cock.

“I think I would surprise you!” she lowered herself once more into his lap, her tongue forcing its way through his lips and she drowned herself in his taste. “Mmm,” she moaned feeling his hands grip her again. He reached a hand around her waist, gliding his fingers across a half moon scar on her hip and the smooth skin of her lower back until it rested on her ass. “You know my Alpha would love to have you join our ranks,” she whispered in his ear as she moved between his legs. Her fingers played with the button of his pants and he again pushed her away. “He wishes to speak to you about the…savagely explicit and pleasurable benefits of being within Gideon.” Her hands ran up his chest, outlining the muscles hidden beneath his shirt before she lowered herself to the floor.

Her hands rubbed slowly up her thigh until the fingers of her right hand nestled between them. She moaned as she gently inserted a finger inside herself. She was sweating and her breathing was already rising towards the blissful conclusion of an orgasm. Sonja worked herself faster and drops of sweat rolled down her cleavage as her taut nipples poked proudly from beneath the fabric.

Rafe watched for a moment, a little intrigued at first, but as she continued rubbing her hand along her wet body he had a change of heart. Something wasn’t right and he wasn’t going to let her finish before figuring it out. Sensing his change in mood, she pulled herself from the floor and threw him into the bed. She had a duty to fulfill and she’d be damned if she let this one get away. From the outline she could grasp from his jeans he was huge and she wanted him inside of her. She crawled towards him, her wet body hungry for more of what he had to offer.

Sonja climbed on top of him working fast to undo his pants. He slapped her hand away again and flipped her to her back. She growled playfully and in anticipation. His hands gripped her hair pulling her head back he leveled their eyes and sighed. “Your Alpha, is he in?”

Knocking once on Kaya’s door Connor pushed his way inside.

“Go away Connor.”

“I’m not open for requests right now, Ky. But please, feel free to try again later.” He dropped his weight onto the bed beside her and pulled her closer. “Why didn’t you tell him you stopped that thing with Bane?”

“What difference would that have made?”

“He would know that you’re at least interested in him. Come on K, you’re keeping that shit bottled in and it’s not good for anyone.”

“Con, you weren’t there with Lexi, you have no idea the shitstorm…nothing is ever going to happen between Rafe and me, it can’t. So there’s no use in placing false hope in it. It wouldn’t be fair to expect him to wait on something that may never happen with me. He said he was horny and when you’re in heat, you do desperate things; believe me I know.”

He laughed. “Yeah, you fucking Bane was definitely desperate. Next time I’ll just hire some cock for you. It’s a lot more humane.”

“Thanks asshole.”

“Any time Peaches.” He glanced around the room and groaned. “Man how old are you again? 200? 300? When are you going to grow up? This is a room fit for a child!”

“Oh fuck you Connor. You know I’m a year younger than you Grandpa and my room is gorgeous! Unlike the playboy theme you have in yours. Plus it makes Daddy happy.”

“Yeah because like all fathers he is trying to keep you at age 10 or below forever; they never want to see their little girls grow up. And what is this?” he asked pinching the ears of a floppy white bunny.

“That’s Mister Hops! Don’t hold him like that,” she said grabbing at him and freeing the stuffed animal from his clutches. “Daddy bought him for me on my 18th birthday.”

“Right…and that was how long ago?”

“Asshole!” she said throwing a pillow at him. He caught it and tossed it back towards her. She took another from the bed and tossed it as well.

“Fine! This is war!” he smiled hitting her with the fluffiest end of the pillow until she was covered in a puff of feathers.

She took the end of another pillow and stood from the bed exchanging blows with him. The first hit rocked him on his heels and she nearly fell over from laughter. “You look ridiculous!”

“Yeah?” He pulled the feather from his lip and spit out another before raising his pillow over his head and coming down on her hard.

“OW!” she yelled and backed up a little. He charged forward swinging more feathers and lint in her direction and took her from a blind side stirring the stuffing more and covering her in them.

“Now who looks ridiculous?” he asked pointing her towards the mirror.

Her body shook with laughter and she pushed him away. “Cocobear if I didn’t know any better I’d think you were trying to make me smile.”

“Well I guess it’s a good thing you’re a babbling idiot then! I would hate to be accused of doing such a thing!”

“Oh you’re so dead!” she smacked him harder with her pillow and watched his head spin before he whacked with equal force. 

“That’s it!” He picked her up over his head and carried her towards the bed.

“Put me down!” she yelled slapping him in the back hard trying to get him to loosen his grip. “Connor! I’m sorry.”

“No but you will be!” He slammed her hard onto her bed and watched her bounce a few times before smacking her across the face with both pillows. She slumped to the floor in laughter and he stood there watching and laughing as well.

She hopped to her feet and threw her arms around his back as he tried to make a hasty retreat in fear of retaliation. “I love you Connor. Thank you!”

“What are best friends for?” He kissed her nose and she scrunched up at him before rubbing it in and placing one on his cheek. 

“Ahem,” Rafe cleared his throat near the door. “Hey; I don’t mean to interrupt, I just wanted to say goodnight.”

Connor looked at Kaya before stepping towards him. “Yeah, glad to see you made it back in one piece.”

“Thanks,” he stood rubbing the back of his neck. He glanced over at Kaya and gave her a reassuring smile. “Nothing happened.”

“Right I can see that and Sonja’s exactly the kind of girl that takes ‘no’ for an answer,” Kaya said throwing the pillow to the top of the bed. “Like Con said, glad you’re back. Are you staying the night?”

“If it’s ok?”

She nodded and turned her back to him. “See you in the morning then. Goodnight,” she replied weakly as her happy moment with Connor quickly faded under the circumstances surrounding Rafe’s return.

“I’ll walk you out,” Connor said before turning back to Kaya for a quick hug. “Sleep well, Peaches. I’ll take care of him and I’ll see you in the morning.”

He and Rafe started towards the stairs to the next level and he pulled him quickly to the 3rd floor. “So ‘nothing happened’ huh?”

“No. I mean I wanted to, I really need to but no. I didn’t let anything happen.”

“Interesting, nothing likes the color red too I suppose. You know, I’m with Kaya and like she said I’ve never known the Widow to take no for an answer…trust me I’ve been there.”

“Well maybe it takes a strong will.”

“Look you son of a bitch, not more than three days ago you were whining and moping about how you were hoping Kaya felt the same way you did for her and practically begged me to talk to her for you and then you go and pull a stunt like this? I told you I wouldn’t stand for her heart to break and I wasn’t kidding figure out what the hell you want from her and if it’s only sex you’d better back the fuck off now.”

“Con man, I wasn’t trying to hurt her alright? I backed out of that thing with Sonja. I know it was stupid to even go along with her in the first place but…I mean I’m dying here. You of all people should be able to understand that. I’ve gone from sex pretty much weekly to cold showers and abstinence! Kaya’s constantly putting on the brakes and I haven’t…I’m sorry alright? I really care about Kaya though. It was why I didn’t do anything with Sonja.”

“You keep saying nothing happened, but your face and your scent tell a different story.”

“My face?”

“Just a warning Bro, don’t fuck with my girl I’ve had enough of that. I like you Rafe I do, but I won’t hesitate to wipe the floor with you if I need to for her.”

“I won’t hurt her. She’s all I fucking think about.”

Connor nodded and turned to head towards his room, pausing briefly he sighed and looked again at Rafe. “You got a little something on your cheek.” He entered his bedroom and shut the door.

Rafe rubbed the spot on his face and smeared the bright red lipstick across his fingertips. Fuck, he thought as he realized the reason the air seemed different around Kaya. No wonder she barely said two words to him. She must have thought he was not only lying but...he smelled himself and could scent Sonja all over him. Connor was right, guilt was not only wafting from his scent but it was printed all over his face. Rafe headed to his room and threw himself on the bed. “Fuck!” 

He lay staring at the ceiling for a while before finally pulling himself up and heading towards the shower. The conversation he had with Luther replayed in his mind. He did an awful lot of suggesting and hinting about what he believed Rafe was but refused to hit at exactly what it was he was after. He did tell him however that the power he could possess would be unmatched if he were to allow Gideon to be his guiding hand. Gideon; that was a pack he was very cautious over. They seemed like the type to take what they wanted regardless of who was hurt. And Kaya would definitely be hurt if he aligned himself with a rival pack. 

Rafe stared at his reflection for a moment in the mirror. Guilt filled his eyes the more he watched the gray globes staring back at him. What he’d almost done...fuck. He cared for Kaya regardless if she felt the same way or not. Meaningless trysts were just that and didn’t suit him any longer. He was well past the days of old where any faceless woman writhing beneath him provided the thrill he sought. All he could see since the first day he’d met her was Kaya. She consumed his waking moments and invaded his dreams. Her essence; she was in his soul and there was no escaping that.

His jaw tensed; his entire body felt rigid with anger over his actions tonight. He turned on the water for a cold shower hoping it would help his muscles relax and cool the fire steadily rising in his groin. The pounding water sprayed heavily against his body, the static noise of the stream enveloped him in a bubble and for the moment he was relaxed.

Rafe toweled dry and moved back towards the bed Greymane was courteous enough to provide him. He threw on a pair of pajama bottoms and sat on the edge of the bed but he knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep. He walked the darkened corners of the room kicking himself and thinking over ways he could possibly make things better between him and Kaya. He looked outside the window and smiled remembering one of the first nights he was here. She snuck into his room and sat with him talking. He remembered instantly how she said she didn’t sleep much most nights and often went for a run in the woods. Maybe.

He threw on a plain tee and rushed out to find her hoping this was one of those nights. Kaya was sitting by a rock near the lake, one of her favorite haunts he watched her swim a few times. She was throwing pebbles into the stream absently watching the ripples grow and float away. “Want some company?”

His voice scared her though she knew he was there by smell. She turned with a start and nodded, smiling as he fell to the ground beside her. “Couldn’t sleep?”

“Didn’t want to.” He let the silence fall between them and continued watching her fill the bottom of the lake with the small stones at her side. Being this close to her might have been a bad decision on his part. Not that it really mattered anymore. Whether she was near or far she was always there. Smell, thought, dream…that kiss. He was dying to understand how someone so seemingly down to earth could make him feel like the only man in the universe.

She looked at him and was surprised to see he was watching her. A shy smile played across her lips momentarily before she shifted her weight and turned more to face him. “So…how was your trip to Gideon?”

“Informative, I think. I spoke with Luther; well he spoke, I listened. That man talks in circles.”

“Liars usually do. It’s how they manipulate your thinking and cause you to question everything you know. And Luther loves his mind games, trust me I know.” She examined his face for a moment, her eyes stopping on the place Sonja’s lipstick stained before looking into his again. “How was Sonja?”

He scoffed. “How’s Bane?”

“Yeah…” She stood to retreat back to her room and he grabbed her wrist and yanked her back down to the dirt beside him. 

“Don’t leave, please. I didn’t sleep with her.”

“Well that’s lucky for you because Con’s ex is anything but ‘friendly’.”

“Con’s ex? You mean Sonja and Connor…?”

“For a while yeah. Until he realized what she was really after and I realized she was trying to damage my Red. The bitch was lucky to have escaped with her life. If it wasn’t for the council, she wouldn’t have. But I did get a nice chunk of her before she got away.”

“The scar on her hip?”

“I thought you said nothing happened; you didn’t sleep with her.”

“Yeah, no, I didn’t. She uh gave me a show.”

Kaya sighed. “Anyway, yeah the scar on her hip. I took a blade enriched with TrueSilver and stabbed her with it. Held it deep ensuring it scarred her so she’d always remember who, what, when and why and stay the fuck away from Connor.”

“What the hell did you do that for?”

“She was trying to steal him from Greymane. When she realized his loyalty ran deep she did everything in her power to break him. Not only ruin his heart but crush his ego and self esteem and everything I worked hard to build with him, I wasn’t going to let that shit stand.” She tucked her head on her knees and thought back about how sneaky Sonja believed she was to take one of Greymane’s  Elders. Rafe narrowed his gaze at her hearing the growl forming in her belly and rumbling up her chest.

“Remind me never to piss you off,” he smiled hoping to settle her nerves. “Ok, so uh I kinda want to know, this ‘thing’ with Bane is…?”

She looked at him with a straight face waiting for him to finish his question. “Yes?”

“I mean d-d-do you like him? Because uh you know sex and…”

“Rafe, it was just sex and it’s over. I haven’t slept with him since the day after you came to Greymane. And if you want to know the truth, if I were to count the number of times Bane and I fucked over the twenty years I’ve known him I’d still have one finger left to flip you off. I’ve gone decades without sex…Bane was just convenience more than anything but not a necessity.”

“Oh. Cool, that’s cool. Flip me off? You’d flip me off huh?” She raised her middle finger in his direction to prove her point and he laughed before swatting it away playfully. “Put that thing away before I take you up on your offer.” He smiled teasingly. He anxiously rubbed the back of his head and leaned against the dirt watching her eyes analyze his body. “Have you ever been in love?”

“Once. Or at least I thought I was. It wasn’t right and I didn’t pursue it.”


“Because he left one day and never bothered to contact me again. Plus I think more than anything I was just really scared.”

“And you don’t have a boyfriend?”

“No, I don’t. And I’ve never had a true ‘boyfriend’ as you call it.”

“As I call it?”

“A mate, in Lycan terms, I don’t have a mate. Dad killed him over a century ago.”

“Wait, your Dad killed your mate?”

She nodded. “He was afraid that breeding would ultimately take my life as it had Mom’s so he took steps to ensure that would never happen.”

“And you’re ok with that?”

She laughed. “Well I hadn’t met him yet. Besides it was over a hundred years ago. I wasn’t ok at the time I learned about it but I got over it. He was only trying to protect me and I can understand that.”

“But he killed your soul mate?” She nodded and he paused the conversation as he thought about what lengths Lobo would go through for his daughter. “So what does that mean for you then? This whole mating business.”

“Well the fact that my true mate is gone means that any wolf can make a claim to me but unlike a normal mating, our abilities would not be enhanced by much. Still, being a potential Alpha female means some powers will be increased for my mate. In normal matings where one wolf is lucky enough to find his or her true mate, there is a pooling of their strength, speed, intelligence; basically power is shared by one another creating a better predator. They act as one unit and through the ritual blood bond can become even closer with the ability to telepathically communicate with each other and share emotions. Wolves are one of the most faithful and loyal creatures in the animal kingdom. When we’ve selected a mate, it’s a lifelong bond that is only broken if one of the wolves dies.”

“So technically, I could make a claim? Mark you as my own?”

“If you weren’t interested in living long, yes.”

“But it’s not like a Praying Mantis thing; you wouldn’t bite my head off after sex I’d just get murdered by your father?”

“No; that would never happen.” He smiled hopefully and she hopped up from the ground. “Because we will never have sex. Come on, I wanna go for a run. You game?” She asked as she stripped naked of the night clothes she wore. 

She started towards the row of flowers near the edge of the property glancing once over her shoulder to find him. The wind blew harder and howled through the trees as she began running, noticing he was right on her tail. He laughed realizing the game was on and tried to keep up. She switched forms and waited for him to do the same.

He stopped in his tracks afraid of inviting the pain back into his body. She barked in his direction tauntingly and he blew out a breath. “Embrace it Rafe, it’s who you are,” he encouraged himself before hopping to all fours and phasing into wolf. 

The more you do it the less pain you’ll feel,” Kaya reminded him. He barked his acknowledgment and eagerly chased after her.

Continue ---->


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    1. Haha the evil ones usually are. Though he was kind enough to offer his shirt to her :) Luther has another agenda as well but being #1 Alpha is a driving force behind many of his actions.

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    Will Rafe stop pursuing her now knowing it's forbidden or will he let his feelings continue to push him forward? Unless they can tell him the world as they know it will explode into a million pieces if they get together, I say he keeps going for it. ;)

    1. Rafe is overly blueballed. He keeps getting frustrated where Kaya stands and so he figured he'd find relief some place else. He was a little harsh saying and acting the way he did but she has inadvertently teased him to a breaking point. She has a hard decision to make, break the bonds and risk mutiny within her clan for going for what she wants OR staying true to her Beta position and doing what's best for the pack...she always sacrifices for her people. But she also have the support of them and Connor is never far from turning her frown upside down.

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      Rafe is wound really tight. He is about ready to explode from the pressure. He was the playboy Connor called him and getting tail quite often. To go from that and an increase in his libido that he can't do anything with because of his heart is really trying on the poor guy!

      Connor is one of the best things that could have happened to Kaya. She has an outlet for her stress and pain when needed because of him, he keeps everything in order and kicks ass when needed. Thank you :D I think he loves the camera. Wait until we get him nekkid (ish) for a few photoshoots -- (Ch's 16 & 20)!

      I love your thinking on that. Lobo's decision to take Kaya's mate was a bit of both, an exertion of his power and to protect his daughter. He's not really concerned about losing the Alpha position so much because that is what he is grooming Kaya for. But he does want to make sure that his pack is well taken care of before he ever steps down.

      Thank you for reading :)

  9. Okay, after the pillow fight scene, I officialyl ship Connor and Ky forever.

    1. HAHA he's her BFF and really knows how to make her smile. The best in the world but they would make a dynamic couple too!

  10. I think Luv4Gaj said it quite well with the whole Lobo killing Kaya's mate being a powerplay.
    I'm sorry, but I think I've decided I don't much like Lobo. The road to hell is paved with good intentions they say. Killing her mate was selfish. I'm trying to forget that I've already read that flashback chapter, btw hehe.
    GROOMING HER? WTH? HOW many years has he been doing this? Yeah yeah yeah, he thinks he's gonna go die or something but honestly, yeah right. I think he's afraid of his own daughter's Alpha power. Not in a nasty way, I think he fears for her instead of fearing her. Bah, I just don't like him.

    Don't really like Luther much either, tbh. I can't get what he did to that girl out of my head. (the one with the ring) Yeah, he's a mean, nasty, vicious wolf. Still, even though he talks in circles, he does at least bait Rafe with information instead of 'we're not going to tell you anything for your own good' crap.

    I really want to believe that Rafe is Kaya's soulmate reincarnated, but then is that pull there that she talked about? Maybe it is.... This is probably just my hopeless romantic getting all dreamy and rose colored glasses and sunshine and daisies and hearts and flowers, etc. Carry on...

    You know what I also think? Well, I'm gonna tell ya. :P
    I think that Rafe is the big head true alpha guy. Let's face it: he doesn't know his parentage, he's strong.. and now my head just went blank because it went back to hearts and flowers. gah! (absent-minded trait too)
    So, methinks Kaya and Rafe need to go off and form a new pack since Lobo doesn't like Rafe or something like that. I'm not expressing what I'm thinking all that great right now, but yeah.
    Hm, who says the big head true alpha guy has to be a guy? What if, with mating with Rafe, that Kaya is the true alpha? hm? Oh boy, that would really steam Luther's clams. LMAO!

    1. Lobo did what he thought was best and it might not work out for him in the long run unfortunately. The circumstances surrounding the death of Kaya's mate is one that comes back to haunt him and Kaya. Lobo definitely is on the road to hell. His intentions are always "good" though shrouded in darkness; life as an Alpha I guess.

      Kaya has had some years to be well groomed by now. She was slated to be mated once before (as we'll see) but that didn't end too well. Now she's just been under her father's wing as his Beta at his side for the benefit of the pack. Although he says he wants her to get out there on her own, like any parent he can't quite seem to let her go. Yes! He is too afraid of her being hurt and after all this time of protecting her and looking out for her, it would be too much to handle if something did happen to her once she left the solace of Greymane.

      Luther is a merciless, cold blooded animal. He scares a lot of people and wolves and revels in that fact. He does usually tell the truth though (when it benefits him) or in the case that it will hurt someone, that's how his mind works. Rafe appreciates the honesty himself as well although he still has no clue what any of it means.

      Rafe and Kaya seem drawn together but she's fighting it at every turn. She's afraid of what might happen if she chose him to mate as both her father and the pack seer has advised against it. Haha nothing wrong with rose colored glasses :) they let you see the good in any situation; and good is something Kaya would love!

      Very true! He has no idea where he comes from or whether or not his parents were wolves. He could very well be the true alpha. Kaya though, that's a very interesting thought. Outside of Luther, Lobo and Rafe I don't think I've heard other theories. Kaya starting her own pack with a wild wolf? Man Lobo would be so scared/upset. He doesn't care for Rafe that much and doesn't want his daughter around him at all! LOL yeah losing someone with that potential, Luther would NOT be happy!

      Thank you for reading :D