Thursday, December 29, 2011

Episode 08: Return of the Wolves

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Rafe, Connor, Bane, Ulrick, Lobo, Julius, Phoenix, Byron, Lucy, Jacobi, Harley, Eli
Word Count: 5,240
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: The hunters make themselves known to Greymane when Bane accidentally runs into them while out on the prowl. Lobo returns to the manor and Kaya questions everything he experienced while away. The manor is flooded with new wolves and everyone is ramped up about something. When Kaya learns there is a true Alpha and that her father is heading into another war, she begins to panic, fearing what that means for their future.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, adult content, adult situations, nudity (and wordy).

Jacobi waited near the southern end of the park as Harley setup on the north. Their “bait” was tranquilized and laying in the center of the area near a small fountain. His wound was severe enough to cause bleeding but hidden from view from other people passing by so as not to cause alarm from the humans. They would just see him as some drunken, homeless guy passed out in the park. That was nothing out of the ordinary and nothing that warranted a second look.

He breathed in the night air as he waited. The azaleas and nearby gardenias were sweet but they masked the scent of anything else. Curiosity shot through him as he wondered if there were wolves watching him at that very moment. Quietly stalking him like a piece of meat that he was none the wiser for. The moon was high tonight and though it wasn’t completely full, it was getting there and he knew pretty soon they’d have more than enough action to occupy their time.

“Anything?” Lucy hissed over her comm. as she sat quietly pretending to read a book on a nearby bench.

“Nothing. All’s quiet on my end,” Jacobi responded.

“Same here,” Harley confirmed.

“This isn’t going to work, Harls I’m telling you these dumb animals would much rather have a fresh meal than look after a wounded dog! We need to change the plan!”

“No! No one is doing anything other than what I told you to do. This will work you just have to be patient. Now stop chit chatting and read! They have heightened hearing Luce.”

She released a frustrated sigh and straightened up on the bench. Her anger growing every second that passed without so much as a flea bite on her ankle. 

Hours had passed and still there was no sign of any wolf or pack dumb enough to stick their head out and poke around the pup. Harley himself grew weary and was just about to call it quits when a dark SUV pulled up and three men jumped from out of the vehicle. “Heads up,” he warned as he watched them enter the park and circle around towards the fountain. 

Lucy raised her gaze from the book slightly taking in the arrivals and the way they at first seemed oblivious to the man laying on the fountain. One of them moved in closer, nodding towards the other two with him and they too approached the pup.

Taking a look around them, one of the men inhaled deep and realized the pup was hurt and in need of help.

“No,” Julius growled noticing the protruding piece of metal jutting from the pup’s abdomen. “Something’s not right here. Come on, we need to move.”

“But what about him?” Phoenix asked recalling Luther’s words and the look on his face as he warned them coming back empty handed would be punished. “We can’t just leave him here, he’ll die.”

“Better him than us,” Byron agreed and pushed Phoenix back towards the truck. “Julius is right, something is way off with that scene and there’s no way I’m about to end up like him with a piece of Truesilver in my gut.”

The Gideon wolves hopped back into their vehicle and took off. “Besides, we know where one of her shelters is. I doubt she could have heavy security on all of them. Best to try our luck there and see what we can get.”

“What happened?” Harley yelled as he watched the trio rush off from their location.

“I don’t know. They looked at him and I thought they were taking the bait but they just seemed to back away without even checking on him.”

“Well were they wolves?”

“I couldn’t get a read Harley. They weren’t in range of the thermostat long enough.”

“FUCK! I think we just lost them!”

“Great! Now what?”

“Fuckin’ puftah! Why not baby ‘em all while ya at it Ky?” Bane growled as he circled the bend and entered the park. His senses immediately took over as he smelled the blood of kindred somewhere nearby. He slowly poked his head around the corner of a tall hedge and noticed three people wrestling with the unconscious wolf. “Alright, now we’re talkin’! Looks like a might bit of fun,” he smiled to himself.

He moved towards the back of the park and pulled off his clothing before changing forms and advancing back towards the fountain. He hadn’t tasted live human flesh in a while and he was starting to lose his edge. These three seemed like the perfect targets to practice on and the fact that they were messing with another wolf only made it sweeter.

…“This wolf is heavy…” he heard one of them say. He stood still and analyzed the situation. “Huntahs,” he snarled and started back towards his clothes. He was tough but not strong enough to fight off three hunters without back up. He had to get out of there and fast before they spotted him.

Realizing the opportunity sitting in front of him he smiled. He ran quickly around to a large rock formation and hopped on top of it. Howling at the top of his lungs he called for Kaya, Connor and Ulrick to get to his location. He may not be able to help the pup but he knows Kaya would appreciate the heads up. It also meant that her attention would no longer be on Rafe and they can get back to the way things were; the way they should have been.

He howled again, this time longer and louder until the rustling of the trees behind him brought out the familiar blonde wolf.

“What is it?” Ulrick asked moving up to Bane’s location. He nodded towards the fountain and Ulrick took in the situation.

“Where’s Ky? Did she not ‘ear me?”

“She and Connor are getting the pup squared away in case it was a lure to get everyone out of the manor. She’s coming.”

Bane smiled satisfactorily to himself and waited to smell her approach.

“They’re leaving,” Ulrick hissed and jumped down from the rock. “They must have heard your call.”

“What? We ‘ave to stop ‘em there’s no tellin’ what they are doin’ to the bloke.”

“And this concerns you why?”

“What d’ya mean? What? I can’t ‘ave a ‘eart? The pup is bein’ tortured, who knows what else. It’s our job to save ‘im.” He looked back between the bushes and watched the two men gather the pup in their arms and lift him out. “Bloody ‘ell we ‘ave to move. Just you and me Mate. C’mon piece of piss.”

He started for the charge ignoring Ulrick’s cautionary growl and lunged for Harley.

“Look out!” Lucy yelled as he took him down and sat on his throat preparing to rip it out. Harley reached over and grabbed a stun gun, dazing Bane and pushing him away as he climbed to his feet. “See I told you it was that simple. We need to…”

His sentence was cut short as Ulrick, Connor and Kaya started towards them. Baring their fangs and scratching into the soil beneath their paws the hunters realized they were quickly outnumbered and began slowly backing away.

“The truck,” Jacobi said. “We…”

“Quiet. They can understand you too!” Lucy snapped. 

Harley looked towards the pup they’d dropped near the bench and slowly reached for the gun in his hip holster. He swallowed hard, watching the wolves for any sign of aggression or advance. “Get ready.” He said as Bane started coming to.

He yanked the gun from his side and aimed it towards the pup. Bane jumped for him, knocking him back as Kaya and Connor rushed in towards the other two. Lucy ran back preparing herself; her sharp steel glinted in the moonlight as Kaya came at her. She swung wildly, slashing into Kaya’s forearm. Kaya yelped and moved back.


“I’m fine Rick, get the pup and get out of here,” she growled as she dodged another of Lucy’s wild stabs.

Connor charged for Jacobi and was kicked back as he bit at the hem of his pants. He immediately jumped to his feet and moved in on him again. The hunter reached for his shotgun and pointed it clean at his head, steady aim, he pulled the trigger.

Ulrick dove at him knocking him away and storming down on Jacobi. He hit the ground hard and became dazed. Rick’s slavering muzzle was just inches from ripping his throat out and sending him back to whatever hell he crawled from when another shot rang out. 

Bane jumped back off of Harley as Lucy swiped at Kaya again. Kaya’s mouth barely missed her arm as she came down. Connor was pushed back from Jacobi and another vicious kick was sent into his abdomen as he sailed towards his upper body. Ulrick dove at Jacobi throwing him to the ground and knocking him unconscious. Kaya turned to face Bane smelling fresh blood in the air.

“BANE!” Kaya yelled and moved near him. He limped towards the bushes as Ulrick and Connor pushed the hunters back. Harley reequipped his gun and pulled Jacobi’s body out of the park as Lucy kept his back ensuring the wolves didn’t follow.

Bane changed forms and fell onto the freshly cut grass. His wound bled out on the patch of daisies as slowly he began to succumb to his wound. He looked up and noticed Kaya moving towards him. She nuzzled him with her cold nose before changing forms and flipping him onto his back. “Bane? Bane can you hear me?”

“Ky…did we get ‘em?” he mumbled as his eyes became heavy. The softness of her caress and smell of the recent rainfall was the last thing he remembered before the darkness hit him.

“Get him on the table,” Kaya instructed as Ulrick and Connor carried Bane into the medical room downstairs. They dropped him onto the cold metal and went to retrieve the pup as well placing him onto the table next to him.

“What do you need?” Connor asked grabbing gauze, scissors and alcohol from the shelves and bringing the table closer to Ulrick and Kaya as she washed the forceps and sterilized the scalpel.

“Help Ulrick; get the pup’s clothes off and pour that over his abdomen,” she said pointing to the alcohol as Bane started coming around again.

“Ky? Love if ya wanted me naked all ya ‘ad to do was ask,” he smirked and she pushed his head back on the table. 

“Don’t move Bane, you’ve been shot and I have to retrieve the bullet. It’s Truesilver so I know you can feel that poison in your veins. Stay still so I can help you.”

“Mmm I’m fine. Just a tad bit blotto s’all. Get me to my bed so I can crash. Bettah still, get me to yours.” His accent grew thicker as the words slurred from his lips. He made a gesture with his tongue and winked lazily as he reached for her.

“You’re not fine so stop moving or I’ll knock you out!”

“Can I do it?” Rafe grinned from the door as he folded his arms into his chest. 

“Fuck off Mate!” Bane growled as he tried again to stand. “You ‘ave no idea who I am yet I’ll fuckin’ show ya Ponce.”

“Con do you mind?”

“Stabbing him with the syringe? You really had to ask K?” he pulled the cap off the anesthesia with his teeth and jabbed the needle into the muscle of Bane’s upper arm knocking him unconscious.

Kaya released a breath and started cutting into the flesh of his thigh, blood spilled quickly and she dabbed at it before reaching for the forceps and pulling the bullet from his leg. Rafe moved closer and watched as she cleaned the wound noticing a small cut on her arm, he called her name and motioned to it. “Kaya, you’re hurt.”

She glanced down at it and he moved closer. “Are you ok? Can I get something for you?”

“I’m fine.”

“What happened?” The concern in his voice drew a smile to her lips.

“It was a glancing slice. She was trying to stab me but I moved. It’s not healed fully because it was a Truesilver blade she used. It’ll be fine soon, no worries,” she assured him. 

She swabbed the area with a clear liquid that had a very pungent smell.

“What’s that?” Rafe asked watching the area begin healing slowly before his eyes.

Dogroot; it’s a healing herb for our kind.” She said pointing to the sealing wound. “It enhances our natural ability to repair damaged muscle and flesh.” She put some on Bane’s leg also helping it heal as well. “The poison might still be in him and that’ll leave his system on its own since the metal was removed, but the rest is better.”

“How long is he gonna be out?”

“He’ll come around soon. Conventional drugs are pretty weak for wolves. I only did it to shut him up.”


Her words caused Rafe to laugh with agreement. He helped her clean up the area and turned to Ulrick and the other injured wolf.

“How’s it coming Rick?”

Being as careful as possible Ulrick slid the jutting edge of the blade out as clean as he could while Connor continued saturating the sliced flesh with the alcohol. “There are no stabbing edges or loose bits of the metal remaining; I’m pretty sure I got it all but from what I can tell it was in there for a while so he’s not out of the woods yet. To be honest I can’t say for sure if he’ll even recover from this. It was pretty deep and he’s lost a lot of blood.”

“What is this? Another wolf?” the deep and thunderous voice boomed behind them.

Kaya turned with a smile and ran towards him. He pulled her into his arms and she buried her face into his neck. “Where have you been? Why didn’t you call and tell me you were fine? Do you have any idea how worried we’ve been?” she said hitting his chest before warmly wrapping herself in his arms again.

“Something came up that needed my immediate attention Kaya. I didn’t mean to worry you but I needed to handle the situation before I came back.” He let her slide from his arms and nodded towards Bane and the pup. “What happened?”



“They didn’t follow us. They had to take care of their own guy and we got out of the area with the pup they were using as bait. He’s hurt pretty badly Daddy and his chance of survival is low. Bane got shot trying to keep the hunters back but he’s doing fine.”

“How bad is it?” Lobo asked approaching Ulrick and looking over the man lying injured on the table in front of him.

“He’s not well off at all. If the metal poisoning doesn’t get him, the lack of blood will. He isn’t healing quick enough to recover from the loss and his system will go into shock long before that happens.”

“Is there anything we can do?” Kaya asked as Ulrick grabbed the Dogroot and swabbed the man’s injuries.

“At this point all we can do is wait.”

Lobo turned towards her and leveled his eyes with hers. “Remember what I told you Kaya? You can’t save them all. Don’t look at this as a loss; you’ve done what you could for him. Sometimes things just don’t go as planned.” He rubbed his hand across her back and she pulled away and started up the stairs with Connor and Rafe close behind her.

“Connor?” Lobo called after him before he got too far off. “Fix up a room for the new wolf. We can at least make him comfortable.”

“Alpha,” Connor bowed before heading up to the 3rd floor and doing as he was told.

Lobo found Kaya sitting in his study and slowly approached knowing exactly what she was after. He smiled at her and took a seat on the other end of the sofa and waited for her to begin.

“Do I have to even ask or are you going to offer?”

“Ask? What is it you would like to know Daughter?”



She gave him a frustrated sigh before beginning. “What happened at the summit? Why did it take you an extra day and a half to get back and why didn’t you call and let me know you weren’t coming back until now?”

He smiled at her onslaught of questions; if he didn’t know any better he’d think she was the parent and him her cub. “Kaya I didn’t know I would be away for an extended time. I’m sorry I didn’t call and let you know it was very inconsiderate of me.”

“What happened there?”

“Luther tried to break the treaty.”

“What? You were attacked? Well, did the Council…?”

“They did nothing. To be honest I’m not 100% sure they knew it was taking place. And if they did, they didn’t lift a finger. We were still on Council grounds, right outside the building. But even knowing that didn’t dissuade Luther one bit.”

“What?” she yelled jumping to her feet. “How could they not know? They have witches! The seers work for them.”

“And even Lexi remained silent about it. She was afraid that saying anything would force Luther to change his plan of attack. Perhaps that’s what the others felt too. Either way, he was not successful.”

“But it’s not from a lack of trying Daddy! You should have called! You should have told me! It makes much more sense now why Gideon came after me.”

“They what?” he motioned for her to sit and she slid into the cushion beside him. “What happened Kaya?”

“Phoenix, Julius and Byron came after me when I went to get Rafe some stuff from his place. They’ve never been so bold before. Daddy something is happening and I don’t know what. There has been an increase in wolves the last day or so and we’re running out of room in the shelters because of it.”

He paused and looked at her before pulling her into his arms. “Whatever is happening I don’t want you to worry Kaya. You’ll be safe I promise you that. I just want you to remember that if you have to go out for anything take someone with you. It’s not a good idea right now to leave the manor alone.”

“Why Daddy? What is happening?”

“Don’t worry about that now. You’ll know when the time comes.” He hugged her close and tried to forget the vision the seers informed him of. He knew what that would entail for his daughter and wasn’t prepared to face that himself.

There was a loud clanging outside and Ulrick checked the security cameras and found the front gate surrounded by wolves.

“What’s that noise?” Connor asked approaching the front window and peeking out.

“At least a half dozen wolves.”

Lobo and Kaya joined them in the foyer and he took the first step outside checking the area. He drew in a breath to sense the nature of their visit before nodding to Ulrick to unlock the gates.

“Daddy?” Kaya approached and held his arm as she stood behind him.

“It’s fine Kaya; they’re scared of something and just want some help.”

The strays gathered in the living room and Ulrick and Connor went to work getting names and location of origins from them before trying to figure out the best move for them.

With Lobo’s help a few of the strays moved into the manor and they assisted with getting more into the shelters around town. 

“I’ll know when the time comes? I want to know now Daddy! What is happening? Where are these wolves coming from? Why here? Why now?” Kaya asked following him into his study. Lobo took a seat at his desk with his eyes closed as he thought about the best approach to the subject.

“There’s been a vision that may mean lots of changes for our kind.”

“Daddy, stop with the riddles and tell me what is going on! We just got flooded with new bloods in this town and they all seemed scared about something. Now I know you know what it is so tell me!” she said, her voice rising a bit in frustration as she leaned over onto the desk.

He opened his eyes, his brow furrowed from hearing her tone and she leaned up and folded her arms into her chest. “Your intimidation may work on the pups but I’m your daughter and I know better. Now I want answers and I’m not leaving until you spill Armand!”

Hearing her say his name made him smile a little as he leaned back in his chair. His daughter, his cub; so much like him and she didn’t even know it. “You know you look like your Mother when you’re upset. She used to call my name like that when she wanted something too.”


“Calm down Kaya,” he laughed and it roared deep in his chest. He stood and walked towards her placing his hands on her shoulders and a kiss on her forehead. “I’ll tell you everything. But first, we should make sure our new guests are…”

“Alpha!” Connor yelled from the hall. “Sorry to interrupt but we need you out here.”

He smiled at Kaya before giving her arm a reassuring nudge and following after him.

As he exited out into the hall he could hear the men brawling out in the front corridor.

Ulrick and Connor pulled the men apart again as Bane stood by watching and enjoying the action.

“If it’s a fight you’re looking for you’re in the wrong house. Respect me when you set foot in my door or I’ll crush you myself!” Lobo yelled and the men bowed before him. “Now someone explain this before I have to ask again!”

“There have been whispers,” one of them started without looking up. “There is a true Alpha among us. Gerard and I just had differing of opinions, sir. It was meant as no disrespect to you,” he looked up into Lobo’s eyes and smiled his sincerity. “The true Alpha.”

Lobo nodded and glanced at his daughter still standing behind him before turning his attention to Ulrick. “Get these men fashioned with rooms. Any more problems and I’ll deal with them personally.”

He started back towards his study with Kaya immediately on his heels.

“A true Alpha?” she asked once the doors closed again. “Is that what the seers’ vision was about? Daddy what does this mean?”

“It means that if it’s me, Greymane is in for a war unlike any we’ve ever seen before.”

“But that only means…”

“If it’s my time, Kaya, trust me when I say that you’ll be well taken care of.”

“Daddy you can’t…”

“Let’s not worry about tomorrow’s problems today Sweetheart.” He kissed her gently once more on the forehead. “I need you to ensure the wolves are taken care of, please.”

She nodded before exiting to help Ulrick with the newcomers.

Lobo dropped into his seat again as he watched her exit. Heaviness entered his heart and began churning at his stomach as he thought about the possibilities of himself being the Supreme Alpha and the danger that would place on his house and pack. His daughter was already listed among the desirables; there would be wolves from everywhere if he were chosen trying for her hand and there was no way he’d let that be especially knowing what it meant. She had to remain pure; unmated. And as long as his lungs held air, he’d ensure it with each breath.

“That’s the last one,” Ulrick announced and dropped the clipboard to the table. “Honestly Kaya I don’t know why Lobo even entertains your madness sometimes. You dragged me into it and before long I’m gonna be the one that has to maintain these new bloods.”

“And I appreciate everything you do,” she smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Really, where would I be without you?” 

“Broke and in the gutter?”

She laughed. “Probably. Which reminds me, how’s the hunt for our new bassist coming along?”

He looked over at Rafe before pulling her to the side. “Honestly? I stopped looking. You have a real talent in the pup. Work your magic on him, he’ll come around.”

“And Bane?”

“I’ll deal with Bane,” he said looking towards him. “Sure he’s a dick,” Bane looked up hearing that and flipped Ulrick off. “Yeah I don’t know where I was going with that. Just work with Rafe, get him to agree and I’ll work out the kinks.”

She started for her room and Rafe ran out after her.

“Hey thank you for bringing Juliet to me. I’m gonna see how she likes it here,” Rafe smirked and headed towards the music room.


“My guitar.”

Kaya watched him enter the room and remembered Ulrick’s words. She laughed to herself as she thought over how her manager was making her look for the talent. “Isn’t that his job?” She followed behind him and listened to the music he was producing at the piano, Mozart’s Fantasie in D.

She slid onto the bench beside him and waited for him to finish the piece. She watched as he ran his hands over the keys skillfully playing and not skipping a beat. He looked at her and smiled before placing her hands beside his showing her the notes to the music.

“So why Juliet?” Kaya asked taking control of her hands.

He stopped playing and turned towards her. “Do you know Shakespeare?”

“Well I’ve never met him personally but…I do know of him.”

“No I mean have you read Shakespeare? Really read it?” She shook her head no and he continued. “Juliet was thought to be the embodiment of true beauty; so much so that it could not be contained by one person. Romeo believed that her beauty rivaled that of even the heavenly bodies and said: ‘arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon, who is already sick and pale with grief, that thou, her maid, art far more fair than she’.” 

He turned around on the bench and rested his elbows on the piano and she readjusted beside him. “It was thought that she cared more about her looks than anything but when she was with her Romeo, nothing else mattered but their love and the time they spent together.” He glanced over at his Juliet and smiled. “When I’m on stage and I have my Juliet in my arms, nothing else matters but the music.”

Kaya swallowed hard and slowly exhaled a breath. “Wow, that’s really beautiful Rafe.” She felt flustered and brushed a strand of hair behind her ear as her eyes locked on his.

Whoa what’s that?” he asked taking note in the way her body temperature changed and the heady scent wafting towards him.

What’s what?”

“Are you…?” he asked getting a closer whiff.

“Uh no,” she cleared her throat and stood from the bench. “I should check on the others and see if they need anything.” She said slowly moving towards the door. 

He stood and approached her, turning her to face him and leaned into her. “I can feel that Kaya. It’s different but I can definitely sense a change in you. What is it? What is that?”

She smiled coyly and pushed away. “You are recognizing your senses Rafe. It’s not uncommon to mistake a few fluctuations in degrees as something else when it first happens. Don’t worry you’ll get used to them and what they mean as time goes on. Anyway, I’m going to bed. I’ll see you in the morning.” She hurried from the room and up the stairs before he could ask another question.

She turned the water on in the shower and let the cool moisture spray over her body and calm her frazzled nerves. What the hell was that Kaya? She scolded herself thinking over the events in the music room. She felt like an idiot having a schoolgirl reaction to something Rafe said to her. It wasn’t like her to allow her emotions to control her like that.

Without knocking Bane entered into the room and watched her wash down a little before sliding open the shower door and stepping inside. “Bane?” He pushed her against the wall and slowly slid his tongue across her lips, spreading them and sucking them into his mouth. He moaned against her mouth and let her feel his stiffening cock against her inner thigh.

“Ky; I figured you would like some company. Feelin’ your ‘ands ridin’ up my leg downstairs made me crack a fat and I know you’re feelin’ it, I can smell ya in my sleep. What ya say Love? Wanna give it a tumble? We ‘aven’t tried it in the showah before. Hmm? Might be fun,” he mumbled against her lips as he continued pushing himself against her. 

He pressed his lips against hers and she rubbed a hand down his back stopping on his shoulder blades she squeezed with the pads of her fingers and pulled him closer before pushing away. “I was making you better and you’re not well enough for this. That metal poisoning is still in your system. It’s not a smart move.”

“Pig’s arse I’m fine! Let me prove it to ya!” he said snaking a hand around her back and licking her along her jaw line and down her neck. She moaned and her hands pressed against his shoulders. The heat he aroused in her was no match for the cold water streaming from the shower head. She bit her lower lip as his hands trailed up her thighs spreading them she could feel his hand stroke the soft patch of hair just above her pleasure point. Her eyes snapped open as an image of Rafe popped into her mind.

“Bane don’t I’d rather you heal up. Besides I’m not in the mood for this,” she said pushing him away. 

“Not in the mood? Ky, Love! Ya mouth is sayin’ one thing while ya body is sayin’ somethin’ much different.”

She pushed him back and turned the water off before stepping out of the shower. “Read my lips Bane not my hips. I said no.”

He sighed and moved towards her. “This is because ya want me to get bettah and not somethin’ else right?”

“It was a tough fight and you were shot!”

“Yeah I risked my neck for that bloke upstairs. I could ‘ave died Kaya. I thought you of all people would appreciate what I did. ”

“I do Bane, of course I do. But it was foolish rushing in there like that; you can’t try and blame me for that!”

She turned her gaze away from him and he rubbed a hand down her arm. “Yeah maybe it wasn’t the full quid. But it was somethin’ right? No, no I’m not blamin’ ya Beautiful. I…,” he sighed. “Might be the drugs eh? Guess I’m not feelin’ quite myself yet. I’ll go no worries. Get some rest, Love.” He kissed her cheek and wrapped a towel around himself before exiting the bathroom.

She released a breath and ran her hands through her hair. She wrapped herself in a towel and dropped onto the toilet as her thoughts turned to the message from the seers and what it meant for Greymane. Everything seemed to be spinning out of control so fast. And with the idea that her father might be thrown into another war nothing was making sense anymore. And now most recently there was…


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  1. The hunters were pretty smart with that plan. They might want to brush up on the packs if they can. Push come to shove and they are looking for a certain wolf, they'll need to know who will react to what. That Lucy better watch her ass. If she comes face to face with Byron and she has no knife, she'll be the one getting stabbed.

    Was Jacobi bitten? Connor was charging and biting.

    The poor little pup! They had him laid out there dying! I hope he pulls through!

    Lobo and Kaya are something. He is this big strong Alpha with everyone else and a softy with her! He stands no chance! I can sense her concern about him and this True Alpha business. Hoping it would be that bad is dumb, right? All the new bloods showing up and no clear direction where, is telling that it will be bad.

    She didn't let Bane touch her cookie! WOOHOO!!!!!!

  2. The hunters are very smart though Harley is constantly the one having to look after his siblings to make sure they aren't doing something foolish. LOL @ stabbed, I can only imagine what that means O.o Lucy has a strong hatred for wolves though, Byron would have to be a real smooth talker.

    Connor was charging and biting but no, they were careful about scratching or biting the hunters. Ulrick pushed him forcefully to the ground and knocked him unconscious.

    Yeah, the poor guy was used as bait and they could careless if he could be saved or not. Greymane will of course make every effort but Ulrick isn't holding out hope.

    With the flood of wolves into Willow Reed things are not looking up for their kind. Kaya is worried and so is Lobo but he is trying to maintain order in the manor. You're right though he can yell and growl all he wants but Kaya's puppy eyes makes him melt every time!

    HAHA no cookie this time though he was close and she was hungry. Her thoughts were on Rafe and that saved her. :)

    Thank you for reading!

  3. That fight with the hunters was fantastic, DJ! I don't know how you got all the wolves to do what you wanted them to do!

    I can't believe that wolves from the other pack were smarter than Bane! Kaya seems to be making a choice whether she realizes it or not. She has fallen for Rafe! Bane senses it too. Especially now that she didn't give in to him.

    I can see that her father won't be pleased if he finds out! All because of the prophecy!

  4. Thank you! I used a few game animations (chase/goof around) and paused them when needed :) Let me tell ya, I thought it would be bad but the animals are much more cooperative than the sims!

    Gideon weren't about to get their hands dirty! They backed away for their own safety. Bane was about to do the same but thought he could use this to get closer to Kaya. "Look at what I did! I helped! Kiss me!" It didn't work as he'd hoped though because like you said, she's falling for Rafe without really realizing it. Bane sees her pulling away and that will cause him to take drastic steps to ensure she doesn't go far.

    Lobo doesn't want anyone to mate with Kaya. He has a few reasons for that and with Lexi's help they've been successful so far. But...things change.

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