Saturday, March 24, 2012

Episode 16: Chasing His Tail

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Rafe, Connor, Ulrick, Bane, Eli, Dahlia Reynolds, Phoenix, Julius, Sonja, Dexter, Luther, Cecil Cassani
Word Count: 6,338
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Luther considers Sonja's fate and decides what punishment is best for her failure. Though he didn't get what he was after, he's prepared a backup plan to move forward and ensure his pack's future. The band heads over to the studio of Cecil Cassani for their Flare! Magazine cover and Rafe meets another of Kaya's friends.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, adult content, adult situations, nudity

Luther paced the length of his office thinking over his conversation with Rafe. It was a speech he’d heard himself give on numerous occasions; power and privilege available through Gideon. He never believed a word of it. His intentions were to gain that power for himself. As Alpha, any wolf within his pack had a direct connection to him and any “power” they may have would be owned and controlled by him. Of course he conveniently left that part out during his conversation.

He’d not allow the pup to make the decision that could possible turn out unfavorable for him. No, he wanted precise action that was directly beneficial. Something he would have had if that bitch had done her job and got him to sleep with her, he’d be celebrating his newfound powers this very moment. He watched the clouds move in over the sun as it began to set. The sky quickly filled with swirls of pink and orange before fading into a light purple shade, dusk; his favorite time of the day. Being on the prowl at this time was akin to the ecstasy received from tasting innocent flesh. Harmonic and idyllic yet sinful and depraved all rolled into one. The day held beauty and wonders yet to be uncovered during the warmth of an early morning sun while the night, the night was when the monsters came out to play. Indeed his favorite time of the day.

The heavy wooden door slammed behind him as Dexter escorted Sonja into their Alpha’s office. He threw her towards Luther’s desk smiling inwardly at the fear he scented rolling off of her. The bitch was always trying to undermine his authority as Beta to get a better standing within the pack and under Luther. Now her efforts and all of her backbiting and conniving were coming back around big time to bite her in the ass.

Yes, Dexter was pleased; probably more than he should have been but whatever Luther intended for her she deserved that and more. Sonja dropped to her knees and glanced up momentarily towards her Alpha. Despite her previous efforts to apologize for her failures, she was still in hot water and now she was about to hear what exactly Luther had intended for her.

She inhaled deeply and released the breath slowly allowing it to pervade her lungs and replenish oxygen to her cells in an effort to control her nerves but to no avail. His presence alone was frightening which is why she’d been avoiding him the past week. It didn’t help that he was standing in front of her now, pissed at her actions and intending to take restitution. She watched him silently as he contemplated her fate. Dexter drew closer, folding his arms into his chest he smiled at her and she glared back in response before turning her attention to the man that held her fate in his hands. 

His back muscles flinched as the strength in his body became evident through the cotton top he wore and the way the material stretched across his shoulders tight and straining to cover his mass. His long black hair draped down his back; dampened slightly from perspiration it glistened within the glow from the lamp near him.  He turned and she could see his mouth was set in a grimace, his lips firm and forming a straight, rigid line. He was dark and alluring and could easily fool anyone into believing he was approachable from the reserved poise in his stance or the elegance in his voice when he spoke. But he was dangerous and that fact alone was proven by the intensity of his gaze.

And that gaze; that dagger sharpened gaze was now set on her causing her to look away quickly. Luther grinned and moved towards her, watching as her head remained bowed in respect and growled low and menacingly. 

“You know what I hate? What I despise? Weakness, incompetence, the inability to follow through A SIMPLE DEMAND!” his words were delivered with anger, powerful enough to increase the intensity of the shivers that danced along her spine. 

Leaning towards her he snatched her head up roughly by her chin so that she could see the look in his eyes as he spoke. “I sent Phoenix and Byron with you because I figured you would need the help and do you remember what you told me? They would just hold you back; you could get it done ALONE!” 

He threw her head back letting it drop harshly from his grip as he pulled away. “So tell me Sonja, where is the fruit of that labor?”

“I…I tried.” Her voice came off weak and shaky virtually a whisper. “He wouldn’t; he wasn’t interested in me.”

“YOU TRIED!” His back hand smacked violently across her cheek and she fell over from the blow. Her face was stinging and a dark red bruise stained her skin imprinting his hand as blood rushed to the site. “I didn’t ask you to try! I told you to get it done!”

“Yes Alpha,” she whined struggling to maintain control over her tears. She shuddered at the idea of showing emotions in front of him and crying would undoubtedly set him off more. 

He looked towards Dexter and he nodded at his Alpha. “The room has been prepared per your instructions. And we have three new wolves in the cells downstairs. Byron and Julius have been breaking them in.”

“Good, at least something is working as intended.” He looked back at Sonja, studying her features and crouched down in front of her. “Such a beauty; shame to waste your…talents but examples must be set. Disobeying my direct orders is punishable by death and since you failed to accomplish what I sent you to do...” he let the words trail off and a sick smirk curled his lips at the quiver in Sonja’s.

He stood and sank into the chair behind his desk turning so his back was to both of them. “Take her down. I’ll have my fun soon.”

“Yes Alpha.” Dexter jerked her to her feet and pushed her towards the door.

Luther sat in quiet contemplation. His pack had grown exponentially over the last few weeks and soon regardless of the seers and the council he would get revenge on Greymane and an old nemesis out of his way. Soon, very soon he’d have control over their territory and dominance in Willow Reed.

“Woop woop! Someone call the fashion police because girlie is stealing my style! Kaya Sweetie! You made it, get that tush over here and show C.C. some love,” Cecil Cassani smiled and air kissed her cheeks as he hugged her. “It’s been WAY too long Honey! You really ought to get over here more. I swear when Sexy Eyes over there called me this morning I just KNEW he was going to cancel again!”

“I know C.C. I’m sorry, hectic schedules you know and unfortunately Rick had to reschedule a few times but we’re here! And if I remember correctly, you owe me a lunch!”

“I do indeed girlfriend! We have SO much catching up to do too! Plus I must tell you what your girl Dahlia has been up to,” he whispered and nodded in her direction. “You won’t believe the man she is seeing now!”

“That bad?”

“Bad? Uh no, he is a football player with the Willow Reed Rangers and when I say he’s built,” he giggled. “She had the nerve to bring that sexy piece of meat in here as if I wasn’t already on heart medication!”

Kaya laughed and Connor turned his attention to her friend and stylist. She was wearing tights and a form fitting top with a belt in the center that enhanced her bosom which he couldn’t help but notice seemed exceptionally firmer today. Her hair was down around her shoulders and framed her face in such a way he caught himself imagining grabbing handfuls of it while he thrust his cock between those two soft pillows on her chest. He rubbed his hand across his bottom lip and moved towards her.

“Hey Red,” Kaya shook her head no. He knew the gesture was a warning. Though he’d hate to ruin the friendship she and Kaya had he couldn’t help the fact that seeing her bent over the makeup case was causing his pants to tighten. He sighed and pressed himself against the wall but continued watching her just the same.

“And who is this bulging mass of muscles here?” Cecil’s eyes popped open as he took in Rafe.

He shifted uncomfortably as the man’s eyes dropped noticeably to his crotch and remained there with no immediate signs of altering focus. He cleared his throat and moved his hands from his sides to try and distract his view looking at Kaya in hopes that she’d come to his rescue. Instead she giggled sensing his discomfort and he realized he was on his own. “I’m Rafe, the new bassist,” he extended his hand.

“Rafe…” Cecil repeated in almost a barking sound. He circled behind him ignoring the greeting and checked out his total package before nodding approvingly in Kaya’s direction. “Tell me Sweetcheeks, are you a natural blonde?”

“To my knowledge, yes.”

“Mmm so the carpet does match the drapes?”

“What?” Rafe’s gaze shot towards the man standing beside him and Cecil chuckled throwing his head back and placing his hand over his heart.

“They do,” Kaya smiled. “Unlike the model types you’re used to C.C., he’s not shaved but the bush isn’t very wild either.”

“KAYA!” Rafe’s face flushed as he listened to her feed into Cecil’s questions.

“And he’s so cute when he blushes! Mr. Tight Tush a bit shy? Oh I cannot wait to get my hands on this one!”

“So anyway my Ebony Goddess tell me what we’re looking to do today!”

“Well since Rafe has graciously chosen to join us we decided to rerelease the last CD and so a new CD cover for that is in order. We’ll need cameo shots for every member for poster purposes and a few glamorous band shots that only the great Cecil Cassani can provide!”

He fluttered his eyelashes and threw her a surprised face and giggled. “Oh Honey you know flattery will get you everywhere! Yes I can provide that and more! By the by, I am loving what you’re wearing Precious! I’d ask who your stylist is but I already know the answer to that question,” he smiled and blew on his knuckles before polishing them off on his shirt. “You got the hips and the lips and I am dying to get shots done woo!”

He threw his hand in an overly dramatic fashion and snapped as he motioned towards Rafe. “As for you Blondie; Dahlia needs to take off a bit of that shine on your face. But don’t worry Tiger, you’re in good hands and the camera is gonna eat you up like a deep dish banana I am hoping to as well. Speaking of, Kaya we need to talk. Dahlia dear, be a Peach and get this sex beast back there and undressed! Unless of course you’d prefer I do it,” his eyes again played over Rafe’s body and stopped on his crotch. “MmmMmm! My girl will lead the way Doll!” He latched his arm with Kaya’s and pulled her off to a couch against the back wall as Dahlia led Rafe towards her station.

She turned and noticed Connor against the wall and smiled warmly in his direction. Forgetting for a moment what she was looking for, her hand nervously hit across the desk knocking over a few bottles of hair gels and sprays. Connor rushed over and knelt beside her. “Here let me help you with that,” he offered watching the shy smile on her lips bleed into a brighter grin as she noticed his eyes on her chest.

“Don’t tell me you need spank material Connor.”

“Uh what?”

“You know Cecil would be more than happy to get a shot of them for you if you want to take a few home with ya!” She slapped him across the arm and grabbed the stray bottles of mousse from his hands and sat them back on top of the counter.

“I wasn’t…”

“Yeah and I wasn’t staring at your ass.” She rolled her eyes. “You’re next because I know the Aussie’s not gonna let me touch him.”

She looked over at Bane and he’d slumped into the cushion beside Eli watching and waiting to get through this so he could return to his bottles of Fourex and rugby highlights.

“Too bad, he could do with a new…everything. Personality for one.”

“Eh fuck ya Mate.” Bane called across the room. “I know someone who likes it just fine.”

Connor started towards him with that comment but was stopped by Rafe’s arm across his chest. “Let it go. He’s just trying to bait you.”

Bane smirked at Rafe and turned his attention back to Kaya and Cecil. “Barbaric! But I would LOVE to watch them go at it!” C.C. squealed.

“Yeah, they’re like a couple of caged animals that’s for sure.”

“Mmm Girl don’t make me sweat off of my Chanel. The perfume is good but it ain’t cheap. Ok Honey so back to business you said Blondie’s manscape is well groomed and I gotta know just when did you see this and how long did he lick your ‘face’?”

“C.C.! It wasn’t like that and purely accidental.”

“Mmhmm right ‘accidents’ might happen a lot if I were in your Meronin’s. So tell me Special K, how big is Blondie?”

“Well let’s just say that when he gets dressed in the morning, he tucks an extra something into his sock so it doesn’t drop out the bottom of his pants.”

“Shut up!” he feigned passing out and dropped his head onto her shoulder. “Woo I know what I’m buying him for Christmas and it ain’t a leash that’s for sure, I’d let him bite it! He looks good in leather but it might look better in me.”

Kaya laughed and watched Rafe shift uncomfortably. He was getting more and more accustomed to his wolf senses and could hear the two clearly. She smiled inwardly at his awkwardness and noted that she may have to apologize later but for now she enjoyed watching him squirm. “Now your turn! Tell me about this guy Dahlia is seeing. You said sexy; sexy as in ‘bed me now’ or sexy as in ‘I’m a model type and need lots of attention’?”

“Sexy as in this face leaves at midnight and he’d better be on it. The man has an ass I wanna bounce quarters off of and by quarters I do mean me. He came waltzing in here pouring sweat from his game and I tell ya Honey had he used our facilities to freshen up I’d have pranced right on in there and drank his bath water. But oh Honey I tell you he is terribly butch I think he gets it from his mother. Either way I was just hoping to be manhandled!”

“What? I thought you liked them butch!”

“Girl! I do but I need a man that’s gonna hit it, flip it and whip it back into place and good old Darren Young don’t look like a cuddler!”

“I would think most football players weren’t. But then again I suppose there are some that tend to surprise.”

“And surprise in a good way! Sweetie I swear I am trying to get every girlfriend I have hooked up with one of those beefy monsters but Dolly is such a cat and refuses to play ball. I swear that woman is such a tease.”

“So what’s up with your boss?” Rafe asked as he stood and was replaced by Connor at Dahlia’s station. “I mean does he flirt with everyone or is just me?”

Dahlia laughed as she ran a comb through Connor’s hair. “It’s every hot guy that walks in here. You should have seen the way he was with Darren! I thought for a minute he was gonna get hit.”

“Darren? That your boyfriend?”

She shook her head yes. “Football player, you know one of the really rugged types that’s overly macho.”

“You go for that?” He scratched his head nervously and glanced over at the sofa, smiling as he noticed Kaya looking towards him for a moment.

“Hey what can I say? He’s great in the bed.”

“You know man the more nervous you act around him, the weirder it gets,” Connor whispered leaning over. “It’s best to just ignore it or laugh it off trust me you don’t want him grabbing your sac.”

“Ah Con! You saying you didn’t like it?” Dahlia giggled and leaned him over so she could look into his eyes. “Cecil was talking about it for quite a while. Apparently you have an impressive package.”

“Well if you ever want to see it up close…”

“Finish that sentence and see this luscious head of hair decorate my floor!”

He smirked and went back to the previous conversation. “I’m saying I understand why he was almost punched by Darren!”

She motioned towards Cecil and he moved towards them. “Give this one hair that says ‘Sex Goddess?’ I want fire burning off her. You fellas come with me so we can get you dressed.”

“So how is Darren treating you?” Kaya smiled at her in the mirror as she watched her blush. “Don’t tell me C.C. grabbed his crotch?”

“Tried. And Darren was seconds away from knocking him out.”

“NO!” Kaya laughed. “You didn’t warn him did you? Sounds like Justin but to be honest I was WAITING for the day you dumped that douche. The name still irks me.”

“Yeah I keep forgetting to thank you for that one.”

“Please no thanks needed. I’d do it again in a second!”

Moments later they exited and Kaya went to put on her outfit before rejoining the group. “Alright we’re all set? Yes? Good! Love the hair Hun, great job Dolly! Now I have some amazing designs set up for you and the band nothing too off the wall or fancy but we know the band’s um…preference for the darker colors so theme is red and black. Kaya I want to get a few personalized shots of you and the guys as well as some promotional stuff with just you and your boys. Rafe you do oral?”


“Spit or swallow?”

“Ok you…” Connor shook his head and Rafe backed down.

“Don’t worry about it Sweetheart, I can interview you later. Connor I’ve selected a gorgeous Cherry Oak piano that I think will blend perfectly with that fire mane of yours and Bane well…nevermind. Ok? Ready? Set? Click!”

Over the course of the next three hours Cecil moved the band around his studio from one set to the next taking pictures in various poses and lighting for their photoshoot. “That’s the one there! The one that we’ll use for the cover!” Cecil squeaked eagerly.

Eli, Ulrick and Dahlia looked on as he had them perform some unusual and ingenious displays of calisthenics he could come up with. “I’d like a few more just to be on the safe side. I’m not too keen on how Kaya and Rafe’s pose will be seen by the audience,” Ulrick analyzed. “I’d hate for any innuendo to surround an innocent activity.” He eyed her ensuring she understood what he meant by the request and she nodded.

“As you wish Sexy Eyes but really, I know my work and that one works! It’s like embracing the new! Too perfect!” He blew out a breath and grabbed a freshly loaded camera. “Alright Sweetcheeks let’s get you out of that top K.”

“What?” Rafe turned towards the man with the camera and watched as Kaya unbuttoned her shirt and handed it to Dahlia. A huge grin formed on his lips and he gave the photographer a pat on his back. “Cecil my friend, I think you and I might get along just fine.”

“You only want me for my body. But it’s alright Blondie, I’m VERY ok with that!” he slapped his ass and turned back towards his subject and ordered her to the floor between the roses and guitar. “That’s it Girlfriend, work it!”

“So Cecil, what is the point of these poses?” Ulrick asked watching Kaya change positions into another topless shot. “I mean we can’t exactly use these for promotional purposes.”

“No, but it’s all about sex appeal. Kaya stated that she wanted the band to have a little more…exposure for future spreads. Besides there’s nothing wrong with showing a little skin. And don’t you worry your sexy eyes; the boys will get their chance to get naked too!”

“And what magazine spread are you speaking of? Flare! is a music publication, not a skin mag.”

“Oh come on Daddy! What’s with the third degree? I’m working here and you are seriously harshing my mellow. A girl can get all sweaty with this line of questioning!”

“Cecil?” Ulrick’s voice rose in resonance just a little ensuring his subject heard the irritation of the avoidance he played through his questions.

“Ok, ok! Don’t push! I like it rough but don’t want the marks to show! Anyway, I’ve had this idea for a photoshoot that I wanted to use the band for. It’s all promotional not only for my new clothing line launch but also for the band. I mean any publicity is good publicity right?”

“Plus you kinda have all pictorial rights for Night Shift,” Kaya added. “I can’t imagine a shoot without your eye on the poses!”

“I know Dollface! Have you seen the latest contribution to the fashion world by Chantal De’Leon? Talk about trashy! I swear the woman owns the words tacky, late and grotesque! It’s like she pushes the limits to ‘ugh’, ‘what in the Sam Hill’ and ‘child you playin’! I even…”

“Ahem,” Ulrick cleared his throat with growing frustrations as Cecil went off on his tizzy.

“Oh right, sorry Sexy Eyes. Anyway, the shoot; it’s a little sexy, a little dark and a lot dangerous. I call it ‘A Walk on the Wildside’. Picture it Honey, these guys in only a leaf subligaria posing as Adam with Eve in the very center of them as they tempt her with various ‘forbidden fruits’. The other plays on a more animal nature with them as cavemen trying to court the loveliest cavewoman anyone will ever see! I was actually hoping to get it started sometime by the end of this week. That is if it’s ok with you Big Boy.”

“I’ll have to check their schedule. It might be doable depending on what I’ve planned. They have a tour starting here shortly and I can’t let any extracurricular activities interfere with that.”

“Hmm…all business as usual then is it?” Cecil was met with Ulrick’s serious gaze and he nodded. “Alrighty then. Hi-ho, I blow, and it’s back to work I go.”

Kaya repositioned so she was lying flat on her stomach but her chest still visible to the lens. Rafe watched her arch her back, shoving her chest forward and his smile returned. “Hey, you think I could uh, get a copy of that one?” Rafe asked watching Kaya position her hand over her chest as the photographer instructed her.

She smiled and his face turned red as he realized she heard his request. “I’ll see what I can do, Sugarlips” Cecil grinned.

He watched with growing anticipation and enthusiasm. Kaya was a pliable participant; bending and twisting to suit Cecil’s needs. Eli moved closer towards Rafe and he looked at the eager wolf as his scent changed to one of lust and desire. A low rumble started from the pit of Rafe’s belly as he watched him. 

Eli turned to him as Rafe’s warning became a lower, more menacing growl. A curious frown crossed his face; he looked at Kaya then again at Rafe before slowly backing away. “Dude, you gotta relax,” Connor’s calming hand swept across his shoulder. “Just like you he was only looking; though I must say I do appreciate the sentiment.”

“I didn’t mean to do that.”

“It’s alright I’m sure he knows. No harm done k? Just breathe next time.”

“Comfy?” Sonja ignored his comment and continued staring at the wall pretending as though he wasn’t there.

His presence lingering so close only meant that soon Luther would join them in the cramped cell and commence with her punishment and it wasn’t something she was looking forward to. She tried; that was the truth. But Rafe was above reproach, or at least it seemed. The moment he accepted her offer she thought for sure she had him. He even went as far as to get her off with his skilled fingers; rather quickly too. But then he turned cold and that was the end of that.

She replayed the events over and over trying to figure out where she went wrong. He liked watching the makings of an all out catfight between her and Kaya; Kaya! It was because of that bitch! That uppity, good-for-nothing, know-it-all Princess was the cause of her predicament! Well she’ll teach her a fucking lesson…if she lives. “Don’t you have some dick to suck or ass to kiss? Leave me alone asshole!”

“Funny! For a minute there it sounded like the scared jabbering of a bitch about to be put down. Was I mistaken? Come on Sonja! How did you think this would end?”

“Fuck you Dex. I have nothing to say to you.”

“That’s alright your actions did more than enough. How’s that saying go, ‘give you just enough rope to hang yourself with’? Look who’s dangling off the rafters now! Did you really believe all of that plotting and shit you did behind my back would actually help you in the long run? Bitch do you really not know why I’m the fucking Beta of Gideon and have stood uncontested for over a century? I eat conniving little wolves like you for breakfast and shit you out in the evening! There is nothing you can try that would get Luther to give up my position and no wolf in this pack strong enough to drop me either!”

“So Sonja’s what now? Like the Omega?” Phoenix asked as he and Julius waited outside the confinement area for Dexter to give them the go ahead on their house guests.

“Something like that. Her disregard for Alpha’s orders has definitely kicked her down a few ranks for sure. She’d probably be a hair above Felicia if she survives this. I don’t remember the last person that dared disobey Luther; trust it will never be me!”

Luther strolled quickly through the darkened tunnel and into the den passing the torches and candles that lit the hall. The flames danced with him; bending and flickering in the direction he moved but remaining lit casting a very visible shadow along the walls. His stride weighed heavy on the loose dirt and pebbles beneath his boots and Sonja could hear every step as he neared the metal door. She breathed in quickly trying to gain her wits as she scented him just on the other side.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Instantly the two wolves dropped to their knees out of respect. “I asked you a question Julius. Either my senses are fried or you have somehow harnessed the ability to be in two places at once! Why are you not watching the new comers?”



“Dexter wanted Phoenix and me here for the next hunt. Once you had finished with Sonja that is. The recruits have been chained up in the cells downstairs. Byron is still watching them. They’ve been bathed, branded and fed, Alpha.”

Luther snorted and entered the confinement area. Sonja’s heart pounded in her ears as the door creaked open. Beams of orange light cascaded through the gap bathing her body in a sickly yellow glow. Facing towards the wall she could see Luther’s shadow as he stepped into the room behind her. The door slammed shut and darkness encompassed the room once more.

“Lut…” he shot her a look that instantly quieted her.

He paced the inside of the cell with her as Dexter leaned against the torture rack smiling towards her. The stench of fear rolled off her flesh and was a pleasant aroma to the normal air of arrogance and self-righteousness that always seemed to permeate from her pores. She trotted around in front of him, knowing what she did to him just to get her way. “Look but don’t touch” she taunted. Now look at her, that nose is no longer stuck in the air at him it was sniveling and pleading for mercy, mercy that as Beta he was in the position to grant but mercy she would not see. 

Having position in Gideon meant more than anything that you had to obey Alpha’s commands. And Luther stuck to tradition more than anyone actually realized. In packs the Alpha would order the punishment but most often than not it was the Beta and the subordinates that carried out those commands. His hands were willed by Luther’s tongue and he followed with unwavering resolve. And in disputes, the Alpha took the first swipe and the rest of the pack finished off the noncompliant offender. Which meant, Sonja’s pleas would only meet deaf ears.

“What do you think I should do with you, Sonja? We’re in the middle of a fucking power struggle and you fucked up a serious play!”

“I thought…”

“That’s your problem Sonja! You were told! You have no business thinking! This isn’t some fucking game or democracy you do what I tell you and nothing more. Wild wolves are rare and to find one in this neck of the woods even rarer! Do you have ANY idea how much power those kinds of wolves possess? The amount of destruction they could cause?” 

“Having that pup under Gideon would have determined the outcome of any battle we sought with us as victor. And now what? Greymane has him and if he ever discovers or harnesses that full power that could end us! Are you prepared to die Sonja? Because I sure as hell am not!”

“If…I have a say…please I can make this up to you.”

“Again you speak out of turn! You need to learn by example not words it would seem. Get her down!” he growled and turned towards the rack. Trying to restrain the wolf pushing through his system he closed his eyes and breathed deeply. He wanted to send her and the others that would dare disobey him a crystal clear message but he didn’t want to lose it just yet. She had to feel every bit of his rage and remain conscious through it.

“I can’t have this kind of incompetence around me.”

“Alph…” Dexter placed his hand over her mouth, quieting her before she had a chance to use that silver tongue and turn things around.

“Not this time, Sweetheart,” he growled in her ear.

He turned her towards Luther and his hand smacked firmly across her cheek, knocking her to the ground. Instantly she tasted blood in her mouth as her eyes filled with tears. He leaned over and with just as much force slapped her again. She whimpered and raised her hand in defense. He took the action as defiance and just as she’d thought in his office, her sobs did nothing but encourage the beast that lurked beneath the surface of his skin and he set his pit-bull free on her.

Luther leaned against the wooden paneling of the hitching post as Dexter’s foot came down on her face a few times. He lifted his bloody soles and with equal intensity kicked her a few times in her ribs as he threw expletives towards her concerning her self-worth and loose ways. Her tooth had become loosened and she spit a mouthful of blood towards him only causing him to double his attack on her exposed and fragile body.

Luther growled at her, “Strong-willed isn’t she?” he grinned. “Like a stubborn mare, perhaps it is best to put her down.” She whimpered and looked towards him accepting her punishment.

“Get up bitch!” Dexter snatched her from the floor and twisted her arm behind her back. She pushed into him with her shoulder as she tried climbing out of his grip before feeling it pop and twist out of place. She bit on her lip refusing to show the pain; refusing to give him the pleasure. The way she squirmed in his arms was beginning to turn him on. Each time she wrenched in his grip, her almost bare ass rubbed across his quickly stiffening cock causing the occasional groan to pass his lips. “Keep it up and you’ll get more than you bargained for out of all of this!”

Luther watched as Dexter threw her down over the rack and tightened the chains around her wrists. Her mind began to race and her heart pounded harder in her chest. She could smell the blood of those that came before her and she chewed her tongue to suppress her gag reflex. Words formed in her mind and she wanted to speak them but knew it would only anger Luther more. Fuck it, if her punishment was to die here then she’d at least let him know why.

“Alpha, the pup has a weakness for Kaya. He would have none of me because of her!”

She felt the sharp pierce of his fangs as he let them quickly lengthen within the tender flesh of her neck. She screamed for the first time since her ordeal began and Luther couldn’t help but find satisfaction in her cry for mercy and her pained sobs that soon followed. His cock became rigid instantly and he pressed himself against her and growled in her ear. “I’m fully aware of his desires. I took note of that the night of the change. I never asked you for excuses. What I wanted you failed to deliver Sonja. But don’t worry precious you’ll make up for it.”

She felt a slight ease of tension with those words. He was handing her a reprieve; she wouldn’t die tonight, not like this and not on this grimy table as so many others had before. But what then did that mean for her punishment. Knowing Luther’s proclivity for pain and torture meant he had to be far from done.

He gripped her around the throat and held her inches above his chest. Her feet kicked and flailed as his hands tightened around her neck choking the last breath from her lungs as she went higher above him. “One can only feel truly appreciative of life when they are close to losing it or have lived through enough shit they just say fuck it and take what they want when they want regardless of consequence. Guess which of those roles you fit right now Sonja. Do you have any idea how you’ve survived as long as you have? It’s certainly not from your…assets,” he frowned eyeing her breasts right in front of his eyes. “Cheap thrills like you are a dime a dozen. So why then have I kept you around?”


“It was rhetorical Sonja. You have no idea how to answer that so keep your lips still unless otherwise instructed.” His face remained calm, emotionless and steady as he watched her eyes roll to the back of her head. “Humph, he scoffed. “You’re a clever girl. You can usually come about what you want when you really work at it. Which makes me wonder if you really tried to get the pup or not.” Her hands fell to her side and her head slumped against his grip as she finally passed out. He slapped her and tossed her to the ground to shake her awake.

She came to with a sense of dread. She knew for certain she was dead and yet her nightmare seemed to be far from over. “Tie her up again…I don’t want any resistance,” he sucked on the tip of his long claw tauntingly and smiled.

Dexter yanked her harshly by her hair pulling out a handful by the root. He tied the braided rope around her wrists before using the pulley to hang her back above the post. He moved back towards the rack and took a seat as Luther circled behind her allowing his claws to grow and laughed maniacally at her ragged breathing as she saw what was to come. He scratched across her back quickly and precisely; she screamed at the searing pain of the marks. 

The pressure was numb at first; similar to that of a paper cut before her body registered the depth of the injury and amount of cuts he’d slashed into her flesh. Very soon her body was covered with long, bloody stripes that ranged in size and severity. Luther continued slicing and severing the skin from her bones as her screaming grew louder. Each sound she made bounced off the stone walls and echoed through the cells; music to his ears.

He carved out a large pound of flesh for repayment and didn’t stop until she was no longer screaming. He gave one quick swipe and cut the ropes she hung by and watched her limp body tumble forward. “Catch her,” he gave order to Dexter. He held his arms out for his fallen pack mate and scooped her up into his arms. 

“Take her to medical and get her cleaned up,” he instructed as he absently wiped her blood from beneath his fingernails. “When she awakens, tell her I have a job for her and if she fails me this time she’s done!”

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