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Episode 07: Misery

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Rafe, Connor, Lexi, Faith, Luther, Julius, Phoenix, Sonja, Dexter
Word Count: 4,702
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Lexi and Faith recall the vision concerning Rafe and Faith makes it a point to mention her favoritism towards Kaya is prejudiced and should stop. Gideon wolves arrive and she informs them that there are more new wolves in town that they need to move on immediately. Rafe is going crazy waiting for his transition and asks Kaya to retrieve some personal effects for him from his place. She heads to his apartment and runs into Gideon wolves. Byron of Gideon helps her escape and they get back to their manor but arriving empty handed places Luther in a foul mood and he takes it out on an unsuspecting victim.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, adult content, adult situations, nudity, RAPE, STRONG sexual content -- (longest chapter so far)

“Mens, somes quod animus, mens, somes quod animus,” Lexi and Faith chanted as they sat around the pentagram blanking staring into the crystal centered between them.

“Give us a vision; a sight to the past,
allow us to view events we’ve cast.”

The crystal became clouded with black smoke and voices resounded from the orb as the witches began levitating to complete their cast.
I know this is short notice, Kaya but
you and your pack must find the youngblood.
Protect him; he will be your greatest weapon

It was a warning issued to Greymane from Lexi herself and a warning that she knew Faith would reiterate to Gideon. It was just a matter of which pack would get to him first.

Lexi was pleased it was her house but the tension it caused with her sister was something she’d hoped would have been avoided.

“I have to tell you Lexi, I can’t get behind your decision to speak with the Villalobos girl again.” Faith said pulling the tea kettle from the stove. She poured up a tray and carried it into the living room taking a seat beside her sister witch. 

She slowly sipped the tea from her cup eyeing Lexi as she continued. “She should not be given any more freedoms than the other wolves. I understand you feel a kinship for her because of what took place between you and her father, but you can’t let that influence your neutrality.” 

“I understand your concerns Faith but I’m being impartial with the information she receives though it may not seem that way. I cannot allow certain events to come to pass and it’s for the greater good and better interest of them all. You’ve trusted my decisions before, just continue to do that. You’ll see it’ll all work out.”

The door to their hovel opened and a bright ray of light pierced the room as Gideon wolves poured in. “Ladies,” Julius smiled as he, Phoenix and Byron walked in. “You know why we’re here I’m sure so let’s skip the pleasantries please. Tell us about the new blood.”

“It’s no use trying for the Pup at this point,” Faith said turning towards them. “You’ve failed and you must live with that fact. Though you can still provide Luther with what he wants. There are more new bloods in town all seeking the same thing: shelter. Find them and redeem yourselves.”

Lexi looked towards Faith and a grin formed on her lips as the trio retreated and headed towards the other side of town.

“Hey!” Kaya said catching Rafe before he stepped out the door. “You’re going somewhere?”

“Uh yeah,” he sighed and rubbed the back of his head. “I’d like some things from my place. Make the manor feel less like a…prison,” he said watching Bane pass through in the hall. He caught the evil glare he shot in his direction and the way he seemed to threaten him without opening his mouth. “Plus I just need some air. I feel like I’m suffocating in here.”

Kaya glanced at the door then back to Rafe before taking a step closer. “I won’t pretend to know how you feel about this place but…”

Don’t worry, I’m coming back,” he smiled and tenderly raised her chin so that her eyes were on his. “I’d just like some of my own clothes to wear and I don’t know feed my goldfish or something. Though it’s been a little over a week he’s probably dead.” He stroked her cheek and felt it flush under his hand increasing the smile on his face.

She returned his smile and took his hand away from her face gently. “That’s not it. I ran a risk taking you outside of the manor the last time we were out and with Daddy gone and no word from him…it just seems riskier and I’d really rather you didn’t leave.”

He sighed and folded his arms into his chest. “And this isn’t a prison? The warden’s away and you and the other pigs guard me keeping me on lockdown 24/7. I’m about to fucking lose it Ky! The manor is big and all but there’s only so much I can do around here without feeling as though I’m being watched every second of the day. And the fact that I’m housed with a potential killer doesn’t exactly give me warm and fuzzy feelings all over!

She backed away with her arms raised in defense. “Ok fine, you’re right. I’m sorry. I never considered the fact that you had other, more important things to take care of rather than try and save your life or learn what you are so that you weren’t a threat to society.” She opened the door and waited for him to walk through it. “Go on, have fun. I’m sure the hunters have forgotten all about you. I’ll see ya if you get back.”

He took one step towards the door and paused with a defeated sigh. “Ok you win. I’ll sit here and tough it out. Just don’t expect me to be happy about it,” he frowned. “You know guilt is a fucked up tactic, Ky.”

She punched his arm and induced a smile on his face. “I know but if it helps you understand the gravity of the situation, it’s a necessary tactic. And if it means that much to you I’ll take Bane and drop by your place to grab some stuff for you.”

“No! I don’t want that asshole anywhere near my place.”

“You’d rather he be the one left here to watch you? If I take Connor you’ll be alone with him you know that right? You know, nevermind, I’ll go alone. Just let Connor know I’ll be back soon ok?”

“Ok but when you get my clothes make sure you grab my favorite shirt it’s…”

“The one that has your scent on it the most; I think I can figure it out, no worries.”

“You’re gonna sniff my dirty laundry? You know if you’re that interested in having my scent on you I could…”

“Sit tight and I’ll see ya soon,” she smiled and exited the door. She jumped into her Cadillac, punched in the code for the gate and disappeared down the street.

“What are we doing here?” Phoenix groaned from the backseat watching yet another apartment complex pass by his side of the car. “Wrong side of town for us and this neighborhood isn’t exactly ‘Gideon-friendly’.

“This is where the seer said we should be and so it’s where we’re going until we find the others.

“This is bullshit. I’d much rather be having dinner from some college co-ed instead,” Byron sighed watching a young woman jogging by the truck. She momentarily locked eyes on him and he smiled. “Perfect.”

“We’re on a job and we’re going to do what we set out to do. Unless of course you want to be the one to explain to Luther why we didn’t retrieve that damn pup and came back empty handed.”

“His interest in that wolf is beyond ridiculous.”

“The only pup to pop up in over 3 years, Phoenix? How else do you expect this pack to grow without them? Are you going to volunteer your loins and create more wolves for your master like a good boy?” Byron snapped.

“Fuck you! You’re the one dropping seed everywhere. That would be your job not mine.”

“Hold up,” Byron interrupted glancing out the window. “I think that’s Kaya’s Caddy, slow up.”

Julius let off the gas and watched Kaya turn a corner and quickly got behind her. “I wonder where the little Princess is headed.”

“Well anywhere she’s going can only mean the manor is wide open. This might be our chance at the pup!” Phoenix said as Kaya came to a stop in front of an apartment complex situated on the right side of the street.

They watched her hop out of the car and pulled over to the side of the road. “Jules man did you hear what Phoenix said? He’s right you know. Let’s get out of here.”

“No, something’s up and I’d like to see what.”

Kaya sensed danger and checked her surroundings; something was up. The wind picked up harder and with it the scent of nearby wolves. She stood facing the street and spotted Gideon sitting in their SUV. She grinned in their direction; not waiting for them to come for her she pulled her top off and quickly darted for the trees on the side of the complex.

“Let’s move!” Julius yelled pulling his clothes off and taking form as he rushed after her. Phoenix ran ahead gaining ground as quick as he could. They entered the bushes where her scent was heaviest and searched the area quickly.

“The alley!” Phoenix yelled again leading the way.

They reached an alley behind the apartment complex and Julius howled his orders to the other two. “We want her alive. I’m sure Luther would appreciate her unharmed but if she doesn’t come willingly use force!” They split up each taking a different direction down the connecting streets.

“Come out, come out wherever you are,” Phoenix taunted as he sniffed around the buildings and vacant lots. Though he had his qualms against harming innocent people, he never gave up the chance to “stick it to the other packs”. He was raised from a puppy to full adulthood by Gideon and his devotion never faltered. He felt as though he owed Luther his life. Had it not been for him he would be living on the streets broke or worse.

“We know you’re in here, might as well come out and play,” Byron said passing a dumpster and backing against the wall as Julius and Phoenix continued forward. He waited until they disappeared from view and moved back towards it, smiling as he smelled her within the trash in the alley.

She charged out and towards him and he pounced out of the way as her claw came down at him.

“Almost,” he laughed and jerked back again to avoid her teeth from clamping down on his tail.

“Leave or die,” she snarled backing him into the wall.

“Funny, I was just about to offer you the same.” He jumped against the wall and stood upright changing forms. She followed suit and he pulled her against his chest. “You need to get out of here before I’m forced to do something I don’t want to,” he smiled as he stroked her cheek.

“You couldn’t hurt me even if you tried Byron. We both know that.”

He pulled her closer until his mouth was near her ear, “And we both know I’d never try. But if the others were here I’d have to keep up pretenses right?” He rubbed himself against her a little more. Kissing her neck, he turned her around and ensured she was covered in his scent so the others couldn’t detect hers. Her flesh was warmer than usual and he could smell her heat.

He blew out a breath and pushed her away as he kept his eyes closed to control the urge to take her. “Fucking hell you need to take a mate already Kaya! How can the guys in your place stand it?”

“Wow Byron; was that a proposal? What business is it of yours?”

“None I suppose. You’re with a rival clan but my dick can’t tell the difference.”

“Neither can your brain. This is the second time you’ve ‘saved’ me. Start to make it a habit and I’ll have to steal you away from Gideon.” 

“There’s only one way that’ll happen,” he smiled eyeing her body and sucking on his lower lip. “You know I could really give that body of yours all the pleasure it deserves and then some! I’d love to show you sometime.”

“I don’t think so. There’s no telling where that thing’s been. Like a real dog you fuck anything that moves!”

“No I enjoy women and let them enjoy me. There’s nothing wrong with that.” She glanced up the alley and he followed her gaze.

“Yeah I’d better get you out of here,” he said walking to the edge of the building. He poked his head out first and nodded towards her. Kaya ran towards her car, scooping up her clothes before jumping inside and peeling away from the curb quickly.

Byron whistled for the others and they rushed forward. “Where is she?” Julius growled and sniffed the air.

“Her car’s gone, she got away,” Byron reported. “She must have doubled back.”

“Fuck!” Julius hissed. 

The trio got back to the jeep and redressed before pulling out. “Think we still have a chance at the pup back at Greymane?”

“I doubt it I’m sure she’s already warned everyone by now.” Byron said smiling to himself. The others didn’t mind harming she-wolves and as much as he hated his rivals, he couldn’t stand by and watch one of their female kindred be injured; especially when they were fertile and could ensure the preservation of wolves. 

Kaya watched as Gideon fled the area before heading back towards Rafe’s apartment. She hid her car in the bushes behind the building and quickly made her way to the 4th floor. Sniffing out his place easily, she put the key in the lock and made her way inside.

The smell of rotting food in his fridge hit her nose instantly and a scowl formed on her lips as she moved towards it. She scooped up the items in a trash bag and sat it next to the door to take with her once she gathered up some clothes and other items for him.

She placed the dishes into the sink and began washing them laughing to herself as she thought about the reason she was there; washing dishes was NOT it. 

She took her time looking around the place. It was neater than she expected and didn’t have an ex-rocker feel to it. The couch was in good condition; not damaged, dirty or torn. The carpets were swept and vacuumed and the walls appeared spotless. He had an entertainment center setup in the living room and the equipment all appeared new and well maintained and his linens were freshly pressed and folded in the hall closet. 

She continued up the hallway and found his fish, still alive. She pinched off a little food for him and glanced up at the painting on the wall. “Oh you poor thing; how rude it is for your owner to hang that over your home! That might have been someone you knew!”

She entered the first door on the right, his bedroom and stopped as she saw the pictures on the wall in this room. “Typical guy.” She smiled at the neatly made bed and organized space. She was not expecting him to be tidy. This was not the kind of person she imagined him being at all. 

She moved towards the dresser and emptied his top two drawers into a duffle bag sitting on the closet floor and a few pairs of shoes; ensuring she grabbed the items that looked “lived in” noting his scent in them and the way he seemed to favor them most. 

As she was starting back towards the front door when her eyes caught on a candy apple red multi-neck Gibson EDS-1275 electric guitar leaning against the far wall of the living room. She dropped his duffle next to the door and started for it. Taking it into her hands she strummed her fingers across the top fingerboard and smiled. It was still in great condition, well cared for and she knew it had to be the love of his life.

Taking it, his fish, clothing and the trash she started back down the elevator, disposing of the waste in the bin in the garage. She circled back around the building and headed home towards the manor.

Rafe met her at the gate; a huge smile crossed his face when he saw the fishbowl buckled into the passenger seat of the car. He scooped it into his arms and looked at the colorful fish moving around the water in the bowl. “Did the bad lady hurt you, Spike?”

“Spike? You named the fish Spike? And ‘bad lady’? I’m not the one that hung a painting of a fisherman above my pet fish!”

He smiled at her frustrated frown. “Spike never complained! I just figured he wanted to see how the other half lived; you know make him appreciate his home,” he laughed and grabbed his bag from her hand. “Thank you Ky.”

“Wait, that’s not all I have for you,” she said grabbing the guitar from the backseat. His face beamed brighter as she handed it over. “Maybe later you can play for me and REALLY thank me?”

He dropped the duffle and she took custody of Spike as he glided his fingers over the frets. “If you’re good, maybe,” he winked.

“Ky!” Connor called stepping from the house. “What the hell happened?”

“What do you mean?”

“Rafe said you went to get him some stuff and would be back soon. That was over four hours ago. And why the hell do I smell Gideon wolves on you?”

“I ran into Byron, Phoenix and Julius.”

His expression turned grave and he stepped closer. “And?”

“And I gave them the slip, got Rafe’s gear and got home.”

“And nothing happened?”

“No Connor, nothing happened. Believe it or not I am capable of taking care of myself Cocobear. Why are you so worried?”

“Because we’ve still not heard from Lobo and Lexi is giving me the runaround. Something big happened at that summit and I’m willing to bet Luther was behind it.”

“Did I not make myself clear?” Luther asked without turning around as his pack joined him in the study. “I’m pretty sure of what I said because I heard myself say it. Where is the pup?”

“We ran into…,” Byron started.

Julius glanced at him and shook his head. 

Luther turned around and waited for the explanation. “Cat got your tongue? I asked a question make me wait another minute AND I’LL PRY IT FROM YOUR MOUTHS MYSELF!” he crushed the glass in his hand and threw the shards in their direction.

“We ran into Kaya, Alpha. She escaped us and we were unable to recover the Pup.”

“But the good news is I’ve learned there’s more than one now. In fact there are dozens Luther,” Sonja said stepping in. “Kaya’s throwing them in her shelters though a few are housed in the manor as well.”

“Good. Start with the shelters. I expect to have what I want by night’s end.”

“And in the meantime Alpha, we brought you a little something,” Dexter said motioning towards his office door. “You’ll find she’s extra special.”

Luther stepped inside to find the treat his Beta had brought for him. She was a petite thing, young; early twenties at least and she appeared the perfect picture of health. She clearly worked out, took care of herself and felt very highly of her image. The typical Willow Reed princess that enjoyed taking what she wanted from men; using them up until she’d drained them dry.

Though today she’d not have such luck; in fact it was Luther’s intent to show her exactly what a drained body felt like. He walked the length of the room watching the girl as she cowered in the far corner of the room. A smirk appeared on his lips as he sauntered towards her slowly playing with the button on his pants and reveling in the sounds of her tears. His smile grew wider as he noticed the promise ring on her finger, extra special indeed. Virgins were his favorite and this little whore would make the perfect outlet. A promise ring, the bitch was a tease; evident in the way she dressed.

Her panicked pleas for him to release her fell on deaf ears; he could smell her fear and every bit of it was driving him forward. He grabbed her wrist, yanked her to her feet and pressed her against the wall pinning her in place. He watched the terror increase in her eyes as she felt the growing outline of his erection pressed against her hip.

“Please. I won’t tell anyone if you just let me go.” He reached forward and caught one of her tears with his thumb wiping it away gently and dropping it on his tongue, licking it at her as he smiled wickedly.

“Mmm,” he moaned before replacing his hand around her wrist. “Let you go? You’re too sweet to the taste for me to ever consider that. But I’ll tell you what, once I get what I want, I’ll set you free.”

“What do you want?” she whimpered through tears and just above a whisper.

She received her answer in the form of his hand wrapped tight around the hem of her shirt. In one swift jerk Luther had snatched it from her body ripping off her bra along with it. His eyes wandered down the length of her body and he licked his lips stopping on the tennis skirt zipped around her hips. His hand was hot and she could feel the pointy edge of his fingernails as he rubbed a hand up her thigh and between her legs. He gripped the waistline of her lace panties and jerked them free.

“Please don’t do this. I’m a…I’ve never…”

“Shh,” he said placing a finger over her lips. “It’s your innocence for your freedom.”

He backed away and she slid down the wall trying to cover herself as best as possible. Luther dropped onto his couch as tears once again formed on her face. Gripping her panties in his hand like a trophy he raised the crotch of them towards his face and took in the heady scent of her dripping cunt and the cherry blossom body wash she’d used that morning.

“Get up,” he ordered and waited for her to obey. He wasn’t above yelling to make his point but he wanted to see just how obedient his new friend was. “Stand up straight.”

“Please! Just let me go. I promise I won’t say a word! I’ll never tell just let me go.” She slowly pulled herself from the floor and stood with her back pressed firmly against the wall and her hands at her side.

“The skirt, remove it and crawl to me,” he ordered disregarding her weepy request. She sniveled and slowly fumbled with the hook on her skirt before finally lowering the zipper with her shaky fingers. She reached for the strap on her shoe. “No!” he growled. “Leave them on and get over here.”

He stood as her skirt fell to the floor and removed his pants. Slowly she crawled forward stopping in front of him. He fell back into the leather and with one nod motioned her forward. Her lips closed around his hard on and she slowly sucked him into her mouth; crying as she felt him reach the back of her throat. She whimpered and he placed his hand on the back of her head and pushed her further down his shaft. The sounds of her gagging and frantic clawing at his arm and chest empowered him and he slapped away every one of her attempts to pull away for air.

Finally he released her head and she fell back gasping for air and drinking in huge gulps as her pained tears stained her cheeks. He stood and jerked her up by her hair. Tossing her over his desk with one sharp thrust he plunged deep between her thighs. She cried out in pain and clenched her eyes shut as he roughly pushed in and out of her taking no regard for the amount of suffering he was causing her thin, fragile frame. She felt her hymen rip and the amount of pressure he was placing on her pelvis increased the pain within her body. It felt as though his cock was pushing into her abdomen and the amount of cramping it caused was excruciating.

She fought to balance herself on the desk, gritting her teeth as the pain of his thrusts burned into her with razor like precision. “Please! It hurts!” she cried and a sinister smirk grew on his lips. He pushed her head into the wooden desk flattening her breasts against it and ignoring her pleas for mercy; he was far from done. His hand gripped her waist tight leaving red marks in the shape of his fingers on them as he pounded into her harder.

Luther never allowed himself to enjoy sex without the pain he could cause to those he was with. The pleasure he found in their agony heightened his gratification when nothing else could. He wrapped his hand in her hair and yanked her head back towards him. Her eyes opened wide in terror as she gazed upon the evil grin on his lip and the look of pure hatred in his eyes. “Why are you doing this? Please! What have I done to deserve this?”

He pulled her bottom lip into his mouth and sucked on it. Biting hard, he split it in two and sucked the blood that fell and mixed with the tears on her face. She was a tasty treat and he couldn’t wait to explore that more.

She looked out the window and suddenly her whimpering and cries of agony had stopped. Luther jerked her head back and chomped viciously into her neck as he wrapped a hand around her throat and choked her. Her ear piercing scream brought a smile to his face as he fucked her harder against the wooden surface of his antique desk.

He pulled her arm behind her, wrenching her shoulder blade until he heard it snap. Her ear piercing scream rang viciously in his ear. He held her there, screwing her harder as his cock reached its full length within her fresh cunt and spread wider to accept him. Her virgin hole was getting the treatment she inflicted on those she teased and he was teaching her there are consequences to the games you play.

He pumped her harder until she could barely stand. The muscles in her lower body were failing her from the strain of his onslaught. He sniffed the air as the thick scent of iron permeated the room and clung to them like glue. He looked down and realized the bitch was bleeding all over him.

His body tore into hers and she was certain that very soon he’d rip her apart. “Please!” she begged again her voice growing weary and cracking. But this time her cries were not in vain. With one final thrust he was done and he slowly pulled out letting her drop to the floor at his feet.

He backed away and watched her again. She tried getting to her feet but every motion reminded her of the sharp and tender aching between her legs. Blood dripped down her thigh and she painted a trail of it on the floor as she moved towards her shirt.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Luther asked calmly as he poured himself a drink.

“Y-y-you said that if I gave you what you wanted I could leave.”

“Correction,” he said taking a sip from the glass in his hand. “I said I would set you free.” He smirked as the realization behind the meaning of those words hit her. She made a move for the door and Luther was on her instantly.

He jerked her to the ground and stood over her. His look of intimidation caused her to shield herself in preparation of what he’d had planned. 

He dropped to the ground and a burst of light formed around his body and she watched in horror as the man that’d just assaulted her became a big, black beast on four legs.

She screamed and backed into the wall. “HELP ME!” she cried. Luther laughed and leaped towards her taking her throat between his powerful jaws and shaking her as he prepared to consume his meal.

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  1. Wow...ok Luther is one scary motherfucker....

    oh my goodness, that was rough, and scary, and sad, so very very sad for that poor girl.

    Kaya has all the guys sniffing (lol like the pun) behind her doesn't she.
    When she and Rafe get together finally it's going to be crazy.

    Ok so yeah the end of that chapter has shocked me too much to think clearly right now. I may be back with a better comment later. :)

  2. Luther is a vicious beast and doesn't care at all about anyone. He just proved that watching this poor girl writhing in pain as he stole her innocence. It was a hard scene I know but I wanted to show the monster Luther is.

    Kaya LOL love that! Yes! They can all smell her and knows she's ready to mate but also know taking her is a HUGE no-no but like the animals they are they can't help but follow her around or sniff after her. It's an intoxicating fragrance. "When" she and Rafe get together :P should be fun.

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    Byron seems very interesting. He didn't want to hurt her and decided to protect her instead. Yes Ky, steal him and initiate him into Greymane! Although he and Red would probably fight over women. Never fear, I'm here to be all the woman he needs! :)

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    Lexi's bond runs deep with Kaya. She feels an overwhelming sense of protection for her and Greymane. It's not what the Council intended to happen with the seers they assigned to the houses but working side by side with these wolves for centuries tend to have a way of connecting people.

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    His story will be explained and funny enough he was a very pleasant person before (hard to believe) everything happened and changed who he was and who he would become completely!

    HAHA You hate Bane! HA! Funny I love that he's hated even though he's in the "good" pack. He is the consummate bad guy and doesn't care about anyone or anything seemingly. Kaya cares about all of her wolves and the trash was hurting her nose (though she went there for something specific and could have easily just left...she felt compelled). Maybe that's just me...not a neat freak but I hate stink.

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  12. Luther was not concerned at all about how she felt; in fact it only drove him to hurt her more! Thank you! I'm glad I was able to convey her emotions in this and the fear she felt being thrown to him by his pack. They only worried about their own asses and luckily the distraction paid off...for them.

    Kaya and Byron are cordial only because he knows she can further the life line of their kind. Though she has yet to mate she is capable of extending the kindred so he'll always go out of his way to ensure she's not harmed. He is a pretty nice guy, he loves women as he mentioned :P but he's also very lazy when it comes to "real work".

    Lobo took an extended leave of absence but he'll be back in 8 and you better believe Kaya will ask that same question and expect his answer!

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    1. Thank you! He is a brute for sure.

      HAHAHA I tried to imagine that then thought "ew that would be a turn off" so I imagined Rafe as being more respectful and careful with his stuff. Plus his career as a con man will have benefited best if he had a nice place to bring his conquests :P

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