Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Midnight Kiss

The Midnight Kiss

Genre: Romance/Drama
Rating: R
Type: Short Story
Advisory: This story contains adult language, adult content and situations. Reader discretion is advised!

The road to the perfect fairy-tale romance is sometimes windy and rough. But once you find your soul mate, it only takes the first kiss to know that it's the one. Abigail Carmichael has always been a skeptic where love was concerned. Never believing she was good enough, she gave up a long time ago on finding her true love. So when Zach Ridgeway, the Quarterback for the West Valley Tech Devils and most popular guy at school, asks her out she can't believe her luck. But will she let love in? Or turn and run as she always has?

*For those who read and enjoyed 2013's Halloween tale Legends, comes at the request of my readers a continuation of Abby and Zach's blossoming love story. Enjoy!*

Coming April 1st

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