Thursday, January 12, 2012

Episode 09: The Ripper

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Rafe, Bane, Connor, Ulrick, Rosalie, Greg, Chelsea Chase
Word Count: 7,977
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: A look into Bane's past and how he came to be with Greymane. Chelsea Chase, celebrity interviewer, spotlights Night Shift on her show and a surprising announcement is made that changes the shape of the band. Bane makes it known to Rafe how he feels about his sudden interest in Kaya and he learns something about Bane that the other wolves in Greymane have no idea about.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, nudity, strong sexual content, adult content, adult situations

Willow Reed -- August 21, 1992

He was panting heavily as he finally rounded the corner and tossed himself against the cold stone wall of the building at the end of the block. There was no telling how far behind him the others were but at this point he couldn’t care less. He was always alone; used to that fact ever since his parents dumped him at that convent so long ago. He caught his breath and took off in the industrial district, circling back towards the place he’d first run into them.

Bane dove over the fence and ran faster through the city to try and gain more distance between him and the wolf pack that he’d pissed off. His mind ran over the fact that he left his friend in his wake to take the beat down that was meant for him but he immediately got over it. Friend, he thought, what does that word really mean? Just one more person in his life that would have disappointed him; one more person to turn their back on him so why not be the first to do it?

He found himself hunting in the wrong part of town and as such ran across the sister of one of the wolves currently hunting him. Had he known he would have really taken his time ripping her throat out. He enjoyed it; the thrill of the kill and the taste of the young ones. Never had he let an opportunity pass him by where he wasn’t out for another meal and one just as beautiful as Adrienne? Adena?  Audrey…whatever her name was, she was tasty.

Finally! He'd made it back to his side of the tracks and back to the Crow’s Nest inn by the airport. “Where’s Derrick?” Rosalie asked noticing him enter alone.

“‘ow the fuck would I know eh? It’s not my fuckin’ day to watch ‘em,” he said dropping onto the sofa. “Grab me a beer would ya?”

“You left him didn’t you?” she yelled throwing the bottle at his head. He caught it before she found her target and grinned in her direction.

“‘e’s a big boy. The lad can take care of ‘emself.”

“You son of a bitch! Greg! Greg get out here!”

“What the hell is all the racket for?”

“Bane left Derrick and I think something happened to him.”

The elder wolf turned his gaze to Bane and jerked him from the cushions. “Where is he?”

Bane pushed him back and straightened up his shirt. He popped the cap of the beer in his hand and took a swig before answering. “Like I said, I don’t fuckin’ know. Maybe ‘e found ‘imself a nice piece of tail to grind. Saints knows ‘e wasn’t gettin’ what ‘e wanted from around ‘ere,” he sneered in Rosa’s direction.

“Fuck you Bane!” she said charging for him.

He pushed her back with little effort and laughed. “Yeah if ya showed that kind of fire in the sack perhaps the old boy would come ‘ome more.”

“GET OUT! GET OUT OF HERE BANE!” she yelled throwing items in his direction. He looked over at Greg still brooding and preparing for a showdown.

“Oh bugger off!” Bane grabbed his coat and what little belongings he had and exited the hotel room.

His 3rd pack in almost as many years; his list of enemies was growing faster by the day. He started towards the center of town trying to figure out where he’d land next. He found the scent of something sweet and moved towards it not noticing the wolf behind him.

He bumped into the woman he smelled and nearly knocked her to the ground. “Hey!” Kaya yelled and pushed him back. “Watch where the hell you’re going!”

“I was,” he smiled and pulled her closer.

“Yeah? Well don’t look now but I think you have company,” she said looking over his shoulder and backing away.

The wolf jumped at him and he kicked it away. He looked around and hurried towards the back of the restaurant. The wolf wasn’t far behind him and watched him take form and approach. Bane snarled and charged at his attacker sinking his teeth into his forearm.

The wolf yelped in pain before diving into a frontal attack and trying to catch Bane off guard. He laughed and jumped him again this time chomping down on his tail and spinning him once before tossing him into the wall. He struggled to stand and regain his composure; Bane smelled like a fresh kill and there was no way he was going to let him win. 

He got back on all fours and howled as loud as he could. Panicked, Bane looked around in time to find himself surrounded by 3 additional wolves. “Called backup eh?” Bane snarled. Before he knew what hit him, two of the newcomers charged at him and tackled him to the ground as the last neared his exposed neck.

“Come on ya ponces, I can take each of ya!”

“Impudent whelp!” the largest and last of the newcomers growled. “It’s wolves like you that give us all bad names. And the ones like you that need to be taken care of.”

“And I couldn’t agree more,” Kaya said as she and Connor rounded the corner. “Is this how you fight? 4 against 1? Not very even I’d say.”

“Leave bitch this has nothing to do with you.”

“And I beg to differ!”

Connor rushed towards the two holding Bane down and instantly they backed off as his foaming mouth clamped down on the back of one of their necks.

“You see that? Red is real good at what he does and he's been itching for a fight. I’ll give the kill command unless you and your pack of thugs leave now,” Kaya barked.

“This isn’t over, Whelp!” the white wolf hissed as he and the others retreated.

“Are you ok?” Connor asked as Bane got back on all fours and Kaya moved closer to sniff him for injuries.

“Yeah, I’m fine Mate. I ‘ad ‘em ya know?”

Connor laughed. “Yeah I could see that. What was the plan? Let them rip out your throat and then make your move?”

“I said I was fine!”

“Fine. You don’t want our help. We’ll be on our way.” Connor stood upright and waited for Kaya to advance. Also transitioning and redressing he took her hand and led her towards the car.

“Wait,” Bane said realizing the girl was the one he’d sensed. “Maybe I could use a place to stay. Just for the night?”


Willow Reed -- Present Day

“You like shoes I’m guessing,” Rafe grinned gesturing towards the huge display in Kaya’s closet. “Wow there’s gotta be at least a couple thousand dollars worth of leather in there; poor cows.”

“More like hundred thousand. Most of them are one of a kind designer heels.” He let out a sharp whistle and moved closer. “Do you normally just waltz into other people’s rooms like this?” she asked placing her pen down and glaring at him.

“Well, I don’t know. You did it to me so I assumed, you know, fair game.”

“I told you why I did that.”

“Oh right, right, something about me calling your name in my sleep,” Rafe smiled.

“Yeah; your wet dream of me was getting a bit noisy so I figured I’d shut you up before you woke the entire household.”

He stopped cold and felt his face flush. If she didn’t notice the blood rush into his cheeks surely she smelled his nervousness. She knew, he thought as he rubbed his dampening hands onto his jeans and casually leaned against the bookcase.

She smiled watching him fidget before confirming his thoughts. “Wolves have superior hearing, sense of smell, sight, speed and strength. When you’re whispering to yourself, I can hear you as though you’re standing beside me.”

“S-s-so what are you writing?” he asked trying to change her focus.

“A song; I’ve been hearing these words replay in my head over and over and decided I’d better write them down before I lose it.”

“Oh yeah?” he moved closer and leaned over her shoulder. She flipped her pad face down and sat up. “Shy?”

“I just don’t like to share my thoughts until I’ve made sense of them and can put them to music.” She closed up the book and sat it by her bed. “Was there a reason for this visit or were you just getting even for my intrusion to your room?”

“I don’t know. It was a tossup between watching Connor drink himself silly or hang out with you.”

“And you chose me? Aww that’s so sweet,” she said sarcastically and rolled her eyes. “What a charmer!”

“Not really. I chose Connor but he passed out quicker than I’d anticipated.”

“Jerk!” she laughed tossing a pillow at him.

He threw it back and jumped on the bed next to her. “So besides ‘prowling’ around the property and writing, what do you do for fun here?”

She shrugged, “I like the stables too.”

“Stables? There are stables here?”

“I’ll show you sometime. But first, how about you tell me a little more about yourself?”

He looked at her curiously and smiled. “What do you mean?”

“Rafe, I know you were holding out on me before. I mean I’m not trying to pressure you into telling me something you’re not comfortable with but…I mean your parents. Are you sure they weren’t wolves?”

“My fosters weren’t as far as I know. But we didn’t really get along as well as most would think. I mean they adopt a kid you’d think it was because they wanted one but I’m not so sure they did. Sure they seemed to care about me and gave me everything I needed but their emotions were always so cold. I felt like I was only there for posterity.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“It’s cool really. They weren’t bad folks they just didn’t know how to connect to me.”

“Did they name you Rafe or was that something from your home?”

“No I’ve had it. Why?”

“Was curious if you knew what it meant.” He again looked at her quizzically and waited for her to continue. “Counsel of the Wolf; either your parents were wolves and knew or…”

“Or it’s just more dumb luck.”

She giggled and sighed. “Ok fine enough talk. Since you're so bored, how about you show me some of your smooth moves?”

He narrowed his gaze at her trying carefully to translate before asking. “What do you mean?”

“The music room; I’d like to see more of the ex rocker come to life.”

“I don’t know.”

“Oh come on Rafe. I don’t know what happened that made you want to give up the music, but you are obviously in love with it! That’s easy to see from the way you transformed when you had that guitar in your hands and the way you spoke about Juliet,” she smiled. “If you ever want to talk about it I’m all ears but for now I’m going to practice. Join me if you want if not, I’ll catch up to you later,” she said hopping from the bed and making a beeline towards the door.

Ulrick caught her just as she started down the stairs. “Hey not so fast, we have an interview with Chelsea Chase in an hour, get your stuff and get ready to head out.”

“What? I thought that was tomorrow?”

“It was, I switched it with the promotional shoot for the upcoming ‘Flare’ magazine instead. I figured the interview would serve us better if we went with it first.”

“Why? What are you up to Rick? You never reschedule like this unless it’s something big.”

“It is and I’ll tell you as soon as we get out there. I got Connor; he’s sobering up in the shower as we speak. See if the Aussie wants to join us please?”

“Me? Why me?”

He smiled and shrugged. “He responds to you better and to be honest I have too much on my mind right now to worry about Bane’s inconsistencies. Please?” he asked sparking his puppy dog look and making her grin.

“Alright fine, but you owe me!”

She nodded and went back to her room to get ready before heading down to find Bane. He was laying with his head back on the couch and eyes closed. She pushed at him but he didn’t move. “Bane? Bane?” Kaya yelled trying to get his attention. She shoved him hard in the shoulder and jolted him from whatever dream he was having. He looked up at her and smiled.

“From my dreams to reality. Ya know Love ya ‘ave a way of touchin’ me when I need it most.” He leaned up and drank in her body. The dress she was wearing hugged her hips outlining her perfect breasts and thighs and made him smile. He thought about ripping it off and running his hands up her curves until she was crying his name in pleasure. The idea alone made his groin ache and heart pound within his chest. He sucked in his bottom lip and finally brought his eyes back up to hers. “Ya came to make it up to me? Ya didn’t ‘ave to get all dressed up Sheila I’m always ready to part ya legs for ya.”

She sighed and pointed towards Connor and Ulrick standing by the door. “We’re heading to an interview. Are you coming or have you decided you’re too good for your band?”

“Mmm I’m sure you could persuade me. Ya fanny need a smooch?” He reached for her ass and nuzzled his nose into her stomach kissing a small pattern around her belly button before she threw him back into the cushions with force.

“If that’s what it takes, stay here. We can take care of it alone.”

He sighed and looked down at his hands. “Wait.” He yelled and stood up to stretch. “I’ll come.” They headed outside and Bane helped pack the music instruments into Ulrick’s truck before hopping into the Hummer.

Kaya took the front seat and checked her lipstick in the vanity mirror. “I need to get to Dahlia. I can never get the right shade like she does.”

“Doesn’t look bad to me; though the color doesn’t matter when it’s wrapped around my dick, all I see is the sweet ring your lips leave behind.”

“Bane if I didn’t know any better I’d think you were ovulating. What the hell is with this increased heat coming from you?”

“I don’t know,” he shrugged. “Was just doin’ some thinkin’ on what we ‘ave. If you ask me I think it’s time you and I…”

“There is no ‘you and I’ Bane. It was sex, nothing more nothing less. I told you before you’re not my wolf and I have no intentions of letting that happen.”

“Fine.” He drew quiet and dropped into the seat more as he gazed out the window.

“Would you mind if I tagged along or am I still on lockdown?” Rafe asked watching Connor gather up his things and start for his Humvee.

“I don’t know Rafe man taking…”

“Of course you can,” Ulrick interrupted Connor’s words and glanced at him sideways. “It’ll be fine; you’ll have the four…the three of us to look after you while we’re out. If anything happens we’re more than capable of protecting you.”

He smiled and started after them grinning wider as he saw the look on Kaya’s face when he neared the car.

“What the fuck is ‘e doin’ ‘ere?” Bane croaked as Rafe slid into the backseat beside him. “We’re ‘eading to a band event. Last time I checked you were just a stray dog off the street that no one wanted.”

“Bane!” Ulrick cautioned as he passed his side of the truck. “I invited him and he’s staying. There’s no harm in letting him watch. You’d better be on your best behavior. I won’t tolerate rivalry in public; it’s bad enough you do it with your band mates on stage. It’s because of you no one wants to play bass for Night Shift you know? That bad boy reputation of yours is scaring off all the potential candidates.”

“Then I guess I’m doin’ it propah yeah Mate? Remind me to send a fruit basket to screw off Rick.”

Ulrick sighed and hopped into his Tahoe as Connor pulled out of the lot and started for the studios.

“Kaya! Connor! Hey, so glad you guys could make it what with the reschedule and everything,” an excited redhead ran over to greet them. “I’ve been losing it all morning wasn’t sure if we could get you in on time!”

“It was a bit short notice Chels and I’m sorry about that,” Kaya said looking towards Ulrick. “But we have a pretty efficient manager.”

“And that’s awesome, Rick it’s always a pleasure.”

“Same here Chelsea.”

“Ok so you guys can head over to makeup and get ready. The show will start off with you on stage. I’m not 100% sure what song it’ll be, my notes are missing on that but afterwards we’ll talk!” She said jumping up and down.

“Can’t wait,” Connor laughed at her behavior. The woman was usually very animated and by now he thought he’d be used to seeing her sometimes eccentric and frenzied behavior but she always found new ways to get a laugh out of him.

“Wow. I’ve never been on the set of anything like this before,” Rafe said looking around the large open space in the backstage of GlobalStar Studios as the trio took off towards the dressing rooms.

“No? Let’s show you around a little while the gang gets ready to go on,” Ulrick said pulling him towards the banquet near the green rooms. “Your last band, Phase 2, whatever became of them anyway?” he asked as he took a bite from one of the platters lined on the table.

“Uh long story but the condensed version, a few of the members weren’t giving 100% while another got arrested for armed robbery. Basically the whole thing just crumbled because they couldn’t devote themselves to the music.”

“And after that you just decided what? That you didn’t like music anymore and gave it up?”

“No it was another reason for that…or rather a series of reasons. After that I…” he saw Kaya step out of the changing room and smiled. Her hair was pinned up and she was in a pair of tight leather shorts and a less than there top. Her leather boots glistened under the studio lights and he watched them cling to her legs with every step she took. The thought of watching her wiggle into that leather slipped into his mind and he felt a tingle in the pit of his stomach before realizing he was in the middle of a conversation with Ulrick. 

Ulrick turned and met his gaze and chuckled. “They’re performing before the interview.”

“Just the 3 of them?”

“For now yes. We’re still looking though. Come on, let’s get around the curtain and get a better view.” 

They played “The Hunt” before the live studio audience; a first time exclusive of one of the songs only available through their iTunes pre-order bonus for their last album.

“They prowl in the night taking what they need
nothing can stop them and their desire to feed
the moon at night won’t keep the creatures at bay
and with the bright sun, they’re changed for the day.”

“In the boundless depths of darkness, they chill the midnight air
ripping flesh from bones, feasting; spilling blood everywhere
they walk among us, existing only for the kill
your cries of mercy is what fuels their thrill.”

“Bright eyes lurk nearby causing fear, stirring fright
ready to release the animal and disappear from sight
Be sure to watch your back and stay in the light
because it’s just not safe to go out After Midnight.”

“Night Shift Ladies and Gentleman,” Chelsea said as she clapped and approached the stage. “We’ll be right back after a brief word from our sponsors to speak with them! Stick around we still have lots to come!”

“That was great guys!” Chelsea smiled as the hair and makeup crew came out to touch up their looks. Bane growled at the man nearing him with the powder brush and caused her to laugh. “A real man huh? Too big and strong for the makeup I see.”

“No one touches this face with that sissy stuff. If I ‘ave a wrinkle, which I doubt, it’s mine!”

They took seats out on the sofa and Ulrick joined them as the cameras were coming back from break. “Welcome back to Chasing Stars, I’m your host Chelsea Chase and we have the spotlight on Night Shift! So guys your latest album Black Moon was released on Halloween tell us what planning had you put into that in order to get everything ready for your fifth studio release?”

“Well as is normal with all of our previous albums,” Connor started. “We decide how many songs we want to write and what theme if any the album will have. For Black Moon we all agreed that it should reflect our current life situations and where we are as a band. With the loss of Mike Reed on bass and the subsequent media coverage on his disappearance we knew the album would have dark connotations and we just went with it. We played up the 13 songs on Halloween’s Black Moon release because of the eerie superstition too.”

“That kind of stuff usually is a big hit with the fans and we love to please our audience,” Connor said and smiled at the response from the crowd. The cheering encouraged him and he stood and blew kisses towards them. “See what I mean? They are the reason we do this.”

**I love you Connor!** A woman shouted from the viewers. “I love you too!” he waved and was met with an ear piercing shriek.

“And as a HUGE fan of Night Shift I’m inclined to agree with her. It might be the red hair; I don’t know but he is a hottie right? While we’re on the subject, you’ve been photographed with quite a few ladies recently. Are any of them a future ‘Mrs. Morvant’?” she asked leaning up on her elbows as she waited on his response. She winked in his direction and the gesture wasn’t lost on him.

He smirked and leaned forward. “Uh well Chelsea not at the moment. I’m single and I guess what you call ‘playing the field’. I’d love to find my special sweetheart but no one’s yet been able to keep up with me. Not sure if it’s the music, the drinking or the nude sleeping but something’s driving the women away.” The audience cheered again and he chuckled to himself.

“I’m gonna say it’s his love of parties,” Kaya smiled. “Then again the fact that you enjoy pranking everyone is not playing much in your favor either. If I find ONE more whoopee cushion in my chair or joy buzzer in my guitar case he won’t have to worry about anyone being his forever because I’ll end him!”

“And what about you Kaya? Anyone special in your life?”

“No one yet. With such a hectic schedule finding time for romance isn’t easy. Sometimes I think Ulrick should pencil in a blind date or something for me because it’s not fun realizing sometimes that all I have to go home to is a yard full of fleabags.” Connor laughed and nudged her arm.

“Yes and we all remember how close you came to ‘forever’ with the hottie Paolo. Any plans to reignite the flame with him?”

“Kaya’s long over Paolo; but it’s in the best interest for the both of them,” Connor interrupted. “With both of them at superstar status they barely had time for one another and there’s no building on something like that.”

“And what about the Bad Boy? I’m sure you’re knocking them back with a stick. How are you doing with the fairer sex?

“I ‘ave a bit of a time that’s for sure. But I actually ‘ave my eye on someone. She’s mostly into the same things as me and I’m sure the two of us could make it work,” Bane grinned. 

“Fantastic! And in mentioning Mike earlier, I know there was a lot of bad blood between you and the ex-guitarist, Bane, but in light of the recent events that came to follow that fallout are there any regrets or things you wish you’d have done differently?”

“Mike was an arse and got what ‘e deserved. No I don’t regret a damn thing. ‘e played piss poor music and was a sorry excuse of a bloke just as crooked as Rookwood. I take that back, the only regret I ‘ave is not givin the lad the good thrashin ‘e deserved. I’d ‘ave whipped ‘im propah.” Kaya looked at him and he winked and smiled at her. “Looks like the Nibs didn’t like that none. Come on Dollface, you know what I’m sayin’ is fair dinkum.”

“Kaya was there anything you wanted to add to that?” Chelsea asked prodding her and hoping for something to spill. She was no different and just as apparent as the other photogs and news hounds that came after the band. The only thing they wanted was dirt and lots of it. And it didn't matter if it was true or not.

“No. Bane’s a colorful guy what can I say. He makes things interesting that’s for sure. Mike was a great guy and it was sad that he left the band but I do hope that he has moved on to satisfy his life’s dream in the reclusiveness he sought.”

“And while we’re on that topic, Chelsea,” Ulrick said smiling in Kaya’s direction. “I guess she’s too shy to announce it herself but we’ve actually found a very great replacement bassist for the band.”

“You have?” Chelsea asked looking into the cameras before smiling again in Ulrick’s direction. “Well this is great news who is the lucky guitarist joining your ranks and when will we meet him or her?”

Ulrick nodded in Rafe’s direction who was standing near the stage door with his arms folded watching the screen. He noticed Ulrick look in his direction and turned to find the rest of the members on the stage were looking at him as well. “His name is Rafe Hemming and he’ll be the perfect addition to Night Shift.”

“Well this is certainly news and you will get to meet the latest member of the band for the first time when we get back from this brief commercial break.”

Ulrick went over to get Rafe who was less than pleased to step out onto the stage. He looked over the audience as he took a seat beside Kaya and Connor. Bane snorted and Ulrick glared at him and gave him a low warning growl to tell him to remain seated before the show returned from break.

“We’re back with Chasing Stars and the spotlight is on Night Shift: Kaya, Connor, Bane and if you caught the announcement before commercial, their newest addition, Rafe Hemming,” Chelsea said smiling as she introduced the band again. “So tell us Rafe, how does it feel joining one of the hottest bands on the music scene?”

“Well I…it’s,” he looked over at Kaya and tried to form a thought. His mind was still racing over an announcement he hadn’t known about or expected. Being thrown literally to the wolves he was not sure how he should react or even if he should play along with it. His gut wrenched in a ball of nerves and his hands became cold and clammy. Fuck, she set him up. Worked him good with her "smooth moves" chat early only to spring this shit on him.

Ulrick smiled at him and nodded as he took over. “He’s speechless,” he laughed. “That’s a first! I don’t think the news has settled yet but Night Shift and I are very lucky to have found such a hidden talent in him. He’s played with some bands before, his most memorable being Phase 2 a few years back. We feel his musical attributes would be a very wonderful addition to the band.”

“Well why don't we let him think on it a little. Now your music changed though and many people believe that once you hit mainstream it’s easier to change than continue the traditional tracks your audience grows accustomed to. What do you have to say about the darker lyrics that are gracing recent albums?”

“Many of the darker lyrics are courtesy of our drummer,” Kaya smiled at Bane. “On previous Night Shift tracks what you hear is a mix of ‘my music’ and ‘Mike’s music’ and ‘Connor’s music’. Black Moon was basically Bane’s turn and that’s what you hear. His style has always been a bit grungier than ours but we worked together and were able to make them not so gloomy and jazz up the beat a little as well.”

“So that means that Rafe will get a chance as well to produce an album showcasing his style of music? I’m sure it will be an interesting treat. I also know the audience is DYING to see the new man in action as well. When will he grace us?”

Rafe sat quietly listening to Chelsea speak about him as though he were not sitting on her invitingly, fluffy cushioned sofa with the rest of his band. Kaya bit her lip as she heard the makings of a growl in his belly. Gently nudging his arm he raised his head and smiled at her before turning his attention back to the invisible object across the room. 

“Rafe is the man of the hour for sure. His style of music will be an inspiring addition to Night Shift’s sound and we’re hoping the fans warm to him as well.”

“He’s a pretty quiet guy it seems. I’d imagine he becomes quite animated on stage.”

“And you’d be correct. When he gets his guitar in his hands it’s almost as though he’s a different person. Surprisingly the music awakens the animal in him.”

He laughed at the thought and turned to Chelsea. “I’m also not very used to cameras and camera crews following my every move. Forgive my shyness but I’m just a traditionally private person.”

“Mmm a man of mystery,” Chelsea perked up. “Hear that ladies? We have a tough one to crack and you can bet it’s a job I’d be willing to take on for all you Night Shift fans out there!” she asserted whipping the crowd into another frenzy. “So the this year’s tour dates look pretty booked. When this tour kicks off are you coming back home to complete the set?”

“We love playing for our hometown crowd and this year we’re doing things a bit differently. We’re making plans to do a takeoff show live and free here before heading off to the cities we’ve scheduled and wrap everything up back home again. We want everyone to understand how appreciative we are of their undying devotion for our music. So all of you Night Shifts fans out there we hope to see you in Willow Reed this year!”

“Well there ya have it folks. I want to thank you for joining us again on this edition of Chasing Stars. Stay tuned to learn how you can get your hands on some exclusive Night Shift gear as well as VIP backstage passes to their next concert! So long everyone!”

“Thank you Kaya, it’s always a pleasure having you on the show,” Chelsea said shaking her hand after they got backstage. “And welcome to the limelight, Rafe. You have some big shoes to fill!”

“Thank you again Chelsea. It was fun!” Kaya smiled back and looked at Rafe who was doing everything he could to keep from exploding. Once Chelsea started for the back he grabbed Kaya’s arm and pulled her over towards the exit. 

“What the hell was that? Did you know what Ulrick was planning? Is that why you bombarded me with those questions about music and practically begged me to play for you?” his anger was beginning to show and Kaya looked around to see if anyone else was getting this. The last thing she wanted was for this to make front page news or for his wolf side to be photographed and publicized.

“Rafe you have to calm down. Your emotions are still wonky and anything could happen right now, please.” She placed a calming hand on his shoulder and felt his muscles relax. “I didn’t know anything about this. I’m sorry you were pushed into it like that but you don’t have to accept the position. I was going to ask you but I guess I was moving too slow for Rick’s taste.” 

“Yeah I guess so.” He pulled her hand down from his arm and held it as he rubbed his thumb tenderly across her knuckles. “So I’m in the band now huh? Does that mean I get access to those notes in your music journal?” he smiled.

She let off a light chuckle and pulled away. “No. It means that if you’re late for practice Bane won’t be the only one you have to look out for in the house. Connor’s a real dick when it comes to tardiness.” He looked over at her and smiled shooting his finger in her direction to let her know he’d heard what she said. “It also means you have to look pretty on Friday; we have a publicity shoot.” She shook her head realizing the reason Rick had switched the days of each event. “Welcome to the band Rafe. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.”


Willow Reed -- September 03, 1992

“Ay Mate, where’ya rushin’ off to?” Bane asked as Connor brushed by him hurrying for the door.

“Out like the rest of the pack. I’ll probably hit up a club or something. Kaya’s on a tear and I’d rather not be here until she comes down. Wanna come?”

“Eh no thanks. I’ve enough ambah nectah ‘ere. But I've been meaning to ask, Kaya, why ‘asn’t she mated yet? Seems to me someone should ‘ave ‘er.”

“One word: Lobo. Everyone knows that if they touch her they’re signing their death warrants. She’s strictly off limits to anyone, Alpha’s orders. Anyway, I’ll catch up to you later.” He hurried out the house before his date got antsy and came looking.

Off limits, Bane chuckled to himself as he started up the stairs. The scent was pervading the entire manor to the point every male in the house was on alert. It didn’t surprise him that they’d leave in the mornings and not return until very late the entire week, IF they returned at all. He stood outside her door taking in the heavenly musk and imagining the things he would do to her. Certain that it had been a while since she’d been properly serviced he knew any small hint of sex would most likely drive her over the edge.

“Hey new guy,” Kaya smiled as he invited himself into her room. “I’m surprised to see you up here.”

“Ah yeah? Why’s that?” he smirked as he slowly approached her.

“I don’t know I figured you’d have run off like the others. They try and avoid me at all costs when I’m…”

“‘Orny? Yeah well they’re not me are they Sheila?”

“Obviously not, they have half a brain.”

“Ouch,” he said throwing his hand over his heart. “Ya really know ‘ow to cut it eh? Please retract those claws, Love, I only wanted to chat,” he smiled.

She laughed and he watched her organize the bookshelf over and over again, taking in the air in her room and drowning himself in her scent once more. “So how ya liking it here?”

“It’s not bad. I’ve ‘oled up in worse places.”

“Well don’t let us keep you from your castle Sir Bane. As royalty I’m sure you’ve become accustomed to larger spaces and amenities. Besides as I recall you said this was only for a day right? It’s already been a week and some change.”

“Yeah well maybe I found a reason to stick around.” He grabbed the book from her hand and tossed it to the side.

“Thanks dick I was using that.”

She reached for it again and he grabbed her arm. “‘Ow’s ‘bout instead ya use me?”

“Excuse me?”

His hand snaked slowly up her arm until he had his wrapped around her back. She felt his hard on pressing against her leg and the girth made her clitoris ache imagining the feel of it sliding into her and a ragged breath escaped her throat. “Looks like ya ‘eard me.”

“I heard you. I figured you were crazy I never would have guessed suicidal.”

“I’m not suicidal but I’m not stupid either; I’d know if my arse was on fire. You’ve been what? Drownin’ yaself in ice and cold watah to combat the ‘eat. All these guys ‘round  ‘ere are too afraid of Daddy to even relieve ya of the pressure buildin’ between those legs and the smell of ya drives ‘em crazy. Ya really think I’m gonna run off with my tail between my legs when it’s just as easy to bed ya?”

“Easy? You think I’m easy?”

“I think ya want what I’m offerin’. I can ‘ear that ‘eart poundin’ a mile a minute.” He leaned forward and whispered in her ear. “I also know no other guy ‘as tried before and I can smell the moisture growin’ between those thighs while ya thinkin' about what I can do for ya. Just say the word Sheila and I’ll make ya hollah all night.”

“I think you should leave.”

“And I think,” he said pressing her against the bookcase, “I should make you cum.” He pushed his mouth against hers hard and sucked on her lips. His hands clutched her tighter and hungrily searched her body. She pushed against him, his pecks flexed under her hand and he leaned her harder against the wall case; moaning as he felt her kiss him back and feeling her muscles relax a little.

“Bane…” she whispered as her body burned hotter from his explorations. Her head fell back and he sucked on her neck leaving a small red mark under his lips when he pulled them back.

“Close but it’ll be louder than that, Sheila.” He wiggled his eyebrows as he stripped her shirt from her and lowered his mouth to her breasts. As he pulled her bra to the side she stopped fighting him and allowed his moist tongue to roll expertly over her nipple.

“Mmm Bane, that feels so good.”

He smirked as he pulled at her shorts and she helped him slide them down her legs. His hand rubbed between her thighs, fingering the moist and silky patch of hair on her mound before slipping inside of her. She bit on her lower lip as his fingers discovered the button that drove her to growl in pleasure and coo until he brought her down again. Her body exploded into a thousand tiny tingles and she floated on that moment taking note of his self satisfied smile.

She rubbed her hand along the bulge in his jeans and licked her lips. He was big and he only seemed to grow harder and thicker under her hand. She felt his veins throb under her touch and a groan escaped his lips as she undid him and snaked his dick from behind his zipper. “Ya want that Kaya hmm? Ya want to feel that inside ya?” he whispered against her neck. “Ya want that here,” he asked pushing two fingers deep inside of her again until she whimpered and moaned in pleasure. “Tell me what ya want me to do with it, Love.” He wet his fingers pumping them in and out of her faster and her eyes begged him to take her now; her soft moans didn’t go unanswered.

He couldn’t get his clothes off fast enough before she tackled him into the bed and guided his hard cock deep inside her aching pussy. “Oohhh, yes,” her lip quivered as he held her hips and drove himself farther between her thighs. His mouth clumsily sucked at hers and she bit his bottom lip as he fucked her; thrusting himself upwards and listening to her ass slap against his legs. He smacked a cheek roughly and squeezed making her cry out in pleasure.

“That’s it Baby, take it.” He said as he lifted her hips and slammed her back down onto his dick. His fingers hugged tight into her flesh and her nails dug into his shoulder as he leaned up and took her breast into his mouth again. “Fuck ya tight Ky, it ‘as been a while eh, Sheila?” 

“Shut up and fuck me,” she growled and sucked his lips into her mouth. His tongue rolled sloppily around hers and he hissed as she pulled his head back by his hair and crushed his mouth with hers again. “Fuck me Bane!” she cried; her head fell back as she swayed and bounced harder in his lap and his mouth kissed along her neck. 

He laughed, flipped her over and pounded her into the bed. She chewed on her finger to keep from screaming and he felt her muscles tighten again around his cock milking on his own climax. He started humping faster and working on his breathing blowing out a breath as he tried to keep himself composed long enough to feel out her orgasm. His breathing became shallower and she started climbing the bed pulling away from him as her body convulsed from the power of the explosion between her legs. “Where ya goin’?” he grunted pulling her back into the sheets. “I’m not done with ya yet. I wanna feel ya wet my dick again.”

“No more…” she mumbled. He grinned hearing her beg him to stop and he fucked her harder feeling the moisture building on the silk sheets beneath them. “Please.”

He leaned forward and nibbled her ear as he listened to the gibberish her tongue created as she tried to form words. “I’ll fuck ya until ya pass out. I’m not stoppin’ until I know ya body’s done.”

“I’m done, please.” She swallowed hard and turned her head to look at him. “Besides you can’t cum in me and you’re not even wearing a condom.”

“Ya serious?”

She flipped him over after riding off her last orgasm and pulled off his dick. “Dead serious.”

“Ya gonna leave me ‘anging aftah…ohh,” his words were cut short as she lowered her lips to the head of his cock and sucked him into her mouth. “Bloody ‘ell Kaya that’s nice Love,” he groaned. His toes began curling and he reached down placing his hand on the back of her head guiding her along his shaft. “Yeah like that Babe.” He growled as her head bobbed expertly in his lap and her hand stroked the full length of his dick, jerking him into her mouth.

“Mmm yeah, yeah, yeah. Ya mouth is so ‘ot.” She sucked quicker, tasting herself on his dick as he tangled his hand in her hair and his breathing again grew shallow. She rolled her lips around the veins in his cock, feeling them slide along her tongue before swallowing him down her throat. The sloppy sounds and moans she was making drove him over the edge and just before he exploded, he pulled free of her lips and jerked his seed into the sheets of her bed. “Ah fuck, fuck, shiiitttt!” he groaned as spurt after spurt shot free of his body. He sucked in a large breath, turned to her and smiled, “fuck that was great.” 

“Yeah great…that’s where I sleep asshole.”

He laughed and wrapped his arm around her waist before tasting her lips again. “Would ya ‘ad preferred I shot it on ya? Made ya swallow? No worries you’ll forgive me especially since ya  ‘eaps more relaxed.”

“Don’t get cocky or comfortable Bane. What happened today won’t happen again.” She said pulling the sheets from the bed and tossing them towards the hamper.

“No? We’ll see about that Sheila,” he smiled as he got dressed and started for the door. “‘Ave pleasant dreams, Love.”


Willow Reed -- Present Day

They got back to the manor and Connor and Kaya grabbed the instruments and lugged them down to the music room as Rafe headed upstairs to think over everything that had happened. Night Shift. Though he’d known Kaya was interested in having him play with them he wasn’t sure if he was ready yet to even become a part of a band again; not after his last experience. “Hey little guy. How are you liking the new digs? Pretty crazy huh? I guess now we have a little more in common; both members of the animal kingdom.”

Rafe sensed a change in the room and quickly turned to find Bane standing in the corner. “Wha…” Bane charged him, pushing him against the wall and holding his forearm across his neck choking the air from his lungs.

“I don’t think you and me ‘ad the propah welcome Mate. Well it’s about time we did ya think?”


“Shh, don’t try and speak, it’s only gonna make this worse for ya. All ya need to do is listen.” He sucked on his teeth and smirked. “Ya know I’ve seen the way ya ound after Ky. That fuckin’ mutt stench is rollin’ off ya like a ‘orny teen poppin’ it for the first time. Stay away from ‘er or I’ll fuckin’ murdah ya and leave ya body somewhere it’ll never be found.” 

“Ya ‘ear me? She’s not interested in someone like you when she ‘as someone like me takin’ care of ‘er needs.” He felt Rafe’s heart begin to slow and smiled.


He thrust his arm deeper into Rafe’s larynx. “I wouldn’t piss off the bloke oldin’ ya by the throat. Not a very smart thing ya’d think.” He leaned in closer until he was nearly whispering in his ear. 

“Let me let you in on a little secret Chum, I killed my best friend 20 years ago. Threw ‘im to a wolf pack and told ‘em ‘e was the wolf what killed their Alpha’s sister; I killed ‘er too. This was a Mate I’d grown up with and came to see as a brothah; just think what that means for ya. I don’t give two shits about the likes of ya; cross me and you’ll regret that just like good ol’ Mikey.”


Bane smirked. “Everyone thinks ‘e took off for some peace ‘ike or some such shit. In a way I suppose it’s true; ‘is remains became fertilizah for a beautiful garden. What's more peaceful than that?” He laughed to himself.  “I like to surprise Ky with a rose from it every so often, she thinks it's sweet.” Rafe pushed and kicked at him as his chest started burning from the loss of oxygen. His body began shutting down and he could feel his eyes begin to roll to the back of his head as he choked for a breath. “Keep ya dick in ya pants and ya ‘ands off my girl! I don’t want to ‘ave this conversation again.” Bane said backing away and letting Rafe fall to the floor; unconscious but breathing. “Welcome to the band!”

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