Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Episode 71: Rabid

Genre: Supernatural/Drama
Characters: Kaya, Caleb, Connor, Charlie, Vaughn, Eli, Sophie, Amanda, Karri, Joey, Rand, Lance, Aaron, Harrison, Emilio
Word Count: 5,588
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Caleb returns to the Shoe Factory with a group of wolves to recover Joey. But when they arrive, they find themselves facing an even larger group of hunters who were anticipating their return. Kaya and Caleb decide on baby names.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, adult situations, nudity -- During the fight scene, the hunters were given names to keep from repetition of “the man and “the hunter. Thank you for understanding :)

Caleb and Kaya rushed through the front door of the manor, nearly knocking into the assembled group of wolves awaiting their return. Caleb had howled, alerting the pack. In his communication he made them aware of the situation, what they’d discovered and readied them for what was about to happen next. “Joey’s locked in a room on the second floor of the old shoe factory. We have to get to him before he’s discovered. I sensed there were at least three others in the building. Charlie, Connor and I will lead a small group back to Mystic Springs to get him. Sophie, I need you and Karri to get to the woods, find as much Dogroot as you can. Kaya tried healing him but the effects of her blood will only sustain him for so long,” Caleb instructed.

Several of the men and women standing around were each given specific instructions to carry out and as the room cleared Caleb’s eyes fell on Kaya’s and he smiled. “Amanda, I need you to do something really important for me.” She rushed over towards her Alpha as he spoke and waited patiently for his instructions. Caleb pulled Kaya closer, his hand again pressed against her belly as he tried to contain his excitement. “I need you to stay with Kaya and try and keep her as calm as possible. Alex will be outside the door if anything happens and he’ll alert the others immediately.”

Leaning forward, he swept his tongue into Kaya’s mouth, hugging her as close to his chest as he could before leaving her breathless and flustered. “I’ll be back as soon as I can and then we can talk about everything.” I wanna pick baby names with you when I get home.

Kaya giggled and shook her head yes. Gripping her arm, he smiled down at her as he moved past and Kaya squeezed his arm, jerking his gaze back to her. “Caleb, be careful.”

“I will.”

The dirt trail was narrow. Drooping, barren branches of nearby ash, pine and cottonwood trees scuffed the roof and grazed the side windows of the Escalade. “Stop here,” Caleb spoke tensely. Charlie was driving, gripping the wheel of the truck so tightly, his knuckles had turned white. He braked, pulling the Escalade towards the left of the road and coasted between the trees. Caleb and the others had arrived at the factory shortly before midnight.

It was an unpleasantly cold night; telling of the coming winter. The menacing moon was sheltered by the shadowy, looming clouds. And an anxious and uneasy feeling came over the group as they pulled into the clearing. Switching off the engine, the men hopped out. They’d all had specific instructions to get into the building, and everyone knew what was at stake. “If you run into trouble, howl. Be careful. Let’s get in, get Joey and get out safely.”

Under the cover of fog, Caleb led the men forward. Gravel and dry leaves crunched beneath their feet as they broke away in groups of two and moved in separate directions towards the building. Eli entered first, followed by his Alpha. Retracing the steps he and Kaya had taken earlier, they carefully made their way back towards the second floor. A chilly breeze seemed to sweep in from the outside and a gust of wind brushed the littered newspapers through the room in front of them. Caleb motioned to Eli to watch their rear. The sounds of the night life from before had all vanished and were replaced by the droning murmur of a machine and the low hum of the fluorescent lights above them, which were not on previously.

Entering the last hall, Caleb readied himself. The buzzing of the mechanical device grew louder as did the fear that Joey had been discovered and taken care of. “Stick close,” Caleb whispered as he inched to the corner. Through peripheral vision, he noticed Charlie skirt the edge of the other hallway and hoped it meant everyone was in place, it was now or never. He stepped into the hall, a shadow shifted in front of him, halting his movement.

The scent of freshly upturned dirt ripped through his nostrils, as well as the scent of stale air. They were not alone. “You!” A voice roared in the darkness ahead of them. The wolves’ eyes focused and Caleb made out the forms of three figures standing before them. “You’re the one I saw scurrying away from here earlier. You and some bitch.” The word made Caleb’s fist close tightly. Blood dripped from his palm as his claws dug into his flesh and he growled low in his throat. “It’s of no concern though. She’ll have her turn at the end of my blade!”

“Alpha, behind us!” Rand shouted. Caleb quickly turned. He saw them then. Silent as whispers, a large group of heavily armed men stalked towards them. More followed, slipping from behind closed doors. He knew he should have checked. The men converged from three directions. They carried knives, chains, swords and guns; all made with Truesilver. The pack was outnumbered and under-gunned. They’d let Caleb and Kaya go earlier, probably realizing they’d return with more. It was a trap. 

“Pick ‘em off, but leave that one for Crane,” the man spoke again before slipping into darkness. Caleb watched until he was gone. What did he mean? Crane. The name stoked familiarity and the recognition struck like a cobra bite. Byron!

Caleb turned to his left; Connor had picked up on the implication as well. His face burned with anger.

Charlie stepped out of the doorway, taking the right. They were six against many. Long odds. “If we make it out of here, Brother,” he started, counting down from ten as he noticed the gang growing restless in front of them. “Sophie’s gonna kick your ass if they scratch up my pretty face.”

“And I would hate to upset her.”

Caleb picked a target, one in front—his friends would see him die. Lunging forward, he caught the man by the throat and savagely smashed his head against the wall. Blood squirted from his ear and Caleb rasped his claws across his neck. The hunter collapsed with a sucking, bubbling wound; his heart furiously pumped blood into a pool around him. The familiar stink of death rose in the hallway. 

The gang hesitated, exchanging glances between each other, fiddling with their weapons. Attack or retreat; they didn’t know which. These were the scourge of their kind. Trained killers, deadly and cold as ice.  Under different circumstances their indecision would be humorous. But the wolf pack was at a disadvantage and needed to stay focused to survive.

The leader, holding the wired bat, came at them fast with a looping swing towards Caleb’s head. He ducked easily and slammed his knee with his foot. There was a pop. The man screamed and went down in a heap. 

The others charged forward. Weapons raised, they clashed. To his right, Caleb could see a man tackle Charlie against the wall. A sharp dagger glinted in his hand and he swung at the wolf’s throat in a slicing motion. Hooking his arm around his attacker’s, Charlie disarmed the man, clutching at his throat, he drove his knee into his crotch. Charlie let him go and he fell to his knees.

He stood over Harrison as he howled in pain. No time to gloat. A baseball bat cracked down on Charlie’s shoulder with a bright, bitter pain. He fell, dodged a boot, and rolled away as Eli took down his attacker. But Charlie’s first assailant, Harrison, was back on his feet, his knife recovered from the floor.

Harrison swung. Charlie jerked back. The blow intended for his jaw zoomed by in a blur of knuckles. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of a blade approaching in an upward arc. He ducked this time, and felt the tips of his hair fall down his back. Rand’s claws circled over Harrison’s head before ripping down his back. The man screamed. The back side of his body was torn open. With cold eyes, he stared at Charlie as he fell dead to the floor.

Charlie returned his attention to Emilio, the man with the bat. He charged. Raging like a bull. Emilio sidestepped and whirled around to face him. Charlie lunged again. Emilio avoided one flying fist, only to collide with another. The blow glanced off his rib-cage, and was followed by another. A sharp snap erupted beside his ear. Charlie grinned as Emilio’s hand went to his midsection. He’d cracked a rib. A sharp sting exploded fast. An unbearable swell of pain rippled through his gut. Charlie struck again at his midsection. Twirling in a roundhouse kick, he caught Emilio once more. The hunter screamed. Blood shot out from his mouth. Emilio lashed out with Harrison’s knife. Block. Shove away. Back off. Charlie defended himself. His claws tore upwards, lacerating Emilio in the chest. A long, bloody furrow remained and the hunter fell to the ground. 

Aaron staggered away, fighting to get his air back. Connor’s damning blow to his midsection had him reeling. For a moment, he looked like he would puke, but managed to straighten up. One fast punch to Connor’s right jaw sent the wolf’s head spinning. It was quickly followed up by another blow from his left; someone else had joined in. Connor’s body arched backwards. All of his momentum pushing him on his heels.

Connor stumbled. Instead of looking for who punched him, he tried to save himself from tumbling down the stairs. The edge of the step shot out from beneath him. A foot kicked at him, connecting with his gut. He fell hard, rolling down the staircase to the bottom. A boot came up from the floor beside him and kicked him in the face.

Dropping again to the floor, Connor rolled. The next boot didn’t connect. Connor stood. A pounding ache throbbed in his jaw from the rock hard hit. A flash of metal gleamed under the fluorescents. Cat quick, he dodged the weapon, falling to his back on the floor. Wide-eyed and breathing hard, Connor turned his head, barely avoiding the second dagger flying towards his eyes. It was chaos.

Connor pulled himself to his feet, tasting the rushing flow of blood from his lip. Pure rage crossed his face. The hunters readied themselves. Out of nowhere Eli’s fist struck the second man, leaving only one for Connor’s concerns. He launched himself forward. Aaron’s face a mask of pure terror. Frantically, the hunter reached for his gun. Finger on the trigger he tried to aim. Connor tackled him, the gun went off. The shot exploded beside his ear; dizzying him. 

Connor staggered through confusion, anger and pain as he got to his feet. He jerked Aaron up, almost tearing his collar. He heard the slight rasp of material ripping. Rage again swept through him. He was seeing red. For an instant they stood locked, face-to-face. The hunter’s crazed brown eyes pulsed out at him in anger and disbelief. Connor’s knuckles connected with the side of Aaron’s head with a horrible thud, splitting the skin over his cheekbone with the force of the blow. For one moment his body flew through the air. The hunter landed with a thud that shook the ground. Aaron lay huddled on his side, neck twisted in an awkward position.

Then his eyes went blank. 

That was only four down. The pack had a ways to go to make it out alive.

“They’re back,” Amanda announced as she stared out the window at the arriving group of men. “I don’t see Caleb though.”

“What?!” Kaya exclaimed, hopping up from the bed and joining her at the window.

“Oh wait, sorry, he’s pulling up the rear.” They watched as Joey’s lifeless body was carted inside the house and Kaya felt her heart sink to her stomach at the thought of him not waking up. “Do you—do you think he’s dead?” Amanda asked, fear overtaking her normally cheerful disposition.

“I don’t know.” The mood dropped significantly between them as they both considered the possibility. But Kaya encouraged optimism and sent Amanda down for news. 

She paced nervously for a few moments and sighed with relief as she heard footsteps just outside the door. “Hey,” she smiled briefly looking up into Caleb’s gray eyes.


“Oh my god,” Kaya gasped the moment he entered the room. He was covered in blood from head to toe and she gawked at the sight of him. From the smell, she determined that some of it belonged to the injured wolf while the rest was from men unknown to her.

“I’m fine. We’re fine,” Caleb corrected, knowing her concern would extend to Connor, Charlie and the others as well. “We made it through, a little roughed up but otherwise unharmed.”

“How’s Joey?”

“I’m gonna be honest, Kaya, it’s not looking good. The girls gathered a TON of Dogroot and we’re hoping it’ll be what he needs to pull through but…there’s really nothing else we can do but wait. And without a pack doctor, we don’t really know what else can be done. Your blood did help. It stopped the effects of the poison for a time. But now the real work is up to him.”

Kaya felt sick. Her insides were playing a game of table tennis and she felt the contents of her belly pitch significantly and took deep, gulping breaths to suppress the urge to vomit. Caleb wanted to hold her but took one look down as his attire and shook off the inclination. “I’m gonna go get cleaned up. If you want, I’ll tell you all about it when I get out of the shower.”

Kaya paced the room anxiously, listening to the water running on the other side of the door. Several times she thought about joining him; then realized she’d get blood on her and that thought made her queasy. Instead, she fell to the bed and waited for Caleb to finish cleaning up. Downstairs, she could hear the others frantically caring for the wounded. Connor had popped his head in to let her know he was fine. And that just gave her more nervous energy to devote to Joey. The shower turned off and she hopped up.

The door to the bathroom opened and a gust of steam followed Caleb out. He looked up at Kaya with a smile as he dried his hair and tossed the towel to the hamper. “It get pretty scary out there?” she asked, leaning against the bedpost as he propped himself up in the doorway.

“It did. There was a group of hunters waiting on us when we returned. Things got…hairy.”

“You shifted?”

“Scared the shit out of them too,” he smirked. “But their numbers doubled ours; we had to get an advantage some way. In the end, only one of them was left standing, but he’d taken off before the fighting started.”

“Did it hurt? The shift?”

“The most excruciating pain ever. It’s much easier when I have you by my side. You give me something else to focus on.”

“You shut me out.”

“Of course I did. Kaya, you’re pregnant. You really thought I’d want you experiencing every blow I took?”

“But the worry of the unknown wasn’t any better, Caleb!”

“Well I’m sorry you feel that way, but it’s never a choice for me. I didn’t even have to think twice about it.” His expression was stern and Kaya quickly forfeited. There was no point arguing the matter. “How are you feeling?”

“Hungry. But everything I eat comes right back up.”

“Then maybe you’re not eating the right thing. You try raw foods?” She shook her head no and he smiled, crossing his arms into his chest. “That could be the problem. Our baby knows what he wants. I’ll go…”

“No,” Kaya quickly interrupted. “I don’t want you to leave again…not tonight. Not after everything that’s happened.”

“Ok. I could send one of the others to scrounge up a rabbit or something.”

“I’ll be fine, Caleb, honest. Right now the only thing I want to do is lounge in bed with my mate.” He smirked and watched her eyes move to the cloth around his waist. “So. What ya got hiding back there?” Kaya asked with a teasing tone. The sweet look on her face caused the bump behind the towel to grow, combining innocence with temptation and desire. Caleb felt his urgency heighten while the weight of his balls increased.

“Kaya, baby, I’m sure by now you’ve become well acquainted with what’s hiding behind this towel,” Caleb remarked affectionately, a seductive glimmer twinkled in his eyes as he watched her move forward. Timidly she reached behind the cloth, giggling infectiously as Caleb thrust himself into her hands and growled, catching her by surprise. Taking her into his arms, he swung her around playfully, dragging her down his chest until their lips connected.

They kissed excitedly as Caleb’s dexterous fingers danced along her curves, slowly tracing over the thin outline of her panties. The warmth of her body beneath the sheer blue silk made his mouth water and he worked his hands along the filmy, silk weave of fabric and down the curve of her hip. Kaya’s own fingers teasingly traced outlines over Caleb’s swelling cock beneath the terrycloth hugging his hips. She sighed breathily and circled his throbbing shaft with her free hand, wrapping her fingers around the bulge. Hopelessly excited, Caleb moaned against her lips as her expert fingers slowly stroked him to a frenzy.

Kaya’s mouth slid across his, sensuously nibbling his lips and lancing her tongue into his mouth emulating the way she wanted his cock to penetrate her. Caleb growled, feeling her heating up through their shared connection. Kaya kissed him passionately and with an urgency revealing the depth of her desire for him. Caleb’s imagination flooded with images of her curvaceous body moaning and writhing beneath his insistent thrusts.

Snatching the towel away, she watched his cock bounce against his thigh and a spot of precum trickle from the tip. The smile on her face curved seductively as her eyes slowly met his again. The exquisite tension between them building as Caleb desired to feel her hand on him again. Instead, Kaya turned and started for the bed. Gracefully, she moved like a gentle flowing breeze, airy and blithe across the room. His eyes remained glued on her, drinking in the beauty of her heavenly body and the mischievous look on her face.

Lost in the blue, silk nightgown that was plastered onto her gorgeous body, he felt his pulse rising as just a hint of her shapely legs and thighs appeared briefly through the slit as she moved. The faintest trace of her nipples made an outline against the translucent silk, stretching over them tightly. The spaghetti straps on her shoulders fell slightly down her arms. Her pert, round breasts became exposed and he took in the breathtaking sight as she slid the gown all the way down her hips until it pooled at her feet. Kaya cupped her firm flesh in her hands, gently pinching her nipples before summoning him over.  

Entranced, Caleb slowly sauntered forward, stopping just in front of her and waiting for Kaya to lead him. She smiled up at him, rising up on her tippy toes to kiss him sweetly and gently on the lips. It was a kiss so soft as to barely brush his lips, but the taste of her cherry gloss lingered on his mouth. His heart rate quickened still and she again leaned forward, claiming his lips, this time longer; harder. Caleb took her into his arms and Kaya melted against him. 

Turning her roughly, he pressed his cock between the cleft of her perfect ass and she wiggled against him, teasing his burgeoning erection. Caleb’s warm breath blew on her ear as he lowered his mouth to her shoulder. Softly he peppered kisses along her neck while his fingers closed over her nipple. Encouraged by her sweet moans, he fondled her more, priding himself on pleasuring his mate. Kaya reached a hand back, desperately trying to pull him closer but he held firmly in place. The game had turned on her as she realized Caleb was now the one doing the taunting. She licked her lips and clawed at his back urging him to touch her lower.

The desire to move his hand over her slender body overwhelmed him and he felt the warmth of her curves beneath his touch. Kaya moaned, quietly encouraging him, her body pressing tighter. His hands moved from her waist to her breasts, the smooth skin and the heft of them in his palms as he lifted them and teased her nipples sent shivers of pleasure through him. Kaya ground her ass against him wantonly and leaned back as he covered her neck with kisses. 

She broke free of his grasp and turned around, her hand quickly falling between his legs where she cupped his balls in her hand. Decisively, she gripped his shaft and closed her hand around him. Torturously slow she began stroking him, listening to his breathing hitch as his tongue chased hers back into her mouth. Caleb shivered with anticipation. He felt the heat of her flesh against his hard cock. Increasing her tempo, she slid up and down his shaft a few times until he moaned loudly and his dick throbbed violently. Caleb eagerly wrapped his body around her curvy frame, his big hands caressing her glorious ass cheeks.  

Cradling her tighter against his body, Caleb slowly lowered Kaya to the bed, pushing his knee between her legs to spread them. Kaya was kissing him again, no longer playful, but demanding and urgent. Her hand held his hair firmly, guiding him down between her thighs. The heat of his body caused her to arch against him and Caleb gripped her wrists, untangling her grip and pressed her gently down to the bed beneath him. Kaya sighed, staring down at his rigid shaft dangling between his legs and Caleb smiled wickedly at her, moving away quickly before she got any ideas.

Raking her nails through his scalp, Kaya elicited a low groan from deep in his throat as he fell against her and leisurely tickled his lips on her chest. She moaned delightfully feeling his mouth on her belly and his warm palms gripping her sides. Caleb kissed her sensuously and slowly, rounding his tongue over her navel and felt Kaya arch again. He knew what she was up to. But he was content where he was and had no intentions of moving lower. Caleb bathed her stomach in kisses, touching every inch with his lips and then started climbing back up her body, trailing his tongue over her skin.

He pulled back and looked at her, making eye contact for an instant before dropping his head to her breast. Kaya anticipated the feeling of his warm mouth on her nipple, but Caleb instead dipped his mouth and kissed the flesh just beneath it. She felt his hot breath against her skin and his tongue flick the tip of her nipple. Slowly he darted it across her breast, stabbing at the hardened nub. His hot, moist breath achingly teased her before finally he sucked it deep into his mouth. Noisily he slurped on her erect nipples, tugging lightly with his teeth and sucking the chocolate pebbles between his lips greedily.

Dragging his heavy cock over her warm mound, Caleb looked his mate in her eyes before smoothly and immediately plunging himself inside her. “Oh god, Caleb…yes.” Kaya was lost the second their bodies were joined. She arched her back at his invasion and was filled with intense pleasure as she felt Caleb pull out and push in once more. She heard him let out a hoarse yell of satisfaction as the tight constraints of her velvet box loosened and he looked down at her with a smile. He drove in again, pressing until every inch of his pulsating flesh was inside her and his balls rested against her ass.

The slick, silky folds stretched to accommodate him and Kaya moaned deeply as he persistently thrust in her for a moment. Her mouth hung open in a lost sigh and Caleb leaned forward, pressing his lips against them. He kissed the corner of her mouth and her cheek as he entered her deeper. A little longer he let her moan and shiver and felt his cock throb inside her. He kissed her tenderly and she grabbed his face, swirling her tongue into his mouth. The soft, smooth walls of her silken treasure quickly consumed him and he growled above her. 

Kaya wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his hips, pulling his body down against hers. He was hot to the touch and she could feel the hard length of him lunging against her wet crease. “Ohh Caleb…that feels so good!” Instinctively, she slid her hips against him eliciting a low moan in response. Turning to look at him, Kaya saw an intense look of hunger on his face that sent shivers down her spine. “Harder! Harder!” Her toes curled as he powered himself forward, taking her mouth in a deep kiss as he thrust into her. They swallowed each other’s moans as Caleb bottomed out inside her. “Yes!” His hands slipped under her back, pulling her against him as he thrust over and again, enjoying the way her little sighs of satisfaction increased in volume each time. 

She began to shiver and was quickly gripped by a convulsion. Her orgasm was violent and felt as if her entire being had seized up completely. Kaya’s brain seemed to shut down and her breathing quickened. The pulsing of her heart echoed in her ears while her tender moans punctuated the sensation of her mate drilling himself inside her. The tingles that passed through Kaya seemed to envelop her whole body and translate into incoherent yells and contractions that clamped Caleb’s cock like a vice, almost sucking him into her with each stroke. She came like a tsunami screaming and shuddering as a warm wave crashed over her, filling her with a burning ache that only his body could extinguish. 

“God, Kaya, I am so in love with you,” Caleb moaned as he thrust into her again. Holding her hands above her head, he moved sensuously against her. Kaya struggled to free herself, to touch him the way he was touching her. But Caleb made it clear that she was not allowed to; not yet. The way he took control made her even more aroused and she felt the earth move with another mind-blowing climax. The orgasm started in her clit, spreading through her legs, moving to her lower back before rippling along her spine into the rest of her body. Throbbing. Powerful. Complete. They locked eyes as he slowly drew his hips back and pulled her forward. 

Caleb pressed more of his weight on top of her as he reached down and took hold of her leg. Pulling it over his hip, he gently and sweetly pushed her other into the bed as he ground his pelvic bone against her and moaned. “Yes, Caleb, more,” she begged, finally able to reach up and touch him. He began thrusting, slowly at first. And as his tempo increased, Kaya’s passion rose again. The weight of his body on top of her and the way his cock filled her made her surrender to his possession. It was simply the most exquisite pleasure she’d ever felt and her body melted into his.

Kaya couldn’t tell if she was having another orgasm or if it was the same one that just never ended. But when her body started trembling again Caleb sped up, his thrusts becoming angrier as he neared his own climax. It was urgent now. The buildup, growing more and more intense the faster their bodies pounded together. Caleb slammed his cock into her harder, his balls slapping her ass while he thrust deep inside her. She gyrated against his thrusts, her muscular contractions matching his hammering. Her nails scored down his back, breaking the skin and he rammed himself forward sharply, swallowing the pain and turning it into fuel. 

He could feel the orgasm welling inside him and thrust faster. His hand slipped down her breasts and rested gently on her belly as he stared down at her, grunting vigorously. “Oh fuck, I’m coming…mmm I’m…FUCK!” They climaxed together. Their cries mingled in the still room before fading, leaving only hoarse, ragged breathing and loud beating hearts. They moved against each other, prolonging their pleasure for as long as they could and helplessly kissing as their simultaneous orgasms propelled them into surreal euphoria. 

An avalanche of ecstasy took hold of Kaya, carrying her so far away she no longer knew where she was or which way was up. But Caleb’s ragged breathing beside her ear drew her back, his moans becoming increasingly frantic and she knew he was caught up with her. Her pleasure peaked once again and she cried out his name, holding onto him tightly in fear that he would be torn away. He rested atop her a moment, allowing her orgasm to subside before freeing his cock from her convulsing muscles, his hand lingering on her belly a moment.

Caleb shifted his weight until he was lying next to her and Kaya curled into him, resting her head on his chest. “Whew! Not sure how much longer we can do that,” he sighed and blew out an exhausted breath.

“Do what?”

“Fuck so roughly. Honestly, I was intending to go much, much slower but…you have a way of bringing out the animal in me.”

“I’m not the only one.” Kaya replied. Her thoughts went back to the events earlier in the night and the way he blocked out his change. Caleb bit his lip, closing his eyes as he thought over a response but instead, choosing to let it ride. Her fingers lazily danced over his pecs and she deeply inhaled his scent as she tried to calm her accelerated mind. 

He looked down at her, listening to the thoughts racing through her head and frowned. “You okay?” he whispered, sweeping his hand across her arm until she looked at him.

“Mmhmm,” she nodded, giving him a tentative smile before sinking back into her head.



“Everything is going to be ok.”

“I know…” she sighed and closed her eyes as the confusing notions seemed to lessen. “Don’t do that.” Kaya admonished Caleb’s intrusion. “I hate when you do that.” He was slowly clearing her mind, helping to ease her worries; an Alpha trick of soothing. It reminded her too much of Vaughn and she feared how that power of his would grow.

“I’ll stop if you stop. Ow!” She bit his pectoral and he hissed in pain.

“That’s what you get,” she smiled to herself as he slowly pulled from beneath her. Once he settled, she moved between his legs and again closed her eyes; this time, the silence came naturally and she sighed. “Amanda thinks we’re having a whole litter of cubs.”

“Oh really?”

“Yep. At least 8 or 9.”

Caleb laughed and stroked his hand through her hair. “Well I think Amanda should lay off the peroxide for a little bit; sounds like it’s seeping through her skull. We may be wolves but I’ve never heard of an incidence of litters within the community, none that big. Three maybe, but anything higher than that would take a miracle.”


“Yeah. I can do three.”

“Well I’m glad you think it’s up to you. It won’t be your body ripping and spasming in pain to bear them.”

“True, but I’m still keeping my fingers crossed.” He grinned and absently moved his hand down to her belly again. “Besides, I could easily help relieve your pain during labor.” Kaya smiled, nibbling her bottom lip a moment as she thought over his proposal. “What’s that look? I don’t like that look.”

“What look?” Kaya asked innocently and leaned back. “I don’t have a look.” Caleb kissed her head while tracing circles on her belly and Kaya sighed contentedly. “So I guess we should start choosing baby names for our triplets then?”

“Twins. The third already has a name.”

“Does she now?”

“He, and yes, he does.”

“Alright and do I get to know my son’s name?”

“Caleb. Caleb Joseph Trent, Jr.”

“Oh no, absolutely not! I’m not naming my child after you! My one rule, no juniors!”

“What? How is that fair?”

“How is it fair I get to carry your army of misfit wolves but you get to name them after yourself?”

Caleb was at a loss for words and stammered a bit as he was caught off guard by Kaya’s very logical question. “Alright fine, let’s make a deal. You get to think up first names but I get to choose their middle names, ok?”

Kaya thought a moment, a smile spreading her lips as she mused over her mate’s offer. “Deal.”

“Good. And I already know what I want.” Her eyes snapped up at him quickly and Caleb simply laughed as he again pressed his lips to her head.


*Author’s note: Special thank you to Karri aka Nernershuman for decorating a new place for the Savages to call home. Look for more shots of their extravagant mansion in episodes to come! But, if you want a sneak peek into their bedrooms, check out her Tumblr for more.*



  1. wow so much happened. So Bryon set them up? I thought he'd gone to them for help. What the hell, if he was stupid enough to double cross wild wolves after asking for sanctuary he has a death which for him and his hunter girlfriend. Do correct me if I'm wrong though since it's been a while. LOL

    That fight was intense! I'm glad all the key players made it out unharmed (mostly). I do hope Joey will be okay as well. They are in need of a doctor, especially with Ky pregnant. I'm pretty sure she can't go to the normal L&D at a hospital so something needs to be figured out. Maybe Lobo can send the one from Greymane for a little while to help Ky at least. He'd want to be there for the birth of his grandchildren especially since the hatchet has been sorta kinda buried. A truce of sorts called.

    I fully agree with Ky on the name thing! I told the hubs the same damn thing. I do all the work in making the baby I get first dibs on picking names and then I MIGHT put it up for a vote. LOL

    So happy your stories are coming back!!! They've been missed.

    1. Caleb believes it was Byron. He is the only one that has a connection to any of the Crane hunters. And it was (to Caleb) unlikely to run into a group of hunters working for the same family. So yeah, Caleb is out for Byron right now but I'm sure it's just a coincidence. And no, you got the right connection. But it just may all be a matter of jumping to conclusions on the Alpha's part.

      Woot! That's music to my ears. It was supposed to be longer. I was actually gonna show them shift. But then I realized it would make a MUCH longer and maybe even painfully slow read so I 86'd it. Joey's in bad shape. He will need a lot of time and lots of prayers to make it through the night :(

      You're right. They will definitely need a new pack doctor. It's important for every pack. And since Malena lost her head *snickers* they've been without one for quite some time. Haha there is absolutely NO WAY she can go to a normal doc without raising a few eyebrows. That is a thought and Lobo would love to see his new grandbabies be born for sure :)

      Haha! That's hilarious. Guys are basically sperm donors. Outside of that, you're not gonna have any work to do to bring the child from seed to flower! But Caleb is like "I put in the work to MAKE this baby, he's half mine!" :P

      Me too! I've been working hard to get chapters ready for each story. But...as always, I get distracted quickly. The Midnight Kiss is sucking up time I need for the main stories LOL but I'm getting there!

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    I don't think Byron is responsible, but I can see why Caleb would think that. I feel like, if anything, Byron is the patsy here. Whether it's the Cranes or Luther behind it, I don't know, but I think he's the fall guy. Gotta start thinking with the head between your shoulders, big guy.

    I was so excited to see an update today! The pictures look wonderful and I'm pleased to hear you're enjoying the house! I'm more a decorator than a builder, so I kind of wish the structure itself was grander, but the rooms turned out well, I think.

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    1. I like the name Donovan (And your son is too cute for words! His eyes KILL me!)

      Ding, ding ding! Caleb will come to realize that once his temper is back in check. But right now, he's seeing red. He needs to figure out the who, what and why and if Byron knows what's good for him, he'll stay invisible until such time. But poor Byron got himself caught up in something he has yet to realize. He should never have agreed to go on this "mission" so to speak.

      Haha thank you. I finally stopped staring long enough to get to work :)

      I think each room really works for each character. It's great! Caleb and Kaya got to break in their bed :P let's see who's next!

      Aww *hugs* it's great to be back!

      Thank you for reading :)

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    Fight scenes always make me nervous because I want all the good guys to come out unscathed, which is tough to do. I'm glad they all made it through with only minor injuries (except for Joey, but he started out that way). You can't be messing up those gorgeous faces, DJ! I'm sure Caleb was much more comfortable walking into the trap with his men by his side than he was when it was just him and Kaya who would've had to fight 3 men. His instincts were right to protect the baby and get her out of there before trying to save Joey.

    I'm with Kaya and the majority here on naming the babies. She made a pretty good deal. Middle names aren't often used, so if she hates what Caleb picks, it's no biggie. I'm not a fan of juniors either. It's confusing and then you have people calling and asking to talk to "Big ..." or "Little ..." -- not good for either male, but especially not for junior.

    As always, Caleb and Kaya have incredible chemistry. Now that they've broken in their bed, you said "let's see who's next." While the obvious choice is probably Charlie, my vote is for Connor. Go, Red! LOL

    1. Thank you, Lily! *hugs* :D It's nice being able to load my game again and see them! I was beginning to get the shakes something serious! Haha jail bait :P He does look more grown up and manly with his new hair style though. He is! LOL they were preparing for a showdown! Connor had on his serious face :P

      I'm with you on that. I often times will give them one or two cuts or bruises because I cringe at seriously hurting them. It's something I need to try and get over though. The good guys can't always win right? Yeah. Poor Joey. He really got himself caught up. And I'm sure Caleb blames himself for sending him out that way on patrol alone. They've just never had any serious issues with hunters in Mystic Springs and he wasn't really expecting it. But now they know.

      Haha I try not to, really :D I can't imagine blemishing those handsome men. I think that's why I'm fearful of them losing fights (even IF they heal quickly). Definitely! Even though he knows she can handle herself, there's always that small, niggling voice that tells him he needs to watch over and protect her. Two things he can't do in the heat of battle. And now to know she's pregnant? Kaya's going in a plastic bubble until the cubs arrive!

      Yes! I've always had an issue with juniors because of that. Seriously? When they said pass on the family name they didn't mean YOUR WHOLE NAME. How vain can you be that you give your child your name like that? Lol. It grinds my gears (obviously) :P

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      Joey is a real concern. He is teetering between life and death and it scares Kaya because she's grown very fond of him. Hopefully he makes it through. I'm not sure what they will do if they lose him.

      Yeah he did hahaha Connor didn't seem at all focused and he missed a step or two :P But he got the upper hand after a while.

      Thank you for reading :)