Edge of Chaos

Night Shift's 6th studio album, Edge of Chaos, has been released. It features songs written by all four members of the band, Kaya, Caleb, Connor and Eli. Plus 2 previously unreleased bonus tracks written exclusively by former bass guitarist Rafe Hemming.

01. Infected Shadow
02. What Remains?
03. Scorn
04. Poison Ivy
05. On the Rocks
06. Been a Fine Day
07. Cradle to Grave
08. Taint the Thing You Love
09. Bottom's Up
10. The Change
11. Corrosion
12. Red, White & Bruised
13. Enjoy the Silence


Photo art for album cover courtesy of Digital-art-gallery.com and Survivetheapocalypse.net.


  1. I love these! Everyone needed an update with their new looks!

    1. Yes! I needed to put Eli and Caleb in the band too. I updated their Night Shift page as well. I think it's time they did another concert or two (at least shown) in the story so I kinda wanted to get them all rockstar'd up :P

  2. Love the concert pics! My only complaint is that with Connor playing keyboard, I don't get to see his handsome face. ;)

    1. Thank you :) Yeah he's really focused on those keys! :P I love when they throw they're heads back and sing though hahaha.