Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Episode 68: Bark's Worse Than Bite

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Caleb, Connor, Charlie, Vaughn, Sophie, Lobo, Amanda
Word Count: 3,995
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Vaughn gets happily reacquainted with his sons but an unexpected visitor may have something to say about his return.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, adult situations, nudity, possibly confusing story ahead...stay with me here! It'll all be ok!

“And all this time you were locked away in a tomb?” Kaya heard Sophie ask as she and Caleb exited back into the front yard.

“Yes. It was a rather extraordinary set of circumstances that saw me free, one that involves another here in more ways than they know.” Vaughn glanced up and smiled at his oldest son and his mate as they walked over. Caleb’s hand gripped Kaya’s tightly and she nervously chewed her bottom lip as he stopped her right in front of the man. 

“Father, I’d like to introduce you to my true mate, Kaya Villa…”

“We’ve sorta met,” she interrupted Caleb and extended her hand again towards Vaughn before he completed her last name.

“Indeed,” he rejoined, squeezing Kaya’s hand slightly within his palm. That smile of his never faded, but Kaya could again make out much more in the look he was giving her behind the façade. “We have so much to discuss,” he started, still staring straight at her, “And still much catching up to do,” he continued, finally shifting his gaze to his two sons standing in front of him and slowly releasing her hand. “Come! Where should we begin?” 

Wrapping his arms around Caleb and Charlie’s shoulders, he let them guide him into the house, followed by the others who had come out to meet him and leaving Kaya staring at his retreating back. “Babe?” Caleb slowed near the door to address her. “You coming?”

“Yes,” she smiled and nodded her head as she hurried to catch up. The group settled in the large assembly room and for hours they shared stories and memories as they reconnected. Kaya, for the most part, tried to remain a fly on the wall and observe her Mate with his newfound father. But Vaughn was eager to learn more about the woman that had captivated his son. 

“Why so quiet?” he asked, walking over to join her near the fireplace and refilling the drink in her hand. “I’m sure you have many stories of your own to share!”

“None as exciting as yours,” she smiled affectionately and thanked him for the sparkling punch.

“Nonsense! As I understand it, you’re in a rock band and have been around the world performing for large crowds. That in itself is very exciting. Plus, I would love to hear more about your family. Where do you come from?” he asked with a knowing smile and took a sip from his glass as he watched her fidget slightly.


“ALPHA!” Gwen’s voice broke over Kaya’s as the young wolf sprinted into the house, a little out of breath. “ALPHA! The Luna’s father…” before she could finish her sentence, Lobo broke through the door, following Kaya’s scent, and headed straight towards the room where she sat along with Caleb, Charlie, Sophie, Connor and Vaughn.

“Dad!” Kaya yelled in surprise, turning towards her father.

“Get away from my daughter!” Lobo growled and charged at the man standing beside her. Caleb quickly rushed in front of him, pushing him back while Charlie pulled him from the other side. Vaughn laughed casually watching the irate wolf fight to get his hands on him as his sons put up defense. “GET OFF OF ME!” he snarled, pushing and swinging wildly at the two brothers trying to move them away.

“Dad, wait, calm down,” Kaya started towards him but Vaughn gripped her wrist, holding her in place beside him.

“I think it’s best to let those two handle this. We wouldn’t want something inadvertently injuring you, my dear,” Vaughn spoke evenly and as he did his eyes moved along her body, stopping on her midsection, prompting Kaya to again touch her stomach. She nodded her head, lowering her eyes to her feet and Vaughn stepped away from her, nearing Lobo with an amused grin on his face. “Boys, boys, is that any way to treat a guest in your home? Surely I’ve taught you better than that.”

At his words, Caleb and Charlie released their grips on Kaya’s father and the Alpha once again gave his full attention to the man that had incited his anger. “How are you here, Vaughn?” Lobo growled, rumbling in his throat as he stared towards Vaughn.

“Armand, I think you and I should have a conversation, absent present ears,” Vaughn replied, gazing at the others in the room. “Perhaps a walk around the gardens is in order.”

“I’m not going anywhere with you.”

“Fine. Then let’s have this out in front of everyone, in front of your daughter!” Lobo glanced over Vaughn’s shoulder at Kaya and sighed. Conceding to his words, he nodded and followed Vaughn out of the manor. 

“223 years,” Vaughn began once they’d entered the pathway leading out to the greenhouse. “That’s how long I’ve been trapped in that hell. I’d lost my wife, my daughter, my oldest son by your hands and left my youngest out in the cold alone, his fate unknown to me, yet that was still not enough for you. 223 years you and your witch held me captive for crimes I had not committed because you feared my kind.” 

“And now, circumstances find me free and yet again I am to face your single-minded prejudice of me and my kind? Your daughter, your own flesh and blood stands mated to my son, an act you moved to prevent by taking his life and still you are here to what? Condemn me for a life of crime, a life I’ve not lived because you dreaded that I would someday overrun you and your pack of ‘civilized’ wolves? Tell me, Armand, has your life been so much better with me gone? How have you fared in my absence? The mating you sought to prevent happened. The daughter you wanted no part of my family is now my in-law. The wolves you wanted separated and twisting in the wind are a gathered group of one powerful unit, led by your blood. Things don’t seem to have worked much in your favor at all.”

“I did what I had to do! To keep me and mine safe! And even if I knew the outcome, that you’d somehow find a way to come slithering back into this world, I’d do it again a thousand times over! What you allowed your sons to do to my family, to my wife, to KAYA’S MOTHER, was far more heinous than anything I could have ever imagined for your suffering! Kaya was only 5 years old, Vaughn. She was a child who had her entire life ruined by you Savages!” Lobo shouted at the top of his lungs, his fists clenched tightly at his sides as he took a step forward.

Vaughn’s eyes lingered on his a moment before turning away and he huffed an annoyed breath at the angered Alpha. “Wrong again, my old friend. As you were back when you threw me to the mercy of your Wolf Council, you stand a blind fool to the truth behind the matter! I never gave order for my sons to enter Greymane! Had I known their plans that night I would have stopped them; advised them against such an imprudent endeavor! They moved without my knowledge and without my blessing and yet it was my head on the chopping block for matters I knew nothing about.”

“And why should I have allowed you or your family to live after mine was so brutally lain to waste? Your son, your wife, your daughter…”

“DO NOT DARE BRING CLARISSA INTO THIS! She played no role in the events of that night. What happened to my daughter was an unfortunate illness. It was not something she had done to her by cowards of her own breed! She suffered in agony for nearly a year before the Gray Plague claimed her life and I was helpless to aid in her torment.”

“And still you come out the victor in that regard as well. You got to enjoy her childhood and her teen years in youthful bliss. While I, on the other hand, had to send my ONLY daughter away in fear that your horde would find her again and complete the task you attempted the night my soul mate was taken from this world!”

“Why do you continue placing blame on me when the fault was of another’s doing?” Vaughn questioned, throwing his hands up in complete exasperation at Lobo’s persistent stubbornness.

“What are you talking about, Vaughn? When you were captured you made no mention of another’s involvement. It’s a rather convenient excuse, two centuries later!”

“Two?” Vaughn stumbled back in disbelief, laughing hysterically at Lobo’s claim. “I told your beloved Council about everything the day I was dragged in chains in front of them! And do you know what they told me? Wolves of my breeding were of little significance and purging the world of my existence would bring about real change. You cannot think what happened to me was just! It was a one-sided argument made by men you and your ‘civilized’ breed placed in positions of authority! I’d have fared just as well talking to a brick wall!”

“Oh please! You were allowed a jury of your peers! Don’t blame me if none of your subordinates bothered to show!”

“And could you blame them? Who among them, among any of us, would be brave enough to walk into an execution chamber by will?”

“You talk as if you were shot on sight! You and I both know every attempt to give you a fair hearing was made!”

“FAIR!?” Vaughn shouted and moved three large steps in Lobo’s direction. “Have you completely lost your mind? Do you really mean to stand there and tell me you have absolutely no idea what happened in that room? There is not a fair bone to be had between all four members of that Wolf Council! They saw me as guilty from the moment I stepped into that door and condemned me to die with the first words they spoke.”

Armand shook his head lightly as he replayed moments of that day. Very clearly he could remember the trial, the long hours of prosecution and defense that took up much of the afternoon. He remembered the moment the judgment was in and Vaughn was sentenced to death. “No, if that was the case why spend half a day listening to testimony? Why not just sentence you and get it over with?”

“Half a day? Now I know you jest, Armand. That trial was over in less than five minutes and that witch, the one related to your mate, was casting her magics that locked me into that tomb for the last 200 years!”

“What? You were sentenced to death, not imprisonment!”

“Then ask yourself why I am not dead. Did you actually witness my execution, Armand? Did the Council give proof of my demise? Or were you simply told of my passing allowing evidence of the deed to go unwarranted based off the words of your Council and friends?”

“NO! That’s not…that’s not how I remember it.”

“Then I would suggest searching the deepest recesses of your memory. I was captured, judged and imprisoned!”

“Lexi…” Lobo whispered as a startling revelation came upon him.

“I know that name. She’s the witch who cursed me and also the one who brought me back.”

“She’s also the one who took away Kaya’s memories of the night Kaelani died.”

“Humph. Well it seems Kaya’s mind is not the only one with which she has played. And from what I’m gathering now, she not only manipulated your perception of the outcome of my trial, but the reason behind it in the first place.”

“I—I don’t understand. How could she…why would she…all this time we—” Lobo stammered as he fell to his knees.

“I suspect it was to keep you from learning the truth of your Mate’s death.” Lobo looked up at Vaughn in confusion and he continued until they were both met with clarity. “Lexi came to Caleb some time before the attack on Greymane. It was she who informed him about the existence of Kaya, his true mate. He believed it was all a dream. But it was your friend Lexi, a wolf slipped in sheep’s clothing who brought us to this point. She guided his assault that night. How else do you deduce my sons got into your manor undetected? How would they have known who to attack and when? And why kill the mate of one of the most powerful Alphas in existence? Lexi controlled every aspect of that night and the subsequent years to follow!”

“If you knew this…”

“Now, yes. But I’m afraid at the time I too was caught completely unaware. It was just a few days ago when the witches awakened me from my slumber that I learned of the events as they’d unfolded that fateful night. Tasting the blood of one of the conjuring occultists allowed me an insight I’d not had before. I could see the depths to which their manipulations truly lie. The plans they had for not only me and my wife but for you and your daughter as well.”

“Vaughn, had I known…”

“No, I’m afraid I too owe you an apology. The night I was condemned I believed you to be the same as the others who had so shrewdly confined me. But now I see you were just as much a victim in all of this as I; both of our families were.”

“I cannot believe this was all orchestrated by someone I trusted, someone I loved,” Lobo replied standing. “She ordered the hit on her own sister and had your sons do the dirty work?”

“As I understand it, she led Caleb to believe you were torturing his Mate and prepping her for an arranged union. She told him that you would never let the two of them mate and upon meeting you and hearing the words fall from your tongue, you confirmed her lies.”

“Lexi had told Kaelani she’d had a vision of Caleb and Kaya together and that he’d sacrifice her by eating out her heart in some brutal ritual. She had Kae so convinced that she begged me to go after him. She pleaded with me to keep our daughter safe and out of his hands. Lexi pushed me into hating your kind until I was angry enough to go after you myself.”

“Since before that boy could talk, all he’s ever dreamt about was the day he would find his mate; living every moment with the one he loved. It was enough whispering to move his hand to strike against you. But he would have never laid a hand on your daughter. Savages are not as bad as we are perceived. Our barks are much worse than our bites.”

“What I don’t get is why? Why go through all the trouble of making an enemy of wild wolves and leading me to believe you were more dangerous than you are, especially considering she led Kaya to Caleb’s new form of Rafe? Why have me kill the man only to bring him back to my family?”

“All great questions. Ones I suggest posing to the witch behind it all. I suspect her plans for our families are not over just yet.” Vaughn looked up at the sky as the sun ducked behind the clouds. It was growing dark and his belly rumbled, reminding him that he hadn’t eaten since breakfast. “Come Armand, we yet have more to discuss but I am sure our children are starting to worry over our long absence. We should pick this up again after dinner.” 

“Daddy!” Kaya exclaimed and threw her arms around his neck. “I’m glad to see you haven’t killed each other, uh…oh—um bad choice of words. I’m sorry. What I meant to say is that it’s nice you—made it back…in one piece,” Kaya shook her head as she continued fumbling over her words and Caleb chuckled at her attempt to keep the peace. Gently he rubbed his hands over her arms, pulling her back against him and greeting the Alphas as well.

“Gentlemen, what I think my blue-eyed beauty is trying to say is the ladies are just finishing with dinner. Lobo, Dad, we would love it if you would join us this evening,” he coolly offered with a smile.

“Thank you, that’s very generous of you,” Lobo accepted with a smile.

“This way,” Connor led them into the dining hall and Caleb pulled Kaya back as she trailed behind them.

“I’m glad you haven’t killed each other? Wow. Good one.”

“I know. I felt myself saying it and couldn’t shut my mouth fast enough. That was bad. But it looks like they may have worked out some stuff without violence so that’s really great!”

“Yeah. We may be able to live in peace after all. After dinner I’m going to take them out and see if I can pry some information from them. I want you to join me; united front, children versus parents.”

“Mmm that sounds great and all but,” Kaya sighed and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Do you think I could send Connor in my stead? I’m feeling a little under the weather right now or really tired. I just want to crash.”

“Yeah, sure thing. Alex has post tonight. If you need anything let him know alright?”

“I will but I’m sure I’ll be fine. I have Mandy to keep me company.”

“Ooh Mandy. You two seem to be hitting it off well.”

“She’s a really fun girl. A little too hyper at times but she’s kind of growing on me; like the baby sister I never had.” She closed her lips around his and felt his hands press tightly against her lower back, pulling her deeper into his chest. “Mmm, now let me go. I need food!” Clutching her hand in his, Caleb grinned widely and escorted his mate into the dining room.

After dinner, the men helped carry dishes to the kitchen but didn’t stick around for the cleanup. Connor, Caleb, Armand, Vaughn and Charlie all took off for a little chat while Sophie, Emily and Rosette took care of house. Kaya, feeling a bit nauseated, took leave upstairs and was shortly joined by Amanda who was starting in on her 3rd glass of wine.

“Ooh what’s this?” Amanda asked, pulling a box from the crumpled brown, paper bag on the dresser. She gasped as she saw what she held in her hand and looked over at her Luna with her mouth hanging open. “OH MY GOD! You’re…”

“HUSH!” Kaya yelled before Mandy could finish her sentence and snatched the box from the girl’s hand. Shoving it into her nightstand she threw the bag in the trash and hurriedly went to close her bedroom door.

“Well are you?”

“I don’t know I haven’t taken the test yet as you can see. Things have been a little chaotic lately. I have made an appointment for Wednesday to see a doctor at the women’s clinic though so one way or the other I’ll know for sure.”

“Can I come with?”

“No. I want to try and do this as secretly as possible. And you can’t say anything to anyone Mandy, I mean it.”

“My lips are sealed, I promise!” she jumped around eagerly, dancing in place. “Do you have any idea how exciting this is? We’ve been waiting on babies ever since Tina and Juliette grew out of their toddler years. Mom keeps trying to push Emily and Jerrod into making babies but they’re not ready. And I know Sophie and Charlie have been trying for some time now but have been having a lot of difficulties. Oh gosh! Can’t you just imagine how deliciously beautiful you and Caleb’s children will be? Oh I’m dying!”

Kaya smiled, enjoying Mandy’s infectious ranting. Admittedly she hadn’t yet let herself revel in the excitement of the possibilities just yet. Instead her mind rushed over the many “what ifs” and danger that may come with starting a family, especially having received news from Byron concerning the hunters. But listening to Mandy go on about how wonderful her babies would be made Kaya let herself forget the anxiety and get used to the idea of being a Mom.

“So I can please come with you?” she asked again, pushing Kaya in front of the mirror and elatedly rubbing her tummy.

“Mandy, I really don’t think you can keep a straight face.”

“Come on! I can totally be your beard!”

“My what?”

“Your beard! You know, pretend to be the Mommy in waiting while we’re sitting in the lobby. That way if there are any fans of Night Shift or nosy Moms-to-be we can just say you’re my friend there to help me out during a difficult time and it won’t make headline news!”

“Uh…I don’t think you understand what that word means.”


Saved by the knock, Kaya pulled away from Amanda to answer her door and instantly shrunk beneath the familiar scowl on her father’s face. “We need to talk.”

“Ok. I’ll meet you in the study. It’s the third door down the hall on the right.” Kaya closed her door and turned back towards Amanda, standing nervously beside the dresser.

“That sounds serious.”

“Yeah it does.”

“Do you think he heard us?”

“I really hope not. I’ll be right back.”

“Hey Dad,” Kaya smiled tensely and closed the door behind her. Lobo was pacing in the center of the room and she slowly moved forward.

With a serious look on his face, he turned to look at her, taking a deep breath before speaking. “I have something to tell you. A friend of mine was recently killed.”

“Aleister Sandoval.”

“You know?”

“Yes. He came here a day ago. He was horribly mauled, talking about Damian and how he was trying to kill us all. He said that we have to stop him, that me and Caleb are the only ones who could.”

“This is worse than I thought. Last night, Damian ordered an emergency meeting of the Wolf Council. The main topic, the only topic, was the eradication of the wild wolves. Kaya, he claims that you and Caleb murdered Aleister and are trying to start a war between wild wolves and pack wolves.”


“This is what I was trying to tell you on the phone.”

“Dad! What does that mean?”

“It means he’s setting you up as a scapegoat for whatever he’s planning,” he paused with a breathy sigh as he watched Kaya’s face run the emotional gauntlet. “I don’t want you to worry about this. I’ll do everything in my power to help.” 

“Thanks, Dad. That means a lot to me.”

“Kaya, is everything alright?” Lobo asked, moving closer towards his daughter. She immediately diverted her attention to the floor, avoiding his gaze and the uncanny parental way he had of making her talk.

“Yes, Dad, everything is fine.”

“You know you can still talk to me, Babygirl?”

“I know.”

“I can see there is something bothering you. So can we please skip through this?”

“Skip through what?”

“I’ll ask you what’s wrong and you’ll say ‘nothing’ and I’ll beg you to tell me and you’ll again say ‘nothing’ and then I’ll yell, you’ll get scared and finally spill the beans but be upset at me for yelling. So, let’s try this again, Kaya, what’s wrong?”

With a smile on her face, she again responded with, “Nothing. And Dad I’m serious. I’m just a little tired is all. With everything that’s happening I just haven’t had a moment to catch my breath.”

“Try not to worry about it. You’ll only make yourself sick with worry,” Lobo reasoned, drawing his daughter even closer and gently kissing her forehead. “No matter what, we’ll get through this. We always do.”



  1. So...your blog ate my awesome comment :( The gist of it was kill Damian and Lexi very slowly and painfully!!!!

    I can't believe Lexi did all of that. Set up to have her sister killed and her niece taken. What is wrong with that woman that she would want to see that happen? Either way I think her plan is starting to fall apart. I can't imagine she expected Vaughn to nearly kill one of them and then walk away free. I have a feeling she was disillusioned and thought she would be able to control Vaughn. Much like Damian is fooling himself about his control of the first witch. Both of them are all about family and protecting their kids it's highly unlikely they will do anything that would put them in harm's way.

    Now Lobo knows the truth, wait til Ky finds out. Caleb too because he has so much guilt over taking the life of her mother and to know it was all a set up from the start. Man...Lexi needs to be drawn and quartered!!!

    1. Sorry about that :( LOL! Yeah, I think they've both reached the top of the kill list now!

      Lexi is an evil, conniving, self-centered witch who's worked constantly to undermine the natural balance of things. (Remember Izzy?) It's scary the lengths she will go to in order to get her way! Killing her own sister, manipulating her niece and brother-in-law, she's a real piece of work.

      You are right about that though; her plans are slowly beginning to unravel. First with Vaughn's escape, then with the confession to the very man her original plans relied upon. She and Damian alike are messing with powers far beyond their comprehensions and it's going to blow back on them, hard!

      Lobo knows the truth! That might not be a good thing. We've seen how rash he can be when his family is involved. And now knowing that it was all Lexi from the start, he could go confront her and end up in the same hell he'd condemned Vaughn to over two centuries ago! And if/when Kaya and Caleb learn about these facts? We're talking full-scale war. Although, we're not far from that now. I think this would help them all come to terms a little better about the reason why Kaelani was killed and help old wounds to mend, a little.

      Thank you for reading :)

      P.S. Sorry about the blog. I've been having my own problems with the comment system. It hasn't let me reply (in fact the reply button was completely gone). I put in a ticket but still haven't had a response. But they reappeared today so, yay?

  2. Your blog ate my comment too!

    Anyway, to paraphrase, I said that I suspected all along Lexi was bad news, but I didn't realize to what extent. Between her and Damian, I just...*growls*

    Lobo knows and that's one thing, but man, when Ky and Caleb find out, there's going to be some hell fire raining on Lexi's head! Well, a girl can wish.

    Amanda...I love her. Spunky and funny, albeit sometimes unintentionally so. Eli better watch out!

    Great update!

    1. It's Blogger! I swear it! Like I told Mica, the reply button had freaking vanished on me! Hopefully we've seen the last of that though.

      Lexi is definitely a force to be reckoned with. She has had every blind to her true nature for so long! And now that the blinkers are coming off, it'll be interesting to see how she climbs her way out of the gigantic hole she's dug!

      Caleb and Kaya need to prepare themselves. I don't know if this is something either can deal with right now. But it would go a long way with understanding their pasts. It's not a bad wish :)

      Haha Amanda is a very fun girl. Kaya has really taken a liking to her as well and it's fun seeing the two together. Since Kaya was mostly around her male best friend, it's an interesting change seeing a girl she can easily relate to. She has her claws out in the next few. She sees something she wants and is going to get it one way or the other!

      Thank you for reading :)

  3. Yay, babies... well, puppies... uh... something anyway that's adorable!!!

    Keya's Dad seems so sweet, I'm sure that he'd go to ends of the universe for his little girl, even if she isn't so little anymore.
    Loving this so much, as always!

    1. HAHA yeah something :P In game, Caleb can't stop playing with Kaya's belly. I think someone's a little excited!

      Lobo is a sweetheart and he deserves to be happy. I think this is a step forward in that direction. He's finally learning the truth, the real truth, about that night and is able to maybe even understand that Caleb was manipulated into doing what he did...that could go a LONG way in resolving their anger.

      Thank you for reading :)